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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 9th 2014, 11:42 pm

    Hello guys, Morgan here. Been meaning to write recently, and I intend to update all of my ongoing stories eventually. But while watching an animated film recently, I was somewhat inspired to write a sequence that uses one of my favorite songs from the film to combine Uprising, Homecoming, Reclaimers and Beyond through one short chapter. I do hope that you guys will read and enjoy this,

    I know it's corny to basically write musicals. But music is inspiration, and I feel this scene will give more depth to my characters. I ask you to keep your eye closely on the character depicted in this scene, the character you all know from my stories, as he changes throughout the chapter. Thanks for reading!

    Song: I'll make a man out of you - Disney's Mulan.

    Addendum: Cliche' as fuck for a training montage, I know. But it's a great song that, as I hope you guys know, is relative to the story.

    Three hundred children stood there, giggling and poking with one another, as a single man in Marine khakis marched in front of them. Crossing his arms expectantly, he was irritated that the young soldiers were ignoring his presence, as he lifted his pistol and fired straight into the air.

    "Man up ladies!" Mendez growled, as the children snapped to attention.

    Let's get down to business!
    To defeat; the Huns!
    Did they send me Daughters?!
    When I asked; for Sons?!

    Towards the back of the crowd, the small black haired child he had dealt with whispered with a young boy beside him, speaking up as he addressed the other kids. Marching towards the black haired kid, Mendez flared his electric staff, glaring at the other recruits.

    You're the saddest bunch I've ever met!

    Jabbing the beam into Blaine's chest, Mendez growled.

    But you can BET, before we're through!
    Mister I'll make a man out of you!

    Blaine twitched on the ground, as Mendez continued to lay the electrical charge into the boy.

    Tranquil as a Forest-

    Blaine stared up, fire in his eyes as he glared deep into Mendez'.

    -But a Fire within!
    Once you find your center
    you are sure to win!


    Staring at the teenagers handling the firearms clumsily, Mendez shook his head, firing his pistol into the air once more. Blaine, towards the back, continued to fidget with his firearm, as Mendez stomped over.

    You're a spineless pale; pathetic lot!
    And you haven't got a clue!
    Somehow I'll make a man out of you!

    Once Mendez walked away, the Spartans continued attempting to assemble and disassemble their firearms, as a few of them opened their mouths.

    "I'm never gonna catch my breath!" Butch muttered to himself, grumbling about his weapon.

    "Say goodbye to those who knew me!" Jorge shook his head.

    "Why was I a fool in school for cutting Gym?!" Lamar shook his head as he feebly attempted to lift his rocket launcher.

    "This guys got 'em scared to death." Blaine shook his head, baffled.

    "Hope he doesn't see right through me!" Rochelle shifted her eyes as she pulled a piece of bread from her slacks and munched on it.

    "Now I really wish I knew how to swim!" Darryl growled as he stared at the nearby river.

    "We are Man!" the other Spartans chanted as they went.

    You must be swift as a coursing river-

    "We are Man!" they continued as Mendez smirked, marching in front of them.

    -With all the force of a great Typhoon-

    "We are Man!"

    -With all the strength of a raging Fire!
    Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

    Glancing at Blaine, Mendez was happy as he became one of the first Spartans to completely disassemble and reassemble his rifle in the matter of minutes.


    Blaine stood before the Spartan IVs, some of them were his and Dr. Bailey's creations, the others were given to him by the UNSC. As to prevent bias, he knew he would have to treat his original IVs no differently than the others.

    Standing before them, he was slightly annoyed to see the majority of them chatting and squirming around within their armor. Raising his DMR with one hand, he fired a blank into the air, as they turned their attention towards him.

    Till the Huns arrive!
    Heed my every order, and you might; Survive!

    Plasma bolts and ballistics filled the air, as Spartans met Covenant and Prometheans head on in the ultimate battle for Requiem. Blaine and his handful of Spartans descended in a dropship to assist. Letting out his small fire team, Blaine held out his hand, stopping David.

    The young Spartan IV glanced up towards Blaine's visor with a smile on his face, but could tell Blaine was displeased. He was eager to finally battle, as Blaine shook his head, he did not feel that David was yet ready.

    You're unsuited for the rage of war!
    So pack up, go home, you're through!
    How could I make a man, out of you?!

    Blaine saw his younger, more rebellious side within David. Feeling the pain of the loses from his younger days, Blaine vowed then and there to remove those feelings from David, to spare him the pain that Blaine was forever burdened by. The Prometheans were too tough of a foe for him to be reckless.

    "We are Man!" the Spartans yelled as Blaine made them run laps around the bay.

    You must be swift as a coursing river-!


    "We are Man!" the Spartans cheered as they marched forward in a nearly impenetrable wall that the Covenant and Prometheans couldn't quite break as their numbers plummeted.

    With all the force of a great typhoon-!


    "We are Man!" David's squad cheered as David torched the last of the Covenant forces with his flamethrower.

    With all the strength of a raging fire!
    Mysterious as the dark side of the moon!


    "We are Man!" the Marines yelled as the Ascended Covenant advanced on them, David holding them off as his daughter and her little friend escaped with John on the Pelican.

    You must be swift as a coursing river!


    "We are Man!" Richard, Toni, John, and Darryl cheered as they walked out into the marketplace, but stopped as blood poured out of a box in the center of the marketplace.

    With all the force of a great typhoon!


    "We are Man!" Butch yelled towards Blaine, David's corpse beneath his feet. Richard and Darryl unconscious to his right.

    Blaine kicked the weakened Butch to the ground, towering over him as he clenched his massive fists, gritting his teeth to the point of cracking.

    Grabbing the knife imbedded in Butch's right shoulder, Blaine kept his foe pinned to the ground as his helmet disassembled to watch his old nemesis die. Dragging the cold steel across Butch's neck, Blaine roared in defiance, as Blaine stared up, an old ember within Blaine's soul roaring into a fiery inferno.

    With all the strength of a raging FIRE!
    Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooooon!

    Then, everything was quiet, as Butch laid still. Blaine staring down at his kill, glancing down at his hands, before he hung his head in grief.

    "Get some Spartans down here Nine, we've got men down."

    AN's: If any of you were confused by the Lyric's sudden change of color. Red indicated Mendez was speaking, Blue was Blaine, Olive green was the Spartans in general, and Lime was Butch.

    This was essentially Blaine, even though he really wasn't in this one much, coming to realize that despite his best efforts, he has become what Mendez had always wanted the Spartans to be. No matter whether or not he had been a bit willing to break the rules or not.

    It's my way of showing you how I intend to change the character by continuing to revise his story arch. As he goes along, he drops the one liners, he drops his joking attitude, and while he still has a caring side, he'll become a little more strict.

    Anyways, thanks for reading if you did! To the Stars update will be coming sometime



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