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    Goldenheart Returns

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    Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on December 27th 2014, 2:44 pm

    Welcome back, fellow Authors, to a very ambitious story written by yours truly. For some reason, the old topic of Goldenheart was erased in it's entirety. Originally, I had no intention of re-writing this story, but because this is my first story I've been proud to tell, I'm not giving up on it.

    However, four days of work have gone down the drain, hours of work completely obliterated into the void of the internet, forever lost. That being said, I hope you will bare with me. I'm going to type up a synopsis chapter below, explaining the events of the old story in a more summarized fashion.

    When I get some more free-time, I will gladly retype the entire beginning, replacing this 'summary' chapter entirely. Moving on with the story is currently my perogative. I know this is probably the laziest writing I've done. But what would you expect if John's Mettle and... nevermind.

    Without any further delay, allow me to explain everything as it happened in the previous thread.

    "Oops." was all Phil could say, staring into the blank abyss, the shattered remains of a laptop on the ground before him.

    "I'd have expected no less from Josh, but YOU Phil?!" Morgan growled, staring at the broken laptop at his feet. "Maybe I didn't make it CLEAR to you that you are a FICTIONAL character in a goddamn STORY! That STORY is the reality we were once standing in. That STORY is now that pile of debris on the floor beneath you!"

    "Where is everyone?" Josh asked, ignoring the man's previous comment.

    "This is the VOID." Morgan grit his teeth, pulling a small tablet out of his pocket. "This is where trashed stories go."

    "Trashed?!" the twins replied.

    "Yes, Trashed." Morgan shook his head in fury. "There was a glitch in the system when I was forming the universe around the others, and the entire Universe as you knew it... blew up."

    "So... we lost?" Phil asked.

    "Yes, and no." Morgan sighed, tapping his thumb over the miniature keypad. "This is what WILL happen to the Universe, if I don't retell the story from the beginning, and get the others back on track."

    "So, where is everyone else?" Josh asked. "What story, who are you?"

    "Oh, right." Morgan slapped himself on the forehead. "Okay, I don't have much time to explain, I'm too busy trying to mend this glitch, okay?"

    "My name is Morgan, I am an Author, part of the Author's Guild. We're a group of friends that gather together, and develop stories based off of subjects we like. Your guy's Universe you share with the Master Chief is one such Universe."

    While Morgan was saying/typing this, the bridge of the Aura of Armaggedon slowly started to form around them again. With a gasp of air, the entire crew of the UNSC vessel, Autumn, Jorge, Darryl, Chloe, Lance, Lillian, the Speaker and Scott appeared.

    "Don't speak." Morgan shushed the crowd of returning characters. "I'm explaining."

    "Recently, one of my friends, named John, decided to remake his story; Mettle and Metal. To you guys, it's Agent Nine's entire life story, being re-written." Morgan replied. "What I'm sure you didn't know, however, is that the majority of John's timeline intertwined with this Universe."

    "As I speak, Blaine, a Titan named Drake, and a Meta human named Bryce are searching for pieces of themselves that are crucial to reviving a character I developed long ago, that is capable of stabalizing the timeline. With his power, the Universe will be able to accept John's dramatic changes, and not implode on itself."

    "This character, Goldenheart, lives vicariously through all three of them. Blaine represents Goldenheart's insurmountable strength, Bryce his wit, and Drake his courage. When all three of them locate their souls of silver, and their minds are crystal clear, then they must unlock the secret to Goldenheart's inevitable return."

    "Before Phil foolishly dropped my laptop, causing this momentary glitch in the story, Blaine, Drake, and Bryce had arrived in Old Russia, a part of Drake's portion of the Universe. Without speaking, I want the Speaker to open a video link with Drake."

    The Speaker did as he was requested, his older model Ghost robot hovered forward, opening up into a blue sphere of energy, it's eye producing a screen.


    Blaine shook his head, he wasn't quite sure how or why, but one of the portals in the air above him flashed a brilliant white light, and then there had been nothing for some time. Coughing, he clutched his chest, a giant trench formed in his armor where a sword had broken his shields, and slashed his chest.

    Glancing upwards, the giant black carapaced creature roared, greenish blue energy swirling around it. Hefting a massive sword, Blaine dodged it's swings, closing the gap as best as he could. Behind him, Bryce and Drake fought off miniature versions of the massive beast in front of him.


    Growling with annoyance, Blaine narrowly avoided yet another slice from the beast. Before grinning beneath his helmet, charging towards the monstrocity, he side-stepped it's downward slash, stomping on the bend of it's arm. Crota roared in pain, dropping the sword, as Blaine hefted it's dark weapon, dropping it on it's head like a cleaver.


    Some time later

    "Dawn came in here somewhere." Blaine said, his DMR scanning the darkened, abandoned Russian complex. "Bryce, Drake, I need you guys to split up with me."

    "I don't think that's a good idea." Bryce replied.

    "Just go, I'll be fine. It's not my first rodeo."

    Bryce and Drake shrugged, separating from Blaine as was suggested. Both of them walked up a flight of stairs, while Blaine continued straight down the hallway. Suddenly, he could hear the muffled screams from Dawn, not too far from his location.

    Turning the corner, he stopped, peeking inside the room. Dawn was there, held up on the wall by a man with slicked back blonde hair.

    "Aren't you just adorable." he hissed, Blaine's Spartan hearing allowing him to hear it. "I could just eat you."

    There was a beeping in the man's pocket, 'causing Blaine to stop his advance.

    "Famine, did you locate the girl yet?! War's gettin' antsy!" a voice crackled through the primitive radio.

    "Yeah, I got the Admiral's girl. Patch me through to the boss, I want to hear his orders."

    "No need, I am also here. Walter's familiar voice crackled through the transponder. "We must demoralize him, only then will my plans succeed. Kill her."

    Dawn's eyes opened wide, as Blaine turned the corner, DMR at the ready. His daughter, young and innocent as ever, glanced up at him with a happy look. Famine noticed this in her eyes, turning his head just slightly to face the Admiral.

    "Well, isn't this a shame." Famine chuckled. "Well, I'm glad you could join me for SUPPER!"

    Snarling like an animal, Famine bit his fangs into Dawn's throat, as she screamed in pain.

    "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Blaine roared, firing his DMR at the man, Famine's skin hardening to deflect the bullets.

    Grabbing the man, Blaine threw him aside, as Dawn's limp body fell to the floor. Famine stood shakily, the lone light fixture in the otherwise dark room flickered, kicking it away from him, he slowly walked towards the Spartan.

    "If you really wanted a taste, you should've just asked!" Famine said cockily.

    He stopped his advance, however, as the ceiling above him dropped small bits and pieces onto their heads. Blaine sat there, on his knees, hugging his daughter's still form. Silently, the Spartan tore his helmet off of his head, chucking it at the wall beside him. The rumbling in the room intensified, as cracks formed along the wall, dancing up and downwards.

    Staring at the Spartan, Famine watched as a smoke like shadow poured into the room from the cracks, surrounding the Admiral. Blaine's fist clenched, the cracking of his knuckles echoed throughout the building, loud enough to break glass. The swirling mixture of smoke and debris hardened into a stained glass sphere around the Spartan, the symbol of an eagle embedded into the face of it.

    Suddenly, a gauntleted hand shattered through the glass, causing Famine to jump. Darkness poured out of the hole, a singular red iris glowing out of the hole. Famine began to back away, before the entire sphere shattered.

    Standing before him, the Spartan stood slightly taller than he had before, a tornado of dark energy swirled around him, waving his newly formed beard to and fro. Famine couldn't make out the majority of the Spartan's face, however, as a shadow covered from the bridge of his nose upwards.

    All that he could make out of the Spartans once blue eyes, were the burning red iris' that glowed throughout the room. Backing away slowly, Famine managed a minor chuckle.

    Turning on his heels, he sprinted for the door Blaine had entered. But with every footfall, the door only seemed to get further and further away. Turning back, the shadowy figure slowly walked after him. A toothy grin, almost cartoonishly evil, now emblazoned on Blaine's face.

    Opening his eyes wide, he continued his fruitless sprint for the door. Turning his head back once more, Blaine was much more closer, within an arm's length. That's when he felt the hand fall on his shoulder.

    The strength issued downwards on his shoulder was enough to stop him from running, he could feel the balls of his ankles cracking from the force.

    "No" Blaine's usual voice replaced by something dark and echoed. "I don't want a taste, I want the WHOLE THING!"


    "EUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" Drake and Bryce heard echoing throughout the building.

    "Was that Blaine?" Drake asked.

    "No, but I pray that whoever it is said their prayers." Bryce shuddered. "C'mon."

    Sprinting for the stairs, both of them vaulted over the railing, charging down the hallway towards the source of the scream. Turning the corner, the first thing they could make out was the body crumbled in the corner, a singular source of light flickering on it.

    Bryce flinched, however, as a headless corpse flew past them, smashing into the wall. Bryce covered his eyes, the liquidized body streaming down the drywall. Turning back, he gasped, a shadowy figure stood there, crimson red eyes staring at them.

    "Oh good, more friends to play with."


    Autumn covered her mouth as she glanced at the video before them, Morgan, having already known this would happen, seemed completely unfazed by this.

    "Don't worry, I've been through this before." Morgan huffed. "Bryce, Drake, get the hell out of that building."

    "How can you be so heartless?!" Autumn screamed, approaching him. "My daughter is dead, and my husband has been possessed by some demon!"

    "I'll explain later." Morgan stared at her intensely. "For now, our only two sources of salvation need to get the fuck out of dodge before THEY become the dessert!"

    "Dessert?! Fuck that man, I'm out!" Bryce said.


    "Don't be like that." Blaine said, walking slowly behind the fleeing Titan and Meta. "Dawn and I were just having a tea party. Won't you join us?"

    Now matter how fast they ran, however, the door only got farther and farther away. Bryce turned backwards, only to see Blaine teleporting, a few feet at a time, down the endless hallway towards them.

    "HOLY FUCK!" Bryce said, grabbing Drake by the shoulder, Blaine nearly on top of them.

    Closing his eyes, the two of them disappeared in a small layer of ice, which fell to the floor, Blaine's hand narrowly swiping through it.


    "What the fuck was that?!" Bryce coughed, Drake grumbling in annoyance. "Why did the big man just go all satanic on us?!"

    "I'll explain to you guys later, right now, I can revive Dawn. But I need someone to take her place." Morgan sighed. "Autumn, Drake, Bryce, Chloe, Lillian, and Lance are all exempt."

    "Then let it be me." Scott said, stepping forward bravely. "I can't stand around knowing my sister is a mess, and my niece is dead."

    "Negative." Jorge said, pushing Scott back. "I was never meant to survive that explosion all those years ago. Take me in her place."

    Ripping his dogtags off, Jorge handed them to Morgan with a curt nod.

    "Blaine can use these as a memento of Dawn, hopefully that'll help." Jorge replied. "Just tell him to make it count."

    Morgan hesitated again, having already done this to Jorge before, it hurt him no less. Typing away at the tablet, the group hung their heads as Jorge disappeared in a flash of white light.


    Blaine stood there, growling like an animal. The others had left him, he would make them all suffer. Every last son of a bitch that dared to come near him, he'd rip them apart.

    Turning to the wall, he decided that he was bored of standing, staring at the melting pile of ice. Whipping his head back, he smashed his bare forehead into the wall, cracking it. He didn't feel pain, and his body didn't show any signs of damage.

    He continued bashing his head off of the wall, why he wasn't quite sure. Part of him thought it would clear the cloud over his head, impeding his judgement. The other did it merely for fun, until the next victim came along.

    To his left, he heard shuffling. Without looking, he decided in this place it was likely a rat. Continuing to bash his head, he stopped suddenly, when he felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around his torso.

    "Why are you hurting yourself, Daddy?" Dawn asked, lightly sobbing.

    Glancing down at the girl, he felt the weight on his mind lifting, the stinging redness in his vision slowly subsiding. Sinking down to his knees, he looked his daughter in the eyes. His iris' long returning to their deep, sad blue eyes.

    Shaking, he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for a tight hug. Running his hand along his hair, he felt her bury her head into his shoulder.

    "D-daddy though he lost you." Blaine replied quietly.

    "I'm okay, please... stop hurting yourself."

    "You got it kiddo." Blaine said, hugging her tightly.

    Standing, he lifted his daughter onto his shoulders, ducking his way through the building, he saw Drake and Bryce resting in the clearing not far from them.


    "Those teeth man." Bryce shook his head. "What in the hell was that, anyways?"

    "Stow the bellyaching, when you're with me, you act like a soldier." Blaine's voice boomed from above the Psychic.

    "Hey!" Bryce growled, standing. "Who do you think you-"

    Looking up, the sweet girl on the man's shoulders waved at Bryce. Remembering her from his small skirmish with the Spartan some time ago, Bryce nodded with a smile of relief.

    "I see you found her." Bryce nodded. "Good, everyone can rest happily."

    "You guys need to get back, I'll explain everything when you're here."



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on December 27th 2014, 3:22 pm

    Author's Notes: So here I am, trying to piece together the story that was eradicated all so easily. I know that last 'chapter' was a bit short and underwhelming, I don't mean to sound like I'm punishing you, the Reader. But I can't really dwelve fully into the beginning right now. Perhaps soon I'll go back and revise it so it actually makes sense.

    "Oh good." Morgan nodded. "We've finally caught back up. Welcome to the 'Lost' chapters."

    "Who the hell are you talking to?" Drake said. "What 'Lost' chapters?"

    "Remember that flash of white and then nothingness that you guys experienced earlier? Remember how I once told you that I was actually the man responsible for your creation and that I'm here to help you three-"

    "YES!" Blaine barked. "ANSWERS, NOW!"

    "Yes." Morgan nodded. "I've already told this once before, and I sure as hell hope that by telling it again, something doesn't fucking EXPLODE again. PHIL!"

    Dawn, having been reunited with her mother, was escorted out of the room by Darryl, Phil, and Josh. All of the remaining characters turned towards Morgan, eager to get an explanation for Blaine's demonic presence.

    "You recall how I said I formed you all?" Morgan asked, Blaine, Drake, and Bryce nodded in response. "Well, some time before I came up with ANY of you, there was one other character. I've told you his name; Goldenheart. But it's his origin that's important to find the answers you're looking for."

    "Y'see, when I was younger, I was a huge fan of Knights and Dragon kinds of things. That's why Goldenheart was based off of a swordsman. But the real inspiration behind him was a folk tale that's been passed down through my family for generations."

    "No-one seems to recall the name of the main hero, but he was always referred to as... er... Blank the Golden-Heart. It was a tale of a young, poor, orphaned Scottish man. He belonged to no clans, and roamed the Highlands in search of purpose in life. For the sake of the story, we'll call him Goldenheart."

    "Life had always been cruel to Goldenheart, always finding ways to strip his happiness from him. He was raised well into his early teens, by his father, before he was called to war. His father, a grand betrayer of the clan, was cause for Goldenheart to be executed. The young man fled well before he could be put to death."

    "On one eventful day, he came across a young woman at the edge of the wood. She had been busy gathering berries to bake her father some treats. However, a mighty bear claimed the wood as it's territory, and upon discovering the intruder attacked."

    "Something about the woman stoked a fire within the young man's heart, and he attacked the bear with nothing but his bare fists. Miraculously, he survived the encounter, and vanquished the bear. It turned out that the woman was actually the King's daughter, and her guardsman had abandoned her when her back was turned."

    "Returning to her father, the woman explained Goldenheart's heroism, and, feeling generous, wed them on the spot. Years later, the King fell ill and, with trust in his son-in-law, bestowed the crown to Goldenheart. It was a time of war within Scotland, however, where Clans from all over met in clashes of sword and shield to claim territories. It was also a time of rejoice for the young King, for his wife had given him a daughter."

    "One day, his new Clan was called upon to fight in the war by their allies. Goldenheart himself led the charge, but not without first receiving a gift from his wife. Embroidered on the cloth of his armor, she had placed her and their daughter's initials over his chest plate."

    "It is said, in the bloodiest war for territories, that Goldenheart's clan relentlessly ran through any opposition. Members of his clan once told stories of how he was almost invincible on the field. Men with two handed weapons such as Battleaxes were impressed that their King could heft the mighty weapons, especially for such a thin man."

    "Some time later, while Goldenheart was out on business to strike up alliance with neighboring clans, that his village and castle were raided. When he returned, he found his wife dead in her bed, and his daughter missing completely. There had been a letter from one of their rival clans, issuing a writ of battle from Goldenheart."

    "Members of his village once said that Goldenheart died that night, replaced by a demon so wicked, that a shadow followed him with gale force winds, as he rode out into the Highlands, alone. Survivors of the battles alongside the newly coined Blackened-Heart said that the Blackened-Heart was so relentless, that he had gone so far as to kill any allies that stood in his path."

    "Not much else was known of the Blackened-Heart, but his tale was told to children, mainly boys, of the importance of family."

    Everyone shifted nervously, staring at Blaine, as the Spartan crossed his arms.

    "So, are you saying I became the Blackened-Heart?"

    "No, but it's similar." Morgan said. "My family is descendants of Goldenheart in the legend. We know this, because of a single phrase that has become our family's creed; Oh what is a Golden-Heart without his crystal clear mind and his soul of silver?"

    "Meaning?" Bryce asked.

    "I have asked you all to search for instruments with which to revive Goldenheart, yes? My Goldenheart that you are trying to revive, is based heavily off of the one of legend. That cloth, which once was a symbol of his wife, who always kept his mind clear, and of his daughter, who lined his soul with silver, became a memento of the pain he had suffered."

    "When I wrote my own character, aptly named Goldenheart after this unnamed hero, I made his strength his only weakness. Let me explain, each and every one of you stands as a living piece of the character I concepted years ago. Each of you have a reason to live, two, actually. They are based off of some aspect of yourself that, without, you'd be a Husk of a man."

    "Blaine, when Dawn died. You weren't present in your mind, or if you were, it was suppressed, yes?" the Spartan nodded. "Exactly. Dawn is your soul of silver, much like the swordsman of the legend. When she passed, you felt an overwhelming sense of guilt, and what was once the power of Goldenheart, became the power of the Husk."

    "To explain further, when you three finally acrue all of your instruments, if you concentrate hard enough, I can actually LEND you some of my Goldenheart's energy to assist you in combat. It doesn't last forever, but it's called Ascension. When you become Ascended Blaine/Bryce/Drake, your abilities are improved ten fold, and you can used aspects of Goldenheart's abilities to help you."

    "However, if you lose the mementos that would offer you the ability to Ascend, the blackness in your hearts will seep into you, reverting you to a Husk. Husks are spirits of vengeance that will do nothing but roam around, killing anything in their path without mercy, even other Husks. Bryce, you recall when you and Drake fled from Husk Blaine, the Hallway seemed to get longer?"

    "Yeah, let's not discuss that nightmare." Bryce shuddered.

    "That was an ability of my Goldenheart. That power right there is what can be used to mend the Universe to a much more stable form! Due to his Husk nature, however, it was used for evil, not for good. Once you have ascended, abilities like these will come to you."

    Morgan finished his explanation, walking towards Blaine with the dogtags Jorge had offered him.

    "I'm sorry for the loss, truly, I am." Morgan sighed, handing over the metal name tags. "But hopefully his sacrifice, these tags, will serve as a memento of your daughter's life. With that said, both you and Drake have your instruments. All you need now is Bryce's example of what clears his mind."

    "I got it." Bryce nodded. "I gotta look for my grandfather's book; Moby Dick."

    "Where'd you last have it?" Blaine asked, causing the Meta to shudder.

    "Terra Co."



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 6th 2015, 8:50 pm

    While I was in Florida, besides spending time with family, I was able to begin work on a project specifically for this story. It's still not the best thing ever, but much like this story, I'm hella proud of it.

    This phrase is a lie... er... a LINK!

    It's a 'poster' I made of all of my main heroes, including Goldenheart himself. But... whose red eyes are those?

    The story will continue soon!



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Impanther on January 7th 2015, 5:55 pm

    Shad0wChas3r wrote:While I was in Florida, besides spending time with family, I was able to begin work on a project specifically for this story. It's still not the best thing ever, but much like this story, I'm hella proud of it.

    This phrase is a lie... er... a LINK!

    It's a 'poster' I made of all of my main heroes, including Goldenheart himself. But... whose red eyes are those?

    The story will continue soon!

    Dat huge assed sword. I am guessing that UNSC shirt guy is Blaine.
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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 7th 2015, 7:59 pm

    Yep, that's Blaine alright. My only regret is Bryce, the guy on the left, didn't turn out as well as I would've liked, I'll likely retry him again someday.



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 7th 2015, 9:17 pm

    "Sir, if I may interject?" one of the comm. personnel approached. "There's a disturbance in the streets of New Mombasa."

    "Insurrection?" Blaine asked, turning to the young man.

    "Negative sir." he shook his head. "People are throwing fire from their hands, I'll pull it up on the screen."

    It was true, the streets of New Mombasa were in a state of absolute chaos. Normal civilians sprinted for safety, as seemingly normal people were summoning the elements, or lifting cars, to use as weapons. Most disturbing, however, was Blaine could make out a group of soldiers firing on the civilians and the Metas alike.

    "Who are those guys?!" Bryce asked, clenching his fist.

    "The Legion..."


    The red and white armored Spartan hopped on top of a car, aiming his assault rifle at the crowd of fleeing humans. Behind him, his platoons of Legionaires fired freely into the crowd.

    Normally, Manuel would have held some restraint. After all; it was in the Legion's doctrine to preserve Human life. But War had seemed very adamant on Manuel's men taking these people out. At first, he had thought it was the Insurrection, trying to rise up again. However, the only 'rising' that happened, were pillars of rock from the Earth, only to be hurtled at his men with prejudice.

    "Legions A-E, stay with me!" Manuel barked to the large mass of Spartans behind him. "SPARE NO-ONE!"

    Before he could jump off of the car, however, his super sensitive hearing could pick up a small whining noise to his right. It was almost akin to that of a laser weapon super charging. Out of the corner of his eye, a blue/violet ball stood out from a young black man's arm cannon.

    Time slowed, the mass of energy surging towards him. Opening his eyes wide, Manuel dove out of the way. Growling with annoyance, he attempted to stand, before some lithe man with a strangely disfigured arm rushed up to him.

    The mass on the man's arm hardened, resembling a 'shield' of sorts. Bashing the shield across Manuel's helmet, the force of the blow was enough to send him flying several feet away. The man with the arm cannon from earlier awaited him, his arm now resembling a giant hammer.

    "Batter up!"

    Manuel grunted as the hammer smashed him in the helmet, sending him into the nearby brick wall. Slightly dazed, he groaned, standing. He had been separated from his men, but they had their orders. Stepping out of the hole, he heard a serpentine hiss, jumping backwards, a giant purple hand swiping at where his head had been.

    A man, or what appeared to be a man, stood there. Purple energy swirled around it's body, sharp teeth glinting in the mid-day sun as it opened it's mouth. Flicking the air with it's abnormal tongue, Manuel clenched his fist.

    "You think killing Meta's is a sport, pendejo? Why don't you play with us?"

    "Hmmph." Manuel snickered, charging for the hole. Sidestepping the inevitable pounce, Manuel returned to the street.

    Turning back to the hole, he swung his left boot in a wide right arc, kicking the beast down the road. At the edge of the road, a band of people, all of which had already attacked him *and two newcomers* formed up.

    "You want to play rough?" the man with the arm cannon taunted. "You look like you need a H.E.R.O."

    "Really, Beta?" the man with the abnormal shaped arm retorted. "Puns?! You're almost as bad as Bryce with his ice puns!"

    "It's okay." Manuel huffed. "Joke all you want now, 'cause when I'm done with you, it'll be no laughing matter."

    The assembled group of meta humans tensed, as Manuel stood there, his assault rifle lost long ago. Clenching his fist, he reached for the staff on his back. Smashing the butt of it onto the ground, three prongs exploded out of the top, sharp as ever.

    Swirling the Trident around him like a skilled martial artist, Manuel crouched low, waving them to make the first move. The purple beast growled, pouncing. Swinging his Trident to the left, he smashed the beast in the torso, sending it through the brick wall. The man with the shield arm, along with the two new comers charged forward.

    The man with the arm cannon, however, stood back and charged another beam attack. One of the newcomers, summoning pillars of rocks beneath Manuel's feet, did a cartwheel, rock covering his hands like boxing gloves.

    Finishing his flip, he threw punch after punch at Manuel, who stepped backwards to avoid the blows. Finally, he swung the Trident, slashing a massive gash into Samuel's cheek. The man with the shield arm attempted to bash him again with the shield. Using the Trident like a pole vault, he jumped over the berserk freak. Turning around, he grabbed shield arm by the throat.

    Turning just in time, the shield armed man lifted his shield, protecting them both from the powerful laser attack. Manuel grunted as the force of the beam pushed him back, he boots causing rifts in the concrete. The man in his arms, knocked out from the blast, was tossed aside like a sack of meat.

    Focusing on the cyborg, Manuel stomped forward, as a shorter man stood between them. His eyes glowed white, as gale force winds blasted Manuel in the chest. Holding his ground, the Spartan chuckled at the measly attack.

    "Wind? You just tried to kill me with wind?!" Manuel chuckled.

    "No, dumbass. What's CONNECTED with Wind?"

    Before Manuel could react, a bolt of lightning crashed down on top of Mason. The young Meta, honed his focus and channeled the electricity in a beam towards Manuel. The bolt struck, popping his shields and causing his muscles to spasm.

    Stomping forward, albeit painfully, Manuel growled in annoyance. Again, Mason tried to zap Manuel, only the Spartan held out his Trident this time. The weapon in his hand sparked for a moment, absorbing the electricity, if only to further power it.

    Swinging it like a bat, Mason jittered as the electricity concealed in the weapon coursed through him, the force of the strike was enough to launch him into the brick wall. Charging at the cyborg, finally uninterrupted, Manuel swung the Trident at the ground, it's gravity hammer upgrade module launched the cyborg into the air.

    Swinging the broad side of the weapon up and into Jordan's chest, Manuel struck the tip of the Trident into the ground at his feet, a pillar of rock coming up and smashing Jordan in the middle of his spine. Jordan's eyes opened wide, before Manuel swung the weapon down again, another pillar hitting the cyborg just above the shoulders.

    The force of this impact launched Jordan in a high arc over Manuel's head. Turning in an instant, Jordan prepared to fire his cannon. His eyes grew wider, however, as the tips of the Trident jabbed up at him with blinding speed.

    Manuel grinned as the weapon pierced into Jordan's chest. Grabbing the handle with both hands, he slammed Jordan onto the ground, cracking the asphalt under him. Dragging the cyborg along, he flicked his wrist, the Trident disengaging it's spikes, Jordan, now free, rolled along the concrete.

    Walking casually over, Manuel paused only for a moment, as the purple beast lunged again. Turning on his heel, Manuel planted his Trident into the concrete. Wrapping his massive left hand around the beast's throat, Manuel lifted the 'man' into the air, plunging his right hand into the purple goo.

    "You're threats are empty, and soon, your body will be emptied of your useless soul." Manuel growled. "Pendejo."

    Before Manuel could do any real damage, however, he felt something slam into his back, pushing him through building after building, after building. After the third building, whatever was pushing him had finally disengaged. Groaning and growling, Manuel bounced through the cubicles of the since deserted office building.

    Turning back towards the hole he had entered in, he saw a man in winter clothing stand there. An icicle formed in his right hand, his hair standing straight up, seemingly frozen.

    "Picking on a group of meta humans? That's cold."

    "You must be Bryce." Manuel coughed, pressing a few buttons on his wristpad.

    Bryce's eyes opened wide, before he sank to the floor. Manuel was impressed, he anticipated the Trident returning to Manuel. The ice meta narrowly avoided decapitation, as the staffed weapon returned to Manuel's hand.

    "I've got other places to be." Manuel grinned. "Things to do, people to see."

    Bryce growled, standing, before propelling himself at Manuel. Before he could make contact, a bulky Spartan burst out of the wall in black and lime green armor. Grabbing Bryce by his mental barrier, the Spartan threw Bryce in a circle, out a fresh wall.

    Manuel stood there, arms crossed with a feeling of pride.

    "Nice timing." Manuel replied, pointing to the hole. "Butch,"

    Butch stood there, cracking the knuckles in his hands.




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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 8th 2015, 11:23 pm

    "Hmmph." Butch growled, stomping past Manuel. "Just because I allied myself with your Legion, that doesn't mean you tell me what to do."

    "Whatever, I need a distraction. Do NOT let him get to that slip-space portal." Manuel crossed his arms.

    "There you go again, pipsqueak." Butch snarled.

    Stomping out of the hole, Bryce stood shakily, the massive Spartan cracked his neck.

    "I'm gonna enjoy popping that head of yours like a zit, brainiac."

    "Gross." Bryce smirked. "You know, this entire time... I've been trying to read your mind. You know all I've gotten? White noise. Only other time this happened was last night... with your mother."

    At the mention of the Spartan's parents, Butch growled clenching his fists.


    Holding out his right hand, Bryce quickly formed a hammer of solid ice. Jumping from his position, Butch slammed a solid punch into Bryce's mental barrier, shattering the invisible force field.

    Thrust backwards, Bryce grunted as he bounced off of the wall behind him. Punching Bryce a second time, the meta could hear his ribs crack, as he bounced off of the wall a second time. Jumping in the air, Butch thrust both of his massive legs into Bryce's chest, knocking the wind out of the strangely resilient human. The psychic groaned as he shattered through the wall, tumbling along the floor.

    Butch roared in anger, jumping through the hole he had created. Standing over Bryce, Butch stomped his boot down where Bryce's chest had been. Instead of meeting flesh, his boot struck down on a frozen puddle of water, slipping the Spartan up.

    Unbeknowest to the behemoth super soldier, Bryce readied his massive Hammer, swinging with all of his might at the back of the Spartan's helmet. With his imbalance, and the weight behind the blow, Butch stumbled forward, before Bryce followed up with an all out full body tackle. Using his mental barrier as the battering ram, and his mind to boost his foe through the wall.

    Stopping abruptly, he watched Butch tumble along the asphalt of the next street, a semi-truck rolling by, running over his foe. Butch growled with annoyance, the truck continuing it's mad dash away from the chaos. Cracking his neck, the Spartan turned.

    "It's going to take more than ice puns and a semi to take me down, boy." Butch growled.

    Charging the meta, Bryce anticipated the punch, disappearing in a puddle of ice beneath his foe, teleporting behind Butch. Slamming his hammer into the Spartan's back, he repeated the cycle a few more times, until Butch finally caught him by the scruff of his neck.

    "Gotcha.." Butch's helmet depolarized, showing fierce blue eyes underneath.

    The Spartan's hands, however, froze up with contact to Bryce. Teleporting away, Butch grunted as he tried to break the ice restraining him. Turning on his boots, he decided to swing his feet until his hands could be freed. What he hadn't expected, however, was the debris of a ruined car looming above the man in blue winter clothing.

    "Will this suffice?"

    Throwing the car with his mind at blinding speeds, Butch lifted his hands futilely to stop the impact. Instead, the vehicle slammed into him without remorse, sending him back through the bank they had been in previously. Manuel groaned, watching Butch scramble to his feet.

    "Are you really getting your ass kicked?" Manuel scoffed.

    "SHUDDUP!" Butch growled. "You were getting YOUR ass handed to you before I showed up!"

    "Yeah, but it was six guys... this is one man."

    "I'm just getting started, just do YOUR thing!"

    Standing, Butch pulled a slab of asphalt out from under him, tossing it into the hole. Bryce, who hadn't anticipated the surprise attack, took the slab head on, knocking the wind back out of him, and sending him bouncing back through the building.

    Butch gave immediate chase, slamming his right fist into Bryce's chest, bouncing the meta off of the once shiny floor. Catching Bryce on his way back up, by the throat, Butch smashed his helmet into Bryce's face, breaking the meta's nose.

    "Ah fug man!" Bryce grumbled. "Whad is id wid you Spardan's ad breakid my node?! Datd cold."

    Butch sighed, rolling his eyes, before throwing Bryce towards the Vault door. Bryce focused his mind, flipping in mid air. Turning himself like a missile, he pressed both of his feet off of the Vault, rocketing at Butch, who wound up a punch. Teleporting out of harm's way, Butch turned behind him to counter, not expecting Bryce to actually follow through with his original trajectory.

    Bouncing back onto the street, Butch's armor screeched against the material on the ground, piercing anyone nearby's ears. Before he could stop, however, the man with a growth on his arm body checked Butch. The Spartan gained some air, at the mercy of the elements at this point. Behind him, Jordan prepared his anvil arm, circuits in his chest sparking violently from the damage.

    Slamming Butch square in the visor, the glass cracked, before launching him towards Samuel, who stood there, rocks on his hand. Swinging a nasty uppercut, he juggled Butch into the air, where Mason floated, summoning a massive lightning bolt onto the Spartan's head.

    Bryce appeared beside Mason, nodding at his team-mates with respect, before producing his massive ice hammer once more. Spiking Butch down into the asphalt, Jordan charged his super beam attack, but it faltered due to his damage. Instead, a few tendrils from Alejandro's beast form restrained the Spartan, tossing him back through the bank to Manuel.

    "How the hell'd you all get here?" Bryce groaned, resetting the bone in his nose.

    "Some portal brought us here. Originally, I thought we were still in Crisis City, but this looks waaaay too futuristic." Jordan grinned, fist bumping Bryce. "Good to see you, B."

    "Likewise." Bryce said. "I'd love to fill you all in, but I need to get to that portal, a couple of colleagues of mine are already en route."


    "Ugh." Blaine groaned. "You can change your fucking diapers LATER Drake!"

    "They aren't diapers... they're adult sized cloth things for late nights in the Wastes."

    "So... diapers." Blaine chuckled, opening the Pelican bay. "Slip-space rupture just ahead, prepare for immediate drop."

    "We're jumping?!"

    "For the epitome of courage, you're a fucking pussy." Blaine shook his head. "You have jets on your BOOTS! You'll be fine!"


    "As touching as this is... I can't let you gringos continue." Manuel replied, Butch standing beside him. "You've meddled too much in Legion affairs, and now, by order of War himself, I'm going to kill you."

    There was a loud crash between the two parties, as dust filled the air.  All parties not wearing a helmet coughed, trying to clear the stuff from their eyes.

    "Is that so?" a familiar voice quipped from the dust storm, Mason clearing the dust with the wind, revealing the figure to be Blaine. "I've got a score to settle with Legion personnel."

    "This doesn't concern you Admiral." Manuel grit his teeth. "This is Legion affairs, UNSC personnel aren't allowed to interfere."

    "You may seem to forget that while I primarily focus on the UNSC, I'm an Honorary Freelancer?" Blaine grinned. "That gives me, to some extent, immunity from any 'deals' between the UNSC and the Legion. Not to mention one of your men killed my daughter, no, I'm staying right where I am."

    "Then you are assisting the enemy." Manuel sighed. "Butch and I will have to destroy you."

    Turning his head back to the Metas behind him, Blaine nodded, as Bryce smirked, the team of Metas sprinting for the portal. Drake slowly descending to join them.

    "Pfft." Butch scratched the back of his helmet. "Little ol' Eagle boy thinks he can take on a Legion General AND his rival at once? Man, you've gotten a bit cocky!"

    "And you've gotten dumber." Blaine chuckled. "Beating you, I never break a sweat. At least Manuel provides SOME semblance of a challenge."

    "Alright Blaine, just focus on what motivates you to fight." Morgan said in his comm. almost like a coach.

    Manuel produced his Trident, as Butch rolled his neck, both Spartan IIs approaching Blaine, who stood there. Blaine clutched Jorge's dog-tags, thoughts of his times with Amber in times of great grief flowing to the forefront of his mind.

    Manuel and Butch stopped, as the ground beneath their feet mildly quaked. Staring at the blue and red armored Spartan before them, they suddenly realized that he didn't actually have his helmet on. Glancing at each other, they watched as a swirl of wind kicked up, debris from all the previous combat joining the tornado around the Admiral.

    Concrete formed with the dust to form a blue crystalline sphere-like shield around the Spartan, Blaine no-where to be seen inside. Suddenly a golden symbol burned into the front of the sphere, resembling that of an Eagle's head. Unlike his previous experience with this sphere, the Eagle's symbol was golden, not red.

    Manuel and Butch took no time charging the giant glass-like mass shielding the Spartan. Their attacks didn't seem to do any damage, until a burst of energy, followed by the cry of an Eagle, burst the sphere into a million pieces. Blaine stood there, his once blue eyes now glowed gold.

    "What the fuck?" Manuel asked.

    "No!" War's voice hissed in his comm. "Observe, record every bit of this... the ancient warrior is awakening soon."

    Blaine stood there, clenching his fist, the cracks of his knuckles echoed far and wide, as he glared at the two in front of him. Crouching low, and without another word, he sprung off of his right foot. A plume of dust kicked out beneath his boot, the asphalt beneath it seemingly raised by the strength of his send off.

    Butch screamed, similarly to a girl, as Blaine charged head on towards them faster than any Spartan had sprinted before. Manuel however, charged the opposition head on, Trident at the ready. Jumping into the air, Manuel twirled the weapon in a circle above his head, before preparing to send the prongs into the earth.

    Just before his point of impact, he watched with greedy eyes as Blaine charged recklessly into his attack. His eyes opened wide, however, as Blaine looked, in real time, into Manuel's visor, a sly grin on his face.

    Before his prongs made contact, Blaine disappeared from view. Manuel could hear a sickening crunch behind him, followed by a yelp from Butch, before his teammate was sent careening down the road. Finally, his prongs made contact, a gravity field pushed everyone back.

    Standing, Blaine stood several feet away, having seemingly teleported again. Crouching for a dash again, Manuel returned in kind, as the two forces charged at once another. Manuel, yet again, couldn't believe his eyes as Blaine disappeared from view. Turning nearly on a dime, he was helpless as Blaine's right leg slammed him in the ribs, the veteran Spartan II seemingly spinning endlessly, his boots constantly smashing into Manuel's ribcage.

    Jumping off of his left foot, Blaine cycle kicked Manuel in the chin, launching the Legionaire up into the air. Jumping up incredibly, Blaine seized Manuel by the throat, sending them both cascading into the asphalt. Manuel attempted to struggle, the overbearing strength that Blaine now wielded preventing him from accomplishing much.

    There was a crash, the concrete leaving quite a crater, Manuel stuck in it for the moment. Blaine stood, as Butch swung a nasty right cross. Blaine dodged it, teleporting behind Butch, smashing him into the air with a mighty punch. Before Butch could react, Blaine teleported into the air just opposite of his path, punching him even higher, before repeating the same maneuver for a third time.

    On the fourth teleport, he slammed his right boot down on Butch's neck. The force of the kick, plus the act of gravity, sent Butch hurtling towards the ground at blinding speed. Manuel's eyes widened, before he rolled out of the way, Butch slamming into the man sized crater that he had just occupied seconds before.

    In the distance, Blaine could make out the haunting sound of footsteps, in perfect unison, marching towards them. Manuel stood, clutching his right shoulder, as Blaine stood there, fists clenched.

    "Tell me where War's hiding."

    "Piss off." Manuel spat.

    In the distance, the entire remnants of Manuel's Legionary task force marched towards him, weapons at the ready. Blaine turned to Manuel, who stood there, Trident in the ground, arms crossed.

    "Oh c'mon." Blaine shook his head.

    "You're going to tire out soon, old man." Manuel scoffed. "There's no way you're taking on this army solo."

    Blaine grinned.

    Meanwhile, slightly earlier

    "How much farther?" Drake panted, as the group finally arrived at the purple/blue portal. "Forget I asked."

    "Where exactly is it that you need to go anyways?" Jordan asked, turning to Drake and Bryce.

    "Terra Co. in Munich." Bryce shuddered, "I need my Grandfather's book. Don't ask why, but I left it in my cell."

    "Jesus, you got a death wish man." Mason scoffed.

    "He's our friend, and if Drake's cool with him, he's cool with us." Jordan nodded. "We'll get you there, Bryce, in fact, you could probably teleport us all when we get back into Crisis City."

    "Oh, you won't be going anywhere... boys." a seductive feminine voice replied from the other side of the portal.

    "Who is that?" Drake asked.

    "Oh god." Bryce groaned. "Really, now?!"

    "Oh yes, Brycey-wicey." the woman replied, stepping through.

    To Drake, the young woman seemed completely harmless. The only offending thing about her was her punk hoodie, her yoga pants, and the pair of glowing red wings coming out of her shoulder blades.

    "Karma." she smiled, turning to Drake.

    "Drake." he nodded. "Please, we need to get through here, it's a matter of life and death, missy."

    "MISSY?!" she growled, the red energized wings flashed, her eyes glowing red.

    "You REALLY shouldn't have done that." Bryce said.

    "It's okay." Drake nodded, "If she wants a fight, she'll get one. You guys go on without me."

    "Do be careful with this one... fighting her will require... unconventional means."

    Karma stood there, sauntering around him, waiting for him to strike.

    "Boy." she pouted. "Were you this useless when that Alien KILLED your girlfriend?"

    That did it, Drake smashed her square in the jaw, as Bryce shook his head with a slight chuckle, him and the band of metas using the distraction. Her head jarred to the side from the blow, but before he could celebrate, her own fist smashed the side of his helmet, denting the metal and sending him sprawling onto the asphalt.

    He bounced a few times, before groaning, stopping on his stomach. Standing, he growled with rage as she slowly walked over, swaying her hips as she did.

    "Mmm. Ain't I a bitch?" she taunted, Drake clenching his fist.

    "When we first met, I didn't think so." Drake growled. "Now that I've gotten to meet you, it's warming up to me."

    Chuckling, he crossed his arms, cracking his neck.

    "Y'know, Lady Destiny and her sister Fate are much bigger bitches though. You? The only thing about you is the amount of red you're wearing. That much red honestly made me think you were a woman on her-"

    "DRAKE!" Lillian's voice roared from the comm.

    "Lunch break, Jesus." Drake shook his head, trying to cover what he was actually going to say.

    Rushing forward, he threw a purple orb of void light at her. She leaned her head in, catching the grenade with her teeth. Her eyes flashed red, before she spat it back at him with twice the speed. It glowed a deeper purple, suggesting it's power level had actually increased.

    Thrusting both arms out, a giant orb of purple appeared around him, the grenade harmlessly bouncing out. Her eyes flickered again, as she placed a hand on her hip.

    "Ain't I a bitch?"

    "No, but you ARE annoying." Drake clenched his teeth.

    "Says the 'Hero' hiding in the shield like a pansy."

    Fuming, Drake stomped forward, a Pillar of fire erupted from the ground beneath Karma. Unable to properly return the attack, she growled as the fire licked at her. Reaching his hand in, he found purchase on a handle of sorts, before pulling out his sword. The long crimson blade glowed with solar light, swirling it in his hands, he slashed at the air in front of him, fire kissed her face, causing her to growl with annoyance.

    Grabbing the sword, Karma smirked as Drake whipped his head backwards to headbutt her.


    The Legion trained their gun on Blaine, who stood there, completely motionless. Manuel took this time to help Butch up, who shakily swatted the helping hand away.

    "Checkmate... boyo." Butch huffed.


    Disappearing before their eyes, Butch's eyes opened wide as Blaine's fist struck him square in the helmet, knocking him backwards. Almost instantly, Blaine turned on his heels, smashing his left elbow into Manuel's back. Turning back towards Butch, he snatched his rival's ankle, spinning in a wide circle, using Butch like a bat against Manuel, before tossing his rival upwards and outwards.

    Butch roared as he flew diagonally up and through three separate skyscrapers, glass shattered, and walls popped. Turning backwards, Blaine caught Manuel's Trident before it could stab him in the face. Ripping it from Manuel's hand, Blaine smashed the butt end into it's master's chest, swinging it like a bat across his helmet.

    Turning on his heels, Blaine grabbed the center of the pole, the needles facing downwards. Throwing in a twisting motion with all of his might, the Trident span like a devastating top towards the Legionaires. Manuel, who now lied prone on the floor, smirked as they all opened fire on Blaine's position.

    Blaine, however, whisked himself out of sight for a second, teleporting a safe distance away from the line of fire. Crouching low, he charged at the small army, his boot again kicking up the asphalt beneath his feet with the force.

    The soldiers reloaded their weapons as quick as they could, taking aim at the charging Spartan. Blinking in and out of harms way, he continued his trajectory towards them. Any soldiers that got in his way were instantly clotheslined, knocking them several feet backwards and into their allies.

    Stopping nearly on a dime, Blaine cocked his right fist back, smashing the mallet sized fist into the helmet of one of the Legionaires. The strength of the blow crumbled the man to the ground, the ensuing shockwave knocking them all off balance.

    Grabbing at seemingly nothing, Blaine's hand found purchase in something. Tearing downwards with all of his might, a gash seemingly appeared in space, pulling the Legionaires in.

    "WAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGH!!" They yelled in fear, dropping their weapons, attempting to sprint away from the tear.

    Patting at the 'fabric' in his hand, Blaine reattached the hole, the soldiers running with their tails between their legs. Turning back, Manuel coughed as Blaine held him by the throat.

    "War's location, now."


    Again, Blaine grinned.


    " Focus on the Traveler, Guardian. Focus on the Mark that Lillian made for you. Let the Light of both wash over you."

    "Holy shit. Remind me never to piss off Blaine when he has his mementos..." Josh scoffed.

    Drake shrugged both of the phrases off, blood trickling down his nose, his sword kicked from his hand. The mark on his armor swayed in the wind, as Karma walked around him, cockily.

    "You can't fight her one on one, Drake. She's just going to throw everything you've got back, but double."

    "S-she couldn't deflect the fire." Drake whispered.

    "What'd you say, whelp?" she growled.

    "I said, you've picked the wrong day to piss off this Titan."

    Standing, he knew she couldn't attack him outright. Closing his eyes, he focused on the Traveler's light coursing through his armor, and the beautiful piece of cloth that Lillian had made for him.

    The ground beneath their feet quaked, dust and wind swirled around Drake, as a red crystalline sphere formed around him. Emblazoned on the front was the symbol of a Phoenix. Just as soon as the sphere had appeared, it shattered, blue hot fire spewing out of Drake's helmet like horns.

    Fire danced around his shoulders, like hoola hoops, intertwining and zooming past his limbs. Stomping his right foot down, a red ring formed on the ground beneath Karma. Drake stood there, Karma expecting something to happen. Snapping his fingers, a pillar of fire ten times larger than the one he had summoned earlier spewed from the ground, lifting Karma high into the air.

    Due to the nature of her abilities, the fire did not do any permanent damage, although it really hurt. Grabbing her by the throat, Drake snorted, before tossing her away from the Portal. She stopped herself with her wings, jetting herself at him with blinding speed.

    Bracing himself, he stopped her charge, sliding back a few feet. Grabbing her energized wings, he roared with defiance, tearing them off. The fire horns spewing from his helmet flared, as the formed a makeshift flamethrower, engulfing her. Tossing her aside, he slammed his fist mercilessly into the ground, cracking the asphalt, a wave of electrically charged fire flowing towards her.

    Unable to fly away with her temporarily removed wings, she took the brunt of the hit, flying into the nearby wall. Raising his right arm above his head, a bolt of lightning slammed down on his hand, his right fist becoming so vibrant that the environment around him seemed dark. His fist of havoc fully charged, he dashed after her foe, smashing her square in the torso with the electrically charged fist.

    Groaning in pain, she smashed through the brick wall, tumbling along the floor. Lifting his sword, the flames on his helmet flared once more, his sword now glowing a deep dark blue. The two fire balls floating around him joined inside of the sword.

    Karma growled, stepping out of the hole, stomping towards him, her right fist glowed some strange purple color. Before she could counter any of his physical attacks, a red and white armored body smashed into her side, the two of them tumbling against the asphalt.

    "Oh, hola chica." Manuel chuckled, landing on top of the young woman.

    The purple fist struck him square in the face. Drake turned to see Blaine stomping towards them, nonchalantly. Manuel and Karma began to stand, clenching their fists as Drake and Blaine stood side by side.

    "This'll be fun." Drake chuckled.

    Blaine crouched, as Manuel flinched. Instead of his usual charge, however, Blaine's right hand clasped Drake's free hand. Sprinting forward, Blaine tossed Drake in a twisting motion. Drake held his sword out, the flames imbued in the sword swelled outwards, turning the sword from a mere blade into a fiery whip.

    Manuel and Karma growled as the fire licked at them. Drake, using the speed Blaine had tossed him with, span like a top towards them. But before his blade could make contact, he jumped, flipping over their head. Along with the fire, electricity coursed through the weapon, as he pierced the road behind them.

    A shockwave knocked them forward... into Blaine's fists. Punching them both with both of his fists, the two flew backwards into the building, through to the next one. Butch shakily walked towards the hole, as the two cascaded towards him. His eyes opened wide, but his tired, beaten body wouldn't move.

    Accepting it, he allowed them to crash into him, the three landing in a heap on the floor of the office building. Blaine and Drake stepped into the hole, Blaine's glow in his eyes slowly fading.

    "This all could've been avoided if you just gave me War's location, boyo." Blaine stood there, Drake's fire fading as well.

    "Likewise, if you had just let us pass without incident, I wouldn't have had to do what I did." Drake growled.

    "F-fine." Manuel coughed, on the verge of losing consciousness. "War- he's."

    "He's preparing for the end game, Admiral. But I must say that your abilities are incredible, I look forward to seeing them first hand. You'll find me soon after you've awakened the ancient swordsman. Until then, I have reinforcements inbound to retrieve my men. The woman can suffer, for all I care."

    "Wow, mysogynist much?" Drake scoffed.

    "On the contrary, she's an abomination to everything my Legion stands for. We want PURE humans, not mutants.

    Butch, Manuel, and Karma lay there, utterly defeated. Blaine hoisted Karma, who was much to beaten to fight back. Cradling her over his shoulder, Drake followed him back out the hole and towards the portal.

    "War." Manuel clenched his fist. "What the fuck was that, sir?"

    "A challenge. Don't worry, you two will have your chance to get revenge soon enough."



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

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    Manuel limped into the room, one of the medics carelessly tossing Butch's beaten form to the ground.

    "Oi!" Butch growled. "You're lucky I'm broken, otherwise I'd be wearing your ass for a HAT!"

    "You really must work on your insults, Butch." Walter scoffed, sitting behind his desk. "That was... pathetic."

    "Yeah?! What's pathetic is that YOU weren't there to fight alongside us, War." Butch snarled. "Maybe YOU could've gotten your ass kicked instead of us."

    "Doubtful." the older man said, taking a sip from his glass of whiskey.

    "Lord Walter, I've failed you." Manuel hung his head in shame, as Walter tisked, shaking his head.

    "On the contrary, my most honored General." Walter leaned back, making a tent with his hands. "In fact, you did quite exquisitely."

    "B-but." Manuel stammered. "A SCOTSMAN kicked my ass, sir."

    "Oh, what do YOU know?!" Pluto grimaced, as Butch suddenly stood up, smashing Manuel in the nose with his fist, Pestilence sitting in the corner, reading a newspaper.


    In the Hall of Authors

    "When Morgan returns, I'm going to kill him." Manuel growled, as Panther, and Zman chuckled in the background.

    "Hey, at least Manuel's a part of the story!" John frowned. "Nine's just a driving force in the background. I mean, the entire story is starting to seem very... Dragon Ball Z-esque. Why can't John have a moment of badassery?"


    Aura of Armaggedon, Bridge

    "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Agent Nine roared, clenching his fists as everyone turned towards him.

    "Um." Lillian's eyes shifted back and forth. "Does he need laxatives?"

    Suddenly, a yellow aura exploded over Nine, a small crater in the metal at his feet. His hair, once short and brown, was now long, flowing, and glowed gold.

    "God dammit John." Morgan sighed, holding his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose. "Can I PLEASE just continue building up the actual PLOT?!"

    "Fairy." Darryl smirked at John, who sneered, holding his tongue out.


    "I don't know why I spaced out like that." Walter shook his head in confusion. "I apologize. As I was GOING to say, it is quite alright, General. You're efforts in recording the Admiral's sudden surge of power will be extremely helpful."

    "As a reward, I will offer you a chance at revenge. But first, you should patch yourselves up. I will not have blood stains on my Persian rug.

    As the two left, Walter took another brave swig of his Whiskey, John's evil clone turning to face him.

    "You've got a plan to defeat... that?"

    "Well of course I do." Walter chuckled, his iris' glowing red. "It's in my nature."


    Crisis City

    "Well, what took you guys so long?" Bryce said, tapping his foot, H.E.R.O's members sitting on the pavement, albeit shakily.

    "Bugger off." Blaine shrugged. "I was too busy being an overpowered badass, what'd you do today?"

    "Avoided getting killed by a demon you, kicked a Spartan's ass, found a penny head side up." Bryce replied, counting off his fingers. "Anyways, look familiar Admiral?"

    "Yeah, this is your turf." Blaine grinned, as the psychic growled.

    "Don't you say it."

    "Sooo, why are we sitting around here?" Mason growled.

    Bryce sighed, everyone reaching their hands out in a circle. Touching the top of the pile, Bryce's eyes glowed white, a thin layer of frost appearing over everyone involved. Within a flash, and a brief wave of coolness, they appeared just on the outskirts of Munich, Germany.

    The giant factory was rusted, worn down, and looked better than it had years ago... in Bryce's opinion. The psychic shuddered, as Drake gingerly placed a hand on his shoulder.

    "This place." Bryce shook his head. "Let's just get this done."


    Bryce was hesitant, as the entire group walked into the abandoned facility. They turned a corner towards the 'Warden's' office. Bryce stopped suddenly, Blaine bumping into him from behind.

    Bryce stared at the red stain on the wall, the human skeleton propped up against it. He knew the skeleton wasn't from who he thought it was, it was Sean's. But the stain on the wall, how could he forget. Sinking to his knees, everyone in the party stared at him in confusion.

    Behind them, they could hear something rattling.

    "Jordan." Drake said. "Take your Metas and watch our backs. We won't be long."

    "C'mon Bryce." Blaine placed a hand on Bryce's shoulder. "Dwelling on whatever happened in this place will only make you turn into a Husk."

    "Easy for you to say, Mister 'I've got everything'."

    "Oh boy." Morgan replied.

    "No, no. Let's talk about this for a second." Bryce clenched his right fist. "You picked favorites, Author!"

    "How so?"

    "Oh don't give me that bullshit!" Bryce growled. "From the get go, you threw everything at me that would make any sane man convert to a straight jacket!"

    "Oh yeah, 'cause I had the perfect life." Blaine rolled his eyes. "All three of us had troubled pasts boyo, drop it."

    "You don't know what it's like to live without your par-" before Bryce could finish his sentence, Blaine's hand met the psychic's throat, hefting him onto the wall.

    "NOT ANOTHER WORD." Blaine snarled. "At least you GOT to know your Mother, fuck stunt! At least you HAD your Father figure in your life!"

    "You wanna compare notes, boyo?!" Blaine yelled, Drake trying to separate them. "Try growing up as an orphan on the streets for two years. Try being abducted by a seemingly nice lady and her 'husband'. The only thing I had remotely close to a 'Father' was some asshole Marine named Mendez."

    "Y'know what Mendez used to do to us three hundred kids? He trained us to become killing machines. We didn't have game time, we didn't get to sit down and read with our 'precious grandpas'. We woke up at the ass crack of dawn, ran laps around a complex at the top of a fuckin' mountain. Then we spent an hour each day in a classroom, learning about war tactics and history relevant to fighting."

    Bryce teleported behind Blaine, as the Spartan continued his rant.

    "Just for fun, Mendez would seat us in a metal chair, pour water on us, and shock us with tazers! When he didn't get his rocks off to THAT, he sent us into the middle of the woods in WINTER without any winter clothes. He forced us to take on trained Marines with live weapons just to get a ride back to base!"


    "No, now you're gonna listen!" Blaine grit his teeth. "After all of those years of continuous torture, we finally were given this armor. Not even a few months later... nearly ninety seven percent of us Spartan II's DIED!"

    Drake took a step back, flinching as Blaine said that, fire in his eyes.

    "You think whatever happened in this place was painful?!" Blaine roared, prodding his finger into Bryce's chest. "Try being on a Planet with nearly three hundred of your adopted brothers and sisters, and being only one out of EIGHT to survive, mother fucker!"

    "All two hundred and ninety two of the original three hundred Spartan IIs that died, died without having known their parents. Died without having a Christmas, without a Thanksgiving, without a motherfucking BIRTHDAY! They died to protect a Galaxy filled of people that, likely, don't even realize their sacrifice!"

    "To add insult to injury, no-one besides myself or my Office of Naval Intelligence knows these Spartans are dead, because it goes against REGULATION! If one of us dies, we aren't listed as K.I.A. We go M.I.A, and we're NEVER given a burial."

    "You think I was the favorite?!" Blaine continued. "Any other Author would've made an attempt to ease up on the tragic life. You? Your mother disowned you because she was a paranoid Christian with a god complex, and your father was captured by the government. You were raised by your Grandfather, and after he died, you were brought to this place for five years! That STILL doesn't equate to forty plus years of hell! Hell, even DRAKE had a bad life, but he doesn't BITCH like a spoiled brat!"

    "You want to do whoever died in this place justice?!" Blaine finished. "Let them rest in peace, grab your goddamned book, and let's finish this fucking thing. Because if I have to spend one more goddamn minute with you moaning and bitching about how badly YOU had it, I'll snap your fucking neck and take my chances in the abyss."

    "Wow." Morgan whistled. "Better?"

    "I-I'm sorry." Bryce bowed his head. "Give me just a second, I'll grab the book and we'll go."

    Bryce shambled off, as Blaine stood there, arms crossed, nostrils flaring.

    "Not going to lie Blaine, that was kinda harsh." Drake shrugged. "I'm sorry that all happened to you, I hate his smart ass attitude as much as the next guy, but c'mon. We all have our problems, let's acknowledge we all, at one point, received the short end of the stick."

    Blaine eased up, sighing as he glanced at the floor.

    "Yeah. Bryce, hold up boyo!"

    Lightly jogging after the psychic, he turned the corner to see Bryce stand there, unmoving. At the end of the hallway, a feminine figure stood there, arms crossed.




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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 9th 2015, 11:36 pm

    "Wrong, you can't remember your own mother?"

    "I try not to." Bryce growled, as Drake and Blaine turned the corner.

    "Oh, you've got friends, how quaint." she smirked sarcastically. "What's the big guys' ability?"

    "I can kill you fifty different ways with my thumb, that count?" Blaine snorted, crossing his arms.

    "No, but it is impressive." she replied. "One of my new allies was supposed to meet me here. Don't try anything rash, this is just a hologram. I suppose you're here for the book, eh? It's just in the Warden's office. Good book, too bad it was the fan favorite of abominations."

    "Harsh." Drake scoffed. "Who is this broad, your great grandmother?"

    "How dare you?!" she snarled.

    "How dare I?" Drake shook his head. "You're the psycho bitch that disowned her son because he was different!"

    Blaine stomped forward before the hologram could continue, kicking the pedestal she had once projected from. Bryce slowly worked his way into the Warden's office. Sure enough, the book was on the desk.

    "She said some colleagues were coming?" Bryce asked. "You should probably warn your friends."

    "I told them to straight up leave." Bryce shrugged. "I figured if you were going to beat the shit out of me, they didn't need to see that. Sucks I teleported them all this way, but hey, they'll get to see Europe."

    Grabbing the book, Bryce smiled with happy memories from his Grandfather. The three of them walked back out the way they came, with Bryce only taking a brief moment to mourn all who had died during the escape.

    "Well, well, well. If it isn't my friend the Admiral and his... acquaintances." Walter strolled forward, Butch and Manuel behind him. "I felt you guys would be after something in this world, and it didn't take long when my new benefactor's transmission suddenly stopped to track you down."

    "You're going to pay for what Famine did to Dawn!" Blaine growled, clenching his fist.

    "We'll see about that. Manuel tells me you have some pretty interesting new abilities. I'd LOVE to see them firsthand." he grinned, his iris' glowing red.

    As War's eyes glowed, so did Manuel's and Butch's... beneath their helmets.

    "That's bad. Those two are Agents of Chaos." Morgan gasped.

    "Those are?"


    "If you live long enough to find out, I may even tell you myself." War chuckled. "Go on now, all three of you. Reach your Ascension."

    Blaine grabbed Jorge's dog tags, Drake focused on his Titan Mark, and Bryce clutched the book close to his chest. Manuel and Butch stepped forward, Walter's left arm lashed out to stop them. Three crystalline spheres surrounded Blaine, Bryce, and Drake. Blaine's was cobalt blue with an eagle burned into the front, Bryce's was emerald green with an owl emblazoned on the front, and Drake's was crimson red with a Phoenix as his avatar.

    The three spheres exploded into several different pieces, revealing the three Ascended disciples of Goldenheart. Blaine stood there, the beard on his face slightly longer with a tinge of gold in it, Drake crossed his arms, golden fire horns spewing out of his helmet, while Bryce floated, sitting with his legs crossed, a golden third eye forming in the center of his forehead.

    Bryce blasted forward, ramming himself head first into Butch's torso, launching those two combatants away. Manuel charged forward, a black and red aura surrounding his helmet. Cocking his fist back, Drake charged as well, preparing his own fist. The two's fists made contact, as a plume of dust formed between them, a flash of light nearly blinding everyone.

    The two were pushed in separate directions, but decided to continue sprinting at each other. Blaine stood there, fists clenched, while Walter lazily cracked his neck, a pair of horns slowly appearing out of his forehead.

    Blaine crouched low, super sprinting across the field towards the Legion master. War stood, unamused, as Blaine swung swift and powerful jabs, hooks, haymakers, and even used his feet. Walter, finally interested, blocked all of the attacks, even attempting to send some of his own back. Pushing Blaine back with a mighty kick to the chest, War chuckled.

    "That the best you got?"

    "No, I'm just getting started."

    Sprinting again, Blaine jumped in the air, lashing out his foot. War caught it with both of his hands, before pushing Blaine backwards again. The two charged at each other, throwing and dodging a flurry of blows, until they caught each other's hands. It went on to prove as a test of strength.

    The two foes stared each other down, Blaine glaring deep into War's nonchalant eyes. He would show the Legion that he was a reason to be feared, especially for what they attempted to do with Dawn.

    That brief distraction was all War needed, punching Blaine backwards.


    Butch growled angrily as they slammed through the city of Munich, the townspeople running for their lives. Slamming both fists down on Bryce's mental barrier shattering it with ease. Grabbing Bryce by the throat, Butch prepared to punch the meta.

    He disappeared in a wave of blistering cold, however. Butch turned to see Bryce floating in the distance, arms crossed. Teleporting instantaneously, Bryce wailed Butch in the torso with the massive ice hammer. Grunting with pain, Butch was sent tumbling through numerous skyscrapers, shattering the glass. Disappearing again, Bryce appeared behind Butch as he floated away. Slamming the hammer down, Butch bounced off of the asphalt, and back up into the hammer.

    Bryce did this a few times, before swinging with all of his might, bashing Butch into the ground several feet. There was a roar enough to shatter time and space itself, as the ground beneath Bryce quaked. With an explosion of black and red energy, a giant crater formed around Butch, who clenched his fists.

    Bryce teleported again, but gasped as Butch snagged him. Kicking Bryce square in the chest, he was sent hurtling towards the town. Butch raced at him at a similar speed of Ascended Blaine, appearing behind him. Cocking his fist, he slammed Bryce under the chin with a nasty uppercut.

    Butch scaled the side of the wall, using his strength to jump higher and higher. Reaching a suitable height, he swung his boot in a circular motion, smashing Bryce square in the face, launching him towards the other side of the city. Before Bryce could teleport again, Butch scaled the other building's wall, raising both of his fists above his head.

    Smashing down with all of his weight, Bryce felt the wind get knocked out of him, the two combatants descending rapidly towards the Earth.


    Manuel and Drake exchanged blows, blocking each other, the claps of their armors making contact echoed for well over a mile. Pushing Drake back, Manuel pulled a pair of smg's seemingly from the darkness itself.

    Raising the pair of weapons, Drake's eyes opened wide beneath his helmet, as he thrust his arms out. The void bubble that normally would've surrounded him instead became a personal protective overshield. Dashing away from the bullets, Manuel chased, firing both weapons at the impenetrable shield.

    Catching up with Drake, Manuel stuck his foot out, tripping the Titan up. Drake rolled across the ground, his shield thankfully protecting him from any damage. Manuel smashed his boot into Drake's chest, holding his foe still as he continued to rain powerful strikes on Drake in rapid succession.

    Jumping off of his feet, Manuel thrust both of his feet into Drake's shielded chest, the shield shattering from the mass of blows. Lifting himself off of the ground, he chased his airborne target a quarter mile away. Jumping in the air he anticipated where Drake was going to be, and slammed his right elbow into Drake's throat, knocking the Titan to the ground. Dust plumed from the Earth, as Manuel landed, standing there with his arms crossed.

    The dust settled, showing Drake standing there, his vibrant blue fire sword at the ready. Manuel clicked his tongue against his teeth, before brandishing his Trident. Due to the newfound energy flowing through him, hellfire spewed from the weapon, causing the once golden weapon to appear black and red with gold highlight.

    Drake charged, sword at his side, while Manuel mirrored his moves, bum rushing towards him as well. The two swung their weapons, the clash of metal, and the ensuing sparks caused a blinding light to fill the area for just a moment. Swinging their weapons relentlessly, both combatants tried desperately to break the other's defense. The wisps of fire dancing around Drake took this moment to splash into Manuel's face, momentarily disorienting him.

    Drake took a massive slash upwards, knocking Manuel into the air. Spinning in a three hundred sixty degree turn, Drake donkey kicked Manuel away. Following up, he slashed the sword three times, issuing grunts of annoyance from the Spartan, before Manuel finally bounced off of the earth. Fixing himself in a stance, Manuel stopped his slide and bolted towards Drake, who wasn't expecting the quick recovery.

    Smashing a left hook into the side of Drake's helmet, Manuel followed up with a flurry of rapid, yet powerful punches, causing Drake to yelp in pain. Jumping, Manuel spun in air, slamming his boot into the side of Drake's ribs.

    Drake bounced off of an incredibly durable wall, Manuel there to slam him in the chest with the Trident. The force of the blow was enough to send Drake cascading through the building and the next three beyond. Giving chase, Manuel wasn't expecting Drake to recover so quickly.

    Slashing his fire sword rapidly, the flames dancing off of the tip resembled a whip like inferno. Swinging it across Manuel's torso, face, and arms, the Spartan finally lashed out, catching the flame like it was actually tangible.

    "My turn."

    Pulling with all of his might, Manuel held his left fist out, Drake, pulled by the sword, took the punch to the helmet, the force of the blow was enough to knock him back. Rubber banding back and forth, Manuel raised his new found toy above his head, flipping Drake up and over his head, slamming him into the ground. Repeating this a few times, Manuel swung himself in a wide circle, throwing Drake, sword and all, back the way they had originally came.


    With Blaine pushed backwards and on the defensive, War smashed him in the bottom right part of his chin with a nasty uppercut, following up with a nasty spiking left hook. Blaine flipped backwards, preparing for anything. War unleashed a flurry of blows, Blaine blocking them all to the best of his ability. The force of the blows were enough to finally push Blaine back, War jumping at the Spartan, swinging his fists down like a hammer.

    Blaine jumped backwards, before hopping forward, smashing his knee into War's nose. Teleporting behind War, Blaine smashed both of his fists into the man's spine, knocking War to the ground. Swinging his boot as hard as he could, he punt kicked War away. Chasing after, Blaine grabbed War by the ankle, slamming him into the ground.

    As War attempted to stand, Blaine smashed punch after punch, kick after kick into the man's torso, following up with a bicycle kick, sending War up and into the air. Jumping up, Blaine lifted both of his mallet fists above his head, slamming down on his opponent's torso. War skidded along the ground, bouncing head over heels from the momentum of the blows.

    Standing, War smirked as Blaine sprinted over for a follow up. Breathing heavily, the red in his iris' flared, as War stomped both of his feet outwards. Thrusting his hand out, dark energy exploded in both directions, launching Blaine back into Terra Co.

    Taking this moment, War dashed after Blaine for a follow up. The Spartan, however, was already recovered, and tossed what appeared to be an endless supply of plasma grenades at him. Dodging the onslaught of bright blue balls, War, slammed a boot into Blaine's chest, knocking him back into the building.

    Standing outside of the newly formed hole, War chuckled, slowly walking in.


    War's eyes widened as a beam of glowing golden energy surged towards him. Dodging to the side, a beam easily the height of two double decker buses stacked on each other, exploded out of the hole. Whatever had been the wall of the facility, and whatever grass had been there was now completely and utterly charred.

    The beam, however, didn't stop after the initial firing. War watched as it turned his way, sprinting as far and as fast as he could away from the weapon. Turning his head back for only a moment, he watched the Spartan crawl out of the hole, Bryce and Butch appearing next to him.

    Using that distraction, he ran back towards the fray. Blaine prepared the weapon, Bryce holding Butch still. Butch's eyes opened wide, as Blaine grit his teeth. His eyes glowed even brighter, his black hair standing on edge.


    The mass of golden energy over took Butch, Bryce teleporting out of harms way, Blaine's arch nemesis reducing to nothing but ash. Before Blaine could turn back to War, the Legionaire jumped in the air, smashing Blaine in the chest, causing the Fist of Spartan to shatter in his hands.

    Blaine bounced away, as War grabbed Bryce, freezing him with dark energy. Blaine cocked his fist, War appearing just before him, holding Bryce out like a shield. Blaine stopped momentarily, refusing to attack his ally, while War smashed Blaine in the head with the now frozen Bryce.

    Stumbling backwards, War continued to strike Blaine with his own ally, holding Bryce up as a shield every time Blaine wanted to counter. Swinging downwards, Blaine fell to the ground, War tossing Bryce away. Pouncing on the downed Spartan, War went to work. Grabbing the dog tags, War crushed them in his hand, slamming fist after fist into Blaine's face.

    Stopping only to watch Blaine's eyes turn back to their blue color, War stared into his eyes with a crazed expression.

    "You in there, Goldenheart?! I got news for you! I've gotten a LOT stronger since last we fought. Not even one of your DISCIPLES were able to defeat me, in my weakest form. This is a JOKE! If you know what is good for you, you'll stay in this damn sheep stomach eating bastards' head, you got me?!"

    Whipping his head back, War smashed Blaine in the forehead, knocking the Spartan out. Standing, War sighed with relief, sliding a hand through his hair, as he watched Drake bounce along the ground, landing at his feet as well. Manuel stomped over, staring at his gloves.

    "Good," Walter nodded. "You're not completely useless after all. They've learned their lesson. Sleep well... heroes. I am eager for round two."

    "What happened to Butch?"

    "Acceptable lose." War growled. "He was incompetent, and had you been fatally injured, I would've said the same of you. Let's MOVE."

    War stomped away, tearing a dark gash in the fabric of space/time, stepping into it. Manuel stood there, looking at the three passed out heroes, shaking his head. Sighing, Manuel stepped into the gash.



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

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    Another great chapter.

    I was thinking about making a story based on Forza Horizon 2.

    Raptor will be my character while Recon, Astral, and Clutch (nicknames for the characters) will be based on database guys. It will not take a rocket scientist to figure out which ones.
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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

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    "C'm- w-k- u-!" Blaine heard someone mumble into his ear.

    But he couldn't move, something foreign was preventing him from moving. His vision was blurry, a confounded ringing in both of his ears. Blinking his eyes, Blaine groaned, attempting to stand. In all of the years he had fought as a Spartan, he had never truly been beaten so much that his entire body felt so lame. The last true time he had felt this way was when Mendez and his crones 'punished' him and his brothers and sisters.

    "C'mon!" he heard a baritone voice boom into his ear, before a strong hand slapped him across the cheek. "Wake the hell up boyo!"

    Blaine grunted, struggling to move his arms. Finding purchase on the dark floor beneath him, his vision still shook, so he couldn't totally see his... guest.

    "Rise a knight." the man growled into his ear. "Do NOT sully my gifts, RISE A KNIGHT!"

    "Y'know- I DID just get my ass handed to me. Ease up, wouldja?"

    "SILENCE!" the booming voice replied, knocking Blaine back down with it's force. "I am well aware of your embarrassing display. For someone that spent forty years of his life in constant combat, you made a MOCKERY of everyone that died under your command!"

    Blaine clenched his fist, shakily standing to his feet, before thrusting his fist at the man's voice. His fist was stopped by overwhelming force, causing Blaine to recoil.

    "You're brashness is what was your downfall. You're extremely lucky I used my influence to truly scare the Evil one. Had it not been for that display of raw power, you and the disciples would be dead, and this Universe would be ELIMINATED!"

    "W-who are you?" Blaine groaned as the figure clenched harder on Blaine's knuckles, bringing him to his knees. "Where are we."

    "I am GoldenHeart." the man released his grip, standing back into a single light filtering from above. "We're deep inside your mindscape."

    "H-how?" Blaine stood, dusting himself off.

    "Thanks to the help of one of the disciples, you've been cast into the recesses of your mind to locate me. You see, when the Noble Author spoke of me living vicariously through you. He actually meant I live inside of YOU, Blaine Harlowe of Reach. But my power is too much for a single host to contain, so he split me into three fragments, and shared them with the other two."

    Blaine nodded, strangely dwarfed by the man. GoldenHeart towered over Blaine, his golden brown hair short, much like Blaine's in his younger years. The man had a well kept beard, which covered a small scar on the bottom left side of his cheek. His garb was not unlike that of traditional medieval plate armor, with the exception of his leggings, which were leather chaps.

    The two walked through the darkness, neither speaking, until Blaine turned, opening his mouth to speak. GoldenHeart held up a powerful finger, shushing Blaine.

    "The reason you were defeated is because you were much to headstrong. You had been in your Ascended state for far too long, you grew hungry for the power. Your Heart flared with strength, but you let your mind falter. You became too shrouded in the ideals of vengeance for your daughter, that you didn't focus on the fight."

    "There is a method, if you wish to truly wield my power. Something the Author forgot to mention to you. Much like a triangle, it has three points. Without one of the points, it is no longer a triangle, but rather a line. Lines are predictable. But Triangles, they are the most stable of shapes."

    "If you hold the courage and the strength, but lack the wisdom, then you will NEVER achieve your full capacity." GoldenHeart clasped a hand on Blaine's shoulder. "While you predominately symbolize my strength, you must also exhibit strength of mind and courage. Together, with the other disciples, if you flare your souls at once, you'll be able to summon me. Three Souls... One Heart"

    "I-I think I understand now." Blaine nodded.

    "Good." GoldenHeart nodded with a smirk. "When you wake, you three will find yourselves back on your ship, Blaine Harlowe. The Evil one, completely absorbed by the return of his abilities, will make himself known. You will not get a second chance at this, prove to me and all of those that have fallen, that you are up to the job."

    "I will." Blaine held out his hand, as the knight took it.

    "One last thing; there is one that can be saved. You must show them this." GoldenHeart finished, slowly fading away. "When you awaken, rise a Knight."



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

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    "Oh good!" Chloe gasped, as the three men sprawled out on the floor groaned. "They're alive!"

    "Yeah, I don't feel like it." Bryce grimaced, struggling to stand.

    "Well, you're lucky you are!" Morgan clenched his fist, standing above them. "Jesus Christ guys, don't let the power get to your heads!"

    "Enough." Blaine coughed, sitting up, as Autumn and Dawn ran over to him.

    "I'm sorry Blaine, but we had heard word that you guys nearly..." Autumn frowned, the Spartan gently placing a hand on her shoulders.

    "It's okay, just stay safe... please." Blaine pressed his head against her. "We're going back out."

    "Are you insaiyan?!" Nine yelled from the corner.

    "FUCKING SHUT UP!" Morgan barked, the Spartan III retreating.

    "He proves a point." Darryl snorted, crossing his arms. "It's too soon."

    "On the contrary, it's too late." Morgan growled, glancing out the window. "If they don't go now... the Universe is toast."

    Blaine stood, Bryce and Drake standing beside him. Everyone on the Bridge nodded.

    "You guys can't do it alone." Lillian replied, her and Lance stepping forward. "Alpha and Omega is with you all the way."

    "We're going too!" Autumn said, as Scott, Darryl, Josh, Phil, and even David himself stepped forward.

    "It's not going to be a party without me!" Nine crossed his arms. "This story ain't about you, it's about ME! ME!"

    "I need someone to watch Dawn, then." Blaine barked, as all of the volunteers froze.

    "I will." an elderly man said, stumbling into the door. "I can't believe an old bastard like myself can't even find eternal resting."

    "Morgan?" Josh asked.

    "What?" the old man and the man with the Laptop replied, glancing at the twin.

    "Holy shit." the Morgan with the laptop replied. "War must be damaging the timeline far more than I anticipated. This is the Morgan from the continuity where he lived all the way through Halo 4."

    "I don't know what any o' this means. But whatever, where's me granddaughter?"

    "Dad, I?"

    "That's enough blubbering, Blaine. I know I actually died in this continuity, but I'm not technically FROM this continuity. I'm still yer pappy, and she's still my granddaughter. She'll be safe with me."

    "Right." Blaine nodded, turning to Bryce. "I know where War is. He's in the fields of Reach."

    "But Reach is still glassed!" Josh barked.

    "Not if Morgan's continuity is here." the Morgan with the Laptop snapped his fingers. "Reach's fall is the darkest day in UNSC history, it's no doubt to me that he'd go there to siphon on that energy. Of course, that happened seven years ago."

    "So, I'm teleporting us through space and time?" Bryce put a hand on his forehead. "I don't think I can possibly do that."

    "Maybe not." Blaine turned to face the psychic again. "But with some help, you might be able to."


    Before Bryce could reply, Blaine removed the bow from Dawn's hair, gripping it tightly in his hand. Drake closed his eyes, focusing on his titan mark. Nodding, Bryce clutched his father's book tightly.

    Together, the three summoned their crystalline spheres, before they burst, showing everyone on the bridge their Ascension. Morgan with the laptop nodded, following the old man and his granddaughter out of the room.

    "All aboard. Gather near." Blaine said, keeping his eyes closed.

    Drake and Bryce placed their hands on Blaine's shoulders, before everyone in the bridge that planned to go on the excursion teleported away.


    Aszod Ship-breaking fields, Espoz, Reach.
    Seven years ago

    Punching the Elite in the face, Blaine rolled to his right as a Major lunged at him with an energy dagger. Pulling his knife out, Blaine stabbed it in the throat, moving his head to the right to avoid another from a General.

    Kicking it's legs out, the General fell to his feet. Swinging his right leg down, he snapped it's neck with his ankle. Again the Field Marshal lunged, this time pinning Blaine to the ground.

    "You're too late." Blaine whispered to the Elite. "I died a long time ago."

    Staring up to the skies of Reach, Blaine awaited the most certain of death, as he heard muffled sounds behind him, a blinding light filling his vision.


    Blaine, Bryce, Drake, and all of their assistants appeared on the plateau. Blaine took a moment to observe the area, before glancing at the ground not to far from them. Walking over, the blue and red armored Field Marshall stabbed his blade into the Spartan's neck.

    Blaine grabbed at his throat, recognizing the Elite. Anch I'Bortee fled, before anyone in the crowd could respond. Blaine walked over, kneeling before his dying self. Shaking his head, he gently ran his hand down his alternate selves eyes, as the Spartan on the ground sighed his last breath.

    "This is a Universe where I died on Reach." Blaine clenched his fist powerfully. "War's trying to de-moralize me."

    In the distance, they heard explosions and gunfire. Blaine didn't recognize those noises in his own timeline. Peering into the distance, he did, however, recognize the Legionaires marching towards them.

    "Jesus." David said, standing beside his adoptive father. "Is that the entirety of the Legion?"

    "It's very likely." Darryl prepared his shotgun. "Mount up Spartans, we're going to distract this group while these three get GoldenHeart back."

    Blaine, Drake, and Bryce all turned, glancing at each other. Blaine clutched onto Dawn's ribbon, Drake wrapped his arm gingerly around Lillian's shoulders, while Bryce hugged Chloe and his book tightly. The ground beneath their feet quaked, tremors forming beneath their boots.

    Dust and wind swirled around the three Ascended warriors, as the group stared on in awe, the encroaching Legionaires drawing ever closer. The circle of dust around the three of them formed a giant crystalline golden sphere with the image of a Wyvern emblazoned on it. Before the sphere shattered, however, lightning crashed through the skies, smashing into the ground around the sphere.

    The Spartans and their allies tensed as the Legionaires came close enough to fire their weapons. Returning fire, they would NOT let the empowered enemies get to the sphere behind them. Darryl roared in defiance, firing his shotgun into the nearest shoulder, a heard of the Legion Spartans attempting to trample them.

    Everyone fought valiantly against the insurmountable numbers, more lightning blasting down from the skies, some of the bolts even striking the Legion soldiers.

    "THREE SOULS! ONE HEART!" they could hear the three heroes inside yell.

    There was a monumental booming noise, as every combatant stopped fighting for a moment. The sphere had shattered, dust filling the air, gale force winds pushing the Legion fighters away.

    There was another giant rush of wind, followed by the sound of a sword dragging across the ground. All of the Legion Spartans stared at the man standing there. The massive sword in his hand slung lazily over his shoulder was nearly his height, and about as wide as he was. A neatly kept golden-brown beard billowed slightly in the wind, as his brilliant golden eyes stared at the conflict around him.

    "H-he looks like Blaine." Darryl said, stepping backwards.

    "Yeah, but where's Bryce or Drake?"

    "They finally combined. the Author cut in via. comm. "GoldenHeart is here."

    The Legion soldiers, at first dumbstruck by the appearance of the swordsman, all focused their weapons up towards him. Smirking, the knight blinked out of view, their bullets spraying up at nothing. Using the distraction, the Knights of GoldenHeart fought the crowd in a heated battle of fists, guns, and wits.

    Standing just outside of the battlezone, GoldenHeart dragged his sword in the dirt, the giant buster sword scraping along the rock. Gathering the attention of the legion, he closed his eyes, his allies teleporting out of harm's way. Opening his eyes in a flash, he barely moved his right foot, before he was back into the crowd.

    Swinging his sword like there was no tomorrow, the minions of the Evil one were thrust backwards, many of them viscerally slagged in half by the sheer power of his slashes. Realizing their battle was a lost cause, they began to turn tail and run, before GoldenHeart flipped the sword above his head, impaling the tip into the Earth.

    More crevices appeared in the crust of the Planet, pikes of rock pierced upwards, impaling several of those that fled.

    "Lads and Lassies." GoldenHeart nodded. "Please, keep them away from the Evil one. If they reach him, things could get ugly."

    "You mean... War didn't send them?" Darryl asked.

    "Nay, they were sent here by Manuel, his Agent of Chaos. If they reach the Evil One, he will consume their souls to power himself."

    Goldenheart stuck his sword into the earth, ripping a tear in space. Before he entered it, however, he felt someone hug him from behind. Glancing down, he saw the auburn haired woman stand there, her helmet on the ground.

    "Blaine, please, be safe."

    "I'm not Blaine Harlowe, lass." GoldenHeart said, returning the hug. "But I'll keep him safe."



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Manny on January 13th 2015, 7:10 pm

    Just binged read everything so far... NEED MORE!

    Seriously though, nice work. One question I have though... Are you going to explain what an agent of chaos is?
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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 13th 2015, 7:37 pm

    Yep! That's going to be a topic of discussion in the next part.



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 13th 2015, 9:27 pm

    Author's Guild

    "There you are!" Manuel growled, stomping over towards Morgan. "I've got some words for you!"

    "And I have words for you!" Morgan smiled sarcastically, before taking his usual seat in the circular table. "Look, Manuel is crucial to the story. Why? Because you're the only Author that wrote a Anti-Hero character, it was just bonus points that he was also Legion. Besides, I wanted to reward you for being a reader."

    "That's, well, I!" Manuel replied, dumbstruck, sticking his index finger upwards in a decisive manner. "Okay, but that still doesn't explain a few things."

    Morgan smiled, his goal to resuscitate GoldenHeart completed. Forming a triangle with his hands, he pointed the tip of his fingers at Manuel, silently allowing him to ask away.

    "Firstly, I just binged read everything so far... NEED MORE!" Grabbing Morgan by the collar, Manuel stared into his eyes like a crazed man, before calming himself down. "In all seriousness though, I like where you're taking this. I just have a question... are you going to explain what an Agent of Chaos is?"

    "Yep!" Morgan nodded, turning to the floating projection of their Universe, the other Authors busy typing away about Robots. "Rather then just explain though, lemme paint you a picture."


    When I was younger, during the time I became obsessed with Knights and Dragons. I learned that Knights didn't just fight Dragons to be heroes, they fought EACH OTHER. The concept of a White Knight vs a Black Knight was so awesome to me, I had to follow up on it.

    When I first concepted GoldenHeart, I was originally going to have him fight a Wyvern. It's essentially a Dragon, but there is a slight difference, not something I'm going to discuss now.

    GoldenHeart stood in the black void, the golden lights in his eyes slightly illuminating the otherwise pitch black abyss before him. Slinging his massive sword over his shoulder, he pressed on into the unknown.

    Oh right, I was explaining Agents of Chaos. Well, instead of having a Wyvern, I thought it'd might be interesting to develop a 'rival' for GoldenHeart. What better rival for GoldenHeart than himself non? But that's when I realized something, it didn't make sense for him to fight himself. But, using the legend from my family, I brought to life his... inner demons. It's not Blacken-Heart, but this beast was a manifestation of the demon that followed Blacken-Heart.

    There was a resounding metallic scraping noise, as GoldenHeart seemingly slashed his sword across the ground. In front of him, a dark red silhouette slithered from the abyss. Lifting the torso of the otherwise shadowy puddle, he could make out a pair of red, haunting eyes, glaring at him.

    "[i]Master has come for Fiarus
    " the creature's echoed voice carried endlessly into the abyss.

    "Nay. You've caused too much harm to come to my people, I've come to vanquish you."

    "How charming. I serve you limitless power, on the agreement that you lend me your body as a vessel, and THIS is how you repay me?! Insufferable swine!"

    I don't know if you know of the multiple planes of existence, though viewed as many different things. The main seven I look at are Truth, Deception, Darkness/Chaos, Light/Order, Heaven, Hell, Earth. With his development, GoldenHeart was to symbolize Truth, along with Light/Order. The demon, Fiarus, was a creature of Chaos. A manifestation of the Darkness. Therefore it was a master of deception. Pretty simple to follow, yes? Light vs. Dark? Wrong.

    GoldenHeart's sword glowed a magnificent light, illuminating the dark squared abyss, Fiarus screeched, exploding into several chunks of shadowy goo. Each blob of Fiarus held a single red eye that glared at GoldenHeart.

    "How adorable, you honestly think that Truth and Order can truly reign over everything."

    The truth is, none of the planes of existence can predominantly overpower one another. Otherwise it creates a catastrophic imbalance. Very similar to the predicament we're in now, hmm?

    The realm around them started to quake, as Fiarus shrieked, metamorphosing into a raven. Squawking at GoldenHeart, Fiarus melded into the man's armor. GoldenHeart's body jerked and spasmed, his eyes losing their golden glow, taking on a more red colored one.

    Without Truth, there can be no Deception. Without Darkness, there can be no Light. Without Hell, there can be no Heaven. Ying and Yang is the perfect example, in that it resembles balance of the highest degree. Both sides don't get along, but without one another, they are useless.

    This is relevant, because when I had Fiarus and GoldenHeart battle, there was an imbalance. Fiarus, while powerful, was no match to GoldenHeart and his mementos. Therefore an imbalance was created. Fiarus drove himself into GoldenHeart, and absorbed dark energy from within the once thought Paragon.

    GoldenHeart growled, spreading his arms wide before roaring to the heavens, the shadowy blob splashing back out into the abyss. Molding it's way upwards, the creature remained pitch black, as if a silhouette. Before it could continue it's metamorphosis, the Universe had become to unstable.

    In a last ditch effort to repair the damage he had done, GoldenHeart split himself, with my help, into three separate entities.

    All three of these heroes would represent a part of all he stood for, and would live lives similar to the others. Regretably, these were lives without Parents for the majority of them, if at all. They would fall in love once, something would break their heart, and then they'd find the one.

    Three men stood there; one held his temple, his hair standing on edge, as if frozen in time. Another man held a fiery sword out in front of him, a giant dark green alien looming over him. The final man towered over the other two, crossing his beefy arms, a cocky smirk on his face. His onyx black hair was short, but his brilliant blue eyes served as a beacon to those that would fall under his command.

    Blaine Harlowe, my first legitimate character. Yes, he always seemed like a Gary Stu. What could you expect? He was my first ever character in my first attempt at writing stories. But for some of you Authors, he was actually someone you could relate to, and a few of you, even John, wrote about him in your stories.

    He was the chosen vessel for GoldenHeart, his life extremely similar to that of the original Golden-Heart of legend. He withstood many trials that tested his wit, his courage, and most importantly; his strength.

    Bryce Howard, my second attempt at a heroic protagonist, was always the smart ass, lovable guy that just wanted to be free. Ever since he was young, he had been really oppressed, his father knew what he would become, and his mother was constantly throwing religious nonsense down his throat. His life, while less tragic than the other two, were indeed trials of his wit, especially in impossible situations. With his urgency for freedom, he found inner peace, and was able to truly fly like his favorite Superhero.

    Drake Stratus (Sol), my latest attempt at a heroic protagonist. His life is pretty tragic. He spent his entire childhood life having the Titan Codex thrown down his throat, similarly how Lance was with his father. When he got older, he developed a small circle of friends, who would do anything for one another. This changed when his courage was tested, Crota invaded the Moon, and took the lives of Lillian and Jeremy. Not even a week later, he dies to the hands of the Fallen, and two hundred years later, he is brought back from the dead to fight the same war. Everything leading up to this point has been a trial of Courage for him.

    Goldenheart's form slowly shimmered gold, his body quickly disappearing into the nothing. But in his final moments, he slashed his sword in the void, splitting the Universe into three pieces. Placing each individual hero into their own Universe, he sighed as he disappeared.

    Goldenheart placed each of the characters in a different version of each Universe. One for the Halo Universe, one for the Superhero Universe, and one for the Destiny Universe. Knowing that I would take good care of the three of them, he rested within all of them, but Blaine was truly his vessel.

    This explains why Blaine never can truly die in my stories, why I always redact it. He holds the piece of Goldenheart that is much too crucial to throw away. This is why he has always been brought back from the dead.

    So what does this have to do with the Agents of Chaos? Fiarus grew ever stronger by absorbing Goldenheart's power. But much like his nemesis and previous master, he had to split himself apart, to bring balance to the three Universes. Opposite of Goldenheart, however, each Universe held a different percentage of Fiarus.

    Fiarus' shadows, and nefarious ways went to the Darkness of the Destiny Universe, becoming the invisible antagonist of that realm. His hatred of Humans and Truth went to the Government of the Superhero Universe, while his soul and love for conflict went to the Halo Universe.

    Thanks to you and John concepting War, Fiarus had a vessel. However, War was already immensely powerful, so Fiarus had to split farther. Holding a small bit within War, the rest went to Butch, Blaine's archnemesis. What Fiarus had not expected, however, is that his cunning was much too powerful for Butch, and the Spartan went insane.

    When the Knights of GoldenHeart fought with the Agents of Chaos at Terra Co, that was War summoning the power of Crota to merge closer to becoming Fiarus. This pushed the hidden power within him into Manuel, his successor. Manuel however, is neither a hero, nor a villain. This gives him the utmost power, hence why he was too much for Bryce to handle.

    Put simply, the Agents of Chaos serve Fiarus' fragmented soul in an attempt to mend him.


    "Soo... Manuel is like a Harbinger of Fiarus' return?"

    "Exactly." Morgan nodded. "Much like Blaine, Drake, and Bryce were for GoldenHeart."

    "So, what happens now?" Manuel asked, crossing his arms, staring at the hologram.


    Goldenheart stepped into the open plateau, a plethora of dead Spartans at his feet. In the distance, the black silhouetted creature munched happily away at something, before tossing it away. Goldenheart looked, as a brown Security helmet landed at his feet.

    Before Goldenheart could move or speak, another red veil opened beside the creature, the mass of Legionaries, and the Knight's own allies, appearing beside it. Autumn, the Spartans, the Guardians, and the Metas dove out of the way.

    Growling like some untamed beast, the black creature spread it's arms wide, a multitude of red tinted black tendrils lashed out, impaling the Legion soldiers. Dropping their limp bodies, the red tinted shadow creature hunched over, a sickening mixture of sloshing noises and bones breaking echoed throughout the plateau. Stepping forward, GoldenHeart's allies ralled behind him.

    Turning, the beast now looked much more humanoid. In fact, although imcomplete, the beast looked almost exactly like Goldenheart, but with three glowing red eyes. Heaving it's massive shadow sword, the two Legends glared at each other.

    "They fight."



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 13th 2015, 10:43 pm

    Manuel stepped out from behind the monstrocity, crossing his arms. Shrugging, he waved Goldenheart off, walking away. Not noticing the Agent of Chaos walking away, GoldenHeart was much too focused on the beast in front of him.

    "I must say, I'm not surprised you showed up. However, I am disappointed and shocked that you didn't come to see my return!" Fiarus smirked, speaking without a mouth.

    "What the hell IS that?!" John asked. "Some kind of fungus?"

    "NO FOOL!"

    "Walt Disney, is that you?" John asked.


    "Oh." John replied, standing backwards.

    It was true, the longer the people stared at Fiarus, the more their perception of the world changed. John glanced around, swatting at invisible, flying eyeballs in the sky, while Darryl cowered from the angry mutant bunnies that swarmed his feet.

    "Look away!" Goldenheart barked. "You will be driven insane if you continue to stare!

    "Nnng! EYEBALLS!" John cringed, closing his eyes.

    "Well, more insane."

    Dragging his sword along the ground, the metallic grinding noise was echoed, when Fiarus returned the favor. Holding the blade at the ready, resting softly in the soil behind his right foot, Goldenheart smirked, before dashing forward, leaving a trail of dust behind him.

    Fiarus snarled like the beast it was, charging in a similar fashion. Both combatants swung their swords with relative ease, despite their sizes, as they clashed with a mighty spark. Once they made contact, a circle of air, kinetic energy, and dust billowed outwards, blasting back the few remaining Legionaries and GoldenHeart's allies.

    Pushing Goldenheart backwards, Fiarus' echoed voice chuckled, the beast lunging forward to stab him. Flipping over the demon's head, Goldenheart turned on his boots, dashing towards the creature. Swinging with all his might, Fiarus parried the blow, yet again lunging for another stab. Side-stepping, Goldenheart knew the battle couldn't continue like this. Jumping backwards, he slammed his sword into the ground, the massive blade splitting into to. Grabbing one half of the sword, the other half fizzled out of existence. Now a decent longsword, Dawn's ribbon, which was tied around Goldenheart's left elbow, glowed blue for a moment.

    Appearing before Goldenheart was a shield of hard-light energy. Dashing forward with his sword/shield combo, Goldenheart was able to swing faster and stronger than he had with the original buster sword that he boasted not a moment before. Fiarus snarled, kicking Goldenheart in the chest, jumping backwards. His shadow covered sword split in half two, but rather mirroring his arch nemesis, Fiarus held up two swords.

    Twirling the weapons in his hand, the demon went on the offensive. Goldenheart took strong steps backwards, holding his shield firmly at his chest. Fiarus, frustrated by Goldenheart's constant blockage, continued it's rampage. The force and speed of the blows kicked up dust, blinding the bystanders of the two fighters. Goldenheart honed his senses, knowing precisely where and when Fiarus was going to strike. He wasn't even afraid of the demon, even though the odds of getting blind-sided were too great.

    Removing himself from the defensive, Goldenheart took a mighty step forward, slashing his sword across Fiarus' torso, shadowy liquid spilling onto the ground. Growling, Fiarus would have grit it's teeth, continuing it's endless barrage. Roaring in defiance, Fiarus kicked Goldenheart backwards again, a shadowy wisp appearing on it's sword, Fiarus' eyes glowing a very deep red.

    Slashing, with all of his might, he shattered the hard-light shield Goldenheart was holding. The bystanders stared in awe, as Goldenheart's eyes opened with surprise. Taking advantage of the delay, Fiarus swung a mighty slash downwards. Goldenheart's eyes opened wide, however, when a lock of auburn hair flew in front of him.

    Staring at the dirt beneath his feet, Autumn lay there, a giant slash across her torso. Endless buckets of crimson liquid flowed out into the earth beneath her. Growling, Goldenheart roared to the heavens, visible circles of sound pushing Fiarus far back. On top of that, time appeared to slow for everyone, minus Autumn and the swordsman.

    Kneeling beside her, he planted his sword into the Earth, cradling her head up. She quietly sobbed, unable to really accomplish much, dirt, dried blood and tears on her cheeks. She smiled faintly, running a hand along Goldenheart's cheek.

    "I know you're in there Blaine. Don't... cry... for..."

    Laying limp in Goldenheart's hands, the swordsman's eyes remained wide, a burning sensation flaring in his heart and inside of his head. His eyes burned, as he hugged her tightly.



    "Uh oh." Drake said, staring over at the Spartan, who had sense fallen to his knees in the darkness.

    "Goldenheart, do something dammit!" Bryce yelled into the darkness.

    "Autumn." Blaine clenched his fists, tears streaming down his cheek. "I'LL RIP HIS FUCKING HEART OUT!!!


    When next Goldenheart's eyes snapped awake, a dark red effect took up his vision. Unable to control himself, the swordsman gently closed her eyelids, before standing with the sword.

    Swinging his sword nonchalantly, Fiarus was confused why the swordsman didn't attempt to actually damage him. Glancing at the red eyes where gold ones had been, the demon chuckled.

    "At last! Blacken-Heart will return to us at last!"

    A trio of tendrils burst forth, piercing Goldenheart's chest, the red veil over his eyes slowly fading. Growling with content, the demon's form shifted further, a red mist swaying beneath it's feet.

    "We are Fiarus, Darkness Absolute."

    Darkness did, however, continue to fill Goldenheart's vision. He was dying, the tendrils in his chest were slowly killing him. Clenching his fists, the swordsman's grip on his weapon tightened. Stepping forward, Fiarus stared, confused.

    Impaling himself further, Goldenheart didn't speak, but rather stabbed his sword into Fiarus' unprotected chest. Howling in pain, the creature continued to stare at Goldenheart, who kept his head down.

    "We are GoldenHeart: Guardian of Time/Space, Swordsman of Light. Goldenheart grinned. "-and it's time you were enlightened!"

    Roaring once more, the two swordsman teleported away from the Plateau, leaving all of their respective allies to pick up the pieces.


    Cosmodrome, Old Russia

    The two combatants reappeared in a flash, Goldenheart no longer attached to Fiarus in any way shape or form. Dashing forward, Fiarus teleported out of the way of the blow, Goldenheart expecting this, juked the counter, blasting Fiarus in the face with a massive hit.

    The sound of the blow echoed for miles, drawing the attention of the Fallen creatures, all marching over. Grabbing the demon by it's feet, Goldenheart swung Fiarus in a wide circle, tossing him literally through every facility in a straight line from his location. Teleporting away, he met Fiarus on the other side, grabbing him by the throat.

    Slamming him into the ground, Goldenheart ripped a tear in space and time, throwing them both into another dimension.


    Crisis City

    "Ain't I a bitch?"

    The members of H.E.R.O huffed and puffed as the anti-hero held both hands on her hips.

    "No, but Karma definitely is." Jordan smirked, as a pair of fighters dropped from the heavens.

    Fiarus grabbed Goldenheart by the arms, figuratively pushing the swordsman towards the Earth. Attempting to get clear, Goldenheart was unsuccessful, the pair of them landing on some poor young woman.

    Kicking the demon off of his chest, Goldenheart blasted himself forward with a massive kick off, shoulder tackling Fiarus throw building after building, the metas staring with awe. Smashing his right fist up and into Farius' chin, The demon sputtered, Goldenheart grabbing it by the ankle, throwing it down into the pavement.

    Farius snarled, ripping open another tear, wrapping a tendril around Goldenheart's arm, pulling him in.


    Author's Guild

    "This is so bizarre." Manuel replied, glancing over Morgan's shoulder as he typed furiously. "I'm reading this as it's happening, both now and in the future."

    "Careful, I'm breaking the fourth wall enough as it is. Don't start a time paradox now."

    Before any of the Authors.. well, not Morgan, obviously, could react, the two combatants brawled through the desks. Stomping on the projection, and beating the ever loving crap out of each other.

    John stood, nonchalant, pointing a ball-point instrument of writing at the two.


    As John roared this, a white glow of light formed on the tip of the pen, before it sputtered out.

    "Dumbass. Is he seriously the reason why I'm running free right now?"

    "Yep," Morgan waved his arm, summoning another veil for them to enter. "Move along kids."


    Aura of Armaggedon Vehicle Bay.

    "Okay sweetie." Morgan said, crouching low. "Nothing bad can get us here."

    As he said that, a pair of massive brawlers tumbled along the floor, causing the old man to jump in place, his socks and shoes jumping off of his feet, his hair comically spiking up.

    "JIMMINY FECKIN' CHRISTMAS!" the old man roared in surprise, censoring himself for his Granddaughter.

    Goldenheart and Fiarus locked hands, trying to battle each other in strength. Goldenheart was faultering, however, one of his mementos gone from this world.

    "Kick his butt, Daddy."

    "Blaine, you need to focus!" Drake barked, as Blaine grit his teeth.

    "Not until I have that fucker's bleedin' heart pumping in my goddamn hands!"

    "LISTEN!" Bryce barked, as the three stopped for a second.

    "Kick his butt, Daddy."

    Blaine's heart sunk, as he turned Goldenheart's head focusing on the small girl and his father. A single tear streamed down his cheek, his little girl having a very striking resemblance to her mother. Clenching his fist, he nodded.

    "You got it, kiddo."


    Farius' eyes opened wide as Goldenheart's head slowly turned back towards it. Not a word was said, the swordsman kicking the demon back. Holding his hand out, a gilded sword fizzled out of air, a light surrounding it so blinding, Morgan and Dawn had to cover their eyes.

    Goldenheart thrust forward, stopping just an inch before his target. Farius chuckled. The tip of the sword glowing a deep blue.



    Farius' red eyes widened, as the swordsman grinned.



    "Noble Arbiter. Good morrow." Anch I'bort nodded respectfully.

    "Mm'yes." Thel Vadum nodded, glancing up at the sky. "Councilor, does something odd strike you about the sky today?"

    "Indeed, Arbiter." a mysterious voice said from behind the two Elites. "I'd explain who I am, but I assure you, that's not a Halo Ring firing."


    Where once the demon stood, now there was only char, three wisps of darkness swirling above the swordsman's head.

    "You WILL return to your corners of the Universe! You will NOT attempt to tamper with Universal interference again!" Goldenheart barked, two of the black souls disappearing like smoke.

    The damage he had done to the ship, however, was astronomical. Grunting, he planted his boots into the metal, the void of space sucking oxygen out of the room. Morgan struggled to stand, holding Dawn tightly. Both parties couldn't hold on anymore, flying towards Goldenheart, whose strength kept him standing.

    Reaching his arm out, Goldenheart caught Dawn, as the old man flew towards the door.

    "Oh, fuck you too!" the old man grimaced, flipping the swordsman the bird.

    "Everything will return itself in time. Besides, you don't belong here." Goldenheart replied mentally to the old man, before ripping another gash in time and space.


    Dawn opened her eyes, blinking a few times for extra measure, before glancing up at a pair of cool, blue eyes. Her dad smiled weakly for her, before falling to his knees. Hugging her father, Dawn knew what this meant.

    Sobbing along with him, Drake and Bryce bowed their heads in respect. As Manuel walked over, crossing his arms.

    "I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I may be listed as an Agent of Chaos, doing Farius' will vicariously through War... but I've decided that instead of an Agent of Chaos, I have the willpower to be the Guardian of Balance. Farius stands as the extreme case of Chaos, and Goldenheart stands as the extreme case of Order. So long as I live, with this power from both sides within me, I will ensure balance is maintained, when the need arises."

    Blaine didn't bother, however, holding Dawn in his left hand, while cradling his wife's head in his other. All present bowed their heads in respect, as a blinding white light over took all of them.



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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 13th 2015, 11:00 pm

    There was a zone of pure white energy around the three heroes, as Goldenheart materialized in front of them. Nodding with respect, everyone but Blaine smiled.

    "I'm sorry for your loss, Blaine." Drake frowned. "I know that feeling of emptiness, truly, I do."

    "He's in luck." Goldenheart crossed his arms. "As I speak, the Universe is mending itself so that Mettle and Metal, as John intends it now, can happen."

    "Yeah, why did that one guy's story do all of this?"

    "Because War was collaborated between Authors John and Manny. John's story, a giant anchor for the Halo Fan Universe, held a bunch of War in it. Restrained, of course. By suggesting he fix it, he released that forbidden energy, allowing Farius to summon more parts of himself from the Legion, Butch, and Manuel. If War hadn't been connected with his stories, none of this would have happened. But he's not to blame, that's what you guys are here to prevent, and together, you did it."

    Blaine remained motionless, he did not speak, he did not move, he merely stared.

    "The Universe is nearly finished healing." Goldenheart stared above him, as if sensing it. "This is farewell for now. I've allowed you three to remember each other, perhaps next time you meet, you won't go destroying things?"

    "You bet." Bryce nodded, before quietly glancing at Blaine with a solemn look.

    "She'll be back." Goldenheart smiled, placing a hand on Blaine's shoulder. "Remember, we're Guardians of Time/Space, the Swordsman of Light. Everything that wasn't supposed to happen in your timeline will be fixed. The only thing you three will remember is each other, and if the need should ever arise, how to use your ascension."

    Stepping backwards, Goldenheart waved to the three, as another wave of blinding light swept over them.


    Hours before. Aura of Armaggedon bridge.

    "What's the ETA on that package?!" Blaine barked.

    "Soon, Admiral. That's the best I got."

    "Dammit." Blaine slammed his fist on the desk. "I'm gonna go lay down."


    Blaine's eyes snapped awake as a red alarm light zoomed over head. Gently lifting himself from the bed, so as not to disturb Autumn, he quickly dressed himself in his armor. Well, as quick as the assembly could be.

    Rushing to the bridge, he suddenly remembered Autumn hadn't been in the bed. Rushing past Josh and Phil, who were playing Jacks with Dawn, he stopped himself. Picking up his daughter, he hugged her tighter than he ever had in his life, as if he had lost her at one point.

    Carrying her with him, Josh and Phil joined him, as the door opened.


    "Happy Birthday Blaine and Dawn!" the crew shouted, as the two smiled, entering the bridge.


    Author's Guild.

    "Congratulations Morgan." Morgan spoke to himself, cracking his knuckles, before closing the laptop with a satisfying sigh. "Another story in the books."

    Whistling to himself, he heard something scatter against the floor behind him. The room had been reasonably dark, considering the damage done by Goldenheart and Farius, the Authors too lazy to repair it.

    Turning back, he smiled at the friendly face.

    "Oh my god, Blaine, is that you?" Morgan said, taking a step forward, until he saw the red iris'.

    "Woah, hold on now!" Morgan stammered, backing away, his laptop no-where near him. "B-Blaine, Blaine, Blaineblaineblaine!"

    Stomping his foot, Morgan stood rigid.

    "Admiral! STAND DOWN SPARTAN!"

    He felt a gloved hand seize his throat, as he gasped for air.


    "never." Blaine smiled.




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    Re: Goldenheart Returns

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