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    Bad John
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    Spoiler Alert! (An Upcoming Story)

    Post  Bad John on June 19th 2013, 1:29 pm

    Hello there. As you can likely tell, I'm John, one of the prominent authors of this board.

    I've got a lot of balls in the air, and all of them are meaningful in their own way.

    Without further adieu, here's an excerpt from one of my upcoming projects.

    Onboard a speeding train. July, 20th, 2015.

    "Cripes. It's really hard to balance."

    John helped Greg up, then Lauren. "C'mon. Watch your step, guys!"

    Lucy came up last. Greg held his arms out, still getting the hang of standing atop the locomotive. "We should stop the train and get the natives off! That'll hold up Ron's plans for at least a few weeks!"

    Lauren, still hungover, was having the most trouble. Lucy steadied her with both arms, as she shouted through the wind. "Why don't we just go through the cars?"

    Lucy lifted the revolver. "We've only got one bullet. The guards would chew us apart."

    "...Just ONE?" John asked, incredulous.

    "We only ever had six. It's a revolver."

    John rubbed his head, a bit embarrassed. He'd hoped the group would have a plentiful amount of spare clips, or that by magically bumping into a box, their pistol rounds would be replenished. Too many video games.

    He had a genuinely bad feeling. A shiver up his spine.

    Then he saw him.

    Vince. His sparse, burned hair was the first thing to come up, as the muscular titan crawled up from the window and onto the train.

    "Lucy Lucy LUCY! SHOOT HIM! SHOOT!"

    Vince's face was red with effort and anticipation. Lucy aimed, but hesitated. She'd shot a guard in the arm, but not to kill. The other four bullets were only meant to intimidate the rest of Ron's guards. Something about shooting now felt...wrong.

    Vince capitalized on the hesitation, regaining his footing and beginning his slow walk across the train. John was the first in his sights, as he nervously lifted his fists, his footing shaky.

    "...Guys?" John looked around. "Am I really taking all the heat here?!"

    Vince sprang forward, his fist swinging. John stumbled out of the way, but Vince was still on him. As John moved in to retaliate, Vince swung a hard punch. Too off-balance to avoid it, John took the shot directly under his eye, smacked onto his back.

    "OUCH!!! JEEEZ!!!" John clutched his damaged face, as Vince loomed over him. He tried to stand, but the train turned, forcing him to stumble. Vince caught the back of his jacket and forced him to his feet, shoving him towards the edge of the train.

    John's face was terrified at first, as he attempted to balance on the very edge of the train.

    Vince cocked his fist, ready to knock his head off.

    Lucy steeled herself and pulled the trigger. The shot grazed Vince's shoulder. He turned, his mouth opening in pain and shock. "FUCK! You little-"

    Vince lurched towards Lucy, who avoided his charge. Lauren was rammed by Vince's thick shoulder. Greg stood his ground, but Vince smacked him in the chin with the top of his fist, throwing him backwards.

    Lauren tumbled towards the edge of the train. Lucy threw her gun aside and seized her hand before she could fall. Lauren's legs dangled over the edge.

    "LAUREN!!!" Greg screamed, his mouth gushing blood. Vince moved towards Lucy and Lauren, intent on kicking them both off.

    It was then that the adrenaline hit John's system.

    He charged forward, tackling Vince around the waist. He pulled Vince away from the girls. "GREG! HELP THEM OUT! I'll SOLO this guy!"

    Vince turned, but John remained fastened to his hip, bolted on for dear life. Only when they were a few feet away from the women did he let go. He swung his fist, decking Vince in the jaw. Unfazed, Vince spat a small trickle of blood and saliva out.

    "...Fuck me." John backed up. Vince growled, reaching out to grab him. John smacked his hand. "Quit it! What's your fucking problem?"

    Vince sprang forward, and pinned John on the top of the train. He brought his hand back, and swung a hard punch. Ducking the blow, John stabbed his finger against the bullet wound in Vince's arm. As his enemy recoiled, John squirmed out of his jacket, and threw it over Vince's eyes.

    Lucy, with Greg's help, pulled Lauren up. Greg watched John move behind Vince, wrapping the jacket around the brute's face.

    "GET HIM!" Greg hollered, rallying to John's side. Lucy followed, searching herself for a weapon.

    Greg punched John's jacket, smacking Vince in the head. Lucy bashed Vince with her metal canteen, forcing the bruiser to cry out in pain. John dropped his elbow on Vince's head, forcing him back to his knees.

    Vince swung his arms out, knocking John's jacket off his face and forcing all three of them off.

    He suddenly began jerking and convulsing, a small black wire affixing to his back. John could hear snaps and arcs of electricity flowing into him.

    Lauren, in a firing stance, had shot a taser gun into Vince's back.

    Stiff as a board, Vince flopped onto his side, and tumbled off of the train, disappearing into the brush.

    "...HOW LONG HAVE YOU HAD THAT?!" The words burst from Greg's mouth like an explosion.

    Lauren shrugged.

    The train suddenly, and sharply turned. 

    The tracks led around a mountain, on one side rocks, and on the other, bushes and leaves, where Vince had fallen. Lucy found it impossible to stand. Soon she was slipping, her fingers clawing the top of the train. "HELP!"

    Greg and John were in a similar plight. Lauren grabbed Greg, as the two started to slip. John went for Lucy's hand, seizing it and holding onto a lugnut on the top of the train. He dangled by two fingers.

    Soon, his index slipped, his middle finger the only one with a fair grip.

    "Are you kidding me are you kidding me NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO NO!!!" John summoned all of his strength to hang on. Lucy watched as Greg and Lauren slipped and fell.

    "HANG ON, JOHN!"

    John's finger slipped.


    The four of them fell off of the train, and like their previous attacker, disappeared into the leaves of trees below.


    Holy carp. What thrilling, high octane stuff!

    Expect this story to begin sometime this weekend. I'm still processing the details. Working with legal to see if I can book Lucy for another project. She's a stickler for how her image is used.

    Also, stunt doubles.

    Have a nice day!
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    Re: Spoiler Alert! (An Upcoming Story)

    Post  Manny on June 19th 2013, 4:28 pm

    Seems action packed.
    Bad John
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    Re: Spoiler Alert! (An Upcoming Story)

    Post  Bad John on June 19th 2013, 4:45 pm

    Action. Romance. Honor. Sex. Violence. Genocide. Cruises. Guns. Roses. Maybe even Guns and Roses, the band. Nice suits. A cool leather jacket. VAST TREASURES. Swords. Lesbians. Gay dudes. Karate. Face punching. Face kicking. Kick punching. 

    A man literally kicks another man's punch.

    It'll be pretty action packed.
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    Age : 23
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    Re: Spoiler Alert! (An Upcoming Story)

    Post  Manny on June 20th 2013, 12:45 am

    Action? Sex? Violence? Genocide? Guns? Guns and Roses? Treasure? Lesbians? Karate?

    Sounds like my type of story man!

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    Re: Spoiler Alert! (An Upcoming Story)

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