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    Hello There!


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    Hello There!

    Post  foxyfoxy90 on August 6th 2013, 8:52 pm

    Hello guys, Foxy here! I just so happened to stumble upon this humble site and wanted to join as well. Though I am not that talented of a writer I hope to get better at it and share a few epic FanFics later.

    Halo is pretty much the only reason I own a Xbox, but I also play Minecraft sometimes too. I am very shy and rarely ever talk on live/parties, and in fact had to sorta work of the courage to write this horrible introduction... But anyway I hope it cruse around this site anyway!

    Foxy out.

    Doctor Jensen
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    Re: Hello There!

    Post  Doctor Jensen on August 6th 2013, 9:12 pm

    Welcome Foxy. Good to have you. None of us are great writers, as we're all improving. Your presence is welcome, and no need to be shy around us. We're all here to be your friends. Good luck and have fun while you're here.

    See you starside.
    dragon of darkness

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    Re: Hello There!

    Post  dragon of darkness on August 6th 2013, 9:15 pm

    ya doc is right we all aren't good writers but we do improve and there is no reason to be shy here and i hope that you'll enjoy it here
    Bad John
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    Re: Hello There!

    Post  Bad John on August 6th 2013, 9:21 pm

    Welcome to the board, Foxy. All new folks are welcome!

    We're a small, tight knit group with a few regulars, and some people who come and go. Unfortunately, this fine lad,  The Good Doctor Jensen, will be gone for a while (too long, if you ask me, but he's working on his own awesome, non-writing passion project), but we eagerly await his return. Smile

    We're all Halo fans for the most part, and we all like to write. This'll sound weird, but as a Moderator, I knew you'd arrived, and was wondering when you'd make your first post.

    We're pleased as always to have a new addition, and I hope you stay a while. It's a nice place, and we all try to be supportive and active in making each-other better writers.

    My gamertag is Bad John, if you ever want to hang out on Halo. Smile

    ONI Operative

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    Re: Hello There!

    Post  zman007playr on August 6th 2013, 11:00 pm

    Welcome aboard Foxy! The Name's zman, or Z if you'd prefer.  I'm one of the Mods here on the site, and don't feel nervous around us, we're not amazing writers, like everyone else said.  But I hope you settle in nicely and enjoy your stay here at the database

    zman, out!
    It's Kruger
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    Re: Hello There!

    Post  It's Kruger on August 7th 2013, 2:25 am

    Hi. I'm Vale and stuff and whatever. The gamertag is Kruger 2521v if you want a boost in confidence via my bad gaming skills.

    In all seriousness, if you need knees shattered and throats slit, I prefer under-the-table-pay. By pay, I charge 3 tootsie rolls per knee cap, 1 laffe taffe per life.
    Database Director

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    Re: Hello There!

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on August 7th 2013, 2:45 am

    Welll thaaats Vale Razz .


    I've already briefly introduced myself in the PM I sent you a few days ago. But why not make it official, yes?

    Name's Shad0wChas3r. But because I could give a rat's rear about usernames around these folks, most people call me Shadow, Recon, or even my first name; Morgan.

    Brought this wonderful group back to life on this site, after the recent update on Bungie.next disheartened us. I'll join this bandwagon and say that we aren't all professionals here. Just good friends with the passion of telling stories, and helping each other to excel.

    If you ever want to hang on Xbox *the only bite I have is when I rage, you'll learn to quiet your mic Razz *, my GT is xBrutalReconx. I ran out of gold the other day, but I'm aiming to get a renewal soon.

    Anyways, thank you for joining us. You're one with the 'family' now, so we'll help you with whatever you need, don't be afraid to approach us!

    Welcome aboard!



    Thanks for Reading!

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    Re: Hello There!

    Post  Manny on August 7th 2013, 12:22 pm

    Well hello there stranger...

    I'm Manny, as you may of may not know from my username. I'm also a mod here, so feel free to direct any questions towards me or other mods. We'll be happy to answer.

    Anyways, none of us are actually pros at writing. We just like to write, and try to help each other get better. We have collaborative stories that take place from time to time which are usually open to all.

    Oh and one more thing... If ever see any sexual jokes coming from me keep in mind they're just jokes. If you feel uncomfortable with that, I'll tone them down.

    Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here and stick around.

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    Re: Hello There!

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