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    Heaven's Blight *Halo Oneshot*

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    Heaven's Blight *Halo Oneshot*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 8th 2013, 9:59 pm

    This one-shot is based off of the feelings of desperation that should have been felt when I wrote Homecoming the first time. I won't say much, but this is from the point of view of a young farmer on Reach during it's inevitable Fall; Gáspár Kardos *Yah-sper Car-dose*
    "Gáspár Kardos! Ébredj testvér! A Moas szükség a kezelés!" János, his brother, called to him. "Gyere te lusta Gueta! Kelj fel!"

    Gáspár sighed, following his brother's advice. Yawning deeply, his textbook fell onto the floor, his brother's disapproving gaze shattering any last defenses he had.

    "Azt olvastam, hogy a szemetet, mintha a reggeli újságot! Az UNSC nem jelent semmit, de kár, hogy az emberek szerint ez vasmarokkal, ugyanazok az emberek, hogy megígérte, hogy megvédje!" János spat, irritated at his brother.

    János was a firm follower of the Insurrectionist movement, and Gáspár knew exactly why. Their mother had been shopping around New Alexandria quite a few years ago, suddenly the Insurrectionists of the area roared to life, and the entire city had been engulfed in the war. The UNSC had come in to quell the act of rebellion, and their mother had been regrettably been shot and killed in the cross fire.

    "Függetlenül attól, hogy mit gondol, az angol a szükséges nyelvet tanulni, különösen, ha nagy leszek, hogy egy üzletember, mint az apja. Nem lehet kereskedni az UNSC, vagy sem, hogy a munkatársak nem megfelelő angol." Gáspár grit his teeth, shaking his head angrily. "-És kívánom, hogy beszélni, amennyire csak lehetséges ebben a pillanatban. Tudom, hogy tudod a nyelvet is, különben apa nem visz magával az ő utak."

    "Fine." János growled, despising himself for stooping to their level. "But only for the sake of Father's business."

    "Although you shouldn't be quick to judge anyways brother," Gáspár replied with a nod. "The UNSC is our mean of income, and whether or not you like it, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. You've heard the rumors of aliens killing entire colonies."

    "Myths- brother. Things parents teach children like you to prevent misbehaving." János sighed sternly.

    "I'm eighteen János," Gáspár shook his head. "I am not a child. Besides, you're only a year older than me!"

    "Yes, but you act completely immature." Janos shrugged. "You still believe in super-heroes..."

    "The Spartans are NOT simply Super-heroes." Gaspar remained ragged. "You heard what Old man Barnabás said about Menachite mountain."

    "What? The legend of the Spartans, forged by the fires of the everlasting sun, with the strength of a hundred Gueta, and the intelligence of a super computer? That when the first was born, Menachite Mountain split down the center?!"

    "He said he saw one sparring with another in the forest while he was out hunting for boars. When one of them kicked the other in the chest, one of them was sent flying through a thick oak tree, and even SPLINTERED it." Gaspar replied, a twinkling in his eyes.

    "He also said that they had suits made of olive green, yellow face plates, and stood like giants among men." Janos sighed. "They were probably those scum ODSTs on a training mission. He's lucky they didn't kill him, Menachite mountain is completely prohibited."

    Realizing they were late to the fields due to their argument, Janos growled, glaring at his younger brother.

    "Well great, Father will be home in a few minutes, and we haven't even begun our chores!" Janos grit his teeth. "Now we can't even have breakfast. C'mon then."

    Rushing down the stairs, Janos and Gaspar prepared for their morning chores by retrieving their haying pitch-forks, their twine-rope, and of course, their straw hats. Breathing deeply into the valley's abundance of fresh, country air, the two brothers stepped out into the world, confused completely by the lack of their neighbors.

    "You see Gaspar?! Everyone has begun their day but us!" Janos sternly replied. "Let's see if anyone is at the barn, shall we?"

    Gaspar reluctantly nodded, as the pair ran up the hill towards the barn, where their Moas had been originally stored. Gaspar pulled the wooden doors open, flabbergasted by what he noticed.

    "None of them are here!" Janos' blood began to boil, his knuckles turned white, popping as he clenched his fists. "FASZ!!"

    Turning on his heels, Gaspar glanced in the distance, one of their Moas, grazed on one of their round hay bales.

    "Something's not right." Gaspar replied. "We locked this barn up last night, but no-one's around. In the fields, in the barn, no-where."

    Upon further examination, he saw a still figure lying in the grass by the hay bale, the omnivoric Moa was actually peeling some flesh off of the corpse.

    "Janos." Gaspar replied bluntly. "We'd better get inside- now."


    "That's Alexander down in the field. He's not moving- and.... I think he's dead." Gaspar stumbled backwards, as something flickered in the distance near the body, the Moa's head freshly slagged off of it's neck by an invisible thing. "We need to hide!"

    "You aren't scaring me Gaspar." Janos chuckled. "Next thing I know, you'll tell me some convoluted story that aliens actually exist!"

    "Janos!" Gaspar growled, turning his brother's head to face the previously living Moa. "Cindy had her head just five seconds ago. Moa heads don't roll off of the neck of a Moa for no apparent reason!"

    Janos' eyes widened at the sight, he had seen her, living her life like it was 2499. Thunder cracked in the skies as a UNSC aircraft descended into the valley. Gaspar couldn't make out the passengers, but if the UNSC was coming by air, something wasn't right with the world.

    Janos hurried Gaspar inside, as they shut the barn door together. The two brothers panicked as a thumping accompanied the door promptly after they had closed it. Janos grasped Gaspar by the shoulders, looking deep into his eyes.

    "Meg kell rejteni, fogom tartani őket." Janos nodded towards his pitchfork. "Elrejtése a szellőztető akna, akkor nem találja ott. Hallgass testvére, és mondd atya szeretem. Én is szeretlek, testvér, soha nem felejtem el."

    Gaspar glanced over his shoulder at the ventilation shaft on the ceiling. Tears welled within his eyes, his brother had accepted his fate, but he could not come to terms with it. Shoving his younger brother towards the vent, Janos readied his weapon. Gaspar carefully tucked his thin form into the vent, closing the end of it up. Looking out of the grate, he heard the wooden door sizzle as something sliced down it's lock like butter.

    Covering his mouth, all he could hear was the thumping of hooves on the wooden floor, but nothing was to be seen. Janos stood rigid, refusing to show any signs of fear to the hidden entity. Suddenly, his pitchfork was batted aside with ease, as he clutched his throat, seemingly lifted into the air.

    Before his brother's eyes, Gaspar watched a bulky, scaly creature emerge from thin air. It stood easily three feet above his brother, whom already stood at a whopping five feet, seven inches. Shiny red and white armor adorned it's hunched back, and backwards legs. Two wispy horn-like protrusions gently bounced from it's helmet. Instead of a human face, the lizard-like creature had yellow eyes with a filmy skin flap to 'blink'. Instead of a mouth, four mandibles came together to form a mouth.

    Glancing with disgust at Janos, the beast clicked it's top pair of mandibles together with it's bottom pair before speaking in English, surprising enough to both brothers.

    "Disgusting filth, you show feign honor by pulling a primitive tool as a weapon. You should be elated to meet with my blade! There were two of you here, where is the other Imp, so that I might chase him down and give him a warrior's death?!"

    "Baszd meg, gyík rohadék!" Janos replied, as the creature paused for a moment, as if something was translating what he said. "Nem fogok beszélni!"

    "Suit yourself, vermin." the beast scoffed, readying a small blue blade attached to it's wrist armor.

    Using the same hand whose wrist contained the blade, the beast pulled Jano's tongue from his mouth. Slowly pulling the blade down on top of it. Gaspar felt sick to his stomach as his brother's tongue sizzled from the hot plasma energy, the screams of torture echoing through the barn and into the valley beyond.

    Tossing his older brother towards the wall in front of him, the beast reached for the pitchfork Janos had planned to attack it with. Janos plucked a small knife from his boot and charged the beast with a last hoorah, as the creature clasped the weapon. With one single, fluid motion, the pitchfork penetrated Janos' torso, as he was flung onto the far wall.

    The beast snorted it's disgust, as Janos attempted to move, but found himself unable to.

    "You fight like a rat, you have dishonored yourself and the one you mean to protect."

    "H-hey. I kept him away from you. You d-dishonored yourself by attacking a foe that was... severely... disadvantaged."

    The monster clenched it's fist with anger, as two others appeared behind it. Janos barely hanging on.

    "Lufniap dna wols htaed sih ekam lliw ew! Namuh rehto eht dnif!" it growled in it's native tongue.

    With that, the other two beasts disappeared again. Gaspar could hear them stomping on the ground beneath them, as the beast that did his brother in sniffed the air, chuckling to itself. Following the other two, it did not cloak, however.

    Janos weakly glanced over to make sure the beast was gone, as the stomping of all three creatures echoed in the distance. Gaspar attempted to move, as his brother slowly shook his head, blood rushing down the corners of his mouth, as he gulped unsteadily.

    "Legyen továbbra is testvér, ne hagyja, hogy megtalálják." Janos nodded to himself weakly. "Sajnálom, hogy valaha is kételkedtem benned. Emlékezz rám, emlékezz itt mindenki. Találjuk meg a módját, hogy küldje haza ezeket a szemeteket."

    Gaspar felt a warm torrent of tears wash down his cheeks as his brother's motions became lesser and lesser until finally, he stopped moving all together.

    "János? Testvére János?! Ó, kérlek Istenem, nem János!" Gaspar sobbed to himself.

    "Looks like they cut through here." a voice said in English, causing Gaspar to clam up, becoming rigid. "Emile, Kat, you guys take point. Jorge, Darryl, you guys are with me. Someone must know what's going on around here."

    Gaspar was tempted to jump out of the vent right then and there, assuming it had been a real human being there. But he was unsure, if the alien could translate Hungarian to it's own language, what was to stop it from making a vocal decoy. His right leg, however, cramped as he was forced to stretch. His leg slightly hit the side of the vent. Freaking, he continued to crawl along the inside of the vent, causing more and more noise.

    "Looks like we're not alone Noble." the same voice replied. "Jun, you getting a reading."

    "From this trajectory, it's hard to tell. But- Covenant troopers have been spotted outside of the vehicle. I'm guessing four, maybe five Skirmishers, a handful of Grunts, and a trio of Elites!"

    "What about the vents sir?" a deep voiced man asked.

    "Not now Jorge. We don't want a potential survivor coming out in a fire-fight. Let's move Noble team!"

    His heart racing, Gaspar collapsed, his vision becoming blurry. Out of the corner of his eye, he could barely make out a man, no taller than the beast that had killed his brother, run alongside another man about his height. Then, everything went black.


    "Look, all I'm saying is that everything here is a fluke. Reach is known for it's extremely wide-spreadviolent storms that could knock a relay out of service.We have no way of actually tellin-" the voice stopped as it got closer to his position.

    "Poor kid didn't actually stand a chance, átkozott." another voice cut in, filled with sorrow.

    "You know Hungarian, since the fuck when?" another voice replied. "I learn more and more about you every day sonny boy."

    "Uh, I've always known Hungarian dad. I mooched off of the streets of New Alexandria since I was five, and then I was trained many other languages during my training."

    "Huh, the more you know." a fourth voice joined the conversation.

    Gaspar was still unsure, but found himself clambering back through the vent back towards the grate, glancing down at the corpse of his brother, surrounded by a group of soldier. He counted three, but there had been four people talking. Suddenly, the metal beneath him buckled as a gloved hand shot up through it, causing him to jump. However, another hand burst through the vent behind him, as his entire panel was lowered to the ground.

    "Don't know how good you alien bastards are at playing dumb, but you have two choices. One, you come out and let us shoot you, or two, you prove to me that you aren't alien."

    "Beszélsz magyarul? Tagja vagyok ennek a gazdálkodó közösségek. A test a falon az én testvérem, János." Gaspar replied quickly, his nerves getting the better of him.

    "Well, I guess that works."

    "Shut up bro, he's probably scared to death."

    "Beszél ön angolul?" the same, commanding voice replied.

    "Yes." Gaspar replied. "I'm still learning, but I've gotten it pretty well down."

    "You can come out of the vent piece now, our safety's are on."

    Gaspar breathed deeply, as he finally revealed himself, crawling out of the piece of the vent that now rested on the floor. Standing, he dusted himself off, offering a hand as he turned around. What he had not been expecting, however, was that he was short, despite standing at six feet two inches, was the man completely towered over him, thick armor adorning the chest his eyes made contact with.

    Gasping, Gaspar stumbled backwards into a pile of square hay. He stared at the figure, as two of the other helmeted individuals shook their heads in silent laughter.

    "Gets me every time, I can't help it!"

    "Shut the fuck up Josh. This kid is scared out of his goddamn mind, he's probably never even SEEN a Spartan before."

    "S-Spartan?" Gaspar replied, standing with newfound morale. "So they do exist!"

    "I thought the Spartan project wasn't meant to be told by the general public." one of the other, none jokester's replied, turning to the older man, whom had taken off his helmet.

    "It was." the old man replied. "But Visegrad valley is not too far from Menachite mountain, which is where Castle Base is located. My brief knowledge, from what Blaine's told me, is that they trained there. Someone in this fellow's village must've witnessed a few, and named them according to old Greek Mythology."

    "That's exactly right." Gaspar replied with a nod. "Old man Barnabas spotted one, and told me and Janos-"

    Gaspar glanced quickly at his older brother's still form.

    "-Stories about the Spartans. My brother didn't believe."

    "Well I'm just about as real as the Barn we're standing in, barat." the Spartan replied. "Captain Blaine-115, UNSC Navy. The older man to my right is Morgan Harlowe, those two that refuse to show manners are Joshua Durgin and Scotty Stroud. The final member of our merry gang of misfits is Phil Durgin. Do with that information as you will."

    "I am Gaspar Kardos. I was a farmer here with my father and my brother."

    "I know this isn't news you're going to want to be hearin' boyo, but your village burned up some time ago. Something came through here and burnt them up. We think it's Insurrectionist-"

    "No." Gaspar replied, clenching his fists. "It was not them. It was these big, scaly creatures. They- they stabbed him with his own pitchfork, then mocked him for saving me."

    "Definitely those bulky split-jaw motherfuckers." Scott shook his head. "Sorry kiddo."

    "That means the Covenant is on Reach, and Noble team is likely walking into a trap at the relay station. Scott, Morgan, I want you two to accompany Gaspar to the Pelican. Tell the pilot to send you to Sword Base, you'll be safe there. Phil, Josh, and I will take the Falcon to the relay station. There's no use searching around here anymore, we have all the information we need to know." Blaine shook his head.

    Gaspar followed Scott and Morgan outside to the Pelican.

    "Please, hear my plea." Gaspar stated to Morgan. "Take me to the relay center. I know how to fire a weapon, and I want to help in any way I can, for Janos."

    Scott glanced over to Morgan, who scratched his beard, before replacing his helmet back on his head.

    "You're going to need some armor, boyo. There is a fresh suit in the Pelican's bay, you can put some on as we go. Blaine's going to be pissed with me, but I know what it's like to lose family during a war, it gets under yer skin. But you listen to everythin' I say, if I tell your ass to get down, ye get down. Got it?"

    Gaspar nodded a crisp acknowledgement, as Morgan clasped him on the shoulder.

    "That's a good kid. Welcome to the UNSC."



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Heaven's Blight *Halo Oneshot*

    Post  Manny on November 8th 2013, 11:25 pm

    It felt more... Scary, for lack of a better word, to see some farmers meet the Covenant in such a way. Especially when the Elites spoke in their native language so nice job there.

    But I can't help but feel I lost a lot of the story whenever they spoke Hungarian... (Since I don't know it).
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    Re: Heaven's Blight *Halo Oneshot*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 8th 2013, 11:39 pm

    Thanks for reading Manuel. I don't know Hungarian myself, I just used Google Translate. I tried to make hints to what they were saying, but I guess that kind of flopped.

    If you like Gaspar as a character, I might be inclined to make him return in the future of Blaine's revamped and finalized new story-line?



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Heaven's Blight *Halo Oneshot*

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