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    Uprising: Blaine's Origin

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    Uprising: Blaine's Origin Empty Uprising: Blaine's Origin

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 18th 2013, 11:47 am

    As many of you from the old Database know, Uprising and the entirety of my Spartan's story were deleted when Bungie.next came into effect. This will offer me a chance to change up the story a bit. It will still be the same story that you all know and love, only that many of the events that you thought happened, will be changed.

    Uprising: Blaine's Origin.

    Chapter 1: 115

    "Spartan, I've come to you for answers, and I will get the knowledge that I'm after." A shady voice said in the interrogation room.

    "I've already told you everything you need to know about me-" The Spartan replied harshly.

    "You and I both know that's a load of shit."

    "Listen boyo, that doesn't sound very professional of yeah." The Spartan snapped. "Maybe it is, and maybe it isn't."

    "Look, we're both ONI operatives. I'm here on the account of a new policy in effect, called by Director Parangosky. She wants knowledge on what Halsey did to you Spartans, and we need to know it's effects on your performance."

    The Spartan shifted, his muscles still tense, and his voice ridged.

    "You really don't want to know what I've been through. Consider what I've already told you about my life as a kindness."

    "You and I both know that ONI doesn't DO kindness. Blaine, answers, NOW!"

    "Fine. Where should I start?"

    "From the beginning, of course."

    "Very well. It was Autumn, and I was but a wee boy, livin' on the streets of New Alexandria-"


    It was a brisk, silent Autumn's day in the town of New Alexandria, on the Planet Reach. The city was silent, yet the workers bustled off to work in the cool morning hours. Red maples billowed in the wind, the trees themselves imported from Earth, their leaves highlighted by the pink and red sun cresting over Mount Menachite's oddly formed forked peak.

    It was not uncommon in the small city of New Alexandria to come across children sleeping in these maple trees. Blaine was no exception. The only difference between Blaine and these other kids was that most of them had parents. Ever since Blaine could speak, he was three at the time, he knew that he had parents out there, even though the owners of the orphanage had told him otherwise.

    After his tenth birthday, which had been about six months ago, he finally gave up on the orphanage, and one day walked out when the care takers weren't looking. Blaine was determined, even if he died, to find his parents. He wasn't surprised when the care takers didn't come looking for him, he had always played rough with the other kids, due to his abnormal size.

    After six months of searching the entirety of the city, miraculously avoiding any individuals that meant to hurt him, Blaine gave up on the search. If they were still alive, they had to be in another city. Laying there in the bed, he squirmed in his sleep, another nightmare was haunting him.

    Heavy breathing, loud explosions and the whisking of air all around him. Poking his eyes open, he saw a man of good health, with onyx black stubble, icy blue eyes, and a prominent jaw that jutting out from under his upper jaw. Determined, the child could sense the urgency in the man's eyes, as they flicked down to the child in his left arm.

    "Don't worry boyo, Daddy'll get you somewhere safe."

    Things went black suddenly, and when he next opened his eyes, he was soaring above the city, in a man's arms. He couldn't see the man entirely, his memory failing him.

    "Don't make the same mistakes yer father made boyo."


    Wrenching his eyes open, Blaine sat up and panted heavily. That nightmare had haunted him for ten years now, and he still had no idea what it had meant. Stretching, Blaine looked over towards Mount Menachite, and covered his eyes, the sun blinded him, even through his scruffy black hair.

    Before he could even know what happened, he found himself on the ground. Luckily, the fall wasn't too high up, so nothing really happened, minus some scratches and bruises. Smacking his lips, Blaine gagged in disgust, the taste of dried saliva on his lips meant that he was thirsty, and the growling in his stomach was that of hunger.

    Shrugging, Blaine hefted himself off of the ground, walking down the street to a tiny restaurant that often times served whatever leftovers they had from the batches they made to the town's orphans that came looking for food. Just before he could open the door though, it was pushed outwards, the edge of it smacked him in the face, and he found himself on his behind, rubbing the impact zone.

    Suddenly, a woman with brilliant blue eyes, and shoulder length black hair bent down to his height, placing a hand on his head, examining the welt on his forehead.

    "Oh my god, JACOB!" She growled. "Look at what you did to this poor kid!"

    "I'm sorry Doctor, I didn't see him there." the tall strong built man said from behind her, fiddling with a corn cobbed pipe.

    "Say, where is your parents?"

    "They- I dunno ma'am." Blaine replied, as her blue eyes flickered with life. For some reason, this woman's presence comforted him. Suddenly, the man tapped her on the shoulder, as he held her aside to speak.

    "Katherine, he isn't on the list, and he doesn't appear to be a likely candidate-"

    "Candidate?" Blaine asked, his hearing like a hawk. "Like an adoptee?!"

    For some reason, he was inclined to call this woman his mother, perhaps she was, he wasn't too sure.

    "That's quite the hearing you have there." The woman named Katherine walked over to him again. "How'd you like to come live with us?"

    "Sure!" Blaine replied, his child like innocence getting the better of him.

    Suddenly, the man pulled her aside again, a vein sticking out of his forehead.

    "May I remind you there is a chance this child could DIE?!" The man roared, as Blaine's heart stopped.

    Katherine looked over to Blaine, then back to Jacob. Placing a hand over her mouth, she whispered something into his ear, something his sensitive hearing couldn't pick up.

    "He's got nothing to lose. At least in the Spartan program he can be fed and actually be useful to society, not die of starvation on the street."

    "I'm sorry." Jacob replied, pecking her on the cheek. "He just seems like too good of a kid, I'd hate to send him into a war he doesn't even know about."

    "That's sweet of you Lieutenant, but we need all of the children we can get, and he's definitely got some winning traits."

    Blaine scuffled his feet along the ground, still upset by Jacob's comment about death.

    "Don't worry about him." Katherine replied. "He was talking about what would happen if we left you out here. You can still come live with us, if you want."

    Holding out her hand, he placed his hand into hers, and the bond was created.

    "I'm Katherine Halsey, and that fellow over there is Jacob Keyes."

    "My name is Blaine, Blaine-"

    "Blaine... a familiar name. Blaine one-one-five. Welcome to the Spartan program."

    With that, Halsey, Keyes, and now Blaine, walked off to the nearby landing zone, where Keyes and Halsey situated him into one of the Pelican's many chairs. Looking out of the open bay, Blaine's nightmare from the night before hit, as the man's voice echoed in his head.

    "Don't make the same mistakes yer Father made boyo."
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    Uprising: Blaine's Origin Empty Re: Uprising: Blaine's Origin

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 18th 2013, 3:14 pm

    Chapter 2: Boot

    "Look at this boys, the little baby's sleeping." A gruff man's voice echoed throughout the room. "Wake up, buttercup!"

    Blaine didn't stir, the dream of his new parents was too good to end.

    "Clearly you didn't hear me." The man replied, as Blaine heard something crack.

    Before Blaine could open his eyes, he felt something jab him in the stomach, as electricity coursed through his muscles.

    "WAKE UP BUTTERCUP!" Blaine's body shook from the electricity, as he flung himself off of his bunk bed and onto the hard linoleum.

    "Listen up Maggot, and listen good." The man growled, he was a well built soldier, kind of middle aged. "I am Chief Petty Officer Mendez. I am your superior offer, and I cordially invite you to hell."

    "What about Katherine? Or Jacob?" Blaine asked, clutching his stomach.

    "Doctor Halsey is busy, and you will only see her when she wants to see you." Mendez replied. "Lieutenant Keyes is off doing some Navy bullshit, no doubt. Now, get your ass out of this room, and outside with the others for aerobics, or I'll give you another shock."

    Blaine's eyes opened wide at the sight of the cattle prod, stood up, and ran outside of the door. In the courtyard, Blaine was dumbstruck, watching boys and girls, all of the same age as him, doing hardcore aerobics. Peering over to his left, he saw a friendly fellow with dark brown hair signaling him over. Taking the notion, Blaine walked over, as Mendez walked out the door behind him, joining up with the Marines that acted as their supervisors.

    "Hello, a nevum Jorge." The boy said to Blaine as he finally got to Blaine.

    "What's that?"

    "It's Hungarian for 'my name is'." Jorge replied with a grin.

    "Ah, well a nebum Blaine." Blaine grinned, following the same workout after watching Jorge.

    "It's neVum, but you'll learn it soon enough." Jorge replied. "So, what's your number?"

    "My number?"

    "Yeah, I assume Ms. Katherine said a number to you before she brought you here?"

    "One-one-five?" Blaine asked, curious.

    "Ah, mine was oh-five-two." Jorge smiled. "Last night we had some two new boys join us. One of them sleeps in the bunk to the top right of yours. The other one sleeps across the room from us."

    "Us?" Blaine asked.

    "Yeah, I'm the guy that sleeps in your top bunk." Jorge said, looking over to Mendez. "Uh oh, you'd better pick up the pace. Mendez is coming this way with that cattle prod."

    "So, you maggots think this is social hour huh?" Mendez gritted his teeth, pressing the baton to Blaine's chest. "I don't get paid enough to do this shit. Hell, I'm not even getting paid at all! But by god I will make you the best you can be, or I'll kill you trying!"

    Mendez removed the baton from Blaine's chest, and promptly pressed it to Jorge, who gritted his teeth. Removing it, Mendez marched to the front of the children. Placing two fingers to his mouth, Mendez whistled as loud as he could, as the kids all stopped their regimen.

    "Aerobics is now over. The trainees on my right, that's this side, in case you didn't know, will go on a hike with Corporal Mendoza. The rest of you will remain here and go through my special obstacle course."

    Corporal Mendoza nodded, Blaine watched as the other trainees were herded along after him, taking on a brisk jog. Looking around, Jorge clutched his chest, as the remaining thirty or so kids gathered around Mendez.

    "For this exercise, you will gather into teams of five each. There are six different paths to take, some harder than others, and there are six teams. If you want my advise, and one day you will crave it, I would take a different path than the others."

    "Why should we participate in this stupid shit." A boy growled from the back.

    "That's funny wise guy." Mendez growled, stabbing the prod into the boy's chest. "But Butch here does bring up a valid question. You will be racing the other teams to the bell at the top of the structure. If your team hits the bell first, second, third, fourth, and fifth, you will have dinner tonight. The last team to hit the bell will lose."

    Blaine turned to Jorge, who nodded, as the rest of the kids formed their groups. Blaine walked over to a trio of trainees, who looked around for another pair to join them. One of the trainees, a girl, smirked at the arrival of Blaine, while the other one seemed kind of distant. Butch, the boy who had been shocked, growled as he accepted their group.

    "Hi." Jorge said to them. "A nevum Jorge."

    "-and I'm Blaine." Blaine smirked.

    "I'm Ashley, the quiet girl beside me is Katie, and that's... Butch." she soured her voice when she got to Butch.

    "Bite me."

    "Gladly." Ashley growled, sinking her teeth into his arm.

    Growling with anger, Butch was prepared to strike when the group heard the familiar sound of a bell ringing. Looking over, a pale white kid with freckles on his cheeks slid down the fire pole, a gleeful look on his face.

    "That's real funny John. But you'd better hope that the rest of your team finishes the course before the others, or you go without dinner tonight."

    "But I won!" John whined.

    "Yes, YOU won. But your team is still running the course, and if your team don't finish soon, then you LOSE."

    Blaine nodded to his team, as they rushed through the obstacle course, crawled through mud, climbed over massive walls, climbed net ropes, and even helped each other climb the bell tower. All of them slapped the bell, as Mendez whistled.

    "Blaine's group has finally touched the bell. John's team will go without for tonight!"

    Blaine and the group cheered as they headed inside for the mess hall. Blaine paused for a moment and looked back, the boys and girls of John's team stared at him with a great hatred. Blaine wanted to do something about it, but knew Mendez wanted to talk to them. Shaking his head, Blaine walked in the door, as his stomach grumbled.

    Many of the Spartan trainees smacked their lips as they sat in the auditorium, having been called there by Doctor Halsey. Blaine sat next to Jorge, as they waited to hear what Halsey had to say. When she hopped onto the stage, the Spartans all snapped to a crisp salute, as they had been taught by Mendez.

    "Spartans. There is something you must know about the girls and boys that are by you today." Halsey said. "These are you Spartan brothers and sisters. They are your family, and they will help you in a time of need, just as they would expect you to do the same for them. Remember this; If a Spartan is in need of help, do whatever is necessary for them to live, because you'll never know if they will become something great in the future."

    The Spartan II trainees stood and saluted as Halsey left the stand, as Mendez walked up to the mic.

    "You maggots are Spartans. Therefore, you will come to understand that there is many things that will be thrown your way in the not to distant future. I want you to know that all of these things are nice, like being the best I could feasibly make you, this is a gift, but not as important as what I'm about to tell you next." Mendez's scratchy voice echoed through the room, the Spartans all nervous.

    "As Spartans, you will do as necessary, even if that means disobeying orders. As a Spartan, you will complete your objective, even at the cost of your own life. An important thing to remember: Spartans don't get baggage, his own weight. There just ain't no room. Because he/she already carries the weight of humanity on their shoulders."

    Blaine and Jorge looked at each other, nodding at the words spoken by their Superior Officer. Holding out his hand, Blaine and Jorge's hands met, and they were friends for life from that point on. They knew that if things went south, they would be there for each other, no matter what.

    "Now get some rest. We'll be waking up much earlier tomorrow morning."


    Blaine sat in his bunk, waiting for Mendez to turn off the light in the barracks. Once the door was shut and the light turned off, Blaine pulled a food tray out from under his bed. Luckily for John's team, it was mashed potatoes, gravy, and some sort of meat for dinner. Walking over, Blaine saw John clutching his stomach, the boy's stomach growled at the smell of food, and he glared at Blaine in the dark.

    "What are you doing with that?" John growled with disgust. "Winners deserved that dinner, and I didn't win today."

    "Winning ain't nothing unless you share it with someone." Blaine replied. "You won't survive this training without something to eat. So take it, please."

    John held himself strong, as Sam vaulted off of the top bunk. Grasping the tray, he woke the others of John's team, doling out the food equally.

    "How did you get all of this?" one of the girls, Kelly, if Blaine remembered right, asked.

    "I went without tonight." Blaine said, as his stomach growled. "Good night."

    "Wait." Sam said, placing his portion back on the tray, walking over to Blaine, Sam held out his hand. "Thank you-"

    "Blaine." Blaine smiled as he took the hand. "And don't mention it.

    "Would you like John's portion at least?" Linda growled, glaring at John.

    "No, you guys eat. I'm used to this. I was an orphan before I was brought here."

    That silenced the other trainees, as they watched him walk away. John, who up until that point refused to eat, watched Blaine walk away with curiosity. Feeling some amount of regret for his actions, John lifted his portion of the meat, dunked it in the gravy, and munched away on it, savoring the flavors.

    Blaine laid himself on his bunk, as Jorge's head popped from over the edge of his bed.

    "That was a noble thing Blaine. You are a saint." Jorge grinned.

    "I know what it's like to be hungry, but at least I'm used to it." Blaine smiled. "I figured it was right."

    "Still, I was an orphan before the Spartan program too. Parents were rebels, kept trying to force me to fight for something I didn't think was right. So I ran away, Katherine and Jacob later found me. You did a good thing today, something I'm not sure many of us would be able to endure."

    "It was nothing." Blaine waved it off modestly.

    "So- what do you think they have planned for us?"

    "I dunno." Blaine paused, thinking of his parents. "But I think it'll be greater than we can even imagine."

    "I hope so. I hope this whole thing doesn't become a waste of time."

    Blaine tried to stay awake to talk to Jorge, but his eyes drifted shut, and he began to dream of his parents once more.


    "God damn it Scotch!" A man's voice growled above the unmistakable noise of a Pelican drop-ship's thrusters. "We're not leaving you here!"

    "I know Iceman, but I have to protect me son!"

    "It's not worth it Scotch!"

    "Settle down Tongue, let him do his thing."

    "Shut the hell up Brains!"

    "All of you need to calm the hell down and get the fuck in this Pelican!"

    "Aye Dick."

    "Don't be a kiss ass Demo!"

    "Screw this, SCOTCH, get aboard!"

    "Iceman, what are you-"

    "What the hell is he doin'?!"

    "Get them outta here Charlie! Morgan, get that son of yours somewhere safe!"

    "Yes sir, Fred."

    "Don't make the same mistake yer Father made boyo."


    Blaine's eyes ripped open, curling forward in his cot. Looking around sleepily, he saw his fellow trainee's sleeping soundly, the workout for the day having put them all into a state of exhaustion. On the top bunk across from him slept Fred, who tossed and turned, something clearly bothering him.

    Looking over to his left and across the hall at John. Blaine could tell he was still awake, the tray Blaine had supplied John's team with food on the floor.

    "Having a hard time sleeping too?" Jorge asked from above him, to his right.

    "Yeah." Blaine sighed. "What Mendez said today really called to me, you know, and I was dreaming about my parents."

    "It's OK, you and I both have each other's backs, no matter what happens, remember?"

    "That's what I fear the most." Blaine's voice was filled with dead seriousness. "If I slack for whatever reason, that will cost you your life."

    "I'll just pick up the slack, just don't expect it all the time." Jorge replied with a chuckle.

    "Can you two boys be quiet over there please?!" A girl whispered from underneath Fred's bunk.

    She had brunette hair, barely shoulder length, and determined hazel eyes that pierced Blaine's heart. Whoever she was, he wanted to get to know her. Sheepishly, Blaine shrugged.

    "It was my fault Katie, don't blame Blaine for it." Jorge replied.

    "Sorry about that." Blaine replied quietly, as Katie giggled, placing her head back on the pillow.

    Rolling back into his sleeping position, Blaine rested his head to his pillow. Thoughts filled his head, what was in store for him? Would he be able to be there for Jorge when Jorge needed him most? Who were his Parents? Would he meet them at some point in his travels as a Spartan?

    Closing his eyes, Blaine meditated himself to release his grasp on consciousness, allowing himself to ebb further into dream land.


    "That's great an all, Spartan." The Operative hissed. "But I want answers FOLLOWING your augmentation."

    "Listen asshole, you wanted the story, and you're getting the full thing. Now shut the fuck up, and listen to what I have t' say."


    "You maggots are going to take part in a team building exercise!" Mendez' graveled voice practically growled at the kids.

    Blaine, Jorge, Fred, and Kurt stood beside Mendez, as Katie's squad walked over. In the squad was Katherine-119, Ashley-139, Rochelle-158, and Butch-114. Blaine nodded to the four of them, Jorge gave a friendly wave, Kurt and Fred staring at Mendez.

    "For this exercise, you must work together as a team to escape this room. There is a hint of challenge though, one that you will find out on your own if you don't get hustling. Remember to work as one, or die as one."

    With that, Mendez turned on his heels and walked out the door, the thick metal door slamming behind him. Butch stood in front of the girls in his squad, holding his arms out.

    "You jerks do your own thing, and my team will do ours!" Butch stated.

    "I don't think that's a good idea." Blaine replied. "We have no idea what Mendez has in store. If we work together, we could probably climb out that window!"

    Pointing to the opening in the wall high above them, there would be enough room for one of their smaller members to squeeze through the iron bars.

    Suddenly, a buzzer went off and the door opened, the trainees turned to face the man walking in. Bringing the metal chair to the middle of the room, the man hefted Ashley and placed her in the chair. Whipping out his cattle prod, he stuck it into her abdomen, Blaine watched with horror as the electricity coursed through her.

    Ashley's screams of pain from the torture froze all of the others in their tracks, after a few seconds, after having felt like an eternity, the man removed the prod and walked out the door, closing it behind him. Ashley sat there, shaking from the shock.

    Butch walked forward, curious to see her condition. With a flash, her fist struck out and clocked him square in the bridge of his nose. Blood squirted out as Butch threw his head back. With the help of Jorge and Katie, Ashley stood, with difficulty.

    Helping her walk over to Blaine, Ashley nodded in agreement to his plan. As Butch's face grew red with anger. Blaine smirked and pointed to the chair she had just recently sat on.

    The group huddled around the chair, except Butch, as Jorge and Blaine lifted it over to the window, Fred and Kurt kept watch. Putting the chair right up against the wall, Jorge, Kurt, Fred, Rochelle and Ashley scaled it. Blaine was next in line, as Butch pushed him out of the way.

    "You are NOT beating me at this one, you little shit!" Butch growled, the sound of his voice causing the buzzer to go off. Cringing with fear, the trainees hurried in their climb as the door opened, the Marine entering again.

    Grasping the chair, the Marine pulled it out from under them, causing the others to tumble to the floor. Slamming the metal chair on the floor, the trainees all retreated away from him, Butch pushing Katie forward to protect himself.

    Lifting the squirming girl, the Marine walked her over to the chair, as Blaine sighed heavily. Pitching his shoulder forward, Blaine ran into the back of the man's leg. Surprised, the Marine dropped Katie to the floor, as she scrambled back into the other's groups.

    "Me next." Blaine replied shakily. "Or are you too sexist to do something abou-."

    Grinning from ear to ear, the Marine lifted Blaine and slammed him into the chair, the hard metal hurting his ass on impact. Turning up the voltage on the prod, the Marine let it spark in Blaine's face to cause the Spartan trainee to cringe. Blaine involuntarily obliged, his muscles tensing at the sight, the electrical prod sparking in flashes of blue and white light.

    Shoving the baton into his chest, Blaine gritted his teeth as the electricity coursed through every inch of his body, shaking with the intensity of the voltage. The feeling reminded Blaine of one hundred thousand hot needles being pressed directly into his muscles, the metal chair beneath him not helping any. The torture has slowly drained him of his consciousness, and he found himself getting drowsy.

    "THAT'S ENOUGH!" A woman's voice yelled from the doorway.

    Blaine couldn't look to see who it was, the Marine not stopping under any circumstances. The woman yelled for help, as Blaine's vision went dark.

    "STOP IT!" The trainees cried, Blaine shaking uncontrollably, the Marine refusing to stop.

    "MENDEZ!" The woman yelled. "Lowell has gone insane!"

    For what seemed like eternity to Blaine, everything was quiet, the electrodes coursing through him causing his mind to wander frequently. Everything grew slowly, as the fire in the man's eyes burned down towards Blaine. Jorge, taking up on his promise to Blaine, charged forward, the other Trainees *minus Butch* close behind.

    Jorge and Fred's girth was enough to make the Marine stumble for a brief second, the girls table topping him from behind. Blaine sat there, stunned for a moment as the woman rushed into the room. Suddenly, Mendez's hand shot out and stopped her in her tracks.

    "Ma'am. You asked me to toughen these kids up and get them to work together to escape the room. You won't always be there for them."

    Halsey huffed, watching Blaine slowly stand on the chair. With likewise fire in his eyes, Blaine stared at the Marine who thrashed on the floor, the trainees unmercilessly beating on him. Jumping from the chair onto the man's chest, Blaine grasped the neck of his shirt, holding out his hand for the baton.

    Jorge obliged and wrenched it from the Marine's hand, Blaine ignited the pain stick, the sparks flashing in the man's horrified face. Swinging with all his might, Blaine broke the baton in half across the man's face, the burn from the electricity a permanent reminder that there IS strength in numbers.

    Knocking the man out with the blow, Blaine threw the useless tool to the side, standing with gleaming pride, the others *minus Butch* cheering in victory. Halsey watched the young Spartans celebrate, amazed at Blaine's determination to save his team-mates.

    Nodding, Halsey walked off, Mendez stepping out of the way. The Trainees were hesitant, was this another trick? Jorge and Fred grabbed Butch by the arms and, with difficulty, dragged him towards the door.

    "Your so eager to volunteer one of your squad to be tortured-" Jorge growled. "You have been elected to take the fall this time."

    Fred put his foot to Butch's back and pushed him out the door with it, Butch stumbled forward, slamming his head against the wall.

    "You did it Blaine!" Ashley, Rochelle, and Katie exclaimed.

    "Pfft. Beginner's luck." Kurt whispered to Fred, who laughed.

    Jorge held up a hand, Blaine slapping his friend five in congratulations. Mendez walked in, stiff and firm as usual. The trainees instantly stood at attention, saluting their tutor.

    "That is EXACTLY what I wanted to see from this exercise soldiers." Mendez stated boldly. "You must work as a team, and fight to save the life of another if possible. You guys took the improbable and made it possible. A much more satisfactory result than the other squads. Everyone else climbed out the window. Now dismiss to class."

    Blaine grinned from ear to ear, walking by his group of trainees. Butch stood as they walked by, collecting himself. Standing between Katie and Rochelle, Blaine shook his head in disappointment towards Butch. Fuming with anger, Butch charged Blaine into the wall, grasping Blaine by the throat.

    "Let me get something straight here, you little spit FUCK!" Butch growled. "Katie is MY girl, and if you come near her again, I WILL kill you!"

    Blaine just stared into Butch's eyes, Jorge ripping Butch off. Blaine grasped his throat, that boy was STRONG, perhaps bigger than Blaine himself, and he was a tall ten year old. At the height of 4'11'', making him a giant compared to the others.

    "You alright barát?" Jorge asked.

    "I dunno what he's so angry about." Blaine coughed, walking alongside Jorge.

    "He's the Leader of your squad, Blaine." Halsey quipped behind them, as the two stood to attention. "I'm not military boys, you don't have to be so formal."

    "Mendez told us to salute all personnel that actually MEAN something to the UNSC, like yourself mom." Blaine replied. "Why would BUTCH be the leader anyways?! You saw what he did to save himself!"

    "I'm not the one in command of that, Spartan." Halsey replied. "Mendez is stubborn about his choices anyways. I'd just go along with what he says."

    " Attention all trainees. Report to the air dock ASAP, I repeat air dock ASAP!" Castle Base's PA system clicked off, the Announcer's voice gone as soon as it had been there.

    "We should probably get there first then." Jorge replied. "Maybe that'll change the CPO's mind."

    Blaine nodded, and shoved Jorge to the side as he bolted down the hallway, Jorge not too far behind him. Standing before the Air Dock's doorway, the duo waited for it to slide open, allowing them through with a hiss. Mendez stood before them, standing next to one of the Base's many Pelican units.

    The door opened once more, as all of the Spartan recruits from earlier entered behind them, lead by two baton wielding Marines. Blaine stared at the objects with a mixture of a fear and anger. Electricity, as of now, was both a fear and source of anger for him. The trainees snapped into a crisp salute, Blaine and Jorge facing Mendez with their salute.

    "At ease Spartans." Mendez stated, returning the salute. "Your next assignment will build upon your team building exercises. 115 and his squad will be joining 114 and 117's squads for the exercise. The rest will run this tomorrow. Dismiss!"

    John, Butch, Rochelle, Sam, Kelly, Fred, Kurt, Jorge, Ashley, James, Fjahad, Linda and Kelley joined Blaine and Jorge beside Mendez, the others muttered under their breaths as they walked out of the room and back into class with Deja. Mendez hopped into the Pelican, indicating they should do the same.

    The group of trainees clambered into the troop hatch of the Pelican, each taking their own seat. Blaine sat down next to Katie and Ashley, but was shoved aside by Butch. Taking Blaine's planned seat, Butch fastened himself in and stared daggers at Blaine.

    Sighing, Blaine sat in between Kurt and Jorge on the opposite side, staring at Butch in an equal manner. The others were soon in and fastened, as Mendez stood towards the back holding onto a handle on the ceiling, tapping the side of the aircraft. The engines roared to life, and were deafening to the recruits, as it lifted into the air and off into the nearby forest.

    "Nice place for a snowball fight." Sam mused, looking at the gentle white fluff covering the forest's canopy and floor.

    "I bet you'd lose against me!" Kelly gloated, leaning over to John. "I'm a dead aim with these things."

    "Dead is right." John muttered. "Especially when their loaded with rocks and pebbles."

    Walking over to Kelly, Mendez handed her a pile of papers.

    "Pass these out recruit." Mendez grunted. "Listen up, and listen good trainees. These are portions to a map of the region. One of these papers has an extraction point marked on it. You will all be dropped separately, and it is up to you and the boys and girls beside you to get to that evac point."

    The kids all looked around, curious of when Mendez would add the extra challenge.

    "There is a catch, as you are probably well aware." Mendez continued off of their reactions. "Last trainee to the evac point will be left behind to FEND FOR THEMSELVES . As you can tell, if you are the last one there, then you are obviously not a teammate of the others, and you will have to walk back to base. And let me assure you, the walk back is LONG, and without a map, you WILL get lost. That is, if the cold doesn't get to you first."

    The trainees remained silent, examining their pieces. Blaine's heart stopped. His piece of the map had the geographical location of Castle Base on his piece. But there was no dot, what if Butch or John had gotten it? Would they share with the others, or put them all at risk?

    Blaine shook his head, John was different now, after the way Blaine's team had helped him out.

    " Blaine. Butch got it. " Blaine heard Jorge say as he was nudged on the shoulder, Blaine looked over to Butch, who grinned with evil intent.

    "Recruit 115, front and center!" Mendez barked, as Blaine unfastened himself from the seat. Standing before the CPO, in the corner of his eyes he saw Sam point to the nearby lake and river. Mentally nodding, Blaine took a deep breath as the hatch opened, the cold winter's air slamming him square in the chest.

    Hopping out, Blaine examined his piece of map, and looked around. If he knew Mendez, there were some kinds of hazards around, concussion mines, paintball snipers, tripwires containing rubber ball Bouncing Betty's, or even more of those Marine's with batons.

    Following Sam's direction, Blaine crept quietly through the snow, watching his footing for any traps that might be hidden. Reaching the lake side, Blaine saw John and Sam standing beside each other, making calls of birds. Whistling through the small gap in his front teeth, Blaine mimicked the sound of a blue jay with his short, sweet, bird whistle.

    Turning John and Sam's attention, they walked over to his bush that he hid behind.

    "Oly oly oxen free, right?" Blaine grinned as they found him.

    "Yeah." Sam chuckled.

    "We watched the Pelican drop off Jorge not too far from here. Let's go find them." John replied.

    "Lead on John." Blaine replied.

    With that, the three quietly made their way around the Lake side, making bird noises to attract the attention of the other recruits. When everyone, even Butch, were together, John spoke up.

    "Alright, let's get these map pieces together." John barked. Blaine and the others all handed their pieces, minus Butch, who had slowly crept away from the group.

    Katie's face grew red when she realized the pieces they formed in the snow STILL lacked the dot. Looking up, she realized that Butch had not given them the piece. Pointing over to the fleeing recruit. Blaine charged after the trainee, and could barely hear John behind him.

    "While Blaine goes and gets Butch's map piece, I want Sam, Jorge, Fred, and James to scout the perimeter, use sticks, stones, snowballs, whatever to defend yourselves. Everyone one else is responsible for gathering food from berry bushes and making weapons for themselves. Got it?" The other trainees silently acknowledged the plan, but Blaine never saw that, he was already too far away.

    "You aren't getting away this time Butch." Blaine growled under his breath.

    Blaine trudged through the snow, the bitter wind blowing through the trees made it hard for him to hear and see. Chilling him to the bone, Blaine sneaked after the slowly fading tracks of Butch. If he was going to be a successful Spartan, he'd need to learn how to track a target.

    " You think you're the best thing that ever happened to the Spartan Program pipsqueak?! " Butch's voice echoed through the howling winds. " Well you're not! "

    Stepping out from behind a tree, Blaine walked up to Butch. Curling his hands into fists, Blaine swung a hard right hook right into Butch's cheek. Blaine's bony knuckle scratched Butch's cheek, as he snapped his head back into position, unfazed.

    "Big mistake." Clutching Blaine by the scruff of his shirt, Butch punched up into Blaine's gut, twisting on the way up. Following up, Butch brought his right arm up into an uppercut, launching Blaine backwards.

    Landing on a rock, Blaine winced in pain, his face was growing numb from the brutal attacks. Standing with determination, he WAS going to get that map piece from Butch. When he stood, Butch was gone though. Following the tracks in the snow, he located Butch behind the tree to his right.

    Nodding, Blaine jumped behind the rock, wincing at the pain in his stomach. What he wasn't expecting was Butch directly behind the rock. Diving to the right, Blaine grasped a snowy rock in his right hand and pitched it towards Butch's face, but faked and shot towards the groin.

    The rock hit dead on, Butch grasped the impact zone, falling to his knees. Blaine quickly stood, charging forward, jumping as he brought his right knee up and into Butch's nose. Grousing in pain, Butch grabbed Blaine by the ankle. Normally, the sight of a big kid picking up another kid would be natural, but when a big kid picks up ANOTHER big kid by the ankle, something is right.

    Blaine struggled in Butch's grasp, Butch carrying his victim to steep edge of the mountain. The fall wouldn't be fatal, but Blaine would NOT survive on the mountain if he fell down it, let alone be THROWN down. Struggling more, Butch grinned with malicious victory.

    Suddenly, his footing slipped, and he dropped Blaine, as Butch slid down a good five feet. Screaming in pain, Blaine watched Butch's foot get wedged in the stone. On the ground beside Blaine lied a piece of paper, the map piece. Gingerly lifted the piece of paper, Blaine spat down the edge and walked away, Butch hollering.

    "BLAINE?! BLAINE GET BACK HERE!!!" Butch screamed. "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"

    "Yet you'd be eager to risk his life by throwing him down the hill?!" Jorge asked, as he, Fred, Kurt, and Sam lowered a tree branch for Butch to grasp onto.

    Blaine however, didn't care what happened next, as he handed the map piece to John. John smiled, but then frowned at Blaine's face.

    "We're getting you on that Pelican ASAP." John said, placing a hand on Blaine's shoulder.

    "Did you kick his good for nothing ass?" Ashley asked expectantly.

    "He gave me one helluva fight." Blaine remarked. "But if he hadn't slipped up towards the end, I'd be severely hurt."

    "Alright guys, it's this way!" John said. "Go carefully, there can still be mines or other booby traps along the way."

    Blaine walked, Ashley beside him to help him balance, Katie, Linda, and Kelly whispering about Butch, that much he knew. Speaking of him, Blaine turned to see Butch, unfazed from his last duel, walk steadily alongside the group, guarded by Jorge, Sam, Fred, and Kurt.

    Ahead, the Pelican came into view, a group of Marines or Insurrectionists guarding it. The trainees weren't sure, but they readied their weapons, as Butch made a full out charge to it's position. One of the Marines turned to the oncoming Spartan, firing his Tazer point blank at the Spartan, who convulsed on the ground.

    The other trainees hid behind a batch of trees near the opening, hoping none of them got noticed by the Marines. Mendez stepped out, holding a megaphone.

    "You'll have to do better than that Recruits!" Mendez smirked, he knew they were hiding behind the trees. "You want a ride, you gotta take it from my men!"

    With that, the Pelican started up, lifting off and out of site. Blaine wanted to break cover and strangle Butch for his stupidity, but there was nothing they could do now. They'd have to remain there and avoid any Marine scouting parties until the Pelican returned. Knowing Mendez, something was going to be on that Pelican when it returned.


    What seemed like an eternity later the Pelican finally arrived. Opening it's hatch, two Marines hopped out, the other two walked out into the forest, in their hands were MA25 Assault Rifles, but these ones were different, they had carbon dioxide canisters attached to them, they were paintball guns, or rubber bullets.

    Either one would 'kill' Blaine, and in his condition, he was in NO mood to be shot up. Not even three feet from him, he could see the bulge in the snow where a mine was placed. Sighing to himself, Blaine whistled, much to the surprise of the other trainees. Peeking out from behind his tree, Blaine tossed his snowball at the lead Marine, hitting him square in the chest with the ice ball.

    The soldier stepped backwards, his colleagues and him charging in Blaine's direction, Blaine charged in the direction of the mine, his foot barely missing it by an inch. Continuing his run, the Marines followed behind him, starting to fire their weapons to hit him. One loose paintball struck him square in the back, causing him to lurch forward, a loose root causing him to trip.

    Behind him, he heard the mechanism of the Mine activate, as the four Marines tried to move. The bouncing betty, loaded with rubber balls, launched mid chest of the lead Marine, detonating. The Marines fell to the ground, their proximity to the mine enough to knock them out, thankfully not kill them.

    Blaine stood, as the Pelican's engines roared, all the Spartans loaded up, Butch no-where to be seen. Walking towards it, the machine turned to face him, Butch was behind the wheel, Sam, John, and Jorge fighting for the stick. John delivered a devastating jab to Butch's nose, as the others dragged him out, throwing him to the ground.

    Blaine stepped up onto Butch, being helped up into the floating Pelican. Butch groaned, he was really hurt, and if they didn't act, he'd be DEAD. Blaine growled, as he reached down, the other Spartans grasping his legs to hold him in. Grabbing Butch by the shirt, the other Spartan's synchronized pulls allowed for Blaine to pull Butch in.

    The engines to the Pelican flared up as it lifted into the air and back towards Castle Base. John eased it in, as Jorge and Sam restrained Butch. Dragging him out of the Pelican, Blaine stepped out, clutched his stomach, and collapsed.
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    Chapter 3: S.C.O.R.E

    Six years later

    Blaine woke up with a jolt of pain coursing through his body, he ached all over. His muscles screamed at him with each movement he made; his breathing was rushed, making his chest resist the urge to move. His entire being was covered with a never-ending torture of pain. His eyes hurt, he wouldn't try to open them, and his brain pulsed with agony as he thought about what had happened.

    That was when he remembered Halsey, or Mom as he liked to call her, had placed him on this bed. She had said that it was time for him to face his destiny. 'He would become a Spartan' she had said, saying that he will become the best "they" could make him. He never could quite understand that, his brain was now attempting to calculate all the possible reasons this would have happened.

    Jorge, his Hungarian friend, suddenly came into his mind.

    'Where is the big guy?' Blaine thought to himself. His eyes painfully scanned the room, as he saw John and his mini squad from training. Continuing his visual search, he noticed that he could see things much clearer and farther than before. In the bed across from him was Kurt, and beside him was Fred, but no sign of Jorge! Blaine lifted his head quickly as he searched around for the big guy. He regretted the decision after his spine felt like it was lit on fire.

    "Keres engem, barátom?" said a voice from beside him, "It would be best if you lie down, for the sake of not dropping out." Said Jorge worriedly. Blaine wondered what his friend meant, as he watched two uniformed officers strain to lift a still Spartan out of the room.

    "What the fuck is going on here!!!!!!" Yelled Blaine as he watched them leave.

    "Failed Experiment, looks like you guys aren't invincible after all." Said a man as they left.

    "Ilyen douchebag-" said Jorge as he bowed his head. "Mom said that few of us would survive, and it held true, along with a great deal of paraplegics and fully disabled men and women who can't ever fight a battle. Truly a sad sight I might say, they are our brothers and sisters."

    "Woah wait, so will we die too?!" Blaine panicked, his vocal chords screamed in protest.

    "No- now shut up, don't upset the others who are fortunate enough to sleep through this." Said Kurt from the other side of the room.

    Blaine hoped for the others in the room's sake they made it out alright.

    "Yes, let's sleep now Blaine, I'm very tired, and in extreme pain." Jorge said as he rolled over.

    Blaine took the time to notice how huge everyone in the room was, all of the sixteen year old females and males in the room had the bodies of twenty year old Olympic track stars, minus Sam, Jorge, and Himself, who resembled heavy weight wrestlers with their bulky bodies. Even John faintly reminded Blaine of a wrestler, just not as noticeable as the others.

    Blaine's eyes cranked open, but painfully so. It had been the second day of bed rest after the trainee's augmentations, the second day that Blaine watched Spartan after Spartan be carted out in either a body bag of a wheelchair. Michelle had not endured the augments, and she was one of the first noted Spartan casualties.

    Friends from training, dying or becoming handicapped of some sort. It made the survivors sickened with grief. Continuing his gaze across the room, he saw Butch, who stared at him with the same murderous gaze they had exchanged years before. Butch had made it apparently clear that he was the Leader of the Squad, having placed Katie as the second in command, especially against her will.

    Anyone that was considered friendly towards Blaine were put on watch, scouting parties, or other tasks that were saved for the Leader's most despised. Blaine didn't care, he knew that Butch would be seen unfit eventually.

    Mendez walked into the room, the Spartans all stood, all their cots having been moved to the floor. Snapping into a crisp salute, John's voice barked over them.

    "AH TEN HUT!"

    Mendez brought his hand up, then whisked it down as he held out a file. Beckoning John's and Butch's squads over, he handed the file to John, who opened it.

    "Briefing room, tomorrow. Spartans, I expect one hundred percent out of all of you. Dismiss." With that, the CPO walked out of the room, while John continued to read the mission statement.


    The trainees walked in, Jorge and Sam separated Blaine and Butch. Saluting Mendez, he motioned them to sit, as Deja appeared on the projector in the middle of the table.

    Presenting a graphical map of Harmony, Deja began to highlight certain points along the grid. One marker was colored Blue, One Green, and One Red.

    "Today is the day your training is put to the test recruits." Mendez said, lighting a stogie in his mouth. "117, you are Blue 1, 114, you are Green 1, 104, you are Red 1. As Deja has pointed out on the map before you, your individual squads will have to take out simultaneous radar jammers put in place by the Insurrectionists. From there, you will assault the Insurgents stealthily, as we've practiced in the past."

    "I'm fairly certain that the decisions are final, but choose your squad-mates. 117, you choose first."

    After a few minutes of deciding, the groups were split. Red consisted of; Fred, Kurt, Jorge, and James. For Blue team; John, Linda, Kelly, Sam. For Green team; Butch, Rochelle, Blaine *against Butch's wishes*, Katie, and Ashley.

    Mendez nodded, as the groups formed together at the armory. This had been an exciting and nerve wrecking experience. It was their first taste of combat that wasn't rubber bullets. They had actual ODST armor, standard issue UNSC weapons, and real enemies to fight.

    Lifting a M6D scoped pistol from the wall, Blaine holstered it to his side. Pulling off an MA37, Blaine clacked a new clip into the rifle, the rush of anxiety washed over him, and for a moment, he was ready to kick some ass.


    Three Pelicans descended on the Space Station Melody, which hovered high above Harmony. Blaine wore the jet black armor of an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, his Assault Rifle at the ready. Butch hopped out, followed by Katie, Ashley, Rochelle, and Blaine.

    Blaine took a knee, surveying the area as Butch walked forward, nonchalant. Muttering under his breath, Blaine fell in behind Ashley and Rochelle.

    "Do me a favor Blaine and not check out my ass, mmk." Rochelle chuckled from in front of him.

    Blaine shook his head and chortled at the joke, snapping back into his phase of seriousness. This was their first mission, all that joking and stuff was no longer an option.

    " Blue 1 hailing Green 1 and Red 1. " John's voice went through the group's comm. Butch's and Fred's lights went off, indicating that all three had a successful landing. " Objective in sight, stay frosty Spartans."

    All three teams had successfully deployed and sabotaged the jammers, allowing the people aboard the Melody radio in help against the rebels, if the Spartans were unable to do their mission.

    Butch had surprisingly taken Rochelle along to go on ahead while Blaine, Ashley, and Katie stood watch. Suddenly, Fred's voice crackled in throughout the comm.

    " G-Green te-am respo- I- jam- no- neu-?!" Fred's voice was of panic, gunfire was in the background, among the static. "Pin- -wn need sup- AS-P!"

    Blaine, Katie, and Ashley ran back to the jammer. Sure enough, Butch had planted it, but never fully pressed the buttons.

    " Are you stupid?! You're gonna get John and Fred's squads... oh my god. Oh my god! Put that gun down- AUGHHHH!" Blaine's heart stopped when the gunfire rang out in the comm.

    Charging around the corner of the space station, Blaine saw Rochelle laying in a crumpled pile on the floor, Butch's assault rifle barrel smoking.

    Butch noticed Blaine and raised his rifle, as Blaine did the same. Both rivals stared at each other, fingers on the trigger.

    "Put that gun down Butch." Blaine barked. "You DON'T want to do this. Mendez'll-"

    "Mendez can suck my dick!" Butch growled. "Him and Halsey took me from my parents, from the rich, successful life I was going to live. And YOU! You took the one thing that made me happy and stole it right out from under me! She was my childhood friend Blaine, we grew up together, and we were both inducted together. But you HAD to one up me. Well all I have left in this world are my parents, and I WILL see to it that I find them."

    "Don't do this Butch. You won't be able to run."

    "Mr. Goody two shoes gonna shoot me?! You would've left me for dead on that mountainside, and now you're gonna shoot me. What will Katie think of you?"

    Blaine paused for a moment, just enough for Butch to fire his gun, Blaine dodging for cover. Flipping Blaine the bird, Butch ran off, escaping in a civilian Pelican.

    "For the record, Blaine." Butch said in a private comm. "When we meet in the future, and I promise you we will, you'd best be prepared, 'cause I'm gonna send you to your family's grave, you adopted ASSHOLE!"


    "So some of the Spartan II's snapped from the pressure, as was apparent in Butch-114?" The Operative asked.

    "Get your facts straight. Most of why the Spartans became sociopaths wasn't because of the training, it was because of people like Butch, and the loses they saw on the missions following that."

    "Tell me about Project: Mjolnir."

    "Boy you are really pushy." Blaine growled.

    "I'm ONI, I want to get right to the point."

    Many months later

    "I don't care how long it takes, just make sure it gets done damn it!!!" Said Dr. Halsey to a nearby Marine, "Lets put it this way, if these Spartan's don't get their armor, you face the EXTINCTION of Humanity, do you want to live with that!!!!"

    "But Ma'am, if Humanity is extinct, who will know it was me who caused it in the first place?" Replied the Marine curtly.

    "I know you'll die before me, and don't get me started smart-ass!" She exclaimed. "I need this pelican ready to get us Planet-side- now move it.

    "Aye-aye! All aboard- freaks!" Yelled the helmeted pilot.

    The Spartans felt weird wearing the civilian clothes, they were just too big for the stuff. Blaine and his squad, along with John and his all boarded this pelican. The other Spartans loaded into the other pelicans.

    "Permission to speak freely Ma'am" Asked John..

    "Granted John."

    "Where are we heading?" He asked curiously.

    "The name of the Planet is not important, what is- is that you do what you're told down there." She replied.

    "This is Commander Keyes of the UNSC Iroquois, We're taking heavy fire from an unknown source- you must take off now! We'll hold them off."

    The Pelican's engines roared to life as they took off, leaving the docking bay far out of sight. The mysterious assaulter was a purple ship, that resembled that of a pink flatworm. It was firing plasma torpedoes and lancers at the UNSC frigate.

    "That is why you're going downside, you Spartans were trained to fight Insurrection... however, that ship is a bigger threat than the Insurrectionists can ever be. They call themselves the "Covenant" and appear to be a conglomerate of hostile aliens that wish to eradicate Humanity for the sake of Religious work. They won't stop until they have killed us all, but you Spartan's aren't gonna let them do that- are you Spartans."

    "NO MA'AM!" Yelled the Spartans.


    "-And so my Spartans, this is a demonstration of why the MJOLNIR power armor is not to be used lightly." said Halsey as she turned on a video.

    The video was of a man being fitted into an olive green suit, in the places where there was no armor plating, there was only black space suit underneath. The Marine laughed at the way the armor adapted around him. A man off screen gave the Marine a command,

    "Now Sergeant, I want you to punch your right arm forward to test the speed of the armor." The Sergeant nodded, as the Spartans watched in awe as the man's arm jolted forward at lightning speeds. The man's face turned pale as they heard his arm pop out of socket, and all of his bones break in the process. Some of them grimaced as the man brought his left arm over to nurse the pain, but ended up doing the same to his left arm.

    The man on camera cried out as his bones broke with each movement he made, he fell back in shock, his legs making a sickening crunching noise as the broke. But before the workers could remove the suit from the agonized man, his eyes rolled into his head and he died on the spot. The Spartan's in the room all bowed their heads at the man.

    "Ma'am, will that happen to us?!" Asked Blaine.

    "No, Blaine. That is what those augmentations did to you earlier this year."

    "When do we get to try 'em" Asked John.

    "How does right now sound John? And how about you first?" She asked.

    John moved forward bravely as the men fitted him with the suit.

    "How does it feel?" Asked Sam.

    "Really stellar!" Stated John enthusiastically.

    "Me next!" Yelled Sam.

    The Spartans were all fitted with armor, as they were sent out on to a training course with heavily armored Marines and rubber bullets. Their suits tested their capabilities in Agility, Strength, and Mental fitness, before increasing these abilities one hundred fold.

    "I'm gonna like this." Stated Blaine to Jorge. Jorge ran by, ripping a heavy machine gun off of a Warthog scout vehicle, carrying it like it was nothing.

    "This is pretty neat Mom." Said Blaine to Dr. Halsey privately.

    "Glad you like it, you'll be using it as you work for ONI." Blaine's heart sunk.

    "I thought we already do?" Blaine asked.

    "No, you work for Section III of ONI currently, you now work for ONI Section Zero, the part the others can't know about. You'll be an example to the rest of the Office of what this Project is capable of."

    "So you're making me a Lone Wolf?"

    "No, but Mendez will explain it after the other Spartans are done training here, we'll re-board the Iroquois, and destroy the Covenant ship. Then we give you a lift to Earth, where you will become ONI's greatest mercenary."

    "What about my friends Mom?"

    "We've got plans for them."

    Dr. Halsey patted him on the back as he slunk back down to the training grounds solemnly. He approached Jorge, opening a private comm.

    "Halsey's making me ONI's toy- so we won't be seeing each other anymore." He said sadly.

    "That's bad news. No chance in her changing her mind?" Jorge asked.

    "I'm afraid not." Blaine shook his head.

    "Well, I'll hopefully be seeing ya one of these days." Said Jorge as he offered a hand, which Blaine reluctantly took, bringing Jorge closer for a bro hug. With that they left, and approached the pelican, where Sam, John, Kelly, Fred and Halsey awaited him.

    "Ok Blue team, Time to show these Covies who's boss!" Said John as he, Sam, and Kelly grabbed jet-packs, ejecting themselves from the troop bay into the dark abyss that is space. They accelerated towards the Covenant vessel, Sam carrying his heavy explosive weapons, Kelly with her pistol and Assault Rifle. John reloaded his Assault Rifle, as he watched the old clip float out into space endlessly.

    They waited until the ship fired another shot at the Frigate, lowering it's shields momentarily while they sneaked inside and breached the hull, dragging the Grunts and Jackals on the other-side out.

    The three Spartans entered, as they approached the Bridge they were fortunate to avoid all contact with the aliens they barely learned about. John and the others entered the bridge, throwing a grenade or two in to kill as many as possible, before they all unleashed their entire Assault Rifle clips into the room. Sam took the C20 bomb off of his back, and planted it on the ship's main source of power. He armed it to explode in five minutes, enough time for escape and the lowering of the shields.

    The Spartans ran out the door, only to be met by alien's their height. They had four mandibles instead of mouths, and sported legs that bent in the opposite direction of humans. The dark power armor of theirs glimmered in the Spartan's helmets as they unleashed bolts of plasma from their Plasma rifles onto the Spartans, one of these bolts rushed towards John's chest. Sam saw this and dove in the way, catching the bolt in his mid-section. He groaned in pain as the plasma burned down into his armor, piercing the air lock.

    John mowed down the Elites with his Rifle and Pistol, before approaching his friend.

    "Let's get going Sam!!! It's going to explode in three minutes."

    "No, I'm breached, I won't survive outside of this ship... go on without me."

    John hesitated at first, but then shook his head and said,

    "Spartans don't die..." as he held out a hand.

    "They go missing in action." Sam slapped the glove out of the way. "Now get the hell out of here Spartan.

    John and Kelley silently cried as they jumped out of the hole, through the shield and back into the pelican, that docked in the Iroquois. They watched as the ship started to have mini explosions ripple throughout the hull of the ship before a tremendous fireball of purple and red flames erupted out of the hole. The ship exploded inside of it's own shields, blocking the Iroquois from the concussion, as the ship went super nova.


    "Where's Sam? asked Blaine worriedly. "He is coming right?" John looked at him and shook his head.

    "God damn it." Said Blaine, it was the second casualty the Spartans had suffered.

    On board the Iroquois the Spartan-II's held a Ranking Ceremony and a Recession for Sam. All of the Spartans there received their own respective rank, where they also honored Sam for his sacrifice. Jorge, Blaine, Ashley, Katie, Kurt and Fred stayed towards the back, watching as their Spartan brothers and sisters all earned their ranks from CPO Mendez, who individually saluted them.

    Eventually Mendez barked to the crowd for Jorge, who walked up to the stage quietly. When he finally reached Mendez, he saluted his supervisor, who in return saluted and said.

    "Congrats Warrant Officer, you will be a nice asset to the Mercenaries of S.C.O.R.E, the Scottish Commandos Orbital Resistance Eradicators.." Said Mendez gruffly.

    "Thank you sir." replied Jorge respectively. "But what does it mean?"

    "It means that you go into the target zone, do what you need to do, and get out of there before anybody has the chance to know that you were ever there. In other words- you don't exist."

    "Understood sir, thank you sir." Said Jorge as Mendez shook his hand. Jorge turned around and continued back over to Blaine. When Mendez called Blaine up. Blaine walked past Jorge, who silently high-fived him as he continued to walk up to the stage.

    Mendez stared Blaine up and down, his Gray hair and dull eyes meant that he was getting old. Mendez just stared him in the eyes before bringing up a salute, to which Blaine saluted back. The CPO shook his hand as he stated.

    "Congrats Lieutenant Blaine. You too will be a nice addition to S.C.O.R.E. You have been a great deal of trouble to me over the years, but I am sad to see you go son. Thank you for keeping training from being dull."

    Blaine saluted Mendez one last time, who returned the salute, before turning around and returning to the back of the room to Jorge, Kurt, Fred, Ashley, and Katie.

    "I only have one last announcement, now that you all have your training wheels off, I am being re-assigned to another batch of Spartan's, such as yourself. With that, I am proud to present your new leader; John!"

    John, the leader of Blue Team, walked up onto the stage, where he saluted Mendez and the rest of the Spartans. Mendez shook his hand and said,

    "Congratulations Chief Petty Officer Master Chief. Now address your Spartans, and lead them to greatness. You've got more luck than any other soldier I've had the pleasure to know." Mendez said as he sat next to Halsey in the audience.

    John stood in front of the Spartans as he addressed them.

    "As you all know, Sam sacrificed himself today to ensure our first victory against these 'Covenant' as Halsey called them. These 'Covenant' are genocidal aliens hell-bent on eradicating Humanity. Well, I promise that while I am still alive and kicking, I will make it my sworn duty to make sure that all of us Spartans make it out of this alive and well. Not another Spartan shall die on the front lines while I am the Leader of this group of fine individuals. So I ask you Spartans, are you ready to start this fight!?!"

    "SIR YES SIR!" The Spartans yelled as they stood and saluted him, Halsey couldn't help but break a tear as she watched all of her soldiers broke the salute at the same time. As John dismissed the Spartans that would be under his command, he called Jorge and Blaine up. Jorge and Blaine said farewell to Fred, Ashley, Kurt, and Katie as he joined the others.

    "You two will be deeply missed by us. I will never forget the kindness you two showed us during those training exercises. Show the Spartan's good name, and when ONI has finished with you, we will always have a spot on Blue team for you guys. Thank you." Said John as he shook their hands.

    Jorge and Blaine put their helmets on as they used their thumb and index finger to show a smile on their visors, before heading out to the hanger bay for a Prowler Class ONI Stealth vehicle.

    Jorge climbed inside the side hatch, and entered the cockpit. Before Blaine could, however, he was approached by Katie and Ashley. Ashley wrapped her arms around Blaine, hugging her old friend. Despite the hard ass attitude she was known for, Blaine could hear her quietly sobbing beneath her helmet. One of her last remaining friends was leaving.

    Next came Katie, who followed suit. Blaine chuckled as they embraced.

    "I'll miss you." She whispered.

    "Don't worry, you'll see me again." Blaine smirked, as he thought of Sam, who they would never see again.

    "I sure hope so. Take care of yourself, and I hope you find your parents."

    Blaine nodded, performed the Spartan smile, and climbed in through the side hatch as well, working his way into the cockpit, which the two barely fit into the seats.

    "Not very comfy, is it?" Asked Jorge who looked out the window to see the entire group of Spartans cast them off. Some waved, the others did the Spartan 'smile' to them as they took off out of the bay.

    "This is Commander Keyes, Good luck Spartans, and kick some Covenant and Rebel asses for us! We will see you star-side! Keyes out." As the transmission closed, they watched as the Iroquois jumped out of the current system and back to Reach.

    "Well, time to go and finally see Earth." Said Blaine as he pressed a few buttons and set a Slip-space Rupture. He piloted the ship through the worm-hole as he initiated the stealth module on the ship.

    While in Slip-Space, everything out the window looked wacky, colors twisted and mixed each other through the funnel of space and time. Blaine decided to take a nap.

    "Ez Megszakad a szívem." He said as he too fell asleep.

    "UNSC Prowler, this is Admiral Whitcomb of the Earth Defense grid in UNSC Alamo's Revenge hailing you, you must be the Spartans who are with S.C.O.R.E correct?"

    "Aye Admiral Sir, Blaine-115 and Jorge- 052 reporting for duty." Replied Blaine.

    "Very well, I am sending you co-ordinates to ONI's headquarters, you are to fly there in stealth mode, just as a precaution."

    "Understood Admiral. Wilco."

    "Oh, and welcome to Earth Spartans, Whitcomb out." He said as he cut the line.

    "Friendly, ain't he?" Said Jorge, Blaine just nodded.

    When the co-ordinates arrived, Blaine plugged them into the console in front of him, as he flew it down to Sydney, Austrailia. The ship flew down, past all of the defensive ships strategically located all around the blue planet.

    Blaine thought that it was funny that the Planet resembled Reach, but then remembered that Earth came first in humanity's history, as his lessons taught him. Soaring high over the ocean, their ship landed at a designated landing pad, the two friends saw a building that resembled a giant Rubix Cube, hidden carefully in the canopy of the lush Jungle.

    After going through three levels of extremely high security, Blaine and Jorge finally made it inside of the building's front doors. There they were greeted by a stereotypical secretary. She ignored them, her face buried in the monitor in front of her. Blaine made a coughing noise, as her face went from calm to irritation.

    "I'm sorry Sir, but unless you have a reservation, I can't allow you-" She yelled as she looked up, but instantly became quiet when she noticed the Spartans in the doorway.

    "Oh, you guys are the new recruits for S.C.O.R.E, I apologize for the trouble. Jorge-052, you are to go down the elevator to my left and down four floors. Blaine-115, you are to go down the same elevator to the fifth floor. Please don't hurt me!!!" She said nervously as she dove under the table, smashing her forearm off of the ground. Blaine's hawk hearing, which had been genetically engineered to boot heard as she broke the arm.

    Blaine ran over, taking off his helmet as he lightly helped her up and back into the seat. He looked down at her arm, he could see the bone barely sticking out.

    "Are you O.K? We aren't going to hurt you, believe me. I can help, but it's going to hurt a bit." Blaine asked, she nodded and braced for pain.

    "Ready? On three. Three, two, o-" on the count of two, he placed the bone back into position, as she yelled out in pain. She tested her arm by trying to move it, but winced when she did so.

    "You're going to need a cast for that, but at least it will grow correctly now. I'm really sorry we scared you ma'am."

    "Thank you." she said as she left the building. Blaine put his helmet on, upset that he and Jorge's engineering scared normal humans like they did. It made him feel like a mutant, and he hated it when people got themselves hurt by attempting to escape the Spartans.

    He nodded his head over to the elevator, and Jorge accompanied him inside of it, the two of them barely fitting. Blaine hit the four button for Jorge, then the five button for himself.

    An artificial voice said,

    "Welcome to New Mombasa, Kenya, I am the Superintendent, fourth floor: Hungarian S.C.O.R.E division. Fifth floor: S.C.O.R.E division. Keep it clean, and have a nice day." It said in a stuffy/nerd like voice.

    "Well, that was officially the creepiest A.I voice I've ever heard." Said Jorge.

    " Hungarian Scottish Commandos Orbital Resistance Eradicators division? You're not Scottish."

    "I'd rather just go along with it." Jorge said as they reached the fourth floor.

    "Fourth floor: Hungarian S.C.O.R.E division." Said the Superintendent.

    "Ah shut the hell up!!!" Said Blaine.

    "Please keep it clean." the A.I warned.

    Blaine and Jorge shook hands again as Jorge left the elevator. Blaine watched as Jorge received nasty looks from all around him, but he just kept on walking.

    "Viszlát a legjobb barátom, látni fogjuk egymást újra." Said Jorge as the elevator doors closed, going down to the fifth floor, where Blaine would begin his legacy.

    When he reached the bottom, he was greeted by a few Scottish Marines, and a few gruff looking men in matte black suits, with helmets on. On their shoulder was ODST, along with a skull on fire. On the other side it said, 'Durgin'.

    "Hey look everybody! The freak finally showed up!" Yelled the figure. From behind him approached another figure in the suits. He too had the ODST insignia and the name Durgin on his shoulder.

    "I must apologize for my older brother, he doesn't- he's jealous of you Spartans, don't mind him. My name is Phil, and his is Joshua. Phil and Joshua Durgin, 107th ODST division. Welcome to S.C.O.R.E sir."

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    Chapter 4: Feet First.

    "Thank you." Blaine replied, shaking Phil's hand. "You said Joshua-"

    "It's JOSH!" Josh growled from the corner.

    "-right. You said Josh was your brother?" Blaine asked.

    "That's right sir- well, partially." Phil replied with a shrug. "He's actually my twin brother."

    "I'm the older one." Josh replied with pride.

    "By three minutes." Phil grimaced. "And age has nothing to do with maturity, may I remind you."

    "Bite me." Josh barked. "You gonna introduce Freak to Scotch and Demo? Or are you gonna keep on kissing his ass?"

    Phil sighed, shook his head, and nodded down the hall. The barracks were very small, and the Scottish Marines that were off duty arm wrestled, or held drinking contests, leaving their ODST companions to do their thing. Blaine watched as all of their heads turned to face him. He remembered that these soldiers had never actually seen a Spartan, let alone hear about them, until now.

    "I'm awful sorry about that." Phil said, breaking the silence. "We lost one of our best yesterday. He was the man that you are replacing."

    "Sounds to me like I have some boots to fill, and Josh isn't too pleased about that."

    "Right. Dick was a good friend of Josh and I, he was also our Uncle. Josh bonded with him more than I did."

    "I'm sorry for your loss." Blaine said, opening him mouth to mention Sam.

    Spartans don't die, they just go missing in action.

    "It must be rough."

    "Like I said, I'm saddened by his death, but I never really grew attached to him." Phil paused for a second, turning his head towards Blaine. "What about you sir, any family?"

    "Never knew anyone in my biological family. Only family I have are the Spartans that I left to be here."

    "I-I'm sorry." Phil replied. "I didn't mean to offend you."

    Blaine held up a hand, motioning Phil to stop.

    "Don't worry about it. It's my duty as a Spartan to do what I'm told, and to do it efficiently. I am expected to lead a group of hyper lethal ODSTs against the Insurrection, and I'll be damned if I don't." Blaine replied. "I miss my Spartans dearly, but I know they'll be fine."

    Phil nodded, speechless. Leading Blaine through the halls, Blaine could hear the sound of a high pitched horn echoing through the hallways in a familiar tune. Pausing, Phil took off his helmet, holding it at his side.

    Blaine recognized the song from Deja's classes; Amazing Grace. It was a traditional song of mourning in the military. As Blaine listened to the song, he was slowly reminded of Rochelle, and of Sam, who both were taken well before their time. Rochelle's unnecessary death to the hands of Butch, and Sam's sacrifice to destroy the Covenant ship.

    Suddenly, a second horn pitched in to help the original. Blaine and Phil walked in, as an elder man, and a younger fellow held up the Scottish bagpipes from which the music originated, playing the song. Blaine knew they didn't notice him, a single tear running down the older man's grizzled cheek.

    When the duo finished the song, the two placed themselves in their stiff metal chairs. The older man plucked a flask off of the table beside him, tipping it up completely. Blaine watched as the man's Adam apple bobbed up and down. Walking over, Blaine plucked the flask from the man's lips, and closed the lid.

    Almost in an instance, the older man stood, whipping his fist into the Spartan's chest plate. Thankfully for the man, his wrist remained intact, as the younger of the duo ripped him off.

    "I'm sorry about that, sir." The younger man said. "I'd salute you, but my hands are kind of full here. I'm Private Second Class Craig Connery. And this old buffoon is Lance Corporal Second Class Morgan Harlowe."

    "I'm not that old fer Christ's sake!" Morgan growled. "I'm only forty eight! This boy isn't even nineteen!"

    "This 'boy' is your new superior officer Scotch." Phil said in a soothing voice. "A Spartan, nonetheless."

    "Dick was ten times the man you'll ever be!" Morgan snarled.

    "I don't have to please you." Blaine replied, more cold then he meant to. "I'm just here to prevent you guys from losing more men, and to support your missions against the Insurrection."

    "Come on Morgan, let's get you calmed down, and clear headed."

    Craig hefted Morgan, who continued to struggle, and helped him walk out of the room and into their quarters.

    "That was one hell of a first impression." Josh's voice trailed from the door, along with a slow clap. "Way to handle the most emotionally destroyed member of this S.C.O.R.E. squad."

    "Shut up Josh." Phil hissed, turning to Blaine. "Years ago, our first XO, a man named Lieutenant Alfred Coldwell, was KIA in the middle of an EVAC for Morgan. That same day, Morgan had to give up something that meant a lot to him. Then Gunnery Sergeant Richard 'Dick' Durgin died to protect us from an Insurrectionist attack in New Mombasa."

    "I-I dunno what to say." Blaine replied.

    "You had no idea." Phil replied. "Morgan is easily forgiving. Just prove yourself on tomorrow's mission at the Phoenix Moon base in the Alpha Centauri System, then we'll have no problems."

    Phil nodded, handing Blaine the entire mission details.

    "It's late, we usually go to bed early for luck. Then we take the first Pelican to our actual base of operations, a UNSC Frigate by the name of Breaking the Ice. Until then sir, good night."

    "Goodnight Corporeal." Blaine replied, standing there as the two twins left him.


    "You discovered something that night, didn't you?"

    "No. I only had a suspicion. But someone else put the pieces together, and for whatever reason thought it would be best to keep that info from me."


    Blaine tossed and turned in his cot. He knew he would have to learn to trust these soldiers like he had the Spartans, but for this night he wasn't sure if Morgan or one of the others would try some funny business, so he slept in his MJOLNIR armor.

    Morgan snored in the corner, while the other three remained silent. Blaine couldn't tell who was and who wasn't asleep of the three, but at that moment, he didn't care. Again the dream hit him like a sack of bricks.

    "Don't.... same mistakes..." Blaine mumbled in his sleep.

    His sensitive hearing heard the sounds of someone's covers moving, but he didn't care. People had the tendency to turn over in their sleep.

    "Don't make... same mistakes.... father did.... boyo." Blaine muttered again, flipping on his bed. The weight of the MJOLNIR finally causing the support beams beneath to shatter, and with a loud crack, everyone was awake.

    "God damn it!" Josh grimaced. "If it's going to be like this all night for every fucking night, then we might want to start digging some graves!"

    "Listen pal-"

    "Why the fuck are you even sleeping in your armor?!" Josh growled. "You afraid one of us normal people are going to fuck with the big scary freak while he's sleeping."

    "Shut up Josh." Craig growled. "It's a half hour until we were supposed to wake up anyways."

    Morgan continued to snore, as Phil shook his head. Standing, he rushed out of the room to calm any neighboring squads that were curious and trigger happy.

    Blaine stood up wearily, as Craig shook Morgan awake. Josh muttered something to himself, grumbling as he grabbed his slacks, and rushed off to the latrines.

    Morgan smacked his lips a few times, scratching his beard as he looked up at the Spartan. Pointing at the towering soldier, he walked over towards Blaine menacingly. Craig moved to stop him, but Blaine waved it off.

    Morgan balled his hand into a fist, thrusting it out forward. Blaine tensed, but realized what the man was getting to, and brought his hand out in a similar fashion.

    Sure enough, Morgan's hand had unfolded and straightened, as Blaine's did the same. The two hands clashed in a firm, yet gentle, handshake. Placing a hand on the Spartan's shoulder, Morgan clasped it on the second pat.

    "I'm sorry about me behaviour last night. I wasn't in me mind." Morgan smirked. "Dick was a good friend of mine, and yer timing was painful and dare I say insultin'."

    "I won't be the same as him, but I promise you I'll try my hardest to be."

    "I'd prefer ye don't." Morgan replied. "Yer a Spartan, don't go holdin' back on us now."

    Blaine was shocked, how did Morgan know about the Spartan IIs? Letting that slip past his thoughts, he nodded silently.

    "I want you all prepped and ready to go in five." Blaine replied. "I'm gonna gain my bearings."

    "There is no need." Craig replied. "Not only did we do our prepping last night, but it's our last night in this facility. We're being moved to the Breaking the Ice, which will now serve as our mobile base of operations, sir."

    "Understood. Meet me at the landing pad in five." Blaine replied.


    "As much as I'd love to hear the tale of your pelican's short voyage to the Frigate not even twenty minutes from your location. I'd like to hear about the insertion, and the mission." The Operative demanded.

    "You sure, perhaps we might've seen a fuckin' unicorn or somethin'." Blaine growled. "But sure, I'll continue from the drop onto Phoenix Moon Base."

    "We drop in five soldiers." Blaine replied, lifting his MA37 Assault Rifle, and placing it in the designated slot next to his chair in the SOEIV pod.

    "Spartan, permission to speak?" Morgan asked.


    "We have this tradition see, an' seein's how this is yer first official orbital drop, we think ye should observe it."

    "I'm game, what is it?" Blaine asked.

    "I doubt ye ever heard of the song 'Free Fallin''?"

    "I don't know much music, but I assume you play the song?"

    "Right. You, as our Squad Leader, play the song on the team's frequency on the way down. At the bottom, ye officially become one of us, and officially are known as an ODST."

    Blaine nodded, as Morgan produced a chip. Plugging it into the back of his helmet, Blaine climbed into his pod, as the team's visuals appeared on the screens ahead of him. Each one held a separate health monitor, indicating green bars across the board.

    "Five- Four- Three- Two- One- DROP!" Blaine barked, as his pod was released from the Frigate.

    Yeah I'm free! Free Fallin!

    Blaine held his breath as the pod increased speed, using the flight stick to guide the pod's trajectory and speed. From an aerial view, Blaine could just imagine the five SOEIVs racing down towards the moon below. From his pod's bottom camera, he could make out the old, rusted UNSC base. The pinnacle of the UNSC's first space faring scientists.

    A pole stood proudly towards the front entrance, the artificial wind from the artificial atmosphere made the UNSC flag billow in the wind. Something that made Blaine's heart sink was when he noticed the flag appeared to have holes and tears along it, a giant red 'X' painted across the brave, gold embroidered Eagle.

    Something else was wrong, no-one stood outside of the base. Even though tons of pieces of rubble and utensils littered the ground. Bracing himself, Blaine took notice of the artificial grass, which was brown and burnt. Looking towards Alpha Centauri, his visor polarized, the sunlight much more intense.

    "Oh shit!" Craig exclaimed. "Solar winds have breached parts of the atmosphere! Pure UV rays are pouring through!"

    "Stick to some kind of cover soldiers!" Blaine barked. "Move out into the sunlight ONLY if you have something covering you from the light!"

    "We're going to land in open terrain numb nuts!" Josh growled.

    "Then aim for the damn buildin'!" Morgan gritted his teeth. "Surely whatever is in there won't mind us bargin' in."

    Blaine nodded, as he guided the SOIEV pod to land inside of the building. The others followed suit, and soon Phoenix base was bombarded by five massive troop pods. Blaine's hatch opened, as he turned off the song. Morgan's HUD showed him giving the Spartan a thumbs up.

    "You're an honorary Hell Jumper now." Morgan replied.

    "Stay frosty, we can celebrate when we know we're clear." Blaine replied, scanning the room.

    People littered the floor, bullet wounds riddling their backs. So the pod clearly was not the cause of their death.

    "Got casualties here." Blaine replied. "Recent, but not from my pod. Someone shot them recently."

    "Sir, switch to my view for a moment." Craig stammered.

    Blaine did so, as his suit pulled up Craig's HUD. On the ground before him, a giant beast with a hunched back, strange armor, and four mandibles lay beneath his pod, attempting to grab at the ODST's ankles.

    "What- the fuck- is THAT?!" Josh roared.

    "I don't care, clearly it's not friendly." Blaine replied.

    He had never encountered them up close, but he knew instantly that this was a member of the Covenant. One of the many creatures that were the cause of Sam's death.

    "Put it out of it's misery." Blaine ordered.

    "With pleasure." Craig replied, firing a single round of his pistol into it's head.

    "Motherfuckin' aliens?!" Morgan asked, shocked. "So the Insurrectionists finally got the hangers to rise up against the UNSC, just as Aliens decide to invade!"

    "Not invade." Blaine sighed. "Exterminate."

    "You know about these things?" Phil asked.

    "I've never encountered one of these things up close, but they belong to a group of Alien races known as the Covenant. We don't know much about them, other than they don't like us Humans, and we shouldn't like them either. Bastards killed one of my fellow Spartans." Blaine clenched his fists.
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    Chapter 5: First Strike.

    "Form up on my suit's transponder, keep frosty. We have no idea how tough these things are to kill." Blaine replied.

    As soon as he had finished speaking, the green acknowledgement lights flickered from each individual squad member. Pulling his MA37 Assault Rifle out of his pod, he decided to search the lab he had landed in a little further.

    Everywhere he looked he could see the evidence of the Insurrectionist's rebellion. Men in what once were white lab coats now laid on the floor, holes in their backs, and blood encrusted on their coats. Walking over their corpses, he occasionally found a few rebels, their guns scattered far from their hands. One of them had two giant slashes across his back, the shirt smoldering from something extremely warm. Blaine wasn't sure, but the man appeared to be impaled.

    Looking up from the body, Blaine saw a man, clutching his chest. Blaine moved the man's hand, as the fellow, helpless, sat there and let him check. Beneath the white lab coat, Blaine saw the man's skin smoldering, whatever had burnt him clearly had mangled his skin to an irreparable level.

    Blaine grasped the can of biofoam on his waist, as the man held his hand out to stop the Spartan. Shaking his head, the Scientist spoke no words, handing the super soldier a chip.

    Nodding politely, Blaine held the chip in his hand, as the Scientist nodded for him to place it into the terminal ahead of him. Instead, Blaine put the chip into his helmet, as the visor filled with a black screen, a single code on the top left corner.


    Doctor Rick Mason VIII
    Serial number: PH189032-RMVIII
    Chief Scientist on board UNSC Phoenix Moon Base.


    [Video Resuming]

    "Scientist's log; Doctor Rick Mason, Chief Scientist on board the UNSC Phoenix Moon Base. Day three of our study on the population of Pheonix. So far, no negative effects from the artificial atmosphere, subjects appear to be thriving normally."

    The image of Rick glitched for a moment, as he turned to a computer terminal, the one Blaine saw him at just moments before.

    "Oxygen and Carbon levels sustaining well. Terra-forming of planet Phoenix appears to be a success. Artificially grown GM corn has been planted in the newly established village of Fawkes."

    "Hey Rick, the guys and I are going to grab a beer, care to join?" A voice asked off screen.

    "I'm in the middle of logging my results. I'll catch up with you guys another time." Rick said, unfazed.

    "Suit yourself." With that, the voice walked away.

    "I'm busy learning the essentials to producing more colonies out of previously uninhabitable planets, and they're worried more about boozing." Rick huffed to himself. "Doctor Mason discovers Generations old dilemma!"

    Chuckling to himself, Rick shut off the video feed.

    [Fast Forward]



    [Resuming Video]

    "Outstanding!" Rick exclaimed. "The GM corn appears to be adapting well to the new environment. Sustaining plant life is a definite sign of a successful terra-forming."

    "Phoenix Moon base to ground. Charles, can you hear me?"

    There was silence for a moment, but the radio finally crackled on.

    "Stay out of the damned sunlight!" Charles barked at someone else.

    "What's going on down there ground?!" Rick asked, alarmed.

    "Carbon dioxide levels have risen dramatically over the past hour. The GM corn is having a negative effect on the artificial atmosphere. It's a much faster version of global warming down here!" Charles replied. "That, and a supposed group of people claiming to be part of the Insurrection have, oh sweet Christ- GET DOWN!"

    There was a loud explosion for a moment, and the radio crackled with static, as Rick's face grew ever more concerned.

    "Insurrection is the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties" A man's voice crackled on the radio.

    "Who are you, and where is Charlie?"

    "If he's lucky, taking a dirt nap. 'Cause if there are any more of you UNSC scum down on this planet, we're going to gut you and hang you as a warning."

    Suddenly, there was another bang, and the radio went dead. Rick breathed heavily, turning his focus to the camera.

    "That wasn't the voice of a sane man." Rick concluded. "Something in the air is driving these people insane, causing full scale rebellion. Will ask for UNSC intervention asap. Doctor Mason out."

    [Fast Forward]



    [Resuming Video]

    "If I stay quiet, they can't find me." Rick's voice whispered into the camera, the video was entirely black. "First the Insurrectionists got their hands on a few aerial transports, then they started slaughtering anyone following the UNSC's regulations."

    "I heard something." A voice said, very close by.

    "Weestah INOOK!" A deep, garbled voice growled into the air, as the sickening sound of someone's bones snapping like twigs filled the audio, the screams of pain slowly dying out after a few minutes. "Grah esk ta noo veman sapien."

    Suddenly, the sounds of heavy foot steps walked away from the cabinet, Rick's breath heavy and slow. Cracking the door open slightly, Rick pivoted the camera outwards, in no doubt using it to peek out without revealing himself. Blaine got a glimpse of one of those Covenant creatures, followed by these tiny ones, with pointed tanks on their backs.

    "First the Insurrection attacked, and then those things." Rick said. "No response from the UNSC just yet. Maybe the Insurrection wasn't that wrong. I'm beginning to lose hope here."

    "Come on out, you alien scum!" An Insurrectionist rebel yelled, walking out into the center of the room.

    Almost on cue, the big alien charged back into the room, followed by the tiny, grunty things. The rebel grinned cockily, raising his rifle to fight the monster, instead, the beast smacked the gun away easily, and kicked the human to the floor. The rebel panicked, rushing towards Rick's locker. The monster flicked it's wrist, as a giant blade made out of thin air and hot plasma appeared in it's hand.

    The man wrenched the door open, as the monster grasped him by the throat. Lifting the grown man easily, the beast whispered in his ear in a translation.

    "Your race is pathetic and weak. You call a warrior to fight, but run when you know you have lost. You are dishonorable, and a disgrace to me as a Warrior. My blade shall cleanse your shame." The beast growled, thrusting his sword into the rebel's back, the blade of blue light punctured the door, the tip nearly stabbing Rick in the face.

    With that, the beast tossed the rebel's corpse to the side, in nearly the same position as Blaine had just seen him. Shaking with fear, Rick knew that his camera would be spotted at any minute. Blaine watched as the beast barked some orders, the translator still on.

    "Unngoy, destroy the rat that is in hiding." The beast growled. "I grow weary of slaughtering the courageless."

    "Yes Elite!" the lead Unngoy chirped. "Me kill human quick!"

    Rick gulped uneasily, as the door was ripped open, a single blast of pure plasma energy splashed across his chest. Rick screamed in pain as his skin melted to his clothes, and burned slowly. The Grunts, as Blaine thought of them now, prepared to strike again, but turned their heads when the building around them shook. Running off in the direction of their leader, Rick desperately crawled to the terminal, plugging the camera into the console.

    "If you are listening to this, then I am either dead or dying. Please, prevent these beasts from killing the people of Phoenix. My research on terra-forming is included in this chip- I- it's hard to speak. Chest- burning." Rick gasped for air. "Marion- love- you."

    [Unfinished video!]




    Blaine removed the chip after copying the data to his suit's archives. Preparing to hand the chip back to the man, he noticed that Doctor Rick Mason must have passed on while Blaine had watched the video. Shaking his head solemnly, Blaine ran his hand down the man's face, closing his eyelids.

    "Sir, we've got hostiles, and lots of them!" Phil gritted his teeth. "This is a lost cause."

    "We try and do what we can for the UNSC people planet-side first." Blaine said. "This station was purged of nearly all of it's data. Look out for survivors, if we find nothing, I'm requesting a demolitions team destroy this place."


    "Craig, I hear you can hold your own with a sniper?" Blaine asked, the team in a Pelican dropship. "There isn't going to be enough room in the 'hog for all of us."

    "I'm better with marksmanship." Phil replied. "Craig is my spotter."

    "Very well." Blaine replied, his helmet on his lap. "Josh, Morgan, and I will take the Warthog and scout the city. We're going to drop you two off on a decent sniper's nest so that you can be our eyes in the sky."

    "Understood." Morgan nodded. "I call the big gun in the back!"

    "Old man, that gun will rip your arms off of your damn chest." Josh hissed. "Besides, I always get the gun."

    "I'm not that old." Morgan growled. "I'm forty eight!"

    "-and I'm nineteen." Blaine said. "Age ain't got nothing to do with it. Josh, you are my wingman, you will be my second pair of eyes. Morgan will take the gun."

    "Yes!" Morgan jigged a little, before returning to normal.

    "What are we doing down here again?" Craig quipped.

    "There were some top secret UNSC experiments housed here. For one, they tried to make this planet livable, but the hostile nature of the planet has caused a unexpected flaw in the system. We have exactly three hours to pull everyone that we can off the planet before the artificial atmosphere goes to hell and we see a planetary scale version of what we experienced at the Moon Base."

    Everyone's face became grave, but Josh remained unconvinced.

    "So what, isn't there a whole platoon of those rebel bastards here?"

    "Not everyone is a terrorist, Josh." Craig replied sagely.

    "Right, our Warthog will be relaying a message nonstop on all UNSC frequencies. Any ally of ours will know where to go for EXFIL." Blaine looked down to the tac pad on his wrist. "I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Covenant troops down there too, so our best course of action against them is to avoid them entirely, only make contact if they shoot first."

    Josh scoffed, as he leaned back and crossed his arms.

    "That hardly sounds like a good idea."

    "Oh, so now you instantly know our enemy's weakness, hmm?" Blaine said, dripping with venom. "If I shoot one of those big bastards in the head, how do I know his armor won't stop the bullet? Or what if those tiny things hobble around at speeds faster than the average human?"

    "He's right, don't shake the hive until yer sure ye can kill all the bees." Morgan nodded.

    "But how will we learn without first hand experience?" Josh refused to let it settle.

    "Fine then." Blaine scoffed. "I'll give you my M6C SIOH and throw you into a swarm of the little things, and we'll see how long you can last."

    "Don't joke like that." Craig leaned forward, a grin on his face. "You might get Josh all excited."

    "Shut up!" Josh, wide eyed, panicked.

    "We attack if necessary, understood?" Blaine asked, looking over to Josh, who sighed and nodded. "Good, we don't need unwanted attention, especially if we're trying to evacuate civilians."


    "You and your team appeared to argue quite frequently. I feel as though this had an impact on you-"

    "-Shut up and let me tell my god damned story."

    "Angry, hostile- things aren't looking good for you Spartan." The operative warned.


    The Warthog bounced along the fault lines in the road way. Blaine could feel the planet's crust quaking in the vibrations in the steering wheel. The planet was failing, and not even halfway through their allotted time had they encountered two groups of a hundred people each.

    For many of them, they suffered wounded and even some that died of their wounds. So far, there was no sign of the Covenant on the planet, and he knew they were wise to avoid the Humans at this time.

    With still an hour and a half to go on his mission clock, Blaine lifted his Olive-green armored arm and looked into the TAC-PAD on his right wrist. The nearest response to their message had been answered with a ping, and he was to drop a blue smoke, while the Warthog covered them from the rebels.

    Turning the corner, Blaine saw the massive crowd of people, little under a thousand people sat there, nursing their wounded, or carefully placing their deceased into a separate area. Those that could see or hear after the attacks turned their attention to the vehicle that rapidly approached them. Blaine parked the vehicle, as many of the young kids looked at him in awe. Pulling a flare out of his ammo pouch, he ripped the lid off of it, his Pelicans hovering just outside of the city.

    Tossing it as high into the air as he could, the special flare exploded, causing a ultra-violet blue explosion to ripple in the air, also releasing a technological ping for the Pelicans' tracking system to locate them.

    Suddenly, a whining filled the air, unfamiliar to him. Looking down at a small child, whose tiny hazel brown eyes stared horrifically at the object above them. Blaine noticed a fork shaped shadow layer the ground beneath them, looking up to a giant purple fork shaped aircraft. Instantly he knew that it was alien in design, and motioned for everyone to move out of the street. But it was too late, the massive gun on the bottom of the ship sprayed the globs of molten purple plasma down on the people.

    The roars, screams, and yelps of pain from the civilians echoed throughout the empty city, as the sunlight suddenly got brighter. Looking up into the atmosphere, a red ring formed around the invisible barrier that kept the air and everything inside the planet as it burned up at a much more accelerated pace, they had miscalculated!

    Jumping into the Warthog, the alien vehicle turned away, steam rising off of it's flawless hull. Blaine pressed down the accelerator, his Pelicans swooped in, piling as many people as they could, before returning to the Frigate. It was strange, seeing the tiny road vehicle seemingly chase the Covenant airship.

    "I can feel something warm on me back boyo!" Morgan yelled into the comm. Blaine checked the rear view mirror, and the sight confused him.

    The wind gusting through the massive skyscrapers that had been built had caused a mini tornado of sorts, the flammable oils on the roadway had been absorbed and ignited by the solar rays. Behind their tiny vehicle was a massive towering cyclone of fire. Stomping his foot on the gas, the Warthog ran to it's absolute maximum, as Blaine felt the planet rumble again, the asphalt beneath them jolting and cracking from the strain.

    Above them, Blaine watched as the cyclone overpowered the Covenant ship and absorbed it, the tower at least ten feet in diameter. Almost instantly as the vehicle had been sucked in, it was spewed out, a massive meteor of burning steel, flesh, and plasma. The massive glob arched high above their head, ready to crash into the road ahead of them.

    "OH SHIT!" Josh roared, as Blaine shifted down for a moment, swung the tail end of the vehicle a bit, and drove off in a separate direction. The remainder of the Covenant vehicle splashed across the roadway, as one of the fault lines finally split and enveloped the entirety of the asphalt.

    Narrowly escaping the tornado, Blaine felt the ground beneath them become more unstable, as lava plumed out of the cracks behind them. Using his thoughts to activate his suit's comm. he demanded immediate evacuation. Within a few minutes, a Pelican drop ship raced overhead, it's troop bay hatch opened, Phil and Craig at the ready.

    Morgan detached his boots from their clamps, walking his way across the framework of the Warthog. Standing on the hood, Blaine got the vehicle closer to the drop ship, as Morgan and Josh jumped into the bay. Ahead, Blaine saw another crack begin, and knew that by the time the Pelican flew over it, a massive column of lava would plume upwards and trash the vehicle.

    "It's dangerous ahead!" Blaine growled. "Break off now!"

    "We're not leaving you!" Craig barked.

    "You don't have to! Just get out of here for now!"

    The Pelican pilot took the hint and hovered off, as Blaine swerved to his left again, racing away from the evaporating atmosphere. The crack opened, as he had predicted, and a massive column of lava soared to the heavens, splashing across the ground ahead of him, sizzling the artificial grass.

    The Pelican made it's descent again, as Blaine stood, his foot still on the gas. Readying himself, he barked for the pilot to reduce his speed a bit, as the Spartan slammed on the breaks of the Warthog. As soon as Newton's law took effect, Blaine's body hurtled towards the open troop bay, as the ODSTs cleared his path. The wheels of the Warthog, now melting to the ground beneath them, flipped onto it's hood, as another fault line swallowed it whole. Blaine lifted himself, and tapped the Pilot's cabin. The troop bay closed, and the Pelican took off back towards the Frigate.
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    Edited last chapter!
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    So when they get to the base... They need to take cover due to UV radiation...

    But when they get in the Warthog, in the open, they're fine against UV rays?

    I think you overlooked something while editing.
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    Ah, no more updates. Darn.
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    I'm glad you like the story Jensen so much as to check back. I'm thinking about the next chapter. That and Dead Space 3 just came out so, I'm enjoying some Necromorph killing.

    Next chapter will either be later tonight or tomorrow morning.
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    Doctor Jensen wrote:Ah, no more updates. Darn.
    Dat feel...
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    So whilst editing Chapter six in a brave attempt to give you guys the end to the chapter. I made one crucial mistake, I didn't save the fucking chapter -_- .

    I left the room, brother comes in to use computer, refreshes page by accident, entire chapter is gone when I return. Instead of admitting the mistake, or coming to me, he quietly walks out of the room, closing down the browser.

    So, as much as I really hate myself for trusting the little snot in the first place *because he usually doesn't do 'accidents'* with my computer, I will have to try and re-type everything from this chapter.

    Reminder, it is called; Chapter 6: Dewinter Wonderland.

    It features Dutch, O'Brien, Berger, Blaine's ODSTs, Blaine himself, Emanuel Menendez III, and Randal Dewinter.

    I will attempt, as fast as I can, to type up this chapter again. It won't be the same, but god damn I intend to finish this story and move on to Homecoming. Once I get at least halfway or less in that, then Hunted can continue, and I have a scene in mind that I've already typed out for it. It's gonna be epic and huge.

    So yeah, sorry guys. I'm working as hard as I can to get the chapter up again.
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    Have you considered using Google docs?

    That shit auto saves like every 2 minutes.
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    I will now.
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    Yep, and your bros can't delete the file... Unless they get into your google (gmail) account.
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    Chapter 6: The Promise.

    "Craig, can you please put that away?" Phil asked. "Morale is bad enough in this group, we honestly don't need that thought on our minds."

    "I'm just home-sick and worried." Craig replied, holding up a photograph of him, a woman, and a small child. "Today's his fifth birthday, and I fear that I may not get to see him again."

    "David is five?!" Morgan replied. "Christ almighty, where does the time go?"

    "I'm doing this for them." Craig said, a single tear flowing down his cheek. "I just want them to have a safe, healthy life. Nothing to fear, y'know."

    "Then we'll make sure they get that future." Blaine said, walking in. "After today's Op, I'm going to give you some down time. You'll go and see your boy, Craig."

    Craig looked over to Blaine, who held his Mark V helmet to the side. Another tear streamed downs Craig's face as he grinned, sniffling.

    "I must seem like such a wuss." Craig said, wiping his eyes away.

    "No." Blaine said. "You miss your family. The feeling is natural."

    "What about you?" Craig asked. "Don't you miss your family? Especially being a Spartan and all?"

    "I don't have one." Blaine replied. "Well, minus the other Spartans. Biologically, I have nothing."

    Craig paused for a moment, then walked over to the Lieutenant. Sitting down beside Blaine, Craig extended his arm out, sharing the image of the child with Blaine.

    "His name's David. That's my boy." Craig said. "That beautiful lady is Cindy."

    "That's a nice family." Blaine replied. "I'll make sure you see them, especially on his birthday."

    "Sir, I'd like you to come see them with me. My wife will cook up a nice dinner, and you can get to experience the family life." Craig nodded.

    "I'd like that Craig." Blaine nodded, looking down at the datapad. "I'd like that."

    "So what's the word?" Josh asked, walking in from the latrines.

    "We're deploying on Mars. Man by the name of Emanuel Menendez the third. He is allegedly a high ranking Insurrectionist official. Our orders are to secure him, alive would be preferable for intel. If you want my opinion, if he dies, he dies."

    "That's my kind of attitude right there boyo." Morgan grinned.

    "Lieutenant, sir." Phil asked. "What exactly is the layout?"

    "Urban landscape, expect lots of civilians, both Pro and Opposing of the rebellion. Target building is a minimum of thirty stories. Orbital scans indicate that it is a typical Apartment building, which serves as an incognito Insurrectionist base of operations. Emanuel is expected to be on the very top floor." Blaine said.

    "How many means of escape?" Craig asked.

    "Minimal." Blaine replied, pointing to the hologram. "There is a single service elevator that runs from the ground floor to the roof. Past that, it's all emergency stair cases, or jumping out the windows."

    "Is it just a bag and tag op?" Phil asked.

    "It goes like this, we get Emanuel, either dead or alive. Then we have two secondary orders. Number one, secure Randal Dewinter, who is currently Emanuel's second in command. Secondly, we're bringing demo-kits to explode the building." Blaine said.

    "The four of you ODSTs will walk in the front door. Not so much of a bad ass approach, but you have to make due. Josh and Phil, you will be our Demo-men. Morgan and Craig, you two will take the stairs up each floor, searching for Randal Dewinter primarily. If you can't find him, your job is to clear each floor."

    "Josh and Phil, you will place your C-12 packs on the pillars in the main lobby, and the remainder you will pack into the elevator. Afterwards, your job is to sabotage the elevator, preventing anyone from using it. You will hold your ground, stopping any Insurrectionists from trying to disarm those charges, while the others clear each floor."

    "What about you." Josh replied snidely.

    "I will be inserting from the roof and work my way down, clearing each floor. Assuming Menendez is on the top floor of the building, I should be able to apprehend him fairly quickly. Once I deliver him to the Pelican, you will all work your ways up the stairs to the roof, while I work my way down to cover you. Once everyone is loaded up, the charges will explode, and anyone left inside will be dust. Any questions?"

    "I have one, but I'd rather ask you that in question, sir." Craig replied.

    Nodding out of the room, Blaine received the nods of Morgan and Phil, who dragged Josh out of the room.

    "I didn't want to tell the others." Craig said. "Because I know morale is low, but, I had the medics in the ER check me out. They've diagnosed me with advanced Mesothelioma."

    "How bad is it?" Blaine asked.

    "It's not good." Craig said, violently throwing himself into a coughing fit. "See. They say I have three months tops."

    "Then I don't think you should be here." Blaine said. "You should be home with your family."

    "Camille is dead, Blaine." Craig growled to himself. "She died during one of the first Insurrectionist attacks. I placed David in the care of a valued friend of mine. As much as I'd like to be with David, I need to be here, fighting to keep him safe."

    "I'm sorry to hear that." Blaine asked. "But why not tell the others?"

    "I don't need them worrying about me. Our group has a track record of us dying off, and I especially don't need them tripping over themselves to keep David safe."

    "My question for you, Blaine, is-" Craig paused for a cough. "If something happens to me, would you please take care of David? My friend can't hold on to him forever, and I know you are a soldier and all. But if you could put him somewhere safe, check up on him frequently, that's all I ask."

    "I'll do what I can Craig." Blaine said. "I'd be honored to be your child's guardian."

    "That means more than you know, sir." Craig replied.

    "Now let's go get these Insurrectionists, and then let's go see your boy."

    "Sounds good to me."

    Dewinter Wonderland has been pushed back a chapter to make way for this.

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    Chapter 7: Family.

    "Would you look at that Taylor!" An ODST said in the drop pod hanger bay. "It's Omen squad!"

    "What the hell kind of an insult is that?" Dutch wrinkled his nose. "Cut them a break, they don't do cake walk missions."

    "Thanks for the vote of confidence Dutch." Phil nodded towards him, as Morgan and Josh joined them him from behind.

    "So, I heard you guys have a Spartan on your squad?" Dutch replied, crossing his arms, his blonde hair shining the light into Phil's eyes, a gentle grin on his face.

    "He's actually our CO." Morgan replied.

    "You guys seem eager to have a freak on your team." Dutch's first squadmate scoffed.

    "Don't be fooled, O'Brien." Josh growled. "Blaine has quite the skill set. I'd rather not piss him off."

    "It is nothing but a machine." O'Brien growled. "Built in the deepest, darkest hell hole ONI could supply, and purposed only for replacing the ODSTs."

    "HE is a real person, like you and me." Phil clenched his fists angrily.

    "Whatever, have fun. But when it malfunctions and goes in to kill you all, don't come crying to me. Let's go Taylor."

    "I told you to call me Dutch, O'Brien." Dutch shook his head, as he walked past, O'Brien brushing harshly past Morgan.

    Morgan swung a fist at O'Brien, who ducked, turning to give a swing of his own. Morgan dodged backwards, as his right hook made contact, O'Brien growled, tackling the old man to the ground. Dutch tried to removed O'Brien off of the man, Josh got a running start, smashing his boot into O'Brien's face. Blood spurted up, as O'Brien rolled across the floor, his stomach meeting a boot.

    Jumping to his feet, he thrust a fist out at the person standing there. A lightning fast hand reached out and grasped him by the wrist, twisting, O'Brien was at the person's mercy, forced to turn around.

    "I wouldn't try pulling a stunt like that again, you hear me?" A gruff voice said from behind him.

    "Holy shit." Dutch said, walking over. "You must be Blaine. I'm sorry for O'Brien's behaviour. He's just getting off of his leash."

    "Fuck off Taylor." Blaine twisted a little harder. "Okayokay sorrysorry jeez!"

    Blaine released his grip, patting the ODST on the top of his head.

    "Good boy. Now go get your nose checked out, Josh really put the boot to you."

    O'Brien growled as he stumbled from the room. Dutch nodded, walking out of the room.

    "So, how was the first day of school?" Craig chuckled, as Morgan was helped up by Josh and Phil.

    "Showed the new kid whose boss, that's how it went." Josh laughed cockily. "I'm really pumped into getting that mission done."

    "That's what I like to hear, into your pods boys." Blaine said, waving his arm.


    "Like I've said before, I love hearing these little tales, but let's skip to the part where you get Menendez."

    "There is a bit of a complication with that." Blaine clenched his fist. "The mission had gone so smoothly, but then things went south, FAST."

    "Interesting. Please continue."

    "It was just after my team inserted, I met face to face with Menendez."


    "Sir, the Lobby has been attacked. Recommend you get to the landing pad." Menendez' secretary stated.

    "That won't be necessary, chica. Not as long as God is by my side." Menendez smirked from behind his sun glasses, his yellow teeth sliding out of his lips, forming a cocky grin.

    Menendez reached for the amulet on his neck, a charm his great grandfather had passed down to his father, and from his father down to him. They had said that it was a good luck charm, and whoever wore it had the best of luck.

    As he grasped it, it turned a dark orange in color, the light seeping out of the cracks along it's otherwise seemingly flawless exterior. The door to his office opened, and the olive armored soldier stood before him.

    "Emanuel Menendez, you are hereby placed under arrest by UNSC maritime law."

    "Fuck you, cono!" Menendez spat, an orange veil of light covering him. "THE INSURRECTION WILL LIVE ON!"

    Blaine raised his pistol, as Menendez waved his arm, an unknown tech causing the barrel to melt. Blaine fired, the round stuck inside the gun, exploded. Shaking off the pain, his suit taking the brunt of the damage, Blaine charged forward.

    Menendez looked down at his hand with amazement, as he waved it once more, the Spartan was flung against the wall like a rag doll. Holding out his hand, bending the fingers slightly, Menendez pulled the Spartan towards him. Ripping the helmet off with his left hand, Menendez spat in the Spartans face, as he grinned cockily.

    "We have found things, things that the UNSC will soon some to fear. Not you, not the UNSC, and not even the Aliens that threaten Humanity can stop me!"

    "Wrong, ass wipe." Craig said from behind Blaine.

    Menendez flicked his wrist backwards, tossing Blaine head first out the window.


    Tumbling over himself, Blaine tried to spread out his limbs to slow his descent.

    "Thruster pack on your back Spartan." Blaine reminded himself, as he activated the mini thrusters on the back of his armor.

    Having aimed himself, Blaine tumbled through the window, crashing through desks and cubicles alike. Grunting in pain, Blaine stood slowly, the debris from his impact crumbled off of his back. Grasping his helmet, he shook off the pain and charged for the door, and back up the steps.


    "Do you really think you stand a chance against me?!" Menendez replied, crazily.

    "No, I don't think so." Craig said, his DMR fixed on Menendez' chest. "But my gun does."

    Craig fired a bullet, as Menendez waved his arm. The bullet seemingly turned in air, and struck Craig in the knee cap. Grasping the region, Menendez strolled over, taking his stride slowly and menacingly.

    "The Gods have gifted me and my family the right to rule. Your UNSC will be no different, once my forces have finished taking over Eden!" Menendez bent down, as Craig lifted his pistol.

    With a wave of his hand, Menendez lifted Craig, and flung him in a wide arch into the cherrywood desk that Menendez had once used. Striding back over, Craig coughed, blood in his mouth. Looking over Menendez' shoulder, Craig could see Blaine approaching, Menendez' prized Bowling ball, which had previously been on the shelf, in his hand.

    "I AM A GOD!" Menendez roared, lifting Craig's pistol.

    Before he could pull the trigger, Blaine stepped down on the bend of Menendez' right leg, bringing the man to his knees. Smashing the ball down with all of his might, Blaine smashed the bowl into dust, Menendez' skull opening like a water melon.

    "Too bad I fancy myself a wise older man as a god, not a delusional psychopath." Blaine growled, offering his hand to Craig, who took it.

    Blaine watched Craig's visor depolarize, blood layering the inside of the glass from his coughing fit.

    "C'mon, let's get you out of here." Blaine said, injecting a bio-foam canister into Craig's suit.

    "Explosives are set to detonate in five." Phil replied from behind him, Josh and Morgan in the door. "Holy shit, what the hell happened in here."

    "Not important, let's get the hell out of here." Blaine replied, reaching down to Menendez' amulet. It glowed blue to his touch, as he placed it in his ammo pouch.


    The Pelican lifted high off of the building, as Blaine lightly pat Craig on the back, who nodded and provided Blaine a thumbs up. Josh whistled, as the squad looked over to him. Motioning towards the building, Josh grinned as he held his hand over the detonator.

    As Josh pressed the button, the bottom of the building erupted into a blinding light, as the elevator, their sabotage being bypassed, exploded halfway up the building. With it's supports crumbled to dust, the team watched with a smile as the building slowly sank into the ground.


    Craig smiled, breathing in deeply as Blaine stood beside him, the two of them dressed in the best clothing they could. Blaine nodded towards Craig, who rapped his hand against the door. It took a moment, but the door lifted, as a man in his mid thirties stepped out, holding a small child in his hands.

    "DAD!" David screeched excitedly, practically jumping into Craig's hands.

    "Heya kiddo, happy 5th!"

    "Hello, my name is Albert Haselton." The man replied.

    "Blaine." Blaine replied. "Pardon me if I don't offer my last name, it's to keep the people I know safe."

    "I understand. My father was black ops too." Albert replied. "Please, come inside. We were just about to enjoy David's cake."

    Blaine placed Craig's gift on the appropriate table. Looking around, Blaine admired the homely feel of the place, yet he didn't find a single image of the man with anyone other than David in the house.

    "This your first time to Douglastown, Angus?" Albert asked, walking over, as Craig sat at the table.

    "First time on Earth, to be honest." Blaine said. "I've been to Africa once, but Scotland is a whole new experience."

    "Well I'm glad. It's a beautiful place." Albert smiled, then frowned. "I take it you know of Craig's condition?"

    "Yes." Blaine said. "I'm supposed to relieve you of custody?"

    "Unfortunately, yes. I'm enlisting back into the ODSTs, not by choice, but so that I can pay to keep my Father's house. I know you must be busy, being Black Ops. But I plan on leaving him at the orphanage down the road under your name. If and when you get some time, you'll need to come and collect him."

    Blaine looked over, as Craig laughed joyously, lifting David into his arms. Blaine felt a pang of regret, knowing this was likely the last time the two would see each other. Blaine walked over, taking a seat gently next to Craig, who held David close.

    "Davy, this is Blaine." Craig said. "This is Daddy's boss."

    "Hiya Bwaine!" David said, holding his tiny hand out. "I'm David."

    Blaine gently held out his hand, the boy's tiny hand looked like a quarter in his paw. Shaking it very lightly, Blaine nodded.

    "It's nice to meet you boyo, happy birthday."

    The rest of the night went on without a hitch, as everyone laughed, ate cake, and danced to kid music. When the night ended, Blaine and Craig said their goodbyes, as the door closed.

    Walking down the walkway, Craig paused for a moment his head in his hands.

    "I've tried everything Blaine. I just don't know what to do."

    "It's okay, I'll check up on him every month, when I can." Blaine said.

    "Thank you sir, for everything. Please, let me get you a drink at the nearby pub."

    Blaine nodded, how could he argue? The man was dying. The duo walked into the pub, as a red haired, bulky man walked over. Squinting one eye, he glared at Blaine for a moment.

    "Ye look especially like that Harlowe fella boyo. Ye tell yer old man that he owes me his tab."

    "Morgan?" Blaine asked Craig. "I look nothing like him."

    Craig ordered two beers, as the tender gave them their two mugs, as the two sat at a booth.

    "Actually sir." Craig said. "I did some research that night you broke the bed. I was up when you had said those things. You mentioned something about Iceman. That was our nickname for Lieutenant Coldwell. He died the day we rescued Morgan from a Insurrectionist invasion of New Alexandria, Reach."

    Blaine thought for a moment, as Craig raised the mug to his mouth.

    "I wanted to tell you this a while ago, but I wasn't sure until just now." Craig fiddled with his glass. "Morgan is your father, Blaine."

    "That can't be!" Blaine barked, looking towards the ceiling.

    "You say you came from an orphanage in New Alexandria, didn't you?" Craig asked. "And you have dreams of a bunch of ODSTs bickering over the 'ICEMAN'S' death?"

    Blaine ran his hand along his forehead, as he thought.

    "You do have a family, Blaine. Morgan never stopped checking up on you, until you disappeared."

    "But how does he not know now, if we look similar?" Blaine asked.

    "He's given up on the thought that his son is still alive, ever since you left that Orphanage he's thought you'd been dead. It wasn't until now that even I pieced it together." Craig coughed, using a napkin as a tissue, blood soaking the inside.

    "Should we tell him?" Blaine asked.

    "I don't know. Honestly, I think that might ease the pain, when he does find out that I'm dead. It'll be comforting to know that he has other biological relations in the squad. Y'see, Dick and Iceman were more than just good friends of Morgan, they were his cousins. Dick was the twin's Uncle, which makes Morgan their Uncle as well, making you their cousins." Craig explained.

    "What about you, if the entire squad is blood related, how exactly are you in the equation?" Blaine asked.

    "Believe it or not, but I'm Morgan's younger brother. I was born because of some mutation from an experimental cryo tube, which might actually explain my illness, but that's not important right now."

    "But your last name-"

    "Legally changed." Craig finished. "Happened well before Morgan discovered my true identity, after I got into a fight with your grand parents."

    "So- you're my Uncle?" Blaine asked.

    "Surprising, isn't it?" Craig smiled.

    "Then why call me sir?"

    "Well Jesus, calling you anything 'nephew' related would make me feel old. I'm not THAT old for God's sake!"


    "Interesting. So your squad was more than a mutual family, you all were, in some way or another, related?"

    "Yes." Blaine said, a single tear running down his cheek.

    "What happened next?" The ONI operative asked, finally breaking from his shell.

    Blaine opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.


    The next morning

    Blaine awoke, as Morgan, Phil, Josh, and Craig all slept in their beds, respectfully. Blaine stood, stretching, as he walked over to Craig's bed, the picture of him and David placed face down on the stand, a piece of paper beneath it.

    Blaine turned to look at the man's still form, and nudged him to wake up. Craig didn't move, as Blaine pushed a little harder, still, Craig did not move. Rolling Craig over, Blaine saw the red stain in the white sheets from where Craig's mouth had been. Looking at Craig's eyes, they were closed, gently, as if he was in peace.

    "C'mon Craig, wake up." Blaine said, gently shaking him. "That's an order!"

    Morgan woke up next at the noise, looking over at Blaine, Morgan stood as quickly as he could, rushing over to Blaine and Craig, as the twins awoke as well, running over.

    "He's... gone." Phil said. "There's a note under his picture."

    Blaine lifted the paper, setting Craig gently back down.

    "Dear friends-" Blaine started, reading through the letter.

    As you are reading this, it is slowly coming to you that I am no longer with you. Please, do not cry for me, and don't shed no tears. There is something I have kept hidden from you, and some parting words that I didn't have the courage to express in person. Instead, it is my wish that Blaine reads this aloud to all of you, so that you may take what he says more seriously.

    I was recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma, or Lung Cancer. You might be thinking there is treatment, not in my case. Regrettably, I had developed a more advanced case, and it was spreading fast. Almost as regrettable as me telling Blaine that I had three months, when they had actually given me no less than a week.

    There are some other things I thought you should know, but never really knew how to say them before, and on paper they might sound better. From a young age, I was known as Craig Harlowe, Morgan's younger brother, as I was also the twins' Uncle, just as Morgan is.

    Last night, when Blaine and I went to see David, we had decided to go to a bar for some drinks soon after. It was there that the bar keep, who had been familiar with Morgan, threatened Blaine to remind Morgan of his unpaid tab, mistakening Blaine as Morgan's son.

    After some careful observation, I have in fact proven that Blaine is indeed Morgan's long lost son. So, you old coot, you don't need to worry any more. I hope you two develop a relationship, as David and I once shared.

    You all, despite what we've said about each other, are and were my pride and joy. It's been one hell of a ride, and I know it's only just begun. Take care of one another, and I'll see you guys again one day.


    Morgan looked up to Blaine, who looked over to Morgan. The two exchanged a look of confusion, as the twins examined the both of them. Blaine stood, as Morgan did the same. Walking around to the edge of the bed, Blaine knelt down so Morgan could get a better look, and the more he looked into his Father's face, the more of himself he saw.

    Morgan held his arms out, as the two embraced in a hug.

    "So it wasn't just coincidence." Morgan said, tears rolling down his cheek. "You are my son."

    "Yes I am."

    "I never meant to abandon you. I never wanted to."

    "Well I'm here now, and I'm not going anywhere." Blaine said.

    For the remainder of the day, the group held a moment of silence for Craig. Josh, Phil, and Morgan telling Blaine stories of old, as Blaine finally opened up some of the stuff he experience in boot.

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    Chapter 8: Invasion

    " Your file reads of an op on Jericho VII?"

    "Right. My squad and I had gathered some intel from FLEETCOM on a well known Insurrectionist on the Planet causing some sort of distress. My squad was inserted under the cover of night to silence him."

    "It is also my understanding you gathered a new member of your team for the mission?"

    "Yes. Scott Stroud. A PFC with an ego so undoubtedly unmatched that even Menendez' over zealous words seemed like nothing."


    Two weeks after Craig's Death

    "Say Simmons, you ever wonder why we're here?" A Spartan in a yellow suit said to another one in a red suit.

    "Private Stroud." Captain Ford barked, as the Marine shut off his tablet.

    "Captain Ford sir!" Stroud stammered.

    "You're lucky son. Today you've been selected to join a top secret military squad." Ford said boldly. "Perhaps you can keep your cartoons on the side for Lieutenant Blaine. He's a patient man, but one can only take so much of that"

    "Aye aye sir!"

    "You'll be filling boots the rest of the squad would rather have left untouched. You'd best show some respect soldier, am I understood?"

    "Sir, yes sir!"

    "Then make your way down to the Barracks. You'll find it on the far side of the vehicle bay." Ford said, turning away as Stroud walked away. "-And son?"

    "Aye sir?"

    "Your headed to Jericho VII. Say hello to your family for me, got it?"

    "Sir, yes sir!"


    Blaine sat quietly on his cot, as Morgan fiddled with his bag pipes. Staring distantly off at the other bag pipe that lied on the cot next to the old man, Blaine didn't react when a new face entered the room.

    The cocky teenager glared at Blaine for a brief moment, before turning his eyes over to Morgan, who looked up at the newcomer. The young soldier snapped to a crisp salute, as Morgan held a confused look on his face.

    "Lieutenant Blaine sir! It's an honor serving under you!" The boy replied to Morgan's face. "Your combat record is amazing! You took out freaking MENENDEZ for God's sake!"

    "Yes, yes I did." Morgan said, playing along, as Blaine pulled out his knife, sharpening it on his shoulder plate of his armor.

    The young ODST glared at Blaine again for disturbing him when he talked.

    "Looks to me like the silent robotic giant has a problem with me already." The boy scoffed. "Suck it up man. You know ODSTs are better."

    Josh stifled a laugh, as Phil stared wide eyed with his mouth gaping. Morgan paused for a second, as Blaine remained motionless, his helmet masking his malicious grin from view. It was anyone's guess as to what he was thinking.

    "I think I hurt the freak's feelings." The kid grinned, turning to Morgan once more. "Private Scott Stroud, at your command!"

    "So, you're our new squad-mate?" Blaine asked, interests peaked.

    "Shhh! The real men are talking." Scott replied, turning to Josh and Phil. "Sorry you guys have to put up with this weirdo."

    Scott once again turned to Morgan, puzzled.

    "Lieutenant, why won't your talk to me?" Scott asked, as Blaine stood behind the young ODST, towering high over the young man.

    "Because that isn't Lieutenant Blaine." Blaine replied, Scott gulped, turning around, meeting face to face with Blaine's chest plate. "I am."

    "Nice knowing ye Scotty!" Phil howled with laughter, as the ODST tried to run, Blaine grasping him by the shoulders.

    "Lemme go! I'm sorry!"

    "Not yet yer not." Blaine said. "Seeings how you like to talk trash about me and my Spartans, you get the honor of cleaning the latrines."

    Placing his boot to the boy's rear, Blaine kicked gently, as the ODST lurched forward. Turning to run, Blaine pulled his pistol out and clicked off the safety.

    "Y'see boyo. You've joined a Black Ops squad. We get free reign over UNSC space, without incident. If there is one thing I hate more in this world than an Insurrectionist, it's an over zealous ODST who talks shit and then flees. In short, if you even try to abandon me or my men, I will end you." Blaine growled. "I'm a very patient man, but I will not tolerate the endangering of my team, even if it comes from within the team itself. Deserting my squad will be seen as an action of endangering my team, and I will protect my men, whatever the cost."

    "Look man, I didn't mean it."

    "Morgan's been chowing down on the enchiladas, if I were you, I'd get a gas mask and some rubber gloves before Blaine decides to make you do it without either." Phil said. "And don't think he won't hold true. Blaine always keeps his word."

    Blaine looked at the clock on the wall, as the seconds ticked by, he counted down from five. Scott jumped in place, rushing straight for the latrines.

    "We'll make a S.C.O.R.E soldier out of you yet boyo." Blaine grinned, lazing back, continuing to sharpen his knife.

    "I gotta say." Josh said. "That was a bit badass, the 'tough guy' act you pulled there."

    "Don't let him know that." Blaine grinned. "Kid's more timid than a fat kid at a photo booth."


    Scott growled, sitting on the patio chair in the diner by Morgan, Phil, and Josh. They were all dressed as civilians, as they looked around, their comm. devices in their sunglasses.

    "Nice weather today boyo." Morgan nodded. "Eagle's will be soaring, don't ya think?"

    "What?" Scott hissed.

    "Shut up." Josh growled, then whispered. "Eagle is Blaine's designation. Morgan is asking if Blaine is in position."

    "Eagle has landed for the day." Blaine called back. "I'm on the hill, about five Klicks out of town. I can't get a visual, do you see the target?"

    "No." Josh answered, looking at Morgan to avoid suspicion. "Too windy."

    "I hate to interrupt." Phil interjected. "Would any of you fellows like some soup?"

    Scott and the boys peered into the store, where the target, surrounded by two body guards, ordered something from the store.

    "I don't have a clean shot, but as soon as he opens that door, it's order up."

    "No thanks." Morgan shook his hands. "I'm just enjoyin' the breeze boyo."

    "Same here?" Scott asked, as the others glared.

    "You either do, or you don't." Phil growled.

    "Lay off of him bro." A bystander said from the other table.

    "Take it easy boys, don't blow your cover." Blaine replied.

    "I'm sorry pal, that ain't any of your business." Josh spat. "Besides, the boy has a hard time deciding. We're just trying to get him to choose. You lay off."

    The bystander growled, then turned back to his girl.

    "Fine." Phil smiled fakely. "How about some cake?!"

    Scott looked over, the Bakery was linked directly with the diner, and the target would be lost from Blaine's vision if he entered it.

    "Cake is fine." Scott smiled, playing along.

    "C'mon then, let's pick out what kind you want." Phil said, as Josh and Morgan nodded.

    The two stood, as Phil wrapped his arm around Scott's shoulder.

    "Just play along. I know this is your first op, but if we don't get this guy, that will cause some massive trouble along the road." Phil hissed. "You're going to hate me for this, but-"

    The two had entered the Bakery, as Phil lashed out his right hook into Scott's jaw, placing the boy on his rear right in front of the door, where the target tried to get in. Diving on the kid, Phil lashed a few more punches, as the people around them rushed over to pull them apart. The target's body guards barreled through the door, as more people poured in from the diner to stop the fighting, or watch. The target munched on a piece of French bread, as the glass beside him shattered, a stream of blood pouring out of a hole in his head.

    Falling to his side, the two brawlers turned to the guards, whipping their open palms up and into their noses, breaking and killing the guards in a single swift motion. The mob of people panicked as they made their ways outside, running alongside the people to avoid the authorities. Morgan and Josh joined alongside them, as they made their ways into the woods to link up with Blaine.


    "Good work boys. Let's head back to the Pelican and-"

    A piercing sonic boom filled the air as a strange, Purple ship appeared above them.

    "Oh great." Phil growled. "Now we got the split-jaws coming to ruin such a great success."

    "Captain Ford, this is Lieutenant Blaine. A Covenant ship has taken up orbit above Jericho VII. We need reinforcements, ASAP!"

    " I hear you Lieutenant. I've notified the UNSC Iroquois, and the UNSC Santa Maria to assist. Suggest you keep your heads down until EVAC can arrive."

    "Negative sir. Covenant are deploying to the nearby city, we'll hold off the Invaders long enough for the Cavalry to arrive." Blaine replied.

    "We?" Josh grimaced. "We're not even armored for God's sake!"

    "There is a UNSC outpost not to far from here. You guys will work your ways there and suit up. Meet me in town when you're ready. I'm going to save as many people as I can in the mean time."

    Morgan shook his head, staring up at his son.

    "No son, I can't lose you twice." Morgan shook his head.

    "You don't worry about me." Blaine grinned beneath his helmet. "I'm a bloody Harlowe. We always persevere."
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    Stroud huh?

    Relation to Autumn by any chance?
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    All will be revealed when I get home from work Today.

    I'd also like to point out that this story only has a bit more to go. It's significantly shorter than the other variant, but the changes in the story will definitely help out in the future with Homecoming, Orion, Reclaimers, and Hunted.

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    Chapter 9: Knight in shining armor- well, sorta.

    Blaine trudged his way through the woods, as the others were making their way to the UNSC outpost nearby. Soon, he broke out of the forest, a small town in the distance. The Insurrectionists present already made themselves at home fighting the Covenant.

    For the first time in his life, his hatred for the rebels was quelched by a common enemy. In the distance, he could see a woman standing in the door of her home, as she rushed outside at the sight of the Iroquois' Pelican.

    "There they are!" The woman yelled in a hysterical fit of paranoia.

    Blaine sprinted down the hillside and towards the home, watching as the woman lifted a signal flare. Blaine yelled out for her to throw it, but it was too late. Blaine could see the air around the woman glimmer, as the cloaked Elite grabbed her by the throat.

    Blaine continued his sprint, the woman's daughter and husband watching from the door, the man pulling up a pistol. The bullets from his clip glanced off of the Elite's shield, as a blade of pure light flashed out from it's hand. Thrusting it forward, Blaine flinched as he watched the blade impale the woman, the beast tossing her corpse back at her family.

    Blaine watched as the girl, no younger than he, grasp at her throat,gasping for air. Suddenly she was above the ground again, and Blaine knew it was the Elite again. The man turned to fire his pistol. The creature's spare hand swatted him away, as it uncloaked itself, turning the girl to face the beast.

    It's reptilian eyes stared coldly into her soul, the four mandibles that formed it's mouth moved, as if it was breathing deeply. The same blade as before, stained with her mother's blood, flashed before her.

    Blaine closed the distance between them, as the girl closed her eyes, accepting her fate. She opened her eyes, Blaine's arm held the blade fast. Grinning from ear to ear, Blaine watched the Elite stare at him, dumbfounded.

    "Tiny, your not her type." Blaine chuckled. "Let me introduce you to a dear friend of mine. Note, she's kinda cold!"

    In a flash, Blaine drew his knife with his left hand, and plunged it deep in the beast's throat. Dropping the girl, the Elite gargled as it's purple blood gushed out of the mortal wound. In a final act of defiance, the beast swung it's fist, the blow connecting with Blaine's visor, cracking it. Veering backwards, Blaine was back on his feet, his unusually large knife still embedded in the beast's jugular.

    "You two make a nice couple, only till death do you part!" Blaine grunted, charging the beast.

    Blaine jumped, kicking his blade deeper into it's throat, The man and his daughter watching in awe. The beast swung it's sword, it's wheezing for life becoming lighter and lighter with each motion, until finally it fell backwards.

    "DAD, SIS!" A voice yelled from behind them, Private Stroud, his MA37 Assault Rifle flaring to life, the Grunts that came to assist the Elite yelling in pain as they fell to the ground.

    "Right then." Blaine spat, ripping his blade from the Elite's throat. "Don't call me, I'll call you."

    Turning to face them, the girl flinched when he walked over. He towered over her, looking down at her, she couldn't see anything past the visor, and he knew she was frightened.

    "Private Stroud." Blaine barked. "It's best if we get these two to the Evac, don't you think?"

    "Y-yes, you're right Sierra." Scott Stroud stammered.

    "Sorry we're late boss." Phil replied, gasping for air as he, Morgan, and Josh joined them. "Split-jaws attacked the compound. Stroud left in a hurry to meet up with his family."

    "Okay then." Blaine nodded. "You three will help Private Stroud escort Major Stroud and his daughter to the EVAC."

    "Aren't you coming?" The girl spoke up suddenly to Blaine, who stopped walking.

    Blaine paused, then looked over his shoulder.

    "Negative, there is more people in need of help. There are other Spartans on the ground now, I've got to help them. My men will protect you and your family."

    "Who are you?" She asked, stopping him yet again.

    "Lieutenant Blaine." Blaine replied. "That's all I'm at liberty to share ma'am."

    Blaine sprinted off, but not before his advanced hearing made out what she whispered next.

    "Thank you."

    Blaine nodded to himself, following the path of the Pelican in the air.

    "Kihad, you will be Green-1. Fred, I want you on Red-1." John barked. "Green team will help clear the civilians in the city. Red and Blue team will deliver the Lotus mines to the center of the city, find out why the Covenant is here."

    "-And what exactly did you have in mind for me?" Blaine asked them from behind, as the Spartans snapped backwards, their weapons trained on the tree he was hiding behind. "Olly Olly Oxen Free."

    The Spartans looked at each other, confused.

    "Lieutenant Blaine-115." Blaine said from behind the tree. "John?"

    Blaine turned from behind the tree, as the Spartans performed the Spartan smile, John walked up to him.

    The two held out their hands, shaking briskly.

    "Master Chief." Blaine grinned. "It's great to see you."

    "Likewise sir." John said.

    "Blaine!" Katie laughed, rushing over to him.

    "Sir, we need to move." Fred replied. "It's great to see you Blaine, but we do have a job to do."

    "Agreed." Chief nodded. "Blaine, can you join up with Green team? Help them exfil civilians?"

    "Whatever happened to having a spot on Blue Team?" Blaine chuckled. "It'll be a nice change of pace to work with other Spartans again."

    Katie hugged him, as he returned it.

    "I missed you." She whispered, holding him tighter.

    "I missed you too." He said.

    They separated, as she looked at his cracked visor.

    "Blaine, your helmet."

    "It's fine. A split-jaw was trying to choke out some poor civvie. I made sure he didn't, but I took a nasty blow to the face. I'll make it."

    "Move out Spartans." John said. "-And Blaine, it's great to have you back."

    "Glad to be back, John."
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    Chapter 10: Promotions anyone?

    Katie, Kihad, Louis, and Kayla stood before him, saluting him.

    "This is your guy's op." Blaine replied.

    "It's majority rules sir." Kihad replied. "We want you to be Green-1 for this mission. You always should've been."

    Blaine nodded, as he pulled his MA37 Assault Rifle off of his back, the Sniper Rifle he used to kill the Insurrectionist target directly beside that.

    "Green team, move out, double time!" Blaine barked, as the team headed back through the woods and to the City beyond.

    "You should know what Blue and Red teams are doing." Kayla said. "Red team is going to act as a diversion for both us and Blue team. Blue team is going to investigate the Museum of unknown artifacts deep in the city, hoping to find out why the Covenant are here. Then they're arming Lotus bombs. We'll need to be long gone before then."

    Blaine acknowledged the intel, crouching low as the team broke the tree-line, the city before them under heavy fire.

    "Despite Mendez' training, we need to spare the Innies." Blaine barked. "Don't fire on them unless they fire at you first."

    The green acknowledgement lights flickered from each member of his roster.

    "Blue-1 this is Green-1, over?" Blaine spoke.

    "Blue-1 receiving, what's your status?" John asked.

    "We've just made it into the City's limits. Innies and Covenant are going at it hard."

    "You know your orders Lieutenant, good luck." John replied.

    "FOLLOW THE OTHERS THAT LOOK LIKE ME!" Blaine barked to the civilians that rushed out of their homes.

    Katie and Blaine took cover behind a slightly broken jersey barrier.

    "Hang on, I got to reload!" Katie stated, removing the spent magazine from her weapon.

    Blaine nodded, peeking over the cover, a pink needle flashed by his helmet. Aiming his sniper rifle, he lined the bird like sniper in his reticule. His round flew true, as the bird's fragile head exploded into a shower of blue blood.

    "KEH-BOOOOM!" Blaine celebrated, as the Elites and Grunts fired on them.

    "Y'know, I wouldn't consider this much of a first date." Katie said sarcastically, peeking over the cover, pulsing her Assault Rifle.

    "I've been away." Blaine grinned.

    "You didn't call, and you sure as hell didn't send flowers." Katie grimaced as her partial magazine expired, the gun clicking.

    Blaine reached into his ammo pouch and handed her a fresh one. She took it graciously, clacking it into the chamber before standing and riddling the remnants of the Covenant clear off of the street.

    "That will do." Katie said, patting him on the shoulder. "You really know what the ladies like."

    "Right." Blaine said. "Green three and four, status?"

    "This is Kihad, extraction is as complete as it's going to be! Covenant Corvette popped just above the city limits, Blue team's about to arm the bomb!"

    "Wilco." Blaine nodded, turning to Katie. "It was really great seeing you guys. Hopefully next time will be under different circumstances."

    "We can only hope." Katie said, pausing. "Your tone tells me you aren't coming?"

    "I'm still with S.C.O.R.E." Blaine grimaced. "That, and I finally found my father. He's a part of my squad."

    "That's great." Katie clenched her fists. "I don't know about my parents."

    "We'll find them, when all of this is over."

    "Don't make a gal a promise, if you won't keep it." Katie replied, hugging Blaine briskly. "I'd head out if I were you, the bomb will clear this-"

    "HEY BOSS!" Phil's voice echoed into his ear piece. "Stroud family is safely on board, Morgan, Josh and I came back to get you! Pelican inbound!"

    Blaine looked up, as the Pelican made it's descent. Blaine looked over to Katie, who nodded.
    Morgan blowed away on his bagpipes, playing Amazing Grace, regrettably the only song he actually knew how to play.

    "Can't you knock it off old man?!" Josh hissed. "I've heard enough of those things to last a life-time!"

    "Son, these are your heritage, and when I die I'll have ye two inheritin' these, got it boyo?"

    "I don't want your stupid Scottish version of a Vuvuzeulla!"

    "Shut the hell up and just ignore it if it's bothering you." Blaine growled. "I actually kind of like it/"

    "Y'know, ever since you've discovered Morgan was your father, you've been kissing his hairy old ass!"

    "I ain't old!" Morgan growled, but then snickered. "And how exactly would you know that anyways?"

    "Never mind." Josh huffed, storming out of the room.

    "WATCH IT!" Blaine heard Josh spit the phrase outside. "God damned freak always on my ass about everything..."

    Morgan shrugged, continuing his symphony, before he paused, having heard something. Shaking off, he turned to Phil.

    "How can you NOT like this anyhow?!" He asked, continuing to blare the instrument.

    "Guess you're a freak if you don't!" Blaine's voice boomed in laughter. "You boys sit tight. I've got to check with the Captain-"

    Secretly, he had heard someone enter, and these days, you really couldn't be too sure.

    Blaine turned out of the room, the door at the far end of the hall left ajar. It lead to the squad's weapon cache. Squinting his eyes, he had his hand on his pistol, continuing his stride to the end of the hall. Pausing just before the exit to their special wing of the ship, Blaine ripped the door open, pointing his pistol at the silhouette's face.

    Quickly he flicked the light on, and he froze. His large jaw grinded together, it was the same teenager girl from earlier, no younger than he. He pondered what she was doing, his cool blue eyes staring into hers. Approaching her, he put the pistol back on his hip, grasping her by the wrist.

    "Alright, up you come." He grinned, as she tried to struggle, his strength overwhelming. "Calm down there, I just want to talk."

    He paused for a minute, then his eyes flickered.

    "The pistol. Sorry about that. With what I've had to deal with, you NEVER know what lies on the other side of the door. You're that girl from earlier, the one that danced with the split-jaw."

    She didn't respond, only watched, which partially annoyed him

    "What were you thinking?" He asked, curious, releasing his grasp. "If you got found here, you'd-"

    Before he could finish, she bolted from the room and out the door behind him, where Josh stood there, glaring at Blaine.

    "See, this is why we can't have nice things. The big oaf scared her away!" Josh growled, as Morgan shook his head, having heard the commotion.

    "Josh, she's a teen fer Christs sake. Yer an adult!"

    "He's got a point bro." Phil replied.

    "Sometimes I wonder if our parents only SAID I was your twin. 'Cause I'm fairly certain I was adopted, prick." Josh growled.

    "Why is he a prick? You fuckin' pedo." Blaine shook his head.

    "She looked a little more mature than that." Josh shrugged. "At least I can admire a lady freely, ain't that right freak?"

    "Shut the fuck up, or I'll give Stroud a break from the latrines and have YOU do it."

    The room in ONI was dark, as the pale white fellow sitting in the back, his shades covering his eyes, rapped his fingers on the desk.

    Blaine was not concerned by this operative, but rather the man sitting next to him.

    "Spartan, your work today has instilled great credit among the Spartan's good record. Not only did you take down yet another high-ranking Insurrectionist leader, but you have saved many lives during the Invasion of Jericho VII. While your efforts to protect the entirety of the Colony did not go as we would have hoped, it is still a time to rejoice the amount of civilians you were able to save." Admiral Terrance Hood said.

    "You have our thanks, Spartan." Hood continued. "From this moment, you will be known as the first Spartan in history to breach the Officer's ranking. You are hereby a Captain in the UNSC Navy, congratulations son."

    Blaine saluted the Admiral, as he turned to leave, the Operative stood.

    "You, abomination, our engineers have a reward for you on sub-level II. Afterwards, I want a full report on the events of your time at S.C.O.R.E, because it's disbanded."

    "What?!" Blaine growled.

    "It's true, I'm afraid. The Insurrectionists just aren't a part of our current worries. It's all about the Covenant now. You'll be conscripted back into the main military, your days as a ONI Operative are at an end." Hood replied. "Death could've worded it better though."

    "Anything else I should know?" Blaine asked. "Sir?"

    "Captain Ford would like a word with you after you've received your reward. Go now Spartan, allow us to talk."

    "Yes sir." Blaine saluted once more, walking out the door.


    "Spartan!" One of the engineers rushed over to him. "We're glad you showed up! We have a new model of Mjolnir, fresh off the line! Have a look!"

    Blaine looked at the different selections of Helmet on display for his choosing. One of them flashed yellow, saying it required service in ONI's private military. Clicking on it, the helmet choice was selected, and the cabinet before him opened up with the complete armor he was given.


    "We'd also like the time to tell you the new features your suit has, including shield systems, like that of the Elites you've fought." The Engineer said. "I'll explain the rest while our machine suits you up."


    "So now I've been caught up to current events?" The Operative asked Blaine, who nodded.

    "Yep, now you know everything you need to know about me."

    "It's been an interesting tale, I must admit."

    "So, are we done here?" Blaine asked. "We've been keeping Captain Ford waiting long enough."

    "I agree. But before you go, I have a combat AI for you. He's a little hot headed, but he can get the job done."

    Before Blaine, a man in a toga with a lightning bolt in his right hand appeared before Blaine, his onyx black beard billowing in a simulated wind.

    "Greetings mere mortal!" The AI replied. "I am the all powerful Zeus! I shall stand by your side!"

    "That's great to hear." Blaine smirked, taking the chip from the Operative, plugging it into the back of his helmet.

    "Spartan, it's urgent that I talk to you!" Ford barked in his ear, as Blaine charged out of the room.

    "You did well Codename ATLAS." A calm and collected voice said from behind the operative. "But now you know too much, and I have the data I need."

    Before Atlas could react, the silenced pistol fired, and he was dead before his head hit the table.

    "This is Death." Death said, placing a finger to his ear. "We have all the necessary data on the Spartan II's. Begin Operation: Prometheus."

    "Last I checked, I still call the shots around here Death. But you've done a fine job, brother. Come back to the HeadQuarters immediately, you're job is not yet done. "

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    Epilogue: Homecoming

    “Menendez, Dewinter, and Mienkov are all dead sir.” Kristopher stammered, the dim lighting of the boss’ room causing him to tremble. “I was told to send the message, otherwise they would have killed me.”

    “You did the right thing child.” The shady man in the chair replied. “Tell me, did you come alone?”

    “Y-yes I did.” The boy grinned.

    “Kristopher, you are my faithful henchman. You are my go to guy to get things done, and I always trust your better judgements.” The shady man grinned, the glare of light off of the man’s shades intimidated the boy. “I would trust you with my life.”

    Kristopher, who had been on his knees, smiled and nodded, bowing to the boss. The boss man grinned again, chuckling only slightly as he nodded his head. Kristopher gasped as a very thin piece of wire was wrapped around his throat, a plastic bag placed over his head.

    His lungs screamed for air, the more he gasped for air, the more the plastic constricted. Tears flowed down the young man’s cheeks as the man bent over, looking him in the face.


    “Like I said, I trust you with my life.” The man smirked, patting the young boy’s shoulders.

    All of the guardsmen in the room didn’t flinch as the ensuing gunshot echoed across the small room. The shady man observed his kill, Kristopher’s brain matter and bits of his skull trapped inside of the plastic.

    “But I can’t let you lead Blaine to me.” The shady man growled, ripping the boy’s jacket apart, the tracking signal in his hands.

    Whistling, the boss crushed the tap in his gloved hand, as the guardsmen rushed to their bunkers.

    “Let’s pack it up people, we’re going to Reach!” The boss grinned maliciously. “I have unfinished business there.”


    "You needed me Captain?" Blaine asked.

    "It's Reach son." Ford replied, bowing his head in shame. "She's under attack."

    "Then we should have been there YESTERDAY!" Blaine barked, as the men of the bridge looked at him. "I'm sorry."

    "No it's quite alright." Ford replied. "You've been promoted to Captain, and it's about time I took Major Stroud's example and call it quits before these Aliens get the better of me."

    "I don't understand."

    "The Breaking the Ice is yours now Captain. I'm retired, as of right now." Ford replied with a grin. "Can you find your way home again?"

    "Sir, yes sir." Blaine saluted Ford, who returned it. The two shook hands, as the old Captain waved to his men, who gave him the respectful staff synchronized salute.

    "Orders sir?" The Ensign replied, turning to Blaine.

    "Take us home." Blaine replied, clenching his fists. "Take me home."
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    Operation Promethus?

    Is that what I think it is?
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    Depends, what do you think it is?
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    Shad0wChas3r wrote:Depends, what do you think it is?
    Something to do with the PMC that will later go on to be named "The Legion of War"?

    Wait no. It can't be. 2552 is kinda late to JUST be collecting info on the Spartan IIs. The Fall of Reach (which I assume is the next part in Blaine's story), happens then.

    So I'm stumped.

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