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    Saber repost


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    Saber repost

    Post  Impanther on August 5th 2014, 12:33 pm

    Chapter 1: Fresh Meat

    Time: 1200 hrs
    Date: June 6 2567
    Location: New Visegrad, Reach-II

    A jet black Pelican dropship flew through the blue skies of Reach-II to the new Spartan training camp set up in the New Visegrad area transporting a single Spartan recruit and four ODST guards. His cold blue eyes and light skin penetrated his ODST guard's helmet as he glared at the blue visor.

    "When will we get there?" asked the recruit as he began to smile.

    "Three minutes," announced the pilot over the comms, "might want to fasten yourself in."

    "Got it," replied the recruit as the Pelican approached a gray building in the middle of a green forest, "Tyrannus activate."

    "Gladly," replied a disembodied voice as a blood red holographic tyrannosaurus rex appeared in front of him, "good day young Saber, what can I do for you?"

    "Check and see if he is here," replied Saber as he smiled happily, "check if my brother is here."

    "Sadly I can not do that," replied Tyrannus as he disappeared, "had you been talking to my source A.I then it would be a different story."

    As the Pelican's bay door opened Saber began to exit and walked towards the building's doors as he passed a Spartan in black and red Mjolnir Hayabusa armor.

    "Hey fresh meat," remarked the Spartan as Saber glared at him in anger, "looks like another recruit who thinks he is tough enough for the meat grinder."

    "What was that?" roared Saber in anger as the Spartan smirked beneath his helmet.

    "The meat grinder is the nickname for these training grounds," replied the Spartan as he led Saber into the building to meet his fellow recruits, "and we call every recruit fresh meat, I am from the previous class of Spartans to have trained here and I was trained by the class before the one I was in though I guess it does not help that I had extra training beforehand."

    As the senior Spartan class stood in front of the new arrivals a plump drill sergeant with scars across his face entered the room and saluted the senior Spartan class.

    "OK," roared the drill sergeant as the recruits stood at attention, "THE FIRST RECRUIT INTO THE MEAT GRINDER WILL BE SABER STRYKER SO WHICH SPARTAN WILL TAKE HIM ON?"

    "I will," replied the Spartan in red and black Hayabusa as Saber stepped forward, "this will be fun."

    "Indeed it will," commented the drill sergeant as the duo enter the meat grinder's training room, "indeed it will."

    As Saber and the Spartan enter the training area the Spartan removes his helmet revealing brown hair, light skin, and cold blue eyes.

    "Welcome to the real meat grinder kid," remarked the Spartan as he stood behind saber smiling, "this will be very fun."

    Saber angrily turns towards the Spartan to find the face of his older brother, Cipher, smirking.

    "Cipher?" asked Saber as his eyes widened in fear.

    "Like I said little brother," replied Cipher as he equipped a training blade, "welcome to the real meat grinder."

    As Cipher prepared to lunge Saber began to perform a defensive stance ready to block Cipher's attacks.

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    Re: Saber repost

    Post  Impanther on August 5th 2014, 12:34 pm

    Chapter 2: Meat Grinder

    "I know all your tricks brother," remarked Cipher as he hit Saber in the face with his elbow, "but I have learned new tricks over the past five years."

    "That was a cheap shot," grunted Saber as he grabbed a golf club used to simulate gravity hammer attacks, "luckily you only hit my forehead."

    "I was aiming for your forehead," replied Cipher as Saber rushed him with the golf club, "I want to beat the crap out of you not kill you."

    "Wow that is comforting," commented Saber as Cipher grabbed the golf club and hit Saber in the gut with his knee, "well at least I know you don't want to kill me."

    Just as Saber attempted to attack Cipher again he could feel pain in his left arm as Cipher began to twist it in order to force Saber into submission.

    "Do you give up yet?" asked Cipher as Saber fought the pain.

    "I will not give up," replied Saber as he kicked Cipher in the gut, "and I will not quit."

    "I have to give you credit," remarked Cipher as he stood up with a pained grunt, "that is your first hit on me compared to my two hits on you."

    "Just be quiet," replied Saber as Cipher curled his hand into a fist, "both times were cheap shots."

    "You do realize that running towards me is a bad idea right?" asked Cipher as Saber began to run at him.

    Before saber could turn Cipher punched Saber in the gut and knocked him down.

    "That hurt," remarked Saber as the drill sergeant entered the room, "that was very painful."

    "Let the next two have their fun in the meat grinder," announced the drill sergeant as Cipher helped Saber to his feet, "you gave that kid quite a beating."

    "That was the point," replied Cipher as Saber exited the meat grinder, "I wasn't trying to kill him, these next two years will be very fun and now he knows why we call this the meat grinder."

    Cipher exited the meat grinder with a smile on his face as he followed Saber to the mess hall.

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    Re: Saber repost

    Post  Impanther on August 5th 2014, 12:36 pm

    Chapter 3: The Bonds of Brotherhood and lack of such

    As Saber wandered down the dimly lit hall a Spartan in pitch black Mjolinr ODST armor with a pitch black helmet took a swing at his face only to be stopped by Cipher.

    "If you hurt my brother when we are not in the meat grinder or even try this stunt again you die," remarked Cipher as he kicked the Spartan into a nearby wall, "and I mean it."

    "Sorry I didn't know," replied the other Spartan in fear as Cipher grabbed the collar of his armor, "I swear I didn't know."

    "Maybe next time you should not assume first," growls Cipher as he and Saber walk away, "or you might be in an even worse position that in a wall."

    "So why did you do that?" asked Saber as Cipher sat down on a nearby bench.

    "You are my brother and it is my duty to protect you at times," replied Cipher as he stood up, "may nothing come between us."

    "Indeed," whispered Saber as Cipher entered his quarters, "may nothing come between us."

    Time: 1200 hours
    Date: June 6, 2570
    Location: New Madrigal

    "Hurry up," remarked a Spartan in full blue and red Mjolnir Grenadier armor as he rode in a Pelican to New Madrigal's surface, "I have a training session later and I still do not know why the UNSC saw fit to transfer me to a ship based Meat Grinder."

    "We are Landing," replied the Pelican's pilot over the comms as the bay door opened revealing blue skies and lush green grass, "deploying Smilodon."

    "No need," announced a new voice over the comms as a pitch black Pelican drop ship approached in the distance, "our Spartan will debrief yours so you can go back to ship."

    The second Pelican landed, opening its troop bay revealing a Spartan in red and black Hayabusa armor.

    "CIPHER," roared Saber as the Spartan approached him, "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING HERE?"

    "I made your job easier," replied Cipher as he formed formed a ball with his fist, "and you have no reason to be angry."

    Cipher quickly punched Saber in the face knocking him down before walking away with tears running down his face beneath his visor.

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    Re: Saber repost

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