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    The Phonecall



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    The Phonecall

    Post  Manny on July 31st 2014, 7:41 pm

    "Your cell phone is ringing!" I heard my mother shout from upstairs. I head up the stairs to grab my phone, which she had already answered but not spoken into, and handed to me.

    "Hello?" I asked, asking myself who the hell calls at 11 at night? Possibly my father, so I continued with the phone call. My mother continued to do her business on the laptop in my sisters' room.

    "...Hello?" Came the reply. It was a girl, who sounded fairly young, perhaps my age. Which would be 19, by the way. I found it odd, but I shrugged it off. Maybe it was just somebody from the bank, or even a telemarketer? Perhaps they had gotten even WORSE, calling late at night now.

    "Yes, hello?" I asked again, just to establish that I had heard the person. If it was a telemarketer, I'd just let them finish their sales pitch, decline, and hang up.

    "Oh hi, is this Manuel?" she asked. At that moment, I froze. She knew my name and how to pronounce it, something most white folk get wrong the first time.

    If this had been the bank, they would have addressed me as "Mister", followed by my last name. Had she been a telemarketer, she wouldn't have known my first name. I decided to leave the room my mother was in, and headed into mine. I closed my door before speaking again.

    "Who is this?" I asked, a little concerned that this person knew my name, but I had no idea who she was.

    "Hi, I go to UofT... the Saint George campus," came the reply. Ok, so of the thousands of people that attended my university, somebody I didn't even know had my number. 

    "Who is this?" I asked again, a little more forcefully this time. I was slightly disturbed that a stranger knew me and I didn't know who she was.

    "Oh my name is Ashley," She said 

    "Do I know you?" I asked, a little freaked out. Maybe it was the wrong number, and the guy she wanted to call just so happened to have the same last name?

    "It's Ashley Penny", I THINK I heard her say. I wasn't too sure, but I was a little too freaked out to ask again. She was acting like she knew me!

    "Sorry, but you'll have to jog my memory" I said, almost feeling a little bad I didn't remember.

    "Yeah, we met while walking to class in April?" She replied. How the hell was I going to remember somebody I walked to class with ONCE, at the very end of the school year? I chuckled nervously before replying.

    "Still don't remember, sorry. Did we have a class together?" I asked, trying to make a genuine, if frightened, effort to remember this person.

    "No, we had different classes but we were walking in the same direction".

    "How did you get this number?" I asked, still thinking the whole situation was creepy... to say the least. 

    "A friend of a friend of a friend," she answered.

    "That's a long chain," I chuckled nervously, somewhat more concerned that this person had taken the time to track me down. It's not even like they could have looked up every Manuel in the phone book and called, since I didn't even live in Toronto during the summer! Somehow, this person had found my cell phone number which belonged to a different city. Technically, they knew the city I lived in.

    "I thought you were cute so I decided to call you," she replied. That caught me off guard a little, since I'd never been called cute before. Well, at least not after I stopped being a toddler. Still that sentence made things even creepier... I immediately began to think of all the weird movies I'd seen where one person obsesses over another.

    After the initial surprise of being called cute, I caught something. This story didn't really add up or I had a stalker. We were supposedly walking together, to a class we didn't have together, at the very end of the school year. Supposedly she took the time to hunt down my number using only her network of friends and somehow succeeded.

    "Look I still don't remember who you are, and I'm really sorry about that," I said, on the off chance this was a person genuinely trying to reach out to me. Another explanation was that this was a prank call, which might have been the case as relations with my high school friends had soured over the past year. At this point, I was hoping this was the case.

    "...Oh ok. Well if you do remember me, just text me ok?" she asked, seemingly innocent. 

    "Yeah... sure. Bye," I said, completely creeped out at this point. They wanted to stay in contact?

    "Ok. Text me soon!" She said before I hung up. I could almost picture a smiley face at the end of her sentence. After putting down the phone, I pondered over it and prayed to God that it was just a prank call and not some psycho chick.

    I looked back down at my phone, realizing that I had no caller ID and was unable to text or call the girl back... even if I had wanted to. Regardless, I still didn't remember her and I didn't feel like contacting a potential stalker. Needless to say, my jimmies were quite rustled.

    Thankfully, Django Unchained was playing on TV so I watched that kickass movie to take my mind off things. However, the incident creeped into my head the next morning and I spent the day worried that I'd get another phone call from the same person.

    To this day, I still think about that phone call I got and the potential for that girl to contact me again.

    Based off a true story, that occurred to me last night. 

    Bitches be cray mang, doing all sorts of creepy stuff.

    Investigation is underway.
    Bad John
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    Re: The Phonecall

    Post  Bad John on August 1st 2014, 1:25 pm

    That's fucking weird, yo.

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    Re: The Phonecall

    Post  Impanther on August 3rd 2014, 7:07 am

    Bad John wrote:That's fucking weird, yo.

    I think we can all agree to that. I think the friend of her friend may have been somone you know. I hav friends who also have friends I don't know.
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    Re: The Phonecall

    Post  Manny on August 3rd 2014, 9:03 pm

    Friend of a friend OF a friend.

    So far, every friend I've asked has said they haven't given out my number to their friends.

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    Re: The Phonecall

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