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    Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 6th 2014, 9:45 pm

    Chapter 9: Earth

    The Pelican descended on the loading dock of the Malte Station, for whatever reason, Blaine's crew, upon arrival into the Sol System, had been re-routed to docking on a different station.

    Stepping out of the Pelican, Blaine, Morgan, Josh, Scott, Gaspar, Phil, and Darryl made their way across the dock. Morgan halted all of a sudden, as Blaine paused along with him, Darryl let the ODSTs continue further, before joining Morgan on the other side.

    "There she is, boys." Morgan said, grimacing as he shook his head. "The wild blue yonder, the reason we risk our lives every day. It's only been a couple of months, but it feels like an entire lifetime since I've last seen her."

    "Yeah..." Blaine said quietly, as the image of Reach burning seeped into his mind's eye.

    "I know you aren't as attached to her as you were to Reach, sonnies." Morgan said. "But this... this is MY home. This is where your family originated, and this is where I will, one day, like to take my final breath."

    "Reach was home to us Spartans." Darryl said coldly. "But I'm sure Blaine was more concerned about the others than the sake of the Planet that housed us."

    "Settle down, Darryl." Blaine said, looking over the top of Morgan's head to his half-brother. "You're right, I'm worried sick about the others. But we got a job to do right now, that's what they'd want us to do."

    Morgan nodded, as Darryl and him followed the ODSTs that had long sense left, leaving Blaine to stare blankly at the giant blue sphere in front of him.

    "It's all done to this." Blaine shook his head. "Our last, true stronghold."

    Detaching himself from the observation window, Blaine strode behind the others, and into the Mess.


    Josh, Phil, Scott, and Gaspar slurped heavily on their food, relishing the warm food they had lacked on the last month or two they had been gone.

    Morgan sat there, awe-struck at the four shoveling down food, as he twirled his spoon in his hand. In the corner of the massive mess hall, Blaine and Darryl stood, arms crossed, with Autumn standing right between them.


    "Well, we can't really be harboring a civilian aboard my ship." Blaine grunted to Autumn. "Don't think I'm ungrateful for your attempts at bringing me back to life, Autumn, I really do appreciate it..."

    "-Then why not let me stay on board the Ice with you?" she asked with a pout. "You saw it for yourself, I can contribute."

    "Yes." Darryl replied stiffly. "But Blaine would be sticking his neck out, waiting for UNSC HIGHCOM to bring down the guillotine if he let a civvie take part in military action."

    "I didn't ask you." Autumn huffed. "I asked the man who RUNS the ship."

    Darryl stiffened, as Blaine quickly put a hand on Darryl's chestplate.

    "Harper asked me to send a member of the crew to this Station's bridge for roll-call. I choose you, that's an order."

    "Aye sir." Darryl growled, storming back through the door behind him.

    "Look, as angry as he gets, he holds a point." Blaine said. "I can't risk the sake of my crew and ship to let you get by without throwing your hat into the military. I'm already amazed ONI spooks haven't started asking me questions. If it's combat you are afraid of, then perhaps an office job at ONI is best for you. Even Medics may have to see combat on board my ship."

    "Fine." Autumn frowned. "But we can still be friends, right?"

    "Hey." Blaine chuckled heartily. "Just because you become a spook doesn't mean we can't be friends! Besides, as a Spartan Captain, I have to check in with ONI every time I so much as sneeze after an OP. I assure you, I'll be there to say hello every now and again."

    "Captain 115 and Lieutenant 116 to the dry dock. Repeat, 115 and 116 to dry dock."

    "Huh, I gotta go check that out." Blaine mused to himself, turning towards Autumn. "Go on and get some food from the line, eat with the others. Then you and Gaspar need to communicate with this station's recruitment officer, have Morgan and the others escort you. Tell them that I exempt Gaspar from training, as I will be doing so personally. After that, tell the others, Gaspar included, to link up with me at Cairo."

    Autumn nodded, as Blaine gingerly placed a hand on her shoulder.

    "It'll be fine, I used to be ONI." Blaine nodded. "Just tell the officer that I personally recommend you, you have fantastic organization and confidence. They'll need that for a desk job."

    With that, Blaine turned around and walked off towards the dock once more, Darryl eventually catching up to him.


    "Captain Blaine-115 and Lieutenant Darryl-116, someone requested our.." Blaine said as they walked into the room.

    Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his torso, holding him firmly in a bear hug.

    "BLAINE 115!" Katie yelled at him, unyielding to her vice grip. "How dare you leave without saying goodbye, or a status check!"

    Blaine stood there, completely frozen, as he returned the hug.

    "Katie." Blaine fell to his knees, as the two continued. "I got worried sick after I woke up off planet."

    Blaine looked up at her, as her red eyes glanced down at him, as she too sunk down to her knees.

    "What happened to your face?" she asked brashly, chuckling on top of her somewhat silent sobs.

    "A firm reminder that I'm not invincible against impossible odds." Blaine said, resting his chin on her shoulder. "How is everyone?"

    Katie stopped for a second, squeezing him harder as he felt her tears roll down his cheek. He didn't need her to speak to get the message she was trying to convey to him.

    It wasn't good.

    "They-they all are gone." Katie said, as shivers ran the length of his spine and up. "Over three hundred, gone in the matter of a few days."

    Blaine's eyes opened wide, as he stared out into the deep of the void. Kihad, Erin, Jorge, John, Kelly, Fred, all of the Spartans he had grown up and known... gone. It was just him, Kelly, and Darryl, the last Spartans of the Spartan II program.

    "We were lucky." a familiar voice said, walking over towards them. "But sometimes, I really wish we had been there with them."

    "We had a job to do Kelly." Fred's all too familiar voice interjected. "There is nothing we can do now but mourn for our fallen."

    Blaine stood, helping Katie off of the ground, as he glanced over at the other two. Turning back to look at Darryl, he realized that, out of the three hundred someodd kids he had been raised and trained with, these four were the only family he had left from that time.

    "I heard John and Linda were the only survivors from Blue team." Darryl replied. "When I was serving with Noble Team at Sword Base, and if I read the roll-call correctly, John is over on the Cairo now. Which reminds me, Captain, Lord Hood is expecting you."

    Blaine and Katie released each other, before nodding amongst themselves.

    "What about you three?" Blaine asked. "Where will you go?"

    "Well." Katie shook her head. "I am filing to transfer to the Ice, but that's going to take some time."

    "And Fred and I will be going with Doctor Halsey, she has something she needs to do. She won't tell us much, but I trust her. We have Linda with her now, and some Spartan, guess his name is Jun or something. Not one of us."

    Blaine smiled, despite the fact he hated the nasily sounding Spartan, he was glad to at least know that he had survived, and protected the Doctor as well.

    "Darryl, tell the others to link up Cairo station ASAP." Blaine replied. "Katie, you might as well come with me, perhaps we can talk about that transfer. Fred, Kelly, please, be safe."

    "You too, Captain." Kelly nodded, performing the Spartan smile.


    [Hours Earlier]

    Holy Crucible

    High Charity

    "There was nothing I could do, Noble hierarchs." Anch I'bortee grunted, bowed with his right arm along his chest.

    "Blasphemy!" the holy, praised, powerful-yet-frail Prophet of Regret yelled from in front of him.

    "Hold your tongue, Regret, and allow the Field Marshal to continue." Mercy hissed from beside him.

    "I was, at the time, charged by Fleet Master Vadumee to disengage any remaining defenses on the Human world to prevent a Human ship from escaping." Anch continued. "My Zealots and I were successful for but a brief moment, in keeping the Human anti-air turret disabled long enough for the Over Zealous Worshipper to make an assault on the Human's last ship."

    "So what was it that prevented you from COMPLETING your duties, Field Marshal?!" Regret spouted, as Mercy waved his arm again, Regret quieting down.

    "Yes, please explain to the Counsel what possibly could have stopped you and a squad of five specially trained Zealots to fail a simple operation such as defending a Human stronghold?"

    "It was not quite as simple as you would expect, hierarch." Anch bowed further. "Thel Vadumee made mention of the Demon, the armored Human that destroyed a sacred ring. My mission on the Human planet was thwarted by a team of them. Throughout my entire campaign on that Planet, it appeared the Demons countered every step of my infiltration tactics. One in particular, one in red and blue armor, was the biggest problem I faced."

    "Surely a Sangheili of your size and experience could have bested this Demon?" Truth asked, finally speaking up. "Explain to us why that was not so."

    "Noble hierarchs, the numbers were scaled against me. It was three to one, and had the have killed me, my mission would still be deemed a failure. Rather, I severely wounded one, and relocated to retaliate at a later time."

    "But this caused numerous others to die in the repercussions of your actions, Field Marshal. All because you feared one... Spartan." Truth growled.

    "I did NOT fear him, Hierarch!" Anch growled, standing, as the counsel fell into a fit of rage. "But to have me die there, especially knowing he would be severely disadvantaged when his ship left, it would be a fools gambit to not ambush him later."

    "Which is what Field General O'ohamee claims you had the chance to do, but something possessed you to spare the Demon, and instead you fled from then. How say you? What POSSIBLY could have wrought about THIS cowardice?!" Regret growled.

    "HERETIC, HERETIC, HERETIC!" the counsel behind him cheered, as a massive Brute Chieftain in the distance chuckled to himself.

    "Little did I anticipate that the Human would have reinforcements, especially with the Fleet Master's forces above, I wouldn't have expected yet another Human ship to be able to appear within the Planet. One of the Human's drop ships descended and placed fire on me and my troops. A hasty retreat was in order." Anch replied, bowing once more. "I apologize for my outburst, Hierarchs, but if you will permit me, I shall claim my victory!"

    "No." Truth shook his head. "For it is the counsel's deeming you unfit to wear that harness further with your lack of honor. You claim to have placed a tracking device on the human's armor, if you wish to redeem yourself, you will track him down, with a lone Space Phantom, and you shall finish what you started, or die. For added security, we have rigged a bomb somewhere on board that Phantom, attempts to fool with it, or jumping out of the area in cowardice will result in it's explosion and your complete humiliation."


    Blaine held up the new Recon helmet, as it glimmered in the light.

    "I know it's not much Captain, but it's a little thank you from me to you." the armory bay's head sergeant nodded. "You're suit has been booted up to the Mark Six upgrades. Just got them from Songnam this mornin'. You weren't the only Spartan to get it though, I saw this real quiet fellow, Master Chief I think his name was, was just through here."

    "Thanks Guns." Blaine nodded, as the Sergeant replied with a curt nod. "Take good care of Darryl's suit. He likes to tinker, and would be really pissed if you messed with his modifications.

    Blaine worked his way to the service elevator, taking it down a few floors before glancing ahead of him. Before him, a man in pure white clothes stood beside another Spartan in olive green armor.

    "There room for one more on this train?" Blaine asked, approaching, as the Green armored Spartan turned.

    "Captain, sir." John replied quietly, offering a hand. "It's good to see you again, sir."

    "Likewise, son." Blaine chuckled. "When will you stop calling me sir all the time?"

    "When he finds out that a suit of armor isn't proper for an awards ceremony." the man beside John scoffed before saluting him. "Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, UNSC Marine. Pleasure to meet you sir."

    "At ease, Sarge." Blaine replied. "You'll find I'm a bit less formal than the rest of the commissioned officers. Hasn't caused me problems yet."

    Johnson smirked as he stared up at Blaine's visor, before nodding curtly, returning to the window.

    "Earth... haven't seen it in years..." Johnson started, as Blaine tuned him out, letting the thoughts of Reach come into his mind.


    "If your beacon is still working." the Brute Chieftain snarled at Anch. "Then you will be leading a small portion of the fleet to a Human stronghold. If your target does not approach your Phantom, you are to ram it into the nearest possible Human artifact."

    "It will be done."

    "Sure it will. I wouldn't advise coming back though." the Chieftain huffed. "Your family has already been executed as an example of what it means to betray our Covenant with Cowardice. You will be shot down if you even think of ramming into us, and we will continue to kill more of your Keep."

    Kicking the Elite into the Phantom, the Brute chuckled as he walked away, his massive warhammer slung over his shoulder.

    Anch clicked his mandibles in disgust, before working his way to the cockpit. He couldn't locate the bomb in the Phantom, but he guessed it was towards the back of the ship, near the fins.

    It was then that he realized the true reason why he hesitated to kill that Spartan, the Spartan had held mercy on him in that facility. He didn't give chase when Anch had fled, nor did he kill for sport. His Keep was doomed, and there was no honor working for a cult that would kill it's own to motivate the stronger members.

    He was a dead warrior anyways, but he had one last idea; make nice with the Spartan. He would have his revenge, but not for the Spartan.


    "Gentlemen, we're lucky to have you back." Lord Hood said as the two Spartans and Marine approached him, giving him a crisp salute.

    One of the crew behind the Admiral approached, whispering in his ears, as the old man turned towards the pedestal beside him.

    "Go ahead, Cortana."

    "A few more whispers, near Ioe. We've sent a few probes."

    "I apologize, but we're going to have to make this quick." Hood replied, as he turned back around for a brief second.

    "You look nice." Cortana smiled, looking at Chief and Johnson.

    "Thanks/Thank you!" Chief and Johnson replied simultaneously, as Blaine chuckled.

    "Captain, thank you. My firmware upgrades were greatly needed and appreciated." Cortana nodded.

    Blaine nodded, so Halsey had made him deliver Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn... or at least a part of her. Smiling, he nodded curtly towards her, standing rigid.

    "Sergeant Major, the Colonial Cross is awarded for acts of singular daring and devotion, for a soldier of the United Nations Space Corps."

    Behind him, a small woman approached the three soldiers, saluting the Admiral as she took up a place beside Blaine.

    "Commander Miranda Keyes." Hood started. "Your father's actions were within the highest keepings of the Navy's traditions. His bravery in the face of impossible odds, reflects great credit upon himself, AND the UNSC. The Navy, has lost one of it's best."

    "So... which one is yours?" a Marine chuckled jokingly as he nudged Morgan in the side.

    "The red and blue Spartan." Morgan replied quickly.

    "W-wait, isn't that your commanding officer, that's sick!" the Marine scoffed.

    "No really boyo, he's my son." Morgan chuckled quietly, as the Marine waved it off.

    "Sure sure, and next you're going to tell me that Zombies exist, as Aliens no less. Good one old man, might wanna get that checked out." the Marine huffed, walking away.

    "Captain Blaine-115. It is already an honor to see you as one of the very few Spartans serving the Navy as a Captain, but also as a foot soldier, as was reported by a survivor of Reach. You have shown time and time again that you can carry yourself well within the limits of what the UNSC expects of her soldiers. Your success in saving thousands of lives on Reach, and the success in destroying ONE of the Covenant specie's homeworld, is why I am proud to present to you three separate medals."

    Turning back to face the Spartan, Blaine saluted as the Admiral held out a box.

    "I understand you are heading out soon, so instead of placing them on your chest, I implore you to please accept the box." Hood replied.

    Looking inside, Blaine gazed at the three prestigious medals before him, the glint of them reminding him of the good things he had accomplished. Petty as it was, he was fairly proud he had made such an impact. Before him, a red and black ribbon laced with gold, a golden star, and the UNSC emblem featuring the Eagle as a golden medal sat there.

    "The Gold Star is a medal which is awarded to those in the UNSC military that have shown a great deal of valor and bravery in their service for her and her colonies. I award you this for your service on Reach during her downfall."

    Glancing at the star, Blaine stared into the shine before looking back up to the Admiral.

    "The Red Legion of Honor, is an accolade that is presented to the UNSCs soldiers who show selfless acts of heroism, sometimes even risking their own lives, for the greater good of their comrades and of the UNSC. I award you this for your service, and nearly your sacrifice on the Planet Reach."

    Glancing briefly down at the red and black ribbon, Blaine felt empowered by it's golden lining, reminding him of the good he accomplished in New Alexandria, and when he planned to sacrifice himself to get the Pillar of Autumn off world.

    "Finally, the Medal of Honor, the absolute highest decoration of the United Nations Space Command, is awarded to those in her military for their singular, conspicuous acts of individual gallantry and steadfast devotion to her cause. It is with these qualities, that I am honored to award you this."

    Blaine saluted the Admiral, ceremoniously accepting the decorations, before Hood replied with another Salute.

    "Sir, this is urgent." Cortana replied, as Hood snapped his head towards her. "There is a single ping located in our system. It's near Luna, sir. Eyes on the Moon say it's a single Covenant Phantom."

    "My god." Hood replied. "Prepare the fleets, Commander, link up with your ship!"

    "Sir." Blaine said, stopping the Admiral. "Permission for the Ice to intercept?"

    "Green light." Admiral Hood replied, waving his hand. "Green Light Captain, take that bastard out before he can warn the rest of the fleet!"

    Blaine turned back, carrying the box along with him, as Darryl and his ODSTs followed him all the way to the dock, to the Pelican past that, and back to the Ice.

    The Covenant found Earth.



    Thanks for Reading!


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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  I_IRONMAN_I on July 6th 2014, 10:17 pm

    Aye, I sense a shitstorm abrewing...

    I'm still loving these references and the like you throw out:
    "Sure sure, and next you're going to tell me that Zombies exist, as Aliens no less. Good one old man, might wanna get that checked out."

    Guess the Flood are not that well known yet.
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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 6th 2014, 11:27 pm

    I_IRONMAN_I wrote:Aye, I sense a shitstorm abrewing...

    I'm still loving these references and the like you throw out:
    "Sure sure, and next you're going to tell me that Zombies exist, as Aliens no less. Good one old man, might wanna get that checked out."

    Guess the Flood are not that well known yet.

    Yep, shitstorm is a comin', and Blaine ain't wearing a smock.

    Also, yep, I love referencing things in my stories, subtle or not xD, and of course the Flood isn't well known yet, Chief and those guys just got back.

    That, and I don't want to ruin the surprise for Blaine and the others just yet Razz .



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on July 15th 2014, 3:12 pm

    Chapter 10: Memories

    Author's Note: Quite a few songs mentioned in this chapter.

    If you are interested in hearing them as they were meant to, look up the following songs, followed by O'Brother, Where art thou?

    -You are my Sunshine
    -Big Rock Candy Mountains
    -Man of Constant Sorrow


    Forty-Six Years Ago,
    Kentucky, USA, Earth.

    "Late in the night dear, as I lay sleepin'," Morgan sang, his small guitar in his hands. "I dreamed I had you in my arrrrmss. But when I woke dear, I was mistakeeen, and I hung my head an' I crieeed."

    Morgan continued to sing, as Amber giggled beside him, the two sitting on a hill overlooking the smaller community town. Their brief moment away from their post allowed them some alone time.

    "You are my sunshinnnee, my only sunshine!" Morgan grinned from ear to ear, playing the instrument like a pro. "You make me happpy, when skies are gray! You never know deeear, how much I loooove you! Please don't take my sunshine away!"

    As they continued to sit there, Morgan playing his instrument and singing, while his secret girlfriend clapped along, beaming at his serenade.

    "You are a card, Morgan Harlowe, this I swear." she smiled, wrapping her arms around his torso as he continued to play another melody.


    One evening as the sun went down
    And the jungle fires were burning,
    Down the track came a hobo hiking,
    And he said, "Boys, I'm not turning
    I'm headed for a land that's far away
    Besides the crystal fountains
    So come with me, we'll go and see
    The Big Rock Candy Mountains

    "Boy, that's old school!" Amber purred, gently rubbing his shoulder.


    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains,
    There's a land that's fair and bright,
    Where the handouts grow on bushes
    And you sleep out every night.
    Where the boxcars all are empty
    And the sun shines every day
    And the birds and the bees
    And the cigarette trees
    The lemonade springs
    Where the bluebird sings
    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

    "Hun." she said, as she sat up, patting her stomach. "I have some news."


    Nine Months Later
    New Alexandria, Espoz, Reach.

    Morgan finished cleaning off his newborn son, placing him on the crib he had constructed for it, beads of sweat rolling down his face as he hurried to get Amber help. Holding her hand, she looked up into his eyes with hers, knowing there was no treatment, she shook her head.


    I'm bound to stay
    Where you sleep all day,
    Where they hung the jerk
    That invented work
    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.

    I'll see you all this coming fall
    In the Big Rock Candy Mountains...
    " She sang, as she got quieter with each lyric, Morgan trembling as he struggled to cope with the situtation.

    "You are my sunshine," Morgan sobbed as he closed her eyes. "My only sunshine. You'll never know dear how much I love you. Please don't take my sunshine away. Please don't take my sunshine away."


    "What's with the singing, pa?" Blaine asked, as Morgan jolted back up from his stupor.

    "I'm in my sixties, boyo." Morgan shook his head. "The realization that the Covenant is knocking on Earth's doorstep is kicking some memories forward, some pleasant and others not so."

    "Well, it's just a Space Phantom, and it appears to be lost. All we have to do is high jack it, and send it out of system before it alerts the Fleet." Blaine said. "Thing is, those things can carry at least twenty units, so we need to be prepared."

    "So why are we taking a Pelican?" Josh asked snidely. "Why not just blow it up with the Ice?"

    "If they are tracking this Phantom, we don't need it exploding and letting them know Humans are here." Blaine replied. "Morgan, it's going to be a long flight. If you need to psych up yourself with song, you have my permission."

    "Thanks, sonnie." Morgan nodded with a slight smile. "She appreciated my songs too."

    "Who?" Blaine asked.

    "Someone that would be extremely proud of you." he nodded. "Josh and Phil know this song, so they can sing the chorus for me."

    "What is this? A musical?" Scott grumbled. "The Covenant is here!"

    "Yes, but morale is important. If this boosts their morales, I'm allowing it." Blaine said, stepping into the cockpit, lifting the Pelican.

    Morgan produced the old guitar/ukileilei, playing a small tune as the drop ship lifted off of the pad.

    "IN CONSTANT SORROWWWW ALL THROUGH HIS DAYSSSS!" Phil and Josh belted, confusing Scott.

    IIIIIIIII am a maaaaaaan of constant sorrooooow
    IIIIII've seen trooooooouble all my daaaaays
    IIIIIIIIII bid fareweeeeeeell to old Kentuckyyy!
    The place where IIIIIIII was born and raised.
    " Morgan sang, mildly masking his Scottish accent for a more southern American accent.

    "The place where HEEEE was born and raised!" the twins sung.


    Foooooor six long yeaaaaaars I've been in trooouble
    No pleasures heeeeeere on earth I found
    Foooooor in this woooooorld I'm bound to ramble
    I have no frieeeeends to help me now.

    "He has no frieeeeends to help him now!"


    IIIIIIIt's fare thee weeeeell my old true loveeeer
    I never expeeeect to see you agaaain
    Fooooor I'm bound to rideeeeee that northern railroooooad
    Perhaps I'll dieeeeeee upon this train.

    "Perhaps he'll dieeeeeee upon this train!"


    Yooooou can bury meeeee in some deep valleeeey
    For many yeeeears where I may lay
    Theeeeeen you may leeeeearn to love anotheeeeer
    While I am sleeeeeeping in my grave

    "While he's sleeeeepin' in his grave!"


    Maaaaybe your friends thiiiink I'm just a strangeeer
    My face you neeever will see no more
    Buuuuut there is one promiiiise that is given
    I'll meet you ooooon God's golden shoooore!

    "He'll meet you ooooon God's golden shoooore!"

    "Welp, that wasn't my idea of morale boosting." Blaine chuckled as the Pelican neared the Phantom. "Didn't think you could sing, ol' man."

    "Yeah?" Morgan grinned. "There is a bunch you don't know about me, like the fact I can actually yodel!"

    "You get stranger by the day, pops."



    Thanks for Reading!


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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Impanther on July 15th 2014, 8:05 pm

    Got gold for 3 months nice chapter btw

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 26th 2014, 11:43 pm

    Chapter 11: Inspiration

    Meanwhile, on Cairo Station

    The mess hall on the station was relatively quiet, considering how the majority of the people on the station had all run to their stations. With the small exception of Autumn and Gaspar, and the entirety of the meal crew currently on shift.

    Gaspar sat there, slightly chewing on his assorted meal of beef, thornebeast, potatoes, and carrots. Every once in a while, he'd sneak a quick glance over towards Autumn, before twiddling with the food on his tray. Autumn, the clever young woman she was, saw through his subtleties and chuckled.

    "Got something on your mind Gaspar?" she asked politely, before taking a small bite of her potatoes. "You just seem a bit distraught is all."

    "Well, ma'am." Gaspar replied, looking up at her. "I'm very concerned."

    "Concerned?" Autumn asked, pausing before her next bite. "Why? What's the matter?"

    "This," he sighed, his Hungarian accent starting to show. "Is my first time to Earth. Been Reach farmer all my life."

    "That should be a good thing though!" Autumn smiled, looking to her left at the giant blue planet the station orbited. "She's a beauty."

    "Jas, I know this." Gaspar nodded. "But Reach was only home. Now I must protect other Planets, when I could not protect my own."

    Autumn nodded in understanding, as she finished her last bite, before politely wiping her face. Standing, Gaspar decided he was plenty full, and stood with her. Dumping their trash into recycling receptacles attached to mulchers, they stood over by the giant glass viewport, staring at the planet.

    "You don't have to be afraid." Autumn smiled, hands behind her back as she continued to stare into Earth's vast oceans. "What you're doing is noble."

    "You weren't there." Gaspar replied nervously. "On Reach, Covenant killed all the peoples. Cut through our population like Moa cut through wild fruit."

    "I do actually know." Autumn growled quietly, clenching her fists, tears lightly streaming down her cheeks. "My own planet was attacked by the Covenant, had it not been for the Spartans, the fight would have been a complete loss. I wouldn't be standing here, nor would my brother Scott, if it wasn't for Blaine."

    "But Spartans aren't invincible." Gaspar sighed, remembering back to Blaine's mission logs. "They can't save us all."

    "Don't be so sure." Autumn smiled once more, closing her eyes, as Gaspar looked towards her with curiosity.


    "They are a godsend."

    Autumn sat there, shivering as the lone green armored man stood between her and the large reptilian creature that had almost killed her. Strange as she already felt, she was also highly intrigued of her savior. He stood there, not in a rigid stance, but a playful stance, as if what he was doing was more of a game then a rescue.

    "The Elites easily see us as bugs to be exterminated. So how do you feel when something you see so easy to step on not die right off?

    She could swear that, behind his golden visor, he stared intently at the gigantic beast. Sizing them up, the reptile was slightly taller than her savior, but she couldn't help but feel safe with the man in front of her.

    What do you do when something stands up and protects that of which you hate, squirming in your house?

    Readying a small dagger of energy, the beast snarled as all four of it's mandibles opened wide, a monstrous roar echoing from it's throat. Thrusting forward, the green armor man chuckled, stabbing his combat knife into it's neck.

    A Zealot took one look at Blaine and went furious, abandoning his mission to kill me or my family in a heartbeat.

    Swinging his right fist, the Spartan knocked the Elite back as it gargled on it's own blood, swinging it's blade furiously in every attempt to slash the Spartan into minced meat. Smashing it's right foot out and into Blaine's visor, the Spartan recoiled, adopting a battle ready stance.

    In the end it doesn't matter how they look at us. What matters is if these Spartans continue to stand for us-

    Jumping on his left foot, the hero swung his boot in a wide arch, driving his blade deeper into the jugular of the beast. Twitching from the blood loss, the beast continued to swing it's blade, before it fell forward, the Spartan completely unfazed.

    -there is nothing we can't accomplish.


    Blaine pulled the Pelican as close to the Phantom as possible, confused as to why it's side turrets weren't following. Pondering it, he opened the back hatch, all of his ODSTs officially air tight within their zero gravity suits.

    Blaine jumped across, leaving Darryl behind to man the Pelican for them. Using a torch, Blaine made a brief incision into the hull. He was nervous, if he warned the pilot, if any, that this was a human world, the entire fleet would be on them in a heartbeat.

    Bursting through the hull, he scanned around with his DMR, clearing the troop bay of the alien ship, as the other ODSTs moved their rifles around.

    "Clear." Phil whispered, lowering his rifle.

    "Don't be too sure." Blaine stopped, looking at the pulsating object near the cockpit.

    Light blue and purple tendrils floated around the giant floating sac of machinery. Looking over towards it, the strange floating squid squeaked shrilly, floating over towards him, bobbing it's head too and frow.

    "Contact!" Josh said, as Blaine lowered his rifle.

    "No." Blaine said, curious. "If it was a threat, it would've attacked us on sight. I saw some of these on Sigma Octanus, they're fascinated with heavy technology."

    Reaching out towards the creature with his left hand, the creature bubbled a strange noise as it too reached out, fascinated by his armor. Before either party could make contact, however, Blaine caught movement out of his right eye.

    There was a shimmer in the air, and all of the time he spent on Reach, he realized it had been an Elite unit under cloaking. It moved around behind the squid creature in front of it, but Blaine continued to appear unfazed, before turning and charging the beast into the far wall.

    The red and blue armored Field Marshall class Elite snarled, it's mandibles clicking, as Blaine held it still with his left hand, choking the life out of it.

    "YOU!" Blaine growled, as the beast stared at him, skin on it's eyelids sliding over it's small eyes.

    "Hello, Demon." the beast replied in a deep English voice. "We meet again."

    Morgan and the other ODSTs, who had drawn their weapons, stared now at the Elite in stupor.

    "Holy shite, it can talk English!" Morgan spoke. "I think I hit the whiskey too hard this mornin'"

    "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't snap you like a twig." Blaine grit his teeth, squeezing with his left hand. "Why did you come alone? Get kicked out of your party did you?"

    "Actually, quite so." the Elite clicked it's top two mandibles together, and it's bottom ones to form a 'mouth' of sorts. "I'm on a suicide mission."

    "Why in the hell would you tell me that?" Blaine shook his head, barking at his ODSTs. "Search the ship, but do it carefully, this place may be rigged. Radio Darryl and the Ice, tell them to keep their distance."

    "It's a symbol of good faith, warrior-clan." the Elite coughed. "Release your grip from me, and I will explain."

    "Yeah, I'm not going to do that." Blaine growled, squeezing slightly tighter. "You and your other Elites already killed most of my men."

    "You're not so innocent yourself, demon." the Elite hissed. "Like you, I have been following my orders. *Cough* I once believe what my Hierarchs preached, but they have threatened my family with death, and sent me to die. As I speak to you, I am the last of my family."

    "-And you're expecting sympathy from the member of a species you're 'faith' is trying to exterminate." Blaine chuckled. "Not wise."

    "Stop being so prude." the Elite snarled. "The bomb is the Huragok, that creature I saw you glancing at. It is rigged to explode if this ship is taken off course. But if you will release me, I can, with it's assistance, disarm the explosive."

    "Why should I trust you?"

    "I saw your three space stations, I assume this is the Human Homeworld, yes? This ship is destined to intercept one of the stations with enough explosives to crack a planet." the Elite said. "My brothers may have destroyed that one world we last met on, but you have the chance now to save this one."

    Blaine continued holding his grip as he pondered the situation. Releasing his grip, Josh stared in disbelief, holding his rifle up.

    "Are you fucking stupid Freak?!" Josh growled. "You're going to let the Split-lip go?"

    "No." Blaine said, confiscating the Elite's sword from it's hip, igniting it. "He's going to disarm the bomb, and then, I'll decide his fate from there."

    "How do we know he won't just arm it, boyo?" Morgan asked, stepping forward.

    "We're a suicide squad ourselves, let's be honest here." Blaine replied. "If this ship explodes now, few die to save many. We can't take any risks."

    "So why not steer the ship off course?" Scott asked. "That would ensure the bomb isn't exploding near anything."

    "Just shut up." Blaine growled, holding the sword behind the Elite. "You've got one chance, fuck up and you're dead."

    "I mess up, we all die." the Elite hissed, approaching the squid creature. "I came with a suicide mission, but my ultimate goal was to side with you humans. After our last encounter on that Planet, I realized that we're not so different. We both do as we were asked, for the sake of our leader's approval. I realized that our campaign was unjust, and that you, like many species in this Universe, just want to survive."

    "Save the sob story and get disarming." Blaine growled. "If you really want me to trust you, you'll shut up until the bomb is disarmed, then you will surrender yourself to me for questioning."

    "Woah, we're not seriously taking that thing on board, are we?" Josh replied.

    "He'll be stripped of all weapons, including his camo module, his wrist blades, his plasma grenades, and this sword." Blaine growled. "If he gives us good, vital intel, I will see what ONI would like to do with him. Or I'll attempt to convince Hood to allow him to ally himself with us."

    The Elite continued to putter with the squid's metal armor like covering, until it chirped, the armor falling to the floor, causing the ODSTs to jump.

    "HOLD FIRE!" Blaine barked, as the ODSTs did so. "What was that?"

    "For now, the bomb is inert. The bomb that triggers the explosives within this ship is contained within the Huragok's armor. Now this vessel is free to move and travel as you see fit." the Elite nodded. "I am called Anch I'Bortee. I assume Humans have 'names'?"

    "Save the formalities." Blaine said, holding the ignited blade up to Anch's face. "Relieve yourself of all weapons, you are hereby placed into my custody. Failure to comply will lead to your immediate death."

    "I do not fear death, warrior." Anch replied. "I will come peacefully, I wish to exact my revenge on those that have forsaken me, and I will wait many units of time until I can."

    Throwing down small blue spheres, a shining blue module, and his two wrist cuffs, the Elite stood there, before glancing at the squid.

    "We should leave the Huragok." the Elite replied, "it can steer the ship. If the fleet arrives, thinking I have failed my task, you can use this ship as a remote explosive."

    "Good point." Blaine growled. "Will that thing accept my orders?"

    "Yes, they are programmed, and crave, being charged with tasks. This Huragok will listen to your orders, in fact, it's linked your suit to this ship's communications array. I am at your mercy, warrior, and I hope I am not dishonored for my decisions."

    "Yeah yeah yeah." Blaine said, tying Anch's hands together with some metal strips he took from the 'door' he had cut. "We have a lot to discuss."

    Turning towards the squid, Blaine looked at it with a smile, as it nodded approvingly.

    " I want that bomb linked with my suit, if what he says is true, I'm gonna need this thing." Blaine barked at the squid. "Pilot this thing around the nearby moon, and when I order you to, drive into the nearest COVENANT ship you can."



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Anch IS A BEAST.
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    Chapter 12:

    On the Ice's docking bay

    "Uh, Cap'n?" Darryl walked beside Blaine, who held his restraint on the Elite's hands firmly. "I'm gonna address the four mouthed lizard in the room... WHY THE FUCK DID YOU BRING OL' SPLITLIP ON BOARD?!"

    "I can hear you, Warrior." Anch hissed, glancing over his shoulder. "You Human's have every right to want me dead or worse. But I can offer you a means to destroy them that have forsaken me."

    "Or you could be carrying a goddamn bomb to blow this ship up and make your old masters happy." Darryl grit his teeth, aiming his shotgun at the side of Anch's skull. "Perhaps I can make my OWN higher ups happy."

    "Not if you kill a valuable source of information, Lieutenant." Blaine growled. "We spare the Elite until we get all the information he can offer. Then we give him to O.N.I, or have him executed."

    "It would dishonor me to be executed publically."

    "You hear that Blaine?" Darryl snarled, pressing the shotgun in further. "It WANTS to die."

    "We're not barbarians." Blaine pushed the shotgun out of the way with his shoulder. "We will not stoop to their level, if he offers us solid intel, and is true to his word about helping us stop the Covenant. Then I will keep my word and spare his life. Now stand down, Spartan."

    "Aye, Captain." Darryl mumbled, backing away. "I will prepare a heavily guarded cell for our special gues-"

    "That will not be necessary. You will be keeping him restrained when we return to the bridge." Blaine replied. "I wish to contact Lord Hood immediately about this."


    "Captain, have you neutralized the threat?" Lord Hood said, turning to face the camera.

    "Affirmative sir, well, not entirely."

    "Explain, Captain."

    "The Phantom was intercepted, but the odd part was there was no Covenant aboard it, sir." Blaine replied. "Rather, there was a single Elite minor and an 'Engineer', sir."

    " That is particularly odd, Captain. Why would a Phantom carry only a single Elite and an Engineer?"

    "Noble hierarch-"

    "Silence maggot." Darryl growled, wrapping a hand around the back of Anch's neck. "Or I'll snap you like a fuckin' twig."

    "My god... Captain. You want to explain to me why there is a Covenant ELITE on your ship?!"

    "Aye, Lord Hood." Blaine nodded. "I apprehended the Elite, stripped him of all weapons and equipment, and have been successful in restraining him. When I first encountered him on the Phantom, he warned me that the ship was armed to explode, and that the Covenant sent him to a random star system to act as a Martyr for his people."

    "I was marked as a Heretic by my people, I have no place with them." Anch fell to his knees. "My kin- slaughtered, my name- sullied. I am a shell of a Sangheili, and my final wish, even if I'm to die by the 'Ca-tang's' hand, is to exact my revenge on the Covenant."

    "May I shed some light on your situation, Elite? You will find NO pity with Humanity. Your 'Covenant' has burned numerous of our worlds, and I have had to bury more Human's than any man should. Why should we trust your word? Why should we care that your family was slaughtered, when you have destroyed millions?"

    "There is no way that I will ever be forgiven, this I am aware of. However, what I seek in this life now is to make amends with myself. I was there when your Planet burned some time ago, 'Reech' I believe is what it was called. It was the first time in my Campaign against your people that I felt... troubled with my so called 'Holy' work. Your people were not the monsters our Hierarchs had claimed you as, and there was no honor killing unarmed Humans."

    "Lord Hood, the Elite warned me of explosives lined within the Phantom. The Engineer within the ship has been commandeered by myself, and the ship is in it's command. If the Covenant fleet comes looking for him, I have the perfect ambushing tool. I request to keep the Elite alive, he can share valuable information about Covenant technology and strategy."

    "I cannot, in good conscience, allow that Elite to live. You should know this, Captain."

    "Yes sir. But we have two Spartans on board, Admiral. Lieutenant One-One-Six has the Elite prisoner well restrained, and I will have him constantly in surveillance. Christ, I sound like a kid asking to keep a pet."

    "Indeed, Captain." Hood sighed, removing his hat, and stroking his bald head. "Green Light, Captain. Link up with the fleet, but if it causes any troubles-"

    "-I will not hesitate to end him myself, Admiral. Of that, you can find solace, sir."

    "You are lucky this day, Elite. Prove to us that you hold true to your word, and I'll work for a pardon. I won't hold my breath."

    "Many motes of gratitude, Noble Hierarch." Anch bowed his head. "I shall not betray your trust."

    "I find that extremely hard to believe." Darryl grit his teeth. "You don't just get marked as a Heretic by your people, and become a turn coat THAT easily."

    "Your skepticism is appropriate, but if I had meant any harm, I could have easily broken from these restraints and spread your entrails throughout this bridge." Anch nodded. "Flimsy metal like this is no match for pure Sangheili strength. I say this in good faith, I have been limiting myself for your own peace of mind. You have shown me benevolence, and I will show you humility."

    "Wrong choice of words, Split-Jaw."

    "Stand down, Lieutenant." Blaine walked over, cutting communications with Hood. "Nav, bring the Ice back to the fleet, I-"

    There was a loud crash, as Blaine stumbled along the floor, keeping his footing.

    "Report!" Blaine barked, glaring at Anch from beneath his helmet. "What the hell was that?!"

    "S-sir." the navigation's officer stammered, pointing into the void of space. "I-it's the Covenant sir... a decent sized fleet."

    "What?!" Blaine roared, wrapping a hand around Anch's throat, hefting the Elite onto the wall. "You BROUGHT them here, didn't you?"

    "Not directly, Warrior." Anch growled, clicking his mandible together. "If you recall, I warned you that if my ship didn't explode, or it left it's course, they were liable to follow suit?"

    Blaine growled once, before slamming the Elite's back against the wall, stomping back towards the observation deck.

    "How many?"

    "Small, I'd say about two-hundred vessels. About twenty Capital ships, sir."

    "Two-hundred?!" Blaine growled, turning back to Anch, whom Darryl stood back up. "That fleet is smaller than the one that destroyed Reach. I need answers Elite, and I need them NOW!"

    "I cannot say for certain, Warrior." Anch coughed. "A fleet of that size likely holds a high ranking officer of the council. It is likely they seek the Holy Rings."

    "Holy Rings?" Blaine asked, opening a comm. with Lord Hood once more. "Admiral! A Covenant Fleet jumped in at the edge of the Solar System, near Ioh!"

    "Yes Captain, Cortana has already warned us. Your hostage did this, didn't he?

    "It's very likely sir." Blaine growled. "If he was, then I will gladly die to-"

    "Negative Captain, you will not run a suicide attack on the Fleet. That Fleet is smaller then the one that attacked Reach, link up with our ships, and we can mount an effective resistance. Fleet Admiral Harper will be your designated Flagship, Captain. Defend this Planet, Spartan."

    "Wilco, sir. 115, out." Blaine nodded, slamming his fist on the counter. "You want to prove this wasn't you, Elite? You're going to point out their strategies, and relay that to my Fleet Admiral. If you so much as TRY to screw us over, I'll end you myself."

    Anch nodded, as Darryl led him over to Blaine's position, Morgan, Scott, Phil, and Josh walking beside them, holding their weapons up at Anch.

    "Nav, ETA until we link with the main Fleet?"

    "Five minutes and counting, Captain." the navigation's officer nodded. "Sir, the enemy Fleet has no idea we're here sir."

    "Keep her as she goes, Corporal." Blaine barked. "I want rear-facing camera's active. My bomb is primed and I'll want a targeting solution."

    "That's where I come in, Mortal." Zeus grinned. "It's been a while, Spartan."

    "Zeus, can you provide an accurate solution. I have a Covenant Phantom armed to the teeth in heavy explosives hiding around Ioh. I want an ETA for the Phantom to hit the first Covenant Super Carrier."

    "Aye, Mortal. If you fire her engines now, the Phantom should reach it's target in three minutes."

    "Excellent, thank you." Blaine nodded. "That'll buy us just enough time to form up with the Fleet. Anch, you said you knew how to contact the Engineer?"

    "Indeed, Warrior. But I will need use of your communique."

    "That's not going to happen." Blaine growled. "I can't trust you yet."

    Instead, Anch's hands snapped free of their restraints, as he clanked a few buttons into the console in front of him. Blaine, with his inhumanly fast reaction time, grabbed Anch's right hand, wrapping it around the Elite's back, pointing his Pistol into Anch's mouth.

    "You're about five seconds from death, what did you do?!"

    "I tuned in to the Covenant battle net, Catang." Anch grunted. "It's only one-way, I can understand what they say, and give you their strategies."

    "Darryl, hold this bastard down." Blaine huffed.

    "With pleasure."

    "I notified the Huragok of your orders, the Phantom is moving. Ask your construct!" Anch growled, Darryl shoving the Elite's face into the metal.

    "The Sanghieli speaks the truth Captain. The Phantom is moving, and I have access to the Covenant Battle Net. I've ensured that they cannot detect us within their system. Playing it through the speakers now.

    "Eris, tenalp eht. Ciler yloh eht detacol ev'ew, terger fo hcrareih elbon!" a deep voice echoed in their speakers.

    "It couldn't be." Anch gasped. "Your Planet- they have no idea."

    "What?!" Blaine barked. "Translate!"

    "He said; Noble Hierarch of Regret, we've located the Holy Relic. The blue Planet, sire. Something linked to the Holy Rings, of what I'm not sure, is on your Planet."

    "Captain, you might as well turn about face. This is Fleet Admiral Harper, we're joining you, making a defensive perimeter at your position. Orbital MACs will be firing behind us, so you should hold onto your teeth."

    "Aye Admiral, has Lord Hood cleared you?"

    "Affirmative, Captain. I personally would have put a bullet in his brain, and I wouldn't have expected less of a Spartan, but again you cyborgs continue to elude me."

    "I'm sorry to hear that sir. My Elite translated the Covenant Battle Net, apparently Earth has something of interest to them."

    "You mean besides it being our Homeworld?!"

    "Wait..." Anch said, standing, before quickly being slammed down by Darryl.

    "Nav, turn this ship around. Guns, I want Archer's A through G primed and ready, I want forward MACs spinning up and hot for firing. Fire on the Admiral's command ONLY. Ensign, bring us to Combat Alert Alpha, I want everyone at battle stations, and I want it five minutes ago!"

    "Aye aye, sir." Dimitri nodded. "All hands, we're now on Combat Alert Alpha, this is NOT a drill; repeat; NOT a drill! All hands to battle stations!"

    "Captain, the Phantom you ordered is about to make contact, pulling up camera feed now."

    Blaine stared intently as the small purple drop ship, nearly insignificant to the Super Carrier it floated so precariously close to, crashed into the side of the giant Super Carrier.

    On the starboard hull of the ship, the shields glimmered for a second, as violet blue fire exploded along the side in a miniature puff. After the first explosion, the shields in that one section of the ship disappeared, the REAL explosives within the Phantom pierced the hull. A gigantic explosion of violet, purple, and blue geysered out of the shields, rocking the Super Carrier off of it's course. Listing in the opposite direction, the Super Carrier slammed into the side of a Flagship, grinding alongside it powerfully.

    Blaine and his crew cheered as the Super Carrier and the Flagship went critical, exploding into nothing but floatsam in space. Clasping Anch on the shoulder, Blaine nodded respectfully.

    "Captain 115, this is Commander Miranda Keyes of In Amber Clad, we'll be your wingman for this defensive."

    "Affirmative ma'am."

    "All ships, this is Fleet Admiral Harper, when you have weapons ready. Fire at the bastards!"

    Blaine lowered his right arm, the gun master of the ship pressing the button. The Ice in it's entirety shuddered, as three MAC rounds fired in rapid succession, all of his Archer missiles racing ahead of the MACs to draw the enemy's fire.

    Sure enough, Plasma Torpedoes and energy beams fired at the UNSC Fleet's position. Three ships from the Ice's left, a single UNSC Frigate burst into flames, racing forward to avoid damaging the space Phalanx.

    "This is the UNSC Grace of Winter! We're hit! We're going to draw their fire while we still float, god speed everyone! Keep Earth safe!"

    "Negative Captain, get your crew-"

    The line of ships fired another salvo into the void, the MAC's racing past the Grace of Winter, smashing into the shields, and even piercing many of the Covenant ships' hulls. The Plasma Torpedoes were intercepted by the Grace of Winter, as the UNSC fleet mourned, the ship exploding in a brilliant sphere of crimson and orange.

    The UNSC ships broke off, as the Covenant's energy beams pierced more of their ships, destroying them. The Ice narrowly avoided being caught by one energy beam, traversing past the Floatsam of the Navy's Pride. In Amber Clad had made a hasty retreat in the space between the Athens, Malte, and Cairo stations.

    "Autumn, Gaspar, can you read me? It's Captain Blaine?"

    "We read you, Captain. We're boarding a Pelican Drop ship now, preparing for launch to link up with the Ice now."

    "Be safe, Covenant punched through our defenses and are making a bee-line for Earth."

    "Sir, boarding parties all over Malte, Athens, and Cairo sir." the Navigation's officer stated.

    "That's their problem, Corporal." Blaine sighed. "We've got Carriers, Super Carriers, and Flagships to deal with right now."

    "Catang, that Carrier to the right! It's shields are down, it's preparing to fire on your Int Amper Clad!"

    "Guns, fire MAC and Archers H-J at that carrier starboard side!"

    Again, the Ice shuddered as a singular MAC round raced forward, followed by three pods worth of Archer rockets. The Carrier was slammed by the MAC, blue fire rippling over the hull, as the MAC round ripped the hull. Covenant troops inside the ship were all ejected from the negative pressure, jettisoned into space.

    "Thanks for the assist, Captain. I owe you one."

    "Huh." Josh said, approaching the observation window. "Hey Cap'n, the Malte repelled it's boarders!"

    Blaine joined his ODSTs by the window, as their hearts sank, fire erupting from all of the loading docks. Within seconds, the Orbital MAC gun station exploded, everyone inside dead and gone.

    "Those bastards." Blaine clenched his fist. "Elite! What did they just do?"

    "I can't say for sure, Warrior." Anch said, beginning to walk towards Blaine, before Darryl restricted him. "My guess is a boarding party dropped off a bomb."

    "Lord Hood, the Malte-"

    "I was listening in, Captain. Cortana already confirmed it for us. Master Chief, they probably brought us one too. Find it and neutralize it."

    "Oh no. The Covenant are fleeing the Athens too." Scott shook his head. "Wasn't Autumn?"

    "No, I'm here." Autumn panted from the doorway, Gaspar having difficulty breathing too.

    In the void of space, the explosion caused by the Athens was muffled, but still resounded in the abyss. In Amber Clad hovered just in between the explosion and a Covenant Super Carrier.

    "There, Warrior!" Anch nodded his head in the opposite direction, a Flagship fleeing towards Africa. "The Prophet of Regret is likely on THAT one!"

    "Ensign, deploy all Longsword fighters! I want them to harass that Flagship!"

    "Aye sir."

    "Lord Hood, the Carrier's shields are down and I am ready for immediate assault."

    "Negative Commander, not against a ship that size. Not on your own, even with the Ice as backup.

    Morgan whistled, Blaine glancing over as the elderly man waved the Captain over. Holding up a Sniper Rifle, Morgan pointed at the Cairo, where the docking bay was.

    "Sir, permission to leave this station?"

    "For what purpose Master Chief?"

    "To give the Covenant back their bomb."

    Inside the window, Blaine saw a spiky purple explosive being dragged into the docking bay by a green armored man in a fresh suit of armor.

    "Permission Granted."

    "I always knew you were a crazy bastard, John." Blaine shook his head. "All hands, prepare for full on offense, Longsword fighters, advance on that Carrier! Open up a spot for the Master Chief to return their present!"

    Beside the Ice, a Covenant Carrier fired a singular energy beam, his Navigation's officer narrowly avoiding the blast. The beam continued, however, striking the UNSC Wrath of Destiny in it's starboard hull, fatally wounding the old ship.

    Blaine continued to watch the tiny green speck and the purple bomb 'freefall' towards the Super Carrier's position.

    "Commander Keyes, Spartan 117 is en route to the Covenant Super Carrier with a high grade Anti-Matter explosive. Request that you change course and intercept when he's delivered the package."

    "Affirmative Captain."

    "Also, with your permission, my squad and I will be joining you on your interception of the Covenant Flagship that fled Planet-Side."

    "You don't need my permission, Sir. We'll ensure a safe passage for your Pelican.

    "Ensign, I'm leaving ship. The Ice is yours until further notice, keep her floating, and keep Earth safe boyo."

    The Ensign turned, saluting Blaine as he nodded. Blaine grabbed Anch by one arm, with Darryl on the other, as the ODSTs and Autumn followed along.


    In Amber Clad's bridge.

    "Captain on deck!" the IAC's navigation's officer stated, the crew saluting.

    "At ease men." Blaine replied, moving forward. "My squad is at your disposal for top side engagements, Commander."

    "Good to hear Captain. Sgt. Johnson?"

    "Mhmm?" Johnson mused, behind her chair.

    "I've warmed up a couple of birds for you to take."


    "Huh." Blaine chuckled, glancing at the ceiling.

    "For a brick, he flew pretty good." Johnson smirked, as Keyes tired to hold back a giggle.

    "Master Chief, get inside. We're taking this fight to the surface." Miranda stated, turning to Blaine. "Captain, you and your team will join Johnson and the Chief. New Mombasa is where that Flagship decided to land, you're going to figure out why."

    "Understood. My Pelican is already warmed and ready to go. Give me the Green Light and we'll be set to go."



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 13: Pest Control

    "The message just repeats; Regret, Regret, Regret."

    "Poetic." Blaine huffed, piloting his Pelican beside the other two.

    "Any ideas what it means?" Commander Keyes asked.

    "It-" Anch started, as Johnson's boisterous voice filled the comm.

    "Dear Humanity; We Regret being alien bastards, We Regret coming to Earth, and we most definitely Regret the Corps ripping apart our raggedy ass fleet!

    "Oo-ah!" Morgan, Scott, Phil and Josh exclaimed, Gaspar glancing nervously at Anch, who sat with Darryl's shotgun in his muzzle.

    "No, it symbolizes the Prophet of Regret's presence in your city, Warrior." Anch sighed. "It is to remind the remaining troops that the Hierarch needs protection, while he plans his next course of action."

    Blaine opened his mouth to relay the message, as Cortana's voice filled the comm.

    "Regret is a name, Sergeant. The name of one of the Covenant's religious leaders; a Prophet. He's on that Flagship and he's calling for help."

    "Took the words outta my mouth, Cortana." Blaine nodded. "My pocket translator Elite just told us that too."

    "Chief, Captain, and Lieutenant. I want you to board that ship, secure the Prophet of Regret. He chose New Mombasa as the only place to land, and I want your teams to find out why."

    "Affirmative sir, moving to location." Blaine said. "Pelican Charlie-3 to Charlie-1 and Charlie-2, how copy?"

    "Solid copy, Captain. Approaching turn vector and- woah.."

    Dust kicked up beside one of the many skyscrapers, as a giant-yet slender metallic leg crushed a civilian vehicle. Anch stood from his seat, as Darryl went to stop him.

    "Catang." Anch said, still not able to pronounce Captain correctly. "It would be wise to avoid that Scarab."

    "Scarab?" Darryl's heart sunk. "Blaine, didn't we-"

    "Yeah, we did." Blaine gripped the stick. "I'm not going down like Carter, dammit. Charlie 1 and 2, break off!"

    But it was too late, the Scarab's front laser opened up, a giant blast of green energy struck Charlie-2 square in the cockpit, instantly frying the pilot. The Pelican slammed into the ground directly, as the Scarab's top gun focused on the Chief's pelican and his own.

    Purple plasma energy saturated the air, as Blaine expertly weaved his Pelican through the energy. Chief's ship, however, was clipped in it's Starboard engine, causing the Pelican to flip.

    Flying past the Scarab, Blaine sighed in relief, as the Pelican shuddered around him. Using his helmet's connection to the dropship's systems, he saw that the Scarab had actually glanced his fuel system, and they were running out of juice quickly.

    "Brace, brace for impact!" Blaine barked, as everything went dark.


    Blaine's eyes cracked open, as Anch stood above him, Plasma rifle in his hand. Sighing, Blaine knew that the Elite would finish him. However, the Elite calmly held down his four fingered hand for Blaine to grab.

    Blaine grunted as the Elite hoisted him onto his feet. Glancing around, all of his ODSTs had been knocked unconscious by the impact, even Darryl laid sprawled out. The Pelican, based on the way Blaine stood sideways, was on it's side, nearly flipped over.

    "Where the hell'd you get that weapon?" Blaine grumbled, as Anch clicked his mandibles, pressing a few buttons along the side.

    "You seem to recall I was once a high ranking Covenant soldier." Anch turned back to the open troop bay, a pair of dead Majors lay in the sand. "All I needed to do was borrow your Lieutenant's primitive weapon to kill them, then I took their guns."

    "You had the ability to kill us, to kill me." Blaine scoffed. "Why?"

    "Because those Major's saw the mark of shame on my armor. They attacked the moment they saw me."

    "That doesn't answer my question, what stopped you from killing us AFTER you killed them?"

    "I've explained this already, Warrior." Anch clicked his maw again, annoyed. "I wish to exact my revenge on the false Prophets and their hoax Covenant. They killed my family, fed my people lies, and had me preform genocide on a race of beings in this Galaxy that have done nothing to deserve this torture."

    "That's noble of you." Blaine smirked beneath his helmet. "You have my thanks, but understand me when I say I still don't entirely trust you."

    "Understandable, Captain." Anch nodded. "Even if you never forgive me, I will forever fight by Humanity's side. Perhaps one day, we can strike a peace treaty between my people and yours."

    "That's unlikely." Blaine sighed. "But if it does, I'll represent my race."

    Blaine offered out a hand, as Anch stared at it, confused for a moment.

    "Shake it, it's a Human symbol of respect." Blaine said, as Anch accepted, the two shaking hands. "Welcome to my squad, Anch. I will address you as Field Marshall, or Anch, but I expect you to recognize and respect my rank, understood?"

    "You have my word, Captain." Anch bowed. "I also apologize for my mispronunciation of your rank, I meant no disrespect."

    "None taken." Blaine said, lifting his pistol, firing out the troop bay.

    The Grunt yelped for a moment, as the bullet splattered it's brains out of the back of it's head. Darryl and the ODSTs snapped awake, albeit a little groggy.

    "Mount up men." Blaine said, looking at his mission timer. "An hour's nap is too much already."

    Stepping outside of the Pelican, Blaine covered his eyes from the sun's harsh light, glancing into the city from the beach. In the distance, he could see a Warthog racing towards his position, the familiar green suit of Master Chief behind the steering wheel.

    Slamming on the brakes, Master Chief stepped out. Blaine held a hand up to Anch to prevent him from advancing, before he shook Chief's hand.

    "Chief, it's good to see you again."

    "Likewise sir." John replied.

    "John, we've been over this-"

    "Force of habit sir, can't help myself." Chief replied. "Casualties?"

    "None, thankfully." Blaine nodded. "What's the sit rep?"

    Chief nodded his head, as Blaine turned to see the Scarab stomping along the highway towards the inner city.

    "I'm linking up with some men on that Highway, we have to get to that Flagship before it does. We can get inside, neutralize the Prophet, and use the ship's weapons to destroy that Scarab."

    "Sounds like a plan Chief. My men and I will hoof it to rally point Delta. We'll extract and try and get as close to the Flagship as possible."

    "Affirmative." Chief nodded.

    "Godspeed Captain." Cortana mused from his helmet.

    "Same goes to you both." Blaine said, as Chief turned back to the Warthog. "-And Chief?"

    "Yes sir?"

    "We're not the only survivors of Reach." Blaine stated. "But now isn't the time."

    Chief held his thumb and forefinger up in a Spartan 'smile' as Blaine returned the favor. Driving off, Blaine turned back, Darryl, his ODSTs, and Anch piled out of the totaled bird.

    "Alright team, Rally Point Delta is about a Klick from here. You would be wise to keep up with the rest of us. Flying solo in this shit storm is going to get you a long walk to the nearest outpost. Commander Keyes, this is Blaine-115. Requesting a Pelican Evac at Rally Point Delta, we're going to set up a base at the Frigate manufacturer plant."

    "Understood Captain, Sgt. Johnson's new bird will be there."


    Outside of Traxus, Earth HQ.

    "Alright Marines!" Blaine barked, as the rag tag group of Marines, along with his squad *minus Anch* saluted him. "The Covenant are going to want this tower, as it's the best and fastest route for them to go to and from the Flagship containing the Prophet. Private Hill, Corporal Wattson, I was told you had .50's upstairs. I want you to bring these down here and set up cover zones."

    "What about me, Captain?" one woman approached.

    "Name, Lieutenant?"

    "Rochelle Ricketts, sir."

    Blaine's eyes opened, as the Marine lifted the visor on her helmet. Upon further inspection, he confirmed that the woman in front of him was indeed Rochelle from his days in Spartan training.

    "Rochelle." Blaine glanced down, clenching his fists. "But, how-?"

    "I'm sorry sir?" the Marine asked, turning her head to one side. "Have we met?"

    "No." Darryl said, moving forward. "The Captain just knew someone with a similar name, is all. Take a portion of your men and go on an ammo run, the Covenant will be all over us, and we'll need the munitions. There should be an UNSC outpost not far from here, should have plenty of Spunkr Rockets and Snipers."

    "Understood, Spartan." Ricketts nodded. "Evergreen, Stratus, Howard, and Gump, let's move out!"

    As the squadron of Marines moved about to do their tasks, Blaine's ODSTs and Anch set out to set up sandbag walls and other strategic locations for the ensuing assault.

    "Blaine, I wasn't there for that mission. That was around the time I was assigned to be Halsey's personal guard. But that also means I had knowledge about us Spartans that... many of the other II's don't know about.' Darryl sighed. "We were cloned, remember feeling sleepy right after you met Halsey and Keyes? Remember waking up in that bunk bed with no recollection of sleeping there? They cloned us, and sent our clones to our families."

    "What about you or I?" Blaine asked.

    "Technically, we were both orphans. I'm sure our Clones exist out there somewhere, but we haven't met them. Assuming the Covenant haven't gotten to them yet."

    "But all of our brothers and sisters." Blaine clenched his fist, shaking his head. "They died thinking their Parents missed them. They died with the hopes that, had they lived, they could have been reunited with their parents."

    "Yeah." Darryl shook his head. "But if their parents are even alive, we both know that isn't true. Their parents got closure. Just remember that this Rochelle, she doesn't know you, or any of the Spartans."

    "You're right." Blaine nodded. "I do hope that Jorge's parents didn't get that satisfaction though. Insurrectionist bastards were the ones that attacked New Alexandria, 'causing me to be separated from my parents in the first place."


    Blaine growled as the Covenant assault became much heavier, four Wraith tanks firing mortars on their position. Elites, Grunts, and even Hunter units marched forward to attempt to over power them.

    "We have the advantage of elevation!" Blaine barked, hoisting his freshly reloaded sniper rifle. "Darryl, Anch, focus on those Wraiths! Josh, Phil, Scott, Morgan, take Anch and board the bird. That Scarab is moving this way, and I'd rather not waste the military hardware."

    Blaine fired a round, piercing the neck space of one of the Hunter units. The worms inside of it's bright blue armor spasmed for a second, before it dropped like a sack of bricks. Darryl stood, firing a pair of rockets at a lone Wraith, having locked on. The two ballistics danced around, before striking the tank at it's troop hatch.

    Exploding in purple fire, Blaine could hear the roaring of a Warthog's engine in the distance, as a full Warthog cleared a gap in the tarmac before him. In the back of the humvee, Master Chief stood on the Gauss Cannon, firing miniature magnetic rounds into the engines at the rear of the Wraiths, causing the machines to erupt into fire, exploding erratically.

    Master Chief clambered out of the back of the Warthog, rushing inside with his Marines, two floors beneath Blaine. In the distance, Blaine watched Johnson's Pelican drop off a Scorpion, which sat on the bridge directly in front of him. Turning around, Blaine saw Lieutenant Ricketts lead Chief through their door.

    Behind him, the ground thudded with the weight of the Scarab, the lone Scorpion tank firing bravely at the massive mining machine. The Scarab's main face opened, firing a giant green beam of energy, evaporating the Scorpion where it sat.

    Approaching ever closer to their position, Chief, Blaine, and Darryl shouldered their Rocket Launchers, firing in unison both of the rockets in their tubes at the giant beast. Six rockets struck the front of the Scarab, but didn't seem to faze it.

    "Darryl." Blaine said. "Board the Pelican, when the Scarab passes over us. If that thing is headed for the Flagship, our explosive trap at the end of the canal should be enough to stop it. Chief and I will jump on board and clear it, hopefully we can prevent more damage to this place. When you're on board, tell the Pilot to take you straight to In Amber Clad, Chief and I will find our own means of transport."


    Blaine slapped a fresh clip into his DMR, before quickly pulling his Magnum off of his waist. Clacking another magazine into the pistol, he waited, with Chief, for the bug shaped tank to pass beneath them.

    "You and Cortana know Covenant tech better than I." Blaine said, as Chief turned towards him. "I'll clear the top part of the Scarab, keep any reinforcements from going down into the main hatch behind you."


    The Scarab bobbed beneath them, it's massive feet splashing in and out of the water in the canal. Blaine and the Chief pushed off of the wall, sprinting to their max, before jumping. Blaine held his magnum up, plugging a few rounds into the Grunts and Jackals on his way down.

    Bracing themselves for landing, the two Spartans rolled on their shoulders. Blaine bounced off mid roll, thrusting both of his boots into a Major Elite's face, knocking the lizard down the ramp and into the wall of the main hatch. Picking himself off of the ground, Blaine kicked up a Plasma Rifle, holding it in his left hand. Squeezing the handle, much like how he had seen Anch do with the Rifle, blue bolts of Plasma energy surged forwards.

    Turning towards another pair of Majors, a Minor, and an Ultra, Blaine smirked beneath his helmet, the Chief running downstairs to deal with the crew inside the Scarab.

    "C'mon, let's dance." Blaine taunted, as the Covenant troops snarled in disgust.

    Sprinting forward, he squeezed the Plasma Rifle full auto at one Major, firing his magnum as fast as he could pull the trigger into it's skull. The mixture of plasma and ballistics caused the red armored Elite to spasm, before hitting the ground dead. Grunting with pain, Blaine's plasma rifle over heated in his hand, causing some minor discomfort in his left hand.

    Jumping to his right, his right foot found purchase in one of the support beams for the top mounted gun. Springing off with his foot, he flipped over the head of one of the Majors. Turning on his boot, he whipped his left foot in a wide arch, smashing the Major in the head, bouncing it's head off of the wall. The Elite's brain matter splashed against the wall, denting the purple metal.

    Tossing the Plasma Rifle aside, Blaine charged the Elite Ultra in front of him, as it roared, lifting it's Carbine. Sprinting like a madman at the beast, Blaine jumped, grabbing onto the neck of it's armor harness with his left hand, planting his boots into it's chest, and placing the pistol into it's mouth. Riding the behemoth to the ground, Blaine fired an entire clip into it's mouth, the Elite's shields popped, and a stray bullet piercing it's brain.

    Straightening up, the Scarab around him shuddered, knocking the remaining Major off of it's deck and into the waters below. The Scarab shuttered again, before the front gun exploded, the craft itself slumping over. Chief marched out of the ramp, his Battle Rifle slung over his shoulder.

    Behind them, the Covenant Flagship started to fly forwards, as Johnson's Pelican hovered beside the dead Scarab.

    "That's right you mothers, RUN!" Johnson cheered.

    "Lord Hood, the Prophet is bugging out. Permission to engage?!"

    "Denied, Commander."

    Blaine and Chief hurried into the Pelican, as it raced towards the In Amber Clad, which shadowed the Flagship.

    "Commander, it's going to jump INSIDE the city."

    "There's no time sir."

    "Green Light, Green Light to engage! " Hood stated, as Blaine felt the In Amber Clad shudder around their Pelican.

    Rushing into the nearest drop pod, Chief and Johnson did the same, to protect them from the last minute blind jump. Linking with the Ice's cameras from Orbit, Blaine watched a giant purple sphere from a Slipspace Rupture form in the middle of New Mombasa. In Amber Clad narrowly avoided being left out, as his connection to the Ice was lost.

    Sighing with relief, he tapped the side of his drop pod, the Chief tapping in kind in the next one over. Popping out, Blaine's ODSTs and Anch stepped out of their Pelican, meeting up with him. Blaine quickly worked his way to the bridge, his men remaining in the ODST drop bay.

    Commander Keyes turned to see him, as Blaine waved his arm down, stopping their salute.

    "Good work, Commander." Blaine nodded. "I just used the Ice's surveillance cameras. That was one helluva tight squeeze."

    Walking over, the staff on the Bridge continued to observe their own monitors, as Blaine approached the Commander. Both of them stared out into Slipspace, their ship pretty much underneath the Flagship, considering the scale of the Frigate he stood in.

    "We've got to kill this Prophet." Keyes frowned, gripping the arms of her chair. "To avenge my Father."

    "-And Reach." Blaine nodded, before glancing at the void ahead, the two ships exiting Slipspace.

    In the abyss ahead, Blaine saw the debris of the buildings New Mombasa had parted with when they jumped. The Flagship sped off towards the giant Planet, but Blaine's interest was in the mysterious object beside it.

    Glowing in the light of this Star System's sun, the ring like structure seemed to rotate on it's own accord. What Blaine found curious was that on the inside of the ring structure, there was obviously water and land, but the outside of the ring was metallic in nature.

    "What in the hell is that?" Blaine asked, curious, as Cortana's avatar appeared beside him and the Commander.

    "Cortana, can you explain exactly at what I'm looking at?"

    "That- is another Halo ring." the AI said, placing a hand on her hip, as Blaine stared at the structure, enraptured by it.

    "Halo." Blaine stared with wonder.



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Halo 2 Anniversary is released with the Master Chief Collection a few days back. You release this chapter now.

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Yep, I waited to update this until after getting a refresher of the Halo 2 story. Don't worry though, I still intend to make this Blaine's own story, there will still be some mash up moments, but now that they're at Delta Halo, things are about to get interesting.

    By the way, H2:A if fuckin' amazing.



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Shad0wChas3r wrote:Yep, I waited to update this until after getting a refresher of the Halo 2 story. Don't worry though, I still intend to make this Blaine's own story, there will still be some mash up moments, but now that they're at Delta Halo, things are about to get interesting.

    By the way, H2:A if fuckin' amazing.

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    I have a character that hides shotguns in an adult rabbit's costume, and he did it for the laughs. Don't mess with my x-1.

    Besides, Walmart is going to have a bundle for the MCC and X-1 for 350$ US for Black Friday.



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 14: Bookwor- hey... those ain't worms.

    Autumn sighed, brushing past a pair of Marines, Gaspar hot on her trail. Jogging up to her, he quickly caught up to the young woman, stammering with her words.

    "Madam Stroud, I wanting to talk with you."

    "Can it wait, I have to talk with the Captain before he ships you out?" Autumn brushed the Marine aside, continuing her stride down the hallway. "Urgent message from ONI about his psych report, he needs to see this."

    Stopping just outside of Blaine's borrowed 'quarters' in the In Amber Clad's troop barracks, Autumn held a hand out, stopping Gaspar in his tracks.

    "I enjoy talking with you Gaspar, you're a good friend." she smiled cutely. "But this is an emergency, and I need to talk with Blaine alone. I'll be happy to talk with you when you come back from your mission."

    With that, she opened the door behind her, as Gaspar held out a hand, frowning.

    "Thanking you for eatings and talking with me, Ms. Stroud." Gaspar shook his head. "Reminds me of good times with Janos."

    Heartbroken, the newly coined Marine turned in his boots, walking solemnly down the hall a ways more to meet up with Morgan, Phil, Josh, and Scott.

    "Aye!" Morgan grinned, wrapping an arm around Gaspar. "There's our new member of the Corps!"


    Blaine sat there, staring out the window at the ring world swiveling in the distance. On the surface below, Chief and a handful of ODSTs had gone to assassinate the Prophet of Regret. The Commander, Sergeant Johnson, and soon Fireteam Cobalt would be locating the ring world's 'Activation Index'. His helmet hissed as he took it off, scratching his neck wound, placing the helmet on the bench beside him.

    He was confused by it all, but the Master Chief's reaction when Blaine had briefed him of the structure was enough to tell him Halo was a threat. Shaking his head, the thoughts of Reach were still fresh on his mind, and the puzzle that was the Covenant-Human war was slowly starting to come together.

    Anch had said that the Covenant worshiped the Halo rings and their makers, believing that by activating the rings, the Covenant would ascend to a God-like status in the Universe. Blaine however, still did not fully trust Anch, so he pondered it himself. Were Human's living near Halo's maker's worlds, with access to their technology? Were the Covenant jealous of Humans for it?

    Clenching his fist, he heard the door close behind him, Autumn frowning as she walked up to him. Blaine turned, smiling at the young woman, who usually beamed in his presence. Sensing her negative mood, he saw a tablet in her right hand, with his face on it.

    "Autumn, I see ONI took no time accepting you into their ranks. They even gave you a tablet eh?" Blaine chuckled, taking his helmet off. "Don't let them sour your mood though, many of them are actually tolerable."

    "Captain." Autumn said sternly. "I was told to share your psych report with you in private."

    "My psych report?" Blaine scoffed, reaching out for the tablet.

    "Yes, you gave a testimony to an ONI agent before you took the Ice to Reach a couple of weeks back. Everything here was listed, and, I hope you don't mind, I read through it."

    "Okay, where's the problem?" Blaine asked. "Y'know, besides you reading classified intel?"

    "Captain, sir." Autumn hesitated for a moment, bowing her head. "Permission to hug, sir?"

    "Come aga- bwa!"

    Suddenly, Autumn wrapped her arms around Blaine's torso, the Spartan refusing the urge to stand up. Autumn sobbed there, falling to her knees, Blaine leaning down to help her.

    "What's with the tears, there is nothing on that report that's any different than what any of the other Spartans would have said?" Blaine shrugged.

    "Except you were an Orphan for the first ten years of your life, living on the streets of New Alexandria. You had no family, minus your Spartan siblings until you, Jorge, and Darryl were separated from the others for special assignments."

    "Again, that's not all that special-" Blaine shrugged. "I've gotten over it."

    "But your heart rate increased at the mention of Katie." Autumn frowned.

    "Yeah, I have a thing for her, what about it?" Blaine asked sternly, raising an eyebrow. "I know she's safe, I saw her on Cairo station."

    "That wasn't her, Blaine." Autumn sobbed, hugging harder. "Spartan Katie died on Reach during the defense of Castle Base. That 'Katie' you saw was her clone, rescued from an evacuation of New Alexandria. She is married to Blaine Harlowe, a Civilian Pilot whose ship got shot down trying to escape a Covenant Corvette. She was the lone survivor, saved by Spartan Red Team shortly after you left."

    Blaine froze, clenching his fist as Autumn squeezed even harder.

    "I'm so sorry Blaine, I know she meant a lot to yo-"

    "-ONI's wrong." Blaine growled. "Katie couldn't have died that easily."

    "Spartan Red team debriefed with Secondary Director Serin Osman. Fred and Kelly testified that Katie was to be permanently listed as M.I.A, it was noted that they were shaky when they admitted it. She died saving a Spartan III escorting Doctor Halsey inside the base."

    Blaine sat there for a time, staring at the ring world in it's rotation, not saying a word. His reflection stared back at him, his eyes dull of all color, a frown fixed on his mouth indefinitely.

    "They want to have you removed from duty as a Spartan Captain, with fear that this news could break you."

    Blaine stood, Autumn sliding to the ground, as Blaine gently reached down, hoisting Autumn back onto her feet. Silently, the Spartan reached for his helmet, placing it back on his head. Turning to leave, he hesitated for a moment, before facing the mirror. Using his thumb and index finger, he made a smile gesture on his visor, before flipping it downwards into a frown.

    "Blaine." was all Autumn could muster, before the Spartan II left the room.

    From the hallway, she could hear loud banging on the wall to the next room over.


    "Jesus Freak, wanna get any-kuuhhhh."

    "Stow it Lieutenant. I'm in no mood for your bullshit!

    Autumn watched in fear as Blaine stomped in the door, taking the tablet from the floor where it had dropped earlier. Staring at his image, he growled, tossing it at the nearest wall, shattering it.

    Standing in the doorway, Blaine's head snapped to the right once more, looking down the hall.



    The Pelican ride for the most part was silent, as a handful of Marines stared at Blaine, who sat there, examining his DMR. Blaine's ODSTs sat there, helmets in their laps, as Josh nursed a rug burn on his throat, glaring at Blaine.

    Gaspar sat there, nervously fidgeting with his assault rifle. Sneaking a glance up at the Spartan across from him, he was unsure how to disengage the magazine lock so he could remove the dummy clip.

    "It's time to man the fuck up Gaspar." Blaine growled, his head unmoving from his DMR. "There is a button on the left of the gun, just above the clip. Press that in, drop your spent clip, slap a new one in there, and be done with it."

    "Blaine, bro-" Darryl said, as Blaine's head snapped to him.

    "You will address me as Captain. Not Spartan, not Blaine, not 115." Blaine growled. "Any deviation from that earns a bullet in the ass."

    "Captain, I can't seem to get this bird in. There's a barrier surrounding the inner sanctum of the Library. I'm setting your team down at what might be the barrier's systems. If you can open it up, I can get this bird inside, get the Index, and meet you back here fore Exfil, okay?"

    "Affirmative." Blaine grunted, standing. "ODSTs, it's time to go to work."

    The troop bay opened, as Blaine, Darryl, his ODSTs and Gaspar jumped into the snowy metallic platform. Breaking formation, Blaine brought his DMR up to eye level, turning his helmet flashlights on to illuminate the darkened tunnel. Gaspar held back, as Morgan shook his head, helping Gaspar load the fresh clip in again.

    "He's right, you're going t' haveta not rely on us to get your back anymore, boyo." Morgan tapped him on the shoulder.

    "I'm sorry." Gaspar frowned beneath his helmet. "I shoulda warning you about Autumn."

    "What?" Morgan paused, turning to Gaspar. "What about the lady?"

    "ONI gifts her Captain's psycho reporting, she wasn't too happyness about it." Gaspar sighed. "I wanting to warn you that the Captain would be angry. I got a glimpse of the reporting, Spartan Katie died."

    "What?!" Darryl gasped, turning towards Gaspar. "That poor bastard's heart broken, this explains it all."

    "Blaine ain't the only one." Scott nodded. "I know Gaspar has a thing for my sister, an' dude, it's cool with me and all. But she's not interested."

    "I hear a lot of wind spewing out of your damn lungs, ODSTs, but it's not from walking. MOVE UP!" Blaine barked over the comm.

    "Captain, we need to talk about this." Darryl said. "Now isn't the time, but it needs to be a topic when we get back."

    "Gaspar has NO right going into my file either! It's MY business, and I'll deal with it MY way."

    "YOUR way is suicidal!" Darryl growled back. "I knew Katie too, she used to talk to me in passing during boot. We'll talk about it later!"

    The ODSTs, Darryl, and Gaspar stepped into the tunnel like complex, Blaine's flashlight some space ahead of them. Anch uncloaked behind them, safe from the Marines that accompanied them in the Pelican.

    "Warrior, while you do not trust me. You must fight to keep your mate's honor alive.""

    "Keep it shut split-jaw." Darryl growled. "This doesn't concern you."

    "I wish only to assist, Spartan." Anch shook his head.

    Blaine held up a fist, a whirring sound filling the air around them, as the small Fireteam entered a medium sized, maneuverable room. Along with the whirring sound, an eerie 'humming' was followed with it, as Blaine trained his rifle on a floating metal orb, the glass on the front of it was stained red, a bright red light acting as a pupil for it's 'eye'.

    "Greetings, I am 2401 Pertinent Tangent. I am the Monitor of Installation Zero-Five. How may I assist you?"

    "We need the lift the barrier surrounding the Library." Blaine growled.

    "That would be most unsatisfactory, I fear that five of your current allies do not currently have combat skins of sufficient level for that function."

    "We're not here for fashion bot, let's open that damn barrier." Blaine snarled.

    "There is no need for frustration, human." Pertinent Tangent shook his form, floating away from Blaine's helmet a few feet. "I cannot allow the lift of a Quarantine Zone."

    "Very well, but we'd like to at least see the Barrier's generators." Darryl bullshitted, walking his way forward. "To test your maintenance prowess."

    "Ah yes, a proper inquiry!" the Monitor chimed. "Very well, please follow me!"

    Blaine followed closely behind the Monitor, who continued to hum, leading them through the numerous catacombs that made up the inner wall of the Quarantine Zone.

    After what seemed like an hour, the Monitor led them into a medium sized room. What unsettled the team, however, were the vents on the walls, and the red light son the doors that blinked.

    "As you can see, this room is entirely sealed from Contagion." the Monitor quipped pridefully.

    "This room is the generator?" Darryl asked, raising his shotgun in a shrugging motion.

    "Maker's no!" Tangent shook his form. "The Generator is located within these vents, as to prevent the Flood from interacting with them."

    "All of these vents?" Blaine grunted. "How can we run maintenance on them then?"

    "You shouldn't have to!" Tangent replied. "My Sentinels will- oh no."

    The eerie silence of the room was interrupted suddenly by a squishing sound from all angles. The Monitor shook back and forth, suddenly flying into one of the vents.

    "One of the external outlets has been breached!" Tangent's voice echoed from inside. "Those meddling Sanghieli! No wonder the Makers never chose THEM to reclaim their civilization."

    "Slow down." Darryl said, stepping forward.

    "Movement, Captain." Phil called out, sweeping the room with his Assault Rifle. "All around us."

    "The Barrier has been lifted, Humans." Tangent replied, urgently. "It would be wise to get your inferior allies to a minimum safe distance of twenty-five light years from this installation immediately."

    "Commander, any way you can reroute us a Pelican?" Darryl asked. "Captain's a little preoccupied with a floating... head thing."

    "Penitent Tangent." the Monitor mumbled.

    "Whatever Lightbulb." Darryl scoffed.

    "One's on it's way already, Spartan." Keyes replied.

    "Affirmative, thanks ma'am." Darryl nodded, cutting the comms.

    The squishing sound around them got louder, as Penitent Tangent hovered back out. The soldiers tensed up, readying their weapons, scouting the room around them, something banging against the door.

    Inhuman wails contributed to their fears, Gaspar shaking in his boots. Morgan reached out with his left hand, his right hand still holding his Assault Rifle firm.

    "You'll be alright boyo." Morgan said sternly. "You can do this, you're a Marine now."

    "Janos would be a lot braver than I." Gaspar sighed, shakily raising his rifle.

    The door to their eastern flank shattered open, as Blaine and his men stared at the squiggly squid like creatures squirming on the ground towards them. Morgan grit his teeth beneath his helmet, firing full auto at the squids.

    Flaky flesh particles appeared to shed off of the squids, their squishy sucking sound sending chills down everyone's spines. The squad kept up their fire, the impossible number of squid creatures dwindling, the small spores popping like popcorn as the ballistics struck their frail forms.

    Gaspar yelled in pain, dropping his rifle to the ground in an instant. One of the squids stabbed at his chest armor with the barb at the top of it's bulbous form. Finally piercing it's way into the hardened chest piece, the creature's tentacle like appendages struck into Gaspar's chest.

    The young Hungarian boy's eyes opened wide with terror, blood trailing out of the corner of his mouth. His helmet clattered to the floor, his arms instinctively reaching up for the squid. Darryl, Josh, Phil, and Morgan fired on the other squids, as Blaine, standing close to Gaspar, stared in horror at the scene unraveling before him.

    Blood spewed out of Gaspar's chest wound, the squid squirming it's way deep into the young man's rib cage. Doubling over, Gaspar's breathing became labored. Gross, yellowish green gook frothed from his mouth, the young man's prayers in Hungarian washed away by inhuman growls and mutterings.

    "Mindenható lord felett . Kérjük, védik ezek az emberek azok a szükség órájában , én kegyesen várja az érkezését királyság , ámen ."

    *"Almighty Lord above. Please protect these men in their hour of need, I graciously await my arrival in your kingdom, amen."*

    Morgan released his emptied clip into the floor, slapping a fresh one in it's place, turning his head back towards Gaspar's doubled over form.

    Gaspar's cries of pains sounded much more like maniacal laughter, animalistic growls following each noise. There was a snapping noise, Gaspar's body jerking left and right, biomass filling his interior. His right arm bulged slightly, before snapping in half. Grabbing on with his left hand, the bone of his right arm surged forward, elongating with biomass.

    The new whip-like appendage was very flimsy, swaying to and fro with Gaspar's shaky movements. With one final glance at Blaine, who stood there, mortified, Gaspar's eyes suddenly dulled, his head snapping to the right with one final surge of biomass. Where his skin was once ash white, it was now yellowish green, his lower jaw actually mending to his chest.

    "SWEET FOCKIN' CHRIST!" Morgan roared in panic. "Le's get the fuck outta her'!"

    Whatever Gaspar used to be disappeared with the new creature standing before Blaine. Gaspar's infected form turned towards him, waving it's whip arm menacingly at him.

    Charging the Spartan, Blaine raised his DMR up once more, taking aim at the bulbous squid in Gaspar's chest, it's red feelers sticking out.

    "Bocsáss meg , Gáspár." Blaine whispered, pulling the trigger.

    *'Forgive me, Gaspar'*

    The bullet pierced the squid lodged within his newest squad member's chest, popping it like popcorn. In that instant, Gaspar's infected form crashed to the ground, devoid of all life. Raising his DMR again, he fired on the squid things.

    "Retreat!" Blaine barked. "Make your way to the LZ!"

    "What about you?" Darryl yelled back.

    "I'm right behind you, Tangent, stay with us!"

    Firing his DMR until the clip emptied, Blaine swapped to his sidearm, backing through the door they had entered through. Dropping his used clip, he quickly replaced it. Joining the others in a dead sprint back through the maze of rooms, Tangent hovering well above their heads.

    Shutting and locking the doors behind them, Tangent hummed disdainfully, as if concerned with it's next course of action. Blaine's men took a well deserved breather, hooves stomping in from the next room.

    "Well, this is a pickle." Tangent mused. "We must contain this outbreak before- NYAAAGH!"

    Seemingly out of the blue, a grotesque tentacle like appendage easily the width of Blaine's torso tore through a vent, grabbing Tangent around his small form, whisking him out the way it had entered.

    "Covenant on approach!" Darryl called, a squad of ten or so Elites snarled, approaching their position.

    "Push on through them!" Blaine barked, taking as step forward, before he felt something grab his boot.

    Turning back, another one of the massive tentacles wrapped itself along his leg. Yanking it out from under him with immeasurable strength, Blaine's head smashed on the floor beneath him, knocking him out cold.

    The tentacle dragged him through one of the larger vents, as Morgan, Phil, Scott, Josh, Anch, and Darryl turned to the oncoming Elites. Raising their weapons, the ten Elites held up twin Needlers in their hands.

    "Well this is amusing." one of the Elites scoffed to it's comrade. "Field Marshall Ibort'ee was assisting the Humans all along. These ones are special, perhaps we would be wise to bring them to the Noble Hierarchs for... public execution?"

    "Indeed." the other Elite growled, raising it's twin Needlers. "Lower your weapons, or we shall make your deaths slow and painful."

    Anch glanced at the humans beside him, nodding as he lowered his weapon to the ground. Hesitantly, everyone but Darryl did so, two of the Elites approaching the Spartan.

    Darryl shot one in the chest, popping it's shield, as he whipped his helmet into the other one's head. Both the Elites growled in annoyance, restraining Darryl with some help from a few of the other Elites.


    Blaine's eyes creaked open, as he felt something wrapped tightly around his armor. Snapping awake, he tried to struggle, as a pair of the appendages swung him around like a play thing. In front of him, a giant abomination that could only be described as a withered plant formed with centuries of rotten, deceased bodies not unlike what he had witnessed of Gaspar's body, but in it's 'head' there was a mouth, but inside that mouth, yet another mouth awaited him.

    "What... is that?" he heard Cortana's familiar voice say from his right.

    The giant creature's focus turned to Master Chief, who also seemed to have been captured by the huge decaying plant thing.

    "I?" the creature replied, it's voice echoed by that of the many it consumed. "-I am a monument, to all your sins."

    Further still to his right, a silver armored Elite struggled to free itself from a pair of the tentacles.

    "Relax." Blaine heard the Master Chief say. "I'd rather not piss this thing off."

    "Demon." the Elite hissed at the Chief.

    "You're a fine one to talk, Hinge Jaw." Blaine scoffed.

    "We really got to stop meeting like this, Captain." Cortana said through the helmet, as the beast in front of them growled.

    Blaine felt himself lift into the air, as the abomination flipped him in it's appendage.

    "This one is metal and hope, and deludes the minds of others." the beast growled, lowering him, only to raise the Chief.

    "This one is machine and nerve, and has it's mind concluded." with a snort and a growl, one of the beast's tentacles slithered around Chief's helmet.

    Raising the Elite on the far side, the beast's head turned to focus on the lizard creature.

    "This one is but flesh and faith, and is the more deluded."

    "Kill me or release me Parasite." the Elite snarled. "But do not waste my time with talk."

    "There IS much talk." the creature hissed. "I have listened through ROCK and METAL and TIME! Now I shall talk, and YOU shall listen."

    Blaine shuddered as another pair of tentacles were raised, one holding Penitent Tangent, the other holding up some weird infected alien creature.

    "Greetings!" Tangent said, staring at the Elite and the Chief, completely ignoring Blaine. "I am 2401 Penitent Tangent. I am the Monitor of Installation Zero-Five-"

    "-And I- I am the Prophet of Regret. Counselor of the high- hierarch of the Covenant!" the Prophet struggled with it's words, as if it pained him to talk.

    "A Reclaimer, here?" Tangent said, staring at Chief.

    "Y'know, the Chief and I are the same, right?" Blaine asked, as Tangent shrugged him off.

    "You planned to destroy my Quarantine." Tangent mumbled. "Reclaimer, there is much to do! We must contain this outbreak befor-"

    "-Stay where you are!" Regret barked. "No-one is gong anywhere until my Sermon is complete!"

    "Not true." Tangent scoffed, dragging his tentacle over to Regret's. "This installation has a successful utilization rate of over one trillion simulated and actual. It is ready to fire on demand."

    "Of all the things our lords left behind, there are none so WORTHLESS as these Oracles." Regret spat at the Elite. "They know NOTHING of the GREAT JOURNEY!"

    "-And you know nothing of Containment. You have demonstrated complete disregard for even the most basic of protocols!"

    The abomination hummed to itself, raising Tangent's tentacle first.

    "This one's containment, grr." it growled, raising Regret's. "-And this one's Great Journey are the same."

    "Your Prophets have promised you a doomed existence. But you will find NO salvation on this ring. Those that built this place knew what the wrought. Do not mistake their intent, or all shall perish, as they did before."

    Blaine's eyes widened beneath his helmet, as his head snapped over towards the Chief, who silently nodded at the Captain. Turning his head back to the Elite, Chief struggled with the tentacle again.

    "This thing is right, Halo is a weapon. Your Prophets are making a BIG mistake."

    "Your ignorance already destroyed ONE of the sacred rings, Demon. It shall not harm another."

    "We'll see about that." Blaine growled, the Elite clicking his mandibles.

    The abomination's appendages wrapped around the three of them tighter to gather their collective attentions.

    "If you will not hear the truth, then I will show it to you. the beast roared, glancing at the ceiling above it. "There is still time to stop the key from turning, but first it must be found."

    Hoisting Blaine and the Chief, the beast growled.

    "You will each search likely spots-" it growled, lifting the Elite. "-and you will search another. Fate would have us meet as foes, but this ring will make us brothers."

    The appendages beneath them pulled the three of them away from the abomination, as Blaine felt a tingly feeling around his shield systems.



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 15: Outta Amber Clad.

    Blaine slammed on the floor, his teleportation was a bit off it would seem. Growling, Blaine shakily tried to stand, falling back down to the ground again with a groan.

    "Next time I see a fuckin' botanist." Blaine growled to himself, before he got a glimpse of his surroundings.

    He was back in the room he had been kidnapped from before. Beside him, used shells from Darryl's shotgun lay on the floor next to his right hand. But there was no further sign of them. Trying again, he stood, their weapons on the floor, clips removed completely.

    "Fuck." Blaine groaned, clutching the back of his head.

    Behind him, he could hear the sound of a Pelican whirring to life. Reaching down, he grabbed one of the ammo-less Assault Rifles, slinging it to his back, just in case. Sprinting through the tunnel, snow flakes landed on his visor, as the Pelican shakily took off.

    Sprinting for all his worth, Blaine jumped at the last possible second, knife in his right hand, as he sunk the blade deep into the metal. Swaying back and forth, several kilometers off of the ground, Blaine grit his teeth, using his Spartan strength to climb to the top of the Pelican.

    Standing on top of the machine, his feet were pretty unsteady. Crawling along the top, Blaine slid down the front to the cockpit, where a few of the infected human's sat, wildly using the controls to try and navigate the bird.

    Reaching back with his right fist, Blaine punched the glass, cracking it. Reaching back again, he swung again, this time the glass shattered, wind blasting into the fresh hole he had made. Reaching in, Blaine grabbed one of the Combat forms by it's whip-like appendage.

    Quickly glancing at it, he realized the creature was no any of his ODSTs or Darryl. Instead, it was likely the Marine pilot that was supposed to meet them.

    "You are not authorized to fly this bird anymore." Blaine growled, yanking the biomass filled beast out the window, sending it to a fall to the ground below.

    Pulling up his pistol, he fired once, the round popping the squid in the chest of the other Combat Form. This was also likely to be one of the other Marines that had come for support. Wedging himself inside, the Pelican took a nose dive, as Blaine hurriedly took control of the Pelican, leveling it out.

    "Fuck that noise." Blaine growled to himself, glancing at another trio of Pelicans racing towards the In Amber Clad. "In Amber Clad! These zombie bastards are trying to get off world!"

    Following along behind them, he checked the ammunition levels of the Pelican, he was limited to three rockets and the main chain gun. However, it appeared that in his haste to enter the Pelican, the targeting system was destroyed, meaning he would have to rely on his own aim.

    Lining up a targeting line with the farthest back Pelican, he fired his first rocket, following it with a salvo of chain gun rounds. The rocket hit it's target, blasting the back of the Pelican's troop bay open, a trio of Flood Combat Forms stood there, firing at him with a shotgun, a pistol, and a Battle Rifle.

    His chain gun rounds peppered the inside of the bay, one lucky bullet hitting home on the 'Pilot's' chest, bursting the Infection form inside. The Pelican dropped into a free-fall, doomed to die upon impact. Maneuvering, he fired his second rocket at the second Pelican, the distance between this aerial convoy and the In Amber Clad growing ever smaller.

    The blast yielded the same result as last time, yet this time, a Flood Combat form's chest twitched, as a Rocket Launcher was hoisted onto it's shoulder. Blaine's eyes widened as the crimson flare exploded out of the back, knocking the Combat form off of it's feet, slipping out of the troop bay.

    Veering to the right, the rocket hit home on his tail engine, causing his Pelican to lose it's power quickly. Opening fire with the Chaingun, the second Pelican's Pilot perished similarly to the first one. Firing his third rocket as a Hail Mary, he missed the Pelican completely, his rocket launching off into the distance.


    Opening fire with the chain gun once more, Blaine tried to kill the Flood inside through pure luck. Luck, however, was not on his side, as the Pelican in front of him crashed into the vehicle bay. Blaine's right engine exploded, causing his Pelican to lurch to the side. Punching it as hard as he could, he braced himself for impact, smashing into the inside of the troop bay.


    Meanwhile, on the Covenant Holy City, High Charity.


    That was the only thing Scott, Darryl, Phil, Josh, and Morgan could notice about their surroundings. They had been ambushed by the Covenant while they were in the Library, and brought here along with Sergeant Johnson. Anch sat in the corner, badly bruised by their captors en route to the cell.

    They tried their hardest not to think about what had transpired, namely Blaine's abduction by strange anime tentacles, and Gaspar's transformation. Instead, Morgan hummed something to himself, before grinning.

    “Welp.” Scott said. “Prisoners aboard a Covenant ship. Never figured this is how I was going down.”

    “Keep your head about you, Marine.” Johnson replied. “We’re going to make it out of here just fine.”

    Morgan shrugged, pulling a small guitar off of his back, as he plucked away, creating a tune. Johnson noticed the old man’s gesture, reaching into his pocket for a small metallic case. Holding his two hands over it, he lifted it to his mouth, playing alongside Morgan.

    I had a friend named Ramblin' Bob
    Who used to steal, gamble, and rob
    He thought he was the smartest guy around
    But I found out last Monday
    That Bob got locked up Sunday
    They've got him in the jailhouse way down town
    He's in the jailhouse now, he's in the jailhouse now
    Well I told him once or twice: t’ stop playin' cards and shootin' dice
    He's in the jailhouse now
    ” Morgan sang, as Josh and Scott looked at him, puzzled.

    “Ai di yodeliyo di yo tiiii, ai di yodeliyo di yo tuuu.” Morgan yodeled along. “Yodeley deh heee, yodeley deh heee, yodeledey heeeeeee!”


    Bob liked to play his poker; pinochle with Dan Yoker
    But shootin' dice was his favorite game!
    Well, he got throwed in jail, with nobody to go his bail
    The judge done said that he refused a fineee
    He's in the jailhouse now, he's in the jailhouse now
    Well, I told him once or twice, t' stop playin' cards an' shootin' dice
    He's in the jailhouse now

    "Ai di yodeliyo di yo tiiii, ai di yodeliyo di yo tuuu.” Morgan continued to yodel. “Yodeley deh heee, yodeley deh heee, yodeledey heeeeeee!”

    Well, I went out last Tuesday, I met a girl named Susie
    I said I was the swellest guy around
    Well, we started to spendin' my money; an' she started to callin' me honey
    We took in every cabaret in town

    We're in the jailhouse now, we're in the jailhouse now
    Well, I told that judge right to his face, "I don't like to see this place"
    We're in the jailhouse now

    “Ai di yodeliyo di yo tiiii, ai di yodeliyo di yo tuuu.” Johnson looked over towards Morgan, nodding as he played the Harmonica along with the older man’s yodels. “Yodeley deh heee, yodeley deh heee, yodeledey heeeeeee!”

    “I swear to Christ, I don’t know you people.” Scott sighed, turning away from them.

    “That music was most refined, Humans.” Anch nodded respectfully. "Very somber, yet fitting for our situation."

    "Wait a second," Josh paused. "Where in the fuck did you get a guitar old man?"

    "Found it." Morgan shrugged.

    "How does that even, WHAT?!" Josh barked.

    "It was in the Pelican, looked nice, I took it. Mine." Morgan chuckled.

    "Hey, at least this Marine gets our history." Johnson nodded curtly. "Stand at attention Marines, Spartan on deck!"

    Sure enough, just outside of their cells, the green armored Titan lowered his Needler, releasing them from their cell.

    "The Commander, I need to get to the Commander." Johnson growled, paying no attention to Anch whatsoever. "Any Marines that need a ride, I'm jackin' a Phantom!"

    "Thanks for the offer Sarge." Morgan nodded. "Hinge-jaw here needs to take us to get our Captain. Knowing him, he could be anywhere on this god forsaken ring."


    Autumn curled into the corner of the Marine barracks. Pelicans from all over the ring had arrived over time, but something was wrong. The Marines inside had... changed, they were killing other Humans. That, and there were squids that latched onto people. She had fled to the barracks after the Marines had been scrambled.

    Locking the door behind her, Autumn hid here, hoping none of the beasts outside would break in and get her. Shaking with fear, she had hoped Blaine and his crew were okay, and especially Blaine. She regretted sharing that news with him then. But she just wanted him to realize that the Katie he had seen on the station was a figment of his imagination, the Katie he had met was a survivor who had no clue who he was.

    She knew Blaine didn't have much left in this world, besides his friends in his squad, the remaining handful of Spartan IIs, and his pride. If he was stripped of his rank and made a mockery of for seeing ghosts, she feared the worst. Her eyes opened wide with fear, as inhuman growls and roars filled the hallway outside of her door.

    Bang. Bang. BANG!

    The door crumbled under the strength of the thing behind it, as she shrieked in fear, trying to crawl further backwards into the corner. Closing her eyes, she anticipated the worst, as a pair of gloved hands gently lifted her off of the ground. Opening her eyes, Blaine's helmet was slightly pulled off of his helmet, as all she could see was his grin.

    "You okay?" he asked, as she nodded. "Good, hold on tight. Keep those eyes closed though, that's an order."


    Blaine gently placed Autumn over his shoulder, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He had fought his way through the hell that was now the In Amber Clad, and, on his way to her location, had succeeded in disabling the Fujikawa Slipspace drive. He had even found time to 'borrow' some equipment from the Armory.

    Hoisting the large weapon, fire spewed out of the front of it, a shark's mouth painted on the front. Flood infection and combat forms tried to pile in the door, as he let loose a blast of fire, popping the infection spores, and burning the combat forms to ashes.

    Stomping forward, with no plans on stopping, Blaine turned to his left and right, giving any inhuman son of a bitch a proper taste of a fiery vengeance.

    I may not have been able to save Katie. Blaine confirmed to himself, whispering. "But I'll be damned if I lose you too."

    The beasts continued to growl and throw themselves at him, but some godly force, namely the napalm he was spewing, kept the beasts at bay. Working his way back to the Pelican bay, he had figured that his reinforcement message he had relayed using the Amber Clad's relay system would bring them a new UNSC frigate to escape.

    But he wasn't going anywhere until he got the Index, Chief, Keyes, and any surviving UNSC personnel. Swinging around swiftly, Blaine let loose a giant fireball, catching the Flood Combat forms off guard.

    Entering the vehicle bay finally, he dropped the spent weapon, carrying Autumn in both of his powerful arms to the nearest usable Pelican. Before he could reach it, however, another Combat form wielding a Rocket Launcher blew it up.

    "The key is not here, but your sacrifice shall not be in vain. You will be delicious.." the Combat form replied in the abomination's voice.

    Before it could fire another Rocket at them, a green sliver of energy pierced the squid in it's chest. It's body collapsed, as the last rocket flew into the air, bursting a hole in the ceiling. Turning to the source, Anch bowed respectfully. Blaine nodded, as Autumn tried to open her eyes again.

    Running over, Blaine stood before the Elite, staring down the red and blue armored lizard.

    "I need to get to the Commander, can you take me there?"

    "I have a Phantom at the ready." Anch nodded. "The Prophets have not betrayed just myself, they betrayed all of the Elites. I will strike words with the Arbiter and the Sangheili people. We will fight by your side."

    Blaine nodded curtly, as Autumn squirmed in his arms. Sprinting for the Phantom, more infection forms and combat forms rushed their position. Standing in the purple light, Anch beside him, the two were whisked inside, the beam stopping just in time to prevent any Flood from getting in.

    Placing Autumn down, the young woman wrapped her arms around Blaine's torso again, shivering with fear. Tears streamed down her cheeks, as his ODSTs and Darryl waved. Anch charged to the front, whisking the Phantom away, the In Amber Clad racing off towards the Covenant High Charity.



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 16: Halo

    Warning: This is the third chapter I've written tonight, November 19th. If you haven't read the previous couple, know that there are some before now. I send this warning with fear that this chapter is taken to a new page.

    "Huh." Morgan said abruptly, calling the attention of all the humans in the Phantom at the time. "I might've talked with God earlier."

    "That's entirely out of left field gramps." Josh sighed. "How do you figure?"

    "Oh, during Blaine's awards thing with Admiral Hood, I was talking with some Marine that he was my son. The guy made some obscure statement, like; Yeah right, and zombies are actually aliens. Or something of that nature."

    "That's just a freaky coincidence, Morgan." Phil shrugged.

    "I dunno, boyo. I started singing earlier, which is the first time I have in years. Then I find a guitar randomly in a Pelican, just so that I can play guitar in a prison cell? I'm callin' shenanigans."

    "-And I'm calling dementia." Scott chuckled, hugging his sister.

    "Yeah." Blaine scoffed. "Now you're going to say that I'm some characterization of a lonely teenage boy that feels like he was his own father growing up, and that his own father was more like a brother to him. A boy whose childhood was shitty, and his mother almost never seemed to be in the picture."

    "God damn... that's deep." Phil said. "You okay Blaine?"

    "Yeah, I'm being sarcastic, you fuckstunt." Blaine chuckled, sticking his tongue out.

    "How can you all be so silly when there is a giant threat looming over our heads?" Darryl grunted.

    "Boyo, there is a gun pointed at the head of the Universe." Morgan said, glancing over at Darryl. "Anch is driving this thing as fast as it can go, there really isn't much we can do in this hostage situation. You heard what Johnson said, the Commander got kidnapped by a giant ape creature with the key to this ring."

    "We're descending on the Control room now." Anch said, in passing. "It would appear that the door is locked."

    "Pilot of the Phantom, be you friendly or foe?" a familiar voice to Blaine piped up in the Phantom's comm.

    "We are friendly, Arbiter." Anch growled. " I have Humans in tow that wish to save their Commander."

    "Understood, I am in a Banshee, with a Human Sergeant piloting a Scarab in tow to open the door. You should probably clear the door."

    Surely enough, the giant bug shaped tank mosied along, coming to an abrupt halt, as the front hatch opened. A green stream of energy surged forward, striking the Control Room door.

    "Hey big smelly apes! KNOCK KNOCK!" Sergeant Johnson roared, as a second beam struck the door, exploding it.

    The ODSTs prepped their new Covenant weapons, Morgan and Scott stood, as Blaine stepped in front of them.

    "Sorry guys, you've got to sit this one out. I need someone to watch Autumn." Blaine nodded over to Autumn, who sat there, concerned.

    Scott and Morgan nodded, standing at the Cockpit, Morgan, who had observed Anch's piloting, sat in the seat. Anch lit an energy sword, as Blaine slapped a fresh cartridge into the Covenant Carbine he had swiped from the Phantom's armory. Darryl hoisted a massive weapon with a curved blade on the front, while Phil and Josh lifted their Needlers.

    "Go play Donkey Kong, 'cept kill the fucker. He's gone bananas." Morgan waved them off.

    "He's not the only one." Scott whispered, slapping his palm to his helmet. "Why do you still hate me Blaine?"

    "Because I promised you latrine duty until the day you died, and there isn't a shitter anywhere near here." Blaine smirked. "Morgan, try and keep the Phantom out of sight. At first chance, see if a UNSC Frigate has appeared for pickup, then get the hell outta here."

    All the combatants jumped out of the Phantom, as the Arbiter's Banshee landed, Sergeant Johnson on board. Blaine and Darryl moved up, as the Arbiter lit an Energy Sword.

    "Wouldn't think I'd work with a hinge-head." Blaine growled.

    "Nor did I think I'd team with a Demon." the Arbiter clicked his mandibles. "But a common enemy makes us allies."

    "Agreed." Blaine nodded. "If we meet resistance, my team and I will hold them off and allow you direct access to the Control Room."

    Blaine, Darryl, Phil, Josh, and Anch charged into the door, as a trio of Brute Captains stood in front of them. Blaine raised his right hand, pointing for Anch, Phil, and Josh to advance with the other Elites and Johnson.

    "Well bro." Darryl grinned. "Guess it's time to get a little revenge for Reach, eh?"

    "Been long overdue." Blaine nodded, cracking his neck.

    "AXIOS!" the two Spartan brothers yelled, charging the three Brutes.

    Blaine raised his Carbine, firing it as fast as he could pull the trigger, the green slivers of energies piercing the thick hide of the unarmored Brutes. Growling with rage, the Brute in the center's eyes widened as a single round pierced it's skull, killing it instantly.

    Darryl fired the grenades from his Brute shot consistently, catching the Brute to the right off guard. The explosions pushed the muscular ape creature backwards, as it snarled in disgust. Blaine charged his own Brute, swinging the Carbine like a club, shattering the metal over it's skull.

    The force of the blow knocked the monkey off of it's feet, as Blaine took a strong step with his right foot, slamming his fist in a spike, just in the center of it's throat. The Brute slammed into the ground, sweeping Blaine's leg's out from under him.

    Darryl on the other hand, slashed his Brute with the curved blade on the tip of the weapon, as it howled in pain. Swinging his two feet in a nasty double kick, Darryl swung the weapon around like a highly trained martial artist would swing a staff.

    To anyone spectating the battle, they would compare Darryl's assault to almost be a spectacular dance of death. With a final swing, he kicked the Brute backwards. Throwing the weapon at the dazed Brute, the blade lodged in it's chest, Darryl pulling his pistol off of his waist.

    Firing a bullet with precision, he hit the trigger of the Brute shot, the final grenade in it's chamber exploding point blank into the Brute's chest, destroying the majority of it's torso, but also launching the weapon back at Darryl, who caught it.

    Turning on his heels, he was prepared to swing the blade, as Blaine stabbed his Brute in the eye with his knife, the beast howling in pain. Flipping over the scales of battle, Blaine's helmet fell off of his head, as his shaggy black hair covered his fire filled eyes. Punching the Brute in the face, he grabbed one of it's massive fangs with his right hand.

    "Didn't your bitch mother ever tell you it's not okay to BITE?!" Blaine roared darkly, ripping the fang out of it's mouth.

    Before the Brute could continue, Blaine stabbed it's fang square into it's throat, pinning it to the floor. Yanking his knife out of it's eye, he flicked the excess off. Picking his helmet off of the floor, Blaine stared as the Brute squirmed on the floor, fighting for breath.

    Kicking with all of his might, Blaine snapped the Brute's neck with one swift boot. Lifting one of their red plasma rifles, him and his brother walking into the other room, Blaine replacing his helmet once more.

    Josh and Phil stood there, as Anch, Arbiter, and a handful of other Elites charged at the giant grey Brute in the center with the massive hammer. Anch jumped off of a wall, slashing his blade across the beast's back, causing Tartarus to howl in pain.

    Arbiter swung his sword in a glorious arch, slashing the Brute across his throat, decapitating the monkey. Blaine, his two ODSTs, Darryl, and Johnson jumped towards the spinning platform, Commander Keyes herself sprinting for the small green key in the console.

    Pulling it out, the entire ring shook beneath their feet, as a small holographic video appeared, showing a glowing light surging in the center of the ring, a ball of yellow light racing for the glowing light in the center. Blaine and the others closed their eyes, as the ball of light reached it's target, a blinding flash of light appeared, but there was no affect.

    Suddenly, the platform they stood on glowed, a giant hologram appeared, showing several more Halo rings. One of them, in the center and oddly shaped, glowed red, bringing the Commander and Blaine's attention.

    "What's that?" Keyes asked, as a blue floating robot, much like Penitent Tangent, appeared beside her.

    "A beacon."

    "What's it doin'?" Blaine asked gruffly.

    "Communicating." the robot replied, glancing at the holograph. "At superluminal speeds at-"

    "Communicating with what?" Keyes shook her head, confused.

    "The other installations, of course." the robot continued. "Fail Safe Protocol: In the event of unexpected shutdown, all remaining platforms are now in standby status. They are now ready for remote activation."

    "From here?" Blaine growled.

    "Don't be ridiculous!" the robot shook his form.

    "Listen Tinkerbell, don't make me-" Johnson growled.

    "Where?" Keyes asked, pushing Johnson back. "Where would someone go to activate the other rings?"

    "Why the Ark, of course!"

    "-And where, Oracle, is that?" the Arbiter asked, Anch joining Blaine's side.

    "Simple." the robot continued. "Erde-Tyrene, although I do believe you Humans refer to it as-"

    "Earth." Blaine clenched his fist, shaking his head. "Of course. We need to hurry, In Amber Clad was taken by those Flood bastards, and I haven't received a hail from any UNSC Frigates."

    "Leave that to us, Captain." Anch said, stepping forward. "May this be an act of peace between our forces. We will give you a lift to your world."

    "You're call Captain." Commander Keyes shrugged, as Johnson crossed his arms, uncomfortably.

    "As if I have a choice, Earth needs us, and the Prophet's likely fled for Earth to find this... Ark." Blaine cracked his neck, turning to Anch. "We accept."


    "Admiral Hood, more Covenant bogeys spotted entering system. All weapons systems are offline."

    "Captain Blaine One-One-Five hailing Lord Admiral Hood, respond?"

    The elderly man removed his cap, rubbing his bald head underneath, shaking his head in rejoice.

    "This is Hood, good to hear from you Captain." Hood shook his head. "But I need to know why it is you Spartans always decide to show up WITHOUT a Human vessel nowadays."

    "It's a big ugly mess sir, if I may speak freely, it was a fuck fest. But two Prophets of three are confirmed KIA, and the third bastard fled to Earth. I have the Commander, Spartan 116, and a boat load of reinforcements sir."

    "Reinforcements, what do you mean son?"

    "The Prophets turned coats on the Elites, Admiral. They wish to fight with us to end this god damned war."

    "Out of the question, how can we trust them?"

    "Because they're giving me a ride, sir. They let me use their communique to reach you."

    "Jesus." Hood shook his head in disbelief. "We'll discuss terms soon Spartan, link up with Cairo. Bring their Leader."

    "Aye aye, sir."


    Blaine stomped forward, Darryl, Autumn, Commander Keyes, Anch, a red armored Elite, and the Arbiter by his side into the main room of Cairo station. Electricity sparked from all of the consoles, as the Marines in the room held their Assault Rifles at the ready.

    "Stand down Marines." Blaine barked. "I have the situation handled, this is a peace treaty meeting, they came unarmed."

    The Marines were hesitant, until Hood waved his arm downwards. Blaine and the others approached the elderly man, as he stared at the three lizards in front of him.

    "I don't like you, and I know you sure as hell don't like me." Hood hissed. "Give me one good reason why I should accept this treaty, and not let you rot?"

    "Because, Admiral." the red armored Elite hissed. "Our Arbiter, and the Field Marshall, along with your 'Catang' and Commander, discovered important information regarding Halo and what the Prophet of Truth is after. We could have easily left them to die on that ring, or better yet, have had them killed for their meddling in our affairs in the Covenant."

    "He's right, sir." Autumn stepped forward. "As an Operative of ONI, I can confirm everything that Blaine and the Elite have said is true."

    "All of the Halo rings are at the ready, sir." Commander Keyes continued. "Truth is looking for something called the Ark, which has some connection to Earth. If he finds it and activates those rings, EVERYTHING in the Galaxy will be wiped out big enough for the Flood to consume."

    "Sir, we're not asking to keep them as pets. But morale is low enough, and we can't keep fighting by ourselves anymore." Blaine shook his head. "Admiral, we need the Elite's help. They have better technology, they know the Covenant's tactics, and perhaps we can actually work out a permanent peace solution between our races."

    "Doubtful." Hood scoffed, "However, there is no denying the truth to everything you've said. I've written up a document that, assuming the Elites have a code of morals, will be signed by all present. It hereby states that the Humans and the Elites have a mutual alliance against the Covenant, that will last only until one race betrays the other."

    "Which will not happen." Blaine quipped in.

    "If everyone agrees with these terms, we shall commence the signing. Lieutenant Stroud, you sign on behalf of the Office of Naval Intelligence, as Director Parangosky is recooperating from a Covenant assault on the facility earlier."

    With that, numerous hands took the pen, writing their own names into the paper, as Lord Hood himself signed it, transferring it to his tablet.

    "Now for some upsetting news. It is with great shame, Captain, that I tell you that the Breaking the Ice was destroyed shortly after In Amber Clad jumped with the Flagship. Ensign Hamilton and the on-board AI Zeus were able to escape via lifepod, but there were no other survivors." Hood shook his head.

    "With that in mind, the Captain and Admiral of both the Forward Unto Dawn and Aura of Armaggedon were both, regrettably, killed by boarders during the Battle for Earth, needless to say, they will need new management. Captain, I offer you the Aura, and Commander, I offer you the Forward Unto Dawn."

    "Further still, the Master Chief appeared on this strange ship not too long ago. If what you say is true, the Prophet is likely on that ship. If you can locate it, or the Chief, that'll give us a head start. There is plenty for you to do, now get out there and take back our Planet!"

    "Sir, yes sir." Blaine nodded. "I'll start a search party for the Chief."

    "Negative, Spartan." Hood replied. "I want you to rally your men on the Aura, and help ease their troubles. You are a very charismatic person, and I believe it is crucial that you get them ready for combat. You will join the battle on the surface afterwards. Commander, rally a squad, search for the Chief."



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 17: Earth

    Blaine, Autumn, Darryl, and the ODSTs all stepped off of the Pelican into the troop bay of their new station. Blaine frowned, shaking his head at the sight. It was, literally, no different from the Ice, minus the name on the side of the ship.

    Stepping past some Marines, they saluted him as he passed, Blaine offering them a respectful salute back. Working his way to the bridge, the doors slid open, the crew men inside stood, turning to face him.

    "Captain on deck!" a woman with an Australian accent barked, snapping into a crisp salute.

    The other crew men inside of the Bridge snapped to attention, as Blaine stepped in, offering a salute back. In front of him, only one familiar face approached, along with the Australian woman.

    "Captain Blaine," Ensign Hamilton bowed his head in shame. "I failed you, sir. I failed the Ice."

    "It wasn't your fault Ensign, Lord Hood explained the entire scenario. You were wise to save Zeus and as many of the crew as you could." Blaine replied, placing a hand on the soldier's shoulder.

    Hamilton continued to look down, producing a teak box, with Blaine's three ceremonial medals that he had left on the Bridge, Zeus' data chip in the center of the box.

    "I was able to save these, along with some other crew men. Namely Nav and Guns. I'm sorry, Captain."

    "Take some time off, Ensign." Blaine nodded. "The three of you, during that time, I have signed you up for Leadership classes. Perhaps, if you follow the program well, you may just become the Captain of your own ship."

    Hamilton nodded, shaking from his overwhelming sense of guilt, a small smile forming on his mouth.

    "I'm not worthy of your charity, sir." Hamilton replied, saluting Blaine. "But I will do my damnedest, sir."

    Blaine returned the salute, accepting the box from Hamilton, who slipped past him. Turning back to the Australian crew man, who saluted Blaine.

    "Captain Blaine, sir." she stood, her face stone serious. "Leftenant Felicia R. O'Doyle, reporting for duty!"

    "At ease, Lieutenant." Blaine replied calmly. "Thank you for the warm welcome, I may not be the same Captain you all served under before, but I do intend to be a good Executive Officer for you all. Comm., please enter Zeus into the system."

    Blaine handed Zeus' chip over to the Lieutenant, who passed the chip to the Communications Officer. The man plugged the small chip in, a small avatar of the greek god stood there, nodding.

    "It is still not Mount Olympus, but it will have to suffice." Zeus nodded to Blaine. "Greetings Mortal, it has been far too long."

    "Indeed, Zeus." Blaine nodded. "Zeus, open up the intercom. I wish to address my crew."

    "It will be done." Zeus bowed, tapping a smaller console in front of him. "You are live, Mortal."

    "All hands, this is your new acting Captain speaking. I have heard of your rough past couple of days, and I offer my most sincerest of condolences to those of you that may have lost someone to the incidents of late. If you are to meet with me in the halls, so long as I am not busy, I would love to take the time to get to know you. The road ahead is unclear, but if we work together, we can accomplish anything."

    "Inspiring words, sir." the Lieutenant grinned, Autumn glaring at her from behind Blaine. "If you'll follow me, our gear-heads downstairs said they had something for you."


    Blaine followed the Lieutenant, with his squad and Autumn in tow into the Vehicle bay. A pair of mechanics grinned, high five-ing each other before approaching.

    "Captain!" one of the mechanics said. "Good to see you sir! You may not recognize us, but you saved our lives on New Alexandria during Reach."

    "You must've been on one of those civilian transports." Blaine nodded. "I'm glad to see you are well."

    "Much obliged sir." the other mechanic nodded politely. "We worked at Traxus Towers, and we were even on the brink of prototyping new Pelican dropships that were meant to be more durable, and capable of more firepower, along with Space flight."

    Blaine nodded, impressed, as they brought him to an incomplete Pelican. Weapon systems were scattered on the floor near the ship itself, the last few pieces of it's hull leaned up against it.

    "Within another day, this beauty will be completed. Made specially in your honor, it's the first of her kind. The newer Pelicans will obviously be named Pelicans. But for you, sir, we've specially painted this one with Gold Leaf, and have duly named her; Golden Eagle."

    "This is absolutely incredible," Blaine stepped forward, admiring the new ship. "What is it's combat effectiveness, in theory?"

    "Sir, it is capable of carrying a single .50 caliber chain gun on the nose of the ship, with a pair of machine guns on the side. On the top of the rig, we've included a Scorpion tank turret, capable of 360 degree turning. Along with that, we've experimented on a new type of missile system, based off of the Gorgons, called Medusas. When fired, the rocket splits into numerous smaller rockets. It all comes together with the Praetorian Laser on the front."

    "The what?" Blaine asked.

    "Praetorian Laser. It's similar to the Gallilean Directed Energy Beam, or SPARTAN Laser, if you will. It's just built to destroy Phantoms, in estimation, in two shots."

    "Impressive." Darryl nodded. "I like to tinker with things, perhaps I could assist you?"

    "Might as well." Blaine shrugged. "Hood is forcing us into momentary leave while Keyes and the others get all the fun."

    The mechanics nodded, as Darryl stayed behind, the rest of the group continuing the tour.


    That night.

    Blaine sat there, at the edge of his new quarter's bed. The Aura of Armaggedon was a beautiful ship, and he was extremely lucky to have been reassigned to her, especially with the fate of the Breaking the Ice. Clenching his fist, Blaine personally held himself accountable for the deaths of all the crew on board when it exploded.

    What was worse, his sleep was haunted by horrific scenes, his subconscious mind trying to imagine how Katie had died, and worse yet why his mind had tricked him into thinking her Clone was actually her. When he didn’t have nightmares of his old Spartan friend’s untimely passing, he was wracked with the horror that was Gaspar’s infection by the Flood.

    Even closing his eyes was doing a number on him, and he was running on little sleep. This moment in silence, was his only chance to get some rest before the next big battle in the war took place. Holding his head in his hand, he pondered how he had even managed to save Autumn from the In Amber Clad during it’s hostile takeover from the Flood, and even how he had managed to disable In Amber Clad’s Fujikawa Slip-Space drive.

    Beside him, the door slid open, as Autumn stepped forward, bare foot. Against UNSC regulation, she was dressed in a nightie, her hair let down, the brunette strands flowing down well past her shoulders. Her eyes were puffy, and looked sore, as if she was stricken with insomnia too.

    “Captain, I can’t sleep, sir.” she frowned.

    “Please, sit down.” Blaine pat the bed beside him, the Spartan himself out of his armor for the first time since he got the modifications, much to Autumn's surprise.

    Sleepily, she gently walked over, placing herself on the edge of the bed, gently wrapping her arms around his torso, nuzzling her face into his chest. Blaine’s eyes widened as her grip tightened.

    “I sound like a giant cry baby, but I was so scared from what happened earlier.”

    “Yeah, the Flood is pretty creepy. But they aren't here right now, we'll find a way to stop them... somehow.”

    “I meant the other thing, about your Psych profile.”

    “Oh.” Blaine frowned, staring at the floor, his arms at his sides. “Yeah, I’m sorry you had to see that. Katie was a good friend of mine, someone I dare say I loved. But due to circumstances, it never happened. It still doesn't excuse my behavior.”

    “I just- I feel so bad for you, Captain.” Autumn sobbed. “You never got a real childhood, all of your adoptive brothers and sisters missing or worse, and… no matter how much good you do, you always catch shit from ONI or otherwise for it.”

    “Don’t be sad.” Blaine shook his head, still refraining from returning the hug. “I’ve all but given up on my past anyways. Now I live day by day, which isn’t saying much as a Spartan. But I have good company while I’m here, so might as well make the best of it.”


    “Blaine.” Blaine chuckled. “Just call me Blaine.”

    “-Blaine?” Autumn removed herself for a moment, standing. “Silly question, but… would you dance with me? It’s been forever since I last danced.”

    “Dance?” Blaine asked, cocking his head to the right.

    “You’re kidding, right?” Autumn asked, placing her hands on her hips. “Y’know, “One-two-three, One-two-three.”

    “Oh!” Blaine nodded, slapping his forehead. “One-two-three, One-two-three! Helljumper Helljumper where you been?!”

    “No-no-no.” Autumn shook her head, puffing her cheeks out in frustration. “You've never heard of dancing before?”

    “Vaguely,” Blaine shrugged. “Mostly heard it from Mendez during training, when he was sparring with us Spartans. He’d always say; ‘let’s Dance!.”

    “But, you said it the day we met?”

    “In that context, I was just quoting Mendez to feel more badass. My younger Spartan years were foolish in that regard.”

    Music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbJuu6P9PbI

    Holding her hand out, Blaine gently accepted it, Autumn helping the Spartan stand. Towering over her, she giggled as he clumsily followed her directions. Finally, she had his hands around the small of her back, and hers around his.

    “Now all you do is step back and forth, right and left, to the beat of one-two-three, one-two-three.” Autumn smiled, as Blaine did so, Autumn following in suit, before standing on his massive feet, while the Spartan continued his motions.

    Blaine smiled genuinely at the new experience, before summoning Zeus. The AI appeared on the pedestal near the door. Looking over towards the AI's avatar, Blaine smirked.

    “Zeus, anyone that comes to visit, tell’em I’m busy.” Blaine nodded, getting more into the rhythm of the slow dance.

    Autumn planted her head into his chest, as the pair of them slowly danced in circles. Blaine closed his eyes, enjoying the subtle maneuvers the two of them made in unison, all his life he had been trained to be a killing machine, and now he was learning what it meant to truly be Human.


    Morgan shambled down the hallway, two bagpipes on his person, as he approached Blaine’s new quarters. Before he could knock on the door, however, Zeus appeared before him, holding a tiny avatar arm up to stop Morgan.

    “The Captain wishes for no visitors at this time.” Zeus said. “If you have a message for Captain Blaine, leave it here. State your name and business for the message.”

    “Morgan Harlowe, ‘is fokin’ dad.” Morgan chuckled. “Wanted to see if me son wanted to play the Bagpipes for good luck in tomorrow’s fight?”

    “He is busy, now is not a good time.” Zeus remained firm, as Morgan’s right eyebrow lifted a few inches.

    “Is he tugging on the ol’ Haggus? If’n you know what I mean?”

    “Searching thesaurus for query; ‘Is he tugging on the ol’ Haggus?’” Zeus said, holding his small avatar’s hand up again.

    If an AI could truly throw up, Zeus would have done so. Instead, the AI gave the old man an unamused look of sheer disgust, as the ODST held his hands up.


    Tuggin’ on the ol’ Haggus?” Blaine’s pin-drop hearing picked up Morgan say outside the door.

    “What’s the matter, Blaine?” Autumn asked, the two stopping their dance for a moment.

    “The Old man is outside the door, asking weird questions to Zeus.” Blaine chuckled, “Silly old man.”


    “Well what is he so busy with then?” Morgan asked sternly. “Usually he’d be briefin’ us if it was Mission specific.”

    “If you really must know, he’s building a bond with Agent Stroud.” Zeus sighed, pulling up a video of Blaine and Autumn dancing slowly.

    Morgan’s heart fluttered as he saw his son truly happy, before staring at the bagpipes in his possession.

    “Oye, so he IS gonta be playin’ the bagpipes tonight?” Morgan’s eyebrow lifted again in a mischievous way. “Make sure you tune her correctly boyo!”

    FUCK OFF OLD MAN!” Blaine roared from the quarters.

    “Oye, you’re my son! I’d fail my job if I didn’t embarrass you in front of a girl at least ONCE in yer life!” Morgan teased. “I’ll be around if ye need anything!”


    Blaine shook his head, as Autumn giggled. She hugged him a little tighter, as the two continued their small dance. Lifting his arms up to just above her shoulders, the turning stopped, as the two of them remained there in a motionless hug.

    “I’m not embarrassed.” Autumn smiled, looking up at him. “I think what he said was kind of charming.”

    “That makes one of us.” Blaine chuckled. “Damn old man anyways.”

    Autumn yawned, her yawn ending in a cute squeak, as Blaine laughed. Leading her to his bed, she gently fell onto the soft sheets, as Blaine took a pillow off the front of the bed, heading for the couch.

    “No, please.” Autumn asked, stopping the Spartan. “I can’t sleep, please stay.”

    Blaine paused for a second more, turning back to the bed, as Blaine sat at the head, Autumn laying beside him. Smiling down at her, Blaine stared out the window at the void that was Space.

    “We’ll get through this Blaine, won’t we?” Autumn smiled, before yawning again, curling up with one of his pillows.

    “Yeah.” Blaine smirked. “Yeah, I believe we will.”

    Turning his attention back at her, Autumn laid there, cuddling his pillow. Her mouth formed a small ‘O’, as she softly snored into it. Blaine shook his head, amazed how quickly she had fallen asleep. Autumn’s still form shivered from some mysterious chill. Smiling, he gently lifted her feet, bringing the blankets over her form.

    Laying down completely, he was careful not to move her anymore, as he stared at the ceiling. While he still mourned for Katie’s passing, he couldn’t shake the inescapable need to be there for Autumn, to protect her. While he had only known a motherly love from Halsey, and a small infatuation with Katie, Blaine realized this feeling was likely what Love was. Turning his head back towards her again, he smiled at her peaceful look.

    He was happy that her close encounter with the Flood earlier wasn’t bothering her as much as he had feared it would. Nodding some personal confirmation, Blaine closed his eyes, and for the first time since Autumn had broke the news, he actually slept.


    The next morning.

    Blaine's eyes creaked open, his internal clock waking him up at his usual Zero-Five Hundred hour start. Glancing over, he realized that at some point in the night, she had hugged up to him again. Her face close to his, smiling, he gently brushed some of her hair out of her closed eyes.

    "Stay with me." He whispered, before glancing over his shoulder, the Sun cresting around Earth's surface.

    As carefully as he could, he removed himself from her grasp. Yawning, he checked his inbox at the window for any urgent messages from Admiral Hood or Commander Keyes. He was still annoyed that he was required to take a day off, just to brief with his crew. But that day had passed, and he was cleared to take some missions.

    Shrugging, he decided he would sleep in a little bit, hell, he hadn't slept that good since before Reach fell. His men would appreciate the breather too, he was sure. Grabbing another pillow from the bed, he made his way to the couch, closing his eyes.

    Keeping his eyes shut, however, he heard Autumn yawn from the bed. He could hear her stand up, carefully walking around. By the sounds of it, she was likely looking for him. Turning in place, he fluffed his pillow, laying back down on the couch.

    He could hear her footsteps near him, her feet slightly rubbing the carpeting beneath his couch. Then, he heard her quietly breathing, assuming her face was in front of his. He felt the back of her hand run along his cheek, before he heard her walk off again.

    After a moment, something warm was placed over him, which he had assumed was his blanket. Again, he heard her crouch down, running her hand on his face again.

    "You poor, hurt soul." she frowned. "If only there were something I could do about that."

    Standing, she walked away again, Blaine cracking his eyes. She shuffled along the floor, apparently fully awake. She turned to the console, Zeus appearing.

    "Ah, Agent Stroud." Zeus bowed respectfully. "How was your sleep, m'lady?"

    "I slept well, I hope I didn't bother Blaine though."

    "Not at all. In fact, I think that's the happiest I've ever seen the Captain, ma'am." Zeus bowed. "Is there something I could help you with?"

    "I was told by the Lieutenant that the closets in this place are connected to some sort of conveyor system? Could you get me a standard UNSC outfit, medium sized? I'd rather not walk around the ship in a nightie."

    "I can, hold on momentarily. When the door opens, you may remove the clothing inside."

    Blaine closed his eyes as Autumn turned towards him again. He couldn't tell what she was doing, but then he heard the closet door slide open. Cracking his eyes again, he saw her slide down the right shoulder of her nightie, catching her eye momentarily, before he snapped them shut again.

    "I should warn you, ma'am." Zeus replied. "There is a chance the Captain could wake up at any moment."

    "Too late." Blaine yawned, his eyes still closed as he sat up. "What's all the hulla baloo?"

    "EEP!" Autumn shrieked, as Blaine heard clothing ruffle. "Don't open you eyes sir!"

    "Why?" Blaine asked, cocking his head. "I'll have you know I don't like surprises."

    "Trust me, Captain." Zeus' confirmed. "Now is not a good time, perhaps you could turn your back if you really must open your eyes."

    "Okay," Autumn sighed. "Sorry Captain, you may open your eyes now."

    Blaine opened his eyes, as Autumn sat beside him smiling. She wore the typical UNSC uniform for personnel that didn't see combat. On his floor, near the closet was her nightie and some other clothing.

    "Um-herm." Blaine cleared his throat with a chuckle, nodding his head to the pile of clothing.

    Autumn's eyes opened wide, as she ran over to pick up the clothing.

    "You didn't see anything, right?" she asked.

    "Other than your face and the pile of clothes just now?" Blaine asked. "No."


    Blaine nursed the side of his face, as Autumn and him walked down to the vehicle bay. Darryl worked diligently with the mechanics, as the Golden Eagle looked more and more complete by the passing hour.

    "Sorry to cut this short Darryl, but Hood said they located the Chief this mornin' bout a few hours ago. They're working on a full out assault on the Prophet's ship. Wish they had contacted us sooner, but it is what it is." Blaine said. "We're to remain on the ship, but I'll need you to defend this bay, in the case of boarding parties."

    "Aye aye." Darryl saluted.



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 18: Star Bound

    Author's Notes: Because I'm trying my damnedest not to copy the exact Halo 3 story line, this chapter will be slightly chopped up with Time-skips. There really isn't much else I can write about with them on the ship, and to put them on the ground essentially puts them with Chief.

    Aura's Bridge

    "Lord Hood, sir." Blaine nodded, snapping into a crisp salute.

    "At ease, Captain." Hood replied. "Sleep well?"

    "Not particularly, sir." Blaine sighed. "Not with knowing I'm safe up here, when good men are dying below."

    "Worry no longer, Captain." Hood replied. "As we speak, Commander Keyes and the Chief are working on shutting down the Covenant's AA guns planet-side that are preventing our ships from engaging. The Prophet found something in the plains of Africa, and we think it might be the Ark."

    Blaine's heart dropped, as he clenched his fists.

    "With all due respect sir, how does that ease my mind?" Blaine shook his head in disbelief.

    "Because the Aura of Armaggedon is leading my ships on a full on assault to take out the Prophet's ship before he can activate it." Hood smirked. " For now, the UNSC fleet is at your disposal. I know you won't fail me."

    "Aye, sir." Blaine nodded. "I will link up with the rest of the fleet."

    "Excellent, FleetCOM out."



    Blaine mentally cheered as the final AA gun was severed, Hood's face appearing on his monitor. Turning back, he had his men spin up the MAC guns and Archer missiles.

    "All ships fire on my command!" Blaine barked, as the Dreadnaught lined up perfectly with the UNSC fleet, pointing his right hand forward, he growled. "Dethrone that false Prophet!"

    The Aura shuddered, as the last ten UNSC ships in the fleet fired their weapon systems simultaneously, the rounds seemingly glancing off of the odd ship. Unfazed by their weapons, the small triangular ship ascended above this giant mechanized hole in the Earth's crust. Suddenly, a giant purple orb exploded above the ship, as the Aura and the other UNSC ships slowly cascaded to Earth.

    "Nav, get us back online!" Blaine barked.

    "What did Truth do?!" Fleet Admiral Harper coughed. "Did he activate the rings?"

    "No Admiral." Blaine coughed. "It's just a slip-space rupture, sir."

    "Sir, we've got a ship jumping in, Port flank!" Nav barked, as Blaine approached the observation deck. Surely enough, a tainted looking Covenant ship descended nearly glancing the side of the Aura.

    "More brute ships?" Blaine heard the Arbiter growl in the comm.

    "Worse." he heard Chief grit his teeth.

    "Lord Hood." Blaine barked. "This is a crisis, the FLOOD is on Earth!"

    Behind the Spartan Captain, Autumn, Morgan, Phil, Scott, and Josh's eyes all opened wide with fear.

    "How can we handle this?" Hood growled.

    "There really isn't a way, sir." Blaine sighed, glancing over towards the Ship Master's green Covenant Cruiser. "Unless... unless we use the Glass beams to eradicate the parasite!"

    "Out of the question, Captain." Hood barked.

    "Sir, we don't have any other option, besides activating Halo. I don't like it either, but I'd rather sacrifice a Continent than the whole Planet, sir."


    Blaine stood guard beside Lord Hood, as the Arbiter, Anch I'Bortee, the Ship Master, Commander Keyes, and now Master Chief joined them. On the table in front of them, a small piece of metal was busy being zapped by the small blue Monitor Blaine had seen in the Control Room on Delta Halo.

    "Will it live, Oracle?" the Ship Master asked, sitting in his chair at the end of the table.

    "Uncertain." the Monitor shook it's form. "This storage unit has suffered considerable trauma. It's matrices are highly unstabl-"

    "-Perhaps if one of our technicians-" Hood started, as the Ship Master raised a hand.

    "-That will not be necessary."

    "Chief!" Cortana's familiar form and voice echoed from the device.

    "Success!" the Monitor quipped with excitement.

    "High Charity, the Covenant Holy City is on it's way to Earth... with an army of Flood." she said, causing every Human in the room's heart to skip a beat. "I can't tell you everything, the Gravemind, it know's I'm in the system."

    Chief clenched his fist, turning to the Ship Master.

    "It's just a message." Chief said, with a hint of remorse.

    "Let it play." the Ship Master replied calmly.

    "But it doesn't know about the Portal, where it leads. On the other side, there's a solution. A way to stop the Flood without firing the remaining Halo rings."

    Blaine sighed with relief, grabbing a quick glance from Lord Hood, before tuning back in to the AI's words. Cortana winced in pain, her avatar falling sideways onto an invisible floor.

    "Hurry Chief, the Ark." she said, clasping her head. "There isn't much time."

    "I'm sorry." the Monitor replied solemnly, as Cortana's message ended.

    "Do not worry, Oracle." Ship Master replied. "We've heard enough."

    Blaine stepped forward, much to the surprise of everyone present. Turning his head to the Chief with a nod, and then back to the Admiral beside him, he placed both hands on the table in front of him.

    "We need to go through that Portal." Blaine said. "It's our only chance."

    "Your Spartan is right, Admiral." the Ship Master nodded. "Our fight is through the Portal. With the Brutes and the Bastard Truth!"

    "Fine." Hood sighed. "We'll remain here. Hold out as long as we can."

    Blaine felt fire well in his stomach, as he and the Ship Master turned to the Admiral.

    "Did you not hear?" the Ship Master growled. "Your world is doomed. A Flood army, a Gravemind has you in it's sights. You've barely survived a small contamination."

    "-And you Ship Master just glassed half a continent. Maybe the Flood isn't all I should be worried about."

    "One single Flood spore is enough to devastate a species. Had it not been for the Arbiter or your Captain's counseling, I would have glassed your entire PLANET!"

    Hood cocked a fist, ready to retort, as Blaine put a hand gently on the Admiral's chest, pushing him backwards and away from the table.

    "Sir." Keyes replied sternly. "With respect, Cortana has a so-"

    "Cortana?" Hood shook his head, turning to her. "Didn't you see the condition she's in? How damaged she is? She could be corrupted for all we know. Her solution could be a Flood trap!"

    "We should go through anyways, see what's in there." Keyes replied.

    "What we should do, Commander, is understand. Our fight is here; at Earth." Hood said somberly. "If we go, we risk every last man, woman, and child. If we stand our ground, we might just stand a chance."

    "No." Blaine said firmly. "I've seen what the Flood is capable of first hand, the CHIEF, has seen what it's capable of. Grant me the Aura, the Forward unto Dawn, and another ship of the Fleet. We'll go through the Portal and end this damn thing. Way I see it, if we fail, Earth won't live long enough to find out if this was wrong."

    "The Captain is right." Chief nodded to Blaine. "I'll find Cortana's solution, and I'll bring it back."

    "Earth." Hood shook his head, pacing back and forth. "It's all we have left. Captain, if you are certain about this, and Chief, if you trust Cortana so much?"

    "Sir, yes sir." the Spartans nodded.

    "This is either the best decision you Spartans have made, or the worst. I doubt I'll live long enough to find out. Captain, I'm permitting you three ships, don't disappoint me."

    "I won't." Blaine nodded, turning to the Ship Master. "Prepare your Fleet, Ship Master. I'll be headed your UNSC support. All I request is a handful of your ships remain behind to keep Earth secure."

    "It will be done, Spartan." the Ship Master nodded.


    Outside of the Portal, Earth.

    "Commander Keyes." Blaine barked. "Prepare ODST units, the Chief, and whatever other ground troops you can muster. Lt. Commander Hughes, same for you. Keyes, I'm permitting you reign over the ground forces. Hughes, the Unbiased Victory will remain in orbit with the Aura and the Elite's ships."

    The UNSC ships and the Elite ships forced their way through the Portal, the Forerunner technology exiting their jump within minutes. Ahead of them, the remainder of the Covenant Fleet waited for them.

    "Ship Master, the Brute ships out number our fleet four to one!"

    "Then it is a fair fight." the Ship Master replied via comm. "Captain, may experience guide you."

    "To you too, Ship Master." Blaine nodded, turning to guns. "Nav! Prepare targeting vector for nearest Capital Ship. I want MAC guns primed and ready, along with Archers J-M. Fire at my words!"

    The Covenant ships edged closer to them, their glassing beams warming up eagerly, as Plasma torpedoes launched forward.

    "For Reach, for Harvest. FOR HUMANITY!" Blaine roared, slamming his fist onto the table. "FIRE!"

    The Archer missiles advanced, striking into the Plasma Torpedoes before they could hit the Aura, the MAC round launching forward, glancing down the Covenant ship's shields. The shields popped, as the Ship Master's vessel launched Plasma Torpedoes of it's own.

    "Clear a path for the Forward Unto Dawn's Pelicans!" Blaine barked to Guns, who targeted all Seraphs and Space Phantoms with the ship's belly turrets. "Scramble the Long Sword fighters, take those bastards out of the sky!"

    After the Forward Unto Dawn disposed of it's Pelicans, Commander Keyes joined the fray with her ship. The Aura narrowly avoided a Covenant glassing beam, as it struck the Separatist ship behind it.

    "I want Gorgon's A-M primed and ready for my discretion!" Blaine barked, ripping his helmet off of his head, the sound of his helmet's muffle annoying him. "MAC rounds away! Prime Shiva's for cluster bombing!"

    "Agggh!" Hughes barked. "Apologies, Captain. Unbiased Victory is toast, sir! Best of luck sir!"

    Roaring past the Aura, the Victory slammed into a cluster of Covenant Cruisers, the ship's engines running critical, blasting three Cruisers into Floatsam.


    Several hours later

    "Unbelievable!" Nav said. "Sir, Brute ships are retreating back to the Ark, sir! We own the space above the Ark, sir!"

    "Great work everyone, remain at Combat Alert Delta!" Blaine grinned, returning his helmet to his head. "Commander Keyes, status on the ground?"

    "The Chief has accessed the Cartographer, sir. Keyes replied with frown. "Truth has fled to the Control Room though sir, and he's locked himself inside with a barrier of some sort. The Monitor believes there are three junctions that could be used to break the barrier."

    "Excellent." Blaine nodded. "Rally the remaining ground troops. I wish to address them personally."

    Turning backwards, he placed a hand on the Lieutenant's shoulder, the Australian woman's eyes shimmered.

    "Lieutenant O'Doyle. You're in charge of the Aura until I return. I'm going topside for this one."

    "Aye sir." she nodded.


    "All ground forces, this is Commander Keyes. Captain Blaine wishes to address you now."

    Standing in the troop bay, with his men beside him, Blaine stood rigid, arms behind his back.

    "Marines, ODSTs, Elites, and Spartans alike." Blaine cleared his throat. "For far too long this war has raged on. Many men and women have lost their lives for this cause, on both sides. Their sacrifices have led to this one moment in time."

    "Earth is in danger, there is no question. I would not have asked you to come here, if I hadn't felt it was strictly necessary. We're here today, to protect Earth. But most importantly, we're here for ALL of Humanity. The Elites, once our enemies, stand beside us as allies, perhaps a beacon of a potential alliance in the stars. This fight, this one final effort; this is it. There is no second chances, but I'm confident we will stand above the odds."

    "Humanity is a species founded on survivalists. We survived the Black Plague, we survived the Holocaust, we survived the Insurrectionist War. On this day, we will rise against the Covenant, with the Elites at our side, and we will show the Galaxy that we can survive even the Covenant and Flood themselves! I cannot guarantee that you will all make it out of this alive, I cannot guarantee that ANY of us will make it out of this alive. But I promise you this, we will be victorious this day, and Humanity, with it's Elite allies, will survive!"


    "Now go forth, and show these Covenant bastards that even the smallest of rodents can bite worse than shark!" Blaine stood proudly. "AXIOS!"



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 19: Mortals

    The battle on the surface had gone well for the UNSC forces. Chief and his squadron had shut down the first generator, while Arbiter and Anch had shut down the second. Blaine's heart sank, however, when Johnson didn't respond to Keye' hail on the third generator.

    "Boyo." Morgan said, placing a hand on Blaine's shoulder. "The Master Chief will get this. Believe in yer own words, boyo."

    "Time is running thin, old man." Blaine shook his head. "For all we know, Truth could fire off the rings before Chief gets to the third barrier."

    "Nah." Darryl grunted, patting the side of the Golden Eagle. "Truth is probably too busy yammering about his Great Journey to the Covenant for morale. He won't rush the ceremony. A plan is a plan, we're dropping in with the Golden Eagle to take out Truth's guards the second that barrier goes down so that the Chief and the Arbiter can finish this thing."

    "Fire up the engines." Blaine said, standing. "Josh, Phil, I want you on the side turrets. Darryl, you're the pilot. Morgan, you've got the rear turret, I'll handle the Scorpion tank."

    "What about me, Captain?" Scott asked.

    "Stay with Autumn, she'll need the morale now more than ever."


    Covenant Seraphs, Banshees, and Phantoms saturated the area outside of the Ark's control room. Blaine's Golden Eagle led the charge of the small band of Hornets, Falcons, and Pelicans into the fray. Blaine turned the Scorpion tank on top of the bird, firing a lone shell deep into the side of a Phantom.

    The ship erupted in a brilliant flash of violet and blue, the mangled pieces of Brutes, Jackals, and Grunts fell to the ground along with the remains of the drop-ship.

    "C'mon Harlowe men!" Morgan cheered from the back. "Our family takes the impossible, and kicks it's ass to the curb!"

    Opening fire with his turret, the old Scotsman's turrets riddled through the Banshee the was tailing them's hull. It sparked for a moment, before nose diving to the ground.

    "That's for Amber, ye sons of bitches!"

    Blaine turned his tank turret, firing at the nearest Seraph, shattering it's shields and dropping the space craft into the building with a crash. In his suit's head's up display, he could see everything the tank was looking at, zooming his optics towards the cliffs, he could see Master Chief boarding a Hornet.

    "Keep up the fight boys!" Blaine barked. "Chief's advancing on the building!"

    "Easy for YOU to say freak!" Josh growled. "I'm freezing my ass off out here, and I'm not protected by the ship!"


    "Eaaaaaaghhhh!" Blaine could hear Morgan groan from the back.

    Ripping himself from the control panel, he turned to see the old Scotsman standing there, at the back of the Pelican, a giant spike protruding from his chest.

    "Well," Morgan sighed. "Shit."

    Stumbling backwards, Morgan fell out of the Golden Eagle, as Blaine sprinted towards the hatch, Darryl setting the ship to auto pilot, chasing Blaine.

    Blaine dove, as Darryl clenched onto a handle on the side of the ship, he grabbed Blaine's ankle, stopping the Captain from jumping out after Morgan.

    "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" Blaine roared, reaching a hand out, as the older ODST fell.

    "'Cause I'm free! Free Fallin'!" Morgan whispered into the comm. "Love ya boyo. Live the life yer mother would've wanted ye to."

    Blaine laid there, hanging out of the back of the Pelican, Darryl struggling to keep him inside of the auto maneuvering ship. Closing his eyes, his suit beeped as the vitals for the old man disappeared.

    Wind gushed past his helmet, the sounds of war slowly dissolving around the Spartan, as he felt something wet pass down his cheek. It felt like something had been caught in his throat, as he slammed his fist down on the metal.

    "Covenant Scarabs, two of them!" Keyes barked into the comm.

    "Not for long." Blaine mustered, as Darryl pulled him back into the bay.

    Grabbing the jet pack unit from the cockpit, Blaine charged out of the back, Darryl trying again to stop him. But he was too late, Blaine nose dived towards the nearest Scarab, his DMR gripped tightly to his chest.

    It ain't much, but think of it as a gift for all the missed birthdays. Love ya boyo. Here's to many more. it had said on the card attached to the weapon.

    Activating the jet-pack, Blaine still slammed onto the hull of the newer model Scarab. Brutes, Jackals, and Grunts all glared at him, as he stayed in that crouching position, his fist embedded into the metal.

    "You alien bastards are regret that." Blaine growled darkly, as the Brutes charged. "I'LL RIP YER FUCKIN' HEARTS OUT!"

    Charging forward, Blaine slammed his shoulder into the muscle covered ape leading the advance. The golden armored Brute flew backwards, the armor surrounded it disintegrated, the beast scrambling to it's feet. Firing a lone shot, he plugged the ape in the face, swinging his left boot in a high arch, slamming a Minor in the back of it's head, knocking it off of the Scarab.

    Turning back, another Brute Major tried to stab him with it's Brute shot, kicking the blade aside, he pounced on the Brute. Slamming the butt of his DMR into it's skull, he continued to do so until purple blood splattered onto his visor.

    Standing, he turned slowly towards the Grunts and Jackals, that stared, frightened. Cracking his neck, Blaine stepped forwards slowly, the smaller units threatening to fire their weapons.

    "What's keeping you?" Blaine grinned beneath his helmet. "What's keeping you from ending my life, eh?"

    "Blaine, you need to stop this!" Autumn cried from the other side of the comm. "Killing yourself isn't what he'd want."

    Turning off the external comms., Blaine continued to walk forward, as the lead Grunt shakily lifted it's Plasma Pistol at him. Reaching down, fast as a viper, Blaine grabbed it's stubby arm, raising it's own Plasma pistol into it's own chin.

    Squeezing it's hand, the Plasma Pistol overcharged, causing it's wielder to panic. Leaning as close as he could to the creature, he stared it in the beady little eyes.

    "You don't have to wonder where your God is." Blaine smiled beneath his helmet, using his spare hand to clasp it's shoulder, his DMR clattering to the floor. "'Cause he's right here!"

    Firing the overcharge into the Grunt's head, it exploded, as he kicked up the DMR, firing it into the Jackals and remaining Grunt's head.


    Headed down into the lower levels, Blaine casually fired his DMR into the heads of anything that stood in his way. Barreling his way down into the main control chamber, a single Brute Chieftain snorted at him, it's Gravity Hammer in hand.

    Rushing the Spartan, Blaine jumped just as it's hammer struck the ground, vaulting over the ape's head. Turning on his heels, he fired the remainder of his clip into it's head, the shields of it's armor holding strong. Bum rushing the creature, his DMR on his back, Blaine reached his hands above his head, as the Chieftain swung downwards.

    Catching the staff, Blaine and the Brute struggled for control over the hammer, as Blaine swiftly kneed it in the groin. The Chieftain howled, releasing it's grip just enough for the Spartan to get his advantage. Kicking the Brute away, his new toy in hand, he swung it with all of his might, smashing the Brute back into the wall behind it.

    Swinging the back side of the hammer, the blade slagged the Brute's right leg off, as he force pushed it back again. Swinging the bladed edge once more, he slashed off an arm. The Brute laid there, as Blaine swung the blade into it's other arm, pinning the Brute there.

    "Stick around, or you'll miss the fireworks."

    Walking in front of the control panel, Blaine saw a mass of squirming worms in front of him.

    "You little fuckers make up the Hunters, don't you?" Blaine grinned. "You wanna live another day to eat shit? Do as I command."

    Plunging his fist into the mass of the worms, Blaine squeezed enough until he could hear them shriek shrilly.

    "Fire main cannon at the other Scarab, and do it NOW!"

    With a shudder, the Scarab around him took a step backwards, a giant green column of energy splashing against the other Scarab, causing it to go critical.

    "Well done." Blaine grinned beneath his helmet, producing a frag from his pouch.

    Plunging it with the pin pulled, he sprinted off of the side of the Scarab, the Golden Eagle hovering beside it. Landing in the troop bay, he was saddened to see Morgan's corpse laying there, Phil and Josh nodding solemnly at the Spartan.

    "Captain Harlowe to Keyes and Chief... finish this fight." Blaine shook his head. "Returning to the Aura."



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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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    Chapter 20: New Beginnings.

    Blaine's Golden Eagle landed in the troop bay, as Autumn and Scott scrambled over. The troop bay opened, Blaine carrying Morgan's limp form in both of his powerful arms, trembling with overwhelming emotion.

    Marines all over the bay turned to watch, as the Spartan tried desperately to make it through the troop bay. Before the Captain stopped, falling to his knees, hugging the corpse in his hand.

    Morgan's body was mangled from his fall, but Blaine didn't care about that, he removed the helmet, glancing at his father's still face. Despite the structural changes, the old man looked at peace with himself. Darryl stepped forward, crouching beside Blaine, placing a hand on his shoulder, before removing the old man from his grasp.

    Darryl continued out of the bay, as Blaine sat there, on his knees, staring at the blood on his gauntlets. Josh, Phil, and Scott hung their heads, as Autumn's eyes welled with tears. One of the Mechanics walked over solemnly, handing Blaine a clean towel.

    Autumn took the towel, gently cleaning off Blaine's gauntlets, before tossing the towel aside. Removing his helmet, she held her face besides his, hugging him with all of her strength, as he stayed in that pose for quite some time.

    "I'm sorry, Blaine." she cried, her warm tears rolling down the side of his neck. "Word's cannot express how sorry I am."

    Blaine didn't speak, he just continued to stare at his gloves, as she squeezed even harder. Autumn quivered in sadness, as Josh, Phil, and Scott escorted the Marines out of the room.

    "You're never alone, Blaine." Autumn sobbed. "I'll never leave you alone."

    "Yes." Blaine said, pulling her off of him. "You will. When this is over, when we get back to Earth, I'm having you, Darryl, Scott, Phil, and Josh all relocated, as far away from me as I can."

    "How could you say that?" Autumn growled, laying on the floor. "HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?!"

    "Because if you're close to me, you get hurt." Blaine sighed. "I'm resigning from the Captain spot, and I'm taking on only the deadliest of missions."

    Hugging him again, she cried into his neck even harder, trembling.

    "You don't mean that." she sobbed. "You can't mean that."

    "I do." Blaine shook his head. "It's for your guys' safety. I clearly cannot keep my men safe, and therefore I need to get you guys as far from me as possible."

    "No you don't, and you won't." she hugged tighter. "I love you too much to see you do this to yourself!"


    "I love you." she sobbed. "I have ever since I first met you, and nothing will ever change that. Morgan wouldn't want you to stop on his account, and I don't want to see you do this to yourself."

    Blaine sat there, motionless, as she continued to quiver. Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her in for a hug, squeezing gently to prevent hurting her, as he rested his head against hers.

    "I'm sorry." Blaine whispered. "I just-"

    "You feel like your universe is crumbling around you." she whispered back. "But it'll all be okay. The pain will stay for only a while, but you'll bounce back. You always do."


    "Status report, Sergeant Major?" Blaine asked, as Johnson shook his head, a frown permanently stuck on his face.

    "The Commander is K.I.A, sir." Johnson sighed. "Truth is stopped, and the immediate threat is over, sir."

    "My condolences about Keyes, she was one of the best in the Navy. Good to hear this war is finally over, though." Blaine nodded, feeling slightly better, knowing the Covenant threat was dealt with after all of these years. "What of the Flood threat?"

    "Chief and the Arbiter have chosen to stay, sir. The Crew within the Forward Unto Dawn were all we had on the ground, and losses are heavy. With your permission, I want to stay, with the Chief and Arbiter. We'll use the Dawn as exfil, sir."

    "Granted, Sergeant Major." Blaine nodded. "I know you will do what needs to be done, I will share the news with Hood at once."

    Blaine turned off the comm., turning to the void of space, the Portal still looming above their ship. The remainder of the Elite's fleet passed back through the purple portal, as Blaine wrapped an arm around Autumn's shoulders.

    "Nav, head through that Portal. We're all going home."


    Hood sighed, pulling his hat off, before rubbing his bald scalp.

    "No word from the Dawn, Captain?" Hood asked, as Blaine shook his head.

    "No sir, Sergeant Major stayed with the Chief and Arbiter to find Cortana and her solution. Forward Unto Dawn is their means home, sir."

    Almost as soon as he had said it, there was a crash in the air, as the half of the Forward Unto Dawn cascaded into the Indian Sea. Nodding respectfully, Blaine entered his Pelican, flying towards the wreckage.

    On arrival, his suit only gave off one friendly IFF tag in the cockpit, meaning two of the three didn't make it. With help from some Marines, they slagged off a panel from the side of the ship, the Arbiter stepping out.

    Blaine's hand met with the alien's, as he helped him into the Pelican. Hoisting the panel, Blaine used the Pelican's magnetic grip to keep the panel in place. Hovering back to the designated landing zone, Blaine saw Lord Hood standing there with a box of medals and pictures.

    Darryl and Blaine carried the panel over towards a small hill, driving the metal into the Earth, as Hood ceremoniously placed the pictures of several UNSC personnel onto the metal. Pausing, Blaine pulled his knife out, glancing at Darryl, who nodded, before carving a pair of things into the metal.

    117 Noble Team

    Standing back, Hood prepared a speech, the Arbiter standing with a crowd of Marines. Blaine standing off to the side, Scott, Phil, and Josh beside him, BRs at the ready.

    "For us, the storm has passed; the war is over." Hood started. "But let us not forget those who journeyed into the howling dark... and did not return."

    "Their decision required courage beyond measurement, sacrifice, and unshakable conviction that their fight, our fight, was elsewhere."

    Anch and the Arbiter shuffled in between the Marines and human civilians that participated in the procession. Blaine sat there, memories of the short few years he spent with his father, his friend Gaspar the farmer, Jorge and all of his fellow Spartans that all fell to this war flowing into his mind, Autumn glancing over to him with a cute smile and a nod.

    "As we start to rebuild, this hillside will remain barren- a memorial to heroes fallen. They enobled all of us, and they will never be forgotten."

    Returning his hat to his head, Hood, saluted, as Blaine stood rigid.

    "MEN!" Blaine barked. "PRESENT ARMS!"

    Scott, Phil, Josh, and three other ODSTs all raised their BRs, as Blaine hoisted his DMR. Aiming into the air with their blanks, the seven soldiers fired their weapons, the rounds echoing throughout Mount Killimanjaro.

    At the end of the twenty-one gun salute, Blaine stepped up alongside Hood, the two Elites in the crowd stepping forward. Blaine stood beside Hood, staring at the image of Morgan, beaming with Craig in their teen years, an image Craig had given Blaine years ago.

    "My condolences, Blaine." Hood bowed his head in respect, turning to the Elites. "I may never forgive you."

    The Elites nodded respectfully, as Blaine and Hood held out their hands, Anch accepting Blaine's, and Arbiter accepting Hood's.

    "But you have our thanks, for standing by us till the end." Blaine nodded.

    "It's hard to believe he's dead." Hood sighed.

    "Were it so easy." Arbiter replied respectfully, glancing to the Covenant Super Carrier in the distance, their ride home.

    "My many thanks, Captain." Anch replied with a bow. "Were it not for your benevolence, I would have never seen the error of my ways, and my Keep would all be dead. My most sincerest of condolences for your loss."

    "Be well, Anch." Blaine nodded.

    "Same to you, Spartan." Anch clicked his mandibles, as the two Elites entered their Phantom, speeding off to the Super Carrier.

    "I have some news for you, Captain." Hood turned to face Blaine. "Firstly, I'd like for you and your men to take some well deserved shore leave."

    "Will do, sir." Blaine nodded, glancing at his remaining ODSTs.

    "Secondly, I want you to delete your mission tapes for that final battle. Parangosky doesn't need to see that. You're far to valuable to the Navy to lose from one moment of pain."

    "Lastly, I want to congratulate you, Spartan." Hood said with a small grin, placing a hand on Blaine's shoulder. "As of this moment, you are a Rear Admiral in the Navy. You've proven your worth to the Fleet, and I see much promise in you. Enjoy your rest though, because once your leave is over... you'll be needed again."

    "For what, sir?" the newly coined Admiral Blaine replied.

    "I'm splitting Spartans from the Navy, son. SPARTAN will be it's own branch of the military. I want YOU to head the Branch, but not only that, I need you to train our newest recruits. More details will follow shortly. Until then, take some time off, son."

    With that, Admiral Hood walked away, leaving Blaine with the panel in the ground. He felt a single arm wrap around his chest, as Autumn stood beside him, hugging lightly. Josh and Phil appeared on either side of them, Scott standing back, as they bowed their heads, the sun setting over the horizon.


    Author's notes: So a few things I want to say. 1. Yes, I'm sorry. Morgan supposedly lived in the future stories, but I decided that in order to change Blaine more, I needed something extremely drastic to happen.

    Katie and Morgan being gone from the future of the story will make Blaine a little more bitter and strict, but he'll still hold some semblance of the Spartan you've known. It will just offer some changes to the story, and may actually permit me to do other things I've never done before.

    2. I know this seems rushed, mostly, it's because the Halo 3 story is rather short anyways, and I didn't want to follow my old steps and have Blaine right with Chief all the way. Instead, I took that time to hopefully build the characters, mainly Autumn and Blaine, a little more before I send them into the future stories.

    3. No, Morgan never played the Bagpipes with Blaine. But they will still be around, and Blaine will likely play them again.

    4. Those that read my story before may remember that Blade Raptor, John, Lucy, and Manuel made appearances in this story. I have not forgotten them, but with Lucy and John changing, I want to wait until I can find a way to plug them in with their revised selves before I can. Manuel and the Legion will appear VERY soon though. Blade Raptor will be around, somewhere, I promise.

    Thanks for reading Homecoming "Anniversary". I know the Reach and Halo 2/3 parts were still boring/the same shit you could've played in game. But I hope that the parts in between were enjoyable. Personally, I enjoyed Butch's fight with Blaine best, but that's just me.

    Anyways, I hope to see you all at the re-release of Orion: The Next Generation!



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Manny on November 25th 2014, 6:08 pm

    Well, what I can say is I enjoyed the story and it actually felt like Blaine's story. Blaine was his own man this time around, not somebody that was just shadowing Chief around Smile

    As for the Legion, you might want to check the other thread I'll post in soon.

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Impanther on November 26th 2014, 8:00 am

    Homecoming anniversary XD

    Morgan and the others live in the Blade/Cipher/Saber universe.

    speaking of anniversary titles I had my four year yold neice watch the h2 Anniversary Gravemind cutscene with my eighteen year old nephew and myself (I am twenty two almost twenty three with a nephew a year younger than me). Wasy my neice scared at all? No she was not. Did she have nightmares? Hell no she didn't. I wonder what would happen if I get her to read this.
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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on November 26th 2014, 11:59 am

    Christ dude, it wasn't that scary Razz . I just said that, based on what I saw ten years ago, this new Gravemind design is definitely a LOT creepier.



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Homecoming: Blaine's Legacy *redux*

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