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    Database Rules!

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    Database Rules!

    Post  Shad0wChas3r on January 17th 2013, 11:09 am

    1. Posting is NOT a necessity, but we ask that you post when possible. People enjoy having people post in their stories *myself included*!

    2. Do NOT criticize an idea in a BAD fashion. For example, do not say an idea straight up sucks. Tell the author that you think the idea may be a bit too cliche or boring, and then give them feedback on how to improve!

    3. Trolls will be banned on sight, and no, there will be NO second chances. We have a zero troll policy here.

    4. Do NOT fear to post your stories/artwork/machinimas here. We may focus more on Fanfiction in the text version, but that doesn't make us all grammar n@zi's and experts in the creative writing field!

    5. Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated, so keep it friendly and constructive.

    6. Be Creative, this place is for you to express yourself.

    - We ask that if you have to post a sexual scene in your story to talk to the staff first. If we agree to allow it, you must tag the chapter/scene with a [quote.] box saying that an inappropriate part is ahead. Failure to do so will result in the chapter being taken down. Halo IS meant for mature audiences, but that doesn't stop the youngsters.

    7. Enjoy yourself! We will have game nights soon, contests to participate in, collaborative stories with the Legends of Halo Database, and much more to keep you occupied!

    8. Swearing IS allowed, but c'mon, no-one likes a story where fuck is every other word. If someone is offended by language, it is advised to disclaim before each chapter that mild language or dirty language is in use.

    Disciplinary actions!

    1. Technically this rule cannot be broken, therefore there is no punishment.

    2. If you give criticism that is offensive, you will be banned on the spot. If you give criticism that was mostly rude, but constructive, you will be warned once. A second infraction will lead to a suspension, and a third infraction will be ban. We inspire to help authors here, not discourage them!

    3. Our staff is quite keen on sniffing out the trolls, if you are showing qualities of being a troll, the Staff will take note. If you are found for being a troll by ANY means, you will be banned on sight. *Jensen does not count, as his 'trolling' is meant for humor's sake, not pissing people off.*

    4. If for some reason someone is giving you a hard time and is making you not want to post a story or other form of media, please talk to me or one of the other staff, we'll deal with that problem HARSHLY!

    5. This is more of a guideline, therefore you can't really be banned or punished for this. However, as said before, negative feedback *in the form of insulting* is a serious act, and will be dealt with by brute force.

    6. Posting those disturbing stories about Elites/Brutes and ONI operatives doing pornographic things are NOT tolerated here by ANY means. That being said, we ask that the more mildly erotic things be counseled with by the Author and the staff. Failure to do so, or to warn readers, will result in it's deletion. *Might also be good to keep away from Manuel xD*

    7. Failure to enjoy yourself will result in many unhappy faces here at Halo Database, you have been warned Razz .

    8. Swearing is allowed, but if in the future we have a member or parent message one of us about the swears on this site, we must ask that you disclaim that you use bold language. Failure to do so will result in the locking of your story, or deletion, if you do it again.

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