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    "Welcome. You may be sitting there, on the other side of your computer screen, content as can be. However, I can tell you, everything is not right in the world."

    A lone man sat in an office chair, typing furiously into his laptop, trying to convey his message.

    "You are like me, a group of Humans devoted to the creation and culmination of worlds. You are Authors, brought into this Universe we have lovingly created, to help it grow and thrive." the man said, typing his speech simultaneously. "You may know me as Morgan, the creator of Blaine Harlowe."

    "As I've said before, everything is not right in the world, and I'm talking about this fictitious 'Database Universe' that we've crafted. One of you, and I will not mention names... John, have decided to retcon one of your stories' canon. For many of us other Authors, that wouldn't be a problem, but yours, your' piece of the Universe? Yours is the core of this realm, holding everything together."

    "You may be asking yourself; 'Well, we're Author's right, we can fix this!'. No. No we can't, what is canon is now canon. But without certain events taking place, the entire Universe will shift now into an insurmountable blob of everything. Not specific enough? Without certain scenes from a story, much like the butterfly effect, the endgame is changed, usually dramatically."

    "In this instance, of course, we're looking at a complete catatonic wipe of everything we've built up to. Now, again you might be saying to yourself; 'Morgan, this sounds more like you bitching about John's decision, and less of a story.' I can assure you, this IS the story. To prove it, I'll even format the remainder of this into a typical Hollywood movie trailer."


    "Admiral, you're going to want to see this." the Aura's comm. expert replied.

    The Spartan hurriedly strode over to the console that Comm. was pointing at. Peering out the viewpoint, he saw a giant sphere of white light forming just beside the Earth's Moon.

    "What the hell is that?" the Spartan asked, leaning onto the console in front of him.

    From the man that brought you the Blaine Harlowe saga, the Bryce Howard Trilogy, and Into the Stars...


    "Bryce, there's an issue." Morgan stormed into the H.O.P.E Headquarters' executive's office.

    The blonde haired man turned, his icy blue eyes gazing at the large man, who immediately sat down in an office chair, typing furiously away at the computer.

    "Coffee?" Bryce chuckled.

    "Enough jokes smartass." Morgan growled, staring at his creation. "Look out your damn window."

    Striding over towards the window, Bryce peered up into the sky, a blinding white light sphere in the sky above Crisis City.

    "What the hell is that?" Bryce asked, turning to face Morgan.

    Comes a short story unlike anything you've ever seen before.

    "So what you foresaw has come true. Blessed Traveler." the Speaker sighed, lightly walking around his office area.

    "Speaker, my condolences for intruding." Drake replied with a huff. "But Master Rahool said you did not seem entirely well today, I needed to come check."

    "Eyes to the skies, Guardian.  the Speaker sighed, pointing towards a giant white sphere in the stratosphere.

    "What the hell is that?" Drake asked, standing slowly, fists clenched.

    "It is the end of days, Guardian."


    "Status!" Blaine barked. "Does our resident Forerunner expert know anything on the origin of that sphere?"

    "Negative, Admiral." the scientist replied. "Basic scans show it is a portal of some sort. But it's not just any kind of portal... it intertwines with the space/time continuum."

    "Is that even possible?" Blaine growled.

    "Apparently so, sir." the scientist shrugged. "But the bad news is... it's expanding at an alarming rate. Something is coming through."


    "BRYCE!" Chloe roared, storming into the office, snapping the door off of it's hinges. "I TOLD YOU NO PORTAL TRICKS! Terra co. has already gone through it!"

    "I assure you, it isn't Bryce's doing." Morgan shook his head, typing ever so quickly. "No, the portal is a beacon caused by a Universal failsafe."

    "What?" Chloe asked. "Run that by me again."

    "The portal leads to a timeline, a spacial copy of this world, but different. The Universe is in an imbalance, and it's likely going to collapse on itself, destroying all known signs of existence... period. It's Reality's End."

    "Is there a way to stop it?" Bryce asked, as Morgan pondered it for a second.

    "Yes." Morgan nodded. "But we'll-"

    Before he could finish his sentence, a flash of white light exploded through the window.


    "I don't understand." Drake replied, scratching the back of his head. "If this thing is the end of everything, then why is the Traveler beckoning us to enter it?"

    "The Traveler works in mysterious ways, Guardian." the Speaker replied. "It has shown me the Darkness flowing into the Portal, attempting to invade the other continuity. The Traveler, now awakened, wishes to go through it, take me with you, Guardian.

    Before he could call for his ship, however, a flash of blinding white light whisked them away.


    There was a crash on the ground behind Blaine, as he turned to see a woman, and two men laying on the bridge of his ship behind him. One of them, a blonde boy with blue eyes, looked up at him.

    "YOU!" Blaine and the boy said, pointing at each other.

    Blaine pulled his pistol, as the boy produced an icicle, aiming their weapons at each other.

    "I thought I made you guys play nice!" the other man sputtered, checking his laptop for damage. "In fact, I recall deleting your memories of your encounter."

    "Oh." another man said, appearing beside the blonde haired kid, a masked man beside him. "So these two know each other? Great. I feel a tad bit left out."

    "I had the mission recording after the incident, guess you forgot to delete that." Blaine growled, gripping his pistol tighter.

    "And I read your laptop, guess you forgot to delete that too." the blonde haired kid said, neither him nor the Spartan's eyes leaving the others.

    "Well, before you guys kill each other and royally fuck over everyone in the Universe, how's about you listen to what I have to say!" the man grit his teeth, typing into his Laptop.

    "I'm an Author. An elite member of a society of other Authors that share a common interest in a subject, namely, the worlds you all come from. Using our creative minds, we helped forge the worlds you all currently reside in."

    Doctor Halsey, who had been sipping coffee just moments before, spewed the nasty sludge out of her mouth.

    "As I speak, you are all being watched... well... READ by my fellow Authors."

    "-and why aren't you with them?" the blonde haired boy replied.

    "Because, Bryce, I'm kinda here to fix something that one of my fellow Authors FUCKED UP!" the Author growled, glancing at all of the people around him. "You're all gathered in the continuity, because I developed a failsafe in this Universe that would solve this issue."

    "Yeah, why should we believe you?" Josh growled, stepping forward.

    "Because it really wouldn't be hard to change the words 'he' with 'she' when it comes to referring to you in my writings." the man replied with a snort.

    "That's not a-" Josh started, before his own right fist came up and smashed him in the nose.

    "Be thankful I did only that." the man warned. "My name is Morgan, yes Blaine, I know that name is very familiar to you. What's important right now, is that you, Drake, and Bryce find the resources required to save the Universe."

    "No way." Bryce growled, crossing his arms. "That asshole blew up Crisis City!"

    "That little shit-nosed brat tried to molest my daughter!" Blaine said. "He's lucky I don't-"

    "Admiral." Halsey warned, as Blaine stood down.

    "Bwahaha- OW!" Bryce started to chuckle, Chloe using her super strength to grasp his ear.

    "Pfft, that's pretty funny." Drake shrugged, as Lillian's lithe hand smashed him in the back of the head.

    "Now that we've gotten that over with, I should tell you all about the one that can save us... a mighty warrior of many skills."


    "They say the warrior had the strength to lift entire mountains with ease, with enough wits to be able to lift everything else with his mind, and bolstered enough courage that he stared death in the face, even succumbing, only to return once more." Morgan continued. "You three are connected to this warrior. In order to awaken him, you must all get along, and locate the instruments necessary for him to rise again."

    "Sounds like fun." Drake replied.

    "Where do we start?" Blaine continued.

    "The instruments are located throughout the Universe, namely, within each continuity. There are three in general, all having to do with a single phrase."

    "And that is?" Bryce asked.

    "But what is a Golden-heart without his soul of silver and his crystal clear mind?"

    Join Drake, Blaine, and Bryce on a... likely forgettable journey through space and time.


    Blaine, Drake, and Bryce watched from the cliff as the massive UNSC ship descended into the ground in the distance, fire engulfing the majority of it's hull.

    Blaine's eyes focused on the name plastered on the side of the ship, his stomach dropping, and his spine chilled.



    "I'm gonna enjoy popping you like a zit!" the large, angry Spartan roared.

    "That sounds really gross." Bryce said, standing there with his arms crossed. "I tried reading your mind just now, nothing but white noise. Last time that happened to me was last night... with your mother."



    "You really are a big bastard, you know that?" Blaine grinned cockily, his DMR at the ready.

    The giant black carapaced alien roared, it's three haunted glowing green eyes peering at him, a strange blue glow surrounding the beast. Lifting it's massive sword, the beast pierced the Earth beneath the Spartan's feet, causing a giant fissure to form.


    "Why is it always a sword?" Blaine grunted.

    Dodging to the side, Blaine placed the DMR on his back, igniting an Energy Sword.

    "Let's dance, asshole."


    Drake bounced along the asphalt with a couple of grunts. Standing he growled with rage, standing immediately, a young teenage girl sauntering over towards him. Red wings sprouted from the girl's back, her eyes glowing an eerie crimson color.

    "Ain't I a bitch?" she taunted, as Drake clenched his fist.

    "When I first met you, I didn't think so. Now I'm contemplating it." Drake chuckled, crossing his arms. "But y'know, Lady Destiny and her sister Fate are even bigger bitches. I mean, all that red you're wearing... I had you mistaken for a woman on her-"

    "SHUT UP!" Lillian barked from the background.

    Three Heroes.... One Heart.


    "So..." Blaine asked, approaching Morgan. "What is the name of this warrior?"

    Morgan glanced down at his laptop for a moment, before peering up at the Spartan with a smirk.



    Morpheus and Bryce sat there, staring one another down. They had set aside their mutual hatred for one another for just a moment. Morpheus grinned, nodding his head to the legions of Metas in the screen showcasing New Mombasa.

    "Y'see, Icy? I have an army!"

    Bryce chuckled, much to Morpheus' dismay.

    "Yeah? We have a Spartan." Bryce grinned, pointed a jagged thumb behind him to Blaine, who cracked his knuckles.

    In the darkness of the room, a figure nervously backed away, another  figure in the center of the room, standing over a corpse.

    "Oh my god, Blaine- is that you? Woah, hold on! Blaine, Blaine, BLAINE, ADMIRAL! STAND DOWN SPARTAN!"



    Coming soon.... when I finish typing the first part.



    Thanks for Reading!

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