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    To the Stars (Destiny)

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    To the Stars (Destiny) Empty To the Stars (Destiny)

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 27th 2014, 10:43 pm

    "Since as far back as our species has remembered, we have always been explorers. Pioneers of lands unknown, whether they be seeking for Wealth, Power, or Survival."

    A lone man stood on a platform, high above a quiet city. Folding his arms behind his back, he gazed off into the distance, closing his eyes beneath his white mask.

    "With each venture, each step into the new places, we discovered something new. No matter our goals, we were faced with something new and forever changing our futures. We found new resources to fix old problems, and new problems to solve."

    The man began to pace along the perimeter of his platform, his eyes never moving from his target in the distance. Pausing for a second, he held out his right hand, as an old, grey little mech appeared out of thin air, it's blue eye blinking.

    "As we progressed through our lives, we had one problem that was left unsolved. We needed to deal with our population, we needed to expand beyond Earth, but lacked the means to do so. It was that fateful day, when the Apollo mission finally touched down on Mars, that we would find our solution to that problem;"

    Turning towards the giant floating orb in the center of the cityscape, the man closed his eyes again as he nodded towards the robot hovering above his hand.

    "You." he said calmly. "You taught us many things, solving any problems that stood in our way. You helped us create a stable foundation, an Empire, for which Humanity stood atop it. Through the Traveler's light, we were able to finally live without fear."

    Frowning, the man turned his back towards the orb in the center, shaking his head left to right. As the tiny grey bot hovered over his shoulder, remaining quiet.

    "But again, with every discovery, more conflict found us. The Darkness, your sworn enemy. We had little time to prepare for them, and this caused you to be so mortally wounded. We were successful, however, to keep them at bay for this long."

    Turning back towards the giant sphere, he stepped as close to the edge as he could, arms folded neatly behind his back once more.

    "You have told me that they will return. We are not ready for them, we will not survive this time. The Children are afraid, and there is no comfort, there is little hope for our future. But even in your wounded state, you continue to offer us whatever help you can muster."

    Behind the man, a veil of blinding white light erupted, as he turned back with a smile, a small, newer white bot of the same shape glanced up at him, a blue light flickering on it's newly formed eye.

    "You tell me that the Darkness is the biggest problem Humanity and it's allies face. You have told me that this is what we've all been building up to. That this is our Destiny, stop the darkness. That to find our solution..."

    Looking down at the small white robot, the man raised a glove, as the robot hovered just inches above his hand.

    "-once more, Humanity must look-" the man continued, nodding to the small white robot.

    The small white robot silently nodded, before disappearing in a blip of blue energy, out to seek that by which it would forever be bound to. Looking up into the onyx black sky above him, he admired the twinkle of the miniature lights showering down on him and the rest of the planet.

    "-to the stars."

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    To the Stars (Destiny) Empty Re: To the Stars (Destiny)

    Post  Impanther on July 28th 2014, 8:25 pm

    Shad0wChas3r wrote:"Since as far back as our species has remembered, we have always been explorers. Pioneers of lands unknown, whether they be seeking for Wealth, Power, or Survival."

    A lone man stood on a platform, high above a quiet city. Folding his arms behind his back, he gazed off into the distance, closing his eyes beneath his white mask.

    "With each venture, each step into the new places, we discovered something new. No matter our goals, we were faced with something new and forever changing our futures. We found new resources to fix old problems, and new problems to solve."

    The man began to pace along the perimeter of his platform, his eyes never moving from his target in the distance. Pausing for a second, he held out his right hand, as an old, grey little mech appeared out of thin air, it's blue eye blinking.

    "As we progressed through our lives, we had one problem that was left unsolved. We needed to deal with our population, we needed to expand beyond Earth, but lacked the means to do so. It was that fateful day, when the Apollo mission finally touched down on Mars, that we would find our solution to that problem;"

    Turning towards the giant floating orb in the center of the cityscape, the man closed his eyes again as he nodded towards the robot hovering above his hand.

    "You." he said calmly. "You taught us many things, solving any problems that stood in our way. You helped us create a stable foundation, an Empire, for which Humanity stood atop it. Through the Traveler's light, we were able to finally live without fear."

    Frowning, the man turned his back towards the orb in the center, shaking his head left to right. As the tiny grey bot hovered over his shoulder, remaining quiet.

    "But again, with every discovery, more conflict found us. The Darkness, your sworn enemy. We had little time to prepare for them, and this caused you to be so mortally wounded. We were successful, however, to keep them at bay for this long."

    Turning back towards the giant sphere, he stepped as close to the edge as he could, arms folded neatly behind his back once more.

    "You have told me that they will return. We are not ready for them, we will not survive this time. The Children are afraid, and there is no comfort, there is little hope for our future. But even in your wounded state, you continue to offer us whatever help you can muster."

    Behind the man, a veil of blinding white light erupted, as he turned back with a smile, a small, newer white bot of the same shape glanced up at him, a blue light flickering on it's newly formed eye.

    "You tell me that the Darkness is the biggest problem Humanity and it's allies face. You have told me that this is what we've all been building up to. That this is our Destiny, stop the darkness. That to find our solution..."

    Looking down at the small white robot, the man raised a glove, as the robot hovered just inches above his hand.

    "-once more, Humanity must look-" the man continued, nodding to the small white robot.

    The small white robot silently nodded, before disappearing in a blip of blue energy, out to seek that by which it would forever be bound to. Looking up into the onyx black sky above him, he admired the twinkle of the miniature lights showering down on him and the rest of the planet.

    "-to the stars."

    I had an idea, make Destiny semi-canon to Blaine's story.
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    To the Stars (Destiny) Empty Re: To the Stars (Destiny)

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 28th 2014, 10:14 pm

    I certainly thought about it, but this story itself is an original Destiny Fanfiction. Some of the stuff said in the Destiny cutscenes may be recycled, but that's only because it's all encompassing to EVERYONE'S Guardian.

    Perhaps I might make a Spin-off/Crossover of Blaine's story with Destiny.



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    To the Stars (Destiny) Empty Re: To the Stars (Destiny)

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 28th 2014, 11:59 pm


    A shallow, calming breeze gently rolled along the plains of the Cosmodrome. Grass swayed with the wind in an almost hypnotic fashion, as the sun threatened to rise over the horizon on an otherwise flawless starry night.

    There was a strange stillness in the air, even for the tiny white robot, as it hovered above the ground, searching every nook and cranny for it's objective. Instinctively, the small robot had engaged it's forward flashlight. Despite lacking complete sentience, the machine enjoyed the beauty of the landscape, there was a sereneness, to an otherwise hopeless time in Earth's history.

    Hovering over a small cave, the robot quickly glanced at the ground beside the entrance. Sticking out of the ground, a rusted piece of blue metal jutted out of the earth. Running a quick scan of it, the robot realized that this sheet of metal had been sitting there for well over two hundred years.

    What intrigued it most, however, was that it matched the profile of what it was looking for. Curious, the robot scanned the entrance of the cave with it's blue scanning beam. Alarmed momentarily, the blue scanner flashed white, indicating a successful scan.

    "Oh, why did it have to be the dark." her feminine voice whined. "Okay, let's go and get this over with."

    Sighing a mechanical sigh, the robot hovered into the cave, it's flashlight illuminating the cave. She was completely surprised, everything in the cage had been left untouched, from her first glance. The cave walls were surprising smooth, as if they were polished metal. Further analysis proved that her original observations were not false, the rock had been super heated by something, giving it the sheen of polished metal forever.

    Towards the back of the cave, however, the remains of a rifle rusted away in the ground, a skeleton lying propped up against the wall. If she could frown the robot would have, instead, she shook her form like a shake of her 'head' and approached. The skeleton's skull was slumped down into it's ribcage, indicating that the subject had died bleeding out, or was finished off through asphyxiation.

    Moving closely towards the set of bones, the blue 'eye' that stuck out on her monitor permanently turned pink, an indicator for her new escort. Humming to herself, she scanned the bones, just to be sure. When the white acknowledgement light flickered, she began the sequence.


    Gasping for air, the man lurched forward, as fresh air entered his powerful lungs once again. His vision was cloudy and dark, as if he had been blind for his entire life. But suddenly, there was a slight line of light. Moving his muscles in his face, he remembered what opening his eyes was.

    Chuckling to himself, he felt rather stupid for forgetting to blink. Shaking his head, the man quickly cracked his neck until he heard a satisfying pop. His neck was sore as hell, as if he had been laying in some position for thousands of years.

    "Eyes up, Guardian." a feminine voice replied softly.

    Shaking his head, his eyes snapped awake as he glanced curiously at the small white robot in front of him. It's small white form hovered moderately above the ground, it's pink 'eye' staring at him intently. Giggling, the robot continued speaking.

    "I am Arianna, I'm a Ghost- your Ghost, to be precise. " she replied, hovering close to his eyes. "Facial reconstruction isn't my strong suit, or you looked like this before."

    Looking over towards his left, the man stared intently at the reflective surface of the rock in front of him. His short brown hair was lightly parted to the right and left, as his cold blue eyes stared back at him. What caught his attention, however, was the massive scar running across his left eye, across his repeatedly broken nose, and down his right cheek.

    "Thanks." the man replied coldly, turning back to the robot. "I'll have you know I just recently had this scar given to me, right before I fell asleep. Which reminds me, how long was I out?"

    "Two hundred years." she replied casually, as the man's heart raced.

    Two hundred years? Was this robot malfunctioning?! He had only fallen asleep a few minutes ago!

    "Two hundred years?" the man scoffed. "I think your matrices are malfunctioning Arianna."

    "The Speaker did warn me that denial was likely to happen-"

    Suddenly, an all too familiar roar echoed outside of the cave, as the man reached with his right arm for his weapon, standing. Only, when he stood, he didn't have a weapon in his hand, only the fragments of rusted metal.

    "What'd you do with my rifle?!" the man barked to the small robot, which flew back up into his face. "Those four armed fuckers are here!"

    "I didn't do anything to your rifle, Guardian. Time claimed your rifle, and you." she replied solemnly.

    "What do you mean?!" the man growled, clenching his gloved fist over the metal, reducing it to dust.

    " You've been dead a very long time, two hundred years. A lot has changed in that time, Guardian."

    "Two hundred years." the man echoed her words, grasping his forehead as he paced in a circle. "The City, the Wall. It feels like only a few hours ago."

    "Well, time doesn't progress for the dead." Arianna replied meekly, hovering towards him. "It likely feels like a few hours, because your mind is processing it's last thoughts and continuing to process new information. But the truth is, you've been dead for two centuries, Guardian. It's not easy news to share, as I am sure it's not easy to hear." the roar echoed from outside.

    "But I promise we can discuss it later. I've used a lot of my processors to revive you from over two hundred years, I don't think I can muster another revival so shortly. So if you don't mind, we got to find you a weapon... and a ship."

    Nodding, the man gestured for her to lead on, as the robot shook her being left to right. Floating above his left shoulder, she disappeared from his sight, causing him to jump.

    "Don't be alarmed, I'm still here. We need to get moving, there's bound to be a ship in this old Cosmodrome."

    Taking a few steps towards the entrance, the man turned back to the wall he had previously been laying up against. He stood there for a moment, before turning back to the outside world. Placing a boot outside, he felt the gentle breeze tingle his trimmed beard, as he took in a fresh breath of air. Turning towards his left, he glanced down at the sheet of metal sticking out of the ground.

    "Poor ol' girl." he mused to himself. "She was a good Cavalier while she lasted, got me where I needed to go."

    "Bring the slab with us." Arianna replied. "I can hold it digitally, and we'll find a way to get it completely repaired to it's former glory."

    Hefting the heavy bit of metal with slight ease, the man was amazed as blue data strung along the metal of his old transport machine's hull, before it disappeared. Turning back towards the wasteland before him, he glanced towards the distant mountains, the sun peeking above the horizon. Lifting his hand up to prevent momentary blindness, he sighed a fresh breath of air again.

    "The name's Drake, by the way." the man chuckled. "In case you wanted to know."

    "I was contemplating asking, but I figured you'd tell me when you wanted to." Arianna replied. "Welcome back to Earth, Drake."

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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 31st 2014, 12:01 am

    Some time later.

    "Hold up Drake. I'm reading another Ghost's presence around here. It's approaching at a considerable velocity!" Arianna said, as Drake turned in his boots, dust kicking up in the distance.

    Before the cloud of dust, he could barely make out the shape of a S-V1 Nomad and it's driver; a Guardian. Behind the Guardian, however, was a man with rather long red hair, riding side saddle on the seat. By the direction the Guardian was headed, they were going to pass some distance in front of him.

    "You should start waving!" Arianna scoffed. "If we get you to the tower, we can outfit you with a helmet, a gun, and a ship."

    "Negative." Drake replied, unmoving. "This Guardian is too busy dealing with his own quest, and by the looks of it, he has his hands full. Can you fish up anything about who he is?"

    "Hunter class Guardian, goes by the name of Beck, according to his Ghost."

    Drake watched as the Guardian's Sparrow passed him in the distance, neither the pilot or the passenger yielding to his presence. Shrugging, he started to walk in their direction.

    "Sooo, you wouldn't flag him down... but you're still going to follow him?" she stated, unamused.

    "We've been over this, Arianna." Drake shook his head, continuing his march. "His Sparrow is full anyways, I can't really squeeze onto the machine without over-weighing it and immobilizing the three of us."

    He continued his pace, as the small little robot appeared above his left shoulder, floating alongside him, staring at him with her singular 'eye'.

    " So why are we following him?"

    "Well, technically we are... and we aren't." Drake shrugged, climbing a massive hill as he continued to talk. "If a Guardian is using his Sparrow, it's likely that trouble isn't that far behind him. The Passenger, from first glance, was a mechanic of some sort. I would guess a transport unit or something. If they had a bigger means of transport to use, they would work to repair or salvage whatever it was. Neither of them seemed encumbered by anything of significance. My only deduction was that they are being followed by those four armed fuckers."

    "Thank you, detective. But what about the butler?" Arianna said, her digital eye rolling. "But you're not entirely wrong, I'm getting a bunch of movement in the distance, looks like our friend didn't make nice with them."


    Standing before the darkened building, Drake huffed as he put the palm of his hands on his knees, catching his breath. Arianna appeared beside him, 'nodding' in encouragement, before floating above his shoulder. It had been at least two hours, and he was still counting all the times he had narrowly avoided the four armed creatures.

    Staring at the building before him, he had no ideas of what to expect inside. But it was nearing the end of his first day back in the land of the living, and he rather not die the same day by braving the night time without transport and a weapon.

    "Why'd it have to be the dark?" Arianna groaned, as her frame shuddered.

    "Because if it wasn't, I'd serve no purpose in being a Guardian of the Light." Drake shrugged, glancing to the ground beside him.

    The run down old building had been made of bricks, from generations ago, well before his old life. On the ground, there had been a pile of bricks that survived all the time. Hefting one of the bricks, he lightly tossed it in his hand, admiring the decent weight behind it. Lifting another with his other hand, he nodded.

    "What are you going to do with those?" Arianna asked, floating over towards his hands to observe the bricks.

    "Well." Drake started. "This place can serve as a shelter in the night. If any of those four armed freaks are in here, I'm gonna bash their skulls in."

    Doing the robotic form of a shrug, the small robot floated up and behind his left shoulder once more, engaging her flashlight. Standing straight, Drake quickly cracked his neck, before stepping through the front door.

    He had no Helmet, so he didn't have the luxury of a motion tracker or shield systems to protect him. Readying his right brick, he stepped through the door, walking as quietly as he could muster. In front of him, a single Dreg, the lowest tier of the species, stood with it's back turned to him, it's two remaining arms crossed.

    Rushing up behind it, he smashed it in the side of it's head with his brick, causing it to flounder to the floor on his left. Attempting to stand, Drake gave it no leeway, as he smashed it it once more, 'causing it to fall onto it's stomach with a grunt. Turning it's alien eyes up to him once more, it chittered with disgust as he smashed the brick into it's skull one last time, disintegrating the brick into nothing but dust and killing the beast.

    "Yep." Arianna admired the corpse. "You're a Titan class Guardian if I've ever seen one. That Fallen Dreg stood no chance against you."

    "Wait." Drake whispered. "What the hell did you just call that thing?"

    "A Dreg class Fallen." she replied.

    "How appropriate." Drake said cockily as he stood, clenching his now free hand. "They named their species with the knowledge that they would fall to my fists."

    " Yep, Titan through and through." Arianna rolled her eyes. "I'm reading one more... a Vandal class Fallen, in the perpendicular room. It's moving this way."

    Too late, Drake stood, as the four armed Vandal roared in front of him. Four electric tazer blades ignited in it's hands, as it slashed them expertly in the air, attempting to intimidate the Titan, who stood, glancing at the last brick in his hand. Tossing it into his right hand, Drake threw the brick with all of his might at the Vandal's head, causing it's shields to fail.

    The beast, however, was undeterred by the primitive weapon, and closed the distance between it and the Guardian in a flash. Slashing with it's upper two swords, Drake ducked and narrowly avoided a decapitating swing. Jumping backwards, he dodged the bottom row of swords. Taking his chances, Drake charged the Vandal, swinging a mighty right hook into it's 'cheek', snapping it's head to the right.

    Dodging backwards to avoid it's swords, Drake found himself pinned to a wall, the Vandal chittering in mock laughter as it approached. Drake, refusing to die so soon, grit his teeth and dodged the top swing, ducked the other, jumped above a bottom swing, and head butt the Vandal, knocking it away.

    Kicking at it's sword hands, he disarmed the Vandal, it's swords disappearing in blue light to prevent him from an advantage. Cracking his knuckles, Drake swung a mean left jab into the patch beneath it's top right arm and it's bottom right arm. Following through with a nasty right haymaker, he swung downwards, causing the beast to double over momentarily. Slamming his right knee into it's face, he punched it, causing it to turn, as he grabbed it behind the skull, and smashed it into the brick wall.

    The Vandal's now vacated corpse slid to the ground, leaving a long streak of blood on the wall. Arianna floated forward, shining her flashlight throughout the rooms of the building, her scanning beam glowing white in the adjacent room.

    Following his Ghost into the room, Drake's eyes flickered as he saw the most beautiful sight. On the table before him, a single Hand Cannon waited for him, as if it had been waiting all two hundred years and a day for him to claim it. Lifting it with relish, he frowned as he realized it didn't hold any ammo.

    "That's not a problem. I can spin up my matrices and create you some ammunition directly into the weapon. But it'll take some time, and I can't make a lot. She replied, as he holstered the weapon onto his hip. "In the meanwhile, I would suggest dealing with our newest house guest. You've put on quite the performance so far, I have no doubts you can handle this one. But do be careful Guardian, I may be good, but I can't multitask."

    As soon as she had said that, he could hear the hooves of a monstrosity in the other room. Clearly, whatever it was was inspecting his victims. Beside him, a rather large cinder block laid on the ground, a spent propane tank on top of it. Above him, he could make out a pipe sticking out of the oven. Reaching up, he ripped the pipe off of the wall, using his Titan strength to smash it through the cinder block.

    Hefting his make shift weapon, Drake hid by the door way, ready to swing it at his target. When the hooves got closer, Drake whistled to himself as the Fallen Captain stepped into the doorway, chittering at the Ghost, her blue inner sphere exposed while her white units revolved around her core, forming matter. Hefting his club with all his might, Drake swung the cinder block club into the Captain's face.

    It's shields popped, as the brick was reduced to nothing but dust, the pipe shattering his his hands painfully. Growling at the insolence of the human Guardian, the Captain prepared it's weapon. Thrusting his fist into it's face, the Captain grabbed his waistline by it's lower arms, and flung him back into the other room, as he smashed into the far wall.

    Standing slowly, Drake glanced up to see four miniature rounds slowly gliding towards him from it's weapon. Diving forward, he scooped up another brick as he rolled on the floor. Landing in a fighting stance, he chucked the brick at it's face, as it caught it with it's upper right hand, reducing the hardened clay to dust with a squeeze of it's hand.

    Rushing in for close combat, the Captain deterred him with a firing of it's incendiary shotgun rounds. Diving out of the way of it's rounds, Drake forced the gap to become smaller and smaller, avoiding it's shotgun rounds, predicting where it was going to shoot, where it wasn't.

    When he got close enough, the beast holstered it's weapon, swinging both of it's right fists at him. Swatting them away with his left arm and leg, he swung a right hook towards it out. Catching his fist, the Captain chuckled as it tossed him to the side like a sack of meat. Stomping towards the dazed Guardian, Drake struggled to his feet, the beast standing above him roared in victory, as it prepared to punch him. Ducking under the blows, he stomped on it's freakishly large foot, causing it to howl in pain, as he punched it in the throat.

    The Captain shook off the pain while it stumbled backwards, using it's top left hand to check it's neck's status. Chittering some kind of alien insult towards him, Drake grinned as he wiped under his nose with his left hand. Rushing forward, both parties had their dominate hands cocked, ready to strike the other. Drake, however, had other plans, as he shoulder tackled the monster to the ground.

    Pinning it's lower arms with his knees, Drake swung fist after fist into it's face, as it raised it's two top arms to try and stop his onslaught. Grabbing the Guardian by the throat, the Captain reversed the roles, using it's knees to pin him down. It's unrelenting barrage of blows from it's upper and lower fists all along his kidneys, chest, and face with blinding speed.

    Growling with defiance, Drake smashed his head into the Captain's hardened, carapace armored face, knocking it off of him, breaking his nose in the process. Standing, Drake winced as he fixed his busted nose, more than used to the pain. The Captain attempted to stand, as Drake swung a might right hook down on it's head.

    "NOW DRAKE!" he heard Arianna yell from over his shoulder.

    Swinging down once more with his left fist, the Captain chittered with laughter as it stood to the less than par strength of Drake's left jab. What it didn't expect, however, was the barrel of an absurdly large pistol staring it in the face in it's doubled over state.

    Drake grinned as the Captain's cocky face reduced to one of disappointment, chittering something to itself, the last thing running through it's mind was that of hot steel. Growling to the wind, Drake lifted the pistol into the air, pumping his fist in victory, before passing out of sheer exhaustion.



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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 21st 2014, 11:55 pm

    "For a Titan, you have pretty crappy stamina." Arianna chuckled to herself as Drake groaned, opening his eyes. "Seriously, don't scare a girl like that, Guardian."

    "If I can just remind you that I just-" Drake mumbled, before sitting straight up. "Wait, what was it that you just said there?"

    "You have crap stamina?" the small white robot figuratively shrugged.

    "No, at the end there."

    "Crap memory too." she teased, floating in front of him. I said you really scared me, Guardian."

    "I find it difficult for a machine to feel emotion." Drake shrugged, as Arianna's form backed off, her pink 'eye' light dulling before floating off back into the kitchen.

    Smacking himself in the face, Drake sighed as he uneasily stood, stumbling towards the kitchen.

    "I'm sorry, Arianna." Drake said, as he entered, the small white robot staring out the window, the sun rising yet again in the horizon. "When I was still alive two hundred years ago, we didn't have Ghosts to guide us. Hunters, Warlocks, and us Titans relied solely on ourselves, and the power of the Traveler to stay alive, if we died, we didn't get the luxury of being brought back. Once you're gone... you stay gone."

    "If this is an idea of an apology, it isn't working." Arianna replied, continuing to stare out at the sun. "I'm a strange case, a freak to the other Ghosts. First and foremost, I'm female. All other Ghosts are male with blue lights for their eyes. I also have an inate fear of the dark, and I, unlike many of the others, have developed a phenomenon you Humans call... emotion. So excuse me for being scared that one of the entities left on Earth that I could call a friend nearly died."

    "Wow." Drake frowned, stepping into the room. "I'm sorry Arianna. It's a shitty excuse, but I blame it mostly on me being dead for so long. When I was a Titan defending the wall all those years ago, I was trained to do my duty, and cared little for small talk or friendliness. I was trained to, essentially, be a giant douchebag and do whatever was necessary to get the job done."

    "But times have changed, and I think it's time I should too. Sincerely, I am sorry about what I've said, and I don't think you're a freak. I think you're special. I'd much rather have a sassy robot with a soul over my shoulder than some drone that spews nothing but raw mission data any day."

    "That's a little better." Arianna turned towards him, if she could physically smile, she would have. "But you made it sound like you were a lone wolf in the past?"

    Drake paused for a moment, before focusing his eyes at his boots that Arianna had kindly made for him when she revived him the day before. Clenching his fist, the material that made up his gloves rubbed against each other, as Arianna turned towards him.

    "Something happened, didn't it?" Arianna asked, floating over towards him.

    "It had been a rare mission, involving some friends of mine from my childhood, around a month before I... died." Drake said, shaking his head.




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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on September 27th 2014, 10:20 pm


    Ocean of Storms, Earth's Moon

    Two-Hundred Years Ago.

    It was very rare during the Golden Age for the different classes of Guardians to interact in missions. Hell, in some sects, it was strictly forbidden. But desperate times called for desperate measures, and I was forced to call upon the help of two of my friends from my childhood: Jeremy, a Voidwalker Warlock, and Lillian, a Bladedancer Huntress.

    "This is a load of horseshit." the caped crusader spoke as she shouldered her auto rifle. "Don't get me wrong, I love you guys to pieces, and I've missed you. But three people to liberate the Moon? This is suicide."

    "Don't be so pessimistic, missy." Drake scoffed, peering over one of the many crater's on the Moon's surface. "Just my fists alone should send these inhuman bastards of the dark scurrying home."

    "She is looking at the glass half empty, and you gaze at it like it's half full." the cloaked space magician replied wisely. "If I'm being blunt, I would prefer that we stop staring at glasses and shoot at the creatures invading our homes, yes?"

    "Those Houdini wannabees in the Warlock's Guild have been feeding you too much shit, Jeremy." Drake shook his head, resting his Scout Rifle over his knee.

    "Hey Superman, at least he actually held a hint of sarcasm and truth to his words." Lillian prodded, joining him at the crater's edge.

    Us three had formed one of the first fireteams in the history of Guardians to contain one member of every class of Guardian, but like I said; desperate times called for desperate measures.

    "Alien transport ships inbound." Lillian said, peering through her helmet's optical enhancer at the cascading black spears.

    The three Guardians stood there, their weapon's of choice held firmly within their grasp, while the onyx ships pierced the surface of Earth's Moon. The ground beneath their feet shook, as the grey dust settled momentarily.

    These strange creatures, covered with black carapaces' so dark, one could mistaken them for the void of space, had touched down on the Moon with these strange ships. They bore emerald eyes that pierced the darkness of the moon's surface, and the souls of the unprepared Guardians that faced them, and flooded out of the transports in troves.

    As soon as the mixture of grey, black, and red masses of alien creatures poured out of the ships, the three Guardians prepped themselves for a miniature war. Jeremy and Drake summoned their Sparrow class fast trasports, as Lillian pulled her Sniper Rifle off of her back.

    Jeremy slammed on his Sparrow's brakes as he neared the masses, turning it sharply to the left. Jumping off with his left foot, a small spear of purple energy formed in his right hand, before he tossed it into a horde of the grey creatures with the giant claws.

    The orb of energy slammed into the ground, exploding on impact with negative energy, causing the creatures in the small purple field's wake to disintegrate from reality.

    Sparks of electricity formed around Drake's gauntlets, while the Titan stood on top of his Sparrow, which shot like an arrow through the purple field. When the ship sunk it's frontal 'blades' into one of the black alien's chest carapaces', he jumped into the air, the thrusters on his boots activated lifting him high enough to block out the sun for the enemies beneath him.

    Targeting one of the large black and red creatures holding a sword in a group of twenty or so of the smaller units, he turned his body, before swooping fist first, much like Superman, into the Moon's surface. A shockwave of electric energy surged past his fist's impact point in a three-hundred sixty degree radius around his body, causing anything smaller than the swordsman to be evaporated.

    Before he could stand up, he heard the familiar crack of a Sniper Rifle in the distance, as the sword wielding creature beside him fell onto it's back, a gaping hole in it's head.

    Like any of those old Action movies you'd have heard about before the Golden Age, everything had been going smoothly, but then it all went to shit.

    Standing, Jeremy and him stood close to each other, focusing fire in each other's blind spots as Lillian covered them from the crater. Before long, the hordes of creatures stood still, taking a knee, as they chanted something in their language.

    "Crota. Crota. CROTA. CROTA. CROTA"

    There was a thud to Drake's left, as Jeremy and him turned to face the source's direction. Before them, a massive black beast with green carapace towered over them, a massive sword in it's hand blacker than that of the void above them.

    "A Champion of the darkness, come to play." Jeremy replied. "Be careful Drake, I can feel the Darkness seeping off of the blade."

    "Nah." Drake smirked. "That just evens the odds."

    Charging at the beast, blue energy formed around Drake, as he used the thrusters in his boots to shoulder charge into the beast's chest. It slid across the ground, leaving massive tremors where it's feet had been firmly planted. The creature, named Crota, had barely flinched by the assault.

    More cracks from the Sniper Rifle in the distance could be heard, as sniper rounds pelted the side of Crota's head. Still, Crota remained unfazed, as it lifted it's sword high above it's head. Jeremy sprinted over, pushing Drake out of the way of the slash.

    Recoiling away from Jeremy's shove, Drake's heart dropped as he heard a yelp coming from his Warlock companion. Looking over, he saw the onyx blade, buried deep within Jeremy's right shoulder, about halfway down his torso.

    Turning his head towards Drake, Jeremy's eyes, mouth, and nose all leaked a white, wispy smoke, as it was absorbed by the sword.

    "I hurt, Drake." Jeremy said. "I can't see, the darkness... it's everywhere. I'm afraid of the dark, Drake."

    Crota yanked the sword out, roaring with victory as it's sword became ever stronger, he himself bulking up a bit more by his kill. Jeremy's body, devoid of light and life, rag dolled to the ground with a thud.

    Drake stood there, wide eyed as Jeremy's dead body lay there, Crota chuckling in his alien tongue, stepping forward to finish off the other nuisance preventing his allies conquest.

    Diving out of the way, Drake heard Lillian's Sniper crack three more times, before he realized she ran out of ammo. Crota turned towards the Huntress on the ridge, stomping off in her direction, as Drake stood, firing his Scout Rifle at the back of Crota's head.

    Crota continued it's march, as it's peons turned towards Drake, firing at him, while the smaller units slashed at him with their claws. Smashing both fists into the ground, his circle of electric energy disintegrated the last of his foes keeping him distracted, as he summoned his Sparrow once more.

    In the distance, the nimble Huntress avoided every swing of Crota's blackened blade, firing her auto rifle in retaliation, but the beast's relentless swings kept her on the defense. Drake closed the distance between them, standing in front of her, raising both hands above his head, catching Crota's mighty clawed hands. Struggling to keep the blow up, he was successful in giving Lillian the time she needed to escape.

    Diving to his right, Drake heard Crota snarl with annoyance, before flipping the sword in it's hand, smashing the dark blade into the Moon beneath it. A massive crack formed at their feet, as green light spewed from the crack. Lillian and him ran as far from the beast as they could, the ground beneath their feet crumbling.

    Charging far ahead of her with his increased stamina, he turned in time to see the crack catching up to his friend. But with the crack, the ground also sank, as she slowly started to miss her foot holds, stumbling along. Jumping for him, the entire radius of the giant circle Crota's blade had created took the ground out beneath her, as the giant swordsman was teleported by purple energy to an unknown location.

    Catching Drake's hand, she dangled above the giant green void, her helmet depolarizing, as she stared at him with fearful eyes. Grunting, Drake struggled to lift her, panting as both of the exhausted Guardians tried to get her back up to safety.

    Behind him, he heard the snarling of Crota getting nearer, as he hurried to pull her up, but she was too tired. Shaking her head, Lillian looked up to him.

    "The Moon is lost Drake." she frowned. "Go and enjoy what time you have left, before this darkness consumes us all."

    "Don't talk like that missy, just climb up!" Drake barked.

    "We both know that's not going to happen. Every end is a beginning." she smiled slightly, before glancing over his shoulder. "I love you."

    Before Drake could do anything further, she pushed off, cascading into the unknown green light of the crater. Pounding his fist on the ground, he knew she was right, and he hated knowing it. Flipping over, he stood up as, the sword wielding beast continued to advance menacingly.

    Standing proudly, he typed a command into his wrist pad, before raising his right hand up to his helmet level, offering the beast a one fingered salute. Crota rushed forward, ready to slash his blade, as a blue energy took Drake off of the surface of the moon, and onto his ship.


    "I-I'm sorry." Arianna said, floating over the Titan's shoulder.

    "Why would you be?" Drake asked. "It wasn't your fault I was so bullheaded that I made a bad situation worse. I could have pulled her up, I could have done many things."

    "Everyone's said that at least once in their lives, Drake." Arianna replied. "But Destiny has a strange way of running things. I personally think the Traveler sent me to find you, because you have unfinished business to attend to, that your Destiny has just begun."

    Nodding, Drake shook his head, before stepping back out into the Cosmodrome, his Hand Cannon firmly in his grasp.

    "By the way, while you were taking your snooze. I got reading of another Titan class Guardian in the area on a mission for the Speaker. Perhaps, if we get to them in time and ask very nicely, they might give us a lift to the tower. Just food for thought."

    "Oh please." Drake said as his stomach grumbled. "Don't mention food."

    "Then time is of the essence! He's about a hundred meters due North of here."



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    Shad0w, I dub thee Bat-Spartan due to the awesomesauce you put in your stories.
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    "Not to unsettle you, but we have an unexpected guest on the way. Be careful with this one," the little white Ghost spoke to the Hunter beside him. "It's a Titan class Guardian, newly resurrected. But his Ghost... it's unnatural."

    "Is it malfunctioning?" the Hunter asked.

    "It might as well be. 'She' identifies as a female, and she has been known to change the shell of her form into a deep red with white stripes. She's different from the rest of us Ghosts."

    "If I didn't know any better, Ghost, I'd think you were racist." the woman chuckled. "Is there a reason why they're on the way?"

    "Well, it's like I said. The Titan was just barely resurrected yesterday, he doesn't have a ship... or a Sparrow currently. His 'Ghost' is requesting a ride back to the Tower. I think-."

    "What's his name?" she asked the little robot.

    "Pardon?" her Ghost asked, before flickering his 'eye'.

    "The Guardian; what's his name?" the Huntress smiled beneath her helmet. "I like to know the name of the people I help out."

    "Drake... Drake Stratus." a man's voice replied from behind her. "Titan Class Guardian."

    "Stratus?" the Huntress asked, turning on her heels.

    Upon completing her spin she glanced up, the man standing a few inches above her, his ice blue eyes staring down into her helmet. His dark brown hair was slightly shaggy, but she couldn't judge, he must've been dead for quite some time.

    "That's correct." Drake replied with a curt nod.

    "You're bullshitting me, right?" the woman replied. "It can't really be you?"

    The Titan took a step back, confused. The Huntress stood her ground, as a small red Ghost appeared above her guest's shoulder, a small pink light for it's eye.

    "I was charged with looking for Drake Stratus, yes. This Titan's genetics match Drake Stratus' perfectly."

    "Yeah, I'm standing right here guys. So let's not talk like I'm not." Drake grimaced.

    "I'm sorry, Mr. Stratus. You're... kind of a legend on the Tower." the Huntress replied, looking over towards him sheepishly.

    "A legend?" Arianna asked, as Drake's face held a look of confusion.

    "I know just as much as you do, Arianna." Drake shook his head. "Well, Huntress, can we count on a ride to the City from you?"

    "Don't be rude, Guardian."

    Shaking her head, the Huntress stepped forwards, holding a hand up in a 'stop' motion.

    "It's quite alright, my mission here can wait for a while. I'll give you the ride you need. Ghost, transmat for two please."

    Drake's eyes narrowed, as he glanced past the Huntress' shoulders at what appeared to be moving air. Diving forward, the Huntress stiffened, as a loud crack was heard in the distance.

    Pushing the Huntress out of the way, Drake narrowly avoided a Shock Blade to the skull. Above him, the cloaked Vandal class Fallen grasped at it's neck hole, it's head exploding into a wispy yellow-white fog.

    Sitting up, he leveled his Hand Cannon, scouring the area for the one who saved their lives. In the distance, he saw a heavily armored man on a small hill. Blue flames leaked out of his helmet, his armor white as snow. Waving a single hand, Drake awkwardly waved back at his savior, turning back to the Huntress.

    Helping her up, he glanced back up at the hill, the white armored Titan that had been standing there previously, was now missing. Shrugging, Drake and the Huntress kept their eyes peeled, as her ship loomed overhead.


    The sun shined high in the sky, as a single ship descended through the dark, stormy clouds surrounding the city. Drake stood beside the Huntress piloting the ship, staring at the giant sphere in the center of the cityscape.

    "There's the Traveler." the Huntress replied. "I'm sure that I didn't have to tell you that though."

    "No," Drake said, his gaze glued on the City beneath the giant mysterious sphere. "I'm just relieved that the City is in one piece still."

    "Well yeah, that's why you're a legend around here." the Huntress shook her head.

    "-And you're familiar with it?"

    "Yes." she nodded. "But there is a time and a place for everything. For right now, I gotta head back out to the Cosmodrome. Find the Titan Vanguard, Commander Zavala. He'll suggest your next course of action."

    Preparing to be trans-materialized out of the aircraft, Drake smiled at the Huntress.

    "Thanks for the help and the tip." before Arianna could transmat him out, he continued. "Say, I don't think I ever caught your name?"

    Tensing, the Huntress paused for a second, before peering over her shoulder and back at him.

    "M-my name is Lola."

    "Lola. Thank you again, if ever we cross paths again, I will owe you one."


    Walking casually throughout the Tower, Arianna floating over his shoulder, Drake took in the familiar setting. Stopping his progress, he closed his eyes, breathing in the fresh air that the Tower had to offer. Something about it was sweet, and filled him with newfound vigor. That, or it was the smell of food cooking nearby, he wasn't sure.

    Making his way towards the central part of the Tower, Drake saw a lone man with dark blue skin, sitting behind a grill on a stool, whistling as he turned a mixture of foods. His golden hair slightly spilled in front of his eyes, as he smiled at people passing.

    Drake groaned as his stomach rumbled with overwhelming hunger. He needed to see the Speaker and get a ship. But that could wait for a minute. Walking over to what he had assumed was a food vendor, Drake smiled.

    "Good day Titan." the man nodded. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

    "Absolutely." Drake replied. "Wait, how'd you?"

    "It's the armor." the man replied. "Late Golden Age tech, early Titan class Guardians."

    "That's amazing, but how'd you know?"

    "Why, I'm Master Rahool, leader of the Cryptarchs. We decrypt engrams and other Golden Age relics." Rahool chuckled as Drake's stomach rumbled. "And I can decrypt the fact you are most likely starved. I'd love to give you some food, Guardian, but we have some kids on the Tower, currently visiting with the Vanguards. This is meant for them when they return."

    "I'm Drake, Drake Stratus." Drake replied, wincing as Rahool's eyes opened with shock.

    "Stratus, Drake. Sixth Pillar... Paladin." Rahool gasped. "That means you've likely never met an Awoken, such as myself, before?"

    "Awoken? I just figured you were really into the Smurfs, or dressed up for the kids. I'm sorry."

    "It's quite alright." Rahool replied. "I hate to ask, especially after denying you food, but could you stick around a moment longer? I do believe these children could really use a hero these days."

    "I haven't done anything yet." Drake shrugged, glancing at Arianna.

    "Modesty too." Rahool chuckled. "You're actions two centuries ago are the reason why we stand here today, Mr. Stratus."



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    "How does everyone know you Drake?"

    "Because..." Drake sighed. "I really don't want to talk about it."

    "There is no shame in what you've done, Guardian." Rahool replied. "Your actions at the Twilight Gap, even after the Traveler had been so badly wounded, as astounding."


    "Shortly after his defeat on the Moon with the Hunter Vanguard, Lillian, and the Warlock Vanguard, Jeremy, Mr. Stratus and his Pillar of the Titans, known as the Paladins, were charged with holding the Twilight Gap. A section of the Last City's Walls."

    Wait, Drake had control of a Pillar of Titans?

    Well. He technically controlled ALL six Pillars, considering how he was once their Vanguard.

    You were a Vanguard?

    I'm not proud of this story. Of what I DID.

    You Titans hold a lot of pride. But your story is well known, there is no hiding from it, Mr. Stratus. Now please, allow me to continue, and fill in when you think is necessary...

    "Paladins!" Drake barked to the wind, as his five legions of Titans stood there, waiting for his orders.

    "Titans do NOT wait for the Hunters or Warlocks to get shit done. We ARE the Walls that protect this city, not the steel foundations we currently stand on. When our enemies threaten us, we pummel them into submission with our strength! We all have seen what the Darkness have done to the Traveler, we have felt that with our inner lights. But we will NOT lose our resolve, we WILL protect the Last Safe City, and we WILL send these four armed fuckers back into their Master's waiting arms- then we will chop them off!"

    "URAAAAAAAAAGH URAAAAAAAAAAGH URAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" his Titans roared, smashing their fists against their chestplates.

    The Fallen troops advanced through the woods behind him in troves, much like ants. Pointing his arm forward, Drake's first legion of Titans charged towards the enemy's position, their Fists of Havoc leaving circles of Arc Light on the ground in a giant line. Any Fallen foolish enough to stand in them were instantly evaporated into dust.

    His second legion bolted forwards, thrusting their arms out to create giant purple spheres of void light, the Ward of Dawn spheres protecting the Titans within, but also gifting them Armor of Light. However, as the Fist of Havoc circles finally depleted, the Fallen continued to appear in troves, as the Ward of Dawns also disappeared, his men forming a makeshift Phallanx, firing over each other's shoulders.

    "FINAL LEGIONS!" Drake barked. "Eagle Strike!"

    Using their jet packs, the third, fourth, and fifth legions of Titans sprang into the air, some hundreds of Titans blotting out the sun, smashing their fists into their open palms, as electricity surged from their gloves. Surging down, like Superman, the Titan's fists struck the ground in the line just before their comrades.

    The third legion's strike landed just in front of the first and second's position, the fourth landing just beyond the third's, and the fifth's just beyond the fourth's. From Drake's perspective, the entire field in front of his makeshift Phallanx resembled a minefield of electric damage. Any Fallen foolish enough to stand in the circles of electricity were instantly eradicated by the overwhelming power of the areas of effect.

    His second legion summoned another line of the purple Ward of Dawn shields, granting all five of his legions the Armor of Light overshields. Marching forwards towards the forest in front of them, Drake growled as a single, Golden Skiff hovered behind his men.

    From it's back end, a single, giant Fallen soldier crawled out like a spider, landing on the ground with a thud. Drake shouldered his rifle, as his Titan's continued their march. Whistling, the giant Fallen glared up at the lone Titan on the wall, shaking it's fists into the air.

    Floating high above the wall, Drake's form covered the sun from the Kell's view, as he landed just at it's feet with his fist. But there was no electricity. The Kell laughed, stomping it's foot down as Drake jumped backwards.

    "You think that's funny?" Drake chuckled.

    Smashing his right boot into the ground, the earth beneath his feet cracked, as he raised his right fist into the air, a beam of Solar energy cascading on top of him like a pillar of raging, magnificent fire. The Kell stumbled backwards as the fire from the pillar licked at it's form. When the pillar evaporated, the Kell glared at the Titan.

    Where eyes would be on the helmet, two miniature flares of red fire spewed out of his helmet like horns, his fists covered with a blue flame, and his entire body covered by a small shield of void damage. Charging forward, the Kell advanced as well, it's lower right fist cocked.


    Bounding off of his jet, Drake jumped up towards the Kell's head level, smashing it in the hard carapace with a fiery punch, cracking it. The Kell stumbled backwards, Drake chuckling cockily. Before the Kell had a chance to defend itself, Drake unleashed a flurry of fiery punches faster than the eye could follow, before jumping once more and punching the Kell in the face once more.

    With his prey on it's back, Drake ascended to the heavens with his jet pack, the Kell glaring up at him. Shooting down towards the Earth like an Arrow, the Kell rolled out of the way of the blow, standing. Drake's fist smashed the soil beneath him, a shockwave of ground and fire racing forth, absorbing the Kell and it's troops in the inferno.

    Forcing them back several meters, his Titan's cheered, as their Leader, one of the first Titan's to master Solar energy, kicked the Kell and his troops to the curb. Smashing their fists into their chests with newfound vigor, his troops marched on to end the insurgents. Drake turned to the Kell, which clutched it's abdomen in pain. Raising it's arms to the skies, a single Fallen Pike appeared beside it in a flash of light.

    Mounting the Fallen motorcycle, the Kell fled into the woods, as Drake shook his head.

    "Continue your path Titans, and we will be victorious this day!" Drake roared, as his men continued into the trees.

    "This is as far as I know, Titan. You disappeared after that."

    "No... I DIED after that.

    Summoning his Cavalier class Sparrow, Drake mounted the hover craft, giving chase to the giant Kell. The two raced through the trees, deep into the Cosmodrome itself, the Kell peering over it's shoulder as the lone Titan gave chase.

    Turning three hundred and sixty degrees, the Kell's Pike opened fire on him with Arc energy, as the Kell's trap sprung into place. Fallen Skiffs appeared in the skies above him, dropping off numerous Vandals, Dregs, Captains, and even an Arcon. Chuckling in pride, the Kell continued to race off, as the overwhelming fire caused his Sparrow to catch on fire.

    Jumping off of it, he lifted his golden rocket launcher, the decor of a Lion on it's opening, as he fired a single round into the crowd, the explosive branching off into numerous pieces, destroying many of his foes.

    The Archon, however, wiped the pain off like it was nothing, watching it's Kell flee to their base. Stomping towards the lone Titan from behind, the Archon lifted it's shock blade, and sinked it deep within the Titan's neck, as the Titan struggled for air. With his last hoorah, Drake smashed a Magnetic Grenade into the Archon's face, as it tossed him into the nearby cave.

    Breathing became difficult for Drake, as he found himself unable to move with each minute that passed. He felt rather tired, actually, as if the life was being drained from him. After a moment, he realized it was all over, and sank into the darkness.


    "So... you died?" one of the kids, which Drake had not noticed, asked at his feet, a frown on it's face.

    Drake looked around, all the kids happily munching on the food while listening to his story. He figured they had joined in after he told Rahool of his death, but being the kind to not discourage kids, he smiled, crouching to the kid's level.

    "Of course not!" he said, ruffling the kid's hair. "I just fell asleep! But then my friend Arianna here helped me wake up! If I was dead, I wouldn't be standing here, would I?"

    "Are you really Drake Stratus?" one of the kids asked, as their chaperone smiled at, what she assumed, was an actor giving the kids hope.

    "Yes." Drake nodded. "Yes I am."

    If Arianna could smile, she would have, as one of the kids walked shyly up to him offering a hotdog.

    "Then you should take this." the kid said. "If you've been sweeping all of these yeaws, you must be wewwy hungwy."

    Drake smiled as the kid offered him his lunch, before hoisting the girl onto his extended knee for a second, ruffling her hair and accepting the hotdog.

    "Many thanks." he smiled. "You're my hero!"

    Taking a bite of the untouched hotdog, Drake enjoyed every bit of the flavor, as the kid's chaperone huddled them all together, returning them to the shuttle that would bring them back to the inner City.

    "See?" Rahool replied, offering him another hotdog he had to spare. "Your actions are not one to be shameful for."

    "True as it may be, I don't need that kind of publicity. I was a Vanguard once and I flopped it, I don't need to be recognized for that. I'm going to meet with the Speaker, and have my name changed. This day forth, I will be known as; Drake Sol."



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    "That's a very bold claim, Guardian." a man's robes shuffled behind Drake, causing him to turn on the spot. "As I tell all Guardians that appear at the Tower for the first time; Until IT awakens and finds it's voice, I am the one who speaks for the Traveler."

    "It's the Speaker!" Arianna exasperated, as Drake knelt.

    "My liege, I apologize for my insolence."

    "Time's have changed, Guardian. I am no source of power in the Tower, although many of it's residents would like it so. I can't fathom why someone of your... recognition would want to denounce his rights to fame."

    "Because fame and fortune are nothing in a desolate, darkened world. Wouldn't you agree?" Drake replied, remaining on his knee.

    "Ah yes. Modesty at it's finest. Your legend is used as morale for the people, and if they knew you still stood strong at the frontline of Humanity, things would seem less dreary."

    "Legends are but stories lost through the ages. Humanity's lifespan may have tripled from the Traveler's influence, but a Titan such as myself would not have lasted this long. This is especially true, considering how Arianna resurrected me yesterday morning."

    "-And a fine job she did." the Speaker said from behind his ornate white mask. "The Traveler told me to seek out the one whom had been lost beyond the walls. There is one other, but we have yet to locate them. If you wish your legacy to remain stories, that is fine. But I will need to make your identity change official, come."


    On the western portion of the Tower, Drake walked formally alongside the Speaker, who gently waved to people as he passed by. Drake knew that, if the man underneath that mask was who he thought he was, he was smiling. Approaching the Speaker's chambers, Drake took in the breathtaking view of the Traveler, even in it's wounded state.

    Two hundred years prior, he stood in this room alongside the other members of the Vanguard, wearing their ornate armor proudly. He once served as a beacon for all Titans to follow. Now all he felt was pettiness and weakness.

    "If we are to make this official, the Traveler, even when wounded, must bless upon you the changes. You will be rebirthed as a new man, free of your old life. You will retain your memories, but any addition techniques you held in battle will be lost to you. This includes your abilities to summon Void and Solar Light to aid you. You will be required to acquire these skills again. Are you sure you want to go through with this?"

    "Will it harm me in any way?"

    "No, your abilities of Arc Light will remain, but all other additional skills will be foreign to you. It will be as if you had never known Solar or Void damage. But I assure you, if the Traveler will want you to remember these, it will arm you with them when the time is right."

    Drake nodded, accepting the Speaker's warnings, as he stood forward, kneeling on the platform overlooking the City. The Speaker shuffled forward, both hands raised.

    "In your times of strength, this Guardian protected you. When you were mortally wounded, this Guardian sacrificed his life to avenge you. But you, Holy Traveler, know that his sacrifice was in vain. You personally fashioned a Ghost to seek him out, and offer him a second chance to fight by you. This Guardian requests to be absolved from his pains of his old life, and begin anew. If this is your will, may your light forever shine on him, and guide him through the darkness, so that we may be victorious!"

    Drake shivered as a giant veil of golden Light overtook his form, shrouding him from the others. When the Light finally faded, Drake collapsed forward, as Arianna and the Speaker looked towards each other.


    "Rise Drake Sol, it is imperative that I speak with you." the Speaker said boldly, as Drake stared at the puddle of water at his feet from the day's rain.

    All that had truly changed about him was his nose was actually fixed, as if it had never been busted, and his scar was erased, as if he had never been sliced by the Fallen he once fought. He was, in all instances, a new man.

    "You stand before me now, born again with a fresh start. While the memories of your past will forever be with you, and the stories of your old life will forever be spoken of in Legend, you are Drake Sol. Guardian of the Light.

    "Now that I can feel at ease about myself, what shall I do?" Drake asked, standing boldly before the Speaker.

    "We shall have you requisitioned at the Vanguard promptly, and I shall make efforts to find you some suitable weapons and a ship. That lonely Hand Cannon on your hip will not be suitable for your ventures. But I must also explain the severity of Humanity's situation..."

    "After your fight at the Wall with the Sixth Pillar of the Titans, your men in the First-Fifth Pillars were successful in holding the wall. It was a decisive victory, but it did not last long. We could hardly protect our own city, and as I'm sure you saw, the Traveler fell into a state of regeneration."

    "As time drew on, we lost contact with numerous of our civilizations, even the Humans that had moved deep into Space. Few know the Awoken race, or even the Exos that were created, but they fight by our side, so the Light has touched them as well in some way. Lately, tales have been told of the Traveler's ancient enemy; the Darkness. Recently, the tales have stopped, but the Children still are frightened anyway."

    "Then I shall give them a reason not to be afraid. Point me where it is I need to go."

    "-The Darkness is coming back... we will not survive it this time. Guardians will be fighting here and beyond to do whatever it is they can to stop the Darkness- join them. Your Ghost, she will guide you. Take these writs of armaments to; Banshee, the Weapon's dealer; Commander Zavala, the Titan's Vanguard; and Ms. Holliday, the Transport Merchant."

    Drake nodded, turning to leave, as the Speaker cleared his throat, gaining Drake's attention back.

    "I have only one request Guardian. When you speak with Zavala, he will request a mission from you. He will be sending one of his rookies with you. While you do not hold your old accolades, I am certain you can train the boy into a mighty Titan. I urge you to take the boy, perhaps you might help him, where no others can.


    "Good day, Guardian. Care to have a look at my wares?"

    "Banshee, yes?" Drake asked, to which the robot behind the counter nodded. "I have a requisition writ signed by the Speaker."

    " I see, which is it that you prefer? For rifles; I have Scout class semi-auto precision, Pulse class triple burst semi-auto precision, Auto class full-auto, Sniper class precision? For miscellaneous; I have shotguns, fusion rifles, Hand Cannons, and Heavy weapons, such as Rockets or Machine Guns. Please know that any purchases today come with a free complimentary weapon of your choice."

    Scanning over the wares, Drake's eyes fell on a Scout rifle on the wall, along with a onyx black shotgun. Pointing up to them, the weapon master nodded, wheeling himself over towards the wall, hefting the rifle and shotgun with ease. Banshee brought the firearms over, as Drake passed along the Writ, placing the weapons on the magnetic holders on his back.


    "Howdy Titan!" the cheery woman jumped up from her workbench, cutely wiping the black sludge off of her cheek with a rag. "I'd shake your hand, but I'd hate to get your armor all grimy. What can I do you for?"

    "Actually, I've come with a Writ from the Speaker himself, requesting a ship for my personal travel. But I've also come with a special requisition."

    "Shoot!" Holliday smiled, pulling up a tablet showcasing the ships she had in stock. "I have all sorts of classes, some from the Golden Age, some newer built models based off the classics."

    Drake quickly scanned through the tablet, until he located the one that suited his fancy. The onyx black ship was sleek and thin, yet the weapons mounted on it were powerful and easily made up for it. Yellow pinstripes flowed up the aft section of the ship to the nose, across the wings and under the belly.

    "I'd like this one, the Valkyrie-051X?"

    "Hmm." Holliday's usual smiled turned into a bit of a grimace, as she shook her head. "That ship is actually a bit pricey, even for a Speaker's Writ."

    "Oh." Drake said, glancing back down at the tablet, as Holliday smirked playfully.

    "However, Master Rahool is a good friend of mine. I know you want to keep it a secret, but Rahool is a bit of a gossip. He told me you were actually Drake Stratus. My Great-Grandfather fought alongside you at the battle of the Twilight Gap. He was the one that ceremoniously took your Gjallahorn Rocket Launcher as a token of your bravery, and to keep your name alive." She said sheepishly.

    "He actually kept visiting the cave they found you in. The Vanguard that succeeded you suggested making the cave itself into a memorial in it's self, and had the Titan's melt the walls with Fusion rifles to give it a metallic shine."

    "Good Ol' Siegfried." Drake mused. "I knew him well, and I am honored that he took that weapon in my name... my old name."

    "That being said, for someone like you. Who made my family what it is today, I'll be willing to accept that Writ and tank it's potential profits, in hopes that you will make my customized ship Legendary with whatever your new name is."

    "I couldn't possibly put you out like that, I wouldn't feel right."

    "As I wouldn't feel right forcing my childhood hero to pay for it." she smiled, as Drake froze up. "Accept it, as a way of thanking you for giving me hope as a kid, for a better future."

    Drake hesitated, before smiling and handing the Writ over. Nodding, Holliday took her tablet back, pressing a few keys in it to authenticate the sale.

    "When you're ready for her, your Ghost can summon the ship at any time now. She isn't very roomy in the cockpit, just enough space for maybe you and one other passenger. But hopefully you won't need to cramp yourself like that, right? Now, you mentioned a personal requisition?"

    Drake nodded towards Arianna, who summoned the slate of metal from her trans-materialized storage, as it clanked to the ground.

    "This was once a Golden Age Cavalier Class Sparrow transport rig. It blew up on the day... I died. I was wondering if there is a way you can rebuild it, using only this piece as a schematic?"

    "That would be rather difficult." Holliday said, scratching the back of her head, before planting her index finger to her lip, tapping it. "I have the schematics for other Cavalier Class Sparrows, perhaps I can use this piece when I build you one of those?"

    "That can work." Drake nodded.

    "Great!" she smiled, before looking down again. "However, that request will actually cost you some Glimmer. Supplies are kind of short, and I'd have to pull some strings."

    "That shouldn't be a problem." Drake nodded, holding out a torn piece of fabric Arianna had trans-materialized for him. "It's the House Banner for the Kell of the House of Devils. I received it in my scuffle with him years ago, I found it in the cave, just yesterday. I'm not sure how much it's worth nowadays, but back in the Golden Age, scoring these would boost morale and were worth thousands. If it's not enough, I will earn my keep as I explore the Cosmodrome and beyond."

    "I'll talk to Master Rahool." Holliday smiled. "He can appraise this. He has the tendency to scam Guardians that bring him Engrams, but he always pays good for loot like this. You've got yourself a deal... Mr. S..."

    "Sol, Drake Sol." Drake smirked. "But please, call me Drake. Hearing Mr. Sol is weird. Even Mr. Stratus was weird."


    "News travels across the Tower fast." Zavala smirked. "This is why I pulled you aside in secrecy. Firstly I must say it's an honor to meet one of the very first Titan Vanguards. Secondly, I would be happy to arm you with a new set of armor."

    "I'm a new person now, Commander." Drake said, nodding. "My old life is behind me, for my own peace of mind."

    "I can understand that, fame can get to a man's head. When you are a Titan, the last thing you want is to have star struck fans getting in your way. Your Ghost's armor fashioning is pretty good, but you'll need better if you're going to survive out in the Cosmodrome. I only have some low class stuff left in stock, but I'm certain as you go along, you may find some Engrams, items unfamiliar to us in these times, and have the Cryptarch fashion you better stuff."

    Drake nodded, accepting the armor requisitions into Arianna's databanks, handing over the final Writ. Quickly, Arianna scanned over his person, and as her scan traveled upwards, his newly acquired gear took the old stuff's place.

    "I scrapped all of that other armor I fashioned for you into Plasteel Plating, along with some glimmer for the miscellaneous parts that you would likely never use."

    "There is just one last thing I need from you, Guardian, before you head back out into the frontier." Zavala stood proudly, as Drake nodded, following Zavala. "It is... a young Titan. He is one of my newest recruits, and he's green as grass. He's a little hot-headed though, and he doesn't take well to orders. But he needs guidance, otherwise I fear he'll die out there."

    "The Speaker mentioned him, I will take him on my next run in the Cosmodrome. Though I must inquire, the Speaker made mention of a mission in Old Russia?"

    "Yes. Cayde-6 and the rest of the Hunter's Guild located what they believe to be the remains of the Fallen House of Devil's Ketch. The Ketch, if you're not aware, is the ship in which the Kell of a House resides... as a faux King of it's people. The House of Devils is known for it's ruthlessness in the battle of the Walls, going so far as one of the Kell's Archons; Kraksis, to kill a higher up Titan."

    "Yeah... me." Drake growled. "But I got that bastard, good and dead."

    "Actually, Guardian." Zavala frowned. "You merely maimed him, however you attacked him. Fraxsis, the Devil's Kell, the one you hunted. Promoted Kraksis from an ordinary Archon into an Archon Priest. His levels of Ether, the smokey substance that sustains them for all these years, is off the charts, second only to Fraxsis himself."

    "You... and the rookie, will scout the area for intel on the Devil Archon Priest, and eventually, take him out. For now, I want you to keep your wits about you, and teach Lance all you can. But remember what I told you, he's a bit... brash."


    "So, they hire a rookie to teach a rookie? Makes total sense." the young man growled, as Drake rubbed the back of his head.

    "Uh, nice to meet you too Lance."

    "Shut the fuck up. Titan's don't show strength through their voice, they show it through dying gloriously in the battlefield. At this rate, the only legacy we'll leave behind is my bloody right ear."

    "This is gonna be fun" Arianna whispered.

    End Prologue



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    Chapter One: New Beginnings

    Lance's blocky, rusted ship hovered dangerously close to Drake's causing the veteran Titan to tense up momentarily.

    "Lance, you mind giving me some breathing room? We're hovering in orbit because I'm acquiring coordinates from Commander Zavala to our target zone. Not everything about being a Titan is blood and bruises. We're Masters in Tactician AND War, not one over the other. Flying this close endangers both of us."

    "We must fly close together. I don't care what you say, I've given you plenty of birth."

    "Yeah, and if your rust bucket blows a gasket, we'll both die. Now pull out, my download is almost complete."

    "Hey, fuck you man! If anyone here should be giving orders, it should be me. I'm not the rookie Titan, you're the Greenhorn."

    "So explain to me why Zavala asked ME to run the Fireteam, and not YOU?" Drake asked, clutching the steering wheel angrily.

    "Control your temper Drake, it's not going to look good if you kill this kid. You want to start fresh, build yourself up again? Killing another Titan isn't the way to do it."

    "Look. I've been fighting this war for whoever knows how long. I've got a lot of experience in the field, especially when working with other Titans. The Commander and the Speaker just want me to ensure that you are trustworthy to fly solo. You don't want to work with me, fine. I get that, lone wolfing is always an option, stupid, but an option nonetheless."

    "You want to do this? Prove to me that you're good to fight alone, and I'll request Zavala to let you have your way."


    Siberia, Old Russia

    "Hope you brought a jacket, Arianna." Drake chuckled. "Siberia was the coldest place in Old Russia. The perfect location for an enemy Hideout, especially for creatures so cold of heart."

    "Cruel jokes, you Humans are complex creatures."

    "Boy, and I thought Siberia was cold." Drake shook his head. "Lance, you here?"

    "I've been waiting on the terrace for five minutes now, freezing my ass off. You wanna hurry up?"

    "Not particularly." Drake huffed under his breath, as he trudged along.

    His boots felt awkward in the snow, but he soon became adjusted to his settings, as he hustled to Lance's coordinates on his motion tracker. Meeting the young Titan on the cliff, the younger warrior huffed, before sliding down the hillside.

    "What the hell are you doing?!" Drake asked sternly.

    "We were told to gather data and exterminate the target? No?" Lance said. "My Ghost and I will find a terminal while you give me cover."

    "No, we're here for Data only, then we get the Target at a later point in time. We're not going to stand much of a chance against an Archon Priest with our current gear."

    Drake knew that Lance would ignore him, as the greenhorn trudged through the snow towards the hole torn in the hull of the once gigantic ship. In it's current state, as opposed to how Drake had seen it centuries ago, it looked more like a fortress, a castle of sorts. Sighing, Drake pulled his Scout Rifle out, zooming through the scope to keep an eye on Lance's progress.

    "This is a bad idea." Drake shook his head. "This kid is greener than grass, even a Captain would prove too much of a problem for him."

    "Mic was still on asshole, I'm a lot tougher than you think."

    "The question isn't how tough you are, it's how SMART you use your toughness. Brawn is nothing without brains."

    "Arigoto Sensai. You pull that from a fortune cookie old man? "

    "No, but I lasted a pretty good time before I finally died. How many you kill greenhorn? You even remember your first confirmed kill?"

    "Y-yeah. I killed a Dreg, in the Cosmodrome."

    "Pfft, I killed a Captain, three Vandals, and a handful of Dregs, and that was yesterday alone. Y'know how I killed that Captain? With my fuckin' fists. Could you do that?"

    "Yeah, I'll show you!"

    Drake froze as the kid opened the door, rushing inside, as Arianna appeared over his shoulder, shaking her form back and forth.

    "Smooth. Best go after him, if he's as weak as you imply, he won't last in there."

    Drake sighed once more, before clipping his rifle to his back, sliding down the cliff. Sprinting towards the cracked entryway, Drake brandished his Hand Cannon off of his hip. The fortress was pitch black, far darker than it should have been for a Fallen ship.

    Arianna shuddered for a second, as she hovered over his left shoulder, illuminating his path. Walking through the corridor, he continued to check his flanks. Hearing footsteps in the distance, Arianna killed her flashlight, as Drake quickly stepped against the wall.

    "Lance, you little shit. What are you doing?" Drake hissed with venom into the comm.

    "I'm gonna prove to you all that I, Lance the Gallant, can do anything I put my brain too."

    "We're here for Recon, dammit!" Drake festered. "We can't go around picking fights, they'll only up the security in this fortress."


    "That was Lance!" Arianna screamed in his ear, as she lit up the flashlight again. "The room, just ahead of us, hurry Drake!"

    The Fallen Vandal in front of Drake chittered as it saw Arianna's light. Growling intensely, it sparked it's four Shock Swords, charging him. Sprinting towards the Vandal, Drake smashed the butt of his Hand Cannon into it's face, cracking the hard exoskeleton that made up the creature.

    Falling onto it's back, Drake quickly planted his boot into it's skull to finish it off. Grabbing two of the swords off of it's person, he bolted for the door directly in front of him, Arianna keeping up perfectly. Shoulder tackling the door, Drake burst through. An entire horde of Vandals, Dregs, a pair of Captains, and a bigger variation of a Captain stood there, glancing at Lance, who was slowly bleeding onto the floor.

    "Dammit kid." Drake growled, as the beasts all raised their weapons. "Is your Ghost functional? Have it spin up a healing matrice, tend that damn wound!"

    "What- what about you?"

    "I've got a dance with the Devils."

    "These one-liners... they're not going to happen frequently, are they?"

    "Oye, no promises." Drake growled. "Besides, I didn't mean for that to happen."

    Charging forward with the two shock blades, one for each hand, Drake roared as he bolted into the crowd. Swinging his blades in a deadly, yet elegant dance, Dreg, and Vandal heads rolled to the floor in an epic display of blood and Ether residuals.

    Diving under a barrage of the electricity powered swords, Drake caught one of them mid dodge in the side, as he growled in pain, his shield of light popping almost immediately. Hunched on the floor from the pain, Drake glared over towards Lance, who sat up, staring in awe at him.

    "No." Drake whispered to himself. "I must show this kid, I... I will not die today! NOT AGAIN!"

    Painfully rising, Arianna set about to recharging his shield and mending his wound. It was a slow process, but he had fought in worse conditions, once upon a time. Smashing his blades on the ground, a giant sphere of Arc Light burst forth, as the remaining Dregs surrounding him disintegrated into nothing.

    "RISE TO YOUR FEET TITAN!" Drake roared with newfound energy, as Lance stood, uneasily to his feet. "YOU WANT TO PROVE TO ME YOU HAVE STRENGTH?! NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!"

    Lance stood there, completely appalled by Drake's sudden change in tone. From what he thought was once a philosopher, he saw a reason to fight, a fire building in his stomach. Nodding, he pulled the Auto Rifle from his back, snapping the aim towards the Captains.

    The two Titans continued the battle for the better part of a half hour, as the trio of Captains and the lone Baron countered all of their attacks skillfully. The battle slowly turned on the Guardian's, as more Vandals and Dregs leaked into the room.

    "I'm out of ammo!" Lance roared. "My Ghost can't churn out anymore for a while!"

    Kicking up one of the extinguished sword hilts of a Fallen Vandal, Drake kicked it towards Lance, who clumsily caught it. Nodding proudly, Drake watched as the rookie ignited the sword.

    "Take care of the grunts, I'll deal with these four assholes!" Drake barked.

    Ducking under the Baron's top swings, Drake swirled on his heels in his crouched stance, slashing his two blades into the torso of one of the Captains. It growled in pain, as he kicked it back into one of it's comrade's swords, impaling itself. Turning back towards his attacker, Drake's left sword met with it's deflecting the blow as he swung with his right.

    The Baron countered the right sword, as Drake smashed his boot into it's torso, knocking it away as he turned back towards the two remaining Captains. The one that had impaled it's friend roared to the heavens, charging at him with it's soiled swords, as the Baron behind him swung both of it's at him. Rolling to his left, he watched as the superior Baron slashed the Captain's head clear off of it's shoulders.

    Taking a brief moment to understand his surroundings, Drake watched admirably as Lance finished off the last of the Dregs and Vandals. Panting considerably, he charged over, sidewinding the remaining Captain. Drake turned towards the Baron, which advanced on Lance, unbeknowest to the younger Titan.

    Drake stood behind Lance, bumping the rookie's back with his. Lance didn't need to peer over his shoulder, as he realized the older Titan stood behind him. In front of Lance, the last Captain chittered to itself, preparing it's two swords, while Drake faced the Baron, which swirled four swords in it's hands now.

    "This is your chance Lance." Drake smirked beneath his helmet. "We pull this off, Arianna will take the terminal in the corner, and then we're getting the hell outta here, you hear me?!"

    "Yes sir." Lance said, catching Drake off guard.

    "HIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the two Titan's roared, as they charged at their respective enemies.

    Lance deflected the Captain's right sword with his left elbow, causing his shields to momentarily pop. Turning in a fast motion to his left, he flanked his foe on it's right, kicking out it's knee, the Captain forced on the defensive, as Lance knocked the blade out of it's hand. Swinging blindly at the Captain, Drake could see it out of the corner of his eyes.

    Facing his own opponent, Drake kicked the right bottom sword out of the Baron's hand, blocking it's top left with the back of his right hand, striking it's top right sword with his own weapon. It's bottom left sword glanced his leg, as he roared in pain. Smashing his helmet forward, he knocked the beast back, dazing it.

    "C'mon, faster.... Drake growled to himself.

    "FASTER!" Drake roared, swinging his two swords in a flurry of electric energy at the Baron, which continued to retreat.

    Finally breaking it's defenses, Drake spent little time on his all out offensive, slashes met with slices across it's hardened torso, as Drake tossed the swords above his head, kicking the Baron away. As the blades met their peak height, Drake took a brave step forward, Arc energy enveloping his glove, as the Fist of Havoc bolted forward, piercing the Baron's hard exoskeleton.

    The beast chittered in defeat, as Ether spewed out of it's mouth and nose slits. It's eyes opening wide as Drake squeezed whatever 'heart' it held within it's chest. Kicking the corpse back, Drake caught the two weapons, turning back towards Lance, who was in a losing battle.

    "Help me!" Lance yelled, backing away from the Captain, who was reduced to only one sword.

    "Are you sure? I thought you wanted to be a hotshot?" Drake asked, as Lance said nothing.

    "I'm... I'm sorry." Lance said, as he stood still.

    "Christ kid!" Drake growled, throwing his right handed sword at the Captain, knocking it's sword away. "HIT IT NOW!"

    Lance woke from his stupor, pulling his sword backwards, Arc energy filling the blade from his own Fist of Havoc. Roaring in anger, Lance's sword turned a dark blue hue, racing towards the Captain at a blinding speed, until it pierced it's carapace.

    Ether spewed from the creature's wound, as it crumbled to the floor in a heap. Lance dropped the sword, falling to his knees, as he roared out in pain and hatred.

    "ASSHOOOOOOOOOLES!" Lance roared, as Drake walked over, placing his hand gently on Lance's shoulder.

    "You did good kid, you did good." Drake smirked. "For what it's worth, I'm damned proud of you."

    Lance sat there, motionless for a time, as Arianna reappeared over his shoulder.

    "It'd be wise if we got out of here, more legions of Captains, an Archon, and a slew of Vandals are on the way. But I think I got the data we need. It's gonna be a while before we can come back though, they'll be paranoid for an attack now, and we need to be ready."


    Lance appeared in a pillar of light, right beside Drake, as they rearrived at the Tower. Brushing past the older Titan, Lance did not yield to anyone that got in his way.

    "Lance!" Drake yelled, as Lance paused for a second. "C'mon, before we debrief with Zavala, lemme buy you something to eat."

    Continuing his path, Drake's hand fell on Lance's shoulder, as the younger Titan tried to shrug him off.

    "I insist. We need to discuss what happened in there, okay?" Drake replied. "After a mission, I always take some time to feed myself, helps me feel alive, especially after the adrenaline rush wears out, y'know?"

    Sighing, Lance followed Drake to the upper section of the tower, where an outdoor restaurant awaited them. Sitting at the table, Drake ordered a couple of cold beverages, and whatever was readily available and sounded good.

    "Look." Drake shrugged, sipping on his iced water. "I know I was harsh with you."

    "No." Lance said, taking his helmet off, his Ghost removing it temporarily. "I was the harsh one. You wanted to ensure I was safe, and you wanted to make sure I was cleared to be on my own."

    "I was a fool. I-I was always looked down upon, my father, and his father before him had a legacy that I couldn't quite live up to. All of my superiors, even Commander Zavala, looked down upon me for not fulfilling my 'family's work'."

    "I know what you mean, filling a pair of boots that don't quite fit. It's awkward. My father was like that with me, always pushed me beyond my limits, just so I could be in the Sixth Pillar."

    "You were from the Golden Age?" Lance asked.

    "Yep. Resurrected yesterday morning, was back in shit creek by noon." Drake shook his head, taking a brave swig of his beverage. "Your drink is gonna get cold son, I chose a cold beverage to help me relax a bit, but I've been to Siberia on ops before, so I'm a little used to the cold. You'll need that to warm up."

    "O-okay." Lance said, lifting his cup shakily. "T-that explains-"

    "Explains why I was chosen to lead you in this op?"

    "No, well, yes. But it also explains those techniques you used today. Not many Titans nowadays are versed with swordsmanship. I used to study Swordsman when I was younger, before I was forced into the Titans."

    Taking a sip of his warm beverage, Lance breathed in deeply, sitting less rigid.

    "Yes, and for one of these new Age Titans, you did very well with your sword. I won't expect you to use one again, likewise I likely won't either. But if you do, you should know that retreat is not an option unless you absolutely have to." Drake nodded sagely. "I'm sure one of your other superiors would likely clout your ear now, and tell Zavala that you don't deserve to be out on your own."

    Lance frowned, looking down at his beverage, finally humbled in his ways.

    "However," Lance's face perked up, as he glanced at Drake. "Despite your outbursts before the mission began, or your conduct in space... or your recklessness charging into an enemy building."

    Continuing to be sullied by Drake's harsh words, Lance continued to sip on his beverage.

    "I find that you can hold your own in battle. You just need to not freeze up against impossible odds. You saw me when I took on that horde of Fallen. They glanced me pretty good, and the odds were stacked against me. But by using my mind and my strength, I- no, WE were able to turn the tides." Drake nodded, finishing off his drink. "When we've finished here, I will personally tell Zavala that you're clear for your own operations."

    "T-thank you sir." Lance stammered, finishing off his drink too. "I'm- I'm really sorry I was so rude to you. I thought you'd be like the others."

    "The others were fools, and I'll admit you had me pretty riled up at times. But that's in the past. Continue to prove to me and Zavala that you have what it takes, and one day you may even be promoted into the higher up classes of Titans." Drake chuckled. "Damn, where's that food we ordered?! I'm starved!"


    "You... you're kidding right?" Zavala asked, as Drake shook his head. "You are a miracle worker Drake. Traveler knows I've tried to train the boy, how'd you do it?"

    Drake turned back to Lance, who kept his distance from them. Drake nodded, as the young man smirked, nodding back.

    "It's a secret, one I will share with you in time." Drake grinned. "For now, we have acquired the intel that we required, and I found some interesting objects that I think Master Rahool might want to take a look at. I should warn you though, we weren't necessarily able to completely remain stealthy, and they know we're coming for Fraxsis."

    "Good work, Guardian." Zavala nodded. "For now, all I can suggest is that you join other Guardians in patrolling the Cosmodrome. There might be some things that people from the Tower need done. Also, Holliday said she had something for you? Might be worth checking out."

    Drake nodded, turning away from Zavala, and walking past Lance. Rustling Lance's hair, the auburn haired teen shuddered as Zavala stood before him.

    "Well Lance, you've proven to Titan Sol over there that you can hold your own. You may still be a bit green around the edges, but he has no doubts that you can handle yourself. You are hereby a full fledged member of the Titan's Guild, you are free to take missions solo, and of course, will have access to the armory, assuming you accumulate enough Reputation for us." Zavala said proudly.

    "Thank you Commander." Lance paused. "But with all due respect sir, I'd like to stick with Drake for a while?"

    Drake paused, hearing his name, as he turned back. Zavala paused, glancing up at Drake, as the teen turned to face him.

    "If it's not too much to ask?" Lance asked, Drake grinned.

    "Of course you can." Drake said. "I still have a few things to teach you."

    "Very well, you are still welcome to solo as you see fit, Guardian. But Drake is your mentor now. Treat him as you would treat me, or any other higher standing Titan, understood."

    "Yes sir." Lance nodded.

    "Good. Off you go then." Zavala grinned. "Be safe out there you two."



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    "You requested my presence, Ms. Holliday?"

    "Amanda, please." the Shipwright smiled. "Yes, I asked Zavala to send you my way. That House Banner you gave me... it's legit. Not that I questioned you, but I figured you'd be happy to know it covered your costs, and then some."

    Drake smiled, as Lance hung back, taking in the scenery of the loading docks. Turning towards the teenager behind him, Drake chuckled, as he scratched the back of his head.

    "By 'and then some', do you mean enough for a newer ship?" Drake replied, as Amanda's face turned beat red.

    "You... you didn't crash my ship- did you?" she asked, her eyes wide.

    "No!" Drake said quickly, holding a hand out. "The lad is in a very old model ship, I'm afraid it'll blow a gasket and he'll end up crashing and burning."

    Lance snapped to attention at the mention of his name, as he stared at Drake quizzingly. Drake chuckled to himself as he turned back, Amanda smiling at Lance.

    "He's got potential, and I'd hate to see it wasted from faulty equipment. Your custom ship has done me well, so perhaps I can order one of your more... common models?""

    Amanda nodded, handing over the tablet. Scrolling through his options, Drake whistled, as Lance walked beside him.

    "Listen here, son." Drake stated, handing the tablet over to Lance. "Pick any ship here that I can afford with that Banner. I need to visit Master Rahool."

    Nodding towards Amanda, Drake casually walked away with a huge grin on his face, whistling some old tune neither of the youngsters he had been with would know.

    "He's such a good fella." Amanda smiled, watching the older Titan leave.

    "Yeah, he put faith in me, a random stranger he'd never met, and risked his life in our last mission to ensure I was safe." Lance clenched his free hand. "I'm not worthy of his presence."

    "Don't be ridiculous. If you know what that man has done in the past, you'd know that he had no limit to his kindness, and the treatment of his men."

    Lance's eyes opened wide when he heard Amanda finish her last sentence. Clicking on one of the cheaper options, the girl giggled as he handed the tablet back.

    "Say, I didn't catch your name?" Amanda started, as Lance turned his head back the way he had came.

    "Lance." Lance said, still averting his eyes. "His men?"

    "Yes. He... didn't tell you?"

    "No?" Lance replied, turning back. "Tell me what?"

    "Sorry. But I don't think I'm the one that should share that info. You want to ask him questions about his old life, he's the one that can answer your questions."

    Lance nodded, bolting back the way he and the older Titan had come, in efforts to find the Veteran.

    "Hmm, nice fella." one of the mechanics giggled beside her. "He's actually kinda cute, don't you think Amanda?"

    Amanda's cheeks turned rosy, as she spun on her heels, returning to her workbench. The mechanic continued her laughing, working on the dismantled engine at her feet.


    "Drake, I have some questions to ask you." Lance said, approaching Drake, who was deep into conversation with Master Rahool.

    "Interesting, you found an Rare class Engram, how'd you acquire this?" Rahool chuckled. "Actually, someone of your stature shouldn't have to answer that."

    Handing over another piece of fabric, Drake chuckled as Rahool's eyes opened wide. Clasping his hand on the fabric, the Cryptarch held a look of enigmatic bliss as he studied it.

    "House of Devil's banner, Baron issue." Rahool smiled. "This banner itself is worth thousands. That is, if you're willing to sell?"

    Drake nodded, as Rahool handed over a handful of glimmer in exchange for the fabric. Tapping a few buttons on the blue hexagonal object Drake had handed him, the Engram expelled a blinding light, as a helmet formed in Rahool's hand.

    "A helmet Engram, a good find, Guardian." Rahool said, as Drake accepted his item, Arianna scrapping his old helmet and replacing it in her trans-materialized storage.

    Walking away, Drake turned towards Lance, who looked very impatient about something.

    "Sorry about that Lance, I figured you were still talking with Ms. Holliday." Drake smirked. "That, and Rahool always has interesting things to say."

    "I have some questions I'd like answered." Lance said bluntly.

    "You want to know about Golden Age stuff, and to see if I knew your family, yes?" Drake shook his head. "That stuff'll have to wait. Perhaps I'll tell you some stories of my past, but not right now. I don't want to think about certain events, understand?"


    "Trust me, I'll give you whatever answers it is you desire, but not right now."

    Before either of them knew it, however, a Huntress walked over, tapping Drake on the shoulder, passing by him.

    "Please excuse me, Lance." Drake said, turning towards the woman. "Lola!"

    Approaching, the Huntress still wore her helmet, much to Drake's dismay. But he was sure she wasn't comfortable in public, not many Hunters were.

    "Drake." she smiled. "How are you?"

    "I'm well, ever since you've dropped me off here, things have been going really well." Drake nodded. "Thanks again, by the way."

    "It really was no problem, my mission was a success, so that's all good." holding her hands down, she turned away for a second. "So what's next for you?"

    "Patrolling the Cosmodrome with the lad back there." Drake chuckled.

    "Hmm." she said, tilting her head. "If you guys hold up, mind if I join you? I have been meaning to take it a little easy."

    Shrugging, Drake agreed, walking over towards Lance.

    "Hope you don't mind if I invite her along." Drake replied. "Been a long while since I've had friends."

    "What's that supposed to mean?" Arianna replied, appearing over his shoulder, as Lance crossed his arms.

    "Oh come on." Drake scratched the back of his head. "Besides you two, and maybe Rahool, I don't have many friends."

    "I think he likes her." Lance chuckled, as Arianna kind of giggled. "Aren't you a little old for her?"

    Drake froze for a second, before he lowered his head.

    "That's not entirely true. I just feel like I've known her for quite some time, and.. I'm actually not that old. I was thirty at the time of my death." Drake sighed. "But your right, but every standard, I am technically two hundred and thirty."

    "Still." Drake said, lifting his head pridefully. "An extra pair of hands on the Fireteam will be a nice change of pace. Especially a Hunter, their Guild specializes in recon and scouting. That'll be perfect for a pair of Titans."


    "Wow," Lance mused, sitting up on the cliff, Drake and Lola beside him. "It's beautiful."

    The three Guardians sat on a cliff jutting out of the rocks, overlooking the old airplane graveyard. In the distance, the sun began to descend on Drake's third day back alive. Drake and Lance had taken off their helmets, enjoying the fresh air, the brisk Russian air tickled their faces.

    "Yeah." Drake smiled, lazing back on his hands, staring out at the sun. "Some two hundred years ago, I used to like to pretend I was on patrol with a good friend of mine, watching the sun set."

    "The Golden Age must've been something else." Lance said. "Where you didn't have to worry about the Darkness all the time."

    "Yeah, they were definitely better times." Drake sighed, frowning as the wind kissed his cheek once more. "Times I wish you new Generation folks could experience. Times I will help you achieve once again."

    "You mentioned bringing friends here?" Lola piped up beside him. "What was that like?"

    "It was... something that I will cherish always." Drake smirked solemnly. "Before I became a full blooded Titan, we always used to stop here to chat about our Guilds and... just be teens."


    "C'mon Lady." Drake chuckled, as he climbed down over the top of the cliff, onto the overhang that waited for them.

    "I'm too nervous." Lillian shuddered, attempting to climb down after him.

    "You don't have to be!" Drake smiled, holding a hand up to ease her down.

    Lillian reached down towards her good friend, as her left foothold collapsed, sending her face first towards him. Drake extended his arms, catching her with a grunt, as he fell onto his back.

    In the Russian evening sun, her dark red hair billowed in the frosty wind, as she stared down at him with her Amber eyes.

    "Hey." she smiled, as Drake grinned.

    "Hey." Drake replied, staring deep into her eyes.

    Chuckling, Drake couldn't help himself as her cheeks gathered a red color from her embarrassment. Hugging him tightly, he held her carefully with his powerful arms, giving her a sense of comfort. They stayed there, in an unbreakable embrace that would withstand the sands of time. Gently stroking a lock of her hair out of her eyes, he sat back up, as the two of them sat on the cliff, feet dangling over the edge.

    Crimson, orange, and lavender clouds rolled across the horizon of the sea in front of them. The Sun, and all of it's warmth, slowly descended across the edge of the water, as the two teenagers stared in awe, hands held.

    "It's beautiful." Lillian said, turning towards him. "How did you find this spot?"

    "I used to come here all the time, while my father ran missions in the Cosmodrome, my mother and I would sit here and have a picnic." Drake said, sitting with his hands behind his back, staring at the sunset. "After she died a few years back, I'd come here every now and again. Aiming to fulfill her final request."

    "Request?" Lillian asked, turning to face him.

    "Yeah," Drake replied. "She wanted me to bring a good friend up here, and share this spot with someone. A special spot, for a special person."

    Smiling, Lillian twiddled her hands together, as she tried to avoid his gaze.

    "You're going into the Titan's Guild soon?" she asked.

    "Yeah, my father is pushing me to take up the family legacy. His father was the second in command to the Titan that first established the Titan's Guild. Our Legacy is to forever hold our position as Vanguard, or second in command, of the Titans." Drake said. "But just because I'm doing that doesn't mean we can't still be friends."

    "Well, Jeremy was telling me earlier that he's being pushed into the Warlock's guild, and... my mother is pushing me into the Hunter's Guild." Lillian frowned, clenching her fist. "Something bad's coming soon."

    "Then we'll just have to make sure we stop it." Taking her by surprise, Drake wrapped his hand around hers, staring into her eyes again. "There isn't a reason to be afraid. Life is too damned short to be afraid."

    Tears gently streamed down Lillian's cheek, as she shuffled over to his position, resting her head on his chest. Watching seagulls fly to their nests for the night, Drake rested his hand on her shoulder, as the sun finally disappeared beyond the sea.

    "You know the three Guilds can tolerate each other, but rarely work with each other, right?"

    "Does that change anything between us?" Drake asked, raising an eyebrow. "If that's the case, I'll leave my family. I'll become a Hunter."

    "No." Lillian smiled. "It just means that we won't be able to see each other that often."

    "Then I guess we wait until we get some downtime, eh?" Drake chuckled. "It'll all be fine, trust me."

    "I always do." she smiled.

    Pulling the knife in his right hand from the rock beside him, he sheathed the weapon, admiring his etching. Turning her head towards the sound of the scraping, she saw their initials etched into the boulder beside them.



    22 years later

    Recommended Listen: Seriously, listen.

    Drake uneasily landed on the precipice where they had once sat in their teenage years. Above his head, the night sky was onyx black, as black as his heart felt. The air was stiff, and he felt like jumping over the edge, praying that he could end his suffering.

    Instead, he crouched beside the giant rock, where he had carved their names in so many years before. That night, he had promised to do whatever meant keeping her safe, even breaking Titan Codex if necessary.

    Shaking his head, tears rolled down his cheek as he clenched his fists. Getting closer to the rock, the light of the moon poked through the night clouds, illuminating the rock. There he found it; DS/LW... standing the test of time.

    "All ends are beginnings, Drake." he could hear her whispering into his ears.

    Mustering all the strength he could, staring directly up at the Moon above, pondering why he was tormented in this life. Clenching his fists, he grit his teeth as the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness formed a lump in his throat, preventing him from vocalizing his pain. His body shuddered, as he stumbled back against the rock face again, sliding down, holding the one thing he had left of her: a crimson lock of her hair.

    He couldn't stand it, if she was still watching him, he was showing weakness. The Darkness was advancing on the City's position, and within the week, would be knocking on their doorstep. Reaching back up onto the cliff, he plucked a few flowers, placing them by the rock.

    "I wasn't strong enough to save you, Lady." Drake sobbed to himself. "But I will protect the Traveler, I WILL prevent that future you predicted all those years ago. I WILL uphold my promise, and kick the Darkness back into whatever desolate pit it crawled out from. Or I'll die trying, save a spot for me- sweetheart."


    "S-she must've been pretty special, Drake." Lola replied, glancing at the boulder to her right. "But I'm sure she loved you back."

    "Yeah." Lance frowned. "I'm really sorry, sir."

    "Don't sir me." Drake shook his head, staring at the earth beneath his feet. "Not anymore."

    "Drake-" Lola started, before she turned back towards the view in front of them. "Why were you revived the other day?"

    "I asked myself the same thing... when Arianna first woke me from the dead." Drake shook his head. "Why couldn't Drake Stratus find his peace, why did a tormented soul have to be brought back into this hellhole?"

    "Drake S-Stratus?" Lance said, turning his head towards the older Titan.

    "Yeah, I was Drake Stratus." Drake sighed. "Not anymore. I'm no hero."

    "But I do know now why I was brought back, and why I chose to go by the name Drake Sol now... Drake Stratus couldn't keep his word, and so I'm here to finish what he started." Drake stood proudly, clenching his fists. "I'm here, because I have unfinished business to deal with. The Traveler knows I can't rest in peace knowing that I wasn't able to do right by myself."

    Turning towards the cliffside behind him, Drake climbed up and over the ridge, taking a brief walk to himself, as Lance stood, staring at the sea in the distance.

    "S-Stratus," Lance echoed, clenching his fists. "When were you planning on telling me?"

    "What? Lance?" Lola replied.

    "When were you planning on telling me?" Lance growled. "The Speaker told me once that a good friend of yours would be able to help me."

    "In time." Lola sighed. "Drake is still fragile, and to add to his burden would likely devastate him. You, I was waiting for the right time to tell both of you."

    "You, nor the Speaker, planned on telling me that the man that's caused me the most pain, would be the man that would take me under his wing."

    "Whatever pain Drake has caused you, it's not on him. Not directly." Lola shook her head. "Look, I know it's going to take some time to get used to him. Especially now that you know who he is. However, you mustn't tell him who you are... not yet."

    "What about you, don't you think he's going to be devastated when he finds out who YOU are?!" Lance growled.

    "I've feared this day since the Speaker told me that the Traveler wanted to revive Drake." Lola replied. "I just don't want to see him hurt."

    Lance huffed angrily, clambering up the rock face and following the path Drake took, as Lola turned to the boulder beside her. Rubbing her right thumb over the slab, she gently lifted the helmet off of her head, the crimson locks flowed down over her ears. Tears welled in her eyes, as she stared at the initials in the stone.

    "All endings are beginnings." she whispered to herself, as she stood, replacing the helmet on her head, pulling her hood over.



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    Still working on this, but I really wanted to make a image that I'd use as a 'Cover' if this were an actual book Razz . Not that I think this is good enough to be a book, but because I just wanted something to do xD .

    Have a look for yourself *click the link, it stretches the page*:

    Into the Stars



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    Drake whistled to himself, briskly walking down the old path towards the Skywatch. His head was swimming, much like sharks in a frenzy. He had wanted to share that spot with Lance, in hopes that he could get over his own troubled past. Shaking his head, he knew that even with a new last name, and a span of two hundred years separating him from the events of his past, he wasn't going to be able to get over it so easily.

    Above him, the ethereal glow of the Moon illuminated his path, as he glanced up. Something had changed on the rock giant, a giant gash protruded on the North-Western Hemisphere. Shaking his head mournfully, he stopped his trek for a moment, crouching low behind a bush. Down the path, a patrol of Fallen Captains, a handful of Dregs, a couple of Shank robots, and a lone Servitor bot scanned the road he had just been traveling.

    "I really wouldn't advise engagement, Drake. Even with your combat prowess, I don't think it's in your best interests."

    "Why?" Drake scoffed. "If the Traveler wants me alive, it'll just have you revive me."

    "Yeah," Arianna shook her form. "But we've been over this, I don't like seeing you get hurt. Call me a robot all you want, that's the plain and simple truth."

    "Guardian's have to be hurt sometimes." Drake sighed. "That much I've gathered over the past couple of days."

    "Yes, but in a tasteful sort. Trying to commit suicide for the sake of hopelessness is a pretty big waste of your time, and the Traveler's."

    "You know what, screw it." Drake growled, standing with his Shotgun at the ready.

    Arianna sighed a mechanical sigh, disappearing over his shoulder once more, as Drake charged the group. Not too far behind them, Lance stomped after the veteran Titan, planning to give him a piece of his mind. Watching Drake charge towards a large group of Fallen, Lance hefted his Auto Rifle, glancing through the scope.

    "Dammit." Lance grit his teeth. "What're you doing, you stubborn fool."

    "Watch my back, will you?" Lola said from behind him, gingerly putting a hand on his shoulder. "Drake can handle himself so long as I give him some cover, just give me some, yeah?"

    Drake roared in anger, sliding on his shins towards the nearest Fallen creature. The Dreg didn't have time to react, as hundreds of pellets pierced into it's torso, blasting it's torso into several different pieces. It's arms and head disappearing in ash, the Solar damage infused within the shells causing the beast to disintegrate.

    Standing quickly, Drake swung the barrel of his Shotgun like a bat at the next Dreg's head. Grinning, he watched it's weaker carapace shatter, dark blood spewing into the air. Behind him, he could hear a Captain's swords flicker to life. Jumping above it's stab, he grimaced as the Arc energy lightly electrocuted him, but he was successful in causing it's blade to drop to the ground.

    Swinging his right boot in a wide arch around him, he was able to smash the Captain in the side of it's skull, knocking it aside. Walking towards it, he stomped his boot down onto it's face, dispatching the foe once and for all. Behind him, the lone Servitor whirred to life, purple energy spewing from the cannon on it's 'face'.

    The energy glanced across Drake's back, causing his shields to pop, his eyes open wide, as he roared in pain. Staring behind him, fuming with rage, Drake clenched his right fist, swinging it into the Servitor's servos, causing the machine to sputter and die.

    Three more Captains chittered at him, the remainder of the Dregs, and the pair of Shanks primed their weapons, thinking they had defeated the Guardian in front of them. Staring down at his gloves, he saw purple residue from the Servitor's Void Cannon cover his hand.


    Two Centuries Ago

    "The Void is a dangerous place." Jeremy scoffed, as Drake and Lillian chuckled with one another. "The Warlock Guild strives to use the Void's power to assist with our efforts, but we understand the risk in using it's strength. You don't control the Void, you channel it."

    "Very philosophical." Drake scoffed, drinking his beverage with a satisfied sigh. "But the Titan's Guild understands it, and can use it to our advantage too."

    "Well, it's not a dick measuring contest." Lillian giggled, drinking her strawberry milkshake. "Only the most Elite of Hunters can use the Void, and it's incredibly risky, as I've heard."

    "Look, Drake, the reason I say this is because word around the Tower is that you're experimenting as a Defender class Titan. It's possible for a Titan to master all of their techniques, but it's extremely physically draining. If you're unprepared, the consequences could be dire. Especially to first time users. Striker class Titans are more common, because the electricity, the passion you guys show, is easily transferred into your fists. Void energy though? You have to study for years to master it."

    Drake chuckled, snapping his fingers as a ball of purple energy formed in his hand.

    "I've practiced for a while now, ever since I joined the Titan's Guild. I hold in my hand a condensed version of the Ward of Dawn. With my full sized one, I can shield my allies and myself from harm, assuming the enemy is smart and stays out of the bubble."


    Drake's eyes opened wide as he returned to reality, he heard a familiar crack in the distance, as the Captain closest to him's head exploded off of it's shoulders. Turning back momentarily, he saw Lola with a Sniper Rifle, waving at him from a distance. He nodded, as Lance shrugged.

    Turning back towards his current situation, the enemies surrounding him fired their weapons, the small arms fire of the Dregs whittling down his shields. Clenching his fist, he growled as a searing, white hot energy flowed into his right hand.

    "GAH!" Drake howled in pain, shaking his hand angrily, as purple energy attempted to seep from a small void.

    His shields popped, as he felt their bullets riddle his body. If this kept up, he was a goner for sure. More cracks from Lola's sniper dropped more of his foes, but if he didn't give himself the shield, the last two Captains would surely kill him.

    Trying again, he had that same burning sensation, but was again burned by his right hand's attempt at opening the void. Growling with anger, Drake charged towards the nearest Captain, arc energy forming on his shoulder, as he sprung off of his right foot, tackling the beast into the wall.

    He could hear the beast's bones snap and crack when he struck it into the wall, it's reinforcements behind him charging for the other members of his Fireteam. Turning back, he pulled his Shotgun up and ready, blasting a daring Shank in it's main hull, 'causing the miniature turret to tumble to the ground.

    Gasping, more fiery rounds from the remaining Shank pierced his shieldless armor, as red and black fog filled the corners of his eyes. Thrusting his fist out, his punch struck it dead center. Instead of disappearing in a flash of electricity, however, it's form dissolved into purple energy, flowing back at Drake, covering his armor like a psuedo shield.

    Lance watched from afar, eyes widened at Drake's use of Energy Drain. Raising his Auto Rifle, he mowed down the Dregs charging up the road towards them, as Lola fired another round at the final Captain, piercing it's skull once more.

    Sighing with relief, Lance clipped the Auto Rifle to his back, as Lola laid a hand on his shoulder.

    "Please." she asked. "I want to be the one to tell him, but now isn't that time. You've now seen what happens when he's got conflicted interests."

    Trudging up the road to the others, Drake smiled beneath his helmet, puffing from his workout, the purple overshield disappearing.

    "That wasn't typical Fallen behavior." Arianna replied. "Fallen patrol parties don't generally consist of more than one Captain, let alone four. That wasn't just any kind of patrol... it was a kill team."

    "A kill team?" Drake pondered it for a moment. "Fallen don't usually send out Kill teams, unless they have a High Value Target in the area, and that's mostly for when they're on the move."

    "So... what does this mean?" Lance stood there, completely forgetting his recent temper.

    "It means," Lola shook her head. "An Archon classified Fallen or higher status is about."

    "Kraksis, or Fraxsis?" Lance asked.

    "No." Drake shook his head. "Stupid as these creatures are, they'd never send an Archon Priest, or even a House's Kell, into the fields."

    Behind them, a roar echoed throughout the Cosmodrome, as a massive Skiff hovered in the air above them, a giant mechanical spider clambering off of the back of it. Dust shot up from it's point of impact, much like pillars.

    Beside the giant tank, a massive Fallen creature stood almost as tall, if not taller, than the tank. It's fancy head gear gave off the signal of power, as a High Servitor class machine floated beside it. The Archon before them raised it's top row of hands, roaring into the winds,  pointing at them with it's Shrapnel launcher. The Arachnid shaped Fallen Walker tank whirred to life, standing on it's eight legs, a red laser aimed square at Lola's chest.

    "What the hell is that?!" Lance roared, as Drake followed the laser to the tank, red energy forming a long 'missile' of sorts.

    "Something I'd rather not find out standing around," Drake scoffed. "MOVE!"

    But before the group could move, a giant thud filled the air, as the mass of energy raced towards them. Drake's eyes opened wide, as he stood in front of Lola, thrusting his hands out in front of him, shutting his eyes.

    There was a loud explosion, but Drake didn't bother to open his eyes. If he was dead, if they were all dead, he didn't want to acknowledge it. But then he pondered it for a second, when he had first died, he felt as though he had fallen asleep. Opening his eyes, a dome of purple energy flowed around them, as fire from the energy missile danced around the outside.

    "It's..." Lance said, appalled.

    "The Ward of Dawn." Lola smirked.

    Clenching his fist, Drake grinned beneath his helmet, staring at the two enemies in front of them. Lance turned, as if he wanted to flee, as Drake turned back, placing a hand on Lance's shoulder.

    "This is our chance to send a message." Drake growled. "We're not running from a fight that easily. We pull this off, and the House of Devils will be shaken, then... we can strike their stronghold."

    Preparing his Scout Rifle, Drake charged forwards down the road, focusing his fire at the Archon's face. The creature flinched, as it's diamond hard carapace withheld the rounds. The Walker besides it glowed blue, as arc missles raced at him. Diving out of the way, Drake whistled for Lance, who stood there.

    "Go on." Lola said. "Distract them so I can get a good vantage point."

    Lance nodded, charging forward with Drake, as the two Titans sprinted in separate directions, splitting the attention of the Walker and the Archon. Drake focused his fire on the Archon's head, flanking right, while Lance fired a steady wall of lead at the Walker's face.

    "It's not doing anything!" Lance roared, continuing his sprint left.

    "Try the legs!" Lola said in the comms. "I've run some data on Walker tanks before, they seem to be unstable there, a design flaw of sorts. Apparently, they have a main energy source that becomes exposed when it's legs get too damaged."

    Continuing their paths, Drake continued his steady fire into the Archon's face. Preparing it's Shrapnel launcher, the beast stomped towards him, growling in it's alien language to the tank, which continued to focus on Lance.

    Loud cracks from Lola's sniper on the perch echoed in the air, the Archon roaring in pain as the armor piercing rounds chipped it's facial exoskeleton down. Alarms filled the air, as a small explosion echoed from the Walker's right front leg. Hunkering down, it's 'head' slid forward, as a giant orange core exposed itself.

    "It worked!" Drake barked. "Hit 'em with all you got!"

    Turning his attention from the Archon momentarily, Drake helped Lance focus fire on the exposed core of the Walker, the psuedo creature 'shrieking' in pain, before arc energy welled on it's form, a storm of dust kicking up.

    Lance and Drake struggled to keep their feet steady, as a force of immense power attempted to push them back. Standing on it's seven remaining legs, the Guardians continued their strategy, Drake returning his fire on the Archon.

    Growling as another clip of Sniper rounds struck it's face, the Archon pointed at Lola's scope glare, as the Walker turned. Red energy formed around it's front, before racing up to Lola's position.

    "Lola!" Drake roared, as the entire cliffside that Lola had been perched on crumbled to the ground.

    Glancing at the sword he had dropped on the ground earlier, he lifted it, igniting it with his right hand, forming a purple grenade with his left.

    Lance continued to fire on the Walker, as it blared it's alarm, a second leg exploding on it's left side, it's core exposed. A whistling sound was heard from above, as a golden rocket of Solar energy smashed into the core of the Walker, as it exploded, a multitude of seeker missiles sprung out.

    "The Gjallerhorn?" Drake mused to himself, as he continued his charge.

    A weapon of Exotic design, very few people Drake knew actually owned one. In fact, when it was first commissioned, only two were made, both granted to Drake- one for him... and one for his friend. Eyes opened wide, Drake did not deter from his charge, in fact, he was more motivated then ever.

    A decent portion of the seekers from the Gjallerhorn struck the Walker itself, the others met the Archon's back, causing it to stumble forward- right into Drake's slash. Clutching it's abdomen, the Archon's Ether leaked from the deep wound. Stomping it's foot, the Archon forced Drake back, popping the Titan's shield.

    There was the sound of lightning crashing above them, as Drake peered up, Lola had her knife in hand, raising it to the heavens. A bolt of lightning crashed on the blade, elongating it with Arc energy. Landing just before Drake, she snapped her fingers, disappearing in a cloud of smoke, before reappearing just in front of the Archon, slashing at it unrelentlessly. Smirking, Drake charged again, more electricity crackling from his sword.

    "Yeah, that's cool!" Lance said. "I'll just solo the Tank, it's fine!"

    "Shuddup!" Drake chuckled. "You got your wish, you're running solo!"

    Throwing his orb of purple energy at the Walker, the Void Grenade stuck to it's middle left leg, exploding it and exposing the core a final time.

    "Lillian!" Drake roared, as Lola's eyes snapped open in surprise, the Archon batting her away with the back of it's hand.

    Stopping at Lola's position, he offered a hand, as she stared up at him, confused.

    "I should've figured it out sooner." Drake smirked beneath his helmet. "I'll expect answers later, but for right now, let's kick his ass, eh Lady?"

    Smiling beneath her helmet, she accepted his hand, raising her Shock Blade. Glancing at each other for a split second, Lance roared with anger as both the Archon and the Walker focused on him.

    "A little help please?!"

    Nodding at each other, Drake's blade crackled with more electric energy, fueled to it's absolute maximum capacity with his Fist of Havoc's power. Electricity swarmed the two of them like a giant cloud, their blades raised into the air.

    "ANY TIME!"

    Charging forward, the Titan and the Hunter held their swords in a slashing stance, clearing the distance between them. The further and faster they ran, the more electricity their 'shield' expelled, absorbing the Archon's Shrapnel Launcher's rounds.

    "EYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" the duo roared, as Lillian tapped his shoulder with her right hand.

    The two disappeared from sight momentarily, appearing just before the Archon. Drake jumped, as Lillian slashed her sword across it's ankles, causing the Archon to stumble backwards. Flipping the sword in his hand, Drake roared, thrusting the sword down and into the Archon's crown, splitting it's carapace in half, more Ether spewing out of the newly formed crevice.

    Chittering in defeat, the Archon stumbled around, Drake leaving his sword embedded, while the beast tripped over the Walker. The Machine's energy missile, which it had been charging for Lance, fired into the Archon's back. Lance cheered as the Archon exploded into numerous pieces of carapace and Ether residue, the Walker finally going critical. The Machine glowed orange, exploding into a brilliant crimson and yellow ball of fire, illuminating the dark Russian field.

    Arianna appeared over Drake's shoulder, as the Titan turned towards Lola. Her own Ghost appeared above her shoulder, her helmet disappearing into her Ghost's trans-materialized storage. Crimson locks flowed down her head to her shoulders, as a pair of Amber eyes peered up at him, the light of the moon glinting off of them.

    "Hey." she smiled, as Arianna removed Drake's helmet.

    "Hey." he smiled back, falling to his knees, as she attempted to catch him.

    Lance started to walk over, but stopped as the two lovers were knelt, hugging each other tightly. Drake's form shuddered, as he gripped her tightly, Lillian gently patting him on the back. Arianna nodded her form, before floating over towards Lance.

    "I was there when you and Lillian were talking earlier, just so you know." she chuckled robotically. "How long have you known Lola was actually Lillian?"

    "A while." Lance smiled, happy for the Veteran. "She's... my great great great grandmother. It's odd saying, but it's the truth."

    "But... Drake said she died on the Moon. So.. for her to have children before her resuscitation... that would mean. "

    "Yes," Lance shook his head, gritting his teeth. "That means Drake Stratus is my great great great grandfather, and his Legacy is the bane to my existence."

    "We need to tell him." Arianna replied, glancing at him.

    "No, not now." Lance said. "As angry as his Legacy has made me, I won't ruin his happiest moment."

    The Ghost and the younger Titan watched as the two lovers reunited. Drake continued to shutter, as Lillian rubbed his back, attempting to comfort him.

    "I thought I'd lost you." Drake sniffled in joy. "Why didn't you tell me when we met the other day?"

    "Because I knew you'd have a lot on your plate, and I just didn't think the time was right." Lillian sniffled along with him, tears rolling down both of their cheeks. "I'll explain everything later. But for now, we should head back to the Tower."

    Drake hugged her tighter, as they pressed their foreheads against each other, staying in the beams of the moonlight for some time. Lance smiled, a tear gently rolling down his right cheek, as he wiped it away, crossing his arms.

    End Chapter 1



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    Post  Manny on October 28th 2014, 7:15 pm

    Just wanted to say that I have been reading this and I do find it interesting. Since I don'y really own Destiny, I only have a vague idea of what's what. So I really am depending on you to paint the pictures in my mind, and so far I'd say it's going pretty well.

    Maybe try to pay some attention to the environment as well. Just a little bit more perhaps. Nothing too serious though.

    As for Lance, I actually like him as a character. I fell like Lance is own man, rather than just a surrogate for his author Smile
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    Chapter Two: Of Priests and Hellfire

    Lance sighed as Drake passed, hands held with Lillian. Arianna appeared beside Drake, before floating back towards Lance.

    "So... about that 'Drake is my Great, Great Grandfather' thing?" Arianna huffed, as Lance gently pushed her aside.

    "Not now."

    "You Titans and your stubbornness," Arianna sighed. "The man has had enough secrets held against him. He deserves some answers."

    "No, he really doesn't." Lance hissed, walking towards the Post-Master unit, who nodded, passing over a package for him. "That piss-ant and his bravado is the reason why I was forced to be a Titan by my Father."

    "So? You hail from a long lineage of highly renown Titans, why not be proud of that?"

    "Because my Father was OBSESSED about his Great Grandfather's legacy. He trained himself into the ground to even remotely be 'half the man the Great Drake Stratus' was. He took on the hardest missions, convincing himself that if he avenged Drake's death by assassinating the Kell of the Devils and their Priest, that he'd finally be honorable."

    "But he had a goal, a reason to live."

    "I SHOULD HAVE BEEN THAT REASON!" Lance barked, his voice echoing across the Tower, as everyone, including Drake and Lillian, turned to see the disturbance. "He didn't care about me, or my mother. All he wanted was his rights to fame, and when I became of age, he trained me to be a Titan, drilled the Titan Codex into my mind until I could do THAT better than the Alphabet. He hoped that, if he failed, I'd take on the Family Legacy."

    "I'm sorry Lance. But I still have to insist you tell Drake. It was not Drake's intention to become famous, as he has proven to me time and time again. He was proud of where he stood, but he did it because he cared about Humanity's survival, not for the glory of it all. If your Father was like that, it was likely because his Father was too harsh on him as well. Drake set the goal, but he didn't enforce it, you can't punish him for that."

    "What good would telling him do anyways." Lance mumbled, walking along the path towards the hanger, kicking a rock out of his way. " 'Oh hey Pops! You got Lillian pregnant, she had a son before she died, and I'm the culmination of two hundred years, trying to fill your shoes! Let's be friends!'"

    "It was my understanding that, prior to this knowledge, you were taking a likening to him. Yes, you both came off on the wrong foot, but you overcame your differences, and you guys did something that a two-man Fireteam should not have accomplished. If nothing else, knowing he had a family would mean the world to him, and besides Lillian, it would give him a reason to fight. Even if all of his direct relatives are dead, any family is better than none. Arianna fluttered beside him.

    "Put yourself in his shoes, if you were dead to the world for two hundred years. Anyone and everyone you loved from your time zone is now dead. Now you have to find new friends, and start fresh again. How would you feel?"


    No. You'd feel isolated and lost, so much has happened in that time you were gone, and you have no-one to care about you, or for you to care about. Look, you don't have to tell him right now, but you should really talk about this with him. I assure you that the answers he gives you will be a lot different than you might expect."

    "How can you be so damned sure." Lance growled.

    "Because I am his Ghost. I am bound to him by the Light that fuels him. I may have only known him for the better part of four days now, but I can tell the kind of person he is, and he's lonely. Had Lillian not revealed her true identity in that slip up, I fear he would have cascaded into some form of chronic depression. Anyways, I will return to him, take some time to think on it."


    "Lady?" Drake asked, as Lillian squeezed his hand, turning to face him.

    "Yeah, Supes?"

    "I gotta ask, how do you cope with it?" Lillian's eyes opened wide, as Drake stared at the illuminated Traveler in the distance.

    "With what?" she frowned, as he continued to stare.

    "That hopeless feeling of loneliness." Drake shook his head. "Ever since I was resuscitated, my mind has been churning these despicable thoughts of pure isolation and seclusion. It didn't help that gazing at the Moon brought me back to that awful day-"

    "To be honest, I still really haven't." she shook her head. "I'll be honest, the day we met, when you were resuscitated? I really wasn't on a mission. I was told by the Speaker that there was a chance you would be brought back, and it was all that flooded my minds. I wasn't on a mission for the Tower, I was on a mission for myself; I visited Our Spot. I was the one that carved; withstanding the test of time."

    "That entire day, while I was thinking of potentially having you back in my life-" she said, squeezing his hand firmly. "I also feared that you might've forgotten about me, that I would still truly be alone in a unfamiliar time and scenario."

    Resting her head against his chestplate, he could feel her sobbing, as he gently wrapped his arm around her shoulder, gently brushing her hair.

    "Now how could I have forgotten about you?" he smiled. "When I lost you on the Moon, you never left my thoughts... or my heart -and I thank the Traveler for giving me the chance to be with you again, to start anew."

    Gently lowering his chin to the top of her head, the two hugged in the warmth of each other, the cool autumnal breeze billowing on the Tower's look out tower.

    "I'll be honest, Lady." Drake frowned. "Lance is a good kid, and I'm glad to see Humanity in one piece. But the past few days, despite having Arianna as company, I've been a wreck. Hell, Lance and I had an op in Siberia, to gather intel on the Priest and the Kell. But he went AWOL and the situation went out of control."

    Lillian broke the embrace, sitting up for a moment, as she feared what he was going to say next.

    "We were nearly outnumbered, and I knew that, if I fought them by myself, I might be able to open a window for him to escape. It hadn't even been two days since I was brought back, and I was ready to die. In fact, I had nearly welcomed the idea. But then I saw the look in his eyes, the look of trust and curiosity. In him, I saw the man I used to be, looking towards the stars for guidance."

    "The man I fell in love with." she whispered in his ear, as he nodded.

    "Exactly, I knew it'd be a disgrace to your memory of me, and I needed to uphold that memory. I guess... I'll never fully become accustomed to this new world, but as long as I'm with you, I don't need to."

    "Such Gallant words, very poetic." the Speaker said from behind them. "I apologize for the intrusion, but I had a feeling that you would undoubtedly answer one of your many questions. I am here to offer whatever else you may wish to know about the time that has passed since last you have walked on this Planet."

    "Actually," Drake replied. "I want to know about what happened during the Collapse. I wish to hear about Kabr, my old mentor, Saladin, one of my finest peers. I want to know why everything went downhill."

    "I should have known these questions would arise. Please follow me, so that I may show you. Ms. Evergreen, if you would like to join us?

    Glancing at Drake momentarily, Lillian nodded, the two lovers stood, following the Speaker down the spiral staircase. As they walked alongside the man in the robes, they glanced at the ornate decor that surrounded the inside of the Vanguard's Watchtower.

    "You wish to know of Saladin, now formally known as Lord Saladin of the Lords of Iron. He is, in a matter of speaking, a representative of the Iron Banner. A noble Tournament held, in your honor, for Guardians of all types to test their combat Prowess."

    "Good for him, I knew he'd be capable of great things." Drake nodded. "Perhaps I will partake in the Iron Banner, when next it is available."

    "I also have the feeling you wish to know of the Paladins? Unfortunately, some time after your passing, the Pillars of the Titan's had dwindled, so badly that not even one remains. There are a few stragglers still around, but the majority of the Pillars have disbanded, the Paladins of the Sixth, of course, evaporating with you."

    "So there are no more Pillars? But the Codex is still viable?"

    "To an extent. Two hundred years, and a lack of Titan Veterans to properly teach the fresh blood have resulted in the Codex changing, quite drastically, from when last you saw it. Now it is no longer forbidden for members of other Guilds to rally with other Guardian Guilds. But I know you two didn't heed that part anyways."

    Pausing momentarily, the Speaker turned his head towards Drake, his voice becoming slow and quite eerie.

    "He fought them alone, but somehow they didn't kill him. He became obsessed with the Machines, consuming their technology like wildfire. He fashioned armor from their remnants. The Vault claimed him, yet his myth and armor are all that remain."

    "What?" Lillian asked, shifting her eyes back and forth, confused.

    "I'm terribly sorry, what's the matter Guardian?" the Speaker perked up, turning his head towards Lillian.

    "Sire, just now. You spoke of a Vault? You spoke of the Machines?"

    "Ah, do not be alarmed. It is likely the Traveler was using me as a Conduit to speak of something."

    As they continued along, Lillian and Drake nervously glanced at each other, as the Speaker continued to walk along, his hands behind his back.

    "Guardian Sol, you wished to know of the Collapse? The Events that led to this world you now currently inhabit? Plenty of the happenings are shrouded in mystery, as the Collapse itself was left forgotten, solely for the sake of the Children. But what little I CAN tell you, will forever change the way you view this world."

    "I'm ready." Drake nodded. "Please start with what had happened after my disappearance."

    "Months after your death, and not attributed to your death, the Fallen still continued to push towards Planet Earth. But strangest of all was that they appeared to be fleeing from something dark. Onyx hides and green eyes glowed in the dreams of the children, something that caused even the mightiest of Fallen to tremble. They were the ones that claimed the Moon... the Hive."

    "So the Hive scared off the Fallen? They forced them onto us?"

    "The Fallen are a very resourceful, scavenging species. But like with all intelligent, space faring species, they focus on self preservation above all else. They feared the Hive, and did whatever it took to take Earth from us, to serve as their new Homeworld. But the Hive is not the least of their worries.

    " In fact, the Hive and Fallen, while minions of the Darkness, both shared common rivals. Evils far worse than flesh and bone. Little is known of these other factions, but they are to be taken seriously. Venus and Mars were forcibly ripped from us, and Mercury was turned into a shell of it's former self.

    "In other words, the Darkness resides everywhere but the City?"

    " Not quite, there is a place in the stars where another race of people serving the Light reside. It is a place known only as 'The Reef'. There, a Queen and her people live, hoping to survive... where we have not. It is very seldom these days to actually find members of the Golden Age, which is why Engrams are located so frequently in the frontier."

    "Simplified into strange, colored shapes through the Traveler's light, these vary from Golden Age Weapons, Armors, and even can possess means of Currency, or pieces of the Traveler's physical form."

    "I've been meaning to ask, sir." Drake replied. "What of our friend Jeremy? We lost him on the Moon, and we have not seen hide nor tail of him."

    "A tragic loss, I'm afraid. If the stories of your mission on the Moon is true, the Sword of Crota is infused with pure Darkness. It essentially saps the Light out of whatever it kills, which further powers the weapon and the wielder. Unfortunately, a Guardian without Light is, frankly, unable to be saved by the Traveler. I'm afraid your friend cannot be brought back."

    "Thank you, Speaker." Lillian nodded. "We shall leave you now for rest."

    "Indeed." the Speaker nodded. "A word of Caution: if you wish to vanquish the Archon Priest, it would be wise for all three of you to be on good terms. Coordination in a Fireteam is key, something I'm sure you are aware of. But your newest member, I fear he may have some... frustrations he needs to release before he can commit to a Mission as vital as this. May the Traveler's Light guide you."



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    Author's Notes: Sorry if this is becoming a bit too much like an over dramatic soap opera. I'm just trying to build the characters up before I get into the heart of the story, and that involves making sure their personal issues are brought forward... and discussing how they can be resolved.

    This segment, and perhaps the next one, will continue with the character building *if that's what you want to call this*. But don't worry, fight scenes will be back soon.

    Thanks for reading so far, and please enjoy!

    Together, Drake and Lillian walked along the now emptied Tower, the moonlight illuminating their path. Peering down at the quiet, sleeping City, he stuck himself in a trance. How did he plan to help these people, when he couldn't help himself way back when? He snapped out of these thoughts, however, when Lillian gently squeezed his hand.

    Turning his head to face her, she smiled genuinely, as he smiled back. Before she could react, Drake quickly hoisted her up and into his arms. Lillian wrapped her arm around his neck, while he slowly walked forward, the two of them keeping their gaze on one another.

    "I just thought about it Drake." Lillian paused, breaking her smile for a moment. "You've been back for the better part of three, going on four days now. Have you even slept?"

    "Well... just on my first night, but I kinda passed out after over exerting myself." Drake shrugged. "But you prove a good point, I suppose we'll have to rent a Hotel room or something."

    "Ghost?" Lillian asked the air, as her tiny white robot appeared out of thin air beside her.

    "Yes Guardian?" he asked, floating in front of Drake and the Huntress.

    "Where on the Tower do the Guardian's sleep?" Lillian asked, turning towards Drake for a moment. "I slept in my ship for the past week, I need an actual bed."

    "Besides your ship, which appears to have been your favorite alternative... there is a Hostel on the Southern section of the Tower, just below our feet, where you can rest."

    "Does it have a price range?" Drake asked, as the small white orb turned to face him.

    "Why don't you ask your abomination? 'She' likes to think she knows everything."

    "Call Arianna an abomination again." Drake growled. "It doesn't take much for a Titan to produce scrap metal."

    With that, the Ghost disappeared, as Lillian shook her head. Drake's fists were clenched, almost to the point where his knuckles could pop.

    "I'm sorry." Lillian put a hand on his shoulder. "Arianna is a good friend, and she's really unique. I think she's the perfect Ghost for you. Just don't let what my Ghost says get to you."

    "I was saying that mostly for scare tactics." Drake shook his head. "Arianna told me that the Ghosts are like a shield to our Lights. If the Ghost is dead, our Light can be removed... and you heard what the Speaker said about a Lightless Guardian."

    "Speaking of Arianna, where did she and Lance get to?" Lillian asked, as the tiny red robot appeared over Drake's shoulder.

    "I just got back. Right around the time he..."

    "Don't worry about him." Lillian smiled, as Arianna turned her small robot form towards the Huntress. "He's just jealous that he doesn't get to be the snowflake of the Ghosts."

    Arianna nodded her form, flickering her eye light. Likely to symbolize a smile. Turning back towards Drake, however, her light dimmed. Likely to show dismay of some sorts.

    "Lance went to go sleep at his Grandfather's house." Arianna reported solemnly. "I think you two need to talk with him tomorrow."

    "Yeah." Drake scratched the back of his head. "Come to think of it, the Speaker made mention of the Fireteam being weighed down by something."

    Turning towards Lillian, she stared down at the City, as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

    "Do you know anything of what could be bothering him?"

    Lillian didn't reply, she stood rigid, glancing down at the City.

    Drake's perceptive eyes caught a single tear trickle down off of her cheek bone, shining in the moonlight like a diamond, before splashing on the ground at her feet.

    "Hey." Drake asked, gingerly wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Why are you crying Lady? Do you know the reason?"

    Nodding her head, Drake gently pushed a lock of her hair out of her eyes.

    "I wanted to tell you. So many times I wanted to tell you. But obligations within the Vanguard made it so damn impossible." her body shuddered as she sobbed.

    "Wait, Vanguard?" Drake asked. "How does Lance's issues deal with our time in the Vanguard?"

    "Drake, I think it might be best to just let her finish. Save questions for afterwards."

    Drake nodded at Arianna, before continuing to carry Lillian towards the nearest bench, located on the Tower's park, where he sat her down, sitting next to her.

    "Nate." Lillian openly cried, her body shuddering as memories of long ago filled her mind. "You never got to meet him."

    "Lady, please." Drake gently put a hand on her shoulder. "Tell me what's the matter."

    "You have a son." Lillian stared at the ground, her form still occasionally spasmed while she attempted to contain her sadness.

    "It may seem impossible, but I can explain. A couple of months before our Moon mission, I gave birth to a boy; Nathan Stratus. You were the only man that could have possibly been the father. Anyways, my father was the resident Doctor of the Tower, so he vowed to keep Nathan a secret from you or anyone else until I was ready to tell you. But that was the time things started going south, and we were up to our knees in stuff."

    "That would explain why Dredgen-Yor was the Vanguard Hunter for a while." Drake huffed. " So I had a son, when were you going to tell me?"

    "After the Moon mission." she sobbed. " But you and I both know how that went."

    Drake nodded, pulling her close, before hugging her tight.

    "I'm not angry." Drake said, reassuringly. "Nathan Stratus eh?"

    "Y-yeah." Lillian wiped a tear from her eyes. "I named him after your grandfather, because I knew he meant the world to you, and if you had met our son, he would have been no different."

    "But this still doesn't explain why Lance is having such issues." Drake said, scratching the back of his head.

    "Because he's Nathan's Grandson, Drake." Lillian looked up at him. "He's my Great Grandson... YOUR Great Grandson."

    "L-Lance is my... great grandson?" Drake asked, staring into the air in front of him. "I-I had a son... I was a father."

    Standing, Drake paced back and forth, holding a palm to his forehead, gritting his teeth. Turning on his heel, he lashed a tremendous punch at the nearest tree, shattering most of it's bark, and some of the wood underneath it.

    "Drake, you've got to calm down." Arianna stammered, floating in front of him. "It's not Lillian's fault!"

    "I'm not angry at Lillian!" Drake roared, smashing the tree again. "I'm angry at myself!"

    Thrusting punch after punch into the tree, electricity sparked from his gauntlets, as he smashed clear through the young tree. The tree cascaded towards him, as he caught it with a grunt, throwing it to the opposite side. Standing there, glaring at the tree, Drake took in deep breaths, clenching his fists.

    "I'm sorry." Lillian frowned.

    "No." Drake said, turning his head towards her. "I could never be mad at you Lady. I'm mad about myself."

    Sitting on the newly formed stump, Drake put his head in his hands.

    "The day I died, I broke ranks so that I could kill the Kell, yes. But I also saw no other reason to live in this world." Drake sighed. "If I had known we had had a son, I would have devoted the rest of my life to being with him. I'm mad at myself, because I feel like I abandoned myself... and my kid."

    "Dude." a teenager stepped out from behind a tree. "That's metal as hell. But when you say Nathan Stratus, do you mean ol' man Nate Strat?"

    "What?" Drake asked, glaring up at the kid. "Get the hell out of here."

    "Wait a moment, bruh." the teenager held up a hand. "If you're looking for the oldest living survivor of the Golden Age. Ol' Nate Strat is your man. He's about to turn Two-Hundred this year, which is a pretty big milestone."

    "Is this a fuckin' prank, kid?" Drake growled. "I'm not particularly in the mood for teenage bullshit."

    "No man, I'm not a deadbeat loser." the teen reeled back. "I just wanted to take the moment to seem like one of those informants from the old cop shows from the Golden Age. If you didn't know, the Traveler's influence actually tripled Human life spans. Nathan Stratus is the oldest living person from the Golden Age... that hasn't been resusitated."

    Glancing towards Lillian, Drake looked back at the teen.

    "Where can I find him?"

    "He runs the local orphanage, after his retirement from being a Ship Wright." the teenager replied. "You can't miss it, just fly down to the City, it's the giant skyscraper with the letters LCO, that's the Last City Orphanage."

    Drake stood quickly, glancing over at Lillian, who sat there, wide-eyed. Walking over towards the teen, the boy flinched as Drake laid a hand gently on his shoulder.

    "Thank you." Drake said, passing him a small bag of glimmer. "For your troubles."

    "I can't accept it mister." the teen respectfully pushed the bag towards him.

    "Sure you can." Drake grinned at the boy. "Then you can tell your friends Drake Stratus himself gave it to you."

    Walking away, he offered a hand to Lillian, who accepted, as they walked towards the vehicle bay. The teenager stared at the small bag of glimmer in his hand, easily worth thousands, as he glanced at the two walking away.

    "Best... day... ever." the teen attempted to control his excitement, before running back the way he had come.


    Holliday didn't lie when she had said the Cock-pit in the ship wasn't roomy with two people, but Drake and Lillian didn't want to waste time getting her ship prepped for flight again. Flying directly above the City, his ship hovered, as Arianna teleported them out of his ship.

    Glancing at the giant building in front of them, Lillian sighed, as Drake wrapped an arm around her shoulder. Walking towards the door, it slid open automatically, as the two walked inside.

    Behind the counter, an Exo-type robotic woman, different from the bots on the Tower, smiled as they approached. Glancing at the two of them, the lights used to symbolize her eyes flickered down to avoid blinding the guests.

    "Welcome!" she nodded. "It's been a very long time since we've seen a couple come in here. With this whole Post-Collapse thing, we get more children then we adopt out."

    "We're actually not here to adopt, sorry." Lillian replied. "We're here to see Nathan Stratus?"

    "Mr. Stratus?" the Exo replied, her eyes going blank for a second. "Yeah, he's on the top floor. He always enjoys company, even if he hasn't had any for the past century."

    "By the Traveler's Light." Drake said, shaking his head.

    "Strange, he says the same thing." the Exo chuckled. "Don't worry about it being too late. He's a very spry man, and he'll be ecstatic to have guests. Please enter the elevator to your right."


    Drake and Lillian stood outside the door, as Drake reached out a hand, hesitating to knock on the door. Lillian reached out, putting her hand over his fist, as the two of them knocked in unison.

    "One moment!"

    Drake's heart hit the floor when he heard the man's voice inside, and he knew Lillian's had too, as she tried her hardest not to cry. Before long, the door slightly cracked open, as a pair of Amber eyes, not unlike Lillian's, peered through.

    "Hello?" the man asked.

    Drake and Lillian stood there for a moment, unable to think of what to say.

    "Are you here to adopt? Because you could have done it down on the first floor."

    "Sorry, we're- uh, not here to adopt." Drake said. "We've come to visit."

    "Ah, guests!" the man piped up, opening the door. "You must be some newly revived Guardians wishing to hear about the Golden Age. Please come in!"

    Gently wiping their boots on the floor outside of the door, Drake and Lillian entered the man's apartment. On the wall to his right, Drake saw a poster that nearly sent him over the edge. It had been a motivational poster that had been made during the Golden Age to entice new people to join the Titan's Guild, with him in his armor posing.

    "Can I offer you two anything? Coffee? Tea?"

    "Tea sounds good." Drake said. "Perhaps a glass for the Lady? Please."

    "Absolutely, please make yourselves comfortable on the couch, I'll be right with you."

    Nodding, Drake and Lillian quickly glanced around the man's apartment. Along with the Titan's Guild poster, there was a recruitment poster with Lillian in her old Hunter armor, wielding a very rare Hand Cannon.

    Taking a seat on the couch, Lillian gingerly sat beside him, as one couch was separated from theirs by a table. Exiting from the other room, the man approached with a tray, filled with scones, and three cups of tea.

    Offering a cup to Drake, Drake accepted, while Lillian accepted hers and a scone. Shakily taking a seat on the couch, Drake was finally able to get a good view of the man. He looked extremely like Drake, but had Amber's eyes. However, due to the effects of the Traveler's influence, the man, while nearly two-hundred, gave off the look of a middle aged man.

    Drake felt bizarre, the man in front of him, his son, looked and acted much older than he did. The old man smiled at the two in front of him, however, as he took a bite of his scone, and a small sip of his tea.

    "You'll have to excuse the mess, my son and grandson live with me." the man replied. "Good boys, but very messy. Guess that's part of the Titan charm."

    Drake took a drink of his tea, as Lillian respectfully took a bite of her scone. The old man smiled, placing his glass back down on the tray.

    "So, I am Nathan Stratus. I used to teach at the local Highschool about the Golden Age. But in these times, most teens get enlisted into the Vanguard, and they saw no use in it anymore."

    Pausing for a moment, Drake and Lillian looked at one another, before looking back at him.

    "If you think Stratus sounds familiar, that's because my father, Drake Stratus, is now considered a legend in the City and beyond. If you guys fought alongside him before your resuscitation, you'd know that he was the Titan Vanguard before he passed." Nathan smiled. "With that out of the way, I assume you came here with questions?"

    "Yes." Drake nodded quietly, as Lillian shifted uneasily, Drake could see tears welling in her eyes, and he knew what question she wanted to ask. "Rumor is that you're near two hundred years old."

    "Yes. Before my mother died two hundred years ago, I was brought into this world." Nathan frowned.

    "We want to know; have you had a good life?"

    Nathan's face snapped towards Drake for a second, as his eyes widened with fear.

    "You're not here to kill me, are you?"

    "No!" Drake replied hastily, holding his hands up. "We just know that the Collapse was difficult for some people, we were wondering if someone like you, despite all that's happened, if you've lived a good life?"

    Nathan calmed down, rubbing the back of his head with a silly grin, before drinking from his tea again.

    "Oh, my apologizes, some people think that because I hold the name Stratus, that they can fight me." Nathan shrugged. "When I didn't teach, I was a Ship Wright, taught Ms. Holliday myself. As per your question though, yes. I never got to meet my parents, which is something that has bothered me. But I was raised by my mother's father, and he told me that they both would have loved me very much."

    "Yes." Lillian sobbed, as Drake offered her a napkin.

    "I'm sorry, I don't mean to upset you with my past." Nathan frowned. "You're here because you want to learn about the Golden Age."

    "Actually." Drake sighed, swirling the drink in his glass for a moment. "We're not. We're here to see you."

    Glancing at Lillian, he met her teary eyes, as he held her hand, turning his gaze back at Nathan.

    "My name is Drake, and this is Lillian."

    "Very exotic names." Nathan nodded with a smile, turning towards Lillian. "-a beautiful name, ma'am. Actually, I think it was my mother's name too."

    That did it, as soon as Nathan said that, Lillian burst out into tears, as Drake wrapped an arm around her.

    "Oh my, that was terribly rude of me. I'm sorry." Nathan said, frowning.

    "No." Drake replied quickly. "Her name is Lillian Evergreen."

    "What?" Nathan's eyes opened wide. "Evergreen was my mother's last name. Who are you?!"

    "I'm Drake Stratus..." Drake paused, glancing at Lillian's shuddering form again, before looking at his son again. "-I'm your father, Nathan."

    Nathan stood quickly, pointing towards the door.

    "I think you'd better leave." Nathan growled, his friendly demeanor gone. "I will not tolerate this tomfoolery in my home."

    "Look at the facts, Nathan." Drake said. "Would a woman be this worked up because of your stories about your parents, UNLESS she was one of them?!"

    "Please leave." Nathan stammered. "I don't want to call security."

    "My son doesn't love me." Lillian sobbed beneath Drake.

    "Look, I'm sorry to drop this all on you right now." Drake continued. "But Lillian and I... we were just recently brought back."

    "If you were truly my father-" Nathan started, clenching his fist. "You'd explain to me why you left me here, alone. My grandfather raised me like his son, saying that my father would be back for me one day. I prayed to the Traveler for years that you would return."

    "Well, I'm here, aren't I?" Drake asked. "I wasn't in my right mind. I lost your mother on the Moon, and I snapped. I became a shell of the man I used to be, and I didn't know you existed. Believe me when I say that if I had known you were my son, I would've been there for you."

    "I-I need more proof." Nathan stammered. "Bring me your weapon, the Gjallerhorn, and I'll believe you."

    "We both got one, Nate." Drake said, turning towards Lillian. "Mine is in the custody of-"

    "Ms. Holliday. Because I was actually born as Nathan Evergreen, I was not suited for the retrieval of Drake Stratus' Gjallerhorn, instead, it went to his close friend, Mr. Holliday."

    Lillian's Ghost made her Gjallerhorn, the pair to Drake's, appear on the table before them. Lillian's eyes were red and puffy, as she stared at Nathan for a moment.

    "Is that proof enough for you?" she asked. "This Gjallerhorn was mine, but was given to Dredgen-Yor, and then Cayde-6 when Cayde took over the Hunter Vanguard spot. I retrieved it the day I was returned, as it was my rightful property."

    "I-it can't be." Nathan stammered, staring at the weapon.

    "Titan Codex, entry BH-115: A member of your platoon is like a member of your family-" Drake started.

    "-As such, it is your sworn duty to protect each member as you would your family. To fail to do so is to fail your family, and your oath to the Titan Pillars." Nathan finished. "-Drake Stratus, Titan Vanguard."

    Link-> Click me

    Nathan fell to his knees, as Lillian unsteadily walked over, hugging the man, as Drake took a knee in front of them. Nathan turned, burying his head into Lillian's shoulder, as she sobbed alongside him.

    "Not a day went by, since I handed you to your Grandfather, that I didn't think about you." Lillian sobbed, clutching him tighter. "I never meant to hurt you, Nate."

    "Believe me, not a day went by where I didn't think of you guys." Nathan replied, turning towards Drake. "Thank the Traveler for giving me this chance, and not even a week before my two-hundreth."

    Drake stood, as Nathan separated from his mother for a moment to stand. The two looked at each other for a moment, before Nathan held out a hand. Drake stared down at the hand for a moment, before batting it aside. Stepping forward, he wrapped his arms around his son's shoulders, as the two stood there for a second, Drake rubbing his hand up and down Nathan's back, gently patting him on the back.

    "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, son." Drake said, as the awkward feeling disappeared. "But so long as I'm here, I'll do everything I can to be here for you."

    Behind them, the door swung open, as a fully outfitted Titan stood in the doorway. Drake turned, as the Titan stared at him for a moment, before turning his attention to Nathan.

    "Sup Dad?" the Titan said, as Nathan shook his head. "Anyways, I heard my boy is finally a full fledged Titan! Left my post in Old Canada to come see him!"

    The Titan walked past them, without paying any further heed towards Lillian, or Drake. Turning back towards Drake, Nathan shook his head.

    "Caldwell, my son. Guess that makes him your grandson." Nathan shrugged, as the three of them returned to the couch. "He's a good fella, but he's a bit too harsh on his son, Lance, sometimes. Ever since I told him we were your descendants, he developed some faux drive to be exactly like you. At first, I thought it was admirable and good for him to have a goal. But he became unhealthily involved with it."

    "How so?" Drake asked.

    "For one thing, he knows the ENTIRE Codex, new and old, from memory. He studied ALL of your techniques, and is well on his way from becoming a Warpath Titan."

    "Warpath Titan?" Lillian asked, turning towards Drake.

    "It's what you call a Solar Light wielding Titan." Drake continued. "Essentially, once you've become one of the few Warpath Titans in existence, you are a Master Titan."

    "Right. He wants to be a Warpath Titan, and one day he wants to challenge Zavala for the Vanguard position. Zavala has not yet mastered Warpath, and that puts him at a disadvantage when Caldwell is ready." Nathan continued. "Well, Caldwell fears that with all of these dangerous missions, he may not be able to complete the 'family' legacy of becoming a Vanguard or defeating an otherwise 'unkillable foe'. Like how you fought Crota the Swordsman and lived."

    "Yeah, but I didn't kill the bastard." Drake clenched his fists. "Especially after what he did to your Mother."

    "Doesn't matter, along with your victory at the Twilight Gap, your fight with Crota and surviving was all that people talk about in your Legend. Caldwell wants that."

    "So he's a disgrace to the Titan's Guild." Drake shook his head. "He seeks fame, when he should be seeking a solution to this Darkness problem."

    "With his fear of failing his sworn 'legacy', he forced Lance into the Titan's Guild, when Lance originally wanted to be a Ship Wright, like me. He pretty much brainwashed the poor boy into being a Titan, and now all Lance wants to do is gain Caldwell's approval, which can only be achieved through becoming a legend too. Caldwell didn't even bat an eye when Lance's mother died months ago, that's how far gone he is."

    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE IN A FIRETEAM ALREADY?!" Caldwell's voice echoed from the other room.

    "Well this is bound to be fun." Nathan said. "Unfortunately, I'm not strong like I used to be, he might listen to you though. Please go help Lance."

    Drake stood, as Lillian attempted to, Drake gently seating her back down.

    "I'm going to go for a walk with Caldwell, try and tell him what the true ways of being a Titan are supposed to be. Stay here with Nathan, catch up a bit."


    "See this Lance?!" Caldwell wrapped his right arm around the boy's throat, choking the poor kid. "This is called STRENGTH. You get this on MY Fireteam. Not some fresh meat's Fireteam."

    "We took down an Archon." Lance stammered through the chokehold.

    "What in the fuck is going on in here?" Drake asked, standing in the doorway, as Lance glanced up.

    Caldwell released his grasp, standing, looking Drake in the eyes.

    "None of your fucking business. This is my kid, and I don't care if he's in your stupid Fireteam, he's coming with me."

    Drake placed a hand on Caldwell's shoulder, giving a giant, dopey grin. Something Lance had never seen before.


    "It's awfully quiet now." Nathan paused. "Maybe I should-"


    Suddenly, Caldwell flew out into the Living Room floor, as Drake stomped out of Lance's room, grabbing Caldwell by the chest plate.

    "You coming Lance? It's bonding time!" Drake yelled, hefting Caldwell, and dragging him out the door.

    Nathan and Lillian watched, eyes wide open, as Lance quietly scurried out after the other two.

    "Um." Lillian started to stand.

    "Don't." Nathan shook his head. "He needs a good ass kicking, I never was actually able to do it."


    The brisk autumnal wind picked up, as Drake tossed Caldwell onto the street. Caldwell took a knee, glaring at Drake, before standing to his feet and bum rushing Drake.

    Drake stepped to his right, thrusting his left arm out, clotheslining Caldwell. Lance stood in the doorway, as Drake hefted Caldwell with both of his hands, smashing his forehead into Caldwell's face.

    "So, you want to look and act like the 'Great Drake Stratus', huh?" Drake mocked, as Caldwell nursed his broken nose. "We're gonna have to give you one helluva make over.

    "Fug you!" Caldwell snorted.

    Standing, Caldwell snapped his nose back into place, before charging at Drake. Stopping just before Drake, Caldwell launched volleys of punches at near blinding speeds, as Drake blocked every single one of them.

    Stomping his right foot down on Caldwell's foot, the man roared in pain, Drake slamming his right forearm into Caldwell's forehead. Turning on his boots, Drake wrapped a powerful right arm around Caldwell's throat, pulling as hard as he could.

    "You think it's okay to hurt your kid?!" Drake squeezed harder. "You think CHOKING him out is okay?!"

    Kicking Caldwell in the rear, away from him, Drake pounced on Caldwell, who was so close to falling unconscious he couldn't even defend himself. Pinning down Caldwell's arms, Drake clutched Caldwell by the throat with his right hand, slamming his head down on the concrete.

    "Touch Lance again, and I'll end you. Got it?"

    Caldwell didn't answer, as Drake smashed his right fist into the concrete beside Caldwell's head.

    "DO YOU FUCKING GOT IT?!" Drake roared.

    "Yesh." Caldwell laid there.

    Drake nodded with a snort, before standing. Lance stood there in the doorway, arms crossed as he glared at his father.

    "Word of advice, you should focus less on yourself and more on your goddamn family." Drake said over his shoulder. "You're own wife died months ago, and all your son wants is his father's goddamn love."

    "H-he's not my son. Not anymore." Caldwell sputtered, struggling to stand. "He's gone against the ways of Drake Stratus by joining a weaker Fireteam, he's gone against the Stratus Family!"

    Drake paused for a moment, before grinning. Turning on his heels, he slowly walked back towards Caldwell, who attempted to run. Drake lashed out his hand, grabbing the back of Caldwell's armor once more, throwing him back onto the concrete.

    "You're right, from this day forth, he's not your son. 'Cause you aren't a member of the Stratus Family anymore." Drake grinned, holding Caldwell with his right hand around the throat again.

    "Says who?" Caldwell chuckled.

    "His Great Grandfather." Drake growled. "Drake- Stratus"

    Thrusting one more punch into Caldwell's face, Drake knocked the man out, before standing. Lance charged over, wrapping his arms around Drake in a hug, throwing the older Titan off.

    "You alright Lance?" Drake asked, as Lance silently nodded. "Good. That waste of oxygen is no member of my family, he won't hurt you anymore. Because if he does, I'll fucking end him."

    "He always beat on me, and he shoved being a Titan down my throat since I was younger. I don't even know what I want anymore."

    "I know something you could want." Drake nodded. "Prove to that asshole over there that you're better than him. Show him what it truly means to be a Stratus."

    "I will." Lance nodded. "I'm sorry I got so upset over this."

    "Nah." Drake shook his head. "I don't blame you, now that I know what's been causing you so many problems. Now c'mon, it's cold as hell out here, I'm tired, and I've got some catching up to do with my own son."



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    Drake and Lance entered the apartment once more, chuckling as Drake lightly nudged the hair on Lance's head. Wrapping his arm around Lance's shoulders, he pat the younger man on the back, as Nathan and Lillian stood.

    "Good heavens." Nathan said. "Where is Caldwell."

    Lance's eyes shined brightly, as he opened his mouth to speak, before glancing at Drake, who stepped forward.

    "He's currently searching the City for a new place to hang his armor." Drake nodded. "'Cause tomorrow, I'm going to have the Speaker put a restraining order on Caldwell for both you and Lance here. His abusive, neglectful behavior is endangering and unnecessary."

    "-And by that, you mean you knocked him out and stashed him in the gutters?" Lillian shook her head, sipping from her tea politely.

    "Hey," Drake shrugged, taking his seat beside her again. "You know me too well, Lady."

    Nathan sat, albeit a little shaky, as he attempted to sip from his own tea, Lance sitting beside him. Nervously crunching on one of the scones, Nathan placed his cup down on the tray, lifting the kettle.

    "Where did I go wrong?" Nathan shook his head. "I gave him everything I could, I taught him everything I could. But instead of using his knowledge and abilities for good, he seeks to use it for self gain and fame."

    Drake shook his head, reaching across the table to place a hand on Nathan's shoulder, as the Titan pat his son on the shoulder.

    "You didn't do anything wrong. I could see it in Caldwell's eyes, he just isn't Vanguard material, and it bothers him. If what you say is true, he's recklessly charging his way to becoming a Warpath Titan so he can FORCE his place as Vanguard." Drake said, firmly gripping Nathan's shoulders. "That isn't your fault, you told him my story. He became obsessed, made me a hero, and has unhealthily devoted his entire life to becoming me. Believe me when I say he doesn't want that."

    Nathan sighed, nodding his head up and down for a second, before lifting the tray and everyone's cups. Lance, however, took the tray from Nathan, walking into the kitchen.

    "A good kid, that one." Nathan smiled as Lance left the room. "I still dunno how my kid coul-"

    "It wasn't Caldwell." Drake shook his head. "You were there for Lance, after his own father beat the hell out of him, you were there for support. He learned manners and how to be a good person from your actions."

    Nathan stood, pulling a rag from his back pocket and coughing into it. Replacing the cloth, he disappeared for a moment, before returning with a smile.

    "It's awfully late, and I wouldn't feel right tossing you both onto the street in this cold weather." Nathan said, hands on his hips.

    "Why?" Lillian frowned, staring at the floor. "It's only fair."

    "Don't talk like that Lillian." Drake said, hugging her.

    "Drake- er- Dad's right." Nathan nodded. "I don't blame either of you, which is why I offer my home to you. With Caldwell now out, a room has been freed up for you both. Seeings how you three are in a team together, it will make it easier for you all to come here and rest up. Tomorrow, I'll have the Cryptarchs fashion a set of keys for you."

    "That's very generous Nathan, thank you." Drake nodded, standing with Lillian, they walked over.

    The three of them hugged momentarily, as Lance reappeared, leading Lillian to her and Drake's new room. Drake hung back with Nathan for a moment, arms crossed.

    "Everything she's said tonight... she means it." Drake frowned. "Everything I've said tonight, I mean it."

    "I know." Nathan nodded. "I'm just happy that I actually have gotten the chance to meet you guys. Grandpa was a great psuedo father, and Grandma, when I saw her, was sweet and kind, albeit a bit strict. But I still prayed to the Traveler that I would see you both one day, like I said earlier."

    "-I'll find a way to make it up to you, Nate." Drake turned, placing a hand on Nathan's shoulder. "You can quote me on that."

    "That won't be necessary." Nathan smiled. "Goodnight- Dad."

    Drake smiled, as he wrapped his arms around Nathan again.

    "Goodnight son."


    "Supes, you aren't mad, are you?" Lillian turned to her side, the sheets ruffling with her.

    "No, Lady, I'm not." Drake stared at the ceiling, a smile on his face as he relished the soft, warmness of the bed beneath him. "In fact, for the first time in a while, I've been happy. After I lost you and Jeremy on the Moon all those years ago, I just fell into this spiral of self loathing and depression. When you first told me about Nathan, I wasn't upset with you, I was with myself. I could've been there for him."

    "Now," Drake continued. "Not only do I have you back, but I got to meet my son, my great grandson, and I know what my drive is. The reason why the Traveler brought me back. No, I'm not mad, Lady, I'm ecstatic."

    Turning to face her, he gently planted his lips on hers. The two stayed like that for some time, before Drake pushed a lock of hair out of her eyes.

    "Tomorrow, after I've dealt with the Caldwell restraining order thing, and Nate gives us our keys. I'll file us as an official Fireteam, and then we need to go out into the Frontier. This is our most opportune moment, we need to eliminate Kraxsis."


    "Ah, Mr. Sol, how are you this morning?" the Speaker said, standing from his desk, before turning, placing his arms behind his back.

    "Fine. Thank you sir." Drake nodded. "I've come to ask you for a few favors."

    "It wouldn't have anything to do with Guardian Caldwell Stratus, would it?"

    "Er- yes." Drake nodded. "He's been known to assault Lance, and he's going to drive the kid into the ground. I confronted him last night, and-"

    Quickly, the Speaker rose his right hand in a way to silence Drake, who stopped, placing his own hands behind his back.

    "He has already approached me, and I regrettably must go with his decision. He is, of course, Lance's father. You, when you changed your name, gave up your right to have any say in your family's affairs. Caldwell has requested Lance have a restraining order on you, and immediately positioned onto his Fireteam."

    "That bastard-" Drake's right fist trembled as anger surged through his veins. "-I'll-!"

    "-However." the Speaker spoke, again raising his hand. "It cannot be officially enacted without proper consent from the current head of the family, so our laws propose. With that in mind, Nathaniel Stratus must give consent to Caldwell to enact the restraining order."

    "He's going to kill Nate." Drake whispered to himself.

    "I had fear of this, so I requested Commander Zavala himself to escort Nathaniel to the Vanguard headquarters this morning. Luckily, Nathaniel had been visiting with the Cryptarchs, so there was no way Caldwell could have done the deed."

    "If you fear him, why don't you ex-communicate him, sir?" Drake asked respectfully. "He's a danger to himself and those around him."

    "In these hard times, we require every pair of Guardian hands we can muster. With Nathaniel in custody, however, the only other way Caldwell could enact the order is to face you, the man he would put the order on, in an Iron Banner regulated duel. If he won, you would be forever forbidden from seeing or interacting with Lance, but if you won, Caldwell would be forever forbidden from seeing or interacting with Nathaniel or his own son."

    "How long do I have before I must fight him?"

    "Not much, I'm afraid. If he locates you and challenges you, there is an arena in the Twilight Gap where the Light shines brightest. Once the challenge is given, you must accept immediately, or the order is filed. So, if you want my slightly biased advice, I'd suggest you refrain from returning to the Tower for some time. Perhaps upgrade your armaments from within the Frontier, and avoid telling anyone where you are. There is no time limit on when he must challenge you, in fact, it could loom over your head until you die."

    "Thank you, sir." Drake nodded. "My Fireteam and I will leave post haste. But before I leave, I have one other thing I need to request of you. Lillian, Lance, and I would like to formally form a Fireteam, sir."

    "As the order is not in effect, I will allow it. But if for some reason Lance is separated from you, he will no longer be a member, nor shall he ever be again. What would you call yourselves?"

    "Fireteam Alpha Omega." Drake nodded.

    "Alpha and Omega; Beginning and End. Poetic, and quite fitting. Yes, from this day forth, you three shall be known to the Vanguard, the Tower, and the City as Fireteam Alpha Omega. Now, before Caldwell returns seeking for you, it would be wise to leave.

    Nodding respectfully, Drake summoned Arianna, who flashed her pink eye light a few times. Opening up, the small orb of blue void energy that served as her core became exposed, as she opened a comm. channel.

    "Lance, Lillian. We need to head to Orbit, I'll explain in team chat when we're there."


    "WHAT?!" Lance growled, his ship swaying more drastically in orbit above Earth. "I won't let him do this!!"

    "Unfortunately, you don't have a say in the matter." Lillian sighed. "You're only seventeen, so technically you aren't viewed as an adult yet."

    "But I'm old enough to serve the Light, and fly solo at that!"

    "Yeah, it's a load of crap. But it just means that we need to avoid the Tower for a while." Drake shrugged, Arianna floating beside him.

    " It's okay, after Drake royally kicked Caldwell in the rear last night, I was able to tag his armor covertly. Something useful I picked up in seclusion while waiting to revive Drake. Anyways, the tag will warn us of his coordinates, so we can avoid him in the Frontier too."

    "Why'd you do that?" Drake asked, turning to face her. "I mean, great work, but why?"

    "Because I had this sneaking suspicion that Caldwell was the kind of weasel to do this. Although my original mindset was that he was going to try to assassinate you one day."

    "Well, same difference." Drake grit his teeth. "If Iron Banner is anything like the duels from when I was training Saladin, then it's a no holds barred deathmatch. Even if you can revive me from the dead now, he's going to likely try to prevent me from coming back. Even though I am his childhood hero."

    "Hate to interject, but I've started picking up heavy Fallen activity around the Mothyards in the Cosmodrome, around where you guys destroyed the Walker tank and the Archon. We're the only ones with the coordinates, perhaps we should take a look?"

    "Good idea, let's get this done Alpha Omega."

    "What?" Lillian asked.

    "Alpha Omega, it's our Fireteam."

    "That's cheesy as hell, man. Beginning and End?"

    "In my defense, it's oddly unique. Much less cliche than Fireteam Charlie."


    Standing on the cliffside high above the Mothyards, Drake, Lance, and Lillian gazed down into the airplane graveyard. Dust filled the air as legions of Fallen troops marched forward, a single, massive entity standing in the very center of them. Drake's right fist clenched with anger as he stared at the Archon Priest below.

    "Yep, that's Kraxsis alright. See that burn mark on his neck?" Drake growled. "That's where I shoved my Magnetic Grenade before he got me."

    "Why in the hell are they advancing like this?" Lance scoffed, staring through his Auto Rifle's scope.

    "Because, they know we attacked their Ketch. So the only way they know to keep Kraxsis and Fraxsis safe is to eliminate us. An Archon Priest, while a big HVT to us, is not as important as the Kell himself." Arianna appeared over Drake's shoulder. "I imagine their tactic is to kill any Guardians in the Cosmodrome, and potentially push to the City. It's a longshot, but if you were to kill Kraksis now, it would demoralize the rest of the battalion to the point of fleeing. This could also make taking Fraxsis down a whole lot easier."

    "Fraxsis was bold enough to attack the City with an army this size two hundred years ago. Of course, I had an entire battalion of my own to work with, six legions of men and women. Right now, we've got two Titans and a Huntress." Drake sighed.

    "Arianna, what would you say our odds are here?" Lillian asked, turning towards the robot.

    "Not good. My math could be off, ironic due to me being a computer. But we're looking at about a 3% chance of survival. It's looking like a 1000 to 3 split, Fallen's favor."

    "I'm throwing a heavy hypothetical here." Drake said, his eyes never leaving Kraksis. "If one of us were to die down there, how long would it take before you could revive one of us?"

    "I hate you for asking that, and I hate myself for answering... but there are two ways. Using each other's Lights, you could revive each other within a few seconds. Or I and the other Ghost could run our servos at maximum capacity and have you up in a minute. It's more risky to try to revive each other, as it puts you in more danger, but the reward is good. We, and by we I mean us Ghosts, can instead use our servos to create overshields in the case of you reviving each other."

    "Perfect." Drake grinned beneath his helmet.

    "I don't much care for that tone." Arianna said, turning towards Lillian. "Was he always like this?"

    "Yep. I loved him for every second of it too." Lillian chuckled. "You guys be safe, I'll cover you from up here."

    "Lance." Drake said, as the Teenager turned to face him. "I want you to solely use your Striker. One of these days I'll have to teach you how to be a Defender, but right now we'll need your area of effect field. I'm going to provide the Ward of Dawn if I can muster it. Keep an eye out for each other, and don't choke under pressure, and we can accomplish the work of a thousand Titans, understood?"

    "Got it." Lance nodded.

    Jumping to his feet, Drake went to summon his Cavalier, when he remembered that it had been destroyed years back. Lance nodded, summoning his through his own Ghost, as Drake clambered onto the back with the kid.

    "When I tell you to hit the handbrake, do it. When you do, be prepared to kick off with your right foot, and be ready to fight." Drake said, pointing his index and middle fingers forward.

    Lance activated the boost on the hoverbike, roaring them down the hillside. Drake stood, leaning forward in a crouch like pose to prevent being thrown off of the unbelievably fast machine. Becoming more secure with his position, he sat up slightly, his Scout Rifle ready to fire. Pulling the trigger, a round thrust forward, over Lance's right shoulder, and into the face of an unaware Dreg.

    As they drew nearer, the sound of the Sparrow, and the death of a few of their men gathered the attention of the horde of spider like creatures. Turning their attention towards the Sparrow holding the two Titans, the Fallen chittered, preparing their Arc Blasters, Shrapnel Launchers, Shock Pistols, and Shock Blades.

    "NOW!" Drake roared, as Lance thrust on the brakes, turning the hoverbike to the right.

    Both Titans jumped off with their right feet, launching themselves with the momentum, high above the Fallen forces. Drake placed his Scout Rifle on his back, plucking his Shotgun, and the Hand Cannon off of his hip.

    Lance quickly turned to face Drake, who nodded. The two Titans readied their weapons, Drake's Hand Cannon in his right hand cracked, smashing a Vandal square in the forehead. It's head exploded, a puff of Ether billowing into the air.

    Lance opened fire with his Auto Rifle, spraying into the masses.  Drake landed, boots first onto the chest of a Dreg, smashing the butt of his Hand Cannon into it's face, dispatching the foe. Holstering the Hand Cannon, he turned on his heels, firing a shell from his shotgun into a Captains' chest, bursting it's Arc shield and causing it to reel backwards.

    Glaring over towards Kraxsis, Drake pumped a new shell into his shotgun, spreading his arms.

    "Remember me asshole?!" Drake roared. "I'm back, and I'm PISSED!"

    Kraxsis roared in it's native tongue, raising the it's top two arms into the air, it's specialized Shrapnel Launcher primed. Pointing it's lower right arm at Drake, the Archon Priest prepared to advance, as a small purple ball of energy landed at it's feet. The Magnetic Grenade exploded, causing Kraxsis to reel backwards, chittering to itself while one of it's arms reached up to it's throat.

    "Figured I'd give you a firm reminder!"

    "Itsch your time Ooman!" Kraxsis yelled in a semi understandable English accent.

    "My time was two hundred years ago, Spidey! Guardians just make their OWN fate!"

    Vaulting over an advancing Vandal with Shock Blades, Drake fired his shotgun mid flip, riddling the back of the Vandal with shot. Landing on his feet, he swung his shotgun like a club, knocking a Dreg aside, snapping it's neck on impact. Pulling the Hand Cannon once more with his left hand, Drake thrust the shotgun out with his right hand, using the shoulder of a Captain to pump his shotgun, before firing a shell point blank into it's face.

    Aiming the pistol to his left, the massive revolver bullet struck a Servitor square in the 'eye socket', exploding the massive purple machine immediately. Behind him, Lance fired his Auto Rifle in a circle, electricity surging from his fists, while he unleashed his Arc Punch.

    Lance could hear the air behind him slash, as he instinctively ducked a Shock Blade. Lifting his right foot, he smashed it back into the Vandal's chest in a heavy donkey kick. Using the same momentum, he lashed his right foot up and outwards, kicking the Dreg in front of him in the chin, launching the creature a few inches up. Turning to his left, he swung the back end of his rifle in a short, deliberate motion.

    Ether spewed from the Shank's hull, as the floating mobile turret fizzed out of life. Cracks filled the air, Lillian's sniper bullets keeping both Drake and Lance safe from surprise attacks from behind. Lance grunted, as the combined fire of the enemies not within punching distance eventually burst his shield, some of the electrical rounds causing his muscles to spasm.

    "LANCE!" Drake roared, electricity forming on his shoulder, the Titan shoulder charging through the crowd.

    Stomping his feet out, Drake thrust both of arms across, a purple orb of protective energy giving them a moment to breath. Lance coughed, as he tasted copper in his mouth. Checking the reserves in his clip, he growled as he shouldered the rifle, replacing it with his own shotgun.

    Drake loaded more shells into his shotgun, his Hand Cannon having long run out of rounds. Pumping the action back, Drake and Lance chuckled as some brave Vandals and Dregs attempted to enter the Ward of Dawn, it's Void energy causing them momentary blindness, thus giving the Titans a chance to kill them easily.

    Drake lashed out his right fist, as a purple shield enveloped him. The Ward of Dawn disappated, Lance and Drake walked forward, shotguns blasting, while Lillian's bullets kept any flankers at bay. In the distance, they could see Kraxsis attempting a hasty retreat to an old factory, a small legion of Fallen with him.

    "Go." Lance nodded. "I got these guys."

    Drake shook his head, thrusting his shotgun's grip into a Captain's head.

    "No, you go. I have the Ward. I'll join you shortly."

    "No, I have a Sparrow, I can catch up. Just go get your revenge dammit!" Lance growled, shoving Drake back.

    Drake paused for only a fraction of a second, before grinning proudly. Lillian's bullets still cracking in the distance. Pulling out his Scout Rifle, Drake fired a few rounds into some of Lance's flankers, before turning tail and chasing after Kraxsis and his ragtag group of survivors.

    Preparing another ball of purple energy, Drake threw it with his left hand, the grenade landing perfectly on Kraxsis' back. Adhering to Kraxsis' back, the void grenade exploded once, any Dregs or weaker Vandals evaporated into the Void. Exploding once more, the grenade eradicated anything within the field that hadn't died in the first blast.

    Kraxsis himself stumbled forward, using one of his lower arms to nurse the burn wound on hist back. Chittering, Kraxsis turned to face the lone Titan, who charged after him, firing his Scout Rifle into the faces of the lower class enemies defending Kraxsis. Electricity formed on Drake's shoulder again, as he charged into the crowd, thrusting forward with his jetpack just enough to smash into Kraxsis' shins.

    "My, you've grown Grandma." Drake chuckled, staring up at the Archon Priest. "Bigger they are, harder they fall eh?"


    Lance jumped forward into the crowd, both fists crackling with Arc energy, a circle of electric energy surged outwards, thinning the ranks further.

    "Guardian Down!" Arianna shrieked into Lance's ear, as the younger Titan's heart dropped.

    "Drake, NOOOOO!!!!" Lillian cried out, Lance turning back to see Kraxsis cheering once more, an orb of blue at his feet, Arianna's form spinning around it. "Lance, kill the bastard.

    Lance didn't hesitate, jumping over the slash of a Vandals shock blade, he had his Ghost summon his Sparrow. Turning on a time, he boosted along, the fire from his exhaust incinerated any Dregs or Vandals caught in it.

    Standing slightly, he left the boost going, before jumping off of the seat. Arc damage crackled on his fists again, as he smashed the ground at Kraxsis' feet, causing the massive Archon Priest and his guards to back off.

    Turning back towards Arianna's exposed core, Lance put his hand into the sphere of blue, part of his Light rushed out momentarily to super charge Arianna's servos. In a flash of blue light, Drake reappeared, shaking slightly.

    "Stand up Drake, you aren't done yet." Lance grinned, turning to Kraxsis.

    The Archon Priest, however, had other things in mind. Wrapping a hand around Lance's throat, the Priest swung Lance high above it's head, smashing the shielded Titan into the ground, popping his overshield and his normal shield.

    Drake stood shakily, as Lance yelped in pain. His eyes snapped awake, and he no longer cared that he had died twice now in his life, he was going to save that boy. Roaring with all of his rage, Drake charged forward, jumping off of Lance's abandoned Sparrow, Kraxsis turning to swing his gun like a club again.

    Drake anticipated this, clasping the rifle, while Kraxsis shook it up and down to release the Titan from it. On the way up, Drake released, more electricity exploded from his gloves, as he put both fists forward, using the jets on his boots to launch himself into Kraxsis' face.

    The electrically charged Superman punch sent the Archon Priest and the Veteran Titan into the Earth with a giant plume of smoke, Lance rolling out of the way before he could be crushed. On top of Kraxsis, Drake thrust punch after punch into the Priest's hardened face, cracking the carapace further. Plucking his knife from his hip, Drake thrust it into Kraxsis' neck hole, exposing the once open hole in it's throat, Ether spewing out relentlessly.

    Kraxsis, however, clout Drake in the back of the head, before standing once more. Drake stood, albeit shakenly, the Priest's Shrapnel Launcher between them. Drake rushed forward, as the Priest stomped along the ground, reaching it's bottom two arms for it.

    Drake clasped the weapon, as the Priest did as well. Drake narrowly avoided it's left and right punches, his grip on the weapon secure. Kraxsis attempted to lift the gun and the Titan, while Drake pulled back with all of his might.

    His feet held their ground, Drake roaring with every bit of energy he had, pulling the gun as hard as he could. So hard, Kraxsis roared in pain, his bottom two arms ripped out of their sockets and completely unattached, wisps of Ether spewing from them.

    With the Launcher now in his possession, but no knowledge on how to use it, Drake used his pure strength to bend the weapon until it was no longer useful. Tossing it aside, Kraxsis sidewinded Drake with a swift kick, knocking him into the concrete wall of an old Russian factory.

    Lance stood, on the verge of death or unconsciousness, he wasn't too sure. Rushing towards Kraxsis, Lance jumped, using his boot thrusters to launch himself towards Kraxsis' height. Kraxsis, however, lashed out with it's left arm, catching Lance by the throat, tossing him into the Factory itself.

    Lance bounced along the floor, grunting as his shields popped again, more copper taste in his mouth. Standing shakily, Kraxsis stood in the doorway, roaring menacingly, the giant Spider like creature walking towards him confident, but hurt.

    Lance backed up, until a bench stopped him, but by that time, Kraxsis was on top of him. Grabbing Lance with his right hand, the Priest slammed Lance onto the table, chittering while he choked the boy out. Lance gasped for air, reaching with his left hand for anything on the table worth using. Gritting his teeth, he felt something in his hand, wrapping his arm around it, he raised the tool up and towards Kraxsis' right eye.

    Squeezing the trigger a few times, the nail gun fired one square into Kraxsis' eyes, causing the beast to only tighten it's grasp, attempting to nurse the wound with it's other. Drake pulled the trigger as many times as he could, until Kraxsis finally released the grip, stumbling back. Roaring, Kraxsis used both of it's remaining arms to hold it's face, Lance heard the sound of metal chains clinking, before an old industrial hook sunk into the hole in Kraxsis' throat.

    The Archon Priest sputtered, as the sharpened hook dug deep into it's throat, Ether wisps billowing out of every wound. Lance coughed, standing as Drake grunted in the catwalk above, holding a chain, pulling backwards.


    Lance did not hesitate, Kraxsis attempting to remove the hook that was lodged in his throat. Grabbing the Priest's feet, Lance pulled backwards, Kraxsis' form being lifted. Drake roared angrily, pulling with all of his might, the chain jingled as it dragged against his makeshift fulcrum point.

    Kraxsis' chitters and thrashes became more violent, until finally a tearing sound could be heard. Lance glanced up, the hole that had once been on Kraxsis' neck elongated, the hard carapace cracking along a fissure. Suddenly, the Priest's movements ceased, Lance launching himself back into the bench.

    Drake gave the last pull, the Priest's head ripped completely from his shoulders, as it flew above the rafters and at his feet. Grabbing it, Drake hoisted it into the air, roaring to the point that his voice actually stopped.

    "HELL YEAHHHHH!!!!" Lance cheered, standing from the bench, clutching his ribs. "But now what?"

    "Now?" Drake said, hefting a trio of purple engrams, Arianna trans-matting the Priest's head. "We go back to the Tower. I'm confident that, if I meet your Father again, that I can kick his ass. 'Cause now I have something that gives ME the advantage."


    Drake and Lance limped outside of the factory, Drake's arm around Lance's shoulders, while Lillian sat there, arms crossed. Drake stumbled forward, while Lance held back. Opening his arms for a hug, he was instead greeted with a slap across the helmet, followed by a tight hug.

    "I thought I'd lost you again." Lillian sobbed beneath her helmet. "You're not Superman, so stop acting like it!"

    "Do you think I'd really do something like that? I trusted Lance enough to get the job done, and he did. Trust me, I'm not going anywhere." Drake said, hugging her tighter, his eyes actually widened beneath his helmet.

    It had been a close call, the Void was a dark place. He had felt like he was floating, except Arianna was there, her blue light keeping him from being completely consumed by the Darkness. To say the sensation was anything less than terrifying was an understatement and a lie. This sensation had been completely different then when he had first died. He had had a legitimate fear that his Light would be lost, and that he'd be a slave of the darkness.


    Later that Day

    "Ah hello!" Master Rahool smiled, as Drake stood before him. "A pleasure again, Drake. What can I help you with today?"

    Drake, without speaking, had Arianna produce the three Purple engrams he had acquired earlier. Rahool's jaw dropped, as the three Legendary Engrams floated before him.

    "T-that's unbelievable!" Rahool stammered. "Y-you've acquired three Legendary Engrams! These are incredibly rare, and usually VERY High Ranking officers hold them."

    "Yeah." Drake shrugged. "We killed Kraxsis, the Archon Priest of the House of Devils."

    "WHAT?!" Rahool said, stepping back. "Drake Stratus avenged his own death? Well I'll be the son of a Reef dweller."

    "Nah." Drake said, pulling Lance up. "Lance did. I just helped."

    Rahool's gaze turned to the younger Titan, as his jaw remained slack. Shaking himself out of it, Rahool grinned, clasping Lance on the shoulder.

    "The Tower shall know of this feet, young Guardian. You should be proud, not many new Titans can say they've killed an Archon, let alone an Archon Priest. Not even your Father has accomplished a feat of the sort." Rahool smiled, before pressing a command on a pad, the three purple spheres bursting with light.

    Floating in the air before them, an Auto Rifle, a Scout Rifle, and a Hand Cannon glimmered in the evening sunlight.

    "This is absolutely incredible!" Rahool grinned from ear to ear at the three weapons.

    "It appears the Engrams held schematics to the 'Shadow Price' Auto Rifle; a prototype by the Ishtar Collective. The 'Devil You Know' Hand Cannon; a weapon said to be forged by Deliah Evergreen and distributed to only the most elite of Hunters, and the 'Cryptic Dragon' Scout Rifle; a rare Scout Rifle awarded through the Crucible tournaments to the best of the participants. Forged and distributed by Lord Shaxx." Rahool said, eyeing the weapons, before turning to Drake. "So, how much is your price for them?"

    Drake's eyes opened wide, as he shook his head.

    "I'm not selling these, sorry Master Rahool. My team needs better armaments, and these are exactly what the Doctor ordered."

    "Very well." Rahool said, turning for just a moment. "Oh, and Ms. Holliday wanted to speak with you. She has a few things for you."

    Rahool nodded respectfully, as Drake plucked the Scout Rifle for himself, Arianna trashing his old one. Lance took the Shadow Price, while Lillian, obviously, took the 'Devil You Know'. Drake nodded, as Rahool waved them all goodbye. The team moved forward, as any Guardians on the Tower at the time quickly glanced over at them.

    "Jeez, did you guys get looked at like this all the time?" Lance asked.

    "Pretty much." Drake shrugged. "You'll get used to it."

    "But we haven't told anyone!" Lance said.

    "I told Zavala while we were en route to the Tower, it's no surprise he boasted that Fireteam Alpha Omega did it with a group of two Titans and a Huntress."

    Walking up a small flight of stairs, the trio made their way to the Shipwright. Walking up, Amanda Holliday wiped her greasy hand into a cloth, before using the cleaner side to wipe her face.

    "Howdy Drake!" she smiled. "I heard you killed Kraxsis, that's a helluva feat!"

    "I didn't." Drake shook his head, patting Lance on the back. "Lance did. I just helped."

    Lance glared over towards Drake, who winked.

    "So, Rahool said you had something for me?" Drake asked, Amanda nodded, turning back.

    When she faced him again, a silver weapon with golden outlines, and the carving of a lion on the front was in her arms. Lance stared at the rocket launcher, as Drake ran his hand along it's surface.

    "Gjallarhorn." Drake nodded. "It's been a long time."

    "Indeed, and I have the feeling you'll need it. Especially if you guys are going around killing Archon Priests." Amanda smiled. "Besides, I'm no good with fighting, and I know Grandpappy would've wanted you to have it back."

    Drake smiled, before accepting his old Exotic tier rocket launcher, holstering it on his back. Lillian smiled, as Lance stared at the item with wonder.

    "Much appreciated Ms. Holli- I mean Amanda." Drake grinned.

    "But there is also more." Holliday continued. "Your Cavalier is ready for use! I linked your Ghost to it, Drake. Feel free to take her for a whirl! I used some of your extra funds, not only to pay for Lance's new ship, but to invest in an upgrade that allows your Cavalier to be... repaired upon summoning, even if it's exploded."

    "Wow, thank you very much." Drake nodded, as Holliday giggled.

    "I'm just doing my job, Drake. By the way, your son stopped by this morning. I completely spaced that my old mentor claimed to be your son! I'm so happy he got to meet you guys, when he used to train me a few years back, he'd tell me that he always wanted to meet you."

    "Yeah." Drake frowned. "I'm just glad he's taking it so well. This is a lot to take in. Thank you for everything, Amanda, sincerely."


    "This is probably the greatest week in the History of the Collapse!" Commander Zavala roared with laughter, smacking his hand on the table. "First, Drake Stratus and Lillian Evergreen, two of the old Vanguard are revived, then they train the previously untrainable, and now they've killed an Archon Priest!"

    "Pay up." Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard whispered to Cayde 6, the Exo Hunter Vanguard.

    Cayde grumbled to himself, before plucking a small bag of glimmer out of his pocket, passing it over to the female Warlock.

    "Needless to say, the Vanguard is in your debt." Zavala continued, collecting himself. "As such, I've made a personal investment for both you and Lance to obtain your own armor. Drake, you will find that the armor I'm bestowing upon you is a slightly less formidable version of your old Vanguard armor. For you Lance, I proudly present you with  a full set of Armada-3 armor."

    "I also through some glimmer into the pile and got Ms. Evergreen a full set of Dustwalker armor." Cayde-6 piped in.

    "Your Ghosts have them readily available for you to put on. Thank you, Fireteam Alpha Omega. Kraxsis was a scourge on this Planet for many, many years. It will take some time before we can face Fraxsis, perhaps in that time, you might consider joining the Iron Banner tournament next week? I also believe Ikora Rey has a special task for you three. Just keep in mind that you have done an astronomical thing today, and may the Light forever guide you."

    Drake nodded respectfully, as Arianna changed his old armor into his 'old' armor. Glancing over it, he was surprised with how detailed the armor had been, and he definitely felt more protected with it on. Lance swapped as well, while Lillian held off. Turning, Ikora Rey beckoned the three into another room.

    Following the Vanguard into the other room, the door shut behind them. Ikora sat behind a desk of sorts, while the three Guardians stood, arms behind their back.

    "Many people in the Tower are still ignorant to your real identities. You are Drake Stratus and Lillian Evergreen, even if the people that don't know your true identity refer to you as Sol and Lola. The reason I have pulled you both, and your third member here, is because I have a contact. Her name is Enis, and she has spent many a time on the Moon."

    At the word, Drake's fist clenched until his knuckles popped, Lillian gently placing her hand over his fist.

    "She has been scouting, and it is regretful for me to say that the Hive, the creatures you encountered two hundred years ago, grow more powerful with each passing second. Enis fears that the worst may be upon us. She seeks the one who faced the Swordsman and lived. She is due to return to the Tower in two month's time. You will meet with her, and hopefully by that time you will be prepared to face whatever frightens her so."

    "What do you think it could be, ma'am?" Lance asked.

    "She fears it might be the darkest of the Hive, reawakening-." Ikora said, Drake grit his teeth, both of his fist's knuckles popping.


    End Chapter



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    Chapter Three: A Golden Heart

    Drake and Lance stood against the wall, arms crossed while they waited for Lillian to finish changing into her fresh armor in the other room. Drake shook his head, rolling his eyes.

    "She does realize that armor changes happen so fast that no-one can see what's underneath, right?" Lance asked the veteran beside him.

    "Yeah, and she also knows we were an undersuit too. It's just a feminine principle. Personally, I'd rather she waited until we got back to your Grandpa's apartment."

    "You do mean our son, right?" Lillian hissed, walking out of Ikora's chambers.

    Drake nodded after a brief hesitation, he hadn't meant to word it like that. The whole situation was completely new to him, and it had happened so fast, he couldn't entirely make sense of it. Shrugging the thought off, the three of them casually walked back out and up the stairs to the main hub of the Tower.

    Everywhere, Guardians bustled back and forth, seemingly forming around the Bounty Collector droid at the top of the platform. Working their way up there, the Speaker nodded, beckoning Alpha Omega to join him. Gently maneuvering through the crowd, the three joined the Speaker's side, the man methodically raising his arms.

    "This is a joyous day, Guardians." the Speaker started boldly. "For far too long, Kraxsis, Archon Priest for the House of Devils, has plagued this world. It is with pride that I commend the actions of Fireteam Alpha Omega, for their Light was strong enough to overcome some of the toughest of trials the Darkness has thrown at them.

    "Still, while today is a day of celebration for this feat... we must understand that the Darkness continues to thrive out on our worlds. Fraxsis, Kell of the House of Devils, still torments this land. Guardians, we will not stop, we cannot stop our plight. Stay true to yourselves, stay true to the Light, and the Traveler will guide us all to a better future."

    "Hold up!" a voice barked from the back of the crowd, stopping the Speaker in his tracks. "LANCE?!"

    Lance stood behind Drake on the right side, Lillian on the opposite side. The three Guardians scoured the crowd for the source of the voice, a trio of men barged through the masses to the front.

    "I thought it was you!" Caldwell growled, a pair of Titans behind him. "You're still looming around that poser, aren't you?"

    "Poser?" someone from the crowd asked, causing Caldwell to growl, turning on his feet.

    "Yeah. That fellow, the leader of Alpha Omega!" Caldwell pointed a stern finger at Drake. "He claims to be Drake Stratus!"

    "I'll be the judge of that." a man replied, as all the Titans in the crowd, minus Drake and Lance, kneeled.

    Turning on their boots, Drake and Lance watched a Titan approach with very ornate armor. The main armor was silver steel color, with golden highlights along it. In Drake's eyes, it reminded him of his old Vanguard armor, and of the Gjallarhorn on his back.

    "I am Lord Saladin of the Iron Lords, Champions of the Iron Banner." Saladin spoke, moving to Drake. "If this man claims to be my old Mentor, he will prove it."

    "I'm not Drake Stratus, not anymore." Drake shook his head. "I go by Sol now. Drake Sol."

    "Hmm." Saladin nodded. "You sound like him, but I require more proof. You will fight my student, Caldwell, in an Iron Banner match."

    "Yeah, and then I'm getting my son back!" Caldwell sneered. "An' you'll never show your poser face around here again!"

    "Silence!" Saladin barked, Caldwell sinking down. "Do you accept the challenge? Whatever stakes you have with Caldwell are of no concern to me, but I wish to know if you truly are my mentor. Are you the sole student to the great Kabr?"

    "In another life, yes." Drake said. "I will accept his challenge."

    "Excellent." Saladin nodded. "You shall meet at the Twilight Gap, but be warned Guardians, the Gap has recently seen a reduction of Light there. I cannot guarantee survival."

    "That won't be an issue." Drake replied, glaring at Caldwell. "I'll be there."


    "Lord Saladin, if I may be so bold. What is the Iron Banner, exactly?" Drake asked the Titan, who walked alongside him to the Twilight Gap at the edge of the City.

    "It is a high stakes battle of wits and strength between Guardians." Saladin replied calmly. "In another time, Drake Stratus would often train his Titans in combat himself. Whenever he could, he would spar with just about anyone, his Hunter and Warlock Vanguard friends. It was where he finally mastered the way of the Warpath Titan technique."

    "I remember now." Drake mused, turning back. "While I was fighting Lillian, something erupted within me, and fire spewed from my fists."

    "That is still to be determined, Guardian." Saladin paused, turning to face him. "While I have my hopes that you are whom you claim, Caldwell was an excellent student of mine, and after my brief talk with the Speaker, I will be the one to acknowledge the victor of this battle. Custody rights of young Lance will be gifted to the winner, while the other will be banned from communicating with anyone in the Stratus family."

    Sighing, Drake stood in the old Russian armament factory within the hill. This was the same spot, two hundred years prior, where he and six legions of Titans successfully warded off a Fallen insurgency. Standing here again, especially with Arianna labeling it as a 'DARKNESS' zone, brought chills to the base of his neck. The Twilight Gap had been a monumental moment in his history, he had stopped the last safe City from being claimed, but had he actually have survived, perhaps the Collapse would never have happened.

    Caldwell stood there, arms crossed with one of his boots tapping impatiently. Drake shook his head, preparing his new Scout Rifle, making sure it was fully loaded, along with his Shotgun.

    "I should warn you, Guardian." Saladin continued, placing a hand on Drake's shoulder. "The influence of the Fallen is too strong in this area, if you die up here... you won't be able to be brought back. Iron Banner doesn't permit your Fireteam to resuscitate you. As such, I advise you accept that this will likely be a fight to the death. Good luck."


    Drake and Caldwell stood there, glaring at one another, fists clenched. Neither Titan moved a muscle, each one sizing the other up. Drake had fought dirtily the night he first met his grandson, but now that the youngster hadn't been sucker punched, he posed a serious threat.

    They waited, their Ghosts spinning up their trans-mat systems. They would teleport to random locations around the factory, and it would, as Saladin had proposed, be a fight to the death. Suddenly, blue light overtook Drake's form, the Titan quickly plucked his Scout Rifle off of his back. Appearing beside some trees, he carefully stepped inside of the factory, Caldwell could have reappeared anywhere.

    "I should warn you... identity thief." Caldwell's cocky voice filled the air. "I've mastered the Warpath technique recently, and unless you were TRULY Drake Stratus and can use it against me, you likely won't survive this encounter."

    Drake's battle seasoned senses kept him from responding, instead quietly following the source of the voice. Poking his head around the corner, he could see Caldwell walk around the opposite corner, shotgun in his hand.

    "That is something I can truly relish. Only then will Drake Stratus recognize me from the grave!" Caldwell continued in his delusions. "I will forever be listed as his one true successor!"

    Taking a step forward, Drake groaned as his boot splashed in a puddle. Quickly retreating back around the corner, his eyes scanned for the nearest possible exit. His element of surprise completely wasted, Drake dove through one open doorway. Back out in the hallway, he could make out Caldwell's foot falls, his heavy boots sprinting around the corner Drake had once been hiding around.

    "The game is cat and mouse." Caldwell snorted, sniffing the air. "I can smell your fear, rodent. That only makes the hunt all the more interesting."

    Drake knew that if he was at all spotted, Caldwell would kill him. Warpath Titan techniques were incredibly powerful, even being so unique that no two abilities are the same. Slinking around the doorway, he was relieved that Caldwell stayed in the room, searching for him.

    Now back out and into the hallway, Drake continued to sneak his way around, actually climbing a flight of stairs. In the distance, he could make out a shipping platform jutting out of the hill, where aircraft could land to pick up or drop off materials for the factory. Turning back, he could hear Caldwell's footsteps almost following him. Producing a small rock from the ground, he threw the rock as far towards that platform as he could.

    Hiding behind the door, he heard Caldwell charge up the doorway, snorting in disgust, before jumping off of his elevated catwalk and onto the shipping platform. With only one way back to Drake's position, Drake had Caldwell in a disadvantageous position. Throwing a Magnetic Grenade at Caldwell's feet, the younger Titan dove backwards, glaring up at Drake.

    "You sly dog!" Caldwell spat.

    "In a scrimmage such as this," Drake replied. " It is always important to be both strong AND witty. The game may be cat and mouse, but in this instance, it was mentally challenged rabbit versus the night owl."

    Firing his Scout Rifle on Caldwell's position, Drake was successful in glancing a few rounds off of the younger Titan's armor, popping his Light shield. Caldwell grit his teeth, diving behind a support pillar. Drake kept his aim steady, his previous times at this facility reminding him that Caldwell only had one way out of the trap Drake had set him in.

    A flaming ball of napalm whizzed past his head, exploding with just enough force to knock Drake down and onto the platform. The ferocity of the explosion had also been enough to destroy the Catwalk, completely locking both Titans down on that singular platform. Drake stood quickly, Caldwell sprinting around the corner towards him. Raising the Scout Rifle in his hands, he fired a trio of rounds off before Caldwell was on top of him.

    Caldwell shoulder tackled Drake to the ground, attempting to pin him down. Fire erupted from a pair of spikes on Caldwell's unique helmet, the flames licking at Drake's helmet. Grunting, he kicked Caldwell off with minor difficulty, before standing. Holding a pair of fingers up in a 'V' shape, Caldwell inhaled and exhaled loudly, fire pulsing from the spikes on his helmet, through his fingers, into a column of fire that overtook Drake.

    Caldwell stood, grinning beneath his helmet, as he stared at the purple bubble that enveloped Drake. Inside, Drake smirked, charging Caldwell head on. Ducking under Caldwell's shotgun, Drake took it in his left hand, crumpling the barrel shut. Grabbing Caldwell by the throat, Drake threw him towards the edge of the platform. Caldwell scrambled to his feet, fire pooling in his footprints.

    Before he could do anything, however, a single ballistic raced towards Caldwell, the Titan diving out of the way. The Gjallarhorn rocket, however, was determined to hit it's locked target, swerving around in a complete one-eighty. Jumping, Caldwell's pursuer smashed into a metal pillar, numerous other explosives branching off of the initial burst.

    Popping his shields in the process, Drake fired his Scout Rifle into Caldwell's right knee cap. Caldwell fell, grumbling on his own, Drake holding his Shotgun to his nemesis' face. Caldwell shivered in fear, as Drake now towered above him, a finger twitch away from ending the man's life.

    Firing the weapon into the air, Caldwell flinched, before glancing up at Drake, who stood there, offering a hand. Caldwell was confused, remaining where he was.

    "Why would you show me mercy." Caldwell grumbled. "You beat me, now kill me."

    "I'm not killing my Grandson." Drake scoffed. "That's not how I do things. What I will do, however, is royally kick your ass from here to Venus if you keep up this unhealthy obsession with me."

    "You are not Drake Stratus." Caldwell growled. "You never will be as great a Titan as he was."

    "You're right." Drake nodded. "I'm not Drake Stratus anymore. My name is Drake Sol, and I don't care about my old 'legacy' anymore. I'm here to finish my debts with the Darkness, and live the life I was once robbed of."

    "No, you never were Drake Stratus." Caldwell stood, clenching a fist. "You are nothing like what the books say you are."

    "The books list me as some glorified asshole that was invincible." Drake replied. "Ask anyone who knew me back then, the books' authors were completely over zealous with their wording. I am no God, and I have never aspired to be one."

    "No." Saladin replied, walking over. "But you are now a Lord."

    "What?" Drake asked, as Caldwell attempted to attack him from behind, Saladin slipped in, catching Caldwell's punch.

    Twisting the fist, Saladin snarled in disgust, throwing Caldwell backwards.

    "You have proven yourself. You wield Gjallarhorn, you fight with finesse and strength. You said the same things to me when I was your student, you are Drake Stratus, or you were. The Iron Banner was forged in your name, mentor, and as a member of the Lords of Iron, I humbly invite you to join our ranks."

    "What obligations do I serve?" Drake asked.

    "None." Saladin replied. "You will be given a proper set of armor, likely the same ones you wore as the Titan Vanguard. You will formally be referred to by your Peers as Lord Golden Heart."

    "Lord Golden Heart?" Drake asked. "Why that?"

    "In all my years of hosting the Iron Banner, I have never once seen Mercy enacted upon the less fortunate competitor. Especially when the match is hosted in a Darkness filled zone. It is because of this, and your sense of community, putting others before you, that I recognize you as Lord Golden Heart, Lord of Iron. Do you accept?"

    "I accept, Lord Saladin." Drake replied, kneeling, Caldwell groaning in the back. "Now, I wish to speak with the Speaker about Caldwell and I's qualms."

    "So as it shall be, Golden Heart." Saladin nodded. "I will send for your ships immediately."



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    "So... how do I already qualify to be a Lord of Iron, Saladin?" Drake asked, walking alongside the Golden armored Titan. "I've only won a single Iron Banner match."

    "Indeed, had you been anyone else, you likely wouldn't have been given this chance." Saladin stopped, glancing back at Caldwell, who shuffled his feet in disgrace. "Caldwell has won several, but I still have not been convinced he is ready for the privilege. You, on the other hand, had been a topic of discussion by the Lords of Iron for quite some time, mentor."

    "But I died?"

    "Indeed, but it was your prior Legacy, at the Twilight Gap, that all but assured your entrance. Remember, the Iron Banner was constructed in your honor, using only the toughest of training regiments to allow Guardians to train off of one another. It is only right that the man the tournaments were constructed after be named one of it's Lords of Iron."

    "Is it just a formality?" Drake asked, continuing their walk to the Speaker's studio.

    "Precisely, although if you ever find the time, you would be an honored guest in spectating the tournament whenever it comes back around. As it stands, after we have spoken with the Speaker, I must leave you to spectate the finals match."

    "When Caldwell and I fought, it was supposed to be a Deathmatch, I hope the rest of the Tournament isn't like so."

    "No." Saladin shook his head. "The recent surge of Fallen forces in the Twilight Gap are what caused that arena to become a Darkness Zone. We will likely send some of our disciples there to cleanse the area of the Darkness. Most of our other arenas are still in contact with Light, so if a Guardian 'dies' in the battlefield, the Traveler can revive them."


    "Saladin informs me that Drake was the victor in the fight?" The Speaker quipped, turning on his feet.

    "Yes, sir." Drake nodded his head, Caldwell remaining silent and rigid behind him. "But the terms of our battle have changed."

    Behind him, Caldwell looked up, staring at Drake in confusion. Saladin nodded, Lillian and Lance having finally arrived.

    "How so?" the Speaker mused, glancing at Caldwell.

    "I will not issue a restraining order on Caldwell, on the grounds that he understands Lance is his own man now, and does not attack him or his grandfather."

    "WHAT?!" Lance barked, as Caldwell turned, saddened by his son's outburst.

    "I will not separate a father and his son." Drake said, turning back. "Caldwell, understand that I am Drake Stratus. You don't need my approval, but if it truly is something you want... then spend time with your boy. Give HIM the approval you seek from me. I didn't get to spend time with my boy, and I'm not dooming Caldwell the same fate."

    "Thank you." Caldwell replied quietly, turning towards Lance. "I know the things I've done to you, the things I've said, they are unforgivable. But I'm truly sorry Lance. I just wanted you to share something with me. I got way too obsessed with my family's history, that I nearly missed it's present and future. You may stay with Drake's squad if that is something you want, but there will always be a spot in your old man's squad for you too. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?"

    Lance didn't say anything, Lillian placing a hand on his shoulder. Drake walked over, Lance looking up to his Great Grandfather, who nodded his head towards Caldwell. Lance frowned, obviously conflicted by his choices.

    "I can never forgive you for the way you treated me." Lance said. "-The pain you brought to Mom in her final moments. But that doesn't mean I will stop being your son. Just stop being a monumental douche."

    Wrapping his arms around his father in a tight hug, Lillian and Drake stood there, Drake's arm around her shoulder. She smiled up to him, placing her head on his chest, their great grandchild and grandchild finally getting along.

    "I do hate to interject on this touching moment." Saladin said, approaching Drake quietly. "But I am needed at the Tournaments finale. Shall I see you again, Lord Golden Heart?"

    "Yes, Saladin. It was good to see you again." Drake nodded, as the ornate armored Titan began to walk off.

    "Oh, and your new Iron Regalia armor will be available to you at the Special Order's booth." Saladin waved, walking away.

    Turning his attention back to the father and son, he took a moment to realize that the Speaker's office had been changed somehow. Lights covered the wall, a lone fir tree in the corner, decorated with miniature Traveler and Ghost ornaments. Confused for a moment, he remembered it was Mid-December, meaning that Christmas was right around the corner.

    "Y'know." Drake whispered into Lillian's ear. "Christmas is pretty much here. Perhaps we should see if we can host a small get together at the Vanguard's Quarters?"

    "Yeah." Lillian said, her gaze still stuck on Lance and Caldwell. "I think they both could use a chance to mend their relationship."



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    Post  Manny on December 30th 2014, 1:26 am

    WELL... Now that I have destiny I finally know what the hell half of the stuff in story looks like. Yay!

    I imagined Holiday being a lot younger than she really is. I don't know why, but I continued to image Zavala as a human as well...

    Never have I been so wrong...
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    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 20th 2015, 10:40 pm

    Manny wrote:WELL... Now that I have destiny I finally know what the hell half of the stuff in story looks like. Yay!

    I imagined Holiday being a lot younger than she really is. I don't know why, but I continued to image Zavala as a human as well...

    Never have I been so wrong...

    Yeah, that was kinda my bad. I forgot entirely that Zavala was an Awoken, and I actually rarely talk with Holiday, so I wasn't too entirely sure.

    Besides, this could very well be a prequel story to Destiny...



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    "Finally, he's waking up." Drake could faintly hear someone say above him, in his current condition, he truly couldn't determine whom had said it.

    "Well of course he is! If he wasn't, I would've yelled 'Guardian Down'."

    "But you did yell 'Guardian Down, numerous times."

    "In my defense, I wasn't honestly expecting him to knock out so easily..." Arianna shook her form above him.

    "Jesus, I feel like I've slept for an eternity." Drake growled, not opening his eyes.

    "Dead for two hundred years, and you think two months is an eternity?" Lillian chuckled. "How in the Traveler's name are you planning to spend the rest of your life with me?"

    "TWO MONTHS?!" Drake snapped awake, sitting up. "How hard did you run into me Arianna?!"

    "Hard enough." Lance chuckled. "Nothing breaks a bonding moment like a Ghost nearly killing her Guardian."

    "Not just the bonding moment." Drake grumbled, rubbing the back of his head. "Nearly broke my skull. What was so important that you needed to strike me?"

    "Ikora Rey told me that Eris Morn, the one she said knew something about Crota's return, would be arriving in a couple of months."

    "Sh-she already told us this." Drake groaned, as Lillian and Lance stifled a few snorts. "God, I dreamed I was teamed up with this hardass super soldier... and this smartass little brat."

    "Er-" Lillian rolled her eyes. "That actually happened, we were joking with you about the whole 'Arianna rammed you' thing."

    "Then why is my head so damned sore? How long was I actually out?"

    "Your head is sore because you said something to Blaine, and he sucker punched you. His punch pretty much knocked you into the next month."

    "So... two months?"


    Drake grunted, standing from the comfort of the bed. They were back in Nathan's 'apartment' at the top of the Orphanage building. The room around him, however, had been slightly decorated with a few of Lillian's favorite things. Mainly, they were posters of the Golden Age, depicting the two of them as figureheads for the Vanguard.

    Waving his hand, Lance and Nathan walked out of the room, leaving Lillian and Arianna in his wake. Groaning, Drake stood, albeit shakily, before quickly pecking Lillian on the cheek. Stepping over towards the closet, he picked a fresh undersuit from the hangers, quickly clothing it.

    Arianna, having claimed Drake's gear from the special requisitions lady, formed the ornate Iron Banner armor on Drake, a fresh new handcannon on his hip.

    To the Stars (Destiny) Iron_banner_rep_grimoire_card1

    "A Hand Cannon?" Drake asked, lifting the golden painted weapon.

    Along the side of the heavy pistol, a white painted tree with a pair of wolves glinted in the shine of the light.

    "Timur's Lash." Lillian smiled. "A gift from Lord Saladin and the Speaker for teaching Caldwell the 'ways of the Titan Guild'. Very few are handed out."


    The Tower

    "I don't recognize that strange ship." Drake shook his head, staring at the vessel hovering over the edge of the Tower's platform.

    Just underneath the ship, a lone woman stood, minding her own business. In her hands, a green orb with some strange thing in the center of it swirled. Running her hands along it, Drake thought nothing of the woman as he approached.

    However, as Drake, Lance and Lillian drew nearer, they soon understood WHY other people appeared to be ignoring her. Just above the bridge of her nose, a bandage was snugly wrapped, three glowing orbs hidden behind it. To make matters all the worse, what appeared to be liquid darkness oozed out of the areas beneath the bandage where her eyes would be, wisping down her cheek.

    "I seek the one who faced the Son of Oryx and lived." the woman replied cryptically towards the Guardians that approached, her attention not leaving the orb in her hands.

    "That would be me." Drake stepped forward.

    "Ah, it would make sense that a Titan was the survivor." the woman nodded her head. "Well met, Drake Stratus. I am Eris Morn, I came from-"

    "The Moon." Drake clenched his fists.

    "I heard of your experiences on the Moon. As much as I'd be interested in comparing notes, it is imperative that I speak with you. You are the only Guardian alive that understands the true nature of the Swordsman."

    Drake nodded, as the woman held up the orb in her hands. Drake stared at it intently, his helmet removed solely so he could speak clearly. Reaching a hand out, the woman snatched backwards.

    "NO!" she shrieked, shrilly. "You mustn't touch!"

    "Sorry." Drake returned his hand to his side.

    "You mustn't touch, but you must SEE!" she replied, causing Lance to shift his eyes back and forth.

    Around them, a veil of darkness began to form, as the three Guardians tensed, Eris remaining completely calm.

    Floating high above the Moon, or so they thought, the Guardians watched as Eris walked along an invisible pathway. As she walked, the Guardians of Alpha Omega could make out six ships descending from the 'atmosphere', dropping the Guardians onto the Moon's surface.

    "I and five others descended into the Hellmouth, seeking revenge for you, Drake Stratus, and you, miss Evergreen." Eris spoke, without glancing beneath them, the six Guardians sprinting at the newly formed crater in the Moon's surface.

    Drake's fists clenched, as he glanced at Lillian, who stared with horror at the hole. The Hellmouth, as it's name suggested, had been the one to consume the bodies of Lillian and Jeremy on that fateful day. It had been the hole that Drake had narrowly escaped, and the hole that he had failed to save Lillian from.

    "Six of us went down... and only one returned." Eris tensed, her voice cold and unforgiving. I, like you two, have seen watch the Hive call a God."

    The scenery around them changed, showing a young warlock woman crawling past the deceased remains of her friends, a lone, charred piece of carapace in her hands. Drake recognized this as the small thing inside of the orb in her hands.

    "I crawled out of his lair, battered and beaten, but not defeated. I had been successful in banishing him from this world, forcing him into a deep slumber. But I was hunted for years, hiding deep within their own tunnels. In order to ensure my survival, I had to perform rituals that would allow me to survive, but at an astronomical cost."

    "UAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" the Guardians heard the young warlock woman scream, darkness flowing out of the holes in her head where her eyes once were.

    "But with my sacrifice, I was able to imprison Crota's soul. I was able to learn more about our enemies, and plot my revenge for my fallen comrades, and for you two."

    Stopping, there was only blackness. Drake took a step closer to Eris, hearing a strange sloshing sound beneath his boot. Glancing downward, he noticed he was standing in some inky black water. At the sound of the slosh, there was an inhuman roar in the distance. Glancing around him, he realized that Eris, Lillian, nor Lance were there anymore.

    Blue and green glows flowed from a single, giant entity in the center of the lake beneath him. There was a dragging sound, similar to that of a blade sharpening, or becoming unsheathed. Turning around, the beast stood there, a trio of green eyes staring down at him. Blue energy swirled around the beast, glistening off of it's onyx black carapace like liquid lightning.


    "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" the creature hissed at him.

    Before Drake could react, there was a sudden whiteness, and he found himself back at the Tower with the others. Shaking his head, Lillian held a hand on his shoulder, as he glared at Eris, who ignored his look.

    "The signs cannot be ignored any longer... we must stop what is coming." Eris replied. "YOU must stop the return of Crota!"

    There was a sudden gasp from members of the Tower, all turning to look at the four of them at the sound of the nightmare itself.

    Drake stared at the people for some time, before shaking his head, turning to Eris.

    "Where do we start?"



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    "I am inspired by your eagerness, Drake Stratus." Eris nodded her head. "But you must understand, this will not be easy."

    "I understand, but this is something I NEED to do." Drake replied, crossing his arms.

    "Then I will not delay you further. Before my arrival, I sensed a growing formation of Hive in the Cosmodrome."

    Drake and his fireteam's eyes widened at the phrase. Had they missed the creatures that easily? Drake glanced back to Lillian, who frowned, shaking her head, seemingly answering a silent question.

    "At the head of this formation is Omnigul, the Will of Crota. Her screams shattered the resolve of Vell Tarlowe, our lone Titan. You, Drake Stratus, should know what it means when a Titan loses their resolve."

    "I knew Vell, that would have been neigh impossible." Drake shook his head in disbelief. "So, in order to stop Crota's return, we must kill Omnigul?"

    "Yes." Eris nodded her head. "She, along with Crota's other Generals, must be destroyed. With them vanquished, then you can destroy the soul of Crota, and prevent his complete revival."

    "Complete his FULL revival?!" Lance barked. "He's still going to come back?!"

    "Nothing will stop the return of Crota. However, by destroying his soul that I have banished, you will significantly weaken him. In doing so, you can finally destroy him. Without his soul, he is a fractured God, and will not hold the full extent of his power."

    "Where in the Cosmodrome is Omnigul, do you know? Can you sense it?" Drake asked.

    "That is for you to discover, Titan. Though I believe it is above your old Skywatch. You would be wise to check there. Once she is destroyed, search for Sardon, the Fist of Crota. He will arrive in her time of need. Destroy him, and you will delay the Wakening ritual of Crota's Soul."

    The three Guardians turned to each other, before Drake summoned Arianna. In a flash, they were trans-matted to their ships, flying back to orbit. Eris stood there, a single, glistening stream of water strolling down her cheek.

    "I believe in you." she nodded. "My hero."


    Cosmodrome, Old Russia

    Typical of Russian winters, snow gently cascaded from the sky. The white, fluffy material layered the Earth. Despite all that had gone on in the Planet's history, the snow was no less serene then it had been centuries long past.

    Drake's boots crunched in the snow, while Lance and Lillian walked by his sides. Unsurprisingly, the Fallen had went into hiding following the death of Kraxsis, the Devil's Archon Priest. On top of that, the snow likely discouraged the arachnid like creatures from going anywhere.

    Holding up his Timur's Lash Hand Cannon, he was not going to let down his guard. If the Hive were as ruthless as they had been two hundred years ago, the snow would not deter them. Especially if they were attempting to invade the Earth, like they had the Moon before.

    "Drake, don't do anything crazy." Lillian piped up suddenly, causing the Veteran Titan to turn. "I'm here, you're here-"

    "But Jeremy isn't." Drake's grip on the pistol tightened. "He'll never be here, and it's all because of that sword wielding Xeno bastard."

    Lillian quieted down for a moment, as Lance growled beside him.

    "Look, Lillian just doesn't want a repeat of Kraxsis, got it?!" Lance stopped the three of them. "You let your past get the better of you, your thirst for revenge clouds your vision, and you die. What do you THINK happened to you two hundred years ago?"

    "Why do you THINK Grandpa spent nearly two hundred years of his live without Parents?!" Lance continued. "Lillian doesn't want to see you die, and neither do I! So cool your damn jets!"

    Taking his lumps, Drake sighed, relaxing. They were right, throwing his own life away would only endanger them, and it wasn't likely to bring Jeremy back either. Summoning Arianna, the small red robot nodded a silent "Yes?".

    "Any scans?"

    "Well, there is a heavy weight of Darkness near the Jovian complex." Arianna placed a waypoint on his HUD. "It's actually not that far from the Array station that a group of Guardians were recently able to get back online."

    "Thanks Arianna." Drake nodded. "That has to be the place."

    Continuing their trek through the wintery landscape, they marched in between the trio of buildings that formed the old Skywatch. On the other side of one of the buildings, Drake and Lillian paused, warranting a questioning shrug from Lance to Arianna.

    Covered with a thin layer of snow, a giant triangular pillar protruded out of the ground. The metallic drop pod gleamed an eerie dark green and black color, numerous openings lining the side.

    "Hold up, I'm sending a feed of this to Master Rahool for analysis."

    "No need." Drake said. "These were the same things the Hive used on the Moon to deliver more troops."

    "Thank you for the useful video, Arianna. Master Rahool's voice echoed in their comm. "Our records show this is called a Hive Seeder. No doubt Drake and Lillian saw numerous of them when... oh. My apologies. Remind me to reward you for this intel when you return to the Tower, Guardians. As always, give the enemy my regards."

    Arianna nodded, before disappearing in a puff of light. The three marched on, at high alert. They had no idea when the Seeder had arrived, but was likely before either of the old Vanguard Guardians had been returned.

    Entering the building in front of them, labeled the Jovian Complex, they descended into it's basement area. As they continued, the age of the building began to show, the lights above them flickering. Descending into the basement, they were unsurprised to find a hallway leading further into the facility, likely a testing lab.

    "Wow." Lance whistled. "Lookit all this Golden Age crap."

    "It isn't crap." Drake shook his head. "It's your history."

    "Yeah?" Lance said, holding up a CD case with some young man with a bowl-cut hairdo, labeled as Justin B- the rest of the name having been teared out. "There are some things of my history I wish we all could forget."

    "Truer words have never been spoken." Lillian chuckled, as Drake rolled his eyes.

    Their brief moment of laughter was interrupted, however, as a shrill, blood curdling scream echoed from the far end of the hallway. The perpetual darkness of the hallway made it hard to make out the creature that caused the shriek.

    "I know those screams... OMNIGUL! Silence her wails!" Erin's voice growled in the comm.

    "Holy shit!" Drake jumped backwards. "How the hell did you?!"

    "Not important, GO!" Eris barked.

    Drake pressed hard off of his right foot, sprinting into the darkness, the other two behind him.

    "I'm just warning you guys now, I can't reach the Traverler's influence down here..."

    "So we'll take it extra carefully." Lance said, glaring at Drake.

    Reaching the end of the hallway, they were surprised that the creature that had screamed had disappeared. Turning to their left, they heard a much more, beefier roar than before. Lillian's eyes widened, as she began to back away.

    "What the FUCK is THAT?!"



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