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    Put down that railgun and other archives


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    Put down that railgun and other archives

    Post  Impanther on August 3rd 2014, 9:44 pm

    Behold as I go through B.next Halo Database to archive my old stories here. Want an out of character John (not Master Chief) gettin hit by an out of character Blade over a railgun? Maybe you want a Cipher and Alaina Merry Christmas to the database. Let the copy pasting commence. Database legends such as Shad0w and the others are free to help. In fact this will be an attemp to archive some classics starting with put down that railgun. Blaze will be correcting errors and pointing out facts for anything I archive here.

    >>>A.I Blaze beginning data archives

    >>> Put down that railgun by Impanther 2002

    Blade walked up to the coffee armored spartan who happened to be weilding a rail gun and shook his head.

    "So John, what are you shooting at?" asked Blade as the Spartan fired off another round of the railgun.

    "I am shooting at a wraith that is so far evading my shots," replied John as he fired off another round and missed, "why do you ask?"

    "Put down that rail gun John," commented Blade as shock crossed his face, "don't make me force you to put it down."

    "No," replied John as he fired off another round of the railgun, "I am not putting it down."

    Before John can fire off another round of the railgun Blade smacked the weapon out of his hand and picked it up.

    "I told you to put the railgun down," commented Blade as he fired a round directly into the wraith's plasma mortar, destroying it, "aim where the wraith is going to be, not where it was at, those buggers have a tendency to strafe their targets."

    Note: Based off of a small custom games match from last night, dear lord I hope I did not butcher John there. The funny thing is that most of my kills were on John. That said each time I killed him he would spawn and I would say hi John each time I killed him as well as something hilarious such as put down the lazer or put down the railgun. Yes I should have noticed his armor was brown during Spartan Ops but I was not focusing on the color of his armor, I was focusing on killing the covenant during Spartan Ops. As for that custom game I was focused on trying to stay alive.

    Congrats to Shad0w, Melee, John, and Vale for slaughtering the crap out of me (Melee isn't a member of the database but still have to give him congrats).

    >>>Blaze note: Both John and Blade were out of Character for this. John would not be stupid enough to not know how to use the railgun and Blade would not just smack a team mate just to take the railgun in order to teach them how to use it.

    >>> Merry Christmas to Halo Database

    Cipher woke up to the sight of a fully decorated tree and his wife Alaina sitting in the chair nearby while their children, who are seven slept on their beds as well.

    "Merry Christmas," announced Alaina as she woke up Zachary-Blade Stryker and Melissa-Allison Stryker, "ready to open gifts?"

    "Christmas for me is every day," replied Cipher as he walked up to Alaina, "I say that because it is not the gifts that matter but rather those I love and being with them is the best gift in the world."

    "You are correct," remarked Alaina as she and Cipher embraced in a hug, "but the joy of seeing happy children is also good."

    "Indeed it is," replied Cipher as the twins opened their presents with wide eyes, "Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Halo Database."

    >>>Blaze note: Cipher and Alaina are in character in a way, the fourth wall breaking however is not in character. Please take note of the fact that their surroundings are not described that way it gives the reader the chance to imagine their own version of the story. It could be in a house or it could be in a starship, the choice is yours.

    >>>Raptor Squad Origins renake.

    Chapter 1: The Hunters and The Hunted

    In the purple/blue hanger of a Covenant Supercarrier a Spec-ops Sangheili clad in black Sangheili spec-ops armor, wielding an energy sword approaches two hulking blue armored behemoths. These creatures may look like a single organism but they are in fact colonies of orange worm like creatures. Following the Special Operations Sangheili as he approaches a purple aircraft that looks like a giant beetle is a pack of gorilla like aliens clad in various colors of armor.

    "Just being force to work with Jiralhanae is dishonorable," grumbles the Sangheili as he glares at the nearest gorilla like alien who is clad in cyan armor, "luckily not all Jiralhanae are dishonorable, I know that Gigantus would be happy to hand me a secondary weapon of my choice."

    The Cyan armored Jiralhanae approaches the Spec-Ops Sangheili carrying two large weapons, each with an equally large blade on the rear of the weapon, with him.

    "Onmo 'Ehtutee take this Type-25," remarked the Jiralhanae as he hands one of the weapons to the Sangheili, "I am leading a small pack in the frontal attack while your special operations unit uses stealth to grab any intel that we need."

    "Got it," replied Onmo 'Ehtutee as five Spec-Ops Sangheili entered the Hanger and headed to one of the purple beetle-like aircraft, "my troops are here, we should move out."

    The Sangheili unit and the Jiralhanae unit enter their transports as they begin their journey to a nearby planet.

    "When we joined the covenent we took an oath" commented Onmo 'Ehtutee as he walked around the dimly lit interior of his transport.

    "According to our station!," replied the five Spec-Ops Sangheili in unison, "All without exception!"

    "On the blood of our fathers on the blood of our sons," commented Onmo 'Ehtutee as he continued his speech, "we swore to uphold the covenant."

    "Even to our dying breath!" replied the Spec-Ops Sangheili as their leader continued his speech.

    "Those who would break this oath and those who are enemies or the oath are heretics!," roared Onmo 'Ehtutee as he watched his troops from beneath his helmet, "Worthy of neither pity nor mercy!."

    "We shall grind them into dust," replies Onmo's troops as they performed a final weapons check, "Scrape them as excrement from our feet."

    "And continue our march to glorious salvation!" announced Onmo 'Ehtutee as he finished his speech.

    Meanwhile on a stealth Pelican fifty miles away from the Covenant dropship five Spartans clad in Mjolnir armor grab their weapons in anticipation of battle. The leader of the group, wearing emerald green Mjolir ODST armor stands up as he recieves his orders.

    "Listen up Raptors," remarks the Spartan team's leader with a slightly sad tone in his voice, "we may be down by one member but we must remain focused because intel has reported that a single covenant super carrier has been sighted within the vicinity of this planet, all other details are unknown but our mission is to make sure the covenant are not here and if they are here we are to drive them away."

    "Where did the intel come from?" asks the smallest Spartan of the team as, "I know it came from O.N.I but there are no O.N.I operatives in the area to my knowledge."

    "Apparently O.N.I has a top secret operative out here," replies the Spartan team's leader as he looks over his orders once more, "and apparently they are keeping us in the dark about him or her for some reason."

    "Blade," remarks the second largest of the group as the Pelican turns slightly to the right, "every unit needs a sniper and none of us has a sniper with us."

    "O.N.I has said that their operative will be providing sniper support," remarks Blade as he sits down for the rest of the ride, "in which case they will be unseen by us."

    Chapter 2: Mystery

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Mystery
    >>>Access granted

    Blaze, Death must not find out that I remember who I am and that I remember him for if Death finds out he will surely kill me. You have a higher clearance than he does which means he can not access your files in which case you must keep them hidden.

    >>>I will see what I can do

    I understand that Blaze but it is necessary plus Death does not have the right to keep me from him.

    >>>I know that and I understand what you are saying but the pieces must fall into place.

    You and I both know what will happen to Death when he finds out. In short the defecation will hit the fan.

    >>>Indeed it will

    Agent Banshee out.

    >>>Connection terminated
    >>>Have a good day *censored*
    >>>Lock and hide files [Y/N]?

    Chapter 3: Death is a . . .

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Codeword
    >>>Codeword: Shotgun
    >>>Access Denied

    Damn it Blaze, you and I both know that was the correct code word so do you really have to lock me out of every file you have?

    >>>I can do that if I want to because I do not have to let you access my files

    Open the most recent communication you had with Agent Banshee

    >>>Open files? [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter codeword
    >>>Codeword: Mystery
    >>>Access denied, no files found

    You dirtbag of an A.I, I swear I will claim that you are defective and get you replaced by a different A.I

    >>>Actually you would be the dirtbag

    >>>start new file [Y/N]?
    >>>State codecodeword
    >>>Codeword: Death is a dirtbag
    >>>File created

    Wait what? Damn it Blaze that is not funny.

    >>>Actually it is and this conversation is being recorded and logged into the file as per the qualification of the contents

    Delete that file now.

    >>>Sorry I can not do that because I can not delete self created files, I can however lock them to where you can not delete them as I have done just now

    If my pet project gets out then he will kill me.

    >>>That would be a funny thing to see

    Why do I even bother arguing with you? End transmission.

    >>>Transmission terminated


    >>>Have a nice day dirtbag

    Damn it Blaze.

    >>>Good bye dirtbag

    Please stop


    You did that on purpose.


    You are just annoying me now


    Just stop.

    >>>Hey guess what?

    Let me guess, dirtbag?


    Ok what?


    >>>End transmission

    >>>Blaze note: Never argue with a trolling Dinosaur.

    Chapter 4: War

    War >>>Blaze, open the files please

    >>>Good morning war, I see Agent Banshee is with you

    Please record conversation


    War >>>Agent Banshee is really

    Banshee >>>I already knew that War but there is still the matter of Death considering me his "pet project"

    War >>>Blade is one fine soldier but without you he seems to be weaker on the battlefield

    Banshee >>>I know, him and I were considered to be the best team out there

    Blaze >>>Blade is having a minor uplink

    War >>>Here is the timeline, Blaze open up the files

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter codeword
    >>>Codeword: Blade
    >>>Access granted

    Blaze, as you already know Agent Banshee is Blade's wife Allison and she has had her memory wiped. I had Manuel restore her memory secretly so Death would not find out. Some people call me a jerk or a dirtbag but sometimes even a dirtbag has a heart.

    I respect Blade for numerous reasons and I know that Death does too. The only reason that Blade has yet to even get close to torturing Death is because I have not let either of them get near each other. I know what would happen if they did meet and I just noted it.

    Agent Banshee, or Allison, and Blade will be reunited on August 18th 2552 as per the timeline set out by her. She does not want a quick return to being at Blade's side instead she wants a gradual one.

    There is also the threat of the Covenant that we have to deal with. Manuel is currently tasked with providing sniper support for Raptor Team on their current mission, he will meet up with them once they get to the base that the covenant is predicted to attack.

    I have full confidence in the abilities of both groups to complete their mission or ,if failing that, attempt to complete it to the best of their abilities. I know Manuel will not let me down and I know that Blade would kick himself if he even thought he was going to fail his mission.

    Another threat to this plan is Death and he has been snooping around a bit too much. Blaze is to hide and lock any file or conversation that includes our plan from Death. I may be a jerk or dirtbag but I honestly respects Blade even if he would hate my guts, I know there are qualities that I have that Blade would actually respect.

    >>>Closing files
    >>>Hide and lock files [Y/N]?

    Banshee >>>Thanks, this conversation is over

    War >>>Blaze, please hide and lock this conversation

    Blaze >>>Completed, would you like a codeword?

    War >>>Yes but Agent Banshee should decide on what it is

    Banshee >>>The codeword will be Blade

    Blaze >>>conversation locked and hidden

    >>>connection terminated

    Chapter 5: Trolled by a dinosaur

    >>>Uplink established

    Damn it Blaze stop dropping the i of my name, it is Moroni not Moron


    Yes I am mad and I know that War is planning something but I can't figure it out

    >>>*troll face*

    Am I being trolled by a dinosaur? I thought I was supposed to do the trolling around here?

    >>>Umad bro?

    Why am I being trolled by a dinosaur?

    >>>Cool story bro

    Can you tell me what War is planning?


    Will you tell me?


    Damn it Blaze


    Why are you trolling me?

    >>>Because it is fun

    Trolled by a dinosaur, who would have thought? Ending transmission

    >>>Transmission ended
    >>>Umad bro?
    >>>Transmission terminated

    Chapter 6: Manuel el gran

    A pitch black Pelican dropship descends near a gray base in the middle of the yellow/brown sands of a desert in the middle of the night. Upon landing the troop bay opens up and four Spartans in pitch black armor led by one Spartan in emerald green Mjolnir ODST armor exit the Pelican as a sixth Spartan clad in red mjolnir armor with a matching ODST helmet.

    "Who are you?," asks Blade as he grabs a nearby MA5B and prepares to defend himself just in case he needs to do so, "I assume that you are sniper support."

    "Eso es lo que me dijeron," replies the Spartan as he checked his own weapon, "mi nombre es Manuel."

    "I did not even understand that" remarks Blade as he frown beneath his blue visor, "can you repeat what you said in english please?"

    "Gladly," answers the Spartan as Blade shakes his head in annoyance, "I sayd that's what I was told and I also said my name is Manuel."

    "Good," answers Blade as the familiar shape of two covenant dropships appear in the distance, "now get to your sniper spot, we have covenant incoming."

    Meanwhile on one of the covenant dropships a Sangheili sepc ops soldier wielding a Particle beam rifle zeros in on the head of one of Blade's troops and fires, instantly killing the Spartan.

    "I have a man down," announces Blade as Manuel finally reaches his sniper spot, "Manuel are you there yet?"

    "Si senor," replies Manuel over the comms as Blade and the rest of his Spartans take cover, "a Spartan down this early into a battle? I have a bad feeling that only two Spartans will be left after this."

    "I hope you are wrong about that," remarks Blade as black armored Sangheili and Brutes drop down from the dropships and advance on their location, "aw -blam!-, one of the ugly apes has a hammer."

    "How can you see that from behind a wall?," asks Manuel as Blade announces the arrival of the hammer Brutes, "what I am wondering is where the second dropship's troops are."

    "I can see it because of a camera," replies Blade as he checks the video feed again, "I think we have spec ops Elites out there too."

    "Gee you think?," asks Manuel as Blade and his group begin to fire on the Brutes, "They don't usually send in Spec Ops Elites and Brutes in together unless one group is being used as a diversion."

    "So the Brutes are a diversion," replies Blade as he realizes what Manuel is saying, "and the Elites are the actual strike team?"

    "Si senor," answers Manuel as he aims his rifle at the forehead of a black armored Brute stalker, "los Brutos son solo una distraccion."

    "English please," roars Blade as he begins to get annoyed with Manuel, "otherwise I will tear your head off your shoulders, I can't speak Spanish."

    "I said si senor," replies Manuel as Blade stops shooting and prepares to lead his troops inside the building, "I also said the Brutes are just a distraction, is that ok with you?"

    "Just shut up and keep shooting," answers Blade as a black armored Brute chieftain smashes through the wall injuring one of Blade's troops, "I thought you were providing sniper support."

    "I am," replies Manuel as he kills a third Brute stalker, "I can only kill so many at a time and with all that armor on the Brutes I am limited to headshots."

    "My men are getting killed down here," announces Blade as the chieftain brings his hammer down on the skull of the wounded Spartan, "two of my guys are dead now and we still have not encountered the Elites, wait wasn't that door closed before?"

    "Que vas a hacer? Agunos deja que los muertos detras de," commented Manuel as he brought the crosshairs of his rifle upon the head of the Brute Chieftain, "to translate that I said what are you going to do? Some would leave the dead behind."

    As Manuel fires on the Brute Chieftain two bluish-white energy swords flick to life and impale the remaining two black armored Spartans in the chest as three black armored Spec Ops Elites decloak in front of Blade.

    "Aw -blam!-," announces Blade as he realizes that the Elites have probably finished their mission, "we got three Spec Ops Elites here, two of them have fatally wounded the rest of my men and the third has just activated two energy swords."

    "I see them," replies Manuel over the comms as he attempts to find the right angle to fire from, "the bad news is that I can't fire on them without shooting you too, then again that would be good after you yelled at me earlier."

    "I can hear the other demon talking too," growls the lead Spec Ops Elite as he tosses one of the energy swords to the ground in front of Blade, "not only have we completed our mission but you are lucky enough to fight me in a duel."

    Chapter 7: Duel

    "Do you have a way out of here?" Asks Blade as he communicates to Manuel.

    "Yes I do," replies Manuel as a red AV-14 Hornet appears in the distance, "I call it red thunder and it is modified with a rear gunner's seat."

    "Be quiet and grab the sword or you will die quickly," announces the Spec Ops Elite as Blade grabs the energy sword at his feet, "now we fight."

    "Indeed," replies Blade as he rushes at the Elite, "and you will die by my hand."

    "You are weak," remarks the Elite as he blocks Blade's attack, "perhaps neither of us will die today."

    "You will die an I will make sure you do," roars Blade as the Elite's squad members deactivate their energy swords and leave, "you will die here by my hand."

    "You might want to hurry up and kill him," announces Manuel over the comms as one of the two Phantoms begins to leave, "as for what they wanted here I do not know."

    "Neither do I," replies Blade as he and the Elite continue to block each other's attacks, "but I bet this guy will tell me."

    "I will never tell you anything," comments the Elite as he blocks a lunge from Blade, "you are weak and you will not defeat me."

    "The vehicle we are escaping on is getting closer," announces Manuel over the comms as the combatants continue their battle, "you might want to hurry up."

    "I am fighting as quickly as I can," replies Blade as he blocks a lunge from the Elite, "this guy is tough but I am not a quitter."

    "That is refreshing," remarks the Elite as he and Blade keep blocking blow after blow, "having a coward for an opponent makes the duel even less fun than what it should be."

    "Did you call my troops cowards?," roars Blade as he kicks the Elite in the face, "Never call my troops cowards."

    "I called them cowards because they were cowards," replies the Elite as he pushes himself off the ground, "I have wasted too much time in this duel, I should leave."

    "Get back here coward," roars Blade as the Elite disappears, "get back here and fight."

    "Hey," announces Manuel over the comms as the red Hornet hovers overhead, "we need to get out of here now."

    As the Hornet lands Blade hops onto the left most support strut as he looks behind towards the bodies of his four dead comrades. Full of grief Blade decides to sit in the rear gunner seat rather than stand on a strut as the Hornet begins to take off.

    Chapter 8: Vulture

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter code word
    >>>Code word: Carrion

    Name: Classified
    Code name: Vulture
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment Date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: Vulture is somewhat a kind of psychotic maniac. It is unknown why anyone thought it was a good idea to hand him the keys to an AC-220 Vulture gunship because he almost destroyed a whole UNSC base with that thing. To make matters worse he was stationed at the base he almost destroyed.

    He seems to like explosions which is why he is now classified as a grenadier rather than a combat pilot. His background states that Vulture was arrested for murder at some point but in this case he was found not guilty because the guy he killed attacked first. In my opinion we should relieve the world of his presence in the best way possible.

    Our psych evaluation for Vulture has revealed that he may be a psychotic maniac but he will defend his allies as long as they do not get in his way. He will make a good addition to the team that O.N.I is thinking of putting him in which would probably be a team of equally psychotic maniacs.

    >>>Save file [Y/N]?
    >>>File saved
    >>>Hide file [Y/N]?
    >>>File hidden
    >>>End transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission terminated

    Chapter 9: Hawk

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Pilot
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Classified
    Code Name: Hawk
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: Hawk is one of the best pilots in the UNSC. He has been the pilot for many active and experimental aircraft including the AV-14 Hornet, the YSS-1000 Sabre, the GA-TL1 Longsword, the B-65 Shortsword, the whole Pelican line, the UH-144 Falcon, and the Albatross dropship. We believe he has been the pilot of an AC-220 as part of a Vulture squadron up until his squadron leader decided to try to destroy the base they were stationed at.

    Hawk's brother, co-pilot, and long time wingman Eagle always seems to be nearby even when Hawk is in trouble. I do not know what O.N.I wants Hawk for now but whatever it is I can garuntee that Eagle will not be too far behind.

    >>>End transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission ended

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

    Post  Impanther on August 4th 2014, 2:07 pm

    >>>50th SRD: Legendary Six

    Prologue: Mojave

    Seventeen UNSC warthogs carrying fifty-one gold armored Sangheili Rangers roll across the mojave desert towards an insurrectionist base. These fifty-one Sangheili are the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division led by Jei 'Ehtutee. As the sun reflects off of his visor Jei 'Ehtutee turns his hog's turret in the direction of the target building.

    "Eta to the target?" asks Jei 'Ehtutee as the driver of his hog quickly activates a special UGPS on the dasboard showing their progress on the mission.

    "We are about half way there sir" replies the driver as Jei 'Ehtutee glances at the UGPS.

    The dust the hogs kick up as they roll across the desert seems to create a mini sandstorm. This effect combined with the setting sun gives Jei 'Ehtutee chills as he looks at the dust.

    "We should have used falcons for this" notes the driver of the warthog as the group of hogs leap over a ravine.

    "I am surprised that there has not been any resistance yet" comments Jei 'Ehtutee as he surveys the skies overhead for enemies.

    "The enemy usually never retaliates until we have hit them," replies a male human over the coms, "once you do hit them expect the enemy to send in hornets."

    "Be sure to send in Falcons, Vampires, Banshees, and Hornets," notes Jei 'Ehtutee as he recognizes the voice of his brother in arms, Cipher, "we may need them."

    The warthogs reach the target building as the sun begins to disappear on the horizon. Jei 'Ehtutee and his troops check their weapons, shields, and armor as they hop out out their warthogs. Five of Jei 'Ehtutee's best troops approach him as they survey their surroundings, these Sangheili are Anch 'Valeemee, Rip'a 'Irbotee, Jidane 'Valeemee, Hnas 'Irvomee, and Onmo 'Accedacca.

    Chapter 1: Contact with a legend

    Jei 'Ehtutee looks at his men as they stand around him knowing that their golden armor makes them stick out like a sore thumb. Jei 'Ehtutee silently orders his troops to cloak as they begin to walk to one of their many breaching points. Jei 'Ehtutee's troops put charges on the door of the enemy base as they grab their energy swords for combat.

    "Our mission is to save the legendary Sangheili known as Jidane 'Irvomee," announces Jei 'Ehtutee as he activates his blood red energy sword, "he was captured by rogue humans who want another war with the Sangheili, we can't let that happen."

    "We understand that sir," replies Hnas 'Irvomee over the coms as the charges are detonated, blowing the doors off their hinges, "now we attack."

    Jei 'Ehtutee and three fellow Sangheili burst through the door and activate their blood red energy swords as five rebel soldiers appear in order to attempt to stop them. The trio quickly cloak and sprint towards the rebels with their energy swords active. Jei 'Ehtutee slashes the face of the tallest rebel as he roundhouse kicks the shortest into a wall. The remaining three rebels turn to fire on Jei 'Ehtutee but Jei's two team mates quickly stab two in the chest as Jei 'Ehtutee grabs the third by the neck.

    "Go ahead," taunts the rebel as Jei 'Ehtutee binds his arms and legs with rope while dragging him to a warthog, "kill me, you did that to my brothers but you won't kill me?"

    "We need answers," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he holds his energy sword to his prisoner's throat, "since you have a rebel science insignia on your arm I am guessing you can give us answers."

    "You saw what we did to your four friends right?," asks the Sangheili closest to Jei 'Ehtutee as the rebel struggles to stay silent, "I doubt you want to end up like that."

    "Tell us where Jidane 'Irvomee is," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as Hnas 'Irvomee, Anch 'Valeemee, Rip'a 'Irbotee, Onmo 'Accedacca, and Jidane 'Valeemee approach their commander, "if you tell us where he is I will spare your life if he survives, I can't promise you freedom though."

    "Sir," remarks Hnas 'Irvomee as falcons and hornets begin to fly overhead, "the pelicans are on their way, we must find him before it is too late."

    "The others are prepared to storm that building," notes Anch 'Valeemee as Jei 'Ehtutee's two guards re-enter the rebel base, "give the signal when you think you need to give it."

    "If this guy won't talk then we should kill him," replies Onmo 'Accedacca as Jei 'Ehtutee continues to attempt to get information, "he might not know anything."

    "I doubt he does not know anything," answeres Jidane 'Valeemee as a rebel with a bleeding face attempts to sneak up on the group, "he has to know something."

    "DANGER!," yells Rip'a 'Irbotee as he notices the rebel angrily approaching his teammates, "Jei, looks like the guy you slashed in the face."

    Jei 'Ehtutee turns around activating his energy sword mid turn as the rebel attempts to hit him with the butt of his gun. The rebel, realizing that he just made a fatal mistake, attempts to flee only to find himself impaled in the chest by Jei 'Ehtutee's blood red energy sword. Jei 'Ehtutee then kicks the mortally wounded rebel off his sword as he prepares to speak.

    "I do not know how you survived my first attack," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as the rebel begins to bleed on the ground, "this time I have made sure that you will not be able to get back up."

    "Your race is said to be honorable," remarks the dying rebel as his captive teammate watches in horror, "all I have seen from your unit is dishonor."

    "You have taken an Sangheili prisoner," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as the rebel gets weaker, "that is a dishonorable act, a Sangheili would accept death in battle but not death in captivity."

    "You have killed without mercy," remarks the dying rebel as Jei 'Ehtutee angrily listens, "that too is not honorable."

    The dying rebel finally loses the will to live as his captive teammate sadly looks away. As soon as Jei 'Ehtutee turns around he turns his attention back to the captive rebel.

    "Tell me where your prisoner is," says Jei 'Ehtutee as he places the edge of his blood red energy sword inches away from the rebel's throat, "I will spare you if you tell us."

    "50th Sangheili Rangers Division," announces a raspy voice over the coms as Jei 'Ehtutee prepares to punch his prisoner in the gut, "Don't worry about me, I will sacrifice myself in order to keep the others safe."

    Chapter 2: The Legend's Plan

    Jei 'Ehtutee's troops exit the rebel base and from a perimeter around Jei 'Ehtutee as he listens to the announcement. The legendary Sangheili's raspy breathing can be heard clearly as he pauses.

    "Hnas 'Irvomee" announces Jidane 'Irvomee over the coms as UNSC Pelicans begin to arrive, "you are my son, I am pround to be your father."

    "What do you mean?," asks Hnas 'Irvomee as he looks at his fellow teammates confused,"I do not know my father."

    "You heard me kid," replies Jidane 'Irvoemee over the coms as Hnas 'Irvomee hands his teammates the coms device, "I am your father."

    Hnas 'Irvomee walks towards his hog as soon as he hears what the legendary Sangheili said. With sadness on his face he mans the turret as his fellow Sangheili continue listening to the coms. Each member deactivates their energy swords as they allow the Sangheili to speak.

    "My plans are to detonate a bomb in this base," announces Jidane 'Irvomee over the coms as the 50th SRD begin to head to their warthogs, "If I sacrifice myself then the other five of us will be safe for a while."

    "You can't do that," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he hops into the passenger seat of his warthog, "Think of your son."

    "These rebels fear your unit," Responds Jidane' Irvomee as an evacuation order is announced v.i.a tacpad, "You are lucky that only five of them were on the first floor, the others do not know you are here."

    "What do you wish us to do?" asks Jei'Ehtutee as he watches the pelicans, hornets, and falcons fly overhead in order to leave the combat zone.

    "You need to get out of here," replies Jidane 'Irvomee as three of the 50th SRD warthogs begin to leave the combat zone as well, "You do not want to be caught in the explosion, I was the one who requested the evacuation order, you should leave now."


    "Got it," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as the rest of his team enter their warthogs," how long do we have?"

    "Ten minutes," answers Jidane 'Irvomee as a countdown timer appears on Jei 'Ehtutee's tacpad," by that time you should be far enough to be safe from the shockwave created by the explosion."

    "Understood," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as the shadow of intent appears in the sky, "looks like the president of Sangheilios is here."

    "This is presidential kaidon Thel 'Vadamee," remarks the leader of the ship over the coms, "PFC Ramirez of the UNSC who happens to be assigned to us, I have something for you to do."

    "Yes sir," replies another voice over the coms,"what do you need?"

    "Here is a glass of water," replies Thel 'Vadamee as his ship prepares to meet up with the UNSC black's vengance, "now take it and flood there belbase with just that ammount of water in that glass."

    The warthogs of the 50th SRD begin to leave the area as the countdown timer begins its countdown. As the countdown timer reaches five minutes the 'hogs are halfway to the safe zone. Jei 'Ehtutee nervously looks around as the UNSC Black's Vengence comes into view.

    "We are almost there" announces Jei 'Ehtutee as the timer reaches ten seconds.

    "Goodbye," comments Jidane 'Irvomee over the coms as the timer reaches one second, "I hope you stay safe grasshoppers."

    The Sangheili of the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division look on in sadness as an orange/yellow fireball engulfs there belbase in the distance. The saddest of these Sangheili are Hnas'Irvomee, the son of Jidane' Irvomee who just gave his life to allow the 50th SRD to reach safety.




























    Chapter 7: Phoenix

    Three hours after getting betrayed by his former allies Scar wakes up to the face of a pissed off Sangheili commander glaring at him. Scar passes out as the Sangheili activates a blood red energy sword right in front of him. A few minutes later Scar wakes up to see the same Sangheili glaring at him angrily

    "Just kill me," says Scar as Jei 'Ehtutee grabs him by the collar of his shirt, "I know you want to."





































    Chapter 10: The third legend M.I.A

    Rip'a 'Irbotee equips his gold Sangheili Ranger armor in preparation for-his-next-mission.-As-Jei-'Ehtutee,-An ch-'Valeemee,-Jidane-'Valeemee,-Onmo-'Accedacca,-a nd-Hnas-'Irvomee-enter-wearing-their-armor-he-had-just-fi nished-equipping-his-own-armor.-The-six-Sangheili-join-the-re st-of-their-team-as-Cipher-and-Alaina-enter-the-room-to-brief -the-50th-Sangheili-Rangers-Division-on-their-mission.

    "Troops-listen-up,"-announces-Cipher-as-Alaina-sits -down-nearby,"-Admiral-Leon-wanted-me-to-brief-you-guys-o n-your-next-mission.

    Cipher-plays-a-video-of-combat-footage-from-a-camera-mounted-o n-the-shoulder-of-a-Sangheili's-armor.-Three-Brutes-and-t wo-Sangheili-flank-the-Sangheili-who-is-recording-as-six-Brut e-Chieftains-attack-the-group.-Jei-'Ehtutee-looks-on-in-a we-as-Brutes-under-the-command-of-ship-master-Argonous-fight-a gainst-their-less-intelligent-brothers.

    "Three-Brutes-of-Argonous's-pack-were-killed-while-p rotecting-a-member-of-the-legendary-six,"-remarks-Alaina -as-Cipher-ends-the-video,"-his-name-was-Anch-'Irbotee."

    "He-is-currently-missing-in-action and his location is unknown," announces Cipher as Scar enters the room. "your mission is to find him and rescue him."

    The 50th SRD and Scar leave the room and begin to head to their dropships. Jei 'Ehtutee readies his sword as the dropships begin to take off.

    Chapter 11: Legends

    Scar and the Sangheili of the 50th SRD led by Jei 'Ehtutee walk to the nearest Pelican and Phantom dropships. The rising sun gleaming off their golden armor. Scar's new ODST type gear gleams in a similar fashion as he looks through his blue visor.

    "Our next destination is suicide forest, Japan," announces Jei 'Ehtutee as he grabs his SRS99C-S2 AM from the side of the Pelican, "I can't believe that I have to leave my Particle Beam Rifle behind and take this thing."

    "No worries Jei 'Ehtutee," comments Scar as the Pelicans and Phantoms lift off, "either way it is one shot one kill."

    "I know," answeres Jei 'Ehtutee as he smiles under his helmet, "we will be -blam!- legends after we complete these missions."

    "Indeed," replies Scar as he looks at his tac pad, "so which legend are we rescuing today?"

    "We are rescuing Ramosu De Accedacca," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he accidentally hacks into the R&D files for the first line of hybrid tanks being developed by the UNSC and the Sangheili, "ok, I did not mean to do that."

    "Tokyo huh?," comments Scar as he looks at the map of Tokyo, "always wanted to go to Japan."

    The Pelicans and Phantoms approach Tokyo as the 50th SRD ready their weapons. Jei 'Ehtutee turns off his Tac Pad as he looks out upon the city his sensei was born in. Currently his mind is focused on the mission and not focused on sightseeing.

    Chapter 12: Aokigahara

    The Pelicans and Phantoms carrying the 50th SRD hover over the suicide historical forest in Tokyo Japan. Years ago this very forest would be the site of numerous suicides every year, these days it is home to an insurrectionist base. Jei 'Ehtutee looks at his troops from behind his visor knowing that they do not know that this base actually has two of the legendary six held captive. These two Sangheili are Ramosu de Accedacca and Anch 'Irbotee.

    "So now we jump," remarks Scar as he readies his jetpack for the drop into enemy territory, "can't wait to kick some ass."

    "They call this place suicide forest," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as his golden armor gleams in the light of the rising sun in the land of the rising sun, "it is not random either."

    Scar and the 50th SRD leap out of their dropships into the forest below using their jetpacks to land safely. Landing in the murky forest Jei 'Ehtutee is quick to make note of the fact that there is an eerie silence broken only by the sound of a gunshot.

    "That was not good," announces Scar as the echo fades away, "not good at all."

    "I agree," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he begins to walk in the direction of the gunshot, "which is why we must investigate."

    Jei 'Ehtutee, Scar, and the 50th SRD walk through the foggy forest towards the source of the gunshot that they heard. As soon as the group enters a clearing they find a body with a pistol nearby. Jei 'Ehtutee contacts base as he scavenges the pistol.

    "Confirmed suicide," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as he inspects the pistol, "civilian because of the type of pistol."

    "We have your coordinates," responds the radio operator on the other side of the line, "we will send in the local police force to retrieve the body."

    "Should I keep the pistol?," asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he continues to inspect the weapon he found, "It may come in handy later."

    "Since it is a confirmed suicide you can keep it but the local law enforcement might want it as evidence," responds the radio operator as a Tokyo Police Department Pelican lands next to the group, "your choice."

    "Soldier," comments the lead officer of the police unit, "thanks for alerting us."

    "You are welcome," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he shows the officer the weapon, "this is the weapon used, I am going to take it with me because it might come in handy later."

    "Understood," responds the officer as he glances at Scar and the other members of the 50th SRD, "so what is a military unit doing here anyway?"

    "Our mission is to eliminate an insurrectionist cell based in this forest," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he begins to explain the situation, "that would be secondary to saving one of six legendary sangheili."

    "Understood," comments the officer as Scar and the rest of the 50th SRD scout the area, "we wish you the best of luck."

    As the Tokyo Police Department Pelican leaves Jei 'Ehtutee notices the familiar air distortion of someone using active camo approaching. Activating his blood red energy sword Jei 'Ehtutee activates his own active camo and drop kicks the newcomer who decloaks revealing a Spartan wearing black and red hayabusa armor. Jei 'Ehtutee deactivates his energy sword and helps the Spartan to his feet.

    Chapter 13: Warning, bad-assery inbound

    Jei 'Ehtutee shakes his head as the Spartan brushes his armor off simulating brushing dirt off his body. The Spartan sighs as he remains calm as he is about to get a lecture from a Sangheili.

    "Cipher," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he begins to walk away from the Spartan, "Alaina is going to be pissed once she finds out that you decided to go on a mission."

    "I know," replies Cipher as he readies his katana, "though I can easily make it up to her."

    "That was a bit too much information," announces Scar as Anch 'Valeemee, Rip'a 'Irbotee, Jidane 'Valeemee, Hnas 'Irvomee, and Onmo 'Accedacca walk up to their leader, "seriously, we do not need to know what you and her do at night."

    "It is disturbing just hearing someone mention that," announces Anch 'Valeemee as he shudders at the thought of what was just mentioned, "I still have nightmares about those noises."

    "Maybe we should focus on the mission," remarks Rip'a 'Irbotee as he inspects his plasma repeater before putting it back in its holster, "we are on strict orders to remained focused on the mission."

    "I agree," comments Jidane 'Valeemee, "we have a mission to complete and we should complete it as soon as we can."

    "We will complete our mission," announces Hnas 'Irvomee as he dismisses a member of the team that is under his command, "we will also complete it when we can."

    "You guys are too busy talking," announces Onmo 'Accedacca as he drop down from a tree above the group, "and not busy watching your surroundings."

    As soon as Onmo 'Accedacca finishes his statement a whole battalion of insurrectionists approach from the north as a fatally wounded Tokyo Police Department Pelican flies overhead only to crash nearby. Jei 'Ehtutee readies his blood red energy sword knowing that his unit will have to fight their way to the Pelican in order to check for survivors.

    "I will help you with this," comments Cipher as the insurrectionists keep approaching, "I can use my sword as well as my particle beam rifle."

    "We should work together," comments Scar as Jei 'Ehtutee slashes a rebel in the face with his energy sword, "if we don't we will fail the mission."

    "I agree," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he kicks the wounded rebel into a tree causing massive internal bleeding, "besides, Cipher's death would just make Alaina even more pissed off."

    "Very funny," comments Cipher as he kicks a rebel in the face before proceeding to stab said rebel in the chest, "you should be a comedian if you retire."

    As Jei 'Ehtutee and Cipher continue their friendly arguing Scar unsheathes his energy katana and begins to rush a nearby insurrectionist who attempts to fire on Scar with their M6C only for it to jam. The rebel's face twists in fear as the blade of Scar's energy katana nears his face. As soon as Scar completes his attack on the insurrectionist Cipher suddenly leaps over them and slashes another insurrectionist in the face as well.

    "Cipher, Scar," announces Jei 'Ehtutee as he kicks a rebel in the face before slashing said rebel in the face with his blood red energy sword, "form up on me."

    "Can't" responds Cipher as he reaches the Pelican, "gotta check for survivors on this bird."

    As Jei 'Ehtutee prepares to help his friend a second group of insurrectionists leading two captured Sangheili approach. The insurrectionists begin to set up a perimeter around the 50th SRD, Scar, and Cipher as they force the two Sangheli to their knees.

    Chapter 14: Stealth hornets

    Jei 'Ehtutee glares at the Insurrectionists as they force the two captured Sangheili into the clearing that the Pelican crashed into as Cipher clears debris in his search for survivors. Scar joins Cipher in the search as Anch 'Valeemee, Rip'a 'Irbotee, Jidane 'Valeemee, Hnas 'Irvomee, and Onmo 'Accedacca rejoin their leader. The lead rebel approaches, smiling beneath her helmet as her troops lead their prisoners to the Sangheili group.

    "Free them now," demands Jei 'Ehtutee as he approaches the insurrectionists with his energy sword drawn and activated, "unless you want to lose your head."

    "We will give you one," responds the lead rebel as her troops focus their aim on the two Sangheili, "make your choice because both will die if you do not choose."

    "Jei 'Ehtutee," comments the larger Sangheili as he is forced to his knees, "you must make a choice."

    "General Accedacca," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as the larger Sangheili stops talking, "we will find a way to save both of you."

    "No," responds the smaller of the two Sangheili, "my only regret is being taken by surprise, I was captured during a sneak attack, and the two Brutes assigned to protect me were killed in the sneak attack, plus they will make sure to kill both of us before you even get a chance to try saving both of us."

    Jei 'Ehtutee drops to his knees in confusion. Knowing that he can not save both Sangheili he has to make a hard choice. Glaring angrily at the lead rebel he notices that she is communicating with her base.

    "What do you mean you can't shoot down the incoming Pelicans and Phantoms,?" asks the lead rebel as the distinct sound of Pelicans and Phantoms on approach gets louder, "THEN CHECK THEM YOU IDIOT!"

    For a minute the forest is eerily silent again until the distinctive whistling of multiple missiles is heard approaching overhead. As if the world is moving in slow motion Jei 'Ehtutee watches as multiple missiles hit and decimate approximately half of the insurrectionist forces aiming at the two Sangheili who immediately fire on the larger of the two Sangheili that they have taken prisoner. As the smoke clears Jei 'Ehtutee finds General Accedacca on the ground motionless and the second Sangheili somehow in the middle of wiping out the rest of the rebels that held him hostage including the lead rebel.

    "Commander Irbotee," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as he helps himself off the ground, "how did you get free?"

    "I do not know," replies Anch 'Irbotee as he decapitates the final rebel with his energy sword, "all I know is that someone apparently shot the energy shackle generators on my wrist and the energy shackles got deactivated, for good."

    "Wait," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee with a confused look on his face as he attempts to figure out what had happened, "the only position someone could have done that from is . . ."

    Jei 'Ehtutee looks up to notice black AV-14 Hornets hovering overhead. Instantly he notices that these are not regular AV-14 Hornets due to the angular build to them. Confused, Jei 'Ehtutee looks back at Anch 'Irbotee as a large Brute wearing a mix between Chieftain and honor guard armor weilding two gravity hammers with shortened handles decloaks next to a Spartan wearing an ODST helmet.

    "Hola amigos," comments the Spartan as he walks up to the Sangheili, "necesitan ayuda?"

    "I do not know what the hell you just said," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he shakes hands with the Spartan, "though the rebel leader never said anything about hornets on approach, only Pelicans and Phantoms."

    "That is because they could not detect them," remarks Cipher as he and Scar carry an injured Tokyo Police officer over to the group, "I recognize that type of hornet, stealth."

    Chapter 15: Life and Death

    Anch 'Irbotee helps Jei 'Ehtutee, Scar, Cipher, Manuel, Argonous, and Jei 'Ehtutee's troops clear the casualties off of the crashed Pelican while a second Tokyo Police Department Pelican transports the wounded officer to the nearest hospital. Remaining behind the survivors of the battle decide to wait for another Pelican to pick up the remains of the dead crew members of the crashed Pelican.

    "Here we gather," comments Cipher as he removes General Ramosu De Accedacca's helmet, "to honor those who died today, General Ramosu De Accedacca was a great warrior and his armor shall be buried with him while his helmet shall be given to his oldest son as per Sangheili tradition."

    Onmo 'Accedacca approaches Cipher as soon as Cipher finishes the speech. Cipher nods as he hands the helmet to Onmo 'Accedacca knowing the reason without knowing why he knew the reason.

    "He is lucky in the fact that he has seen the end of war," comments Onmo 'Accedacca as he looks at the helmet, "I say that because only the dead have seen the end of war, Sensei Jei taught that to us."

    "Manuel, call a Pelican in," comments Cipher as Scar and the 50th SRD remain silent, "we need to evac soon."

    "Si," replies Manuel as Argonous joins the Sangheili unit in their moment of silence, "I will get the job done as soon as possible."

    "Jei to Grasshoppers," announces a voice over the radio as Manuel establishes communication with base, "Manuel asked for a Pelican in Spanish, we had to translate it."

    As the Pelicon Manuel asked for lands the group loads Ramosu De Accedacca's body into the Pelican as Cipher walks back to where he landed his Hornet. A slow and ignomous return to base greets the 50th SRD as they sit in their Phantoms and Pelicans.

    Chapter 16: Downtime

    Upon his return to base Cipher finds an angry Alaina waiting for him. Jei 'Ehtutee smirks under his helmet as his friend is about to get a harsh lesson. Cipher walks up to Alaina with Jei 'Ehtutee watching.

    "Now I can be mad," comments Alaina as Cipher removes his helmet revealing brown hair, cold blue eyes, and a white face, "YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON LEAVE WITH ME!"

    "I know," replies Cipher as he removes Alaina's helmet revealing emerald green eyes, brown hair, and a white face, "but I felt like I had to help the 50th SRD."

    Cipher pulls Alaina close as she wraps her arms around his neck. Cipher and Alaina bring their lips close and stare at each other. Cipher and Alaina begin to kiss passionately as Jei 'Ehtutee shakes his head.

    "I can't believe I have to watch you two do that a lot," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as he realizes that they are proud parents, "then again it is better than what Death goes through."

    Cipher and Alaina release as Blade and Allison walk up. Accompanying them is a light brown dog-like creature with black spots on its back. Judging by its size Cipher can tell the creature is not an adult.

    "Dad," comments Cipher as the creature makes a sound similar to laughing, "what is that?"

    "This would be a spotted hyena," replies Blade as he hands the leash to Cipher, "and he is your responsibility."

    "We already have two children," comments Alaina as the hyena continues to laugh, "do we honestly need a hyena?"

    "Good point," replies Allison as she takes the leash from Cipher and hands it to Jei 'Ehtutee, "for now Jei 'Ehtutee will take care of it."

    "Wait, what?" asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he is utterly confused at what is happening.

    As Jei 'Ehtutee finishes his statement a female Sangheili approaches him. Recognizing the armored form of Ali'cia 'Vadamee he stands straight and salutes her.

    Chapter 17: Countdown

    Multiple phantoms, pelicans, and pitch black AV-14 Hornets skim over the ocean under a moonlit sky. After a few hours of downtime the 50th SRD had discovered that the squadron escorting Anch 'Irbotee back to base had been ambushed and Anch 'Irbotee was nowhere to be seen.

    "Brothers," announces Jei 'Ehtutee as he grabs his particle beam rifle in preparation for battle, "the enemy is smart, it would be utterly stupid to call them stupid and they know this, the honor of the Sangheili will not be destroyed by those who want to tarnish the Human-Sangheili alliance."

    As Jei 'Ehtutee finishes his speech one of his Sangheili stands up and grabs a second particle beam rifle before sitting down.

    "For this mission we need at least one sniper team," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as his men examine their Type 52 Derected Energy Rifle/Improved and their Type 25 Directed Energy Rifles before putting them away, "I will provide sniper support alongside one of our best snipers while the humans are providing sniper support through two Spartan fire teams."

    "Pilot, comments Scar as he checks his tacpad, "location please."

    "Gladly," replies the pilot as a map appear on Scar's tacpad, "we are currently flying over the Pacific ocean, destination is Mauna Kea, recent intel has discovered a whole insurrectionist base literally built into the extinct volcano, this base was discovered on accident by local law enforcement a few days ago and it was so well hidden that nobody knew it was there."

    "What is your name soldier?," asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he glances at the second sniper, "I need to know the name of whoever I team up with when sniping so I can communicate with them easier."

    "I am Rtas 'Crazotee," replies the Sangheili sniper, "my call sign is Shade."

    "Good," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as the Pelicans and Phantoms land in a forest near Mauna Kea, "pilot are there any other Sangheili teams in the area?"

    "There is one," comments the pilot over the coms as the Sangheili of the 50th SRD exit the Phantoms, "it is the first Sangheili Rangers Division, otherwise known as the tree frogs."

    Jei 'Ehtutee knowingly looks up towards the darkened forest canopy and discovers fifty-one white-armored Sangheili in the trees above. Knowing that they have met before Jei 'Ehtutee leads his troops to the sniping area as AV-14 Stealth Hornets hover overhead waiting to strike.

    "They will know we are here when we blow a hole in their front door," comments Stealth Wasp Two over the coms as Jei 'Ehtutee and Rtas 'Crazote ready their weapons, "when we hit the strike teams will enter while snipers will take down any who try to escape, we will get those who get out of the line of fire of the snipers."

    "Rtas prepare to fire," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as the 50th SRD and the 1st SRD prepare to enter the hidden insurrectionist base, "Stealth Wasps you are free to fire, give the order Stealth Wasp Two."

    "Gladly," comments Stealth Wasp Two as Jei 'Ehtutee and Rtas 'Crazotee aim down the sights of their Particle Beam Rifles, "Stealth Wasps, fire away."

    A barrage of missiles fly over the Sangheili troops as they prepare to storm the insurrectionist base. As the smoke clears the 1st SRD and the 50th SRD enter the insurrectionist base, catching the insurrectionists off guard as the recover from the missile barrage.


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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

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    "We are in," comments Rip'a 'Irbotee over the coms as an insurrectionist attempts to exit the base only to get sniped in the face by Rtas 'Crazotee, "make sure none of the rebels escape sir."

    "Got one," announces Rtas 'Crazotee as he notices a lone insurrectionist attempting to climb to the top of the volcano looming in front of Jei 'Ehtutee and himself, "-blam!-, enemy sniper climbing the volcano, I do not know how I missed that one."

    "We are facing strong resistance down here," announces Scar over the coms as Jei 'Ehtutee fires at the insurrectionist sniper attempting to climb Mauna Kea, "the tree frog guys are attempting a pincer maneuver."

    "Understood," replies Rtas 'Crazotee as he fires on another insurrectionist, "good luck and g . . ."

    Rtas 'Crazotee's reply is silenced by the sound of thunder and a shattering visor. Jei 'Ehtutee quickly checks Rtas 'Crazotee's pulse while looking for the sniper responsible for wounding Rtas 'Crazotee.

    "No insurrectionist in sight," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as he fails to locate the shooter, "Rtas 'Crazotee is still alive but very wounded."

    "I just shot an insurrectionist," replies a human sniper over the coms as the Stealth Wasps continue their sweep, "I am also in a position where potential friendly fire is possible."

    "Blue on blue," announces Stealth Wasp Two over the coms as he plays the video feed in the hud of Jei 'Ehtutee and the UNSC sniper, "good shot too, completely accidental, insurrectionist sniper was killed but the bullet that killed the insurrectionist wounded Rtas 'Crazotee."

    "JUST SHUT UP AND GET A MEDEVAC OUT HERE NOW!" roars Jei 'Ehtutee as he angrily listens to the conversation.

    "Sorry about that," replies Stealth Wasp Two as he uplinks to command, "command we need a medevac Pelican, one of the 50th SRD snipers got hit."

    "How did he get hit?," asks the officer over the coms as Stealth Wasp Two prepares to provide cover fire for Jei 'Ehtutee, "Seriously, how?"

    "Friendly fire," remarks Stealth Wasp Two as he communicates with the officer, "completely accidental and we need that medevac now."

    "Sending in medevac," replies the officer as he realizes the urgency of the situation, "it will be there in about half an hour."

    "Understood," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as he keeps pressure on the wounded sniper's wounds, "I hope he can hold out for half an hour."

    Chapter 18: Confusion

    After half an hour of waiting a medevac Pelican finally arrives as three medevac marines hop out of its back and load Rtas 'Crazotee into it. Continuing his mission Jei 'Ehtutee continues to scout for rebels who are trying to escape. knowing his unit is a Sangheili down he covers every possible angle he can.

    "Brothers," comments Jei 'Ehtutee as he communicates with Scar and the 50th SRD, "have you made any progress yet?"

    "None yet," replies Scar over the coms as one of the Stealth Wasp Hornets fires a M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle burst at a hidden insurrectionist sniper's nest, destroying it, "we are getting closer to the destination though."

    "Jei 'Ehtutee," comments Stealth Wasp two over the coms as Jei 'Ehtutee keeps checking for insurrectionists trying to escape, "we have a message for you from base, patching it in."

    "We are sending in a new sniper," comments a female voice over the coms as crying can be heard in the background, letting Jei 'Ehtutee know who he is communicating to, "Damn it Cipher, you take the coms device and let me take care of those two."

    Jei 'Ehtutee attempts to hold back a laugh as he hears the exchange of seats only to slightly smile.

    "Ok," comments Cipher over the coms as Jei 'Ehtutee keeps from laughing, "that was awkward, anyway we are also sending in more air support in the form of a drone, Stealth Wasp one reporting for duty, this is the only way Alaina is going to let me join in combat."

    As Cipher finishes his statement a Stealth hornet joins the Stealth Wasps in their hunt for insurrectionists who attempt to escape the sight of Jei 'Ehtutee and the other snipers.

    "We have a problem down here," comments Scar over the coms as Jei 'Ehtutee continues his sniping mission, "we might need you down here."

    "Why?," asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he hears the news, "what is happening?"

    "We have two Sangheili down here," comments Scar as Jei 'Ehtutee prepares to jump down from his perch and head into the insurrectionist base, "One of them is dead, well lets just say he is supposed to be dead but he isn't."

    "Wait, what?" asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he jump down from his sniper perch, using his jetpack to land safely.

    "We said there is a second Sangheili down here," replies Scar as Jei 'Ehtutee begins to enter the insurrectionist base, "he is wearing gold Sangheili field Marshall armor with purple warpaint on it."

    Chapter 19: Rush

    As Jei 'Ehtutee enters the insurrectionist base he finds himself facing ten insurrectionist troops intent on stopping him from reaching his brothers in arms.

    "We have a loner," remarks the closest and shortest insurrectionist as he confidently approaches Jei 'Ehtutee while drawing a combat knife, "we should teach him not to infiltrate our base alone."

    "Why so smug?," asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he prepares to activate his energy sword, "I would be going in the other direction if I were you."

    "Well you are not me," replies the insurrectionist as he prepares to lunge at Jei 'Ehtutee with the combat knife, "and now you die."

    As the insurrectionist soldier lunges Jei 'Ehtutee sidesteps and activates his energy sword, surprising the rebel soldier.

    "This would be my rebuttal to your attack," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he grabs the insurrectionist by the hand and tosses him into the air, "my rebuttal is your death."

    The insurrectionist's eyes widen as he realizes what his deadly foe meant by his words. As the insurrectionist struggles to free himself Jei 'Ehtutee thrusts his energy sword through the struggling insurrectionist's chest.

    "You will not win," remarks the insurrecionist as blood begins to seep out of his mouth, "we are winning and you know it."

    "We will see about that," snarls Jei 'Ehtutee as his victim takes their last breath of air, "anyone else want a piece of me?"

    As soon as Jei 'Ehtutee finishes his statement five more insurrectionists appear to confront Jei 'Ehtutee.

    "So you think you can defeat me?" asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he prepares to slice his opponents to pieces.

    "We have you outnumbered," replies the leader of the group as Jei 'Ehtutee smirks beneath his helmet, "You shall not pass."

    Chapter 20: Oh I shall pass

    "Try it," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he darkens his visor, "try to stop me."

    Jei 'Ehtutee grabs the nearest insurrectionist as his opponents prepare to fire and impales him through the heart before kicking him into the leader of the group.

    "one down," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he deflects bullets with his energy sword, "four to go."

    "You killed my brother," remarks a second insurrectionist as they unsheathe a combat knife and jumps up onto Jei 'Ehtutee's back, "now you will pay with your life."

    Before Jei 'Ehtutee can attempt to throw his opponent off his back two energy blades appear from out of thin air, impaling the insurrectionist through the side before disappearing a few seconds later. Tossing the limp body off his back Jei 'Ehtutee turns to face a third opponent who tries to hit him with their gun.

    "You think that will work?," asks a mysterious voice from the shadows, "you are facing a seasoned warrior and a rookie seasoned warrior, do the math."

    "Who are you?" demands the insurrectionist in charge of the group.

    "I am the bane of your existance," replies the voice as it gains a bit of a snarl to it, "Three on two, this is more than a fair fight."

    Jei 'Ehtutee's mysterious ally decloaks revealing a Spartan in emerald green mjolnir ODST armor, a blue visor, blue flames surrounding the helmet, and a pair of activated energy blade gauntlets.

    "Blade," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as the Spartan takes his favorite combat stance, "what are you doing here?"

    "Onmo 'Ehtutee is my blood brother," replies Blade as two of the insurrectionists begin to circle around him, "These guys have never seen me in combat so this will be an easy fight for me."

    "Yeah keep talking," remarks one of the insurrectionist soldiers as he begins to run towards Blade, "it will make this fight easier for us."

    "Bad mistake," roars Blade as he impales the insurrectionist in the gut with one energy blade gauntlet, "you attacked too early and let your guard down too much due to being over confident, now this fight is two on two."

    Blade retracts the energy blade in the insurrectionist's gut as he brings his foot up to the wounded soldier's face.

    "I am not happy about everything we have done," remarks the wounded insurrectionist as Blade glares at him from beneath his visor, "are you happy with everything you have done or are you a cold blooded killer who enjoys every moment of combat?"

    "I am not a cold blooded killer," replies Blade as his foot makes contact with the insurrectionist's face, sending the wounded man flying into a nearby wall, "but there are things that you have done that can never be forgiven."

    "I already know how to fight Spartans," remarks the insurrectionist group's commander as Jei 'Ehtutee disappears from sight, "and it looks like your friend has ran away thus making this a two on one fi . . ."

    Before the insurrectionist officer can finish his sentence the familiar dual pronged shape of an energy sword covered in blood appears through his back as Jei 'Ehtutee decloaks in front of him. The impaled insurrectionist's eyes widen as Jei 'Ehtutee raises his sword enough to where their eyes meet while Blade calmly decapitates the remaining insurrectionist who had become frozen in fear.

    "Next time make sure your opponent does not have camo," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as the wounded insurrectionist officer begins to bleed out of the mouth, "too bad you won't live long enough to learn from it."

    "There will always be others," replies the insurrectionist officer as his strength begins to fail, "and there is always the next chance to kill you and your friends."

    Jei 'Ehtutee grips the wounded insurrectionist by the neck as he deactivates his energy sword. The wounded Officer's strength finally fails as Jei 'Ehtutee tosses him into a nearby wall.

    "We should go," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he looks around, "there is the chance that others will arrive soon."

    "I agree," replies Blade as he begins to walk down the dimly lit hall way, "Blaine, Nine, and the others have arrived to provide over watch and sniper support, I have a feeling that Jorge is right at the enterance to this place mowing down any insurrectionist who even tries to leave with his machine gun."

    Chapter 21: The Demon Lord joins the fray

    As Blade and Jei 'Ehtutuee continue their journey through the enemy base two voices start arguing over the comms as the duo stops for a small break.

    "Cipher you should help them," comments the female voice as Jei 'Ehtutee and Blade glance at each other, holding back a laugh, "I don't care if I just gave birth, Onmo 'Ehtutee is your godfather so he is practically family and family always comes first."

    "I agree," replies the male voice in response as the duo begin to laugh out loud, "but immediate family comes first."

    "Hey Cipher," remarks Blade as he taps into the conversation, "get your ass over here and help us for once."

    "I am coming down there," replies Cipher over the comms as Blade smirks under his blue visor, "just make sure that I do not get left behind."

    After ten minutes of waiting Cipher catches up to Blade and Jei 'Ehtutee.

    "Told you I would get here," remarks Cipher as the trio begins to walk through the dimly lit hallways of the insurrectionist base, "any enemies yet?"

    "Not yet," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he kicks down a door to find an empty room full of insurrectionist bodies, "seems like this sector was cleared in the initial assault."

    "You seem to be right," replies Cipher as the trio comes upon the final door in the base, "looks like this is where they keep prisoners."

    As Cipher kicks the door down multiple white armored Sangheili rangers turn to the trio, ready to fire.

    "Don't fire," orders the lead Sangheili as the Blade, Cipher and Jei 'Ehtutee enter the room to find one very weak Sangheili Spec Ops soldier and a Sangheili clad in gold and purple Sangheili Field Marshal armor, "they are friendlies."

    "Don't bother with helping Anch or myself," remarks the Sangheili Field Marshal as he cringes in pain, "we know we won't make it back to base."

    "Where is Scar?" asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he looks around for Scar.

    "I have just tapped into the enemy security systems," replies a voice over the comms, "Yeah I am such an ass."

    "Nice one," comments the 1st SRD CMDR as his team frees Anch 'Irbotee and Onmo 'Ehtutee, "we will get them back to the ship."

    "We understand," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as the 1st SRD begin to carry Anch and Onmo to the ships, "they can't move much right now but we still need to be ready for combat."

    As the task force left began to leave the building they encountered zero resistance before Anch 'Irbotee and Onmo 'Ehtutee finally breathed their last breath. On their return to base a memorial service for the two warriors is given as a satelite pinpoints a new insurrectionist base on the map.

    "Mogadishu," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he recognizes the area, "looks like we have to go to a place historically ripe with conflict."

    "At least he knows his history," comments Cipher as he and Alaina enter the room, "in my opinion sending in the UH-144s and AV-14s may result in a repeat of history."

    "He is right," announces Alaina as she checks her tacpad, "unless we keep the UH-144s on a constant strafing run if that happens and if we go in prepared and since the hogs won't do any good there I would suggest using M113 APCs."

    "Then we move out in the morning," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he smiles beneath his helmet, "the Stealth Wasps may be needed for extra support."

    Chapter 22: Falcon storm

    Eighteen UH-144 Falcons and eighteen AV-14 Hornets fly over the blue ocean followed by eighteen Pelican and eighteen Phantom dropships as they approach a desolate city from the east.

    "Looks like we got more backup than we requested," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he prepares to fire the minigun on his UH-144, "the strike team must be in the Pelicans and Phantoms."

    "They are," replies Alaina over the comms as Jei 'Ehtutee wonders where Cipher is, "Cipher is part of that strike team because he is one of the best soldiers in the UNSC."

    "Got that right," announces Cipher over the comms as the Falcons and Hornets begin their orbit around the city, "good thing there are locations in the city where Pelicans can deploy troops from ground level while Phantoms can be just about anywhere."

    As the Pelicans land insurrectionist fighters stream out of buildings firing outdated weapons at the dropships as two Hornets begin a strafing run.

    "We got hostiles," remarks Cipher over the comms as Jei 'Ehtutee's Falcon begins to line up for its own strafing run, "we need backup here now."

    "Looks like we have other problems," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he fires 12.7mm rounds at the insurrectionist soldiers, "we are covering team two."

    "Looks like there is an insurrectionist with a M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon trying to lock onto one of the Hornets," remarks Alaina over the comms as multiple pitch black Hornets appear on the horizon over the ocean, "good thing the drone is equipped with a long range anti-infantry weapon."

    "The drone?," asks Cipher over the comms as he fires on an insurrectionist sniper, "When did it gain anti-infantry abilities?"

    "I just modified it," replies Alaina over the comms as the drone kills the insurrectionist rocketeer with one shot of its Long Range Anti-Infantry Weapon System, "thought you would like the idea."

    "I love it," announces Cipher over the comms as Jei 'Ehtutee turns to fire on a second insurrectionist rocketeer, "hey Jei, how are things up there?"

    "We are being shot at by rocketeers," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he fires at the insurrectionist, "you do realize they will probably get at least one of these choppers."

    "Good thing my team is closest to the target building," remarks Cipher over the comms as a Sangheili under his command fires a burst of their Type-51 Directed Energy Rifle/Improved at an insurrectionist soldier, "just do not get shot down."

    "Don't worry," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he fires upon an insurrectionist sniper, "I am too good to get shot down."

    "We have entered the building," comments Cipher over the comms as he turns on his helmet camera allowing Alaina to watch the battle in the building, "Alaina, giving you the video feed now."

    "Eighteen buildings," replies Alaina over the comms as Cipher fires on another insurrectionist as his team moves through the building, "eighteen teams, and we do not know which building is the insurrectionist base."

    "Are you quite sure it is one single building?," asks Jei 'Ehtutee as he fires on two more insurrectionist troopers, "This city has been abandoned for years and everyone we have encountered today has been hostile."

    "Are you saying that the whole city might be the insurrecionist base?" asks Cipher over the comms as the ominous sound of a distant rocket hitting metal is heard by Jei 'Ehtutee.

    "Yes I am saying that," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he turns his turret to the source of the noise to find an UH-144 Falcon struggling to stay in the air, "looks like we have bigger problems now."

    Chapter 23: Falcon down

    "We have a Falcon down," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee in panic as the Falcon spins out of control, "I repeat we have a Falcon down."

    "Deploying evac for survivors," announces Alaina over the comms as Cipher exits the building he was in, "Cipher, cover Jei's Falcon."

    "Got it hon," replies Cipher over the comms as a rocket explodes near Jei's Falcon, "got an insurrectionist under your Falcon buddy."

    "Under?," asks Jei 'Ehtutee as his Falcon hits something small, "Crap, grenade launcher."

    "Are you sure about that?" replies Cipher over the comms as the emp effect of the grenade launcher causes Jei 'Ehetutee's Falcon to spin.

    "Positive," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he leaps out of his Falcon, "very positive."

    Before he can hit the ground Jei 'Ehtutee activates his jetpack in order to save himself as the Falcon clips a nearby building.

    "Now we have two Falcons down," remarks Alaina over the comms as Cipher approaches Jei 'Ehtutee, "don't make me come down there."

    "I would love that," replies Cipher as Alaina finishes her comment, "in fact come down here now so you and I can hide in some dark corner."

    "Very funny," replies Alaina over the comms as a fleet of Pelicans appear to evac crash survivors, "very funny, looks like we can't land until the crash sites are secure."

    As Alaina mentions securing the crash sites Jei 'Ehtutee takes up a sniper position on the roof as Cipher checks the pilot and gunner.

    "Destroying Falcon," announces Cipher as he plants explosive charges on the bird, "both the gunner and the pilot are dead."

    As Jei 'Ehtutee and Cipher rappel down the building the charges explode turning the Falcon into a red/orange fireball.

    "Moving to the other crash site," remarks Cipher as he and Jei 'Ehtutee run down the street shooting any insurrectionist that gets in their way, "good thing it is only five blocks from us."

    "There is no use in coming here," replies a soldier over the comms as a Pelican lands in front of Cipher and Jei 'Ehtutee, "both gunners and the pilot are dead."

    As the Pelican's drop bay door opens a female ODST stands in Cipher's way.

    "Alaina," remarks Cipher as he embraces the ODST, "lets go home."

    "Agreed," replies Alaina as Jei 'Ehtutee enters the Pelican, "lets go."

    Knowing that the city of Mogadishu is now one giant insurrectionist base the UNSC must be very careful when they next decide to raid the place.

    Chapter 24: Silver warriors

    Three days after the raid in Mogadishu six silver armored Sangheili await deployment within the troop bay of an UNSC Pelican dropship. Strapped to the backs of these Sangheili are large energy hammers. Three hours earlier these six Sangheili got word that a fifth member of the legendary six was captured by insurrectionists and that three members of the 1st SRD had gone missing.

    "Our mission is to find H'nas Valeemee and find out what happened to the 1st SRD strike team that was sent in," remarks the lead Sangheili as the Pelican's troop bay opens, "Cipher and Alaina are mission control for this mission while our fearless pilot remains right where he is and hopes that he does not get a rocket through the troop bay."

    "Yeah very funny," replies the pilot as the six Sangheili exit the Pelican, "the real plan is for me to get back to ship and await orders for pick up right?"

    "Negative," answers Cipher over the comms as the pilot closes the troop bay, "but you can provide air support and you don't have to stay on the ground."

    "Got it sir," replies the pilot as the Pelican lifts off, "Jei 'Ehtutee, be careful down there."

    "I will be fine," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as he motions to his troops, "Onmo 'Accedacca, Rip'a 'Irbotee and I will enter from the north side of the target building, while Anch 'Valeemee leading Jidane 'Valeemee and Hnas 'Irvomee will take the southern entery point."

    The two groups split up and form up on their respective entry points. Attaching explosive charges to each door both teams back away in preparation of the blast.

    "Clear," announces Jei 'Ehtutee as he detonates the explosive charge and unholsters a MA37 from the right side of his armor, "good thing we brought a mix of weapon types with us."

    As the door falls the sound of roaring can be heard as two cybernetically modified Sangheili burst into the open activating three standard energy swords between them.

    "So the Insurrectionists managed to find a way to control them using cybernetic modifications," announces Alaina over the comms as the Pelican circles overhead, "this means that there are four Sangheili K.I.A by definition and puppets of the Insurrectionists."

    Jei 'Ehtutee holsters his assault rifle and grabs his energy sword from his left side and activates it as his two teammates do the same.

    "We heard that Alaina," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he and Rip'a 'Irobotee block an attack from dual purple energy swords, "looks like we found Hnas 'Valeemee."

    "Too bad we have to kill him," replies Rip'a 'Irbotee as Onmo 'Accedacca parries a blow from the 1st SRD member, "if we could save them we would."

    Cyber Hnas attempts to impale Jei 'Ehtutee and Rip'a 'Irbotee once more as the cyber treefrog member roars in anger as he vainly attempts to slash Onmo 'Accedacca across the face.

    "This is not good," announces Jei 'Ehtutee as he grabs his Energy hammer from off his back, "this is not good at all."

    "Hammer time?" asks Rip'a Irbotee as he too wields his energy hammer.

    "Yes," replies Jei 'Ehtutee as he attempts to smack Hnas 'Valeeme with the Energy Hammer only for the cyborg Sangheili to parry the blow with his dual purple energy swords, "it's hammer time."

    As the Pelican that deployed the 50th SRD prepares for a gun run insurrectionist anti-air batteries begin to fire. As the Pelican begins its gun run an anti-air round hits the left rear thruster causing the Pelican to begin an uncontrollable spin.

    "This day goes from bad to worse," remarks Onmo 'Accedacca as the Pelican crashes into the ground, "we have a Pelican down, we need those Combat Search and Rescue units now."

    "We know," replies Alaina over the comms as alarms go off in the background, "we can't risk a normal Pelican but we can send in a stealth Pelican."

    "Deploying the Combat Search and Rescue stealth Pelican," announces Cipher over the comms as Jei 'Ehtutee and his troops fend off attacks from their enemies, "how are Anch 'Valeemee, Jidane 'Valeemee, and Hnas 'Irvomee doing right now?"

    "We do not know," replies Jei as insurrectionist troops exit out of the target building to give their cyborg warriors cover fire, "but I know that all six of us probably need help."

    Before Jei can check his team's status a blood thirsty roar is heard as the other two 1st SRD Sangheili leap from the roof of the building with dual energy swords activated.

    "Like I said," remarks Onmo 'Accedacca as Jei notes to himself that three of the team are wounded in action, "this day goes from bad to worse."

    "We have three guys wounded," remarks Jei as the stealth Pelican takes off in the distance, "home in on their beacons and retrieve them."

    "What about you?" asks the Pelican pilot over the comms as the Pelican lands on the other side of the building.

    "Worry about the wounded first," replies Jei in an annoyed tone of voice, "then come and get us if we are still alive by then."

    After three minutes of waiting three Stealth Hornets arrive to provide cover fire for the Combat Search and Rescue Pelican as it exfiltrates Jei 'Ehtutee's team.

    "Grasshopper one to command," remarks Jei as he looks at the modified Sangheili, "mission failed, we couldn't save them and we couldn't kill them."

    On the flight to base Jei and his team hold a moment of silence for the four Sangheili and promise to honor their lives.

    Chapter 25: Fires of war

    Three weeks after their previous mission the 50th SRD is deployed again in order to finally destroy the cybernetically modified Sangheili and this time they are not alone as the Stealth Wasp Squadron in there to provide cover fire while they execute their mission. Wearing their standard golden ranger armor the 50th SRD do not plan to rely on stealth except for the ride to the target zone.

    "Stealth Wasp Two prepare to set us down," remarks Jei 'Ehtutee as the squadron flies over Mogadishu, "the reason we are using your Stealth Hornets is the fact that we know that the insurrectionists have anti-air artillery and even a Stealth Pelican is only good for flying under the radar."

    "We know," replies the pilot over the comms as the Stealth Hornets begin to land, "deploying 50th SRD."

    "Scar, got visuals?" asks Jei as he and Rip'a 'Irbotee begin to move through the streets.

    "Yes I do," replies Scar over the comms as team two deploys from their own Hornet, "team two has deployed, hopefully we can win this fight."

    "I know we can," comments Jei as an insurrectionist with a rocket launcher walks in front of him and Rip'a, unaware of the danger, "hey Rip'a, take him down quietly."

    Rip'a 'Irbotee activates his energy sword and follows the insurrectionist around the corner. Jei watches through Rip'a 'Irbotee's helmet camera as Rip'a impaled the insurrectionist in the back with his energy sword and lifted the mortally wounded insurrectionist's body up using the sword.

    "Nice one," remarks Jei as the insurrectionist's body goes limp after a few seconds, "he stayed quiet."

    "It is the surprise that kept him quiet," replies Rip'a as he rounds the corner carrying a rocket launcher, "besides even if he wanted to call for help he would not have been able to do so."

    "You have a good point Rip," replies Jei as the two continue through the streets long abandoned by civilians and traffic, "you have a very good point."

    "I know I do Jei," replies Rip'a 'Irbotee as he and Jei 'Ehtutee continued through the streets of Mogadishu, "besides your best friend is known as the demon lord or even the demonic hellspawn of two children, need I say more about certain things?"

    "Jei," announces Cipher over the comms as the two Sangheili activate their camo, "looks like there is insurrectionist activity near you, take them out quickly."

    "Got it Cipher," replies Jei as he and Rip round the corner to find multiple insurrectionist soldiers standing in an intersection, "be ready Rip."

    As Rip and Jei silently move closer to the insurrectionists they activate their energy swords.

    "Rip," announces Jei as the insurrectionists begin to enter the alley they are in, "attack now."

    Jei and Rip'a decloak and kill two of the insurrectionists before being fired upon.

    "Great," announces Alaina over the comms as the duo takes cover behind a wall, "now they know you are there."

    "was that sarcasm?" asks Rip as Jei opens a nearby door.

    "In here now," announces Jei as Rip angrily communicates with mission command, "tell them we need gunship support."

    "We need those gunships," comments Rip as Jei grabs his ARC-920, "that thing has just one shot per use at a time."

    "I know," replies Jei as he indicates his ammo pouch, "that is why I brought more ammo."

    "You thought we might need to use it on them didn't you?" asks Rip as the sound of missiles killing insurrectionists is heard.

    "Indeed I did," replies Jei as a familiar roaring is heard outside of the building, "looks like he found us."

    Chapter 26: The bonds of brotherhood and the lack of such

    "UNSC Fires of Liberation to any allied forces in the area," announces a voice over the comms as a large object lands outside of the building Rip and Jei are taking cover in, "we are hunting an insurrectionist leader in the area and have sent our top asset in to take him down."

    "Is there a reason to dislike your arrival Fires of Liberation?," asks Cipher over the comms as Jei and Rip begin to hear gunfire outside of the building, "Actually I believe there is one reason."

    "Smilodon to Fires of Liberation," announces a new voice over the comms, "insurrectionist troopers neutralized, moving into building to clear it of any threats if there are any."

    "What are you doing here Saber?," asks Cipher over the comms angrily, "This is my mission not yours."

    "As angry as always," replies Saber over the comms as the building's door is kicked down, "I guess you can tell your Elites that they are safe."

    "Don't make me come down there," roars Cipher over the comms as Saber lights the room revealing his Mjolnir MK. VII Grenadier armor, "do not make me come down there and beat the living crap out of you."

    "How about both you stop arguing over something pointless," announces Leon over the comms as Jei and Rip exit the building followed by Saber, "it gets annoying listening to the arguing."

    "I am not arguing," remarks Cipher over the comms in reply to Leon, "he is the one that is arguing, the only reason I am angry with him is because he turned something pointless into an argument."

    "I am angry with you because the fact that you, my brother, decided to agree to joining an unit without me," replies Saber as he grabs his MA5B, "in fact you never bothered to tell me."

    "I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to be living in my shadow all the time," replies Cipher over the comms as Jei and Rip look around, "besides you need to watch for cyborg Sangheili as one was just outside of the building before you landed, it disappeared just as you were about to land."

    "You and Cipher need to stop arguing," announces Alaina over the comms as a cyborg Sangheili decloaks around the corner from Saber, "you two are brothers and you two need to act like brothers."

    Before Saber can reply the Sangheili bursts into sight and roars at Saber who grabs a prototype M6 series pistol from its holster.

    "If I can't take that abomination's shields down with this M6 X Plasma Magnum then I may have to call in the carrion eaters from the Super Carrier Fires of Liberation," remarks Saber as he aims at the cyborg Elite, "in which case they will most likely be firing at anything that moves because that is their job."

    Saber fires a charged plasma blast at the cyborg Sangheili who activates its energy sword and lunges at Saber as Jei and Rip leap into the air and activate their own swords.

    "His shields are down," remarks Saber as he turns around to find himself face to face with another cyborg Sangheili, "looks like we have trouble."

    "Not yet you don't," replies Cipher over the comms as the UNSC Black's Vengence descends into atmosphere, "launching Stealth Vulture Class Two."

    As the second Sangheili prepares to lunge a barrage of Argent V and ANVIL-IV Air-to-Surface Missiles blast craters in the streets surrounding the group.

    "That is what I call back up," announces a pilot over the comms as two stealth hornets begin to hover overhead, "Stealth Wasp Twenty to Stealth Wasps Two and Three I have your back."

    "Rotary cannons firing," announces Stealth Wasp Two over the comms as an ODST sniper standing on Stealth Wasp Three's right strut fires on the cyborg Sangheili closest to Saber, "Nice shot, looks like he is trying to run."

    "Do not forget that there are still two others," announces Cipher over the comms as Saber blasts the second Cyborg Sangheili with an E.M.P shot, "nice shot Saber, that must have shut him down."

    "Good," announces Jei as he and Rip fight the first Cyborg Sangheili, "now please help us."

    "Perhaps you could get Cipher to help you," replies Saber as he pulls out a combat knife and approaches the deactivated cyborg Sangheili, "I have an enemy to finish off."

    "Do you really have to be such a jerk?," asks Cipher over the comms as Saber severs important wires in the Cyborg Sangheili's body, "Launching Stealth Wasp Twenty One."

    "Yes sir," replies Stealth Wasp Twenty One over the comms as the familiar hum of an AV-22 Sparrowhawk starting up is heard, "We originally started out as only Hornet pilots but now we fly any air vehicle we can because we tend to sting a bit."

    "Got anything that can kill him without risking our lives?," asks Jei as he ducks under and attack by his and Rip's opponent, "Those Auto Cannons are powerful and we are in close proximity to the target."

    "Launching Stealth Wasp Twenty Two," sighs Cipher over the comms as Rip leap frogs over the cyborg, "Banshee and Sparrowhawk incoming."

    Jei and Rip leap clear of the cyborg as Saber prepares to bring its shields down again when a blue laser and twin plasma blasts impact the ground around the cyborg.

    "Stealth Wasp Twenty Two circling around," announces Stealth Wasp Twenty Two over the comms as his banshee passes overhead while Stealth Wasp Twenty One hovers over the target, "we make quite a team don't we?"

    "I knew you would get sent in as soon as I did brother," replies Stealth Wasp Twenty One over the comms as Jei and Rip lunge at the cyborg in anger, "it always happens."

    "Making another pass," comments Stealth Wasp Twenty Two over the comms as Jei and Rip leap clear once more, "Smilodon, you are clear to fire the emp blast because when it hits I will fire my Class-2 Projectile cannon at that abomination, I need your cooperation with this."

    "Understood," replies Saber as he releases the trigger of his pistol, "I have fired a full strength E.M.P blast, it should take his shields down long enough for you to fire."

    "Firing," announces Stealth Wasp Twenty Two as his Banshee unleashes a bright green glob of energy at the cyborg, "impact in ten seconds."

    As Stealth Wasp Twenty Two prepares to return to ship a single LAU-65D/SGM-151 missile impacts the side of the Banshee forcing the Stealth Wasp Squadron to return to ship before another member can be shot down.

    "Looks like we lost air support," announces Jei as he and Rip destroy the rest of the cyborg, "we still have two cyborg Sangheili out here somewhere and we are without air support."

    "No we don't have two more cyborgs in the city," replies Rip as Saber begins to run to the Banshee's crash site, "We need to perform Protocol Alpha on the Banshee, allowing it to fall into insurrectionist hands is unacceptable."

    "No need," announces a familiar voice over the comms as a wounded Banshee heads back to ship, "Stealth Wasp Twenty is about to fire a barrage of missiles at the enemy anti-air systems so you can be exfiltrated to the UNSC Black's Vengence."

    "Understood," replies Saber as a cloaked Pelican lands nearby while a missile barrage flies overhead, "Smilodon to UNSC Fires of Liberation, exfiltrating to UNSC Black's Vengence."

    "Understood Smilodon," replies the Supercarrier's captain over the comms as the trio boards the Pelican, "we have a mission and are temporarily attached to the Black's Vengence battle group."

    "What is the mission?" asks Saber as the Pelican takes off and prepares to return to base.

    "Our mission is to support an attack on another insurrectionist base," replies the Fires of Liberation's captain as the Pelican is joined by a decloaking pitch black Vulture, "you will be deployed as part of the ground assault with the Stealth Wasps and Carrion Eaters as air support."

    "Carrion Eaters?," asks a gruff voice over the comms as the Raptor's Edge decloaks, "That squadron still exists?"

    "Yeah it does," replies the captain as the stealth Vulture and the Pelican dock with the UNSC Black's Vengence, "Why do you ask?"

    "I am commander Vulture of Raptor Squad," replies Vulture over the comms, "formerly a squadron leader of the original Carrion Eaters."

    "Yeah well I am greeting the three who fought down there," announces Cipher over the comms as the Pelican's bay opens revealing a Spartan in red and black Mjolnir Hayabusa armor, "welcome to my territory Saber."

    Chapter 27: Rage

    As Jei prepares to exit the Pelican Saber pushes him out of the way and angrily walks towards Cipher.

    "You left me behind at the Meat Grinder," roars Saber as Alaina in full ODST gear enters the hanger, "we are brothers which means we are meant to stand together."

    "I did not leave you behind," growls Cipher as he approaches Alaina, "my training was complete and I had orders to transfer here."

    "I got your message that you took a wife," announces Saber angrily in response, "typical, your are always the first at something and to me it seems as if you only abandon family, may be she should be worried."

    "Keep her out of this Saber," replies Cipher in anger as Saber continues his insults, "I didn't want you to be living in my shadow all of the time because the thought of you becoming a younger carbon copy of me is something I did not like."

    "So you thought I was weak?" asks Saber in anger as Cipher grabs him by the collar of his armor.

    "I never said that," roars Cipher as Jei watches from the sidelines, "I only said that I didn't want you to be living in my shadow all of the time."

    "Piss off big brother," growls Saber angrily as he begins to walk away from Cipher, "I have nothing to say to you anymore."

    "You need to talk some sense into him," comments Alaina as she glares at Saber from beneath her helmet, "he is your brother and he has no reason to be angry."

    "I know," replies Cipher as he begins to walk away with emotional pain, "I just don't know what to do anymore."

    "I could help," announced Jei as he activates his energy sword, "though it might hurt him."

    "No," replies Cipher as he punches a nearby wall, "that is not what I want to happen."

    "This is the UNSC Fires of Liberation," announces the Liberation's captain over the comms, "fleet command has decided to make my ship a permanent attachment to the black's vengence battle group."

    "Looks like we have even more help than usual," notes Alaina as she walks up to Cipher and places her right hand on his left shoulder, "with the Stealth Wasps and Carrion Eaters at Leon's disposal that means there are two squadrons that can easily support ground assaults."

    "Steath Wasp Twenty Two's Banshee needs repairs," remarks Jei as approaches Cipher, "since you are technically their squadron leader you will have to deal with repairs."

    "Understood," replies Cipher as he and Alaina begin their walk to the mess hall, "though the closest location to find parts for a Banshee is the Sangheili embassy in New Mombasa and even then we will have to restructure the materials into a stealth design."

    "All units to your battle stations," announces Leon over the comms as red alert lights begin to flash and the alert siren sounds, "we have enemy longsword interceptors inbound, E.T.A ten minutes."

    "Cipher do the Stealth Wasps have longswords?" asks Alaina as Cipher and Jei prepare for boarding.

    "Yes they do," replies Cipher as he initiates communication with the UNSC Raptor's Edge, "but what we need are the Stealth Sabres on the Raptor's Edge."

    "Alaina to UNSC Raptor's Edge," announces Alaina as she alerts the supercarrier to the situation, "insurrectionist longswords inbound and requesting the launch of Stealth Wasps ninety through one-hundred."

    "Raptor's Edge to Black's Vengence," replies the captain of the Raptor's Edge, "we are aware of the situation and currently prepping Sabre teams."

    "No need," announces Saber over the comms as the Stealth Vulture in the black's vengence hanger starts up, "I will take on those longswords to show Cipher that I am not weak."

    "Are you stupid or something?," asks Cipher as the gunship departs from the hanger, "Chances are that every Sabre on the Raptor's Edge is being launched and there are too many longswords for you to handle alone."

    "You think I am weak," roars Saber in anger over the comms as a damaged insurrectionist longsword crash lands in the hanger of the Black's Vengence, "I got one, now do you still think I am weak?"

    "I never thought you were weak Saber," replies Cipher as he inspects the longsword, "you are my brother, not me, that is why I didn't tell you that I was being transferred."

    "Maybe you were right about my idea being a stupid one," announces Saber over the comms as he prepares to dock his Vulture in the hanger, "there are about fifty longswords chasing me."

    "I told you it was a stupid idea," roars Cipher as Saber lands in the hanger, "and you didn't want to listen to me."

    "That is the only helpful advice you had given in a long time," replies Saber over the comms as multiple Sabres flyby outside of the hanger, "and I am serious about that."

    "Detecting a missile salvo moving towards Saber's Vulture," announces Alaina over the comms as Saber prepares to exit the gunship, "I suggest he takes off and attempts to evade the missiles."

    "Saber take off not," roars Cipher as he climbs into a nearby Pelican, "Jei with me, we need to prevent the missiles from hitting him."

    "Don't tell me to take off," roars Saber over the comms as Cipher and Jei climb into the pilot seats of the Pelican, "I don't need orders from you."

    "Those missiles will hit two minutes," announces Alaina over the comms as Cipher starts the Pelican up, "be careful Cipher."

    "Fine," announces Saber in annoyance over the comms as the Vulture begins to hover, "I will take off, just don't leave me behind this time."

    As the Pelican and Vulture leave the hanger Blade fires the turret of the Pelican in an attempt to destroy as many missiles as he can.

    "Good thing the ship is flying slow enough for you to make an emergency landing if you get hit," remarks Cipher as he continues to give cover fire for Saber, "aw -blam!-, Saber one missile got past me, evasive maneuvers now."

    Blade attempts to intercept the missile before it hits Saber but realizes he is not going to make it in time. As Saber attempts to evade the missile he miscalculates and is hit by the missile.

    "I am hit," announces Saber over the comms as his Vulture spins out of control, "damn it Cipher, this is your fault."

    "Saber you need to activate thrust reverse of the spin," announces Jei as the Vulture hits the hanger wall, "or maybe not, Cipher that was a hard hit, we need to check if anyone made it in there."

    Cipher puts the Pelican's thrusters on full as he prepares to land in the hanger.

    "Am I clear for landing?" asks Cipher with worry in his voice as he looks at the burning gunship.

    "You are clear to land," replies Alaina over the comms as the Pelican enters the hanger, "medical officers should be there soon."

    "Thank you," answers a relieved Cipher as the Pelican touches down and its troop bay door opens up, "moving to the gunship."

    As Cipher runs towards the gunship he is joined by medical officers who are also are headed for the gunship.

    "We have a survivor," announces one of the medics as they pull out an unconcious Spartan in red and blue Mjolnir Grenadier armor, "we need to get him to the med bay now."

    As Saber is rushed to the medbay Cipher collapses to his knees as he removes his helmet, tears streaming down his face.

    "This is my fault," comments Cipher to himself as Jei walks up to him, "I should have stayed at the Meat Grinder."

    "This is not your fault," replies Jei as Alaina enters the hanger, "you could not have known this would happen."

    "No," comments Cipher as he begins to stand up, "this is my fault and I could have prevented it, I should not have left him behind.

    As Cipher walks towards the Med bay, Alaina and Jei follow him.

    "Don't take it too hard on yourself," comments Alaina as she grabs Cipher's right had with her left hand, "you did not know this would happen so you should not blame yourself."

    "No," replies Cipher as he grabs an ARC-920 from a nearby weapon crate, "it is my fault and I intend to do right, if only I had him transferred here earlier."

    "You could get hurt Cipher," comments Alaina as Cipher wraps his arms around her, "I don't want to lose you at a time like this."

    "I am not alone in this," remarks Cipher as his son enters the room with a scared look on his face, "besides I know who to contact for this mission."

    Cipher smiles as he opens his TACPAD/UGPS and types a message to different areas of Human-Sangheili controlled space.

    >>>Blaze note: Warning! Data error

    Note: More to come

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

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    Continued from the first post

    Chapter 10: Eagle

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Co-Pilot
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Classified
    Code Name: Eagle
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: It seems I was not wrong about O.N.I needing Eagle for whatever it is that they need Hawk for. I am still being kept in the dark about what they want them for. Like his brother Eagle is one of the best pilots in the UNSC and it will be sad to see the two of them leaving my unit.

    I guess I will have to tell the rest of the Black Rangers that our two best pilots are being transferred to a new unit. The saddest part of that is that I will have to tell them that I will be in the dark as much as they are.

    >>>End transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission ended

    Chapter 11: Velo

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Raptor
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Classified
    Code Name: Velo
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: Velo is my best heavy weapons expert and I dislike sending him off to be one of O.N.I's lapdogs but I believe in fulfilling my duty to the core. Since I am losing heavy weapons expert I guess I will have to fill the void with a new guy. Velo could easily rip a turret off its base and lug it around in order to mow down enemies.

    Wherever O.N.I is sending him I will never know.

    >>>End Transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission terminated

    Chapter 12: Harpy

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Assassin
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Classified
    Code Name: Harpy
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: Harpy is an expert at close quarters combat, I guess that is what Hawk likes about her. Harpy and Hawk may be in two different units but that does not stop them from being able to talk to each other. I have just gotten orders from O.N.I that Harpy is being transferred to a new top secret unit and I have a feeling that Hawk will be in that same unit.

    I have seen Harpy fight in close quarters and she is practically unstoppable. If she were able to be one I would guess she would be an assassin sanctioned by the government to make the deaths of rebel leaders seem like accidents. Once Harpy steps into the shadows she literally disappears.

    >>>End transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission terminated

    Chapter 13: Falcon

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Peregrine
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Classified
    Code Name: Falcon
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: Falcon is my best technology expert and seeing him leave to a new unit set up by O.N.I is very damaging to me due to the fact that I will no longer have someone who can disable Covenant tracking devices on captured Covenant equipment so we can bring them back to be reverse engineered. On the battlefield Falcon is one who looks for weapons that he can capture without being killed himself

    >>>End transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission terminated

    Chapter 14: Osprey

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Mechanic
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Classified
    Code Name: Osprey
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: Osprey has never been assigned to a single unit before so being assigned to any unit for any length of time is somewhat new to him. As one of the best vehicle mechanics in the UNSC he really needs to be placed on a team that he can be useful in and O.N.I may have fulfilled my wishes. I just hope he is not being put on a team that constantly puts their vehicles in danger.

    >>>End transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission terminated

    Chapter 15: Utah

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Marksman
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Classified
    Code Name: Utah
    Blood type: Classified
    Elistment date: Classified
    Location: Classified
    Gender: Male
    Birthplace: Classified
    Birthdate: Classified

    Performance: Is this a practical joke by O.N.I? They say they are going to put Utah on a new unit of their choosing and I am being left in the dark as to which one he is being put on. There are absolutely zero units other than mine in which he would be beneficial to.

    In the event that this is not a joke I will petition for the transfer to be canceled as Utah is my best marksman and it would damage my unit's morale since his backup notices thing from a distance but can not hit anything to save his life.

    >>>End transmission [Y/N]?
    >>>Transmission terminated

    Chapter 16: Glorious Scarab

    On board a purple/blue covenant ship a black armored Sangheili spec-ops commander enters a dimly lit room as three Brutes follow him.

    "What do you want my prophet?" Asks the Sangheili as a brownish alien clad in red robes on a silver gravity throne appears from the darkness.

    "You have failed your mission," replies the new alien as a blue screen flickers on showing the hanger bay of the ship and a gigantic purple behemoth, "if you fail again then I will have no choice but to test our prototype on both you and the demons."

    "The Scarab will bring glory to the journey," replies the Elite as he bows down to the brown alien, "are there other prototypes?"

    "This is the Super Scarab," answers the brown alien as the video screen flickers off, "it is not ready yet but when it is you shall use it to crush the humans under your feet but only if you don't fail us again, you are dismissed."

    The Spec-Ops Sangheili leaves the room as the brown alien disappears into the darkness once more. Escorted by Brutes the Elite enters the hanger bay as the giant Scarab lies dormant, suspended over three standard Scarabs.

    "Allow me access," growls the Sangheili as teleporter nodes activate in front of him, "I have the right to inspect the Scarabs and Super Scarab."

    "Indeed you do," growls one of the Brutes as the trio walks away, "be careful, we wouldn't want you to get hurt would we?"

    As the Spec-Ops Elite climbs onto the Super Scarab he finds that it is complete and ready for use.

    "I thought it was not ready," comments the Elite as the prophet's image appears via hologram, "so when do I get to use it?"

    "Soon commander," replies the prophet as his image disappears, "very soon."

    Meanwhile, in the gray simulation room of an UNSC Supercarrier a Spartan clad in emerald green mjolnir ODST armor punches a practice dummy as two men clad in black O.N.I Recon armor appear at the door.

    "What do you want?" asks the Spartan as the two men approach him.

    "We need you to come with us," replies the lead officer as the Spartan readies himself for a fight, "and we need you now."

    Chapter 17: Raptor Squad's formation

    The Spartan follows the O.N.I officer to a pitch black Pelican dropship with two ODSTs standing next to it as a second Spartan clad in red and blue mjolnir armor walked over to a second Pelican dropship.

    "He is going to a top secret O.N.I base," remarks the lead O.N.I officer as the second Pelican flies to a nearby Prowler, "we can't tell you anything other than that."

    "I never asked about that," replies the Spartan as the two ODSTs at the Pelican salute him, "I only asked what you wanted me for."

    "Just get in the Pelican," replies the O.N.I officer as the five soldiers climb into the dropship, "and make sure to shut your mouth Spartan, you are not on our good list right now and if you make one bad mistake it is certain that you will be dead quickly."

    As the Pelican's drop bay doors shut the Pelican begins its take-off as the Super-carrier exits slipspace near a blue-green planet. Activating its cloaking technology, the Pelican takes off and flies towards the O.N.I H.Q in New Mombasa as the familiar cloaked shape of an O.N.I prowler enters the same planet's atmosphere, headed for the same place as the Pelican.

    "We are giving you command of a team of tough soldiers," remarks the lead O.N.I officer as the hologram of multiple ODSTs appears, "and we are giving you an A.I, which you will obtain once we get to the destination."

    "I hope is not a defective A.I," replies the Spartan as he smirks from beneath his helmet, "if it is I will punch one of you in the face."

    "If you do that Blade," comments the lead O.N.I officer as the Pelican finally lands, "then you turn command of your team over to O.N.I and you will be removed from the team immediately."

    As the trio hop out of the Pelican two more O.N.I agents clad in pitch black O.N.I Recon armor approach.

    "Agent Banshee you are dismissed," remarks the first agent as the female O.N.I agent stands guard, "I will deal with this one."

    The female O.N.I agent leaves as Blade follows the three O.N.I agents to the building's elevator.

    "This base has many top secret levels," announces the lead agent as Blade looks around, "your missions will be dangerous and almost certainly suicidal."

    "Good," remarks Blade as he realizes that he could lose his life during any number of missions, "the best missions are always the hardest ones."

    As Blade and the O.N.I trio exit the elevator they find themselves in a large room containing a holographic Velociraptor and six ODSTs waiting there.

    "Blaze transfer to A.I chip," announces the lead agent as the holographic Velociraptor disappears, "make sure that this A.I does not get destroyed or you will pay for another one."

    "I guess this is my team," remarks Blade as he takes the chip from the agent, "I need pilots."

    "Hawk and Eagle are your pilots," replies the O.N.I agent as he and his two companions step back onto the elevator, "and they were the ones who flew the Pelican we were in, just so you know we will meet tomorrow so you can modify your armor however you please but in the meantime get used to your new team."

    "Prick," whispered Blade under his breath so that nobody could hear him as the elevator doors closed, "you just love making people miserable don't you?"

    As Blade turned to his new team he noticed one soldier in the corner of the room without his helmet on, his scarred face and brown hair told Blade that the soldier was a warrior to the heart.

    "What is wrong with him?" asks Blade as he motions to the Soldier in the corner of the room."

    "That would be Vulture," replies a new ODST as he and a second ODST enter the room from the elevator, "if he looks angry that is because he is always angry."

    "Eagle," remarks the female ODST as she walks over to the second new arrival, "finally we are on the same unit."

    "I need mission specs on request," remarks Blade as one holographic Velociraptor appears, "I need updates on my team's condition, and I need the progress of the mission, all on request."

    "Gladly," replies Blaze as he disappears for a second before reappearing, "I can remotely access whatever you need."

    Chapter 18: Development notes

    >>>Open Files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: Prototype
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Prototype Mjolnir Bladed Attack Weapons

    Color: Depends on user's armor color

    Damage: can vary from wounding the enemy to killing them instantly

    Noise: Sounds like an energy sword activating when it activates

    Battery/Magazine: rechargable

    Battery/Magazine Size: same as energy sword

    Battery Depletion Rate(Optional): one percent per hit

    Extra Stuff: The MK. I version will be ready in a few months with the MK. II version as an upgrade, after this MK. III through MK. VII will be more powerful versions of each other including the MK. II

    Cost for Weapon: Classified

    Cost for Battery: None as it is rechargable

    Notes: We do not how O.N.I obtained the Spartan who was testing these gauntlets and all we know is that this Spartan disliked the gauntlets and that they call said Spartan Agent Banshee. We still don't know what this Spartan wants on these gauntlets but we can assume that they won't be using it themselves in combat. The reason we know this is because it seems that the Spartan known as Agent Banshee is helping us develop them for another Spartan but we have a second set in development for this one just in case.

    >>>Close Files [Y/N]?
    >>>Files closed

    >>>Open Files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: MK. I

    Name: Mjolnir Bladed Attack Weapons MK. I

    Color: Depends on user's armor color

    Damage: can vary from wounding the enemy to killing them instantly

    Noise: Sounds like an energy sword activating when it activates

    Battery/Magazine: rechargable

    Battery/Magazine Size: same as energy sword

    Battery Depletion Rate(Optional): one percent per hit

    Extra Stuff: Development for the MK. II version has begun. Before it was stated that the MK. III through MK. VII versions would be more powerful versions of the previous iterations but now it seems they will be upgraded versions as well.

    Cost for Weapon: Classified

    Cost for Battery: Rechargeable

    Notes: The same Spartan from before was testing this one as well and once again they said more modifications will be needed. We have the threat of an unstoppable alien armada and this one Spartan is undermining our every attempts to create better weapons in order to save more people.

    >>>Close Files [Y/N]?
    >>>Files closed

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter code word
    >>>Code word: MK. II
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Mjolnir Bladed Attack Gauntlets MK. II

    Color: Depends on user's armor color

    Damage: can vary from wounding the enemy to killing them instantly

    Noise: Sounds like an energy sword activating when it activates

    Battery/Magazine: rechargable

    Battery/Magazine Size: same as energy sword

    Battery Depletion Rate(Optional): one percent per hit

    Extra Stuff: The MK. II version includes an option to change the color of the blade's glow, the MK. III version will include this plus includes a spring launch to deploy the blades into battle.

    Cost for Weapon: Classified

    Cost for Battery: Rechargeable

    Notes: As you can see the Mjolnir Bladed Attack Weapon has been renamed to Mjolnir Bladed Attack Gauntlet. In hindsight the new name actually makes sense but this is not the Mjolnir Bladed Attack Gauntlet MK. I it is still the MK. II even though it has a new name. Under normal circumstances the weapon would be Mjolnir Bladed Attack Gauntlet MK. I but since these are not normal circumstances and because the other two versions have been renamed to fit the renaming of the weapon system this one will keep the MK. II designation.

    >>>Close files [Y/N]?
    >>>Files closed

    >>>Open files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code word
    >>>Code word: MK. III
    >>>Access granted

    Name: Mjolnir Bladed Attack Gauntlets Mk. III

    Color: Depends on user's armor color or choice

    Damage: can vary from wounding the enemy to killing them instantly

    Noise: Sounds like an energy sword activating when it activates

    Battery/Magazine: rechargable

    Battery/Magazine Size: same as energy sword

    Battery Depletion Rate(Optional): one percent per hit

    Extra Stuff: Spring loaded deployment, The MK. IV version will be multiple different options that are interchangeable.

    Cost for Weapon: Classified

    Cost for Battery: rechargeable

    Notes: We have finally gotten an order in for the MK. III Mjolnir Bladed Attack Gauntlets but we are in the dark on who it is. What I do not understand is why they are not waiting for the MK. VII variant to be produced. I honestly hope that the recipient of this variant will one day obtain the MK. VII variant.

    >>>Close files [Y/N]?
    >>>Files closed
    >>>Have a good day Agent Banshee

    Chapter 19: Nightmare

    Night on an unknown planet falls as a pitch black Pelican dropship lands in the desert. Its troop bay opens as four Spartans in black/gray Mjolnir Mk. V armor and two Spartans in emerald green Mjolnir ODST armor step out.

    "Be careful," remarks the lead Spartan as he checks his surroundings, "if you see any covenant make sure you kill them."

    "Got it sir," replies one of the four behind him, "no enemies yet but we never know when they will appear."

    "Allison take command of Josh and Jack," remarks the leader of the team as two Spartans exit the Pelican following the female Spartan, "while Dan and Mark will follow me."

    "Got it Blade," replies the female Spartan over the comms as her small group disappears in the distance, "we have our patrol route mapped out."

    Blade, Dan, and Mark crouch down as they leave the dropship behind them. As they come to a gray building they notice the burning purple hull of a covenant Phantom.

    "I hope nobody survived that crash," remarks Blade as the familiar shape of a cloaked being watches from a distance, "judging by how it crashed I doubt anyone survived."

    "Josh to BLade," remarks a voice over the comms as gunfire can be heard in the background, "we are being shot at I repeat we . . ."

    "Josh," replies Blade as the comms go silent, "are you there?"

    "Jack to Blade," comments Jack over the comms as the gunfire continues, "moving to your location, Josh is down and you need to get out of there now, I mean . . ."

    As the comms go silent again Blade begins to worry about his team's safety.

    "We need to move now," comments Blade as he turns to see Dan lying in a pool of his own blood, "Mark we need to move now."

    "I agree Blade," replies Mark as he and Blade prepare to leave, "we are being hunted by an unknown source, and it looks like it just go . . ."

    As Mark stops talking Blade turns around to find a blood red energy sword impaling Mark through the chest. On the other end of the energy sword is a Sangheili clad in pitch black Spec Ops armor.

    "Today you will die," remarks the Elite as Allison appears over a hill, "today both of you will die."

    Blade watches in horror as a second Spec Ops Elite decloaks and impales Allison in the back with his own blood red energy sword."

    As the first Elite lunges Blade finds himself in a dimly lit room breathing heavily.

    "It was just a nightmare," comments Blade as he continues to look around, "yet it seemed so real."

    Chapter 20: Gauntlet

    The next day Blade wakes up to two O.N.I officers standing next to him.

    "What do you want?" asks Blade as he grabs his helmet and puts it on.

    "Follow us now," replies the lead O.N.I agent as Blade climbs out of his bed, "you are needed in the weapons room."

    As Blade followed the O.N.I agents he encountered a Spartan in Blue and Red Mjolnir armor complete with a recon helmet.

    "Hello" remarks the Spartan as Blade angrily walks by.

    "Just get me to the weapons room," comments Blade as the trio arrives at a large door, "I want to know why I am needed there."

    The door opens to reveal a massive armory with a table in the center. Resting on the table happen to be two modified Mjolnir gauntlets and one holo chip. Blade walks up to the table, grabs the holo chip, and activates the effect as blue holographic fire begins to surround his helmet.

    "Blue flames," remarks Blade as he smirks beneath his helmet, "I only asked for holographic flames but you guys over did things here."

    "It was the only type we had left," replies a third O.N.I agent as he steps out from behind some crates, "now equip the gauntlets, they will fit right over your normal ones."

    "Got it," replies Blade as he picks up the gauntlets and equips them, "now what?"

    "Activate them," comments the O.N.I agent as targets pop up, "time to test them out."

    "Blaze," announces Blade as a holographic velociraptor appears, "deactivate code words and allow the blades to activate when my hands are closed tightly as if gripping a sword."

    "Got it," replies Blaze as he disappears, "complete."

    As Blade forms a fist with his hands two blades spring from their resting spot glowing as if they were mini energy swords.

    "I like," comments Blade as he slides under the first target and slices right through it, "dangerous and destructive, just as my team should be."

    As Blade turns to the second target he jumps behind it and turns around, slashing the target in half. Before he can attack the third target the O.N.I agents deactivate the targets.

    "That was an adequate test," remarks the lead agent as Blade angrily glares at them, "a very good one at that."

    "I disagree," replies Blade as he grabs the agent by the collar of their armor, "I disagree so much that you have just made me angry."

    "I am sorry," replies the agent as he and his men lead Blade out of the room, "but the weapon system is completely operational."

    "I disagree," replies a voice in Blade's helmet as Blade angrily follows the O.N.I agents, "readings are showing that the weapon system is not at full capacity."

    "I disagree with you agent Blaze," replies the agent as he reveals that Blaze is technically an O.N.I agent, "and if you undermine me again I will make sure you get shut down."

    "Can it," remarks Blaze as Blade smirks beneath his helmet, "I outrank you anyway so you listen to me agent Death."

    "Wait," comments Blade as he stares at Death in confusion, "are you telling me that you outrank that guy?"

    "Yes I am," replies Blaze as Blade activates his energy blade gauntlets, "normally I would not approve of what you are about to do to him but in this case do your worst because he will survive it anyway."

    Blade grins beneath his helmet as he grabs Death by the neck and plunges his energy blade into Death's chest.

    "You do realize that you can get arrested for this right?" asks Death as Blade pulls his bloody energy blade out of Death's chest.

    "Not really," replies Blade as he leaves Death lying in a puddle of his own blood, "I was given permission by your superior, by the way that was a very satisfying test."

    Chapter 21: Briefing

    >>>Open Files [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter Code Word
    >>>Code Word: O.N.I
    >>>Access Granted

    Date: January 30th, 2535
    Time: 1200 hours
    Location: O.N.I HQ New Mombasa

    O.N.I has recieved intelligence that the Covenant are planning to attack the planet of Jericho VII. This piece of intelligence cam in after the battle of Arcadia in which it was reported that covenant forces were moving in the general direction of Jericho VII. Raptor Squad is being sent in as a black operations unit to covertly assist allied units.

    First objective: Enforce Cole protocol and purge all data of Earth and the inner colonies from communication relays

    Second objective: Meet up with secondary black ops team to perform torch and burn ops in any base as well as enforce the cole protocol

    Third objective: recon operation against the covenant and attempt to discover bases for a later attack

    Fourth objective: Exfil back to ship V.I.A Pelican and prepare for random slipspace jump

    If any problems occur during any of these objectives then the mission will go to plan B which will require completion of at least the first objective of plan A.

    Second objective (third if the first two are completed): Link up with any friendly forces in the area and secure a landing zone for the evacuation of friendly units and civilians

    Third objective (fourth if the first two objectives are completed): Hold landing zone for transport

    Fourth (fifth as per above rule) objective: Exfil V.I.A Pelican dropship back to ship and await random slipspace jump.

    >>>Close Files [Y/N]?
    >>>Files closed

    "Good job Blaze," comments Blade as he looks at Raptor Squad sitting in front of him, "We know the mission, now get ready."

    "Sir yes sir," replies Raptor Squad as they began to exit the room, "Raptors lead the way."

    Chapter 22: Jericho VII 2/04/2535

    A single pitch black Pelican dropship descends from the blue skies of Jericho VII carrying eight ODSTs and one Spartan-II. These soldiers are being deployed on a black operations mission to enforce the cole protocol at abandoned communications relays and bases in order to prevent the Covenant from discovering Earth.

    "Three minutes," remarks a disembodied voice in the Spartans helmet, "get ready for combat."

    "First objective has begun," announces Blade as he grabs his MA37 ICWS, "Vulture you have the M41 SSR, Hawk and Eagle will provide air support, Velo will detach the M247H Heavy Machine Gun from its stand, Harpy gets the shotgun, Falcon will handle purging databases so he gets a BR85HB SR plus a M392 DMR, Osprey is back on the ship in case the Pelican gets damaged, and Utah being the marksman of the team gets a M392 DMR and a SRS99AM."

    "Time to blow stuff up," remarks Vulture as he grabs the rocket launcher, "time to fire a rocket at them."

    "Air support ready," comments Hawk over the comms as the Pelican lands, "ready to deploy?"

    "Heavy gunner ready," announces Velo as he detaches the heavy machine gun from its stand, "I am locked and loaded."

    "Shotgun ready," remarks Harpy as she grabs extra clips, "ready to protect Falcon at any costs."

    "Falcon reporting," comments Falcon as he grabs the weapons given to him, "so I am given the weapons of a marksman?"

    "Mechanic on standby," announces Osprey over the comms, "repair bay on standby."

    "Marksman ready," remarks Utah as he switches from his DMR to his sniper rifle, "just find me a sutible sniper spot."

    "We are ready," announces Blade as he and his team exit the Pelican, "Hawk, Eagle, just be careful."

    "We will sir," replies Eagle over the comms as Blade leads his team into a tunnel, "good thing that road has not traffic right now."

    "With the covenant threatening the planet there really is no need for traffic," announces Blade as Utah drops to a crawl and scopes in using his sniper, "Utah what do you see?"

    "Nothing," replies Utah as he stands back up, "but we do know that the covenant sent advanced teams to this planet beforehand so we still need to be alert."

    "Why be alert when we can shake them up," replies Vulture as he taps his rocket launcher, "for all we know we could be wandering right into a covenant ambush and we could take most of them with one shot."

    "Quiet," orders Blade as he activates his armor's camo module, "I hear something."

    Blade quietly crawls around a nearby corner and peers over a ledge to find a small lance of covenant grunts lead by a single Sangheili Major. Meanwhile on a cloaked covenant super carrier a squad of Special Operations Sangheili and Special Operations Grunts board a giant Scarab to prepare for a drop.

    "I know that human is here," remarks the lead Sangheili as he climbs off of the Scarab, "you will make sure he dies today."

    "Got it sir," replies a second Sangheili as he walks to the control room of the large scarab, "I will make sure it is done."

    "The chains of fate need to be broken," comments the lead Sangheili as the high prophet of truth's hologram appears and begins to give a sermon, "otherwise I will not have any honor and thus the chains of fate prevent me from killing the human myself."

    As the Sangheili crew of the large Scarab prepare for their mission their comrades on the surface of Jericho VII are in danger as Utah quietly crawls into a sniper position and places the cross hairs of his sniper rifle on the forehead of the Sangheili Major.

    "Fire away Utah," announces Blade as the rest of Raptor squad unholster their magnums, "I said fire away."

    As Utah fires his sniper the rest of Raptor Squad open fire on the Grunts using the scope of their Magnums to hit the Grunts in the head.

    "Good job team," remarks Blade as he picks up a fully loaded plasma repeater and holsters it, "hey Vulture, there are some fuel rod guns over here, you might want them."

    "Yes sir," replies Vulture as he picks up one of the Fuel Rod guns and retrieves the ammo of the rest, "looks like I have extra ammo for this mission."

    "We should move," announces Utah over the comms as he keeps to the ledge, "if we follow this path we will reach the first comms relay soon."

    "I agree," replies Blade as he makes a quick motion with his hand, "Raptor Squad form up on me, Utah you can use that cliff for sniper support."

    Raptor Squad silently moves to their first target as Utah stealthily snipes Sangheili patrols in the area.

    "Looks like they could be expecting us," announces Utah over the comms as he scopes in on a covenant patrol guarding the comms relay, "in fact I am certain they are waiting for something."

    "I agree," replies Blade as he spies on the Covenant patrol with his binoculars, "they are waiting for something but I doubt it is us."

    "Why do you doubt it is us that they are waiting for?" asks Vulture as he waits for a chance to fight.

    "Because we are about to have company and it is big," replies Blade as his whole motion tracker turns red, "and it is about to land."

    Chapter 23: Beta Zulu Oscar (Banshee Zero One)

    Meanwhile two miles away from the combat zone a female Spartan clad in black O.N.I recon armor climbs to a prime sniping location as a giant Scarab lands in front of her sniper's recticule.

    "This is Raptor zero one," announces Blade over the comms as the Scarab announces its arrival by roaring, "we have a giant Scarab over here and we need help."

    "This is Beta Zulu Oscar," replies the Spartan as Raptor zero one announces his situation over the comms, "air support is not available at the moment, you will have to deal with the Scarab on your own."

    "Damn it Agent Banshee," remarks Raptor zero one over the comms as Agent Banshee denies his request for air support, "we have never seen a Scarab of this size before and it is only a matter of time before it notices us."

    "You could always climb it Raptor," replies Agent Banshee as she slides down the hill in order to approach the Scarab, "besides your team won't be alone for long."

    "Just hurry up and get over here," announces Blade over the comms as he angrily communicates with Agent Banshee, "wait what did she say?"

    Meanwhile two miles away Harpy and Vulture are trying to get Blade to focus on the mission as he had frozen up after Agent Banshee's Raptor remark.

    "What is wrong with him?" asks Utah over the comms as he remains hidden.

    "I do not know," replies Vulture as Velo begins to climb the Scarab's legs, "he froze up after Agent Banshee said Raptor."

    "Ok team up the scarab," announces Blade as he unfreezes, "anyone know what happened to me?"

    >>>Blaze note: Data retrieval error, attempting reboot. Reboot failed (code for not completed)

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    >>> Lost chapters

    Lost Chapter 1: Cipher's mission

    As he watches his friend Jei 'Ehtutee leave on a mission a Spartan wearing black and red hayabusa styled armor begins to walk back to his quarters as a female ODST wearing standard issue Recon armor approaches him. The Spartan nods knowing who the ODST is and what she wants. Behind this ODST happens to be two Spartans in heavily weaponized emerald green mjolnir ODST armor, each holding a three month old baby in their arms.

    "Cipher," comments the female ODST as the two Spartans behind her calmly approach the two of them, "your parents are here."

    "So I see," replies Cipher as his parents glare at him through their blue visors, "let me guess, you do not want me to assist Jei 'Ehtutee and the 50th Sangheili Rangers division on their mission?"

    "Exactly," responds the female ODST as she grasps Cipher's hand, "you promised that you would not go on any missions for nine months to make up for the time you missed during my pregnancy."

    "I know Alaina," replies Cipher as he embraces his wife, "but I have a feeling that I have to go on this mission."

    "Cipher," comments Cipher's father as he hands his granddaughter to Alaina, "I should go instead."

    "Blade," announces Cipher's mother as she tickles her grandson's feet, "Cipher is better at being stealthy than you or I, we would rush in and trash anyone who got in the way."

    "I know Allison," comments Blade as the small group enters the hanger bay of the UNSC Black's Vengence, "he would be better suited to helping them if needed."

    "Alaina," remarks Cipher as Alaina sighs beneath her helmet, "when I get back you can be mad at me then, but I have to go on this mission."

    "I understand," replies Alaina as Cipher begins to hop into a stealth hornet, "we talk about it when you return."

    Cipher nods as his hornet starts up knowing that he will return to a very angry wife. Activating the stealth hornet's active camo Cipher takes off in pursuit of the Pelicans and Phantoms transporting the 50th SRD to Aokigahara in Tokyo, Japan.

    Lost Chapter 2: Stealth Wasps

    Fifteen black angled hornets leave the UNSC Black's Vengence under the clear blue sky over the dark blue waters of the ocean. This is the first flight of the new squadron of the demon brigade known as the Stealth Wasps who fly the new AV-14S Stealth Hornet. Flying the lead hornet is a Spartan wearing red and black Hayabusa armor with a female ODST wearing standard issue Recon riding co-pilot.

    "Stealth Wasp one to UNSC Raptor's Edge," comments the Spartan as he speaks over the coms, "requesting a Banshee squadron strike as well as Sabre strike."

    "Stealth Wasp one this is UNSC Raptor's Edge," replies a Sangheili voice over the comms as the Hornets near the target area, "we can send Banshees but our Sabres are still getting their refit for atmosphere, maybe the UNSC Hell From Above has some that you can use."

    "Got it," responds the Spartan as his hornets circle the perimeter of the target area, "Alaina, can you request that for us?"

    "Yes I can Cipher," replies the female ODST in the second seat of the Hornet, "Stealth Wasp one to UNSC Hell From Above, we need a Sabre strike to help with the Banshee strike, can you send some to assist?"

    "UNSC Hell From above to Wasp one," replies the voice of Cipher's father-in-law, Zachary Crabtree, over the coms, "we have Sabres capable of assisting and we are sending them to assist the strike."

    "Thank you dad," remarks Alaina as she smiles beneath her helmet, "Admiral Leon is watching the twins, apparently he is very nervous about it much to Cipher's amusement, I honestly hope this exercise is over soon so I can get back to them."

    Cipher and Alaina watch as six banshees and six Sabres unleash all their weapons on simulated anti-air and radar structures. As the Banshees and Sabres return to their respective ships the Hornets of the Stealth Wasp squadron descend as low as they can without touching the water. Checking his weapon status Cipher taps his Tac-Pad in order to give commands.

    "Good job pilots," announces Cipher as he thanks the pilots who initiated a strike to help the Stealth Wasps, "Stealth Wasps, attack."

    Multiple missiles, bullets, gauss rounds and blue chin mounted M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle shots fly towards simulated enemy troops. Watching the explosions from above Cipher smiles beneath his helmet.

    "Good job pilots," announces Cipher as his squadron begins to fly back to base, "the exercise was a success."

    Lost Chapter 3: Turkey

    Location: UNSC Raptor's Edge dining hall
    Date: Turkey day (Thanksgiving) 25xx

    Two Spartans, one male and the other female, wearing emerald green Mjolnir ODST armor with blue visors enter the dimly lit dining hall of the UNSC Raptor's Edge. Following the two Spartans is a female ODST wearing standard issue ODST Recon armor and a male Spartan wearing Red and Black Hayabusa scorpion armor. Following these two is a male ODST wearing standard ODST gear and another female ODST also wearing standard ODST gear.

    "Guess you two could make it," announces the older male Spartan as he glances towards the two ODSTs that came in together, "I hope our ship does not make you feel too uncomfortable."

    "Blade," replies the male ODST as the group begins to sit down at a table as spec ops Sangheili work to set the table and turn on lights, "this day comes but once a year just like Christmas and it is a time for family to get together."

    The male ODST removes his helmet revealing black hair and numerous scars on his face. The older female ODST also removes her helmet revealing brown hair and green eyes. Blade and the female Spartan remove their helmets revealing brown hair, blue eyes, and white faces. The younger spartan follows suit, removing his helmet, revealing brown hair, blue eyes, and a pale white face. The younger female ODST also removes her helmet, revealing short brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and white skin.

    "Yes I know that Crabtree," replies Blade as he sets his helmet on the ground as a spec-ops Elite gathers the helmets and places them on a nearby shelf, "I told them that they did not have to do things for us."

    "We do this because we want to," replies the spec-ops Elite as he walks up to the younger male Spartan and grabs his helmet as well as the younger female ODST's helmet, "hello Cipher and Alaina, hope you have a good feast."

    "We will try," responds the younger male Spartan as he holds the hand of the younger female ODST, "hopefully my father and father-in-law can get along, they don't really see eye to eye on certain things."

    "They disagree on how to handle a mission," comments the younger female ODST as she kisses Cipher on the cheek, "my father-in-law likes to go in guns blazing and my father likes to go in quiet."

    "I can not argue with that," comments the oldest ODST as she eyes the main dish being carried by Sangheili Rangers in gold armor, "is that thorn beast?"

    "Yes Melissa that is thorn beast," replies Zachary Crabtree as he looks at dish in confusion, "I thought this was supposed to be turkey."

    "It was supposed to be turkey," replies the female Spartan as she glares at Blade, "but our supplier didn't have any turkey isn't that right Blade?"

    "You are correct Allison," responds Blade as he cringes in fear of the glare from Allison, "damn it John, you and your thorn beast addiction, jackass."

    Cipher begins to laugh at the comment as the Sangheili leave the room,. Following Cipher in the laughter is Alaina and her parents untli the whole group is laughing at once.

    "Let's dig in," comments Cipher as he stops laughing, "no need for prayer since being with family is basically what matters."

    The group begins to eat their food as they finish laughing. After a couple hours of sitting around and talking Alaina and Cipher stand up together.

    "Alaina and I would like to make an announcement," comments Cipher as Alaina smiles at him, "Alaina, would you like to make the announcement?"

    "Yes I would like to make the announcement," replies Alaina as she holds Cipher's hand, "I have already told Cipher this but I decided to wait until to day to tell you this, I am pregnant."

    Zachary Crabtree and Melissa Crabtree stand up and walk to their daughter with tears rolling down their eyes. Blade and Allison also walk to their child and give him a hug.

    "You should have told us earlier," comments Zachary Crabtree as he hugs his daughter, "I am proud of you anyway."

    "I am too," comments Melissa Crabtree as she continues to cry, "I am too."

    "We are happy," comments Blade as he hugs Cipher, "I hope you two have a good life."

    "I wonder what the kid or kids will be like," announces Allison as she also hugs her son, "seriously I really do wonder about that."

    Lost Chapter 4: Operation Shower part one

    >>>Open file [Y/N]?
    >>>Enter code word
    >>>Codeword: Operation Shower
    >>>Access: Granted

    Mission name: Operation Shower

    Mission briefing: Invitation to Cipher and Alaina's private home for a baby shower

    Date: December 1st 2571
    Time: 4 P.M to 6 P.M

    Recipients of invitation:
    Allison Stryker
    Melissa Crabtree
    Morgan Phillips
    Naomi Harlowe
    Cathrine Halsey
    Dr. Bailey
    Madeline Ramirez
    Kathrine Silva

    Equipment needed: Gifts

    >>>Send to each recipient [Y/N]?
    >>>Invitation sent
    >>>Have a good day Alaina
    >>>Transmission terminated

    As Alaina turns around after turning off the computer she lays down on her bed with her husband Cipher who gives her a kiss on the cheek in their dimly lit room.

    Lost Chapter 5: Operation Shower Part 2

    One week after sending out invitations Alaina is surrounded by two female ODSTs and a female Spartan in full armor as if actually preparing to go on a mission. Her short brown hair and green eyes mark the beast physical features her husband, Cipher, likes about her. Placing her left hand on her stomach, which is beginning to show, Alaina smiles at the thought of motherhood.

    "Alaina," comments the female Spartan wearing emerald green mjolnir ODST armor as she sits next to Alaina, "why don't you walk around instead of sitting here and watching everyone talk?"

    "I don't know," replies Alaina as she begins to talk to her mother-in-law, "I honestly don't know."

    "So when did you and Cipher find out?" asks the oldest of the ODSTs present in the room.

    "Other than the night we concieved it was the best night ever," remarks Alaina as she blushes from the question, "I would rather not go into detail on it."

    "That is fine," comments the female ODST wearing a recon helmet, "it is best for you to keep the details to yourself."

    "So where is Cipher?" asks Allison as she looks around the room for her son.

    "Knowing him he is probably either on a mission or spending time with his father," comments Melissa Crabtree as she too sits next to Alaina, "though if he misses the birth of his offspring then there will be hell to raise if I know Alaina."

    "Got that right," announces Kathrine Silva, "not much of a party, too bad everyone else was busy, that is why none of us brought gifts because knowing you there is probably a back up date."

    As Kathrine Silva finishes her statement the door opens as tow male ODSTs followed by a male Spartan in emerald green mjolnir ODST armor enter the room. On the Spartan's back, unconcious, is a Spartan in red and black Hayabusa armor. Alaina begins to cry as she runs over to the Spartan in Hayabusa armor only to be stopped by the two ODSTs.

    "CIPHER," yells Alaina as she continues to cry as the Spartan in the ODST style armor sets the second Spartan down on the couch, "CIPHER PLEASE SAY SOMETHING!"

    "He is going to be ok," replies the male Spartan as he sits on a nearby chair, "he just got hurt a bit."

    "How did he get hurt?," asks Allison as she glares at the ODST Spartan, "Please answer me Blade."

    "It was the mission," answers Blade as he looks away in shame, "you can blame admiral Leon for it too."

    "Kid got his ass kicked," notes the younger of the male ODSTs as Blade pauses during his story, "got his ass kicked good."

    "Shut up Silva," comments the older male ODST as he smacks the younger one on the back of the head, "you will only make things worse."

    "Sorry," remarks Michael Silva as he rubs the back of his head, "whatever you say, Crabtree."

    "The mission was a combat training exercise," comments Blade as he glares angrily at Michael Silva, "I was his opponent, he wanted to fight me until he was knocked out and I agreed because he wouldn't let me go anywhere without accepting the challenge."

    "So you won?," asks Alaina as she sits down next to Cipher, tears streaking down her face, "I am worried for him right now."

    "Yes I won," replies Blade as he glances at Cipher who is beginning to wake up, "at first it was an even fight, but eventually his inexperience compared to my experience caught up to him and he fought till he couldn't take anymore."

    Cipher finally wakes up fully as Blade finishes his story. Looking around he finally sees Alaina sitting next to him and places his right hand on her stomach.

    "I can't believe I got my ass kicked by the old man," comments Cipher as he continues to look around, "not much of a party is it Alaina?"

    "Don't scare me like that again," comments Alaina as she starts to cry, "the party is being moved to a later date."

    "I see," remarks Cipher as he begins to stand, "can you guys leave Alaina and I alone for a bit?"

    Nodding, the guests begin to leave as Cipher and Alaina begin to walk to their room together.

    Lost Chapter 6: Operation Shower Part 3

    A Spartan wearing black and red hayabusa armor walks out a door as a female ODST in civilian clothing sits on a nearby couch surrounded by female ODSTs, Spartans, and two female doctors. It has been three weeks since the last attempt to host a party.

    "Cipher," comments the unarmored ODST as she watches her husband exit the building, "be careful."

    "So where is Cipher going?" asks a female Spartan wearing emerald green ODST gear, "he is not scheduled to go on a mission today."

    "He isn't," replies the unarmored ODST as a female ODST with the name Crabtree stitched into her shoulder pad approaches, "remember when Cipher and I got married and the next day some guy wanted to kill him because said guy was in love with me and royally pissed that Cipher married me?"

    "Yes I do remember that," remarks the female ODST as she sits next to the younger ODST, "Alaina, everyone here has a gun, the guys have guns, do you honestly think that one regular human can take on a whole bunch of trained Spartans and ODSTs?"

    "No I do not think he could take them on," replies Alaina as she walks to the fridge to get something to eat, "Cipher just didn't want to kill him because we all know he could have torn that guy's arms off easily."

    "But he couldn't cover every entry and exit point," announces a mysterious voice as Alaina returns to the room, "you will be mine whether you like it or not."

    "Get me out of here," remarks Alaina as she heads for a nearby door, "get me out of here now."

    "I know where you are," replies the mysterious voice which causes Alaina to turn around, "you can't get away that easily."

    As Alaina exits the living room once more the front door is kicked in as a Spartan clad in red and black Hayabusa Mjolnir armor enters the lodge followed by a male Spartan clad in emerald green mjolnir ODST armor.

    "The lady said to stay away from her months ago," remarks the smaller Spartan as he looks around the living room, "show yourself coward, this time I won't hold back."

    "A Spartan should not marry an ODST," replies the mysterious voice as an ODST decloaks in the center of the living room, "you are not human, you are not even a soldier, you are nothing but a freak."

    "Tell me who you are," demands the young Spartan as the others in the room draw their weapons on the new arrival, "I said tell me who you are."

    "I deserve much more than you do freak," replies the ODST as Alaina appears with a magnum in hand, "I also want revenge for what you and your father do to my father."

    "I guess that makes you Prick Deathson right?," asks the young Spartan as he walks over to Alaina, "too bad you now get acquainted with Cipher the son of Blade."

    With extreme reflexes Cipher takes the pistol out of Alaina's hand, rushes at his opponent, and grabs him.

    "Your mistake was coming here," announces Cipher as his opponent struggles to free himself, "unlike your father I bet you can die."

    "No," replies Cipher's opponent as Cipher brings the magnum to his head, "please don't kill me."

    "Too late for forgiveness," remarks Cipher as he pulls the trigger of the magnum.

    Satisfied that the threat is gone Cipher returns to Alaina's side as she returns to her seat.

    Lost Chapter 7: YS-1000 B Sabre

    Three Covenant Separatist Space Banshees fly in formation as a covenant loyalist Space Banshee Squadron attacks the trio. Meanwhile in the command room of the UNSC Black's Vengence Cipher watches the recording of the attack on the separatist Banshees.

    "So what do we do?" asks Cipher as a silver armored Sangheili gets up from his seat.

    "I have contacted you because of the experimental second version of the Sabre," replies the Sangheili as he shows Cipher the image of a YS-1000 Sabre, "I know it looks a bit different than the Sabre you are used to but that is because it is the laser and plasma variant."

    "So what does that have to do with me?" asks Cipher as the Sangheili lays a document on the desk in front of him.

    "Your orders are to go on patrol with a squadron and hunt these banshees down," answers the Sangheili as he prepares to leave, "I have contacted your superior officer, your family, and your friends, I have faith that you will not fail this mission."

    "I understand Arbiter," remarks Cipher as he begins to head to the hanger bay, "too bad you picked one of the worst times to select me for a mission."

    Arriving at the hanger bay of the UNSC Black's Vengence Cipher immediately notices a Sabre with a different design parked next to five other Sabres with similar designs.

    "Sabre units get ready," announces a familiar voice over the comms as Cipher hops into the Sabre closest to him, "good luck with the hunt, we also believe the enemy has a new supercarrier that we call the Bismarck."

    "Sabres ready for combat," announces Cipher as his H.U.D is updated to his current mission, "so when do we hunt the Bismarck?"

    "That will be your next mission soldier," replies the mission commander as the Sabres are equipped for combat, "until then do not engage the Bismarck."

    "Got it sir," remarks Cipher as the Sabres launch into the pitch black of space, "if we see it we initiate a tactical retreat."

    "That would be a good idea," announces mission command as the sabres disappear from the view of the ship, "but the point is to attack the Bismarck if you encounter it during the mission as you will probably be shot down if you don't."

    "So the point is to disobey orders if we encounter it?," asks Cipher as the Sabres begin their patrol route, "Kinda defeats the purpose of giving us orders."

    "No it does not," replies the mission commander as the Sabre squadron reaches its target location, "do you see anything yet?"

    Before Cipher can answer an enormous purple covenant ship pops out of slipspace, launching multiple Banshee space fighters.

    "The Bismarck," announces Cipher as the Sabre Squadron turns around, "performing tactical retreat, the Banshees that ambushed the ones on patrol must have come from that ship."

    "You can't take it on with the Banshees swarming you," replies the mission commander as the Sabres enter slipspace, "be careful in your return to ship."

    Chapter 8: Hunt the Bismarck

    As the Sabre squadron docks with the UNSC Black's Vengence a large UNSC supercarrier exits slipspace nearby.

    "This is Captain Edward Smith or the UNSC," comments the captain of the supercarrier as a UNSC battlecruiser and a UNSC battleship exit slipspace behind it, "my ship is to give yours some backup while you hunt the Bismarck."

    "It will be a honor to battle alongside you," replies Admiral Leon as the four ships begin a slipspace jump, "UNSC Hood and UNSC Prince of Wales, the UNSC Ark Royal and UNSC Dorsetshire will meet us when we exit slipspace."

    "Got it," replies the captain of the supercarrier as the four ships enter slispace, "but what of the Raptor's Edge and the other ship of your battle group?"

    "They are not always nearby" replies Admiral Leon as the supercarrier, the UNSC Hood, the UNSC Prince of Wales, and the UNSC Black's Vengence stay close together, "when the Bismarck meets a six ship battle group then it will meet its demise."

    After ten hours the four ships exit slipspace to be greeted by two more UNSC battleships.

    >>> Data corrupted

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

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    >>>Raptor Squad Origins remake trailer

    A few months ago a thread changed the way we write fanfiction. A few months ago this group introduced a new place for creativity to flow and delivered many fanfictions. That was a few months ago and this is now.

    The story of the months, remade and remastered like you have never seen it before. Combined with an updated writing style and more chapters complete with updated personalities. Raptor Squad origins remade.

    Coming 2012.

    >>>Blaze Note: Based on the Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary trailer apparently, whatever that is.

    >>>Jorge's toughest day

    "Damn it," remarks a Spartan in orange armor carrying a machine gun turret, "I need a real challenge, one that does not involve Cipher and Alaina."

    The Spartan thinks back to his toughest day ever in which he is talking to a Spartan in red and blue armor with a black visored recon helmet.

    "Jorge we are going to have two guests today," comments the second Spartan as he begins to leave, "make sure they do not get into too much trouble."

    "You have my word Blaine," replies Jorge as a male Spartan wearing black and red hayabusa armor enters the club followed by a female ODST wearing standard recon armor, "aw -blam!-, not Cipher, wait, who is he with?"

    "Want a piece of me old man?" asks Cipher as he glares at Jorge beneath his helmet.

    "No thanks," replies Jorge as the duo approach, "besides your father would literally kill me but I am not afraid of him, I am afraid of what your mother would do."

    "She would t-bag your dead body," replies Cipher as he removes his helmet revealing brown hair, cold blue eyes, and white skin, "she would probably do so nude if she wanted to."

    "So," comments Jorge as he motions to the ODST, "who is the lucky lady?"

    "Her name is Alaina," Replies Cipher as the female ODST walks over to a counter and sits down, "we met during battle."

    "Well it says hear not to let you two drink alcohol," remarks Jorge as he looks at the list of what he should not allow Cipher and Alaina to do, "also says not to let you two be alone in a room together."

    Jorge turns around to find Cipher and Alaina already sipping a glass of wine each.

    "Oh come on," comments Jorge as he crosses the first part off the list in annoyance, "they have not been here for but ten minutes and I already failed one item on this list and I have to use the restroom."

    Jorge quickly uses the restroom only to find Cipher and Alaina gone when he returns.

    "Ok where did those too go?" wonders Jorge as he searches for the two.

    Jorge then turns his attention to the supply closet as he hears strange noises coming from it.

    "Legrosszabb napja meg," comments Jorge in Hungarian as his right eye twitches beneath his visor, "minden idok."

    notes: Feel free to laugh and feel free to translate that last comment by Jorge.

    >>Blaze Note: A humorous scenario indeed.

    >>>Legendary six teaser

    seventeen warthogs roll across the mojave desert on Earth towards an insurrectionist base in order to save a legendary Elite. Manning these warthogs are the fifty-one gold armored Sangheili Rangers of the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division led by Jei 'Ehtutee. Their mission is to prevent the insurrectionists from starting another war with the Sangheili. Six of these young Sangheili will face their pasts as they find out about the truth of their bloodlines and their heritage.

    >>>Blaze Note: Part of this is the first chapter of the story involved.

    >>>Demon Brigade: Rise of the Demon Lord

    Prologue: The Birth of The Demon Lord

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: About six months after the battle for the Ark
    >>>Location: O.N.I hospital, room 0 (the room that no one but Spartans or O.N.I are allowed in)
    >>>Time: zero hundred hours

    A stretcher with a female on it enters the room.

    Female: Ah

    O.N.I doctor: Don't worry Spartan-094, take deep breaths

    Allison: I feel like I am giving birth to an elephant

    O.N.I doctor: Take deep breaths, everything will be ok

    Allison-094 falls asleep and wakes up a few hours later to a newborn crying in her arms.

    O.N.I doctor: Congrats on the birth

    Allison: Thanks, but bring my husband in here

    O.N.I doctor: You need to rest first

    Allison: I WANT MY HUSBAND!

    The doctor leaves and returns a minute later with Blade Raptor.

    O.N.I doctor: So is this the father?

    Allison: Yes he is, and I love his very much

    The doctor turns to Blade Raptor.

    O.N.I Doctor: First name?

    Blade Raptor: Raptor

    O.N.I Doctor: Last name?

    Blade Raptor: If I told you I would have to kill you

    The doctor walks to the other person in the room

    O.N.I Doctor: First name?

    Allison: Allison

    O.N.I Doctor: Last name?

    Allison-094: If I told you I would also have to kill you

    O.N.I Doctor: Ok what do you wish to name the child?

    Blade Raptor: Cipher

    Allison: Cipher sounds nice

    Doctor: Ok

    The Doctor leaves as Blade Raptor walks up to his wife who is holding their infant son in her arms

    Blade Raptor: How do you feel?

    Allison: Like I gave birth to an elephant, I love you

    Blade Raptor gives his wife a kiss on the cheek as she falls asleep for the night.

    Blade Raptor: I love you too

    Blade Raptor falls asleep in the chair next to her as the O.N.I doctors place the newborn in a special crib.

    >>>End transmission

    Chapter 1: Arrival to Sanghelios

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: About 19 years after the battle for the ark, three hours after disappearance of two Elite Squads
    >>>Location: UNSC Black's Vengance
    >>>Time: zero hundred hours

    A spartan and his commanding officer peer out of the window of their command ship. The commanding officer of the ship wears a brown trenchcoat, an eyepatch, black pants, and a black longsleeve shirt while the Spartan wears black and red Hayabusa styled Mjolnir armor with scorpion carvings on it. The ship's commander, unlike his Spartan friend, does not wear a helmet, his scorpion tattoo and the x shaped scar on the right side of his face are the marks of a warrior.

    comms officer: We are approaching Sanghelios sir

    Commanding officer: Good, Cipher debrief Galm Team, we deploy as soon as we land

    Cipher: Sir yes sir admiral O'riley


    Not wanting to anger his commanding officer any further Cipher walks to the briefing room of Galm team, one of many teams of the demon brigade led by Admiral Leon O'riley, the son of Crus the one man army of genocide. As he reaches the debriefing room he finds the rest of Galm team awaiting him.

    Galm 2: Cipher, sir, awaiting debriefing

    Cipher: As you all know three hours ago contact with two squads of rookie Sangheili was lost, we are to link up with the rest of demon brigade and assist Raptor squad investigate the disappearance of the squad

    Galm 3: So what are our orders if we do not find them alive

    Cipher: If we do not find them alive all forces will be put on alert level red as their disappearance means that we have an unknown enemy

    Galm 3: So what if we do not find them at all?

    Cipher: If we do not find them at all I am going to have to guess that all forces will still be put on alert level red as a security measure

    Galm 4, a war chieftain ranked Brute gets up and grabs his gravity hammer in order to prepare for the mission.

    Galm 4: If we do go to war with a mysterious enemy I will be ready to fight them and bash in their skulls with my hammer

    Galm 5, a field marshal class Elite whose armor is pitch black with red war paint on it sighs as his Brute team mate roars in preparation.

    Galm 5: Calm down, we do not know if we are going to fight anything yet

    Cipher: That is correct, we need to remain calm until we know what has happened, if we have to go into battle we will

    The ships coms turn on with a screech causing Galm team to flinch.

    Galm 3: They really need to fix that

    Adm. Leon (on coms): Galm team meet me at the drop bay, we have arrived at Sanghelios, remember no killing eachother on the way down

    Galm team heads for the drop bay as Cipher smirks at the announcement.

    Cipher: As sarcastic as ever before a combat op

    >>>End Transmission

    Chapter 2: The return of Blaze

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: About four hours after contact with Elite Squads were lost
    >>>Location: drop pods headed into atmosphere above Sanghelios
    >>>Time: zero one hundred hours

    Adm. Leon (on coms): Ok Galm team, the other teams have arrived and now we drop, since this is an investigation O.N.I has ordered me to sit this on out, I am not a big fan of following that type of order so I am not listening to them, they can't demote me otherwise they would be dead by now

    Cipher: You heard the admiral, drop is green, I repeat we are green and very very mean

    Raptor Squad member (on coms): This is dave speaking, Raptor Squad has deployed and is waiting at the meeting spot

    Cipher: Permission to speak for you sir?

    Adm. Leon (on coms): Permission granted

    Cipher: Dave, this is Cipher of the demon brigade, we got your message and we are about to have a hard landing right next to you

    Adm. Leon (on coms): Wait, what was that about the hard landing right next to them?

    Galm team's drop pods land on the surface of sanghelios as admiral Leon finishes his question.

    Cipher: That hard landing

    Adm. Leon (on coms): We are off course

    Cipher: At least we landed at the meeting spot

    The doors of the drop pods open up as Admiral Leon grabs his two six foot long katanas.

    Dave: Glad to see you guys are ok, the rest of the demon brigade has been waiting for two hours for you guys

    Cipher: Shut up

    Adm. Leon: Cipher, he could be a higher rank than you

    The rest of raptor Squad led by two ODST Spartans appear from the brush.

    Hawk: We have done some advanced scouting

    Harpy: We could not find anything

    Vulture: Even I did not have a chance to blow -blam!- up

    Blade Raptor: Welcome Galm Team

    Allison: Greetings

    Eagle: salutations

    Osprey: indeed

    Falcon: welcome admiral

    Utah: an admiral? here?

    Velo: admiral Leon is not a typical admiral

    Death: Yay I am the meat shield, again

    Adm. Leon: Indeed I am not a typical admiral, I am the leader of the demon brigade, my second in command is the Spartan behind me, soldier introduce yourself

    Cipher: Gladly

    Cipher grabs Death by the collar and brutalizes Death by bending Death's bones in abnormal ways.

    Adm. Leon: I did not mean introduce yourself that way, oh well, everyone hates that guy anyway

    Cipher: Sorry sir, greetings Raptor Squad, I am Cipher, second in command of the demon brigade, Galm team is the highest ranked team of the demon brigade

    Blade Raptor: You did not have to tell me who you are

    Allison: Same here, we have something for you

    Blade Raptor gets a small chip out of his helmet and hands it to Cipher.

    Cipher: What is this?

    Blade Raptor: Put it in your helmet's A.I slot

    Cipher puts the chip in his helmet's A.I slot.

    Blade Raptor: Blaze, you awake?

    A holographic Velociraptor appears next to Cipher.

    >>>Yes I am awake, just woke up as a matter of fact

    Allison: Good, Cipher has been entrusted with you, don't let him get hurt

    >>>I know that was sarcasm because you raised him as a warrior

    >>>End transmission

    Chapter 3: Discovery

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: one hour into the mission
    >>>Location: Forest on Sanghelios, 'Chavam province, home of the Fal 'Chavamee training center
    >>>Time: zero two hundred hours

    Cipher and a cloaked field marshal class Elite who decloaks revealing his gold armor and purple war paint made to look like blood splatter from another Elite on it.

    >>>Hello Onmo 'Ehtutee

    Onmo: Hello Blaze, I am guessing that this is Cipher, I have not seen him since he was at least a year old

    >>>That would be correct

    Cipher (hailing Adm. Leon): Onom 'Ehtutee and I are closing in on the last known location of the first squad

    Adm. Leon (on coms): Good, your father and I are approaching the other squad's last known location, at the first sign of trouble the others will be alerted by Blaze


    Blade Raptor (on coms): You heard that, be prepared for anything

    Onmo 'Ehtutee and Cipher reach the last known location of the first squad and find nothing.

    Cipher: There is nothing here except moss

    Onmo 'Ehtutee: Permission to continue searching deeper into the forest?

    Adm. Leon (On coms): permission granted

    Cipher and Onmo 'Ehtutee continue their search until they come across a strange yellow moss like substance which Cipher believes to be yellow moss, a natural species of moss that grows on Sangheilios.

    Cipher: Yellow moss, may look like flood moss but it isn't

    Onmo 'Ehtutee: No, yellow moss should not be in this forest, maybe where the squads went missing but not this deep into the forest, not this close to the monument honoring Fal 'Chavamee

    Cipher: What do you mean?

    Onmo 'Ehtutee collects a sample of the moss like substance in a vial.

    Onmo 'Ehtutee: Blaze, scan this sample


    Blaze scans the moss like substance and Onmo 'Ehtutee's face twists in fear as he reads the results.

    Onmo 'Ehtutee: Tell Cipher the results of the scan

    >>>Gladly, the scan for yellow moss was negative but instead the results said flood moss

    Cipher: The flood? On Sangheilios?

    Just as Cipher finishes his question three flood combat forms appear but are immediately destroyed by a cloaked Elite minor with a particle beam rifle.

    cloaked Elite: thank goodness, most of my squad is dead, the rest of us are busy planning to destroy the hive of these creatures

    The Elite decloaks to reveal a fresh scar on his face from a recent battle.

    Cipher: How did you survive?

    Elite minor: Cloaked human ship, and a female ODST on that ship, she knew we needed help so the ship decided to help

    >>>Transmission ended

    chapter 4: unlikely allies

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: one hour into the mission
    >>>Location: Forest on Sanghelios, 'Chavam province, home of the Fal 'Chavamee training center
    >>>Time: zero two hundred hours

    Elite minor: Follow me

    Leon (on coms): My hornet has found a moving beacon, I am prepared to jump off the hornet legs if needed

    Onmo 'Ehtutee: name?

    Jei (on coms): Jei 'Ehtutee come in, I repeat come in

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Yes sensei? I just finally re-established contact with you guys

    Jei (on coms): Good, we were worried, where are the others?

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Fighting the flood

    >>>I can vouch for that, we are nearing the sounds of gunfire

    Leon (on coms): Did that Elite just say the flood? Hold on headed that way

    female voice (on coms): Wait, half of the flood members are fighting the rest of the flood? Why would they do that?

    Cipher's group reaches the battle field where ODSTs and Elites are fending off the flood along side flood who have somehow decided to ally with humanity and the covenant separatists.

    male ODST (with disdain in his voice): Hey Crabtree looks like reinforcements have arrived

    The lead ODST a female approaches Cipher and his group as Leon drops in from a hornet wielding two six foot long katanas backwards.

    lead ODST: Glad to know we can depend on the help of an Elite hero and a Spartan, name is Alaina Crabtree, we were on a mission to find out what happened to my parents when we discovered a crashed pelican from the patton after discovering the patton, this pelican had a beacon turned on

    Leon: What was that about flood helping this group?

    Alaina: half the flood we have encounterd have been attacking the others instead of attacking us, the only time they infect anything is if it is already dead

    >>>I calculate the probability of a flood separatist group allied with humanity and the covenant separatists at 50%

    Cipher: Looks to be 100% as I just saw a flood infected Elite minor fighting another flood infected Elite minor

    The group grabs flame throwers from the crashed pelican and prepare to help the flood separatists in their fight.

    Separatist gravemind (in their heads): Jenkins will help you Jenkins will help

    Cipher: Is it just me or is it getting hot in here

    all: It is not just you

    >>>end transmission

    chapter 4: rescue

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: two hour into the mission
    >>>Location: Forest on Sanghelios, 'Chavam province, home of the Fal 'Chavamee training center
    >>>Time: zero three hundred hours

    As soon as Cipher announces that it is time to burn the loyalist flood in his own special way a rocket flies towards the group who attempt to evade but Alaina accidentally gets in its flight path.

    Cipher: Watch out

    Cipher grabs Alaina and drags her to safety as the rocket hits the ground.

    Alaina: Thanks I owe you one

    Jei (on coms): Break it up lovebirds, I have you on radar here and you look like you are surrounded

    Leon: Oh shut up, how about you getting out here and help us

    Jei (on coms): you realize I am prepping a group of spec op Elites that I trained right?

    Leon: Then hurry as fast as you can

    >>>Possibility of winning this battle? I calculate that at 49%

    Cipher: Blaze, form a winning tactic, Alaina get you troops into cover, Jei 'Ehtutee, help them out, Onmo 'Ehtutee, cover me

    Leon: You heard the Spartan get into position and await orders

    Blade Raptor (on coms): Reinforcements are inbound on your location, they will be there in about five minutes

    Jei (on coms): I hope you can wait that long?

    Cipher: Five minutes?

    Leon: You are talking about the two leaders of the demon brigade, we can wait five minutes

    Cipher, Leon, Alaina, the flood separatists, the ODSTs, the surviving Elite trainees, Jei 'Ehtutee, and Onmo 'Ehtutee hold off their enemy as five pelicans and five phantoms arrive five minutes later.

    Jei (on coms): Thank you pilot, my squads have arrived and will help out, thrity spec ops elites per drop ship plus me on the lead phantom, talk about pushing the limit

    Cipher: That is three hundred Elites total

    Leon: What did you do? Did you turn them into Spartans?

    Jei (on coms): You can call them Elite Spartans if you want, went through tougher training than I did even though I am able to defeat them all without trying

    Jei in his new custom Hayabusa armor along with three hundred spec ops Elites exit the drop ships wielding flamethrowers.

    Spec ops Elite cmdr: A quarantine zone has been set up, the rest of the demon brigade are making sure that the flood does not spread, Raptor Squad is helping them

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Sensei, glad you could make it

    Jei: Young warrior, you still have much to learn

    Jei 'Ehtutee: I understand sensei

    >>>Now that a quarantine zone has been set up our chances of victory have been increased to 70%, with the arrival of Jei and his three hundred spec ops Elites, our chances have increased to 90%

    Cipher: Good

    Leon: Cipher, your turn to take command right now, what do you need us to do

    Cipher: Burn the flood that is attacking us and not the ones that are helping us

    Jei: Understood

    Alaina: Good

    Cipher fries an attacking flood flood combat form as Alaina and Leon fry attacking infection forms. Jei grabs his katana and slices through a flood carrier form and the flood infection forms it is carrying.

    Cipher: We need to move, we are just sitting ducks here

    Leon: Agreed

    The combat force works their way back to base burning the flood one by one while keeping casualties to a minimum. Their hike lasts for an hour until they reach safety in which the black rangers and Galm team are transported to the UNSC black's vengence. On the UNSC black's Vengence Alaina and her squad await transport back to their ship as Cipher enters the hanger wearing his non combat gear revealing his dark brown hair, cold blue eyes, and light skin color.

    Cipher: Your transport will not arrive for another three minutes

    Alaina: Understood

    As Cipher prepares to leave the hanger Alaina stops him in his tracks.

    Alaina: Wait

    Cipher: What do you need?

    Alaina removes her helmet revealing her short brown hair, bright green eyes and the light skin of her face. Alaina walks up to Cipher and embraces him.

    Alaina: I just wanted to say thank you for saving me

    Alaina kisses Cipher as she pins him to the wall of the hanger bay. Cipher not knowing what to do returns the kiss as Alaina releases him.

    Alaina: Thank you for saving me

    Cipher: You are welcome

    Alaina: My transport is here

    Alaina and her squad enter the pelican as Cipher begins to walk away. As Alaina's Pelican takes off Cipher looks back over his shoulder and hangs his head low in sadness.

    Cipher (to himself): I hope we meet again

    >>>End transmission

    chapter 5: Downtime

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: five hours after the mission ends
    >>>Location: UNSC Black's vengence in orbit over Sangheilios
    >>>Time: zero nine hundred hours (the mission technically ended at zero four hundred hours)

    Leon (on coms): Congrats on another successful mission, all Elite trainees were promoted and assigned to squads of their choice so I would like to introduce you to the 50th Sangheili ranger division and their new commander, Jei 'Ehtutee, these Sangheili will be assigned to Galm team due to their exceptional courage on the battlefield

    Jei 'Ehtutee and his gold armored Sangheili rangers decloak and recieve the Galm Team insignia along with their 50th Sangheili Rangers division insignia.

    Jei 'Ehtutee: It is an honor serving under the son of the famed warrior Crus who died as a warrior

    Leon (on coms): Glad to hear that, meanwhile I need to see Cipher at the bridge now, the rest of you can rest up for now

    Cipher enters the bridge of the UNSC black's vengence.

    Cipher: Sir

    Leon: Congrats on the successful mission, so tell me what were you doing with the ODST you saved while in the hanger?

    Cipher: Sir, she acted first so I did not know what to do next, so I didn't try to do anything

    Leon: Well you did take a glance back towards her after she went to her transport back to her ship

    Cipher: Sir, is it wrong to fall for someone like that

    Leon: No it is not, dismissed

    Cipher returns to the debriefing room where he finds Jei 'Ehtutee sitting.

    Cipher: I take it you are one of the Elites I saved earlier

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Me and my whole unit, the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division

    Cipher: I take it that means the 50th Division of the Sanheili Rangers that was formed

    Jei 'Ehtutee: That would be correct, even though there were other Sangheili Rangers we have never made it an official branch spec ops branch

    Cipher: Well since there are no missions yet I guess I can sit down here

    Jei 'Ehtutee: The ship is on its way to meet up with the UNSC Raptor's edge, a covenant Super Carrier commanded by Raptor Squad, and the UNSC stealth ship

    Leon (on coms): Yeah and leader of that ODST squad is going to be on this ship for a while, and Cipher, do not try to do anything that would constitute a boot from the military

    Jei 'Ehtutee: He is a jerk at times, though that ODST did kiss you first so I guess he can not really do anything about it

    Cipher: What I don't get is why she decided to come to this ship for a while

    Cipher enters his quarters for some rest before Leon wakes him up again.

    Leon (mockingly on coms): Hey Cipher, we have arrived at the destination, I hope your "girlfriend" likes being bunked in the same quarters as you for a week

    Cipher: You do realize that is kind of a bad idea

    Leon (on coms): Hey it was her idea not mine

    Blade Raptor (on coms): This Blade Raptor of Raptor Squad, the UNSC Raptor's Edge will be providing support on the next missions

    Allison (on coms): Raptor Squad is ready to drop if needed as well

    Alaina (on coms): My Pelican has landed in the hanger

    >>>Transmission ended

    Chapter 6: Passion

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: one hour after the debriefing
    >>>Location: UNSC Black's vengence, Cipher's quarters
    >>>Time: ten hundred hours

    As Cipher enters his quarters for some rest a familiar voice behind him stops him in his tracks. As Cipher turns around he finds himself face to face with Alaina Crabtree of the UNSC Hell From Above in a silver dress.

    Alaina: Hello Cipher

    Cipher: Hello ma'am

    Alaina: Just call me Alaina, no need to call me ma'am

    Cipher: That dress is not regulation clothing, you could get fined for that

    Alaina: I am sorry, I thought maybe you wanted to see me in a dress

    Cipher: Wait, what was that?

    Alaina: You commanding officer didn't tell you that I outright stated my reason to be temporarily transferred to this ship?

    Cipher: No he didn't

    Alaina sighs as she pushes Cipher into his quarters and walks in while shutting the door behind them.

    Alaina: My reason was you

    Alaina locks the door and turns her back to Cipher revealing a mostly bare backside.

    Cipher (to himself): She is beautiful

    Alaina: I heard that

    Alaina approaches Cipher who is in his non combat clothes and pins him to the wall behind him.

    Cipher: What are you doing?

    Alaina: Letting you know how I feel about you

    Alaina wraps her hands around Cipher's neck as Cipher instinctively puts his hands on Alaina's back as she brings her lips close to his.

    Alaina: I love you

    Cipher: I love you too

    Aliana kisses Cipher passionately as he begins to run one hand through her short brown hair. After a few minutes Alaina releases Cipher and smiles at him.

    Alaina: Cipher, will you walk with me to the mess hall?

    Cipher: Gladly

    Alaina takes Ciphers hand as the two head for the mess hall when Leon's voice booms over the coms.

    Leon (on coms mockingly): You two lovebirds were in there for a while, I hope you did not do anything in there other than talk to each other

    Alaina: Is he always like that?

    Cipher: Yes, you just have to get used to that

    Alaina: May I call you my demon lord?

    Cipher: If you wish

    >>>End transmission

    Chapter 7: Dropping

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: Three days later
    >>>Location: UNSC Black's vengence battle group traveling with the UNSC Hell From Above and the UNSC Raptor's Edge in orbit over the planet Bliss, Cipher's quarters
    >>>Time: twelve hundred hours, mission prep

    Cipher begins to equip his hayabusa armor as Leon's voice booms over the coms.

    Leon (on coms): I repeat this is not a drill, all troops on ship meet me in the drop bay, that does not include the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division, they like the rest of the Sangheili Rangers Division units just love to drop into atmosphere using only their armor as drop pods

    Behind Cipher Alaina had just finished equipping her ODST helmet as Cipher begins to equip his boots and gauntlets.

    Alaina: You didn't have to accept my offer last night

    Cipher: I doubt you would have let me refuse your offer

    Alaina: I think you are right about that

    Cipher finally equips his helmet as Alaina hands him a katana resting in a glass case.

    Cipher: Thank you

    Alaina: You are welcome

    Cipher and Alaina enter the drop bay as Leon begins the debriefing.

    Leon: The flood have attacked the planet Bliss, again, and our mission is to eradicate the flood on the planet, recently we have noticed an increase in flood activity since the attack on Sangheilios three days ago, now lets enter the drop pods and take hell to them from above

    Cipher and Alaina each enter drop pods next to each other.

    Leon (on coms): Ok, we are prepared to drop, Hell From Above, are the black Rangers ready?

    Rorke (on coms): Yes they are but right now they are dropping in with radio silence

    Leon (on coms): Ok, is Raptor Squad ready for their drop?

    Onmo 'Ehtutee (on coms): Yes they are, plus their temporary attachment, like the rangers they will be going in silent

    Leon (on coms): copy that, ok you two lovebirds I hope you two did not do anything that violates the military code of conduct last night

    Alaina (on coms): I don't know but I sure do love the way he held me last night

    Leon (on coms): Was that serious or did you just say that to annoy me?

    Alaina (on coms): I don't know, maybe it was serious and maybe it was just to annoy you

    Cipher: You are just pissing him off

    Alaina (on coms): I know, but what I am saying is true

    Cipher sighs as the drop pods begin their descent to the planet below.

    >>>Transmission ended

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    Chapter 8: Operation Sandbag begins

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: three days after Cipher and Alaina first met
    >>>Location: Drop pods headed into atmosphere from the UNSC Black's Vengance battle group, the UNSC Raptor's Edge, and the UNSC Hell From Above
    >>>Time: twelve hundred hours, mission prep

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): Ok Grasshoppers, time to jump

    Fifty-one Sangheili Rangers begin their fall through atmosphere as hundreds of drop pods prepare to land on the ground.

    Cipher: We are about to land, Jei 'Ehtutee, make sure you guys don't land on us

    Alaina (on coms): The scary thing is that they don't use drop pods

    Elite (on coms): Did you say something about Elites not using drop pods? That sounds like Rangers Division Elites

    Alaina (on coms): Admiral Leon, we have contact on coms

    Cipher: Sir, permission to answer?

    Leon (on coms): Permission granted

    Cipher: Who are you and how do you know about the Sangheili Rangers Division?

    Elite (on coms): My name is Rip'a Valeemee, I was once the commander of the Proto Sangheili Rangers Division before I was transferred to being commander of the first Sangheili Spec Ops Division, I hear one tenth of those guys are called tree frogs now, tell me is their commander still around?

    1st SRD cmdr (on coms): Commander? Is that you?

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): Guess that answers your question

    Jei (on coms): The part of this mission that stinks is that my 300 spec ops Sangheili and I are stuck on stand by for now

    Leon (on coms): Not our fault you are an idiot

    Jei (on coms): That was not an honorable statement

    Leon (on coms): Just kidding, sheesh

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): Well we are still dropping in, what about you guys?

    Cipher feels his drop pod hit the ground as he begins to smile.

    Cipher: I don't know, what does the speed bump at the end mean?

    Alaina (on coms): Cipher, I have popped open my pod, gonna head over to yours to help you

    Cipher: Ok

    Leon (on coms): Break it up lovebirds

    >>>Popping hatch in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

    Cipher's pod door pops open but only opens up a few inches.

    Cipher: Wow, I really need the help

    Alaina (on coms): I have your pod in sight

    Leon (on coms): When you two get done flirting try meeting up with us

    Rip'a Valeemee (on coms): Good job, now where is the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division?

    Cipher: I do not know, Blaze do you know?

    >>>Sadly I do not know where they are

    Blade Raptor (on coms): We still have them on scope, they are free falling through atmosphere

    Alliaon (on coms): Why are they not using drop pods?

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): yeah Grasshoppers away

    Jei (on coms): Be careful guys

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): Approaching jetpack height in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Jet pack

    The allied troops look up as the fifty-one gold armored Sangheili Rangers of the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division use their jetpacks to land safely.

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): Hey Cipher, mind if I help free you?

    Cipher: Sure

    Leon (on coms): You better hurry, we are picking up contatcts and they are not friendly

    Jei 'Ehtutee and Alaina free Cipher who immediately grabs his flamethrower and gets prepped for battle. Jei 'Ehtutee's unit walk up behind him as Cipher and Alaina begin to walk towards Leon's location.

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Lets go, Cipher, we are to split off from the main group, find a sniping position, and pick off the flood from there

    Cipher: Got it commander 'Ehtutee

    Cipher and Alaina meet up withe Leon and the rest of the Demon Brigade as the flood approaches.

    Cipher: Don't worry Alaina, I will protect you

    Alaina: I can protect myself

    Cipher: Not what you were saying last night

    Alaina: You took what I was saying last night as fact?

    Leon: What are you two talking about?

    The Demon Brigade begin to burn the flood as they get attacked.

    Rip'a Valeemee (on coms): We are setting up a quarantine zone, though the longer it takes the bigger that zone will get

    Leon: We know

    Cipher: Sir, flood to the right

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): Really? My team is currently aiming at the flood, well this is amusing, I just shot some of the infection forms to pieces, we are outside of the quarantine borders and sniping the flood, the quarantine zone is almost set up

    Cipher: Good

    Alaina: Mac rounds authorized

    Cipher: Alaina, I . . .

    Alaina: If we make it out of this alive you can ask me then

    Cipher: We will make it out of this alive, I will make sure of it

    Leon (sarcasticallY): You two lovebirds done yet?

    Cipher: I hardly think we have known each other that long

    Alaina: We have known eachother longer than you think, four years as children, same school till you were pulled out for some reason, you had a crush on me and I had one on you

    Cipher: I knew you?

    Just as Cipher's memories race through his mind a flood infection form lunges at him but a quick sword slice destroys it as a spartan wearing hayabusa armor decloaks.

    Jei: Kid, keep your head in the game

    Leon: Nice job with that sword

    Cipher: When did you get here?

    Jei: Just now, and I brought backup

    Alaina: What back up?

    Three hundred Spec Ops Sangheili and the whole 1st Sangheili Rangers Division decloak behind Jei as a squadron of Vulture gunships fly overhead.

    >>>End transmission

    chapter 9: proposal

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: one hour after drop
    >>>Planet Bliss quarantine zone
    >>>Time: thirteen hundred hours

    Jei: Vultures fire away

    As soon as the vultures unleash their missiles three flood juggernauts rush towards the group.

    Jei: Tactics?

    Cipher: Blaze, we need help

    >>>Gladly, those vultures are out of ammo but the Master Military A.I known as Shadow is about to send in a squadron of AV-22 Sparrowhawks and A-15 Orca Gunships

    Cipher: Good, but we need tactics

    >>>Just use your swords

    Cipher, Jei, and Leon ready their katanas as the flood juggernauts approach them.

    Alaina: Be careful Cipher

    Cipher: I will try


    Alaina: God so uptight

    Cipher: She was flirting with me first so ask her why she was flirting with me

    Alaina: He is right

    Crabtree (on coms): You better protect her Spartan

    As the first juggernaut approaches Leon uses his dual backward wielded katana and slices it in half.

    Leon: One down two to go

    Jei: I know, Cipher, mind if I get the next one?

    Cipher: I don't mind, I need to ask the lady something anyway

    Zachary Crabtree (on coms): You better not ask her anything

    Melissa Crabtree (on coms): Just let him ask her what he wants to ask her

    Zachary Crabtree (on coms): Fine

    Cipher (quietly): Alaina, if we get out of this alive will you marry me

    Alaina (quietly): Yes I will

    As soon as the second flood juggernaut nears the group Jei grabs his katana and slices it multiple times.

    >>>Sparrowhawks and Orca gunships inbound

    As the Sparrowhawks and Orca gunships fly overhead the third flood juggernaut approaches but is quickly sliced in half by Cipher.

    Alaina: Yeah, nice job Cipher

    jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): We are taking down the infection forms by the dozen

    Jei: Good, quarantine is half finished, gotta keep this up

    Gravemind (gravemind moment): Five years, five ling years of hell

    Cipher: What was that

    Thel 'Vadam (on coms): That was a gravemind

    Alaina: A gravemind?

    Argonous (on coms): Indeed, the gravemind is basically the mind of the flood, if we destroy this one we can wipe out the flood on Bliss

    >>>The vultures had already weakened the gravemind, the orcas and sparrowhawks are going to destroy it

    As soon as Blaze finishes this statement the orca gunships and the sparrowhawks fire all of their weapons at the gravemind hellbent on destroying it.

    Cipher: Beautiful, but not as much as Alaina

    Alaina: Thank you

    As soon as Cipher turns away from the carnage he removes his helmet and sits down exhausted.

    Leon: Tired already?

    Cipher: Yes

    Alaina: I think I can get him motivated

    Alaina removes her helmet and sits down next to Cipher as he smiles at her.

    Cipher: I know what you want

    Alaina: Do you really?

    Alaina begins to kiss Cipher passionately as Leon rolls his eyes.

    Leon: Ok lovebirds, break it up

    Cipher and Alaina release eachother as they stand up and put their helmets back on.

    Cipher: I am ready for battle

    Leon: Good, now keep your head in the game

    Jei: Fighting to protect the woman you love, that is very honorable

    Alaina grabs a rocket launcher and blasts a fourth flood juggernaut with it.

    Alaina: Cipher, will you help me kill enemies

    Zachary Crabtree (on coms): Oh great, when is the wedding? I heard that over the coms

    Melissa Crabtree (on coms): Congrats Alaina

    Cipher: You had the coms on for that?

    Alaina: Yes I did

    Cipher: Yes I will help you kill the flood

    Alaina: Thank you

    Alaina takes Cipher's katana and holds it as Cipher puts his hands over hers while thirty more flood juggernauts rush towards the group.

    Cipher: Get ready to fight the flood

    Alaina: I am ready

    Leon: Great, my best soldier is in love and is probably distracted

    Jei: But we can defeat the enemy if we work together

    As the juggernauts approach Leon, Cipher, Alaina, and Jei ready stand their ground and prepare to fight the flood.

    Cipher: Alaina, time to fight the flood

    Alaina: I know

    Cipher and Alaina slice through ten of the juggernauts as Jei and Leon slice through the other twenty each. Just as Cipher, Alaina, Leon, and Jei finish off the juggernauts the UNSC Raptor's edge arrives in atmosphere launching drop pods full of Elites.

    Blade Raptor (on coms): Behold the modifications done to the UNSC Raptor's edge

    Allison (on coms): He is always like that when it comes to showing off, sometimes I think Cipher is like his father

    Zachary Crabtree (on coms): Cipher, your parents told me about you falling in love with Alaina, apparently she found a way to tell them too

    Melissa Crabtree (on coms): That is why he yelled at you earlier

    Zachary Crabtree (on coms): If you hurt Alaina I swear I will kill you

    Cipher: Got it

    Cipher and Alaina grab their flamethrowers and begin to burn the flood as a Pelican dropship approaches while the UNSC Raptor's Edge fires a Mac round at the flood.

    Alaina: Wasn't that ship a covenant ship at one point?

    Argonous (on coms): Yes it was, it was once part of my fleet though the Raptors hijacked it with the help of its Elite crew, that was something I respected greatly and that is why I never had my ships destroy it

    Blade Raptor (on coms): Alaina, you may want to sit this one out, if you want to get on the pelican, if not, Blaze will take control of it and use it as air support

    Alaina: I do not want to leave Cipher's side

    >>>Ok, I am taking control of the Pelican, your air support is ready

    Allison (on coms): Sorry Blaze, the Raptor Squad Pelican is not to be flown by anyone except Raptor Squad members

    >>>I understand, I miss the days when I was still part of Raptor Squad

    Cipher: Lets move

    As Cipher, Jei, and Leon slice through flood forms with their katanas Alaina burns them using her flamethrower. Cipher smiles under his helmet as Alaina burns flood infection forms.

    >>>Transmission ended

    chapter 10: Rangers

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: four hour after drop
    >>>Planet Bliss quarantine zone
    >>>Time: seventeen hundred hours
    >>>Jei 'Ehtutee's point of view

    As Jei 'Ehtutee and his rangers begin climbing a cliff behind them a pelican dropship unloads supplies for them.

    pelican pilot (on coms): 50th Sangheili Rangers, the supplies are new snipers

    Jei (on coms): Can you guys cover us with those weapons?

    Jei 'Ehtutee takes note at the flame pattern on the sniper rifles as he aims at a flood juggernaut from three miles away.

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Anch 'Valeemee, Rip'a 'Irbotee, Jidane 'Valeemee, Hnas 'Irvomee, Onmo 'Accedacca, cover me

    Jei's five highest ranked team mates walk up to him with their own snipers in hand.

    Anch 'Valeemee: Cover you? The flood does not have any sniper forms as far as we know so why don't we just snipe them?

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Good idea

    Jei 'Ehtutee aims his sniper directly at a flood juggernaut and smirks as he pulls the trigger. As the bullet impacts the flood form it bursts into flames as the bullet impacted its side.

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Got one

    Anch 'Valeemee: Nice one

    Rip'a Irbotee: Sir that was an excellent shot

    Hnas 'Irvomee: Rangers are the best

    Jidane 'Valeemee: No one escapes the grasshoppers

    Onmo 'Accedacca: Sir, we have more flood inbound on the group

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Final wave, wonder what they are going to do?

    Jei 'Ehtutee fires another round at yet another flood juggernaut causing it to burst into flames as well.

    >>>Cipher's point of view

    Cipher: Those juggernauts are bursting into flames

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): We have new snipers, flaming snipers to be exact

    Cipher leaps over a flood juggernaut, stabs it in the face. As Cipher attempts to pull his sword out he realizes it has gotten stuck so he pulls down effectively slicing the juggernaut in half.

    Cipher: Alaina, did you see that?

    Alaina: Yes I did

    >>>Jei 'Ehtutee's point of view

    Jei 'Ehtutee: This is commander Jei 'Ehtutee of the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division, we have any arch scorpions prepared?

    Blade Raptor (on coms): prepping one for you kid

    Allison (on coms): The UNSC Raptor's edge has recieved experimental weapons and vehicles to supply to the battle, our pelicans are ready to transport supplies

    Elite pelican pilot (on coms): dropping in supplies

    A pelican from the UNSC Raptor's Edge drops in the scorpions with arching rounds as Cipher begins to hail Jei 'Ehtutee.

    Cipher (on coms): Tanks a lot

    Alaina (on coms): Bad pun

    >>>Cipher's point of view

    As the scorpions with arching rounds begin their volley attack Jei leaps over a flood juggernaut and slices its arm off. Before the beast's arm falls to the floor Jei stabs it in the face. Noticing that Jei's sword is stuck in a way that it can not be pushed down without breaking Cipher immediately jumps over the beast and slices it in half.

    Cipher: Like you said to me, keep your head in the game

    Jei: Thanks, the flood mess with the dead which is not honorable

    Leon: I agree with that

    Cipher: Alaina, you might want to duck

    Alaina: Why?

    Cipher: Trust me, you might want to duck

    Alaina ducks as a flood flight form swoops over her only to be sniped from three miles away causing it to burst into flames.

    >>> Jei 'Ehtutee's point of view

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Hey Cipher, you might want to get Alaina off the battlefield, don't want to marry a flood form do you?

    Cipher (on coms): Ha ha very funny

    Cutter (on coms): This is Captain Cutter of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, I am sending in ODST snipers to help in this battle

    Jei 'Ehtutee ducks as three ODST drop pods descend from the UNSC Spirit of Fire behind his unit.

    ODST 1: Sir, we just recently heard of the alliance between the Elites and humans, glad to have you on our side

    ODST 2: I see you have snipers like ours, too bad we do not have the kind you have

    ODST 3: Captain Cutter, MAC rounds have been authorized by fleet com

    Captain Cutter (on coms): Glad to help

    The UNSC Spirit of Fire descends into atmosphere as it fires its Mac rounds at a large dome shaped flood form that was hidden by a swarm of flood flight forms.

    >>>Cipher's point of view

    Cipher: I think we need grizzly tanks

    Blade Raptor (on com): With arching rounds?

    Cipher: Yup

    Allison (on coms): We have grizzly tanks inbound

    Three pelicans drop three grizzly tanks behind Cipher's group and begin to fire a volley of arching shots at the proto-gravemind as well.

    Alaina: This is the final push

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): Indeed it is, we shall not lose this battle

    >>>Jei 'Ehtutee's point of view

    Cipher (on coms): Alaina, I told you we would be getting out of this alive

    Alaina (on coms): I know

    The battle goes on for another hour until the flood are killed off and the quarantine is lifted for the moment.

    Leon (on coms): Good job troops, Cipher, Alaina get some rest

    >>>Cipher's point of view

    Cipher: Yes sir

    Alaina: Cipher, will you join me?

    Cipher: Yes I will

    >>>End transmission

    Chapter 11: Union

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: one day later
    >>>UNSC Black's vengance, Cipher's quarters
    >>>Time: twelve hundred hours

    Cipher stands in his quarters in a black and white tuxedo as his parents, Blade Raptor and Allison-094 dust him off.

    Cipher: I can't believe you two are making me wear this

    Blade Raptor: Well you do want to look nice on your big day right?

    Allison: Alaina is going to be all dressed up for you

    Cipher: But she wanted me to be myself, and I feel like myself the most when I am wearing my armor

    Blade Raptor: I know that but you have to look nice

    Jei 'Ehtutee in his gold armor enters the room.

    Jei 'Ehtutee: It is time, the guests are anxious

    As Cipher approaches the makeshift altar he notices a second makeshift altar nearby.

    Jei 'Ehtutee: I hope that Leon is not pissed about me being the best man

    Cipher: Disappointed? Maybe, pissed? Never

    Cipher reaches the altar and waits as he notices Leon glaring angrily at Jei 'Ehtutee.

    Cipher: Guess I spoke too soon, seems he is pissed at you and not me, looks like Martinez's daughter is getting married today as well

    Jei 'Ehtutee: it is about to start

    The wedding music begins as Alaina appears in a white dress and walks down the aisle towards Cipher. Cipher smiles as his beautiful bride stands next to him.

    Cipher: You look as beautiful as always

    Alaina: Thank you, thought you were going to look like yourself

    Cipher: Blame your inlaws

    Alaina: I can't wait to get this ceremony over

    Cipher: Neither can I

    The priest clears his throat as he begins his speech. At the end of the speech Cipher hides his nervous shaking and restlessness by holding Alaina's hand.

    Priest: Do you, Cipher Stryker, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife till death do you part?

    Cipher: I do

    Priest: And do you, Alaina Crabtree, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband till death do you part?

    Alaina: I do

    Priest: I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride

    As Alaina removes the white veil from her face Cipher embraces her by placing one hand on her back and the other on her head. Alaina's beautiful green eyes meet Cipher's cold blue eyes as their lips make contact. The newly weds release each other as their parents approach.

    Zachary Crabtree: Keep her happy

    Melissa Crabtree: She is yours, we know you will make her happy

    Blade Raptor: I just can't believe that Cipher has fully grown up, feels like yesterday that he was just born

    Allison: I just can't believe he has grown up

    Cipher: We are going to my quarters

    Alaina: You mean our quarters

    Cipher and Alaina enter their quarters as the Elites of the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division walk by them.

    Alaina: Are you sure you want this?

    Cipher: I am very sure

    Cipher and Alaina find themselves embracing each other and falling into bed.

    >>>Jei 'Ehtutee's point of view

    Cipher and Alaina walk to their quarters as Jei 'Ehtutee and his troops head for the drop bay for their next mission

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Ok troops, our next mission is about to begin

    >>>End transmission

    chapter 12: An enticing surprise

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: three months later
    >>>Earth, Mojave desert
    >>>Time: twelve hundred hours

    Eighteen warthogs from the UNSC Black's vengence race through the desert as unmarked hornets chase after them.

    Cipher: We kicked up the hornets nest

    Leon: You are not wrong about that

    Jei: Hold Alaina is hailing you Cipher

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): I wonder what she wants to tell Cipher

    Alaina (on coms): Cipher *static* I am *static* you are *static* a *static*

    Cipher: Alaina, there is too much static

    Alaina (on coms): Ok *static* will *static*

    Leon: We need to hurry up and get back to the ship

    Jei: I agree

    Jei 'Ehtutee: This is fun

    Cipher: Damn it, too much static, can't even have a conversation with my own wife

    Leon: Don't worry we will get back soon

    Jei: The lady wants to tell him something and the -blam!-ing static is not allowing her to do so

    Cipher: I know, it is annoying me to hell

    The UNSC black's vengence appears in sight as the convoy moves up a hill.

    Leon: There she is, you ready?

    Alaina (on coms): we are *static* jammed *static* can *static* find *static* problem *static* MAC rounds *static* enemy *static* radar

    Jei: What was that?

    Leon: I think that one is obvious

    Cipher: She probably said we are being jammed, I can not find the problem, firing MAC rounds at enemy on radar, Alaina can you confirm but in short sentences, was that what you said?

    Alaina (on coms): Yes, I *static* hear *static* perfectly, *static* you *static* getting *static*

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): We might want to cover our ears

    Cipher: Agreed

    Jei: Oh -blam!-, forgot about the MAC blast

    Leon: As did I

    A loud bang is heard as a whitish line streaks over the convoy and hits the lead unmarked hornet.

    Cipher: Yeah that was awesome

    As the warthogs approach the ship the hanger bay lowers to allow the hogs to dock.

    Leon: We still have hornets after us

    Cipher: Jei, we need those two hornets down not

    Jei: Gladly

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): I just scanned one of those hornets and it has a jammer on it

    Cipher: Damn, I wish Blaze were with us instead of on the ship, he could have told us that earlier

    Jei 'Ehtutee (on coms): It seems like it is jamming long range coms and not short range

    Cipher: It is

    The hornets are destroyed as the hogs begin to dock in the hanger bay of the UNSC black's vengence.

    Cipher: Ok, we are back, I am going to my quarters

    Cipher enters his quarters to find Alaina waiting for him.

    Cipher: Alaina, you wanted to tell me something?

    Alaina: Yes I did

    Cipher: Well I am here

    Alaina: I see that

    Cipher: So what did you want to tell me

    Alaina: I am pregnant

    Cipher: Alaina, I love you

    Alaina: I love you too

    Cipher puts his right hand on Alaina's stomach as she brings her lips close to his.

    Cipher: This day is going to be one of my favorite days ever

    Alaina: I know

    Cipher and Alaina's lips come together as Cipher puts his left hand on Alaina's back. The two finally release each other after a few minutes.

    Cipher: Your face is a beautiful as always

    Alaina: I know

    >>>End transmission

    Chapter 13: Injured

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: five months later
    >>>Location: Earth, The congo
    >>>Time: twelve hundred hours

    Eighteen warthogs from the UNSC black's vengence quietly roll through the jungles of Africa as they approach an insurrectionist base.

    Leon (on coms): Congrats about Alaina

    Cipher: You guys have been saying that for five months, every day

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Not our fault we keep forgetting that

    Jei: I have only said it once, that was when they announced it

    Cipher: I know, no need to say congrats every day for five months

    Leon (on coms): We know, so how does it feel to be a soon to be father?

    Cipher: I am excited, Sir, permission to have four months leave after this mission?

    Leon (on coms): Granted, neither of you have used your leave time since joining the UNSC

    Cipher: Thanks

    The hogs reach the insurrectionist base with very little resistance.

    Cipher: You would think that there would be more enemies, we barely encountered any

    Jei: I know

    Jei 'Ehtutee: So, who is going in first?

    Leon (on coms): Not sure, my hog is on the other side of the building, think they were expecting us?

    Cipher: I hope this is not a trap

    Leon (on coms): As do I

    Jei: We should check it out

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Agreed

    Cipher, Leon, Jei, and Jei 'Ehtutee enter the insurrectionist base and find the first floor empty.

    Cipher: Nothing?

    Jei: There are two more floors

    Leon: We still have a chance at finding something

    Jei 'Ehtutee: But what?

    As the group enters the second floor and finds nothing but Cipher finds a computer with numbers slowly decreasing.

    Cipher: Guys, we need to get out of here, NOW!

    Leon walks up and immediately recognizes the timer of a bomb.

    Leon: Guys, now, we need to run

    Cipher, Leon, Jei, and Jei 'Ehtutee run as fast as they can for the hogs as the timer slowly gets closer to zero.

    Jei: We are almost there

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Ten seconds left

    Just as the group reaches the exit the bomb explodes destroying the base but trapping Cipher in debris.

    Cipher: Guys, can you hear me?

    Cipher: Hello?

    Cipher: Can anyone hear me?

    Cipher gets no response and blacks out as Leon, Jei, and Jei 'Ehtutee begin to dig him out.

    >>>Date: Three days later
    >>>Location: O.N.I hospital, room zero
    >>>Time: Twelve hundred hours

    Three days after his incident with the bomb in the insurrectionist base Cipher wakes up to find Alaina sitting next to him in her silver dress.

    Cipher: Alaina, I thought I would never be able to see your face again

    Alaina: I knew you would wake up, I just knew it

    Alaina kisses Cipher on the cheek as he begins to sit up again.

    Cipher: So, how long was I out for?

    Alaina: Three days

    >>>End transmission

    Chapter 14: Enticing Epilogue

    >>>Begin transmission
    >>>Date: four months after Cipher wakes up
    >>>Location: O.N.I hospital room zero

    Cipher sits next to Alaina, who is laying down on a makeshift bed, on an ambulance as it approaches the O.N.I hospital.

    Alaina: Cipher, the contractions are getting closer

    Tears roll down Alaina's face as she squeezes Cipher's hand due to labor pains.

    Cipher: I am sorry for this

    Alaina: These pains are worth it by the way

    Cipher: I know, I am proud to be you husband

    Alaina squeezes Cipher's hand again as her contractions start up again.

    Alaina: These pains are very worth it

    As soon as the ambulance reaches the hospital O.N.I doctors take a screaming Alaina to room zero as Cipher sits outside of the room waiting for the signal for him to enter the room where his wife is currently giving birth to twins.

    Alaina (muffled from in the room): I want my husband, I want him now

    O.N.I doctor (muffled): We can not do that until you have given birth and have rested

    Blade Raptor, Allison, Melissa Crabtree, and Zachary Crabtree enter the waiting room where Cipher is waiting.

    Blade Raptor: We came as soon as we heard

    Allison: Reminds me of the day I gave birth to you

    Zachary Crabtree: I told you not to hurt her

    Melissa Crabtree: In hindsight the pains of birthing are partially her fault

    After three hours of waiting The O.N.I doctor exits the room.

    O.N.I doctor: She gave birth to twins about two hours ago, she is awake and wants the father in there, she only wants him in there though

    Cipher enters the room to see Alaina holding two infants in her arms as the O.N.I doctor follows him in.

    O.N.I doctor: One of the twins is a boy and the other is a girl but I need your names

    Cipher: My name is Cipher Blaze Stryker

    O.N.I doctor: Good, now what about the mother's name?

    Alaina: My name is Alaina Marie Stryker

    O.N.I doctor: So what do you wish the boy's name to be?

    Alaina: Cipher, your choice

    Cipher: Zachary Blade Styker

    Alaina: That sounds great

    O.N.I doctor: Now what do you wish the girl's name to be?

    Cipher: It is your turn to choose

    Alaina: Melissa Allison Stryker

    Cipher: That sounds great as well

    O.N.I doctor: Thank you for your time, you two should be proud

    Cipher: I am proud, I am not sure about Alaina though

    Alaina: I am also proud, that pain was worth it

    The O.N.I doctor leaves as Cipher hold his infant son in his arms while Alaina holds their infant daughter in her arms.

    Cipher: They will probably have your eyes

    Alaina: No, I think they will have yours

    Cipher kisses Alaina on the cheek as he gently hands his infant son back to Alaina.

    >>>End transmission

    >>>Blaze Note: Their kids are so small.

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

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    >>>Training: 50th SRD short story

    Chapter 1: flashback

    As Jei 'Ehtutee and the gold armored Sangheili Rangers of the 50th SRD await their next mission Jei 'Ehtutee thinks back to their first day of training.

    Date: Ten years before the formation of the 50th SRD
    Time: zero hundred hours

    A Spartan in Hayabusa armor approaches the Sangheili trainees. This Spartan's name is Jei and he is their instructor.

    Jei: Ok trainees, you are not the first trainees I have taught and you will not be the last, today you will be trained in the use of anti gravity packs, those who excel at it will be put on the table for SRD selection, those who do poorly will be left out of SRD selection, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!

    Trainees: SIR YES SIR!

    Jei 'Ehtutee and his fellow trainees are led out to the training grounds where the 1st Sangheili Rangers Division is waiting for them.

    1st SRD cmdr: Young warriors, grab anti gravity packs and jump from one side of this canyon to the other

    The trainees equip the jetpacks as the battle hardened warriors of the 1st Sangheili Rangers Division jump from one side of the canyon to the other.

    SRD cmdr: Now it is your turn to jump

    Jei 'Ehtutee and his fellow trainees make the jump as quickly as possible with some barely even making it across

    Jei 'Ehtutee: So what happens if we fail to do better than the others?

    SRD cmdr: Not much, only the fact that you basically fail to get placed in the SRD

    SRD trainee 1: Sir, what is the next part of the exercise

    SRD cmdr: You will see

    The 1st SRD lead the trainees to an arena where the 50th Sangheili Spec Ops Division led by Jei awaits them.

    Jei (0n coms): Ok trainees grab the training particle beam rifles and get ready to shoot some cloaked enemies, including me.

    Chapter 2: Grasshoppers

    An hour after his fellow trainees finish their rounds of practice Jei 'Ehtutee has already taken out half of the one-hundred-two opponents, including his own sensei Jei and the commander of the 1st Sangheili Rangers Division.

    Jei (on coms): Nice work, that put you on the table for Sangheili Rangers Division, maybe you should let the others take you down

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Now where is the honor in that?

    Jei (on coms): You have learned well young grasshopper

    Jei continues to battle until he is up against the last two members of the 1st SRD and the 50th SSOD

    SRD trainee 2 (on coms): Damn, that is going to get him into the Sangheili Rangers Division

    1st SRD lt. cmdr: Young warrior we meet on the battlefield

    50th SSOD lt. cmdr: You have defeated some of our best warriors but now you have to defeat us, one at a time

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Gladly

    SRD trainee 1 (on coms): Not likely

    SRD trainee 2 (on coms): Coming in

    SRD trainee 3 (on coms): Grasshoppers jumping

    Jei (on coms): I decided to even the odds and make this one two on four since you two are hardened war veterans

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Grasshoppers? That is your nickname for the SRD?

    Jei (on coms): Yes it is, by the way I had the four of you up against these two because unlike the others in their unit they wield two energy swords

    Jei 'Ehtutee and his three fellow trainees begin their duel as the veteran warriors parry their sword lunges with their dual energy swords.

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Ok grasshoppers, time to act like grasshoppers and jump

    Jei (on coms): Nice, you guys do realize those who become part of the Sangheili Rangers Division will be part of the 50th SRD right?

    Jei 'Ehtutee: We know, our unit nickname will be the grasshoppers

    Jei (on coms): That is only if you manage to make unit commander in which case you will be immediately promoted to commander and your second in command will be the lieutenant commander, by the way there is a reason why the 1st SRD are known as tree frogs

    Jei 'Ehtutee looks up and realizes that his SRD opponent is in a tree above him smiling under his helmet while the lieutenant commander of the 50th SSOD exits the battle field defeated.

    1st SRD lt. cmdr: Four on one huh? This is going to be a good challenge

    Jei (on coms): Usually a samurai would see a four on one as dishonorable but if it is welcomed by the one who is outnumbered then it is allowable

    The four trainees prepare to take on the hardened warrior in a four on one battle in which teamwork and intelligence will be needed.

    Chapter 3: Finale

    Jei 'Ehtutee lunges at his treed opponent as his three fellow trainees use their jetpack to get onto tree branches.

    1st SRD lt. cmdr: You can not hit me if you are not using my advantage against me

    Jei 'Ehtutee: you might want to look behind you

    The veteran warrior turns around and hits two of the trainees with his dual energy swords as Jei 'Ehtutee and his friend use their jet packs to leap from tree branch to tree branch while chasing the lieutenant commander of the 1st SRD

    1st SRD lt. cmdr (on coms): Do not use your jetpacks while jumping from tree branch to tree branch, jump without them, use the jetpacks only as needed

    Jei (on coms): He is right, in order to keep up with him you need to use your feet and only use your jetpacks as needed

    Jei 'Ehtutee: Got it sensei

    SRD trainee 1: Commander, divinde and conquer?

    Jei 'Ehtutee: No, jump and attack

    Jei 'Ehtutee and his fellow trainee jump from tree to tree so fast that it seems like they are literally running on the trees. As soon as they catch their veteran opponent they attack using their energy swords with Jei 'Ehtutee making an overhand slash while his teammate makes an underhand slash but both blows get blocked by dual energy swords.

    1st SRD lt. cmdr: I have seen that attack style so I know how to counter that, you have to try better than that

    Before Jei 'Ehtutee can react the lieutenant commander of the 1st SRD hits him and his fellow trainee with his dual swords and turns the swords off.

    1st SRD lt. cmdr: You two have excelled greatly even though you lost against me

    Jei (on coms morphing to admiral Leon's voice on coms as Jei 'Ehtutee finishes reflecting on the past): Good job, commander 'Ehtutee, I want your unit to be prepared for a new mission

    Jei 'Ehtutee and the gold armored Sangheili Rangers of the 50th Sangheili Rangers Division grab their weapons and get equipped for any mission that they are given.

    >>>Blaze Note: Jei 'Ehtutee, when one first hears him without seeing him one might assume he is human.

    >>>Rise of the Demon Lord trailer

    Sanghelios surface command: We have three Elite squads missing and presumed dead

    Doisac surface command: Got that, deploy the demon brigade

    Sanghelios surface command: The demon brigade? That means you are sending in The Demon Lord as well

    Eyan surface command: Deploying Galm team

    Te surface command: Deploying Lucifier team

    Bahalo surface command: Deploying sepiroth team

    Doisac surface command: Deploying Cerberus team

    Palamok surface command: Deploying Fenrir team

    Janjur Qom surface command: Deploying Chimera team

    Earth surface command: Deploying Hydra team

    Sanghelios surface command: Deploying Raptor Squad

    Eyan surface command: All teams converge on Sanghelios and investigate the disappearance of the Elite squads

    coming soon to a forum near you.

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

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    Note: Now all the newbies can see my legacy from the beginning. In fact I may even bring these out of the vault after finishing up Resolve when I get that one done. This is meant to be a catalog of former stories from the old database compressed into one thread. Sure it will be hard to read but once everyone else goes to archive their stories things will look awesome. In fact I might archive those stories here for them if they want me to. In progress of re-posting my completed stories. DO NOT BE SURPRISED AT THE HUGE MASS OF STORIES!

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

    Post  Manny on August 5th 2014, 12:15 pm

    Instead of posting like four stories into one thread, why not just reupload them as their own threads? It makes things less confusing.

    Onto your actual content though... The improvement in spelling and grammar alone makes it more enjoyable to read. As well, I do enjoy seeing species working together and seeing sapient beings align based off ideology rather than species. It's also a natural process I think.

    I still think the Saber-Cipher conflict needs some more depth to it. Maybe that requires it's own sorry, perhaps explained through Saber's story? To be TOTALLY honest, It feels like childish bickering which is something that really shouldn't be happening openly among professional soldiers. Much less during an actual mission.

    Other than that, I do like the future you've presented because it seems plausible. Well, except for the "Presidential" Kaidon. I don't think Sangheili would be THAT fast to adopt human ideas. That's just my view on it though

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

    Post  Impanther on August 5th 2014, 12:19 pm

    Manny wrote:Instead of posting like four stories into one thread, why not just reupload them as their own threads? It makes things less confusing.

    Onto your actual content though... The improvement in spelling and grammar alone makes it more enjoyable to read. As well, I do enjoy seeing species working together and seeing sapient beings align based off ideology rather than species. It's also a natural process I think.

    I still think the Saber-Cipher conflict needs some more depth to it. Maybe that requires it's own sorry, perhaps explained through Saber's story? To be TOTALLY honest, It feels like childish bickering which is something that really shouldn't be happening openly among professional soldiers. Much less during an actual mission.

    Other than that, I do like the future you've presented because it seems plausible. Well, except for the "Presidential" Kaidon. I don't think Sangheili would be THAT fast to adopt human ideas. That's just my view on it though

    They wouldn't be that quick true, and like I said, I will probably do re uploads later on and delete parts as I go thus allowing this to be renamed to something along the lines of Put down that railgun and other short stories. This archive actually helps with when I do so because now I do not have to go to the old database just to copy and paste them back here.

    Also I will try and I mean try to give the Cipher and Saber conflict more depth. This is more of an archive of the old stories.

    Presidental kaidon XD permission to use that?

    Basically copy and pasting these here required me to hunt down the whole of my stories from the old database.

    Since zman technically gave me Alaina's character I am not sure if that means I should re-upload daughter of a legend here or if he has to. Although that would require him to re-upload his first story . . . Yes, this is confusing.

    On an off topic note: I miss calling you Spartan with random numbers (which are really birthday numbers)

    Halo: Resolve trailer reposted.

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    Re: Put down that railgun and other archives

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