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    Practice Stuff.

    Bad John
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    Practice Stuff.

    Post  Bad John on January 27th 2014, 1:00 am

    Alrighty. This is just a spot for me to practice with random writings to get back in the swing of writing.

    Feel free to do the same on this thread. Old ideas that you thought were good, but don't really fit into your story, old story notes, that kinda stuff.
    Bad John
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    Posts : 1223
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    Perfect Shot.

    Post  Bad John on January 27th 2014, 6:48 pm

    John braced himself, lifting his hand. He forced his fingers into hull of the Blaine's personal ship, as the wind harmlessly carved around his suit. He could hear it howling, along with the dull thuds and loud pops of enemy fire.

    The brown Freelancer pulled himself up. "Blaine! Palmer! Can I get anything from you big-shots?! I'm in position!!" John shouted loudly into the wind, frustrated beyond belief. "This is RETARDED. Not, like, 'reluctant hero' retarded, or 'this is still kinda awesome' retarded. This is just plain I DON'T WANT TO BE DOING THIS retarded."

    ADM. Blaine: Captain, quit complaining. We have reports of a breach. An Elite Ranger trying to board the Infinity. If WE fire on him, we might damage the Infinity, or cause confusion. I'm going to pull the ship in close, and you're going to cap him.
    John rolled his eyes. "Yeah yeah. Roger that, Commodore." He braced himself, and looked down the length of the Aura of Armageddon. His best bet was going for the left thruster.

    ADM. Blaine: That's Admiral, jackass! Now be careful! We're listing starboard to avoid incoming fire!
    "Incoming fi-" Before John could vocalize his concern, he could see the corvette in front of the Aura. His spartan eyes could see the tiny flashes of Torpedos being let loose.

    The ship tilted, nearly making the Spartan lose his footing. He tumbled after a moment, and broke into a sprint. ONE of those shots was going to hit home near him.

    BOOOOF!! The shot struck just above him, singing his armor and tossing him across the hull. The heat and disorientation and noise nearly got the best of him. "AAAAAAAAAH!!"

    He rolled, and landed with his arm dangling off the sheer edge of the ship. "Dodge better, Blaine!"

    The Aura tilted under him, and the dazed Freelancer slid off of the ship. "SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT" John's arm shot out, and seized one of the service ladder rungs.

    In his panic, he spotted his target. Without thinking, he drew his gun. A high calibre K-5 magnum, it had much more kick than the standard issue M6. The distance wasn't an issue.

    The elite ranger, a quarter mile from him, was latched to the Infinity. A plasma saw in hand, it sliced into the tough hide of the ship.

    The Freelancer took aim, slowly leading his shot with one hand. He could hear the direction and speed of the wind, his arm moving centimeter by centimeter.

    "Hey hey hey~...." John aimed, humming to himself. "You're in my sights bitch, you're not getting awaaaaaaay~." He admired the weight of the gun, as he tilted slightly up, to avoid bullet drop.

    The Spartan felt time slow as he put his finger on the trigger, and squeezed twice, the reverberation of the hand cannon snapping the gun back with each pull.

    POP. POP. Two, just to be sure.

    He watched the elite for a few seconds, as the bullets curved through the air.

    The first shot hit home, blasting the top of the elite's head off. The second sliced through the sangheili's neck, spraying purple blood. The ranger's grip on the ship was released, and it fell rapidly below, the limp body tumbling down towards the brown, battle-roasted fields below.

    "Friggin' perfect." John holstered his gun, still hanging from the service ladder with one arm. "Admiral!! The infiltrator is DOOOOWN. Confirmed kill."

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